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Ronald Raevsky- A Creative Expressionist

Ronald Raevsky is an awe-inspiring painter from Maysel, West Virginia. He is well known for his fabulous art work and has painted around 500 paintings till date. Ronald started painting at a very young age and he was just 8 when he completed his first painting which was a mesmerizing art piece. It would seem that he wanted to paint the world the way it existed or rather rec eate the world in his own way and give a new life or meaning to it.

His inherent quality of perception and idealizing those beautiful landscapes in the most seamless manner led him to come up with some brilliant art work which left everybody around him spellbound. When his family noticed that their child is bestowed with this amazing talent, they became his support system.

As a child, Ronald was a true naturalist as he used to admire the scenic landscapes and paint them beautifully on his canvas. He is not just gifted artistically but has this innate desire to blend colors and give them a jewel like splendor, which captivates the attention of everybody. He used to paint throughout the day and seek approval from his family. He received a lot of support and encouragement from his family members who have significantly contributed to his learning experience.

Ronald Raevsky enrolled in a B.F.A. Studio art program at the New York University School of Art and spent four to learn and earn mastery in his field. He even worked at a graphic design firm in NY for a few years. He became famous when a gentleman gave him an interesting offer, according to which he would paint his creations and the businessman would advertise and sell them.

This turned out to be a successful deal as it allowed him to display his beautiful art work to be recognized and admired around the world. Currently, Ronald Raevsky lives in his hometown, Maysel and is happily married with two children. Apart from managing the family estate, Ronald continues to create beautiful masterpieces.

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Ronald Raevsky- A Creative Expressionist