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Landscape Artist From Maysel – Ron Raevksy

Ron Raevsky is a landscape painter from the state of West Virginia. He studied Fine Arts in studio art at the New York University School of Art. Landscape Art deals with the portrayal of natural scenery like mountains, hills, valleys, peaks, lakes, rivers, forests, and greenery etc. The two primary traditions of landscape painting are Western and Chinese landscapes.

Landscapes have been depicted in art since the 1600s. Some important painters in this genre of art include Claude Monet, Thomas Cole, Paul Cezzane, JMW Turner, and Claude Lorrain. Before he had even seen the works of any of these famous men, Ronald Raevsky had started creating his own works of art at the age of 8 years.

As a child, Ron Raevsky was an ardent admirer and his sister used to be amazed at his attention to detail. When he began painting, his mother entered his painting into a contest for young children , which he subsequently won. He acknowledges that living in a joint household with his grandparents provided a very fulfilling and nurturing environment for his mind to develop. All day long he would make paintings and seek the approval of his family members . Each person added their own bit to his learning experience. Till date he has made about 500 paintings.

After he graduated from college, he held a position at a graphic design firm for a brief time. However when in Maysel, his home town for a break, he happened to run into a business man who offered him an beneficial proposition. According to this, Ron Raevsky would paint his creations, and the gentleman would be responsible for advertising and selling them.

The profit was to be split 50-50. This seemed very likeable to Ron, and without too much thought he accepted. This turned out a very successful operation, and soon Ron ended up being well known for his beautiful landscape art.

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Ron Raevsky Is A Landscape Painter