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Save Strokes with an Attitude Tune-Up The winter season is ending, but it’s not too late to significantly improve your game. If your score isn’t as low as you’d like, then you need to consider how your attitude might be holding you back. Thinking poorly (even if only) 20% of the time can have a negative impact on 80% of your performance. When your thoughts and conversations are centered on your struggles, swing glitches and miss hits, you will tend to produce more poor shots, especially under pressure. The top golfers in the world know that in order to give themselves the best opportunity to be successful, they must cultivate a winner’s attitude. That means keeping their thoughts, words, and expectations locked onto their best work, their past successes, and greatest assets in the game — especially when things aren’t working. For the average player, that may seem like an impossible task. Playing with a winner’s attitude isn’t something that just happens. Like mastering your swing, it takes consistent effort to develop and maintain. To play with an attitude that will lead to better and more consistent shots, you must commit to following two strategies that will enable you to maintain better control over your thoughts. #1 - Feed Your Attitude How do you react to a poor shot? Are you focused on what you did well, or what you did wrong? If you’re like most golfers, you try to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. This only serves to reinforce the very thing you wish to avoid repeating, thus feeding your attitude with the wrong information. Instead, you must choose to only identify the value. To develop a winner’s attitude, you have to be more conscious of your assets in order to build on them. Discipline yourself to follow every great and not so great shot with a single question, and contemplate nothing other than — “What did I do right?” Selectively focusing on the things worth repeating, rather than what you wish to avoid doing again, will guide your performance in a positive direction.

a winner’s attitude, and keeps your thoughts centered on delivering the outcomes you desire. You can compete with a bad swing and a great attitude, but you’ll never reach your potential with a great swing and a poor attitude. Contact us at 239.431.6810 to book a Mental Game Tune-Up at our new official home, Tiburon Golf Club, so we can help you unleash your Inner Champion. For more TOP tips, download our free ebook - http://bit.ly/SWFLGuidetoGolf

Sport psychologist & founder of Training for Optimal Performance, Dr. Reece teaches junior, collegiate, amateur and pro-level golfers how to maximize their performance by leveraging their greatest assets to unleash their Inner Champion, and consistently perform at the top of their game. If you are ready to start playing the golf of your dreams, contact Dr. Reece today!

Dr. Shannon Reece O: 1-239-431-6810 F: 1-877-301-3440

#2 - Focus Your Attitude Fear of failure can cause you to imagine a poor shot, which will likely produce one. Winners align their thinking with an expectation of success and focus on the factors that are actually relevant to executing good shots, releasing the things that aren’t.

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Take the time to visualize a successful shot prior to address on every shot, even the ones you hit on the range. By doing so, you rehearse and reinforce success. Visualization helps plant the seeds of

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The Southwest Florida Guide to Golf is the only full size, full color, high gloss GOLF magazine dedicated to SW Florida and visitors from ar...


The Southwest Florida Guide to Golf is the only full size, full color, high gloss GOLF magazine dedicated to SW Florida and visitors from ar...