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Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour

Attention all cover band: Don’t call me...




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Island Moon

Tarpon Ice House

July 21, 2010



(361) 749-BEER (2337)

Acoustic Breeze July 23 & 30 Al Barlow & Michael Waid July 24 Butch Morgan Aug. 6 & 7 Blindfold Aug. 13 Goodnight Avenue Aug. 14 Bo Porter Aug. 21

this subsection may only be based on the complaint of a person who is an owner or lawful occupant or possessor of the receiving property, i.e. the property on which the noise is measured.” So, if everyone concerned complies with these new revisions, the sleepers can sleep and the rockers can now rock in harmony. It seems pretty fair to me.

Looking back at the past couple of weeks, it seems that all I have to talk about are the shows I’ve seen at the Back Porch. I can live with that. It’s not that I haven’t looked elsewhere, I have. And, I have gone to other venues and seen some pretty good acts but they just didn’t make the cut this time. I’ve been asked lately why I don’t review more cover bands. The anJesse Dayton swer is that I prefer not to review cover bands because Jesse Dayton (Austin, TX) played the Back Porch on there’s not a whole lot to say other than they sound- July 9th. This show and this artist completely floored ed just like the record if me. Often referred to as they’re good or they really “the best kept secret in trashed the song if they’re country music” Jesse Daybad...neither report is news ton is one turbo-charged worthy. It’s another story fireball of energy. Originalif they make the song their ly from Beaumont, Dayton own (as thousands of artcame out of the shoot as a ists can and do) instead of rock-a-billy phenom with merely duplicating it, but his early band, The Road most cover bands are only Kings, drawing from such into playing it exactly like Gulf Coast influences as it originally sounded. GenCookie and the Cuperally speaking, the acts I cakes, George Jones, Jerchoose to tell you about ry Lee Lewis and the Big and that meet my loose Bopper. He has worked criteria are playing music with such musical luminarthat’s not predictable crap ies as Waylon Jennings, and is creative and passionRay Price, The Superate. I guess this is largely suckers and Chris Isaac the reason that I end up at and was commissioned to the Back Porch so often... write and perform for the that’s what they mostly do Rob Zombie film Hallowthere. Plus, it’s only three een 2. A regular at AusJesse Dayton performed at the Back Porch July 9th. blocks from my house. tin’s famed Continental Enough of that, let’s roll... Club, Jesse Dayton is one gone cat with enough soul

Together, Barfield and Gonzalez have fashioned a gutsy crossbreed of country and R&B they’ve labeled “country funk.” There has always been a natural connection between the sounds of country and R&B. As Barfield explains, “There’s a picture of Solomon Burke and Joe Tex, and maybe James Brown, and they all had cowboy hats on. A lot of those soul performers will talk about how they used to listen to the Grand Ole Opry. Some R&B songs, especially the ballads, are very close to some of the honky-tonk ballads. To me, it’s all very similar.”




They generally pull an average of 900 to 1000 people there every time they play. Not bad on a Tuesday night. They have ten CD’s out and released Not That Lucky in August, 2009, which was produced by one of the most in demand producers in the industry, Lloyd Maines (Dixie Chicks, James McMurtry, Joe Ely, Pat Green), and reached #4 on the Americana Charts. Their single Alcohol and Pills, a Fred Eaglesmith pen, is a mainstay on Sirius Radio and proved to be the show stopper at the Porch that night. And we demand it...

This is where country meets R&B

There were a couple of noteworthy celebs at the Two Tons show. Austin Dave Gonzalez based honky tonkgives his take on er, Bo Porter, was the band, “I feel in town and sat in really refreshed. with the band for a We have a differjump swing nument take on the ber. Bo will be country side of back to play the things. Mike is a Tarpon Ice House Gulf Coast counin August. This try Texas boy, will definitely be and at the same a “Don’t Miss” time he’s got this show. Also, I nofunky up-tempo ticed the famous R&B thing golawyer, Wayne ing. I’m workWright, in attening a new style dance. Wright is in Miss Neesie and the Ear Food Orchestra to play the Back Porch Aug. 7th of guitar that I’ve the process of realways loved, but I’ve never had the opportunity to play it. People are storing the historic Sisterdale Dancehall. He told me saying they love the new band, and they’re glad to that it would be complete in a couple of months and I hear me playing a lot of guitar again. The Stone Riv- plan to go there and cover the grand opening. er Boy’s show at the Porch was awesome. Picture the Miss Neesie & the Ear Food Orchestra likes of Delbert McClinton singing country. Mike Miss Neesie and the Earfood Orchestra (San AnRevised Port A Sound Ordinance is a done deal... to own any stage on the planet...and when he played Barfield somehow puts out a country twang to a soul tonio, TX) will make their annual sabbatical to the the Porch last week, he put on a performance stronman’s beat. He slides and glides around like James Having passed its third reading at the Port Aransas Island and the Back Porch on August 7. Expect nothger than any I’ve ever seen there (short of Billy Joe Brown and sings with the authority of Johnny Cash. City Council meeting on July 15th, the revised sound ing less than a night of booty shaking and zydeco ordinance is now a done deal. Mayor Keith McMul- Shaver, of course). If it seems like I’m gushing with I was totally impressed and can’t wait to hear more mayhem. This is one band that pretty much demands the force of a Gulf oil spill, I am...Jesse Dayton is from these guys. len tells me that this version is designed to be a comthat you get into the act. Look for conga lines led by promise between all parties concerned. Mayor Keith that good. Two Tons of Steel their horn section and rattlers shaking at every table. had this to say, “The City of Port Aransas has made It’s a South Texas melt down... Two Tons of Steel (San Antonio, TX) played the A long time local fave in Port A, Ear Food’s history several modifications to the noise ordinance in recent The band’s stage plot at the Back Porch boasted the goes back to the days of Tortuga Flats. Each year the years. Live music is an important part of life in Port luxury of Nathan Fleming on pedal steel, Frank Back Porch on Saturday, July 17th. This band is led band descends on our little island with full entourage by, Kevin Giles, who slings his guitar and moves A.  Residents and tourists alike enjoy a wide variety Cavitt on piano around on stage in tow. An Ear Food show is just plain fun as they run of music at indoor and outdoor venues around town.  and Eric Tucklike Dwight a musical spectrum from rocking roots to full blown The challenge has been and remains to balance the er on drums. Yoakum on zydeco. The band has been together for over 2 deappeal of outdoor music with the rights of surround- Also, he had cades with few lineup changes. pep pills. As ing property owners.  The creation of the Music Over- none other than I’ve said beDO NOT MISS THIS SHOW... lay District will restrict the loudest music to commer- the rock-a-billy fore, he’s kind cially zoned areas of town”. legend and Sun of like across This nine-piece ensemble, with a four-piece horn This is why we pay lawyers... Records alumni, between Buck section, is fronted by songbird, Miss Neesie, who is Billy Dee RiOwens and El- known to their legion of fans as The Small Ax. It’s Here’s the legalese: “Section 1. Amendment. Section ley playing bass vis Presley hard to process where that big voice is coming from 10-57(1) Port Aransas Code of Ordinances is hereand singing that with a dash of such a small frame. The leader of the band is none by deleted in its entirety and is replaced by the folThe Ramone’s other than Jim Beal, Jr. who fulfills duties on bass lowing:10-57(1) Radios, phonographs, musical in- evening. (That in it’s self puts thrown in... but and banter. Jim is a veteran music critic for the San struments, etc., [commercial setting].a. The Conduct: this show on with duct tape Antonio Express-News and a KSYM-FM disc jockey The playing of any radio, phonograph, musical inthe next level.) on his boots (in on the Third Coast Music Network. Jim is a quick strument, or similar instrument or apparatus, whether this case, his flip witted and sarcastic chap who is known on his home with or without loud speakers or amplifiers, in or on When Dayton took the stage, flops). Giles was turf as Uncle Crusty. He is legendary in San Antonio the premises of a commercial establishment in such a he played for accompanied on to say the least. Jim’s also been one my best friends manner or with such volume that the decibel level of Two Sons of Steel at the Back Porch July 17th. over three hours stage by guitar for over 30 years and I pretty much have stolen my the noise generated by such conduct at any location demon, Dennis Fallon, Chris Dodds on drums and writing style from him. With all the fiber in my soul, on any property other than the property on which said straight without a break and only seemed to gain momentum as Chris Rhoades on upright bass. Two Tons is one of believe me when I tell you that this will be a DO commercial establishment is located (the “receiving minutes turned into hours. I only heard him complain Texas’ favorite sons and has held court every Tues- NOT, I repeat, DO NOT MISS SHOW. property”) exceeds the allowed decibel level hereinonce about the blistering heat on this South Texas outday night at Gruene Hall for more than a decade. And that’s the truth! after established: (a) between the hours of 12:00 noon door stage in the middle of July, but by the time Dayand 12:00 midnight if the commercial establishment is located within the boundaries of the Music Overlay ton was through, the whole place was on melt down, District, hereinafter established, or between the hours and not from the heat. Trust me; this is one powerof 12:00 noon and 10:00 p.m. if the commercial es- house act that you shouldn’t miss anywhere, anytime. Wednesday, July 21 Tuesday, July 27th tablishment is located outside the boundaries of the The Stone River Boys Music Industry Mixer @ House of Rock Open Mic w/ Reverend Fred @ House of Rock Music Overlay District, Monday through Saturday or Le Freak @ Brewster Street The Stone River Boys (Austin, TX) played the Back Wednesday, July 28th (b) at any time of the day on Sunday.” Porch on July 16th. The band features the talents of Thursday, July 22nd Five Year Anniversary Party w/ Let the sleepers sleep & let the rockers rock... two of the most well-traveled roots musicians in the Cody Angel @ Back Porch Sweet Daddy & Matt King @ House of Rock Also, one of the revisions took the power of com- business, guitarist Dave Gonzalez, formerly a drivEmory Quinn @ Executive Surf Club ing force in the HaThursday, July 29th plaint out of the cops Asylum St. Spankers & HOBO cienda Brothers and @ House of Rock hands and mandates Uncle Lucius @ Back Porch the Paladins, and voBrandon Rhyder & Rodney Parker Bowling For Soup, Dollyrots, Holy Moly that they can only calist Mike Barfield @ Brewster Street @ House of Rock respond to loud who is referred to as Stuart Michael Burns @ Tarpon Ice House Casey Donahew & Zack Walther bands when there is Emily @ Hooks Bar-B-Q “The Tyrant of Texas @ Brewster Street a complaint called Funk” and onetime Ben Danaher @ Executive Surf Club Friday, July 23rd in and now must Stuart Michael Burns leader of the Texas measure the deciTejas Brothers @ @ Tarpon Ice House roots band, The Holbel level from the Back Porch Havana Daydream listers. This band is complaining parties Blindfold @ Hooks Bar-B-Q a hybrid blend that property line. Again, @ Tarpon Ice House takes you to the Friday, July 30th Supervillains & the legalese: “Complace where roots Equal Parts plainant. A prosecuDavin James generated country Sat July 24 GARY P. NUNN @ House of Rock tion of a violation of @ Back Porch The Stone River Boys at the Back Porch July 16th. music meets R&B. Norm & Amanda Blindfold Sat Aug. 7 Miss Neesie & EARFOOD @ Hooks Bar-B-Q @ Tarpon Ice House Sat Aug. 14 SISTERS MORALES Oso Texas Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street @ Brewster Street Indianola Railroad @ Bushbullit Executive Surf Club @ Executive Surf Club Ray T & the City Crew DJ Johnny Hot Cakes & The Electrotypes @ The Flats Lounge @ House of Rock Ray T & the City Crew @ The Flats Lounge Saturday, July 24th Richard Lockhart @ Hooks Bar-B-Q Gary P. Nunn @ Back Porch Saturday, July 31st Goodnight Avenue @ Tarpon Ice House Sing-Along Piano Bar @ Brewster Street Big Frank Gomez @ Back Porch Mark Monaco @ Executive Surf Club Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Oso Texas @ Brewster Street Lyrical Bynge @ Executive Surf Club Phantom Rockers, Avenue Rockers, Kevin Fowler & Roger Creager @ Concrete Street Johnny 5 & Sex Riot @ House of Rock Evolution Mind & Machines @ House of Rock Norm & Amanda @ Hooks Bar-B-Q Richard Lockhart @ Hooks Bar-B-Q Secondhand Serenade @ Concrete Street

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