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Tarpon Ice House

Seven Board

By Ronnie Narmour

The Trishas, David Allen Coe, Greezy Wheels, Butch Hancock, Supersuckers, Stomp On Saturday, May 1, Austin sweetie-pies, The Trishas (Austin, TX) will play the Third Coast Music Studios in Port A. These girls are precious and their music is the latest hot thang in hip city. Trust me, The

Tarpon Music Bash May 21,22,23

one mic for the instruments and one mic for the vocals and play facing each other as is the tradition of this old time music. None of the instruments were plugged into amplifiers. Appalachian string music originated from the English, Irish and Scottish immigrant settlers in the late 18th century and combined with religious hymns and European African, as well as African-American imprints, was a key influence in the early development of American bluegrass. The Carter Family and Doc Watson are probably the best known recorded artists of this ilk. Music of the folk...

BCBC doesn’t cover any artists of this genre; they play all original material with such songs as Hair Trigger, Sea Horse Shoe, Bees Making Honey and Put You in the Ground. Their musicianship is superb as each band member takes his ride in exact tempo and phrasing with each other...which was always at breakneck speed and with clean, precise fingering. It was a complete joy to observe these three accomplished musicians wrap themselves around each song like a reversible jacket. You get the feeling that they probably complete each other’s sentences. I took a look at their tour schedule and they have dates all over the map in the next six months. I’m glad to know that there are still young musicians out there who choose to carry on the The Trishas will play the Third Coast Music Studios in Port A May 1. American tradition of this time honored music of the Trishas are on their way to the top. David Allen Coe folk. The Gaff was the perfect venue for this show (Austin, TX) is bringing his own bad self to Brewster with its comfortable outdoor setting, complete with Street on Thursday, May 6. Coe is one of the origina- a campfire. tors of “Texas Outlaw Country Music” and has the Davin James distinction of recording the song that Guinness World Records deemed the song most sang out loud by peo- Davin James (Kingwood, TX) played the Back ple in bars (You Don’t Have to Call Me Darlin’). If Porch in Port A on April 17. I had seen James sevyou’ve never seen David Allen Coe, then you haven’t eral times last season at the Porch but I don’t think I done your required reading. Now check this out, Armadillo World Headquarters alumni and house band in the day, Greezy Wheels (Austin, TX) will be playing a rare performance at the Tarpon Ice House in Port A on Friday, May 7. This takes me back. I have a very distinct memory of going to a Halloween Pumpkin Stomp at the Dillo and Greezy Wheels was playing. We stomped on hundreds of pumpkins as Greezy belted out The Slippy Slidy. It was wild. I wouldn’t miss this show for love or money. You shouldn’t either. Now, it just gets better and better...Butch Hancock (Austin, TX) is playing the House of Rock on May 8. Butch is an old LubbutDavin James, played the Back Porch in Port A. tocksite and one third of the Flatlanders with Joe Ely and Jimmy Dale Gilmore. Butch’s song are about the shoes he walked dusty old paid close enough attention to him. I got into a concotton fields, standing in big hotels, lamenting over versation with my friend, Light House Rick, at the women who won’t speak Spanish to him and waltz- bar about Davin James and he convinced me to take ing in West Texas. When I was growing up, it was just a closer look at this man’s talent. Rick is seldom understood that Butch Hancock wrote the songs...Joe wrong when it comes to spotting real talent, plus he’s or Jimmy Dale could sing them pretty good, but it a walking encyclopedia for background information. was Butch who wrote them. He is truly a poet. Next, So I saddled in close to the stage and paid attention how about a one of a kind punk country band from this time. James is the son of a riverboat singer and Arizona? The Supersuckers (Tucson, AZ) are an in a campfire picker and his songs are honest and real your face, hard driving rock unit fronted by a wild with enough hooks in them to keep you paying atman named Eddie Spaghetti. I saw them at SXSW tention. He’s been on the Larry Joe Taylor, Rusty some years ago and was absolutely floored. Hat’s off Wier, Tommy Alverson, Gary P. Nunn circuit for to the folks at Brewster Street...every schedule they many years and has a tow sack full of songs. He did put out is better than the last one. Keep it up! And have reasonable success with a one of his tunes, Magthe sixth “don’t miss show” is actually not a band... nolia and has seven CD’s out to date. it’s a troupe. Stomp (San Francisco, CA) is playing Mississippi blues is in the blood... the Salina Auditorium on Tuesday, May 11. Stomp is a band of renegade percussionist that turn ordi- My first impression was that this guy is an excellent nary items such as buckets, brooms, chairs (it’s end- guitarist. He was accompanied only by his faithful less) into percussion instruments and then into an or- bass player, Cletus, and no other sidemen. Yet, these chestra of precision dancers who’s performance art is two guys had a rich, full sound coming off the stage, only concerned with a beat. To call Stomp a bunch of with James carrying the guitar duties of at least one drummers is like calling The London Philharmonic and a half guitarists. He’s all over the neck with severa groovy little string band. The visual and rhythmic al layers of strong rhythms and timely accents... clean bombardment of the senses is completely captivat- and fast. I may be twisting off here, and I don’t know ing. After you experience a Stomp show, you will be if it’s because he’s got Mississippi in his upbringing, gushing to everyone you see about your Stomp expe- if it’s their deep voices or their similar big man physical appearance (with matching goatees), but I see Darience. It is truly a unique event. vin James as the outlaw country version of MississipThe Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band The Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band (Renick, West Virginia by way of Maui) played The Gaff in Port A on April 17. The band’s name is an onomatopoeia, which in this case, suggests the sound of cheesy porn background music from the 70’s. Say “brown chicken brown cow” with minimal intonation and you get the picture. These three young men (Xander, Justin and Orion) are from the mountains of South West Virginia and are an authentic Appalachian string band playing guitar, mandolin, fiddle and banjo (although dulcimer was usually present and banjo wasn’t in the purist sense). The band uses only



Cold Beer & Hot Music

May 1st

If you don’t think things are heating up lately, just check out the “Area Music Listings” at the bottom of the page. In my humble opinion, there are six “must see” shows in the next two weeks when the Island Moon cycles again on the 12th. These are all world class shows attention my friends, you won’t want to miss this! Also I’ve reviewed a few other shows that I saw recently and think you might find interesting. Lot’s to tell you about...let’s roll!

April 28, 2010

Run of the Mill @ Shorty’s Place.

pi blues man, Omar Dykes (Omar and the Howlers). Both are powerful in their vocal and guitar delivery and both command a strong stage presence. I saw James play a couple of screaming blues numbers that night that at the Porch that could hold their own on any Antones’ stage. Davin James may be selling country but I’m pretty sure he’s a blues man at heart. Man, he plays a strong guitar. You feel it on every song. He’ll be back at the Porch on May 14th. Run of the Mill/ Conjugal Visit




Greezy Wheels May 7th

lon Jennings, Johnny Cash, etc twang thang. Although Conjugal Visit and the rest of the local clan can dig much deeper into their veteran bag of tricks, it’s pretty much the same musical direction that both of these bands take. Southern rock and country and all things in between (which come under the general heading of “good music”). I can only visualize Run of the Mill in 20 years, keeping the same flame burning that Conjugal Visit lights every weekend at Shorty’s... though, I’m not sure what these boy’s parents might think of that vision. (If you work real hard, son, and learn every Skynyrd and ZZ Top song ever recorded, drink beer 24/7 and only play at one bar...then someday, you could be the next J.W. George). Actually, J.W. is a natural host and it wouldn’t be the same without him. You never know what’s coming out of his mouth next... he’s irreverent and quick witted as they come...actually, a twisted soul comes to mind. When J.W. is calling the shots, it’s guaranteed, you will have a good time and probably laugh you gimmi cap off, too. But don’t leave your girlfriend alone with him.

Shorty’s Place celebrated their 64th birthday last Those kids are pretty darn good... weekend in Port A and people came from far and wide to pay homage to this island sanctuary for Nevertheless, Shorty’s birthday was a good gig for day drinkers. I occasionally (OK...maybe regularly) Run of the Mill to get some good exposure in front step into Shorty’s on the weekends to watch the lo- of a bunch of people who are twice their age but have cal array of island musicians tear it up. It’s usual- the same taste in music. Actually, they were pretty ly the J.W. George show aka Conjugal Visit (Port darn good in a “young band playing old covers that Aransas, TX) playing every weekend and, until re- will impress people who could be their grandparents” cently, featured Russell Edge, Kit Guthers and Craig Ware throughout the winter months, but J.W. decided to change up his lineup. He can do that, his grandmother (Miss Rose) owns the joint. The most recent Conjugal Visit incantation is still J.W. George on vocals, harmonica and shocking banter and Craig Ware on drums but now 18 year old wunderkind, Christian Payne has taken on guitar duty (he also plays with Run of the Mill) and Dave Ward is now on bass (he’s also the mandolin player for the South Texas Grassroots Band). But usually on any given Conjugal Visit gig you can count on local guys like Dave “Botllehead” Miller and Jared “Wolf Jaw” Clark to show up and sit in. And the party’s Jerod Wolf Jaw Clark & J.W. George @ Shorty’s Place. always blazing at Shorty’s...please note: I don’t use sort of way. I will say that these boys are savvy be“blazing” lightly. It’s a very colorful place. These are yond their years and have the makings of excellent all very colorful people. At Shorty’s, it’s just the ba- musicians if they keep hanging out in the woodshed. sics (beer, pool, music, no bait)...but that’s worked They definitely have a youthful energy, not to menjust fine for 64 years. I’m assuming that everyone tion some really choice band gear. My only advice to that’s reading this is hip to Shorty’s Place in Port A, them would be to tap into their influences and work right? No gimmicks...down on the flats...a kazillion to develop an original sound...covers will only take ball caps on the ceiling. Needless to say, the joint was you so far. packed for two days and a glorious birthday it was. Mean while back at Shorty’s b-day... the real show Happy 64th Birthday to Shorty’s Place came later that night when Conjugal Visit plugged J.W. had brought in a band from Rockport, Run of in and J.W. blasted off. All of my favorite players the Mill (Rockport, TX), to play Saturday afternoon. with great nicknames were there: Russell “The Love These guys are high school kids that play their par- Muscle” Edge, Dave “Bottlehead” Miller and Jarent’s music. They cover oldies like ZZ Top, Sky- ed “Wolf Jaw” Clark. J.W. was wound tight as a two nyrd, Van Morrison, Steve Miller, Bob Seeger and dollar watch and was trailing vapor. To say the least, Marshall Tucker, etc with the same zeal that all us the house was rocking in true Port A style. Yes sir, it old guys had when the music came out the first time. was a glorious birthday. HAPPY 64th SHORTY’S!!! They also do the Roger Creager, Hank Jr., WayAnd that’s the truth!

Area Music Listings Saturday, May 1st

Friday, May 7th

Timmy Curran, Will Crum & The Flamin’ Hellcats @ House of Rock Don Chani @ Executive Surf Club The Trishas @ Third Coast Music Studios Willey Stafford @ The Gaff Randy McAllister @ The Back Porch Jayar @ Flip Flops Seven Board @ Tarpon Ice House

Greezy Wheels @ Tarpon Ice House The Business, Hollow Points, The Booked & Avenue Rockers @ House of Rock The Spazmatics @ Brewster Street Icehouse Another Level @ Executive Surf Club Cruise Control @ The Back Porch Rockaholics @ Flip Flops

Monday, May 3rd Papa Roach, Hellyeah, 12 Stones & Seasons After @ Concrete Street Tuesday, May 4th

BACK PORCH Thursday Summer Music Series Begins May 13 Dates to Remember: Fri. 5/22 W.C. CLARK Sat. 5/28 GARY P. NUN

Open Mic w/ Reverend Fred @ House of Rock Wednesday, May 5th Cage The Elephant, Morning Teleportation & Autovaughn @ Brewster Street Icehouse Thursday, May 6th David Allen Coe & Pear Ratz @ Brewster Street Icehouse Hobo @ Executive Surf Club

Saturday, May 8th Butch Hancock, Reverend Fred & Ty Dietz @ House of Rock Lyrical Binge @ Executive Surf Club Dave “Bottlehead” Miller @ The Gaff Equal People @ Flip Flops Sunday, May 9th

Supersucker @ Brewster Street Icehouse Monday, May 10th Cannibal Corpse, Skeletonwitch & Lecherous Nocturne @ House of Rock Tuesday, May 11th Open Mic w/ Reverend Fred @ House of Rock Stomp @ Salina Auditorium

The Brown Chicken Brown Cow String Band @ The Gaff.

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

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