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Three Chords and the Truth

Shorty’s Place under new ownership…

November 8, 2012


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By Ronnie Narmour

Island Moon

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First Friday at the Art Center and Tarpon Ice House…

Howie Andersen, Edwin Myers and Amy Myers are the new faces of Shorty’s Place. For the first time since 1946, the storied “oldest and friendliest bar in Port A”, Shorty’s Place, has taken on new ownership. The owner of the hugely successful, Kody’s Restaurant, and Port A City Councilman, Edwin Myers, took over operations as of November 1st. Myers has enlisted Howie Andersen, formerly of the Flat’s Lounge as bar manager. All of this comes as a big surprise to the legions of customers that have frequented Shorty’s for many years. In Port A, Shorty’s is considered to be a sacred watering hole, perhaps as revered as the Tarpon Inn itself. Only one other business in Port A, the Barr Cottages, can boast a longer continuous legacy with the same family.

I stuck my head in the Port A Art Center during their monthly “First Friday” shindig, for the first time in while and thoroughly enjoyed their presentation. When I walked in, Dennis Sullivan was on stage singing his trademark style of Willie Nelson meets Bob Wills, but was soon joined by local musicians, Arnie Govella, Jack Gant and Denny Larkin. It was nice perusing all of the art on exhibit while listening to great local live music. They have a nice comfortable scene going on over there and I encourage you to check it out. After the show, we wandered over to the Tarpon Ice House next door where Uel Jackson was playing. Eventually all the musicians from “First Friday” showed up and got into the act. At one point, it looked like a bunch of drunken Scotsmen on stage, singing at the top of their lungs with mouths wide open and the rest of the audience chiming in like no tomorrow. It was not only hilarious; it was a blast and actually sounded pretty good. It kind of reinforced the term “sing a long.” I just love it when a spontaneous jam comes out of nowhere… which seems to happen a lot around the Ice House. You just never know! Shake Russell & Michael Hearne…

Shorty’s was names after the late Gladys “Shorty” Fowler who was murdered at the location in 1978. Shorty’s daughter Miss Rose ran the bar until her death in 2011, when her daughter, Joy George, assumed management duties until now. I asked Myers what he planned to do with his new acquisition, “Make sure it stays around. I feel like I’ve inherited a museum. I’m not changing anything… maybe add a few TV’s and re-felt the pool tables, but nothing major.” Myers went on to say, “Shorty’s has been around a long time. You can go in, have a beer, look at the walls and get a snap shot of time. Port A has grown a lot but Shorty’s has stayed the same. We want to look at the means to make sure it doesn’t go away. I plan to be a good caretaker. I love Port A and embrace the history of Port A. I will tread well.” When asked about his plan for live music, Myers assured me that he planned to keep Shorty’s as a working venue, “We want to do music and will start putting that into play soon. I’ve finally got my bar-bar and local live music is a big part of that concept.” He also assured me that all the hats on the ceiling and pigs on the walls would always be there. It wouldn’t be Shorty’s without them. Myers is also in the process of opening another restaurant and late night bar only a stone’s throw away from Shorty’s where Hook’s BBQ was located. He said that location should be open for business by the first of the year.

Arnie Govella, Ronnie Narmour, Kit Gutherz, Dennis Sullivan and Uel Jackson harmonizing at the Tarpon Ice House.

Shake Russell and Michael Hearne played the Third Coast Theater in Port A last Saturday night. Shake Russell (Houston, TX) and Michael Hearne (Taos, NM) played the Third Coast Theater in Port A last Saturday night. They were accompanied by Doug Floyd on mandolin and Mike Roberts on stand-up bass. I was super impressed with this performance. These players came together as a tight band unit and not just a couple of guys up there swapping songs. They all played beautifully together and harmonized in four parts. Both Russell and Hearne are accomplished songwriters with many recordings to their credit, but what amazed me was their individual musicianship. Michael Hearne is one bonified monster on the guitar. He did everything but pop wheelies on it. And watching Russell play the left handed upside down melody parts with Hearne taking the contortionist role of lead guitarist was spellbinding. Every song had a tight arrangement that sounded like there were twice as many musicians onstage. Also really impressive was Floyd on mandolin. He was a big fellow with fat sausages for fingers and played his instrument with the delicacy and ease of a figure skater. I know I’m gushing here, but this really was an outstanding show… one of the best I’ve seen at the Theater (or anywhere for that matter.) Right at the end intermission, the skies literally opened up and rain came down in buckets and we had ourselves one heck of a thunder boomer going on… which segued into a bunch of “rain” songs from both artists. And, with all the thunder and lightning rattling at high volume outside, it became unmistakably apparent how acoustically sound the Third Coast Theater is. We couldn’t hear as much as a hiccup from the massive storm raging only inches away. It really is quite an impressive listening room.

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OPEN 10-5


Daily Lunch Specials Private Dinner Parties, Personal Chef, Weddings

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The Wailers will play the House of Rock on Nov. 16th. The Wailers…

Bruce Robison will play the Third Coast Theater on Saturday.

DO NOT MISS LIST Dirty Uncle Wheeler/ Bruce Robison… One of my absolute favorite bands, Uncle Lucius, (Austin, TX) will be playing Brewster Street on a bill with the Wheeler Brothers (Austin, TX) and the Dirty River Boys (Austin, TX) tonight (Thursday, November 8) in what they are calling the Dirty Uncle Wheeler Tour. I haven’t seen the Wheeler Brothers or the Dirty River Boys but I did check out their websites and they look like a perfect pairing for Uncle Lucius. My interest is peeked! On Saturday the 10th, the Third Coast Theater will present another outstanding show with Bruce Robison (Austin, TX) and Brian Keane (Nashville, TN). I’m told to get there early for the Brian Keane set… like about 7:30. Bruce is the brother of the great Charlie Robison and husband of the also great Kelly Willis. Originally from Bandera, TX, he has released nine CD’s since 1996. His songs have been recorded by Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, George Strait and the Dixie Chicks.

Next week on Friday, November 16th the Wailers (Kingston, Jamaica) will play the House of Rock. This group started in Jamaica back in the 1960’s. Original members included Junior Braithwaite, Beverley Kelso, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Cherry Smith, and the legendary BOB MARLEY! They took the World by storm with their  ska, rock steady, and reggae tunes, selling over 250 million albums worldwide. Their current lineup will include Junior Marvin on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Al Anderson on Lead Guitar, Aston “Family Man” Barrett on Bass, Keith Sterling on Keys, Drummie Zeb on Drums, Marcia Griffiths on background vocals (Wailers Sister). The Bad Chords who be opening for The Wailers. 

Texas Blues Fest… On November 17th, The Texas BluesfestCorpus Christi, will take place from 3pm til 11pm, at Dewey’s Backyard, located on Rodd Field. This Concert is free to the public, and helps and supports numerous organizations (The Heidi & Estella Fund and The Agape Training Center for Disabled Adults, just to name a few). The lineup is Smokin’ Waters, Earthtone, The DeadBeats, The Louis Quinn Band, and Tubie & The Touchtones.

And that’s the truth!

Live Music Tonight

Tuesday, November 13 Open Mic w/ Rev Matt Martinez @ House of Rock Steven James & Shakedown @ Dr. Rockits

Wednesday, Nov. 14 Thursday, November 8 Gravy @ House of Rock Dirty River Boys/ Wheeler Brothers/ Uncle Lucius @ AshVill Construction LLC Open Mic w/ Wolfjaw @ Flat’s Lounge Brewster Street Residential, MultiD&S @ Dr. Rockits Cathouse @ Executive Surf Family & Commercial Club Thursday, November 15 New Construction JBoog/ Hot Rain/ Dead Sean McConnell/ Bleu & Remodels Passenger @ House of Edmondson (acoustic) @ Ashley R. Villarreal Rock Brewster Street (210) 387-2993 John Eric @ Island Italian On Blast Standup Aaron Murray Mike Guerra & Trisum @ Showdown @ House of (361) 332- 9884 Scuttlebutt’s Rock Antone & the All Stars @ John Eric @ Island Dr. Rockits Italian Antone & the All Stars @ Dr. Rockits Friday, November 9

Second Friday Sing-Along Piano Show @ Friday, November 16 Brewster Street The Wailers @ House of Rock Bushbullit @ Executive Ray T & the City Crew Surf Club @ The Flats Lounge Shakedown/ Leopold Gary Moeller @ Coffee & His Fiction/ Keeton Waves Coffman @ House of Rock Brian Winfrey @ Island Reno & the Groovegetters Italian\ @ Dr. Rockits Marshall Influence @ 401 B each Street, Port Aran sas The Forefront @ Coffee The Texan 361-749-MELT Waves Matt Hole & Hot Rod Brian Winfrey @ Island Fu sed Gl ass & W oodblockPrin ts Gang @ Dr. Rockits Italian Mike Williams & Rocky W orking Studio & Gallery Ray T & the City Crew @ Arnold @ Hemingway’s www.P ortAGlas The Flats Lounge Rockport Analog Man @ The Texan Saturday, November 17 Mike Williams & Rocky Arnold @ Hemingway’s Texas Blues Fest @ Dewey’s Backyard Rockport Metal Shop @ Brewster Street Saturday, November 10 Unearth/ Born of Osirls/ Bruce Robison/ Brian Contortionist/ Obey the Vampires Welcome Keane @ Third Coast Brave/ Wolves at the Gate Theater @ House of Rock Mon-Sat The All American Rejects Reely Rotnz @ Executive with Cherri Bomb and The 10am- 2am Surf Club Sun Lost Element @ Brewster Earl Gard @ Coffee Street Noon- 2am Waves SmileFest/ Spoonfed Ruben Limas@ Island Live Music Tribe/ Bad Chords/ Italian Flatbroke/ High Bred 40 lb. Dog @ The Texan EveryFriday Roots @ House of Rock The Groove @ Dr. Ruben Limas@ Island Rockits Italian Mike Williams & Rocky Chris Gober @ Coffee Waves Arnold @ Hemingway’s Rockport Poison Lemonade @ The Texan Sunday, November 18 Wesley Pruit Band @ Dr. Rockits Open Mic w/ Billy Snipes & Uel Jackson @ Mike Williams & Rocky Tarpon Ice House Arnold @ Hemingway’s Acoustic Open Mic @ Rockport Neptune’s Retreat Sunday, November 11 John Eric @ South Texas Open Mic w/ Billy Snipes Ice House & Uel Jackson @ Tarpon Someone Like You @ Dr. Ice House Rockits Ballabajoomba Poetry Monday, November 19 Slam @ House of Rock Open Jam w/ Antone Acoustic Open Mic @ Perez @ Doctor Rockits Neptune’s Retreat Tuesday, November 20 John Eric @ South Texas Open Mic w/ Rev Matt Ice House Martinez @ House of Party of Three @ Dr. Rock Rockits Steven James & Shakedown @ Dr. Rockits Monday, November 12 Open Jam w/ Antone Perez @ Doctor Rockits

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