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Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour The trade-out is here. This is the time of year that we paid for all summer. The relentless heat and tourists are gone and the island is ours (at least for a while). This weather couldn’t be more beautiful and it’s the perfect time for catching great music in the outdoor venues around the Coastal Bend. Lot’s to tell you about. Let’s roll...

Tarpon Ice House

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(361) 749-BEER (2337)

Acoustic Jam Every Sunday 5 to 7 PM

Miller came out with the confidence of James Brown. He took the mic and broke into a soul number (Them Changes) that blew my hair back. Miller has more soul in his little finger than most people only get close to by listening to Otis Redding or Wilson Pickett. He has a strong stage presence that pulls you in and a special way of making every song his own. Put all that together with



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HAPPY VETERANS DAY!! Sam Riggs Band Nov. 13 Angel Head Nov. 14 The Ones Nov. 20 be time for a vacation but where do you go for inspiration when you live your life on the road? I have no doubt that her muse will rear its head before long and take her to the next chapter. The girl is just too talented and too intelligent for it not to happen. The show was still fabulous.

Bottlehead Miller + Cody Angel = Angelhead It’s the last Thursday night at the Back Porch before they close for the winter. Cody Angel (Port Aransas, TX) is playing with his kick-ass Corpus rhythm section of Antone Perez (drums) and Mike Guerra (bass). The place is packed and the folks are digging on Cody’s straight blues package (Stevie, Muddy, Albert...). But there’s a noteworthy attraction in the show that night. Dave “Bottlehead” Miller (Rockport, TX) is in the house and is waiting for young Cody to bring him up to sing a couple of songs. I am also waiting for young Cody to bring him up. These two guys have been talking about getting together and this is their first dance. There’s no doubt in my mind that when it happens, my head will leave my body. And, I was right.

November 10, 2010

6th Market Blvd. 6th Market Blvd. (Stevenville, TX) played the Third Coast Music Studio on November 6th. The studio sent out an email announcing this show about a week before the gig. The owner of the studio, Jim Urban, who I respect a lot, gave his personal endorsement of this band. This peaked my interest. I went to the band’s My Space page and read their bio: “This quintet is a blend of lost romantics, multi-instrumentalists and traveling souls. Based on the fundamentals of a classic road Carlos Torrez played classical guitar at the Tarpon Ice House Nov. 5th. touring band, being lyrically creative and musically driven, this band brings a fresh change learning. I had heard him play bass before, but never gui- of pace to the scene. Blending influences for Country, tar. I wasn’t impressed with his bass abilities...I was with Americana and Rock & Roll, 6MB delivers a uniquely his guitar. He plays a Flamenco style which is tradition- identifiable sound that is sure to resonate the heart and al in Spain, using all five fingers on his picking hand soul. Six Market Blvd. has played in venues across Texwith a rhythm as raucous as the dance. Torrez played up and down the neck of his guitar with precision and passion, leaving everyone in the place more than impressed with this young man. I can see why Mr. Mo has taken an interest in this aspiring musician...he’s very talented.

DO NOT MISS LIST Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider (Austin, TX) will play the Brewster Street Ice House on Saturday, November 13th. Schneider is one of the strongest players in the Austin music scene and has been since the 90’s with his early incantations; The Ugly Americans, The Scabs and The Resentments. His mega-popular CD, Lonelyland, is still so revered in Austin, that he hosts an “All Lonelyland” karaoke night at the Saxon Pub where he has held court for over ten years. Once the hot item and talk of the town with actress, Sandra Bullock, Schneider is a chick magnet and his shows are usually sold out with bevies of adoring, beautiful women. His music runs the gamut from funk to Latin jazz to singer-songwriter to just plain irreverent with XXX lyrics. He has a cocksure persona and is definitely a type A say the least. As we used to say, it’s all about Bob. Schneider has always surrounded himself with great sidemen (Steven Bruton, Dave Boyles, etc) and lots of them. His old funk band, The Scabs, was an eleven piece ensemble with a four piece horn section. Since I’ve been in the Coastal Bend, I’ve watched Schneider’s popularity elevate steadily. He even played Ziegfest with Charlie Daniels a few months ago. Take my advice and go out of your way to see this guy. He’s pretty phenomenal. And that’s the truth!

Susan Gibson Susan Gibson (Wimberley, TX) played the Third Coast Music Studio on Halloween Night. Susan looked like she’d played a couple of hundred shows in a couple of hundred towns since last seeing her a year ago...probably because she has. At this show, Gibson played quite a few songs from her latest CD, New Dog, Old Tricks (2008) and played all her “hits” that got her there (Wide Open Spaces, Cloud Nine, My Best Features, etc). I noticed that her Dave Miller & Cody Angel played the Back Porch Oct. 28th. stories introducing her songs were the same ones I heard a year ago. In the second set, Gibson even made Angel’s “wise beyond his years” musicianship and I see a beautiful friendship in the making...not to mention a note of her lack of new banter and her redundancy. Could brilliant musical partnership. The following week, the specific unit now called Angelhead, played Hook’s Bar-B-Q with Miller, Angel and Ken Barnett on conga drum. This was their first official gig and they were just finding their feet. No slam on Barnett, he’s good, but it didn’t have the power that they had generated at the Back Porch gig when Antone and Mike were holding down the backbeat. It had the feeling of a first date...polite and comfortable. I could see that young Angel was starting to think outside his blues box as they had some fun with a few classic rock tunes. Miller is the perfect mentor and Angel is a sponge. I think once these boys find a regular bass and drummer, and spend some time in the woodshed, they will rip the heads off of anyone in near proximity. Their next date is at the Ice House on Sunday, the 14th...come see if they make it to second base. I’m going to enjoy watching this act develop.

“You Ring, I Spring”

I must admit that I’ve grown a bit weary of all the Americana Bands and their cookie cutter formula to success and I didn’t find anything “uniquely identifiable” with 6th Market Blvd’s sound. The lead singer, Clayton Landua, did have a beautiful, tenor voice and the rest of the band’s musicianship showed real talent, but the songs were la-la and had no balls. I left after the first set but later that night at another bar, Urban told me that they did rock out a little more in the second set. Too bad it wasn’t in the first set or I’d have stayed. Though the Studio is known for a spectacular booking history, I suppose Mr. Urban and I will have to agree to disagree with this one. I got bored.

Thursday, Nov. 11th

Shotgun Party @ Executive Surf Club Iration/The Movement/ The Green @ House of Rock Aaron Watson/Aaron Einhouse @ Brewster Street Stuart Burns & the Four Minute Ride @ Tarpon Ice House Susan Gibson played the 3rd Coast Studio Oct. 30th.

Betty Bail Bonds

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as and Oklahoma while opening for acts such as Micky and the Motorcars, Zack Walther & The Cronkites, Bleu Edmonson, Larry Joe Taylor, Phil Pritchett, Josh Grider and Reckless Kelly. As a result, 6MB has steadily increased their prominence and fan base in the Red Dirt/ Texas Music Scene.”

Bob Schneider will play Brewster Street Nov. 13th.

Live Music Tonight

Carlos Torrez Carlos Torrez (Barcelona, Spain) played during the break at the Mr. Mo and Famous Unknowns show on Friday, October 29th, at the Tarpon Ice House. Torrez is a 20 year old music student at Del Mar College and is a scholar of classical guitar. He also subs on bass for Mr. Mo from time to instrument that he is only

6th Market Blvd. played the 3rd Coast Studio Nov. 6th.


hooks bar bq & Grill

Friday, Nov. 12th

TBA @ Tarpon Ice House Metro Ministries @ House of Rock Joe Nichols/Mark McKinney @ Brewster Street Eric & Monty @ Hooks Bar-B-Q

Saturday, Nov. 13th

Saturday, Nov. 20th

The Ones @ Tarpon Ice House Flashback @ Executive Surf Club The Ripe/Weekend Thieves/Microphonic @ House of Rock

Sunday, Nov. 21st

Uncle Kracker @ Brewster Street

Monday, Nov. 22nd

Sam Riggs @ Tarpon Ice House The Groove @ Executive Surf Club Smile Fest/Flat Broke/One Track Mind/This Years Fashion/Bad Chords @ House of Rock Bob Schneider/Nelo @ Brewster Street Richard Lockhart @ Hooks Bar-B-Q

Sick Puppies @ House of Rock

Tuesday, Nov. 23rd

Open Mic @ House of Rock

Wednesday, Nov. 24th

Sweet Daddy/HOBO @ House of Rock Roger Creager/Cody Johnson @ Brewster Street

Sunday, Nov. 14th

Angelhead @ Tarpon Ice House Ryan Beaver @ Executive Surf Club The Queers/The Riptides/Johnny 5 @ House of Rock

Tuesday, Nov. 16th

Open Mic @ House of Rock

Thursday, Nov. 18th

722 TARPON (361)749.FOOD

Friday, Nov. 19th

TBA @ Tarpon Ice House Trysum @ Executive Surf Club Paul Sutherland/Neal Edwards/Switchblade Jesus @ House of Rock

Jeffree Star/Dev/It Boys @ House of Rock Wade Bowen/Turnpike Troubadors @ Brewster Street Stuart Burns & 4 Minute Ride @ Tarpon Ice House


Stuart Burns & 4 Minute Ride @ Tarpon Ice House

Friday, Nov. 26th

Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street Expendables/John Browns Body/C-Money @ House of Rock

Saturday, Nov. 27th

Carlton Pride and Mighty Zion @ Executive Surf Club Makeshift Skateboards @ House of Rock Sing-Along Piano Bar @ Brewster Street Eli Young Band @ Concrete Street

The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

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