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Three Chords and the Truth By Ronnie Narmour Hot enough for you? As we speak I think my brain is actually cooking inside my skull. The past two weeks have been a test of patience. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a tourist…and forget going to the beach. The good news is our season is peaking and live music is absolutely everywhere. I really enjoyed the Gary P. Nunn and the Six Market Blvd shows at the Back Porch recently. Also, Gasoline Alley showed up from San Angelo and put on a killer blues-rock show at the Tarpon Ice House last week. Meanwhile, Ray T and the City Crew have been on fire over at the Flats Lounge every Friday night (where the local vampires still outnumber the tourists). And, don’t forget, Augie Meyers will be at the Porch this Saturday and W. C. Clark on the 23rd… you don’t dare miss those shows. Another good one will be Bob Livingston at the Third Coast Theater, also this Saturday. One more thing, Pelican’s Landing has been doing some very cool Saturday afternoon shows on their front patio with Billy Snipes and Raeanne Reed, and the Tarpon Inn is having some relaxing late afternoon Thursday and Saturday acoustic shows in their super comfortable courtyard with Mr. Mo & Dillon Stowe, Mark Wiles, and Norm Leever. There are other shows I’ve seen lately and a couple of upcoming shows to tell you about. But right now, times a wasting…let’s roll!


July 15, 2011

Upcoming Shows

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allowed him to record what he was playing, loop it, and play it back all in realtime. Klepach explained, “One of the benefits of this is it allows me to layer multiple instruments at the same time, and independently crossfade, stereo pan or otherwise manipulate the sounds.” The result was dream-like layers of music that ran the gamut from beautifully light and airy to distorted drones and percolating rhythms. The performance was actually an improvisational accompaniment to an early 60’s abstract film, “Dog Star Men,” plus a short visual poem Klepach made for the Corpus Christi film fest last year. I kept thinking, “This is what Frank Zappa probably listened to while having Kool Aid and brownies at Timothy Leary’s house.” It’s complicated stuff yet melodic and quite engaging.


(361) 749-2337

Klepach started playing music at the age of 5 when his father taught him piano. He then took up flute a year later. As a teenager Thom started playing electric bass and singing in a long string of powerpop/punk bands, but quickly outgrew the confines of a 3 minute highly planned song structure. He’s been in a remarkable, if not dizzying, number of musical ventures including bands that he’s labeled as a “junk rock” band, a “noise” band, a “math rock” band, an “experimental improv jazz” band, a “melancholic indie folk” band, a “Tolkein inspired neo-progrock” band, a “psychedelic gospel trucker-blues noise” band and an “electro-acoustic jazz-rock” band. Klepach’s newest alter ego, Umber Owler, was a rare and unexpected treat.

Carol Elliott The Ones The Crew Shark Attack, Mama Tried, & Footpie

7/15 7/16 7/28 7/30

style. This was a good show.

DO NOT MISS LIST Shark Attack + Mama Tried + Footpie = The Crew Lead members of Shark Attack, Mama Tried and Footpie are sailing up the coast and stopping in various ports along the way to play some shows. They will perform collectively as The Crew at the Ice House on July

So, do you get the picture? One guy on stage with an Max Stalling arsenal of exotic instruments which he’s Max Stalling (Dalplaying and recordlas, TX) played the Back ing on the spot, then Porch on July 9th. The playing back while joint was so packed out he adds layer upon for this show you needed Ponty Bone & layer of sounds over a shoe horn to get in the the Squeezetones what he just played… place. Although I’m not a while at the same Ponty Bone and the Squeezsuper big fan of the cookie time, an underground etones (Austin, TX) played the cutter Americana genre, film rolls across a Tarpon Ice House on the Fourth Stalling is real enough to Shark Attack will play the Tarpon Ice House on July 30th. big projector screen. of July. What a great time! I embrace. His songs are th It was wild and indanced holes in my flip flops. good and it just feels like he’s sing- 28 . Band members from each of the groups will join credibly entertaining. their band mates and play the Tarpon Ice House on the It was a wonderful evening of ing from the heart. I caught his secth As I listened to Kle30 . This should be an interesting combination. Shark roots, zydeco, polkas and blues ond set and it was in the pocket and pach’s performance, I and the perfect place to spend had the crowd hanging on every note. Attack (Galveston, TX) has been together 10 years, has searched for words to with friends on the 4th. The asStalling has a new record out (his 8th) a couple of records out and describes themselves as a try and describe what tronomical number of tourists entitled, Home to You. His bio boasts, reggae band with a bite. Mama Tried (Houston, TX) is I was hearing: experhad mostly left the island--be“It may be the best and most well a country/ bluegrass/ punk band who says they are inimental, acid jazz, ing that the 4th fell on a Monrounded collection of songs that Stall- fluenced by folk singers, hippies, hillbillies, punks and Ponty Bone and the psychedelic, new age, Max Stalling played the Back ing has released to date.” The first sin- poets. Footpie (Houston, TX) is a 3 piece reggae/ rock day--but the locals picked up the Squeezetones played the avant garde, folk. It Porch on July 9th. slack and made this show somegle “I Ain’t Drinking Alone” was #14 band. I checked them all out on Reverb Nation, My was a little of all those Photo by Miles Merwin Tarpon Ice House on July 4th. thing special. It was a high enon the Radio Free Texas 100 Most Re- Space and Facebook and all three bands seem pretty but what I eventually Photo by Miles Merwin ergy night of dancing and celequested Songs of 2010. Stalling makes cool. I’m betting both these shows will be keepers. settled on was “live art.” It was a sensory the tunes his own by staying true to his rootsy, Americana brating with a true Texas accorAnd that’s the truth! explosion, a refreshing change and curiousdion king. Let’s hope we get to see them at least one ly relaxing. I thoroughly enjoyed it. more time before the season is over. Originally from Detroit, the 38 year old Klepach is a toThom Klepach aka Umber Owler tal brainiac not to mention an artist of many mediums beThomas Klepach (Port Aransas, TX) performed a one yond his music (sculpture, film, wood, glass, silk screenman show at the Gaff on July 9th. Klepach is a multi-in- ing, writing, etc). He moved to Port Aransas from New strumentalist to say the least. During the course of this Zealand, where he and his wife, Denise, lived for a couperformance he played a Telecaster guitar, a 5 string ple of years. Now he spends his days creating art and Scarecrow People @ Executive Friday, July 15th banjo, a Kalimba (African thumb piano), the classical seeking adventure with his two year old son, Roa, and Surf Club flute, a Hulusi (Chinese reed gourd instrument ), a Na- his nights teaching Anatomy at Del Mar College. DeCarol Elliott (6-8) @ Tarpon Ice tive American wood flute, 2 Tibetan singing bowls, a Ca- nise, who is doing post doctoral research at the marine Rich Lockhart Band @ Hooks House B-B-Q basa (Latin American percussion instrument), a Shekere science center, and Thom also teach a yoga class at the Mingo Fishtrap @ Back Porch (West African percussion instrument) and of course, the Presbyterian Church once a week. Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Flashback @ Executive Surf Club Glockenspiel. He used a battery of effects pedals which Lounge

Live Music Tonight The

Ballyhoo/ Bastard Sons/ Fayuca/ Jiffy @ House of Rock Emily @ Hooks B-B-Q Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge JR Castillo @ Brewster Street

Coming Soon!

Sat. 7/23 W.C. CLARK Sat. 7/30 GARY P. NUNN 132 W. Cotter, Port A

Saturday, July 16th Augie Meyers @ Back Porch The Ones @ Tarpon Ice House

OPEN 10-5


This Month...

Wave Portraits By Photographer Reuben Njaa for information

Daily Lunch Specials

Private Parties, Personal Chef, Weddings

hooks bar bq & Grill

Carlos & the Groove @ Flats Lounge Oso Texas @ Brewster Street

Statesboro Revue @ Executive Surf Club

Supervilllains/ Eleven Fingered Charlie @ House of Rock

Sunday, July 24th

Summer Cruiser Sale

Emily @ Hooks B-B-Q (noon)

Metal Shop @ Brewster Street

403 North Alister (Purple Building)

Acoustic Jam w/ Van Blize @ Tarpon Ice House

Burlesque 5 Yr. Anniversary @ House of Rock


3G Isla Vista‛s $199 Port Aransas

Tuesday, July 26th

Tribal Seeds/ Seedless @ House of Rock

Acoustic Jam w/ Rev. Fred @ House of Rock

Emily @ Hooks B-B-Q (noon) Mike Williams & Friends featuring Rocky Arnold @ Lovett’s Bar Acoustic Jam w/ Van Blize @ Tarpon Ice House Tuesday, July 19th Acoustic Jam w/ Rev. Fred @ House of Rock

Thursday, July 28th Cody Angel’s Going Away to College Show @ Back Porch

Live Music EveryFriday

Aaron Einhouse @ Executive Surf Club

Jackson Taylor/ Pear Ratz @ Brewster Street 4 Minute Ride @ Tarpon Ice House

6th Anniversary w/ Sweet Daddy/ Echo/ The 71’s @ House of Rock

The Crew @ Tarpon Ice House

Pelicans Landing, Port A 345 N. Alister, Ste. D 361-749-TOES

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Friday, July 22nd Cruise Control @ Back Porch

Forty Pound Dog @ Executive Surf Club

Casey Donahew Band @ Brewster Street

Thursday, July 21st Sam Silva & the Good @ Back Porch

Monday, July 25th Art Barrera @ House of Rock

Sunday, July 17th

Ballapajoomba Poetry Slam @ House of Rock

722 TARPON (361)749.FOOD

Rich Lockhart Band @ Hooks B-B-Q

Mike McClure @ Third Coast Theater

GoodNite Avenue @ Flats Lounge

Photos by Miles Merwin

W.C. Clark @ Back Porch Supervillians/ 11 Finger Charlie @ House of Rock

Bob Livingston @ Third Coast Theater

Dave Bottlehead Miller @ Hooks B-B-Q

Thomas Klepach performed a one man show at the Gaff on July 9th.


Saturday, July 23rd

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The Gaff Beer ● Pizza ● Belt Sander Races (361) 749-5970

Friday, July 29th Six Market Blvd. @ Back Porch Perriwinkle Massacre/ Immortal Guardian/ Dream In State/ Shattered Sun/ With My Last Breath @ House of Rock SpinFX @ Hooks B-B-Q Ray T & the City Crew @ Flats Lounge Five Card Draw @ Brewster Street

3C&T 1-15-11  
3C&T 1-15-11