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Ronnie Krensel 646-456-6253

Co-EP, Director – Wee Beastie TV At Wee Beastie I supervise, direct and write commercials, promos and sizzle reels (see list below). Co-EP, Director – Superfine Films Showrunner/Director on a comedy-reality special about America’s wildest builders. Worked directly with cast and managed all aspects of production, story and scheduling at a remote Montana site. HGTV Building Bad 1 x 60 Director – Leopard Filma On HGTV’s top-rated show, I run field teams in locations around the world. HGTV House Hunters International 4 x 30 Executive Consultant – Leftfield Pictures Supervised the revamp and writing on this new A&E comedy series. A&E The Governor’s Wife

12 x 30

Supervising Producer/Director – Fir Valley Completely overhauled field operations and story department on this high-concept design series. Managed all aspects of production. By focusing the storytelling, setups and reveals, I was able to cut shoot hours down from 16 to 10 hours a day and make the cast very happy. HGTV The High Low Project 16 x 30 Supervising Producer/Director - Vidiots Supervised 30-person field team, ran the story and directed all episodes of this comedy reality series. Worked closely with the cast to create stories, gags and setups, mostly on the fly, as we followed them on their unscripted journeys in the NYC flea market world. Discovery Dirty Money 13 x 30 Showrunner - Blink Showrunner on a development project for Blink Productions and History Channel. Executive Producer, Director – Follow Productions Oversaw all production, development, talent and staff, and directed all shows. Cooking Channel Not My Mama’s Meals 20 x 30 Food Network Five to Die For 1 x 30 Food Network Paula’s Best Dishes 39 x 30 Showrunner/Director – Discover Studios Showrunner and director on comedy special for Animal Planet. Animal Planet Bug Eating Man

1 x 60

Supervising Field Producer/Series Director – Original Media Supervised 35 person field team and directed all eps of this science-adventure reality series. Discovery Storm Chasers 10 x 60 Science The Science of Storms 10 x 60

Ronnie Krensel 646-456-6253

Executive Producer/Development – Discovery Networks EP in The Hothouse, Discovery’s in-house show incubator. Over 10 months created 3 projects that went to pilot: Animal Planet Bug Eating Man 1 x 60 Animal Planet Animal Avengers 1 x 60 Executive Producer, Director– Camouflage TV Developed, show-ran and directed shows in partnership with Original Media, Zig Zag, Pioneer, etc. A&E Concrete Jungle 1 x 30 A&E Maiden Voyage 1 x 15 Discovery Alaska Adventure Challenge 4 x 3:00 VS US Army Rangers 3 x 60 Travel Space: The Final Vacation 1 x 60 Showrunner, Director – Diverse Productions Established and ran American offices of British indie. Created and show-ran show two series: TLC Shalom in the Home 10 x 60 TLC Shalom: The Revisits 6 x 60 Development Consultant – Leftfield Pictures Worked directly with owners, consulting on pitches and sizzle reels. Supervising Story Producer/Development and Productions – Lion TV USA Discovery It Takes a Thief 10 x 60 TLC Real Housewives of Dallas 1 x 15 Series Director/Producer – Banyan Oxygen Nice Package TLC Perfect Proposal

10 x 60 1 x 15

Head of USA Development – ZigZag Productions Ran USA office of British indie. Created and show-ran various series and pilots: Bravo UK Inside the Rhino 10 x 60 CH4 UK AKA: The Homo Thugs of NYC 1 x 15 CH5 UK The World’s Deadliest Gangs 15 x 30 CH4 UK Manhunters: Sex Trips for Girls 2 x 60 Owner, Executive Producer – Noble Films Developed, show-ran and directed shows for American and international broadcasters ESPN Worldwide Soccer 50 x 30 ABC Worldwide World Cup 1 x 60 FOX Syndication A Matter of Degrees 1 x 30 BBC The Boat Race 1 x 60 CH4 UK Board Stupid 8 x 60 ESPN/Fox Sports live soccer broadcasts 200 x 120 Awards Emmy/Children’s Specials; Silver Medal Toronto; Silver Medal Columbus for A Matter of Degrees Best Director Nomination – Promax 2011, 2012

Ronnie Krensel 646-456-6253

Director - Commercials and Promos Bank of America/Food Chopped Fiat/HGTV High Low Project Fiat/Travel Hidden Gems/Miami Fiat/Travel Hidden Gems/San Francisco Food Network Hotel Impossible promo Land Rover/Travel Road to the Unexpected, Jamaica Food Network Upfronts Land Rover/Travel Road to the Unexpected, England Land Rover/Travel Road to the Unexpected, Quebec Food Network Restaurant Impossible promo Mercedes Benz/Travel Hidden Gems/NOLA Capitol One/Travel Hidden Gems/Kitsch Capitol One/Travel Hidden Gems/Palm Springs Science Diet/Food Cook for Your Dog Science Diet/Food Cook for Your Cat ID Network Michele Ward Home Depot/Nat Geo Spiderman w/ Sean Riley Audi/HGTV Selling New York SC Johnson/TLC Quints by Surprise SC Johnson/Animal Planet It’s Me or The Dog SC Johnson/Planet Green Shareen’s Vintage Nat Geo Expedition Granted/Trevor Nat Geo Expedition Granted/Clara Nat Geo Wild Network launch promos

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