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If the brain is a coconut then the mind must be the milk. In this book two young boys cracked open the coconut and spilt milk all over the place. Some of it landed and became Paint drawings; none with thought, none with intention, none with skill and none any good. But here they are nonetheless...

Dedicated to our dear friend Anton

Red balloon in a ketchup storm.

Antons friends have played a horrible trick and tied him to a train track when a train is coming.

Bob the burgular on a regular night out.

The 3D head, lizard tongue crew and a patch of chickenpox. (At night).

Pink Anton smiling to the under water Panton.

Dylan and Trougal floating above the tables.

Anton trapped in a crappy parcel.

What am I to say what I am?

Steethal the lethal peethal snake / toilet roll.

Gene Simmons.

Anton wearing a red suit while in a tornado and a brown cow.

Evil Kenevil strikes back.

Don’t smoke.

Beware when jumping face first onto some spikes - before. (Flip sequence 1 of 3).

Jased the racist moped.

Beware when jumping face first onto some spikes - during. (Flip sequence 2 of 3).

In a dark alley.

Beware when jumping face first onto some spikes - after. (Flip sequence 3 of 3).

Become damaged with a tree.

Anton in a jar of pickles with his friend Nessy along-side who is unable to help him. Also there’s a tree.

The day X won.

The hard man from Thorpe Park is so hard. He’s looking for revenge.

The easiest maze ever.

The impossible maze.

Anton is about to fall on a poor, unsuspecting hedgehog. If you look too long it looks wierd.

Blue whale.

Cube tube man in outer space.

Anton taking a nice snap shot of some road kill.

I know I am.

Lizard man proposes to 2D lizard lady.

(Said in a high voice) But it’s Moe with a lollypop. Also an actual sized house and a giant Anton being tickled by Mr Tickles.

Alien the very first.

Lost in translation.

Watch out mate.

Summertime blues.

Snoop doggy dog.

Crappy man with some random green lines. If you look to the right there’s the straightest line ever.

Grey may be gay but hey, it’s cool.

Eric the Cantalope.

I pretend I’m on a skateboard.

Six mouth Sid and a heard of Oranges.

Warp speed.

Rest in peace Hitler.

Anton with a mouse and a man called Trouse.

Doodle the noodle and co.


Follow the yellow brick road.

Evil chicken from Wallace & Gromit.

Be happy with what nature gives you.

Olden McGroin.

He’s alright kids.

Circle heaven.

Lemon curd 49.

Dadle playing the dradle. (Zoom in for full effect).

Mission Imposible 2. The challenge of a lifetime.


She’s on fire.

What? OK, yes my head is a tennis ball.

“To be, or not to be?” Said Anton.

Man on toilet reading the Daily Telegraph.

Anton playing live at Glastonbury in a red suit with a fatty pig which has a phone tail.

Dice mice face.

Hi, I’m Grettyp?

Anton in bed with a stupid, angry, fat Spider that always comes in my room. Go away.

Leo is coming to get YOU!

Hippy dog.


Hardman smackin the green trousered boy in the head with a bat.

Anton eating a toxic waste sweet and his heads gone fat and green and a pink sock.

Kind of doggy woggy.


In the night.

Martin and the duck.

New York here we come.

Anton wearing his yellow suit and visiting a famous place aka Windsor.

Happy Turtle in red tree land.

I’m itching it.

Lord of the rings.

Happy house.


I can’t put on my welly.

Angry pointing retard.

Cherry cake man.

Chiltern and his friend Bluert.

Ouch, I was machine gunned a treat.

My new bike.

Grease is a word.

House on the hill and a hiking crew.

Paul standin on a lizard.

Uno stackeo (spin off of Jenga). This is a tense game between Gret and Fasherty.

The day anton got stabbed in the kidney.

Time to get up tiny Anton in a giant black covered bed.

It’s my way or the highway.

Glad I went to specsavers.

The galaxy.

Cuthbert the waitor/ painter/ Alicia Cuthbert.

(Said in a soft quiet voice) Hi, I’m Harry Kerr. Yes, I’m an icecream. I love Motocross but my bikes just rode away up a ramp by itself. It’s actually floating over a ramp.

Spy man called Dan. With massive glasses.

Billy blue mouth.

Crazy hourses maaaaa maaaaa.

Button moon freckled heckle two way typer.

(Said in a posh voice) A wellington boot.

Duck man.

A Zebra aka Eric.

White cat in a snowstorm. (The unimproved version).

Paint by Luke Binder & Mike Veasey


A book created in MS paint

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