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Lo, Ron

25 March, 1992 Taipei, Taiwan Education: Shih Chien University Skill:

Rhinoceros,Keyshot ,Vray Adobe Photoshop ,Adobe Illustrator Contact: +886-932-343-459 -Behance -ISSUU

Education Ming Chuan University- Bachelor Shih Chien University-Master Degree (In Progress)

Award 2011/Lextar Led Design Award/Sliver Award 2013/Red Dot Concept Design Award/Final Nominated 2013/Taiwan International Students Competion Final Nominated 2014/iF Concept Design Award/ Top100/Top6-11 2014/Red Dot Concept Design Award/Final Nominated

Research Assistant RMIT University School of Media and Communication-Prof.Timothy Ryan ‘2K-Reality’ Exertion Games Lab PhD research project This project focus on applying interaction installation in public basketball court and create amazing experience to player and spectators. October. 2014-November. 2014

Workshop 2014/木工職人,打鐵英雄/ Pili Wu

Design & Craft

2013/Taiwan Designer’s Week’13/ Itay Ohaly 2014/Prof. Timothy Ryan / Somaesthetica

Interaction Design

2014/Prof. Nicholas Rhodes / A New Luxury Brand for Taiwan

Branding Design

2015/Ling Liong Ein, Brian /Synergies: Exploring and Designing the Relationships between Design and Business

Business Design

2015/Global Design Initiative/ Singapore/ Subject:Stranger

Social Design

Five international, globally oriented art and design institutions: LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore Köln International School of Design, Cologne Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts, London Musashino Art University, Tokyo Shih Chien University, Taipei

Exhibition 2014/Taiwan Design Expo

Internship Balacne Wu Design- 2 month (December. 2013- Janurary.2014) Da Ya intergrated design company- 3 month (June.2011-August.2011)

co-designer: Ku, Chieh / Zu, Li-Xuan

THE NEW VISION OF RUNNING SHOES A brand new wearing experience A brand new way to protect ankles

The Waterfly Running Shoes’ concept came from Chinese Kung Fu’s Water Flight, which inspired the brisk image of the modern snakers. The overall curvilinear appearance of the shoe surface and sole are based on the rhythmic effect of water ripples. A new wearing experience is created by applying nanotechnology to the design. Nanotube tech materials are used as knitting wires to construct the shoe and to match the form of the feet when worn, thus eliminating the need for shoe laces. The design is light-weight and provides breathability. The material also increases economic efficiency by allowing the shoe to be flattened for compact packing to reduce the cost of packaging and transportation.

Co-Designer: Zu, Li-Xuan / Ku,chieh

The design concept comes from kung-fu “floating above the water,” giving a light image and bringing into the image on modern running shoes. Separate the style into three parts, first, the curves and color of the shoe surface come from the ripples occurred when the water touched by foot creating rhythmic feeling ; secondly, streamline shape represent ups and downs of the waves; third, jelly silicone rubber bottom best describes the sense of lightness floating on the water.


Nanotec h ■ Expand Textile ■ System ■ Hollow S ink


Runnung s hoes ■ P rotection ■ Fashion ■ Diliv ery


Oriental/ Vision

■ Kung Fu

■ Bruce Lee ■ Vision

Stepping allows the air flow in from the bottom stoma, transporting the air to the special textile on the surface to increase the surface thus provide enough protection to the ankles.

The concept of the shoe bottom comes from the real foot muscle lines, trying to convey the idea of running with bear feet. Cut the bottom into grid-like inflatable to provide bigger area for stepping inflating operation. As for the bottom heel part imitates the muscle tissue.

The textile yarn on the shoe surface allows the air to flow, making by tons of nano inflatable line mix with yarns.

Before wearing, the shoes are in a deflated state.After wearing, the jumping motion as warm-up will inflate the shoes upper surface to cover the user’s feet Comprehensivly.



After the upper’s surface match the form of user’s feet.The shoes will mantain it’s inflation state during running without air leakage. To remove the sheos, simply press the release valve located at the rear.

The shoes will shrink after releasing, needing less space when putting into the box in order to reduce the packing and transportation cost; boost the overall economic and environmental efficiency.

Reduce packaging cost Normal boxes 3/3

900 / car

Traditional package

Waterfly’s boxes 1 / 3 2700 / car



Utilize abstract concepts to creat a light fixture with rotatable design.The goal is to expand beyond the traditional image of lamps and embrace abstract designs with tasteful straight lines.With this, the light fixture will ultimately stray from the overused curvatures of the past and appear modernized and innovative

This project we try to deisgn a lamp by integrating aesthetic and funtion. We merge the semantics of Deconstruction and Minimalism to design an delicate table lamp.


Table Lamp

Home accessories

■ Light

■ Modern

■ Stable

■ Decoration

■ User Friendly

■ Craft

Turn On/Off

Kitchen on the wall Reddot Design Award Finalist



People age 20-30 living in small suites and seldom cooking



Occupy too many space





Install Kitchen to wall

Syste m furni ture/ Acp e ct

Having the kitchen installed to the wall

■ System

■ Floating

■ Light

■ Refreshing

■ Mdern

■ Relax

Design Thinking & Brainstorming What will kitchen be like in the future? By observing phenomena in society nowadays, I found issuues such as overpopulation,high prices and occupancy rate in downtown and more and more people choose not being married which force young men and women who live and work in big cities can only afford small apartments. I consider kitchen as a place to enjoy and get satasfied by cooking. Future Kitchen is a way I came up with to make people who live in small places are able to have the joy of cooking.

Future Kitchen No borad


Transparency Air circulation


System Furniture




Design concept: The kitchen should be an enjoyable living space. However, the life of a confined suite makes owning a comfortable kitchen difficult. Having the kitchen installed to the wall allows occupants of small suites to have a spacious and convenient cooking environment.

Air circulation Air circulation occurs indoors or in a confined space without exhaust pipes.

Storage The venthood,electricstove,and storage space are installed to the wall to accommodate limited kitchen space.



第 一 人稱射擊遊戲(英語:F i rs t p e rs on s hoot e r,簡稱F P S)是 以主 視角進行的射擊遊戲。玩家從顯示設備模擬出主角的視點 中 觀察存在的物體並進行射擊、運動、跳躍、對話等等活動。

計,遊戲中有不同的模式的需求(例如一般設計模式,或者是狙 應 器 模式(DP I與F P S 數 值),來配合玩家因應各種對戰形式。此 類 滑鼠為偏向 抓握式C l aw G ri p 滑鼠 F P S i s F i rs t P e rs on S hoot e r g ame , t hi s k i nd of g ami ng d o e s nt ne e d many b ot t on, ju s t onl y ne e ds l e ft and rig ht and DP I & F P S adju s t me nt b ot t ons . B u t i t has t o h a ve p e rfe c t l y g rab i ng fe e l i ng , t he p l aye r c an have best p e rformanc e .

設計理念 Design Brief

人體工學 滾輪置中偏右


Wheel is setted at center-right



人機介面 Rage針對玩家字抓握滑鼠的掌型進行人機介面上的調整: 由於手掌抓握滑鼠手掌自然向外側傾斜,因此以中指滑動滾輪的配置以朝向右側為主。 方便玩家以自然抓握的方式來調控滾輪 並且並將有線滑鼠傳輸線連接線也配置於置中偏右,避開使用上的干擾。

Rage is designed in ergonamic way to devleop the user interface. When grabing the mouse, the hand is lateral tilt and the middle finger is putted at the center-right place. So I place the wheel at center-right place to help people easily to use it and th cable is also placed as same way to avoid distrub user when using mouse.

RAGE-怒火,是一支為FPS玩家設計的電競滑鼠 結合人體工學的自然曲線,以及方便操作的人機介面 讓電競玩家可以透過使用RAGE來提昇遊戲進行的效率

RAGE is a gaming mouse which is designed for professional FPS player.

The design concept is figuring out the best ergonamic and user interface design for player,in order to develope the player proformence




image board Streamlined







Adjustment botton placed inside

市面上大多數產品的dpi數值調整二鍵配置於滾輪後方 對於電競玩家來說並不是非常友善的人機介面。

大拇指是手指最靈活的部位,因此將即時調整的按鍵配置於拇指側 以方便在遊戲進行中以最快且最準確的方式調控。

dpi +




In market, most gaming mouse placed the dpi adjustment botton behinde the wheel, but it’s not easy for user to press it.

The thumbs is the most flexible finger, therefore i placed all adjustment botton at the left side ( for Right-handed inside is at left ) To help player can press these bottons easily


Material/Texture/Pattern handle

前端扁平後方飽滿的型態符合接近八成使用者習慣的抓握方式 並透過材質與紋理的搭配讓使用上更為舒適。

I placed the rough texture with customize pattern at the shape where could be grabed to let player can easily controal the mouse to develop playing performance.


經過調查顯示,多數使用者偏好的滑鼠抓握感,型態偏向飽滿且 著重在掌心的支撐處,因此RAGE的設計以前軀型態的外觀為主 體來塑造符合大眾偏好的滑鼠型態







The Design Research: Most player adore to use full outline gaming mouse which can support the central of palm. Therefore, I design this gaming mouse has a Forequarters outline to satisfy those needs.




126 x 74 x 36 (mm)

High efficiency cleaning robot RayBOT uses a high-power density electric power storage pack that can be a lithium battery, super capacitor or lithium-ion capacitor. This set-up allows for fast charging and transforms the robot cleaner’s performance from one where the charging time is greater than the working hours to one where the charging time is less than time on active duty. Practically, this leads to minutes of charging for 30 minutes of work, as opposed to traditional robot cleaners that take hours to charge but work for less than an hour. This fast charging feature also leads to a viable RayBOT fleet concept and ioT(internet of Things) device applied to enable RayBot fleet work collaboratively and approach a practical application of future technology. Combine charging station and dust collector in a folding platform not only an innovative design to meet this fast charging RayBOT’s work model but also provide the cover for the charging contact and dust dumping hole.

Co-Desginer: Eric Luo


Super capacitor ■ Fast Charging ■ Steady in/output ■ Longer produc t life cycle


User Experience

■ Hardware linking

■ Less Charging Time

■ Cloud Analyzing

■ Motile Dumping

Internet of Thing ■ Coopperat ing


■ Motile Cleaning

By adopting a lithium-ion capacitor to replace the battery, the operational philosophy is transformed from one that requires hours of charging for less than an hour of work to one that charges in minutes for 30 minutes of active use.

Charging hours

Working hours

Charging Time

Working Time

Fresh up when Power up Transfer the dust to the station’s larger dust collector

The station not only charges but also allows the Raybot to dispose of the contents of the dust container.


Folding platform saving space, avoiding exposure of charging contacts

Without a fast-charging feature, most traditional robot cleaners end up being idle while waiting in a long queue to be charged. In contrast, as a truly IoT (Internet of Things) device, the RayBOT works in collaboration in a fleet and with other household appliances.


Fleet management of the RayBOT includes dynamically scheduling charging times to ensure the most optimal number of cleaning devices is on active duty. Moreover, the system also coordinates the movements of various cleaners, with anti-collision features and log data exchange to allow for the most efficient fleet management. This technology has exciting applications for future smart vehicle traffic control and IoT technologies.

Corner Buster The component layout is designed to maximize the coverage of the cleaning functions, so that each component is deployed in appropriate positions to easily clean the edge and corners of a space.

90 degree

Power Storage Vacuum Dust Collector Wheel Brush Power Storage

“ Emergency stretcher base design ” There is a big issue that desire us concentrat: Ambalance is an innovative stretcher base for medical transportation. By using gyroscope technology and hydraulic pressure, Ambalance can adjust immediately to provide steady, comfortable platform to help patient in critical place to give medical treatment for massive bleeding, bone fractures patient.



Urgent & Medical service

Gyroscope t ech & Hydraulic syste m

■ Patient

■ Balanc e

■ S pecial occasion

■ Steady

■ E nvironment

■ P ot ential applic ation


Inside Effection When transportation pass through the critical places, the inside would be shaking and let the patient get hurt.




4 -30%

Ischemic Stroke

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Bone Fractures

Massive Bleeding

Normal stretcher base The normal stretcher base can’t provide the standard level bass for patient. Fthe massive bleeding, bone fractures patient need to stay at stable platform.


When the gyroscope senses the stretcher base isn’t stable and steady, It will send signals to the hydraulic system to maintain platform standard.

safety Ambalance

When the gyroscope sensor detect the transportation is passing through unstable places, it will keep stretcher bass be in standard level by hydraulic pressure.

Gyroscope Chip IDG-500

Hydraulic Pressure

It’s use simple technoeledge to supply a better transporting environment.

A better choice for Ischemic Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Bone Fractures and Massive Bleeding patients to avoide second damage.


Locker Track

Stretcher Locker Rubber 210.0







Materials and structure outline: The materials and finishes are used throughout the collection: Nest Frau速 leather and Heritage leather stitched together with a dedicated edge, complement each other perfectly. The inside complements of the arm chair are used Nest Frau速 leather with the Azul Type color. The outside complements of the arm chair are used Heritage Frau速 leather with the 110226 NeroType color. The frame is composed of curved and moulded beech plywood with polyurethane foam padding. Legs are in Pterocarpus indicus, Rose wood, those are solid ash wood and affordable in humid environment in Asia. By using the the Color system from 1987, I chose 30 Afica swatches, 215 Turchese as the basic color the outside and the inside, as a new modern interpretation of oriental imagery color.

結構材料的選擇上以黃花梨木、柚木、紫檀木為主。 黃花梨木呈棕黃色或棕紅色,具有獨特花紋,便於造型、利於雕刻,相對其 他深色熱帶硬木而言不易開裂和變形,是明式家具的主要用材,運用在Yi椅 的椅腳上以及椅背的結構上。選用這類木料的原因在於針對濕度考量,而選 用黃花梨、柚木、紫檀木等濕度高的高級木料。而椅座與扶手則選用曲木合 板進行加工。 Yi扶手椅的內側皮革為Nest系列皮革,有較鮮豔的色彩可作為客製化運用, 並且Nest系列皮革具有耐用性高之特點,且會因為使用上的不同留下不同的 紋理。基本款色彩選用Azul款式。 扶手的外側皮革和腳柱的部份:Heritage外觀上有沉穩如大理石般的紋理, 較能顯露出高雅的形象,色彩上選用110226 Nero款式,透過紋理與深色系 的搭配塑造沉穩洗煉的外觀運用Poltrona Frau 1987年制定的Color system ,我選用30 Afica色票,215 Turchese作為外側與內側的基本色,作為新現 代東方意象色彩的詮釋

東方的骨,西方的肉 繹,轉化自東方的傳統明式家具的圈椅與官帽椅,兩者都是是中華文化傳統 家具的另一項經典,優雅傳承的穩固結構,代表著某種權利與地位的象徵, 也是是實用品與藝術品結合的綜合體。 東方家具多以竹子或木料進行結構式的組裝,而其結構樣貌的形體,是為骨 ,當東方的家具靈魂經過現代設計的語彙轉換後,並與PoltronaFrau百年工 藝的靈魂相遇時,皮革的肌理從骨架上長出,新的靈魂從此孕育而出。 繹,是一張簡約、簡潔以生活為中心的一張的一張扶手椅,以細心的剪裁與 東方古典家具的外觀,而椅背的比例向上拉升,並保留官帽椅的特徵塑造高 雅端莊的形象,底座保留了明式家具的結構,以天圓地方的概念作為基底。 圈椅的扶手則區分為內外側,內側選用Nest系列,外側則是Heritage系列, 配色則選用30 Afica色票,215 Turchese塑造沉穩洗煉的樣貌。 當東西方的”經典”相互碰撞時,我希望藉由這張椅子塑造出東西方孕育出 的新靈魂。


108.3 67.3 45.1 59.8

40.6 43.3

Creation of design concept: The bone of Oriental, The spirt of Poltrona Frau Yi ,is a delicate armchairs, which is conversion rebuilt the traditional oriental Ming furniture. It is classic of traditional furniture, which is elegant and reliable structure represents a certain social status and position , but also is a real goods and artwork combine complex. Oriental furniture and more made of bamboo or wood structural formula of assembly ,based on the structural outline.It’s the Yi’s bone. When the Oriental furniture soul merge the modern design semantic and encounter with the soul of Poltrona Frau history leather texture from the skeleton to grow , new soul from this bred out . Yi , is a simple, concise with life as the center of one of an armchair , with careful tailoring and oriental antique furniture appearance , while the proportion of the back pulled up , and keep the traditional chairs feature elegant shape to create dignified atmosphere. The base retain the Ming-style furniture structure to the concept of the hemispherical dome as a base . Chair armrest is divided into inner and outer , the inside components choose Nest Frau® leather, the outside is the Heritage Frau® leather , the choice of 30 Afica color swatches , 215 Turchese purification of shaping dignified appearance. When East and West "classic" collide with each other ,I hope that through this chair create a new East-West nurture the soul .

Bamboo 內圍編織:Nest系列,有較多的色彩,色彩上選用Azul款式 外圍支架:Heritage系列我受到沉穩如大理石般的紋理,色彩上選用110226 Nero款式,塑造沉穩洗煉的外觀。 色彩運用則從Color system中選出:30 Afica色票,215 Turchese作為外圍 與內圍的主要色系 底座的支架可使用不鏽鋼作為金屬底座,以穩固上方的屏風。

Materials and structure outline: The materials and finishes are used throughout the collection: Nest Frau® leather and Heritage leather stitched together with a dedicated edge, complement each other perfectly. The inside complements of Knit is used Nest Frau® leather with the Azul Type color. The outside complements of the stents are used Heritage Frau® leather with the 110226 NeroType color. Base bracket is made of stainless steel, in order to secure the top of the screen .

屏風是個很特殊的家飾品,本身不具有特別鮮明的功能,但那界定區域與提 供遮蔽性的機能卻能讓居家生活有安全感,為室內住宅提供劃分空間但有保 持開放性,這一點讓屏風成為家飾品最鮮明卻也是最隱密的角色。 外觀以圓與幾何作為主要特點,圓潤的造型希望能帶來家居空間多一份親切 感,因此減少生硬理性的直線元素。 而屏風的遮蔽元素則選用竹的傳統技法”編織”,透過將傳統竹編的技術應 用到皮革的編織法上,塑造出六角形的特殊紋理,讓視覺上多了些趣味,並 結合外觀元素來塑造出現代東方意象的氛圍的家飾品。

Creation of design concept: Screen is a very unique home accessories, itself does not have special distinctive features, but the definition of the area and provide shielding function but let home life a sense of security, to provide space for indoor residential divided but remain open, and this gives screens become the most distinctive home accessories but also the most intimate role. Appearance with geometric circle as the main features, rounded shape and hope to bring home more of a homely space, thus reducing blunt rational linear elements. Bamboo traditional techniques is the screen masking element, "weaving", through the application of craftship of the traditional bamboo weave leather, hexagonal shape special texture, to create interest sence.


At last, by combining the appearance of elements, it creates a modern oriental imagery atmosphere home accessories.







Ron Lo-Portfolio 2011-2015  
Ron Lo-Portfolio 2011-2015  

This portfolio shows my works from 2011 to 2015 and it has variety of different kind of industrial design works. Hope you will enjoy it!