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Visual And Conceptual Development • Looking at The Way The mistreatment of Black People was Depicted in Britain and the Western world • Looking At those Black artist Past and present and How they use Their art to question and challenge the treatment of black people within western history. Creating Unapologetic Images that link those who • benefited form slavery and those within slavery • Looking also at how these people as soon as shackled became a commodity not a person. • As Donald Glover Said ‘We Have to Acknowledge what happened so that we can Discuss it’

Cruickshank & Depictions of Black People

Initial Concept •

W/ Exhibition maybe

Sugar Henry Tate??

Talking Exhibition

Prints are posters

Why Cant the Prints be contextualised and applied within the dissertation??

My Dissertation Focus on what I want it to be

Emory Douglas & Fabiola Jean-Louis

Final Designs

Development & Visual  
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