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Anger Management – Cause and Effects

Being patient will help everyone in their life. But, no one is ready to be. Thus, Impatience is the cause of anger. We should first look out what leads to impatience and make us angry.

Nowadays no one is ready to patient. Everyone wants everything to be done instantly. Impatience leads to anger which in turn affect them in many instances. Patience is a good quality, but why no one is having such a quality?

The main reason for impatience is people don’t want o wait for anything nowadays. With so many advanced technologies, we want everything to be done instantly without any waiting. Since, we are getting something without any gratification; we want everything to be done in the same way. No one is ready to wait for a period of time to achieve something. We need everything to be done within a small time span. One should develop a quality of waiting.

Being Impatient will lead us to more problem and it can hurt us a lot.

Anger was mostly caused by impatience. For example, you are driving behind a truck which moves slowly. What will you do at that time? People are not ready to wait behind the truck for a while, they want to overtake it and go for a fast ride. Bad choices are mostly made by impatient people, which in turn may turn their life upside down.

‘Obesity is caused by impatience’ – states a survey result. Because, no one is ready for the food to be cooked fully, rather they will eat half-cooked fast food.

Alcoholics are found to be impatient people. Being impatient also leads to a psychological disorder called chronic procrastination. Procrastination is a form of disorder which led the people to do only fast done works. They are not cable of doing any long-term process.

There are some common signs and symptoms of impatience. Impatient people are not ready to listen to a conversation. They tap their foot a lot and they won’t listen to anyone. This may lead to any harm as they can even lose a relationship.

Every one of us should work on our patience and our threshold. You should try to find out what makes you angry and work on it by concentrating on something else other than that cause your anger. You slowly reduce your anger, if you continue to be patient or at least try to be less angry if same kind of scenario arises.

Don’t try to live a complex life. Doing so many jobs at the same time only leads to stress and anxiety. Schedule your daily activities and follow that schedule at any cost. Stop using gadgets. Staying focused is definitely a difficult task if you do do much of work at the same time. Stop controlling anything that you can’t control. You can’t expect everything to happen in your favor. Try to be realistic. Stop worrying about everything that you can’t control. Patience is a virtue.

Anger management – cause and effects  

Being patient will help everyone in their life. But, no one is ready to be. Thus, Impatience is the cause of anger. We should first look out...

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