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aruizawa is like a piece of paper town which is far away from the hubbub of the city. And the city is to take the load of craving mind the dream of freedom by traveler, in which a walk through roaming, you can gradually forget those Depression And I’m from the low through the perspective of the road to make shooting, hoping to find a natural purest essence through the viewfinder; but the most I smoke I leave this wanton viewfinder, but would like craving poisoning-like field intervention


aitung seaside where gathered dozens of fishermen , each of them holding a fishing net and they’re still wearing a lamp on the head that looks like a lively night market. They use small bottles in their hands to catch fish is called sand tiger shark. It has transparent body , and small size , so the waves there will fry rushed them to the shore . So the fishermen can catch them easyly . But it may be hit by the wave, so must be careful.


hinese culture of death has many different definitions, the form, the color and diverse style master pieces; but no one really to prove its truth. The rumor says , children often perceive that we haven’t seen before. With its simple and the constitution which didn’t assimilate by the world to communicaand interact with non-human. People tend to value diversit in the cloudy world acquaintance after loses super senses initially been given.Even have lost, but they still don’t want to go back.Whether as we share metabolized pure and wild, is the reason what we can not look into the far end. My concept is to use different types of micro-light remaining time difference, gently simulate non-human species, then portrayal down


econd description of non-human species is having divinity which is worshiped with bright colors , but also no one can to prove the reality. People don’t only lead to fear the un known things , but also typically have bit of worship and will be deified of this kind of species. Unlike the first cold color painting, this time I chose to join the micro lights with some of the warm colors , so that the overall picture present kind of feeling can give people hope and refuge .

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