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Activity 1 : Draw what you See Activity 2 : Collage Activity 3 : Personal Logo Design Activity 4 : CD Cover Activity 5 : Magazine Cover Activity 6 : Menu Project Activity 7 : Redesigning a Package Activity 8 : Travel Brochure Project Activity 9 : Creating a Program Booklet Activity 10: Funny T-Shirt Design Activity 11: Yearbook Layout

These are what surround me.

This is an image of a butterfly made out of different pictures.

This is my Personal logo which I designed.

He Is NELLY, my favorite rapper.

This Magazine cover tells who I am.

These are the recipes I wanted most.

The redesigned package.

These pages are the inner part of my Travel Brochure.

These pages are the outer part of my Travel Brochure.

This is my funny T-Shirt design.

My yearbook Layout.


Compilation of Activities in DESKTOP PUBLISHING