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Issue 3

March 2011

President’s Comments My time, as you would expect, is not my own. Week by week the honour of being President is highlighted by a variety of speakers offering informative and stimulating subjects. Long may this continue. The team games have met with mixed fortunes. We succumbed to Keswick in the District Quiz but continue to hang on in the Grey Games, beating Carnforth at home and Windermere away. In our next match, the Area Final , we face Lunesdale at home. I have represented the club at the Soroptimists‘ Charter and with seven of our members enjoyed the Ulverston Charter. The seventh Technology Tournament was a resounding success. May I extend my grateful thanks to all who helped, especially Bob Redhead, John Green and Neil McKinnon. Please continue to enjoy your Rotary.

President Wilf

The Grey Matter Matters

bowls and putting.

We are still going strong in the Grey Games. Eight members made their way to Bowness to take on Windermere in the Disciplines of snooker, darts, dominoes, carpet

It was nip and tuck until the end of the evening with the teams tied as they entered the final game of dominoes. Fortunately Ron Duxbury displayed his long hidden talents to so Barrow triumphed to gain a place in the Area Final where we will entertain Lunesdale.

Beaten by the Injuns Our run in the Rotary District quiz is over – outgunned by Keswick at the quarter-final stage. But you couldn‘t accuse our team – Captain Mike Tansey, Wilf Proctor, Mike Cumming and Bob Fawcett – of being ―cowboys‖. In fact it was their knowledge of cowboy films that brought us back in the hunt after we trailed 16-25 from three rounds. The round was titled ―Film history‖ but all the questions were based on Westerns. The team showed they were on the trail when they revealed that Roy Rogers and Gene Autrey were ―singers‖ as well as cowboy film stars.

And when asked: ―Who was the most talkative cowboy?‖, Bob showed the benefits of a misspent youth in the North-east by coming up with the correct answer of Gabby Hayes. It meant we picked up 12 points to none for Keswick and we moved into a 28-25 lead. again in ‖ Geography‖

But Keswick pulled away

and ―Science and


rounds and whilst we matched them in answering Sports questions we could not make up the leeway and lost 63-81.

Harrogate Mystery What




Conference ? Can anyone explain why our intrepid trio had to hide behind their masks ? What about our other attendees ? We should be told !

Thanks for Life February 2011 Our three clubs - Barrow, Furness & Furness Peninsula - teamed up for the Thanks for Life event. From the first meeting we realised that we were short of ideas, Team members and time. The ―think tank‖ eventually settled for a giant raffle which eventually raised £1,040 for Polio Relief and a display of Rotary projects both local and international which would give an indication of the use of the money the people of Barrow had contributed. The display was in the revamped passageway known as the Mall. The facilities where good but due to this area being closed for many months, the foot count was minimal. We did look at the possibility of renting an empty shop but this proved to be full of problems, mainly as all the letting agents were out of town. Looking back at the number of hours work put into these projects by very few people, any future support for this cause may wish to consider other projects. The Life display in Barrow Town Hall was quite stunning. All of Rotary‘s activities –

both locally and internationally - were on display. From the Barrow Carnival Parade to Polio Plus campaign. The pity was that the excellent setting didn‘t draw the number of visitors that we had hoped .However the Mayor, Rory McClure, attended along with the Mayoress and they made the draw for the raffle that raised over £1,000.Ally– were on display. From the Barrow Carnival Parade to The Polio Plus Campaign The pity was that the excellent setting didn‘t draw the number of visitors we had hoped. However the Mayor ,Rory McClure, attended along with the Mayoress and they made the draw for the Raffle which had raised over £1.000. At the end of the day there was the usual problem of wondering if all the Shelterbox equipment really fitted into just one box! Paul Scott

DG Elect Ron starts his work ―Enter

to Learn‖ was the sign that greeted DGE Ron Duxbury and his wife Patsy as they walked into the main conference room in the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego for the start of the five days of the RI Assembly. Ron says: ―Patsy and I had been in the city for a day or two following advice from previous DGEs to get there early and get over the jetlag. That turned out to be good advice as the next five days were jam-packed with learning opportunities. ―Fun and fellowship in abundance, of course, but you were always aware that the event had been organised to help 530 Rotarians from all over the world prepare for their year as District Governor. ―The international nature of Rotary but it was brought home sharply, especially in the lifts where we were thrust together with people anxious to shake hands and exchange small gifts as is the custom at this annual gathering. ―I had taken ‗Love Barrow‘ pins which seemed to go down rather well - even if they took a bit of explaining to Japanese DGEs with a limited grasp of English! ―As it turned out, the heart shape on the pin tied in

rather well with the logo of the RI President‘s theme for 2011-2012 ‗Reach Within to Embrace Humanity‘, revealed at the first plenary session after all the international flags had been paraded on stage. ―2011-12 RI President Kalyan Banerjee, from the Rotary Club of Vapi, Gujarat, India, introduced the theme in a very passionate and enthusiastic manner, saying that to achieve anything in life, a person has summon up strength and resolve from within themselves, using all the resources at their disposal.‖ As the theme animated itself together on the large screen the audience rose as one to applaud Rotarian Banerjee The rest of the week saw a variety of plenary and breakout sessions. for me as DGE and Patsy as my ‗spouse‘. Attendance was compulsory for us both and was checked by the scanning of a bar-coded badge, the first time this has been done at an RI Assembly. year!‖ Ron adds: ―Highlight for me was the session on Membership with RI Director John Smarge (surely an RI Director can‘t be that young) and Katie Ischkin from Minnesota who inspired delegates with a new approach to Rotary that had proved successful in attracting young professionals. ―What struck me was that although Rotarians the world over have similar aims they go about it in different ways according to the country they come from, but to me we

more or less have it right in England with RIBI. ―Everyone, including us, also let their hair down at the International Dinner and the Talent Night. After the deliberations of the week those events came as a welcome reminder that without Fellowship and Fun Rotary could not achieve what it does . Here‘s to a ―Great Year.‖ Help Urgently Needed Your help is needed on Saturday 9th April at the Forum when we take part in Stroke Awareness day. Volunteers are required to entice people into having their Blood pressure checked in what could be a Life saving act. Japanese Earthquake Appeal The Joint efforts by the Three Rotary Clubs in collecting for the above is on-going. The result of the collections at Barrow Indoor Market on Wednesday and Friday amounted to £962.33. The collections at the Football and Rugby matches have still to come. ( It‘s a fair weight in coins to carry to the Bank !!)

Dates for Your Diary 28th March 5th April

Martin Cooper

Malaysia—Part 2

Ron Duxbury & Ted Fenton Ron‘s Year as DG.

9th April

Stroke Awareness Day

12th April

Annie McInerney

19th April

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