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The Lost Power of an Explicated Metaphor Ten Drawings

Ron Dowd 2009

It is commonly known that metaphors, like jokes, lose their effectiveness if they are explained in detail. We know a semantic integration is destroyed if we switch our attention from its meaning to that from which it is the meaning – in other words, from the point of focal attention to the subsidiaries which bear on that focus. Sometimes a shattered semantic integration can be replaced, even profitably replaced, by an explicit relationship; but in many cases this is impossible, as the lost power of an explicated metaphor shows.

Michael Polanyi and Harry Prosch, Meaning, p 71

The Drawings

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Drawing 3

Drawing 4

Drawing 5

Drawing 6

Drawing 7

Drawing 8

Drawing 9

Drawing 10

The Lost Power of an Explicated Metaphor