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March 13—24, 2014

Chicago Street Journal

Dr. Webb Evan founder and President of the United American Progress Assoication with the Chairman Minister Rahm Aton (Sax Preacher).

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tial of the building fund “home,” but along with that UAPA face the challenge of the renovation and construction expenses. “We have already raised $1,000 thanks to the help of Leak and Son Funeral Homes, our TMR families and some very generous supporters.” Said Minister Rahm Aton (Sax Preacher) Chair of UAPA. “We are so proud of this accomplishment, but the first phase of our build project is to raise $200,000”. The building fund project consists of Fund Raising collaboration to include the supportive role of organizations/ co sponsorship, and an internet campaign, example KickStart Product sales. For the past 50 years, Dr. Evans has continued to lead the agenda in Chicago and around the world for thousands which include; organizations, churches, and of course businesses. The reason unemployment is so high among blacks is because there isn't that many black owned businesses. "Our research indicates that there should be 2.5 million African-

Americans in business and we only have half that many. If one look at the black and white unemployment disparity the essential idea is the only way African Americans going to get the level of employment is the need to support black businesses," “But, what provides for me and members is the gift of selfconfidence and good citizenship… and countless life-long friendships to our mission!” said Evans/ “Over the years, we have found it necessary to move four different times in order to accommodate the expanding interest and growth of our programs” Evans said. “But this is by far the most ambitious of our moves. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the potential of our own building but this is where we need your help.” Heading the Fund Drive is Randolph Dolphin. “We are actively seeking donations. The community financial participation will help us pay for the cost of new flooring, walls, ceilings, air conditioning, etc., and will also assure that we can continue to provide quality business ventures.” Dr. Webb Evans states that when

it comes to economics the Black church are the greatest sleeping giants we have. Most of them don’t spend their money with the business people, who live in the community, Webb Evans stated that he believe they don’t realize how much they are destroying their own community by not spending money with the business owners who live in the community. Most of the Pastors are as guilty as the members. Min. Aton stated, “We are looking forward to all members and friends to join us in supporting this project and making this a great success.” Upon interested in helping UAPA with a tax deductible donation, (no matter how big or small): Checks should be made out to UAPA “Building Fund” in the memo section of your check. Join the UAPA Black Business Network on the last Monday of each month. Make check/money order payable to: United American Progress Association Mail to: United American Progress Association 1716 West 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60620

The Webb Evans Center for Ecominc Change is one of the 15 Black Wall Street Districts in Chicagoland developed over the past 7 yeas. Carrying on that spirit during the second inauguration of President Barack Obama,the President paid honor to the historical event of Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma, and the remaining decedents. the lessons of history strongly recommend a second-term agenda for African-Americans. Certainly by all indicators the Black community has not witness as other ethnics the presence of economic parity of business ownership in their respected communities. Inasmuch, May 19, 2007 South Street Journal on its salute to Malcolm X hosted a forum for a business agenda. The body embraced what is now known as Black Wall Street Chicago; and simultaneously the Chicago League in 2007 launched ProjectNext business development in Chicago. In doing so Cheryl Jackson, the former CEO of CLU proclaimed “Chicago will be the next “Black Wall Street”, tailored from Tulsa Oklahoma of 1921, where African Americans were in control of their economics; just as in Chicago’s China Town, Greek Town and Little Village, now even the near west and south side of the Loop has quietly became classified as the new “White Wall Street” from the new development in the last ten years. The Illinois State Senate Passes Resolution SR 0432 recognizing Black Wall Street District Chicago ( The SR 0432 resolution comes on the heels of two recent proclamations from Illinois State Senator Donne Trotter in August, and from the Honorable Dorothy Brown, clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County Circuit Court of Cook County in September. Senator Kwame Raoul (D) 13th District, along with Representatives William D. Burns (D) 26th District and Andre M. Thapedi (D) 32nd District has signed on to the campaign. This is a welcomed recognition of the labor and energy of the Chicago team. "This makes all of the hard work by our volunteer staff worth the blood, sweat and tears." he said "We are pleased with this recognition but there's still a ways to go yet, but it is indeed a positive development and a step in the right direction."

In addition, lead by the South East Chicago Chamber of Commerce the State of Illinois House of Representative General Assembly passed the resolution for Stony Island as a Black Wall Street District sponsored by former Representative Melvin Colvin; 71st Street to 95th Street of Stony Island. In the making State Senator, Jacqueline Collins is proposing legislation for 69and 79th Street, and Congressman Bobby Rush is preparing for National Recognition of Black Wall Street. With the theme of “All Eyes on the District” BWSC is continuing the agenda with Summit XIX in May of this year.

The agenda will i n clude how to facilitate directives and support of BWS District, and encourage appropriate commercial developers, public and private at the earliest signs of development that is available for lease / sale. This is not just about today, but for future generations avoiding what should have happen before this generation. Of course, the adoptions of the agenda items are long-term stability with short-term progress. There is an opportunity here to bring different interests together in the best interests of the Black Wall Street `District economy movement.

Black Wall Street South Suburban Rolls out Discount Shopping Network


How many times have you heard someone say that they want to support black businesses? According to the Nielsen Report, African Americans will have buying power of 1.1 trillion dollars by 2015. That is 1.1 trillion dollars! Our goal is to create an African American global discount shopping network utilizing the Black Wall Street Loyalty Discount Card. We are comprising a database of elite African American businesses to join our shopping network. When consumers present the Black Wall Street Loyalty Discount Card to our network, not only will they receive discounts, but they will become a part of a global movement that encourages buying power within our community. It is part of our mission to help our community sustain some of the wealth that we have created. Become a part of the vision! Please log onto our website, and join today. Our Goal is to Create an African American Global Discount Shopping Network with a Black Wall Street Loyalty Discount Card

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