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september 24, 2010






Rebels around the world Six seniors took part in the IU Honors Program this past summer Kelly Kern Co Feature Editor


elsey Harrington, Kahle Servies, Kate Schutte, Alyssa Hayes, Anna Fanelli and Tony Orrell all had the experience of a lifetime this past summer. These RHS seniors took part in the IU Honors Program, which gives high school students the option to study and live abroad for six weeks in the summer. The IU Honors Program has three main components that make it such an enriching experience -- the academic focus, the language commitment, and the host families. All six seniors agree that this program gave them more independence, confidence and, of course, memories to last a life time.





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Rise to the top to help those in need RHS students doing summer service outside of the state McKenzie Nickell & Michelle Schultz Online Editor & Clubs Editor


acking their things to prepare for a week-long adventure, 13 RHS students traveled to Charleston, West Virginia, to serve on a mission trip. Arriving at school at 8 a.m. and driving for six hours was not extremely exciting in the middle of summer. Though the car ride was a little long, it was still fun with everyone being in the van. But once arriving at the house where everyone was staying, the group became energized. The next morning at 7:15, parents came in waking everyone up to get ready and pack lunches. Everyone was out the door by 8 a.m. and on their way to their site for the day. The students worked on the house they were staying in by building a doorway and creating a fire escape, on a second house by redoing the roof and a third house by fixing their plumbing system. All of the students had a good time and

worked hard on getting along with each other. “I would go again, because it was a fun experience,” said senior Jon Meko. Sandy and Adam were residents of the second house students worked on with a roof that was caving in. Both terrifying and thrilling, getting on the roof was an experience that everyone will remember. “Meeting Adam and Sandy and growing closer was my favorite part of the trip,” junior Brittany Kehoe said All of their tough work paid off in the end in feeling as if they really accomplished something. The hard work every student put in made a big difference to all the people helped in Charleston. “Being a part of a group who voluntarily gives their time and talent to help others is so rewarding,” said religion teacher Mr. Tom Horn.


Raise the roof: (from left to right) Mrs. Linda Ham, Megan Scheidler, Michelle Schultz, Lindsey Jacob, McKenzie Nickell, Sarah Osburn, Mrs. Stacia Nickell, Mr. Patrick Verhiley, Sara Hanley, Brittany Kehoe, Abby Koop, Mr. Tom Horn, Brooke Sahm, Mrs. Sandy Meko, Thomas Coveny, Rebecca Flanigan, Nick Males, Jon Meko, Blake Stegemiller pose together for a group photo after a week of hard work.


september 24, 2010

SFS: A summer highlight


Rebels took a chance on a trip that became a favorite summer memory by Adair Dorsett News Editor


t is safe to say that the majority of Rebels who went on Summer Field Studies (SFS) this past summer had the time of their lives at both the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. But then again, the car rides, sleeping outside, not-so-great hygiene and the massive swarm of bugs, probably were not too pleasant. However, from the current seniors’ point of view, these negatives did not come close to outweighing to the positives. “Everyone thinks of a vacation on a beach somewhere tropical, or in a city with tons of sightseeing; however, I honestly think that Summer Field Studies tops all of those destinations. I never realized there was so much comfort and simplicity in a hike, and I would now rather sleep under the stars than in a five-star hotel room,” said senior Maria Page. English teacher Mr. Ryan Costello, a sixth year SFS trip veteran, said students realized a change in themselves during such an eye-opening experience. “Many [students] discovered that they are capable of much more than they give themselves credit for. They can handle more pain. They can be more selfless. They can be more spiritual,” said Costello. Senior Keaton McCoy described a typical day: waking up early, packing lunch, eating breakfast, hiking, etc. After getting back, they had some free time to do things like volleyball, cornhole, playing cards or taking a nap. The evening consisted of dinner and journal reflections alongside the campfire. And then, finally bed. The routine of waking up and going to bed feeling filthy could have been enough to send some overboard. But then again, everyone was able to last outside for two weeks. Feeling dirty was something to get used to. Students were only allowed two showers throughout the whole trip: one before leaving the Grand Canyon and the other at the hotel in Colorado before the drive home. “Spending two weeks in a campground with no showers forced everyone to find comfort in their own skin. There was no judgment if someone didn’t brush their hair or wasn’t wearing any make up. I caught up with


PHOTO SUBMITTED (L to R): Josh Matthews, Micky Matis, Bryan Mayer, Jimmy Baker, Sarah Gurnik, Rachel Simpson, Alix Richardson, Keaton McCoy, Maria Page, Evan Layer, and Tony Holowell



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people I hadn’t talked to since freshman year, and I laughed until I cried with people I rarely see outside of school,” said Page. The Grand Canyon and San Juan Mountains were opposites in weather, hikes, scenery and campgrounds. The Canyon was arid and hot with inconceivable sights, while the mountains were chilly and beautiful. “It was cool to see the Grand Canyon for the first time and the weather was nice and dry in Arizona, but the hikes in Colorado were just amazing and the views were spectacular -- something everyone should see once,” said McCoy. The good and bad times of SFS will always be remembered, as this summer trip will remain a Roncalli tradition.

Second stop: Colorado

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First stop: Arizona

PHOTO SUBMITTED (L to R) Back Row: Steve Humes, Ben Hall, Danny Battiato, Sam Orman; Second Row: Reis Pike, Sam Schabel, Carl Fluke, Nick Berrones, Nick Jansen; First Row: Katie DeArmond, Kelsey Gritt, and Caitlin Kennedy

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