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4th May 2013 This week has not being great, I had originally planned to buy in some gear to hack my eq3-2 mount to allow for autoguiding, however one of the days i accidently plugged in the wrong power supply to my motor and burned it out. So my autoguiding has taken a back step for now, I have a new motor on order but any star gazing done will be manual. Tonight was a very clear night, and i could easily make out Saturn, Since it had been a little while since i was out i was trying my bes to remember the stars I definitely need to brush up on my summer night sky, However i was still able to pick out Arcturus and Vega. There was a bright star to the right of Saturn that i though i should know and on checking my star maps found out it was spica. It was at this point i decided to take out the telescope, i had this idea in my head that without the motor, i wouldn't be tempted to attach a camera and would actually get some good observing done. I took my time and soon found saturn, i spent about 45 mins looking at saturn through various eyepieces, the 6mm seemed to give me the best view of it. The barlow lense was good but without a motor to help tracking you got hardly any time to observer before you had to move the scope again. I thought i could make out some cloud bands on saturn but this may have ben my imagination, I also noticed a small dot to right (looking through the scope) of saturn, I figured this must be one of the moons, so i went online and got the positions and sure enough this must have been Titan. I thought i could see another very faint dot close to saturn but got no definite sighting, this was possible Rhea.

After about an hour or so I packed up and called it a night. Although it was enjoyable to go out an observe only and not waste time setting up cameras and laptops, once you have used a motor on a mount you cannot go back. April 1st 2013 Decided on a whim to get up early this morning and see if i could see any meteors, I had no equipment ready from the night before. But figured i would be able to set up the camera and laptop quickly, Initially this went well, I had lovely clear skies and could easily see Vega from my house. I wanted to capture a time lapse and the first few photos went very well. I took this opportunity to make myself a cup of coffee but when i came back i noticed that my laptop had gone into power save mode, a rookie mistake. It took me a while to reset both laptop and camera to get comms back. I also changed the power settings to not let the computer go to sleep. But my time lapse was ruined. I let the camera carry on taken photos in the hope of capturing a meteor. I didn’t see any myself but my camera caught one of them.

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