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This year,Aston's Live Music Society (LMS) is Setting ready for its busiest year yet. With gigs planned in Einstein's every two weeks or so under the title'FeelThe Noize', it will really kick startAston's live music scene.

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The LMS is there for musicians to meet, form bands, and put on gigs, and also for music fans to check out our homegrown Aston talent. The LMS has seen a lot of bands pass through over the years, playing regularly around Birmingham and theWest Midlands, and some of which got to play at last year's Astonbury festival to an audience of three thousand people. Bands that have passed through the LMS are also always keen to come back and PlaY!





With the closure of some of Birmingham's most popular live music venues such asThe Jug of Ale andThe Flapper and Firkin, the LMS are keen to utilise Einstein's as a respectable ::: ' e *:s,c venue. which means bringing more external

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Friday 7th November:'Feel The Noize' with The


Fiasco, Heroica and Crank Cranker Friday

2lst November:'Love

Music, Hate Racism'

with Ace Bushy Striptease, Nerve Centre pfus rnore acts to be announced Saturday 6th December:'FeelThe Noize Christmas Parry' Acts to be announced.

for reviews and previews of LMS gigs, and don't forget to come down to Einie's and feel the noise! Keep reading the Aston Times


the band has been playing around Birmingham and theWest Midlands since its inception- Their style ranges from iazzlfunk fusion, to swing, to avant garde through to soulful blues, always keeping audiences guessing.

Also making a welcome return to Aston after placements, are Allucinere. Formed three years ago and combining rock, metal and trance,Allucinere always Put on an energetic performance. Having already recorded an EP that is available at gigs,the band's ambitions are higher than ever for the next,year, as they plan to continue to develop their sound, and write and record new material.

Jtpiomises to be a cracking nighC capped off with a bit of karaoke madness. lt's free so you'Ye got no excusesl (Freshers please note: lectures at 9am on a Friday exist on timetables alone).

Article in The Aston Times.  

An article I wrote about the Live Music Society at Aston University for the university's student newspaper, The Aston Times.