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Who are the people who will be most affected by the innovation? The people who will be most ly affect ed by t hese plans are t he owners of t he land where t he dams will be built and people who live in t he area.

How would this innovation be accepted? This innovat ion would be accept ed if people can be convinced t hat t hey need t he dams. People who do not k now t he risk s of not get t ing dams and maybe running out of wat er would not accept t his innovat ion because t hey would t hink about all t he land t hat will be used up in t he process.

I s it likely to be an effective innovation that will promote sustainable water management in Australia? Dams help t o mak e modern life easier by providing reliable wat er sources for irrigat ion and drink ing wat er, flood cont rol, and hydroelect ric power. Reliable sources of wat er are vit ally import ant t o any cit y and dams can help provide t hat .

Build More Dams (Victoria)  

A Science Assignment.

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