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Who are the people who will be most affected by the innovation? The people who will be most ly affect ed by t hese plans are t he owners of t he land where t he dams will be built and people who live in t he area. People who drive and t ravel t hrough t he places where it will be built may also be affect ed

How would this innovation be accepted? This innovat ion would be accept ed if people can be convinced t hat t hey need t he dams. People who do not k now t he risk s of not get t ing dams and maybe running out of wat er would not accept t his innovat ion because t hey would t hink about all t he land t hat will be used up in t he process. People must be convinced t hat building a dam is benefical.

I s it likely to be an effective innovation that will promote sustainable water management in Australia? Dams help t o mak e modern life easier by providing reliable wat er sources for irrigat ion and drink ing wat er, flood cont rol, and hydroelect ric power. While dams can improve

societ y t here are also import ant consequences of building dams. Reliable sources of wat er are vit ally import ant t o any cit y and dams can help provide t hat . Reservoirs can hold wat er t o last a populat ion t hrough a drought or in coast al areas prevent salt wat er from reaching drink ing wat er supplies. When dams are built t hey complet ely change t he charact erist ics of t he wat er body t hey are built on, free flowing rivers are t ransformed int o lak es. This is a significant change of t he ecosyst em and t he organisms t hat use t his ecosyst em will change accordingly. This means fish t hat t hrive in free flowing wat er will be replaced by fish t hat prefer slow moving or st ill wat er. This can also lead t o invasive species t ak ing over.

Build More Dams (Victoria)  

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