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Casa Thomas Jefferson June, 2009 Writings From TOP FLEX 2 Teacher: Stela Morgado Lago Sul

By Edilson Emotions. A lot of emotions. That is how I can describe my professional activities. My main activity is agriculture. I plant soy, beans and corn and I also raise cattle. At the same time I have happy and euphoric moments with it, I also have sad and hopeless moments. From the moment I plant until the moment I have to take it from the ground, I live a lot of different psychological moments. It is a real game. The main point is to use technology, without it we can not succeed. The plants, as well as the human beings, need care from birth to death. On the one hand, I depend on the weather. Sometimes I hope it rains, sometimes I expect the rain stops. On the other hand, I have to pray so that the insects do not destroy the plantation, pray that the machinery does not break, that the workers do not have any accidents, that the state let me work in peace…pray for the balance of the market. I feel very emotional, especially with the dedication and strength of the rural workers. I always say that every man who lives in the city should live at least 30 days in a farm routine along with its workers to learn how to value the meal that they have on their tables every day. I also work buying and selling stockings on the internet, through a system called Home Broker. It is also a risky activity that reacquires research, analysis and a sense of opportunity and emotional balance. I have been surviving like that, and I feel that I am a privileged man because many people would pay a lot of money to have emotions, while I can have them for free!!!

By Antonio Paulo I am an air traffic controller. The air traffic control happens in three main stages: First: The pilot hands over the flight plan in the airport room. After that, it is sent to another room: the plan room that makes corrections and sends it to the ACCArea Control Center, which authorizes it. Second: The control tower requests authorization for this flight plan. Third: The control tower releases it to the APP (Approach Control) which, after a certain altitude, releases it to the ACC control areas, the center that controls the airplane until the next airport. The language spoken in my job is technical English!

By Rommel I am going to travel to Lisbon and Madrid next week with my wife Fatima. We are going to stay at cheap hotels and eat at cheap restaurants too (I hope!). In Europe it’s summer now, so we aren’t worried about winter clothes. First, we are going to Lisbon. There, we want to visit the commercial square, the monuments of the discoveries, the Saint George Castle, the City of Fatima, and other places. We want to drink Porto wine and eat “Pastel de Belém”. In Madrid we are going to visit the Royal Palace, the “Plaza Mayor”, and other places. We want to eat tapas and watch Flamenco dance. I read that the nightlife in Madrid is great! I’m going to travel for five days, but I think we will have time to see a lot of things!

By Lucy When I was doing my specialization in gynecology and obstetrics at the UISS, the school hospital of Sobradinho in 1977 an unbelievable event happened! I was working in the emergency room when a young woman of about fifteen years of age arrived with her stepmother. The stepmother said that the young woman was having a hemorrhagic menstruation. So, I asked the stepmother to wait outside while I talked with the young woman. “What happened?”, I asked. “Nothing”, she replied and added, “my period stopped for five months but today I started bleeding much more than usual, so my stepmother got worried”. Then I asked her to lay down on the bed for examination. Immediately I concluded that the woman was pregnant but probably she was having a miscarriage. She was bleeding a lot. So, I took her to the surgery room. But when I was going out to do the surgery, a small fat guy with a big belly wearing a small shirt ran into the hospital. He seemed very scared and said, “Doctor, I’ve found a baby in my house!!!” I asked him, “What is the baby’s size?” “It is crying, doctor!” Then I added, “Please, bring the baby in”. After a while the man brought the baby. Finally, I found out that the young woman had had a normal labor alone in her bedroom. The baby was in pelvic presentation, so the delivery was difficult and the baby was born depressed. That’s why he didn’t cry immediately. Probably the mother thought the baby was dead. She wrapped it up and put it under the bed before coming to the hospital. When her father got home he heard the sound of a baby crying, so he looked for it and found it under the bed. The baby was big. His weight was 3.200kg, but his leg and his scrotum bag were injured because the young mother had pulled him at the moment of his birth. Could you imagine the size of the girl’s fear of the father?

TPF 2A-S (1/2009) - Writings  

Writings from Top Flex 2, Saturday group, teacher Stella, 1/2009.

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