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The Bad End A boy and a girl were fighting in the street because they had  broken up. The girl discovered that the boy was going out  with another girl and he was sleeping at the girl's house.  After this fact, the girl wanted to kill him, she was very  nervous and she got a hammer. A witness saw the boy  injured in the street and called the police. The police arrived  and arrested her. The boy was taken to the hospital and is in  danger of dying. Vinícius and Guilherme

John and the beer John was carrying a beer barrel to his father's house because they were  going to have a party there. He had drunk a little before carrying it, because the  barrel was very heavy.  But, in the middle of the way, some people appeared and hit him, trying  to rob the beer barrel. Those people had some bars. Against them, John tried to  escape and fought with them. He could escape and called the police.  When the police arrived there, two robbers escaped, but one of 'em was  very drunk and couldn't run. The police shot and arrest him. The police, also,  carried John and the barrel to his father's house. The police questioned the arrested the man who had helped him. He said  the name of the two men and the police arrested them some days later.   Rodrigo and Gabriel Bucar

There was a dog named Mike. He was a street dog. He  lived alone in an old box on Valentina street. On this same  street lived a sweet and very lonely woman named Linda.  She needed some company because her parents had died  when she was 18 and now she is 25 and lives alone in a  small house. One day, when Linda was going to her job,  she saw Mike. He was very thin, hungry, dirty, alone and  sad. Linda loved it. She really liked this dog because she  thought they were very alike. She took the dog to her house  and   when   she   was   washing   it,   Linda   saw   a   leash   in   its  neck. In this leash there was a name: MIKE. She decided to  stay with Mike. They will be very good friends and they will  stay together for a really long time. Juliana and Gabrielle

Mary was a street cleaner and she wanted to become a pop star, but she was very poor. One day she was cleaning the street after a big concert and she was singing and dancing. While she was doing this, one of the producers of the band saw that she had talent to be a singer and a dancer. The producer invited her to be a dancer of the band. Mary got very happy and accept it. Now, many years later, she doesn't dance, but she has her own band, is very famous and perform s all around the world.




My Juvenile 7 students wrote stories based on pictures they chose from