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Grammar Gadget Your cell phone has become the lamp that Aladin rubbed when he wanted the miraculous services of the genie inside; all powerful, this turbaned servant provided the supplicant with heart’s desires and urgent solutions. Today you tap and caress your thin little phone to activate its almost endless resources; you can exchange messages with friends, obtain weather predictions, do banking, make math calculations, create a calendar of appointments, take digital pictures, play games when you’re bored… your invisible genie informs, entertains, and - above all - connects you to innumerable dimensions beyond your immediate reach.Your wish commands. Each of us has a vision of the ideal phone, one with apps that are customized just for us. Take me. I am a grammar gopher; I want to know how language works, and when it works in certain ways… Don’t you wish that a finger’s touch would tell you the rule for the passive voice, in a nutshell, and give you prompt examples of it? Do you make the dishes and do a bed… or is it the other way around? Is it “I wish I were in Hawaii” or “I wish I was…”? “It’s important that he do it”… or “that he does it”? I want an infallible, instantaction grammar gadget! I want it now, at a bargain price to be paid in 24 installments, complete with extra perks and a three-year service guarantee. Pink, please. Do you think this app would be a helpful inclusion in your cell phone? If you think this would be a useful private genie, please reply to this communication. I look forward to hearing from you! The Beaver Dam contributors this semester have let their wishes flourish; they have imagined the cell phone app which would be of most special personal satisfaction. These apps would serve the user efficiently and privately, giving each owner an advantage over friends and family. Here is true individuality at your fingertips; as you read these app inventions, you will imagine one of your very own… …and maybe someday offer it to a grateful world. Think about it! Katy Cox

Eisntein Will Come to my Rescue Smartphones are so great. They look like a computer inside a cell phone. They can be touch screen or not and there are many software programs that you can use for downloads called smart apps. I don't have one, but if I had, I would want an iPhone 3GS, and I would like to suggest the creation of a new app called “The Einstein”. With this app, you can find many curiosities about Albert Einstein and it can help you when you are doing your homework. You just have to photograph the exercise and the app teaches you the subject, and it helps you to think right to do it well. Another advantage of the Einstein is the logical set of exercises. If you want to train your brain, you can do these exercises. Then the app will be able to explain to you what part of your brain you need to train and how it will help your life as a student. Did you like it? So tell me your opinion in the comment area!! Jéssica Estrela Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Sul

Delete“Dumb” Well, I don't own a smartphone, but if I have one someday, I'm going to want an iPhone 4 with all the things you need: an alarm clock, an MP3, a radio FM player, an App Store, a camera with 5 megapixels (the best in the market), videos in HD and more and more… but what impresses me the most is the number of Apps that exist on these smartphones. It's incredible the quantity of people in my classroom who have a smartphone and have many of the Apps there. Some of them are very useful, but the others are very, very useless. An example is an App that I saw at a friend's house. It's the most useless App that I have seen in my life. The price of this App was R$15.00. I didn't believe it when my friend said that. For you to have an idea, the App just makes a little sound mimicking that of a tic-tac. OH MY GOD this is so dumb! Well, when I have my smartphone, my objective is to destroy Apps like the App that I showed in my example, it's going to be free not to let it stress the people who download my new App. My idea is to have the money of people like my friend who bought this type of App and save the money to buy something more useful. Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment area! Thanks a lot. Thiago Nunes Pinto de Araújo Class: 254 Branch: Asa Sul


Get Smart! Smartphones are very common today among people. Anywhere you have internet, you can see people using these phones. I have one and love it. It is the brand Nokia, which today is considered one of the best brands in the world. Most people who have this phone are satisfied. I still do not have any criticism of this phone. It is new, but it is a little large to place in your pocket. The battery of this brand is excellent; it lasts about four days, in addition to being a Smartphone which is easy to use. People who have a little difficulty with more shake in mobile technology are very fond of cell phones, because it has everything we need as internet (for those employed but looking for jobs and emails), you can listen to music, have a place for a number of friends, a calendar, and an alarm when necessary; it connects you to people, sends messages and takes photos. This is a perfect phone for me; I recommend it to all who are looking for some good quality smartphone. I suggest you buy it; also, maybe you too will be able to show it to others. LuĂ­za Matos de Motta Class: 254 Branch: Asa Sul

Appreciate Amplitube I have just downloaded the app Amplitube on my Iphone 3G and I have to say that it's one of the best apps I've seen. The idea of the app is to simulate an amplifier with some treadle to play your guitar. Also, you can choose a song from your library to play together. The app not only simulates one amplifier; actually you can choose five different amplifiers. Also, you have a tuner and a metronome in the app. However, the app is not perfect. For all this to work, you have to buy a cable to connect your guitar and your earphone on the Iphone that is called Irig and cost about R$ 150.00. If you are a musician, because of all this, I completely recommend this app. After you download it, tell your experience in the comment area. Raphael Steigleder Botelho Class: 257 Branch: Asa Sul


Hip Shopping Hey, everyone! I have great news to tell you guys! I won a smartphone! It has lots of apps and now I use it all day long! You can't imagine the apps I've downloaded! Now I have books to use at school (don't tell my teachers about it), games, the Microsoft Office package, and this all on my mobile. I'm very excited about that. But there's one app I needed to buy myself. Yes! I did an application, and there are people downloading it! It's an app that shows you things about all the stores around the world. I've said ALL the stores, trust me! You choose the city, the kind of store, and it gives you all the information you need. It's awesome! It's simple to use. You just need to use one of the blanks: it can be the city, the store, and the kind of store (for example: “clothing stores�) of a section of the city. And that's not all. I was almost forgetting the best part! With the app I've created, you can see the store's website, the prices and other important information for you to go shopping. Concluding, I'm really happy about my new acquisition, and it's going to be very useful in my future travels too. Now I can see what to buy before I go to the place. Well, if you guys enjoyed it too, you can download it on your smartphone's websites. Oh, and please, leave me a message here telling me if you enjoyed my app! I'll see you, guys!! Hingrid Hingrid Hibari Almeida Hashimoto Class: 254 Branch: Asa Sul

Tracking Down Your Friends I want to buy a Blackberry Storm 2 because it's really cool, but I'm not going to write about this. I'm going to write about my idea for a new app. I want an app that tracks all smartphones in a city, like a better Bluetooth but, for safety, it only works if both people use it, and only gives the name of the owner. My friend lost his smartphone and he wasn't connected to internet, so I couldn't talk to or meet him and we couldn't communicate with each other. If this app exists, people will get the number of their friends in a city or, in my case, the new number of my friend's smartphone very easily. People need to talk and tell their news. It helps people to meet their friends. It's fun, and people like it. What do you think about my idea? Would you like this? Please comment about this! Luigi Bernardi Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Sul


The Sims 3 for Smartphones I don't have a smartphone yet. This cell phone is very popular all over the world. There is an app that I like very much. I used this app on my friend's smartphone; it's amazing. I play a lot on the computer, too. The name of the app is The Sims 3. It's a kind of simulator game that you play alone. You can also buy a house, it's possible to create your family, pets and your own neighborhood. The download is very expensive, but you can do it for free on some websites on the internet. I want a smartphone because of this game. I'll play this game everywhere that I go. If you know about this app, write in the comment area what you think about it. Tha铆s Pereira de Oliveira Hon贸rio Class: 257 Branch: Asa Sul

Why Can't I Talk With My Dog? I want to say that I really love all apps that my Ipod has. They are awesome! But I have a crazy idea for a new app. How about an app that can translate human language to dog language? I know that is not possible, but if one day someone creates that, I'm sure that all the dog lovers will use it. Can you imagine? You are at work and can have a conversation with your dog, which is in your home. Oh, it will be awesome! Can you comment on this idea for meaningful communication between people and canines? Gabriela Ferreira Alfama Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Sul

Phone Physical I have recently won an iPhone. Since then, I have downloaded a lot of applications (apps), half of them related to music and movies or video clips. But now I want a health and care app which I could use to control my period. But not only this, also an app to control my weight, nutrition, how many calories I have eaten and, of course, with some advice on how to do exercises. If you guys create an app like that, I will be very grateful! What do you think about this suggestion? Would you like to have this app? Please, leave a comment! Tags | Labels: iPhone, period, health, weight, nutrition, app Renata Menezes Class: 255 Branch: Sudoeste 8

Movie Schedules Hello again, my dear readers! Today I'm here to show you my new app project! I adore watching films, even more at the movies. But, many times, there's nowhere to get information and the schedule of the movies. So, I thought about making on app named “Movie Schedules�, with all the information about the time, location and the summary of each film. Then, if you had any doubt about a movie poster, you would pick up your smartphone and you could see all information about the cinemas! It's very fast and practical. What do you think about my project? I'm waiting for comments, suggestions and reviews! I can answer if you have any questions, too! See you later! Gabriela Reis Garcia Class: 257 Branch: Asa Sul

Keeping Plants Healthy I have a suggestion for the creation of a new app for checking plant health. This app will help the people who have a plant; you just need to take a picture of the plant and the app tells you all about the plant. First this app tells the name of the plant, then tells you the age of the plant and how long it will live. Also, this app helps the people to take care of a plant. If the plant needs some nutrients, the app tells what nutrient is needed; if the plant needs more sunlight, the app tells you to move the plant to another place and tells you how much time of sun the plant needs a day; also, how much water the person needs to give to the plant. I have some exotic plants and it's so hard to keep these plants in health because they are very fragile and I think this app will help the plants' life. Guilherme Cappellesso Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Sul


Music Radar I have bought an iPhone and my brother has spoken about a new application: Shazan. If you hear a song you like and you don't know the name, put your phone near the speakers and Shazan tells you the name of the song and who sings it, and the song starts to download from iTunes automatically, so I bought it. I tested it. I was listening to the radio when I heard a song, a nice song, but I didn't know the name. I tried to search before, but I didn't find it, so I picked up the iPhone and started Shazan. It found the song. It's really nice, but Shazan only finds American music. I like to listen to music, so this app is useful for me and is helping me to find new songs. I recommend this app because it's cheap, useful and it really works. Any questions? Comment here. Rodrigo Alves Class: 255 Branch: Sudoeste

Travel and Entertainment Tips Nowadays, lots of people are using smartphones at work for personal and business situations because there are many advantages, such as applications. These apps are used to substitute for the computer tools. One of the best kinds of apps are travel ones, because of the maps, travel advising, travel guides and information about many other countries. There are other kinds, too, such as photo apps, where you can change colors, resolutions and the ones for entertainment, where you can play football, bowling, golf and tennis. In my opinion, today, travel apps are more useful than ever; however, technology is always improving and I believe that better applications will be created in the future. Mateus Zaidan Class: 255 Branch: Sudoeste


The Poker app I have just won a Smartphone and I haven't found a poker app to download. This is an application that I would love to have, but it doesn't exist. So here is my suggestion for the creation of a new app. I love poker, but not always do I have someone to play with me. So it would be great if I could always play it. This creation would be good, because I could play anywhere and anytime. I would like to play an online fantasy poker game, called Poker Stars, in which the player can compete with other people from Brazil. The only problem is that there is not a Smartphone version for this game. I hope you liked my idea. Please share your thoughts in the comment area! Tags/labels: smartphone, poker, app, game ThaĂ­sa Bernardes Class: 252-I Branch: Asa Norte

Apps Nowadays, there are many musicians - both those who play instruments professionally and those who play just for a hobby - and, often, they experience many troubles when their instruments are out of tune, or even when they forget how to do some chord. I, for example, have an "iPhone" and I sometimes need something to help me in these cases. So, an interesting App that could be created is something like a tuner along with a chord dictionary. After all, it would greatly facilitate the lives of those who love music. Maybe this App already exists, but I have never found anything similar. I hope you have enjoyed, and please subscribe. Tags/Labels: app, musician, tuner, smartphones, chord dictionary, iPhone Marina Morena Class: 252-I Branch: Sudoeste

Emphasis: Entertainment If I could create an app, I would create one about entertainment; it would work like this: when you downloaded this app, you would received a message telling you the parties that are going to happen today. After you receive those messages, you would understand more about the things that are going to happen in Brasilia. As you can see, this app would be useful for everyone who wants to go out on that day. Leticia Floro Class: 256 - LAS Branch: Lago Sul 11

Traveling Much More Easily I have just received a smartphone from my mother. It's gorgeous. It's a black smartphone with some red details. The model is the latest one that was created by Nokia: Xpressmusic 5800. Are you thinking about planning your trips anytime you want? When I was looking for its applications, I had a great idea to create a new one that no one knows about, so I called it the "Traveling Much More Easily" app. To use it, you need to tap an option to choose the place that you want to go to and a date. The Traveling Much More Easily app simulates your costs with various options of hotels and campsites where you could stay by showing you videos, photos and comments of people who have already used the app. This is the most modern simulator and that's why it will be a success! Everyone likes to feel comfortable like this. It's much easier than checking travel agencies. The application means having the world in your hands just by tapping the screen. So, let me know, in the comment area, what you think about it, ok? Isabella Nascimento Reis Class: 255 Branch: Sudoeste

Social Networks now available on iPhone/iTouch Have you heard of Twitter, Facebook, MSN? Well, now the most popular social networks in the world can be on your iTouch / iPhone! That's it! Now there are no restrictions to access your account from wherever you want, or tell something to your friend at anytime. You only need wireless (The iTouch) or 3G Internet (The iPhone). The good thing is that, although the website is blocked at the establishment where you are, with the apps you can access it anyway! What are you waiting for? What once has seemed difficult now is just one click away! Go to the Apple store and download them. These apps are for free, and don't forget to come here and leave a comment after downloading one of them! I don't have an iPhone or an iTouch yet, but I'll buy one of them, because it is so good! It also has so many things to do! And if you don't have one, I suggest you buy one too! And don't forget to leave a comment saying if you also have one! Tags: Twitter, Facebook, MSN, iTouch, iTouch, iPhone, Wireless, Apps, Apple store. Larissa Duarte Class: 252-I Branch: Sudoeste


Apps for Going Out My aunt has an iPhone. On her iPhone there is a kind of app called "Going Out". In this kind of app you can pick up tips on good places to go, reserve tables at restaurants, seek the best restaurants around, know the taxi stops around, remember where you parked your car, search for events and concerts that you want to go, etc. For me, "Going Out" is one of the coolest and most useful types of apps. Open Table is the most interesting app in the "Going Out" series because it helps at the time you reserve a table in a luxurious restaurant. When I have a Smartphone, I'll download it first. Please comment! Tags / Labels: iPhone, “Going Out�, Open Table, app, Smartphone, Gabriel Mendes Class: 252-I Branch: Asa Norte

Ebuddy eBuddy is a free web-based messenger that enables you to chat with your MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook, ICQ and AIM buddies. No downloads required! eBuddy created the world's first independent web browser-based instant messaging service as e-Messenger in 2003. To connect to this app, you must create an account but you don't pay for anything. The most used chat is MSN (messenger). It is easier to use; there you can chat with your friends, and send pictures with your Smartphone, but you have to have connection to the internet, with no cable (WI-FI). In my opinion, ebuddy is the best application for Smartphones, because I can always talk with my friends anywhere. Vitor Mateus Gravia Pimenta Class: 256 Branch: Lago Sul

When in Doubt I don't have a smartphone, but if I did, I would like to have an application to help us choose our clothes. Smartphones have many kinds of applications. I don't know if this application already exists. Women, especially, suffer when choosing their clothes, so they would love this application. Picking out shoes would be a much easier task. This application could even be named “when in doubt”. That would be funny. Not only women would get use out of this application. Men could use it as well, especially those who have less of a sense of style. Such an application would benefit both men and women; helping them on a day-to-day basis. Ana Carolina Marra Class: 256 Branch: Lago Sul

Twitter for Smartphones I have just downloaded the app Twitter on my Samsung Corby and I must say this was a wonderful idea. Before this app, I needed to search the Twitter on the Web Browser to see what people were doing and say what I was doing. But now I just have to touch the screen and I can see the posts from other people and I can post too. Because of all those aspects, I completely recommend downloading Twitter on your smartphone. After you do it, let us know in the comment area what you think about it. Tags/Labels: motorola, corby, twitter, smartphone, app Pedro Henrique Gonçalves Moreira Class: 251- S Branch: Taguatinga


Shazam for Music Lovers I've recently bought an iPhone 4 in order to download several apps. Among my favorite apps, Shazam is, undoubtedly, the one I use the most. Sometimes, you can listen to a song and really enjoy it; nevertheless, you don't know the name of that song or who sings it. Have you ever been in this situation? Shazam helps you to get those pieces of information. You just need to put your iPhone near the device and wait for a few seconds. Then, you'll see the information you want, even the album's cover! To use Shazam, it's necessary to be connected to the internet; however, you can use it without internet too! Shazam will save your search and when you're connected to the internet, it'll show you the piece of information. Shazam is easy to be used, practical, and a great tool for music lovers. Try using it and after that leave your opinion in the comment area! Tags/Labels: App, iphone, music, shazam Josenilson Ant么nio da Silva Class: 251-S Branch: Taguatinga

For more testees to study I have had a Motorola V3 since 2007. This phone was my husband's. I love it, but I'm thinking about buying a smartphone. I wish I had the HTC HD2, but I think it must be very expensive, so I'll end up buying a cheaper model. I'll buy the HTC HD2 after I pass the exam. I also like the Iphone 3G. I am studying for an exam and, because of that, I want a smartphone, especially for the facilities and utilities that it has, so I can study all the time, especially the new laws published daily by the Congress. I would love to have some application that lets me know in real time about the new laws published. It would facilitate the life of all testees. What do you think about this suggestion? Would you like to have this app on your phone, too? Please share your thoughts in the comment area! Tags/Labels: Motorola, Smartphone, Iphone 3 GS, application, new laws published. Paula Mauricia Brun Class 259 Branch: Asa Norte

Find your Song with Shazam I found a really good app on the Internet for those who like music. If you have an Iphone or Android, you need to have Shazam. It's a really interesting app. If you listen to a song on the radio and you don't know the name, Shazam analyzes the song and finds its name. If you like music, you need this app. It's really good to have it because it's too bad when you don't know the name of the song and have to wait until you hear the song again. The person who created this app is very smart. I recommend downloading Shazam to your smartphone. Comment about this app. Tags/Labels: Smartphone, app, Android, Iphone Anderson Lopes dos Santos de Melo Class: 259 Branch: Asa Sul

The Best Recipes on Smartphone In today's world the cell phones are more intelligent; they can help people work, study, travel and many other different things, so I think‌ 'Why not having the best and most popular recipes in an app on my cell phone? Well, that is my suggestion for the new cell phones because it is very interesting for cooks and for those who want to make different foods without going to the computer or looking for an old cookbook in the cupboard. The application can suggest the best food according to the location you are. Would you like to have this app on your phone too? What do you think about this app? It is very, very good and different, isn't it? Letícia Paini Class: 254 Branch: Asa Norte

Java Convertor for iPod Touch I currently own an iPod Touch 2G and I like to download apps from iTunes. However, there is one app I would like to have, but I still haven't fount it. Then, here is my suggestion for the creation of a new app. There is program that I cannot read because it is not supported on my smartphone, and this is the problem. The .jar files aren't supported on iPod Touch, so there should be the possibility of the creation of a convertor to convert .jar files into java files, so it will be possible for my smartphone to read my files. What do you think about it? Please comment on my suggestion. Frederico Xavier Martinello Class: 256 Branch: Taguatinga

Total Fitness for Blackberry I don't have a Smartphone yet, but I am really interested in having a Blackberry. Looking for Smartphone apps, I found a very nice one. It is called Total Fitness and it helps you to manage your daily nutrition, exercise, and health. I work out everyday, so this app will be very helpful because it shows exercise animation and instructions, but also workout routines for various goals. Not only that, doing exercises without assistance can lead to problems. However, personal trainers can be expensive. But now, Total Fitness solves this problem. So, I am very excited to have my Blackberry soon. But before that, those who have used this app can share comments, thoughts and suggestions in the comment area! Tags/Labels: Blackberry, Total Fitness, app, exercise, health Ana Luisa Freitas Matos Costa Class: 259 Branch: Asa Sul

Apps for Students

I currently have a Sony Ericsson W380 and I simply love it. Last week, I was studying in my English school when a friend told me to download an app for students, because it was going to help me and I could take it anywhere with me. After my friend told me that, I downloaded “apps for students”. I have just downloaded it, and I think it is fantastic! It contains all the subjects discussed in my school, such as chemistry, math and Portuguese… You can select any one of them. You just have to open the window and write you theme according to your preference. I don't waste time anymore, because when I am in my school and I need to do some research, I just type what I need and find what I want. I end this post recommending this app to all students who want a good future. Download “apps for students” on your phones. It is fantastic. Please comment on my post. Julia de Oliveira Class: 256 Branch: Taguatinga

Dictionary Addition My brother has an iPhone 4 and he has downloaded a very useful app:, which has helped me to study English. Sometimes I get confused about a word or its meaning and I don't have a dictionary close to me at the moment, so I just type the word in the app and it gives me several definitions as well as the part of speech, pronunciation and the origin of the word. includes 275,000 definitions! Then, if you own a smartphone, download it and try it. The best part is that it's a free app! Do you have it? Are you enjoying it? Please, comment! Leonardo Ramalho Class: 256 Branch: Taguatinga

Vampire Diaries in Smartphones I don't have a smartphone, but I want to buy one in the future. I'd love to have a smartphone online community about the book that has become a TV series, “Vampire Diaries”. It's about the life of a girl named Elena Gilbert, who lives near two vampire brothers. I suggest that someone create it because I am in love with vampires, especially this series. Then, I could be informed about everything that happens in the world of vampires with my smartphone. Please, write a comment! Brenda Dias Santos Class: 256 Branch: Taguatinga

A New Nokia E63 I've recently bought a Nokia E63. It's a way to connect to the world and it has a lot of apps that help me such as: Word, Excel, and Power Point. In addition, I can use it to read, send e-mails, access Google maps, play music, and make phone calls. My smartphone also has a calendar and a 2 megapixels high resolution screen camera. Moreover, it is very important because it helps me when I'm far from home or from the university and I need to send a significant e-mail. On the other hand, it doesn't have a touch screen, so I can't watch my favorite program, “House”. I think it would be a great idea to include these tools (touch screen and TV) in this model. Do you agree with me? What do you think about it? Would you like to have those apps? Please, there is a box below where you can write your comment. Layssa Miranda de Oliveira Class: 251-S Branch: Taguatinga

Virtual Variety For me the iPhone 3G is the best cell phone that exists. It is a cell phone that has a GPS, a camera, a music player and internet access. I want to buy one iPhone 3G because it has everything that I need. With one of these, I could listen to my favorite songs, surf the websites and check my e-mails anytime and anywhere. Also, I could take pictures and save all my favorite moments. Moreover, in the cell phone there is one application that I like very much. It's called GPS. If I got lost, with this application, I could know where I am. I think that the iPhone 3G is very convenient because, with it, you can work and have fun. Daniel França Júnior Class: 251-S Branch: Asa Sul

Nokia N900: Nothing Better I love to talk to people and I love technology, so for me the best thing that has been invented is the cell phone. I have plans to buy the Nokia N900. It's amazing! The Nokia N900 is perfect for me. It's touch screen, so you need just one touch to do a lot of things. I love Internet and some years ago I needed a computer to stay online. Now, with cell phones like Nokia N900, I can connect myself with all things in the whole world with fast connection. I can play games, open many windows at the same time and download many specific apps. Another thing about this telephone is the excellent camera with 5 megapixels, which means that photos and videos are better than DVD. You can edit them and record photos, videos and singles in an incredible memory card with 32gb! Also, I like to travel and hang out with friends. In addition, Nokia N900 has a map system that shows you maps with many details and the best way to get to places. It's important to choose a good and useful cell phone. So, you can keep it for many years and help the planet by saving the natural resources. I've chosen Nokia N900 and I will try not to change it for another because it has all I need. Marina Correia de Andrade Class: 251-S Branch: Asa Sul

Practice Artistic Skating I have an iPod and I love to download games so much. I'm a very active person, and when I'm alone, I like to play games on the iPod. Well, I go figure skating and I love it; sometimes this can be stressful because I practice it every day and I've done it since 2005. I'm very disciplined. Because of this, I want to have a lot of apps in my iPod where I will be able to see some steps of figure skating and learn some of them and where I will practice my abilities. However, I haven't found it yet. I've wanted it since I bought the iPod, so, I suggest that somebody create this new app. Would you be interested in helping me create this app? After you read this, please write a comment and help me. Luiza M. Ribeiro Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Norte

Smarter with Smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia (X10) I don't have a smartphone, but I think the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 would be the best option to suit my needs. That's because it has a very modern design, it has the Windows Mobile, and other applications. It is a compact model with a camera for video calls and an internal memory of 4gb. Also, it has a calendar, contacts, a GPS and Internet access. With this, I can access my online classes, my e-mail, my MSN, Youtube, and also create control spreadsheets in Excel and texts in Word. For me to take many courses over the Internet, it is essential to have a compact computer so I can get to where I want. This way, I can have a good performance in my studies. Everything in modern life is synonymous with practicality, so the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 reflects clearly the meaning of comfort and functionality in a simple and easy way. Vanessa Nazar Class: 251-S Branch: Asa Sul

The Best Application I don't own a smartphone, but I have an iPod Touch. It has the same functions of the iPhone, except that it isn't a cell phone. One of the best applications is “my TV guide”. This app was made for people who like to watch television, but don't know its programming. I like this app because my mother never lets me watch TV during the day, so I never know when there's something I like being shown on TV. Once, someone recommended it to me and ever since I haven't missed my favorite programs. The best thing about this app is that it's free; its disadvantage is that my iThouch has to be connected to the internet. Luísa Thomé Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Norte

Download App with a Tap The Download App is the only indispensable app on my iPhone. Download is one app that downloads other apps. This app is very utilized today. With only one touch, you can search for any app and download it, making your life easier and faster. I wasted a lot of time downloading apps on my computer and after that I had to pass them to my iPhone, but now I don't need to waste my time. I can access this app whenever I'm at school or waiting for the bus; I open the Download App and start downloading any app I need. I completely recommend downloading Download App to your iPhone; it's very practical. Many students download this app to download apps for recipes, games, music, work and other very interesting apps. Giovanna Machado de Oliveira Class: 254 Branch: Asa Norte

Shazam for Nokia 5230 I've searched about apps for smartphones for weeks and I found a great one last week. However, this app is only compatible with the iPhone. I have a Nokia 5230 and I've wanted this app since the day that I read about it! The app is called Shazam because it can identify the song that you sing or whistle. It's amazing! If I had had this app yesterday, I wouldn't have spent all day long thinking what the name of a song that was inside my head would be. It was terrible. I asked many questions to a friend about this app some days ago and I've waited for his answer since that day, but until now, nothing has come up. So I've decided to write here and ask you for help. Can you help me to look for this app or something similar for Nokia 5230? Thank you a lot. Oh, and I want to ask somebody who has this application on iPhone to tell me if I am right or wrong about it, if it is useful or not. I know you are considerate and want to help people, so I'm asking you to share with me and with other smartphone users your experiences using this app. You can write in the comment area, thank you! Marina Hald Madsen Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Norte

Back to the 90's I have just won a Blackberry, and I love it. It is very simple to use, you don't have to read the entire instruction manual. The BBM (Blackberry Messenger) is awesome! You can talk with everybody that has a Blackberry without paying anything and you don't need to have internet. The well-known app store, where you can find almost everything, gives you the possibility to download a variety of apps, such as: the weather app, subway maps and all kinds of games. However, there is still one app I would love to have, but I haven't found it yet, so here is my tip to create a new app. The Super Mario game is my favorite video game; I've been playing it since I was a child. Unfortunately, there isn't a smartphone version of this game. Sometimes I'm waiting for a bus or in a family reunion, when my brain sends a message to my fingers saying that I need to play Super Mario and save the princess from the Bowser. I think all of us who had a Super Nintendo during childhood are still crazy about this game. Do you think like me? If so, write your comment. Inez Helena Soares Mustafa Class: 257-A Branch: Asa Norte

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Publicatoin by Casa Thomas Jefferson students. 2/2010 - Smart Phones Apps

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