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Basics of Wood Floor Installation Even though to most people it seems like a really complex and time consuming activity, the wood floor installation is not really that complicated. However, in order to this, you need to have patience as well as good amount of time. It is because you will need to follow the direction of installation carefully and will have to take proper measurements for getting your desired wood flooring. If you follow the aforementioned things, you can install and have wood flooring in no time at all. Undertaking a wood floor installation is like solving a giant puzzle. The key to efficient wood floor installation would be to place the first wood plank in the corner of the room or place and keep on laying the other pieces as you work towards completing the installation process of that place. This is why, because of the procedure, the installation of wooden floor is often compared to puzzle and not because it is hard to do. It is really necessary to have a good knowledge on what tools are to be used in the installation process. The basic tools that one would need includes a wedge, a circular saw, a pencil, carpenter’s square, measuring tape, hammer, a fan, a vacuum, a pry bar, a utility knife and a block of wood. IN addition to all the mentioned things, you will also need to use protection for your ears as well as for your eyes because bits of wood can get into your eyes and the noise created during the installation is harmful for the ears. After you have collected your work tools, you will need to select your flooring. If the flooring that you have selected is one of the lock together types of laminating ones then you will not need to use any kind of glue. Remember this that the floors that need to be glued down needs more time and more work to install. Here are some helpful tips for those who are interested in wood floor installation. While you are installing the woods, make sure that the floor is smooth and straight leveled before you start the installation process. It is because if you install the wood planks on a rough base then the floor, after some while, will become shaky and the floor might flex. Also, it will be good for you if you cut the wood flooring pieces after the rows end. You will also have to cut the planks near the door frames and this is why you will need a sharp blade. If you use blunt blade for wood floor installation, then the floor will get chipped easily. When you are dealing with complex cuts, using poster board or cardboard for outlining can help a great deal. This way you can prevent from having to buy more flooring that happened due to wrong cuts. When you are at the end part of installing the floorings, make sure to thoroughly measure, and in some cases re-measure so that you do not make any mistake in the installation.

Basic of Wood Floor Installation