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2016 Impact Report

DEAR Friends

of the Ronald McDonald House

Love Tremendously Hope Exceedingly It is our honor to present the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN’s Annual Impact Report highlighting our impact we’ve had serving our families through the breadth of our programs. For nearly 40 years, the Ronald McDonald House has been far more than a place for families and children to sleep. We are a place of comfort, compassion, and support. Many families staying at our House are undergoing one of the most stressful situations they will ever encounter - dealing with the fear and anguish of a critically ill child. Often, families travel great distances to our House - exhausting every medical resource available near their homes and uproot their day-to-day lives. They come to our community seeking hope, healing, compassion and comfort. In 2016, we provided a home-away-from-home for 838 families who traveled to Rochester for medical care; one child, one family at a time. Each has a unique story to share that collectively tells a similar story that illustrates how our mission comes alive. Sadly, we turned away 1,005 families because our current capacity continues to exceed the need. For each of us connected to our mission, it is heartbreaking that on a daily basis we must turn families in need away. 2016 was a landmark year for our planned expansion efforts. Building designs and construction drawings for the expanded facility were completed. Necessary approvals were secured from the City of Rochester and fundraising activities continued as we worked to secure the additional $4.5 million necessary to begin construction. The Ronald McDonald House has been the fortunate recipient of many generous gifts this past year and we are grateful to all the heroes of this labor of love to support and grow our mission. This is a historic time for the House and our community and we continue to be humbled and grateful to all of our volunteers, donors, staff and community heroes who support a cause they will likely never directly benefit from. Please continue to visit our website throughout the coming year for expansion-related news, updates and ways you can get involved with fundraising opportunities to ensure we are able to serve the families who come to our community in need. Sincerely,

Doug Holtan



Peggy Elliott

The Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN provides a home-away-from-home and caring support to families seeking medical care for their children.

Board of Trustees 2016 OFFICERS:

Douglas Holtan, President Paul R. Tieskoetter, President Elect Robert Benner, Past President Pamela O. Johnson, RN, Secretary Jason Boynton, Treasurer Kelly Turner, Officer


Leave A Legacy: Leave a legacy for tomorrow’s children and families by including the Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN in your estate plan (EIN #41-1344744). Call (507) 282-3955 for more information.

Christopher R. Brent Terri Burkel Sherry Bush-Seim Randy Chapman Tyler Coleman Dawn Davis, MD Dave Eide Cami Enke W. Charles Huskins, MD Jodi Larson Rick Lommen Paul Mackin Lee’Ann Mathy Lori Melhorn Christopher Moir, MD Paul H. Steger Daniel Tuohy


Jane K. Campion Ed Clark James Hodge Wendy Lommen

EMERITUS TRUSTEES: Robert Cline Robert H. Feldt, MD* Charlene Hawk Phil Henoch* Kak Johnson* Cynthia R. Nelson George S. Wilson Thomas A. Winkels* *Deceased

“Words really can’t express the gratitude I have for this home. The staff has taken time to get to know us. With each interaction, I find myself feeling comforted because they care about how we’re all doing.” Mary, Mom of Liza (16)

PROGRAM Impact 2016 Family Statistics

838 Total Number Family Visits 1,836 Families on Waiting List 522 Total New Families 1,005 Families Not Served

DIAGNOSIS DISTRIBUTION 79 Cancer 33 Proton Beam 327 Medical 35 Psychiatry 11 Mood Clinic 171 Surgery 155 Newborn 27 Transplant STATES REPRESENTED Alabama . . . . .3 Nebraska . . . . . 5 Alaska . . . . . . .3 Nevada . . . . . . 1 New Hampshire . 2 Arizona . . . . . .4 New Mexico . .2 Arkansas . . . . . 7 New York . . . . .4 California . . . . . 8 North Carolina . 2 Colorado . . . . . 5 North Dakota . 65 Florida . . . . . . . 9 Ohio . . . . . . . .2 Georgia . . . . . . 6 Oklahoma . . . .7 Idaho . . . . . . . . 2 Orgeon . . . . . .4 Illinois. . . . . . . 36 Pennsylvania . . .1 Indiana . . . . . . 5 South Carolina .1 Iowa . . . . . . . 97 South Dakota. .26 Kansas . . . . . . 12 Texas . . . . . . . .8 Kentucky. . . . . . 3 Utah . . . . . . . .1 Louisiana . . . . . 3 Virginia . . . . . .3 Michigan . . . . 13 Washington . . .4 Minnesota . . 306 West Virginia . .1 Mississippi . . . . 4 Wisconsin . 147 Missouri . . . . . 13 Wyoming . . . . .1 Montana . . . . . 3 COUNTRIES REPRESENTED Canada . . . . .3 Ecuador . . . . .1 Gambia . . . . .1 Honduras . . . .1

Malaysia . . . .1 Russia . . . . . .1 Uzbekistan . . .1

“Bebo was able to forget about cancer, doctor appointments and treatments while at the House. He was able to let loose, settle in and have fun! This was and is such an important part for Bebo’s healing.” Dara, Mom of Bebo (7)

VOLUNTEER Impact Selfless gifts of time and talent make our mission possible. Dedicated, compassionate people make our House a home.

1,953 people served as HouseWarmers, board members, committee members, special event volunteers, service group volunteers and House dinner volunteers.

Contributing approximately

22,692 hours

with a dollar value estimated at

$571,838 in volunteer time. ($25.20 per hour, volunteer_time)

DONOR Impact Fagan Studios

On a shoot a couple years ago up at Assisi Heights, I had the incredible pleasure of spending time with Sister Joseen. At 93-years-old, she’d still leave the convent a couple times a week and head down to Hawthorne to help adult immigrant women with their English. This is of course after years of spending her life working to benefit others across the planet! This amazing woman still served. I asked her why she still continues to do it while slowly walking the halls through Assisi. She simply said, “I just do what I can, with what I have, where I can.” (A quote I later learned came from Theodore Roosevelt who died just three years before Sister Joseen was born). As a chill ran through my body, I thought, “bingo, that’s it!” I couldn’t put words to it before but that’s what my parents instilled in me, that’s what moves me in my life, that’s bringing the Golden Rule to life! I can’t do much on this planet but the good Lord has given Michelle and I the gift of taking a picture…so we’ll do that. And so 13 years ago, Michelle and I were asked to take portraits of attendees at the Ronald McDonald House’s Hearts and Diamonds event. From there, we started photographing the content for the Impact Reports and some of the newsletters. We did what we could, with what we had, where we were. It always felt odd to be thanked as we were only doing what we could, nothing much, nothing earth shattering, only what we could. We’ve met dozens of families at the House, every single one with an incredible story. If photographing those stories brought maybe just a smile to them that day, that’s enough. If Fagan Studios could be just a blip of joy in a family’s journey through our incredible town, through the incredible medical institution here, through the amazing House here, that’s enough. Through all those stories, we’ve had the opportunity to document the highs and lows of life. From the doctor appointments where a family found out their son’s cancer was in remission to, unfortunately, meeting families whose stories didn’t end with such great news – with the portraits we created being the last photographs of their child. No matter what, the kids and families we photograph are unforgettable. I pray that we can be, no matter what, even just an ounce of joy in their journey. To me, they all bring tons of joy to my life! And every time, I head home and hug my own kids a little tighter. We’re a blessed family. May we be a blessing to others. May we do what we can, where we can, when we can. Period. – Shawn + Michelle Fagan

“ We did what we could,

with what we had, where we were. It always felt odd to be thanked as we were only doing what we could, nothing much, nothing earth shattering, only what we could.


Shawn + Michelle Fagan

ANNUAL Report Financial Summary Guest Donations $118,925 8% Other $64,239 4%

Interest & Dividends $52,209 4%

Special Projects $299,936 21%


Administrative $127,236 8%

Fundraising $98,563 6%


Donations $899,037 63% Operating Revenues $1,434,346


Unrealized Investment Gains (Losses) $190,914



RMH Program $1,346,554 86% *Financial summary does not include capital expansion revenue and expenses


Financial Position 2016 ASSETS Current assets Land, Building & equipment (net of depreciation) Investment, reserves (including temporarily restricted and endowment) Bequests receivable Pledges receivable (net) TOTAL

$ 4,356,322 5,268,252 5,483,688 192,201 1,024,565 $ 16,325,028


$ 257,380

NET ASSETS Land, Building & equipment Board designated Scholarship designated Temporary & permanently restricted Unrestricted

5,268,252 2,470,241 70,000 2,816,343 5,442,812

TOTAL Financials Audited Annually

$ 16,325,028

850 SECOND STREET SW ROCHESTER, MN 55902 (507) 282-3955

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Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN 2016 Impact Report  


Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, MN 2016 Impact Report