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Am I only a God nearby," declares the Lord, "and not a God far away?


Jer 23:23

his year has been another year of travel. This time our travels brought us all to China. We would like to report that God is a God far away. Ron’s job moved him to Guangzhou China, and the family came along for the summer vacation of their lives. A week off in Hong Kong enabled us to go to Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Ping, and much more. We have spent a lot of time in airplanes, but we never expected to hear this announcement “Thank you for flying United Airlines. We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride”

Here is a look at the Markham’s 2011. Lee is close to becoming the first Markham with a Masters Degree. Through, the summer in China, fathering Jeremy and Jason, the vacation in Hong Kong, Lee never stopped his studies or working out at the gym. Lee is less than six months from getting his Masters degree in Strategic Business Management. Lee is carrying a 4.0 average. He has taken excellent care of Jeremy and Jason and has been a father to them ever since returning from Afghanistan. They are a labor of Love for Lee. Lee also taught himself to play the guitar in his spare time. Lee lifeguards at the YMCA for spending money as well as training others to get in shape. Luke is a Father again. On August 23rd 2011 Jason Edward Markham came into the world. Luke and Bekah are doing fine and enjoying their larger family. A few weeks ago Luke hurt his knee going down the steps and may need surgery early in 2012. Luke is still serving his country in the Army at Fort Belvoir. He plans to leave the Army for civilian life sometime during 2012.

Laura: Laura has moved to Kalamazoo. She is now dating Brad Mustain. Laura has made a career change, leaving her old job behind and looking for more suitable employment. This year is a turning point for Laura.

Jeremy and Jason: Jeremy is in 1st grade and doing fantastic. He reads any book you leave laying around. Jason is in young 5s and also doing well in school. Both boys were like movie stars in China. Their blond hair and blue eyes attracted scores of picture takers. They received the VIP treatment wherever they went. They are doing the usual, little league, basketball, and skiing. They are growing so fast, we can hardly keep pace. Nancy and Ron are grateful for every minute together. With Ron working in Guangzhou while Lee and Nancy take care of the boys in Michigan, moments together are cherished. The assignment will be over soon and things will return to normal. Ron and Nancy were guest speakers at the Marriage retreat in Shanty Creek. It was one of the highlights of the year. Daphnie passed away. September 3rd, Daphnie left us. Originally Laura’s Dog in 1995, the Eagles had her for four years while we were in Japan, then back to Laura, and finally to Ron and Nancy in 2004. We all miss her, especially Sadie,

A VERY Merry Christmas & A VERY Happy New Year God Bless you all,

Ron & Nancy

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Markham's Christmas letter 2011  

Amazing how fast the years go by We continue to grow and move forard The family is growing spiritually and physically every year