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WHY ARE WE SO LATE THIS YEAR?? We had a lot going on in 2005. Let me list a few of the things going on with the Markham’s last year: We had another wedding! Laura married Michael Bornheimer on Feb 5, 2005. The wedding was a great success. They were married in the same church that Luke and Bekah were married in less than a year before. We were blessed with a grandson! Laura and Mike gave birth to their son, our grandson, Jeremy Michael Bornheimer on April 12, 2005. He has been voted our cutest grandson. Luke Joined the Army! It takes a real patriot to join the army during a time of war. Upon returning to America, after living four years overseas, we realized what a great country we live in. God has truly blessed America and the kids are grateful for that blessing. On May 10th 2005 Luke swore to protect and preserve our way of life. Luke graduated his basic training and AIT on October 27th from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to join the 463rd as a Military Policeman. Bekah has been a model supporting wife, and is using her time away from Luke to finish her degree. And we are so PROUD. Mike Joined the Army! A pattern has started to emerge in our family. Only two months later, on July 8, 2005 Mike also swore to protect our Nation from all her enemies. Like Bekah, Laura was separated from Mike for the rest of the year. Laura wrote at least one letter a day until Mike graduated form Fort Benning in Georgia on November 10th after completing his Basic training and AIT. After that he received his wings at airborne school then joined his unit, the 25th Airborne Infantry. And we are so PROUD

Lee Joined the Army! That’s it! We have no more sons to give the Army. On August 17th, 2005 Lee swore to keep this country safe from terror. We can feel safe knowing these three fine men are part of the most powerful army in the world. Like Luke, Lee will complete his basic training and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to become a Military Policeman. Lee’s graduation will be February 23rd. His orders are not clear, but we have been told that he will be serving in Korea. And we are so PROUD We had Thanksgiving in Missouri and Georgia! The boys couldn’t come to us so we went to them. So November 23, Nancy and I went to Missouri to have Thanksgiving dinner at Fort Leonard Wood with Lee, Luke, Bekah, and Matt. Laura and Jeremy went to Georgia to have Thanksgiving with Mike. We did the complete meals in the hotel rooms, and logged many miles that weekend. Luke shipped off to Iraq! On January 9th Luke shipped off to Iraq. He has arrived there and we have heard from him. He says that the people he has met are so grateful for being freed from tyranny. Luke may return February of 2007, but then again this is the Army. Please pray for him that he will return safely to his wife and family. And we are so PROUD. Nancy’s Mom Passed away. In February, Nancy’s Mom had a stroke. That was our first trip to NY this year. During that trip we were stuck behind an accident and sat for eight hours in the car while the road was cleared. On January 5th, 2006, Nancy’s Mom passed away, so we drove out to NYC again. This time, Nancy and I drove from Missouri, a twenty hour drive, and it rained the whole way. During both return trips, we hit really bad blizzards in the Pocono Mountains. On the second trip we learned and rented a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Other than that it was good to see NY again. Our Children may have no more grandparents, but their children do. We had Christmas together! God blessed us with an opportunity to celebrate the birth of his Son as a full family. It was truly a miracle. Luke had leave, and drove up with Bekah from FLW. Mike had just graduated, and stopped in Grand Rapids on his way to Fort Lewis. December 20th Denny and I drove down to FLW to sign out Lee and Matt. January 3rd Denny and I drove down again to return them to AIT. We had a great Christmas, and were able to take the picture that is at the top of this letter.

Laura and Jeremy moved to Seattle. Mike is stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington, so Laura and Jeremy moved out there to be with him. Mike returned to MI February 3rd, to pack and load the van, and then they drove as a family to Seattle. Talk about a long drive! They will live in an apartment nearby the base. Ron and Lee re-landscape the house. Three weeks of hard manual labor in June paid off. The house has a new look. To celebrate, Lee and I went up north for an FSBT and golfed the whole week. After we sold the Acura, we drove to Chicago to close the deal, and then used the money to buy new furniture for our living room. So you see - in one short year – we had a wedding, a birth, and a death. We have seen Lee, Luke, and Mike join the Army. We have been to four Army graduations, and four Army family days. We have gone from a house full of children with three generations, to empty nesters. We have made seven trips to Missouri, six trips to Lansing, two trips to NYC, two trips to Georgia, one trip to Traverse City, plus Ron had two trips to Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have had three going away parties, seven birthday parties, two showers, and eighteen home church services. We have said goodbye to Nancy’s Mom, we have seen Luke off to Iraq, Lee off to BCT, and Laura, Mike, & Jeremy off to Washington. WE HAVE HAD ONE BUSY YEAR ! ! -- That is why this letter is so late! We are so grateful for all our friends and our Church who have kept us strong through a very trying year. God has blessed us in so many ways. We are looking forward to 2006. We will most likely go to Germany when Laura’s second child is born. As always we stay in His service.

A VERY LATE Merry Christmas -- AND A LATE Happy New Year God Bless you all, each and every one;

Ron, Nancy, Lee &, Luke & Bekah, & Mike & Laura, Sadie, and Dafanie OUR NEW ADDRESS: 5411 Hartfield Ct Ada, MI 49301 --

PHONE-616-940-3105 Cell-616-443-6984

Christmas Letter 2005  

We had a lot going on in 2005. Let me list a few of the things going on with the Markham’s last year: We had another wedding! Laura married...

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