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Things to Do Before Calling a Safe Locksmith Opening a safe by yourself may not be as hard as you think. Picking a safe can either be easy or difficult, depending on the sophistication of the safe design. Routine office or money drop safes, which are commonly used in homes or businesses, are some of the easiest to operate. Banks and other secure locations that store a lot of valuables may opt to use elaborate vaults. You may have seen skilled thieves break into vaults at will in movies. Though master picking skills are hugely popular in all sorts of entertainment media, most people have no desire to be a master criminal. If you are or were stuck in a locked-safe dilemma, understanding how to open a safe is a basic skill that you should have. This may save you a lot of hard earned cash from not calling for a safe locksmith. Clear the Dial Opening any safe always starts by clearing the dial. Since you’ll never know who may have been turning the dial before you arrived, the safe may mistakenly think it is already in the middle of the wrong combination. In order for you to clear the dial, do at least one or two complete revolutions to the right. Turning the dial a couple of times to the right will tell the safe you are starting a new combination. In case you have a digital combination safe, simply press the ‘clear’ button to clear the combinations. Since almost all digital safes will make a beeping sound once a button is pressed as a confirmation, you’ll easily know when to begin entering a new combination.

Enter the Combination When opening a safe, it is very important to enter the correct combination the very first time. As you clear the dial, stop on the first number in your combination. The scale by the number on the dial should be precisely lined up with the notch on the safe. Turn the dial to the left and stop when you reach the second number in your combination. Continue doing so until you’ve reached the last number of your combination. Note that some safes may require the user to skip the code number a certain number of times before stopping on it. If you pass your number or carelessly use the wrong number, you will need to start the process from the start, beginning with clearing the dial. If you have a digital electronic safe, you will simply type your combination on the buttons. The safe will beep each time a button is pressed to confirm the input has been received. After successfully entered the combination, the safe will make an alternate beeping sound to let you know that the lock is open. Green lights may also be present on some safes. Open the Latch Unless you’ve failed to enter the combination correctly, the only thing left to do is call a safe locksmith. Some small safes can just be opened by any qualified locksmith. Hendon locksmith, for instance, have small safes that may simply have a handle to open like a regular door that can be manipulated by a locksmith.

Uxbridge locksmith may also have safes that use a lever to pull the door open.

Things to Do Before Calling a Safe Locksmith  

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