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The Benefits of Joining a Locksmith Association Why should locksmiths join the Master Locksmiths Association? Locksmiths that join the UK’s premier locksmith association can enjoy many of the membership advantages that include amongst others, training, information channeling, regional meet ups and seminars, as well as discounted rates on items such as security insurance, automotives, websites, credit card interest rates, specialized software, phone bills, advertising and many more. MLA accredited locksmiths may also get special deals on mortgages, pensions and finances etc. A locksmith may be granted membership if he or she qualifies as defined in the MLA requirements, a detailed list of the criteria may be found on the MLA website, under the Membership Sectors. If you want to become a member of the top locksmith association, please get in touch with MLA’s head office through phone on 01327 262255 so you’ll be able to choose your appropriate membership information pack. Though it may sound impossible, the locksmithing industry is not regulated in any way by the British Government. For this reason, anybody can just trade as a locksmith regardless of their competence, experience or intention. Considering that other areas of the security industry, such as door staff, or even key holding companies, are Government licensed, the government recognizes there being no need to regulate the locksmithing industry.

Because of this, the MLA came up with its own licensing scheme for MLA Approved locksmith companies by which those companies who are promoted on the MLA’s website and use the MLA Approved Company logo have complied with 3 key criteria, namely: ● They’ve been vetted. – the MLA made it a point to appraise, verify and validate the status and competence its members for a number of years. The MLA also recently got the law modified to let the locksmith association perform standard level Criminal Records Bureau checks on its members following debates in the Houses of Commons and Lords and being listed on the exceptions order for the rehabilitation of offenders act. ● They are regularly inspected. – The MLA checks approved companies on a regular basis. The locksmith association has a team of inspectors who conduct inspections that may include checking jobs done by the company, getting keys cut, verifying audit trails for quality assurance and many more. ● They employ a qualified locksmith. – Harrow locksmiths, for instance, can only become members of the MLA if they have passed an exam on both theoretical and practical aspects of locksmithing which proves their competence. This ensures a minimum standard has been achieved in the industry. Personal membership is only granted to individuals who wish to belong to a professional organization and who are employed by others or persons who run their own locksmith company, which has been verified as a MLA Approved Company, as well as those who also wish to retain their personal membership. In all cases,

the relevant examination must be successfully taken by the locksmith. Watford has numerous schools that can prepare locksmiths take and pass the test.

The Benefits of Joining a Locksmith Association  

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