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Locksmith Emergency? Wait Until You Read This Do you have lock-related problems? Try these do-it-yourself tips and save up on locksmith costs. 1 Most of the locksmiths listed in the phone book or on the Internet are scam artists. They’ll quote you a great deal, but when they get to you, they’ll say you have a unique lock they can’t pick, so they have to drill it open. They can charge you £75 for a replacement lock you can buy at your local hardware store for £15. 2 Look for someone reputable during a locksmith emergency at, the official website of the Master Locksmiths Association. 3 Call outs done at the wee hours of the night will automatically go up from £35 to £65. If you have hesitations of some sort to commit on paper, note that you have the right to refuse service. If you have any issues regarding the fees, the best time to ask is when you inquire about services by phone and not after the job has been completed. 4 It’s easy to beat the generic locks from large retail establishments. Since most are mass produced by well known manufacturers but to very low standards, look for at least a grade 2 lock.

5 If properly installed, deadbolts are the best locks that you can use for your home. An ideal deadbolt should have at least a one inch “throw,” and a security plate with screws at least three inches long on the “strike side” that would go all the way into the door’s frame. 6 If you have windows located beside or near your door, a thumbturn deadbolt won’t provide much security. Anyone could just knock the glass out, stick a hand in, and turn the lock. Go for a double cylinder lock that requires a key on the inside. 7 No one can stop people from copying keys stamped with “Do not duplicate.” If you want high quality locks with keys that can’t be duplicated, ask a locksmith. Banstead locksmiths usually offer home security tips and solutions at an affordable price. 8 Don’t get fooled by car dealers who say only they can duplicate keys. A locksmith who specializes in automotive work can usually make you a key – but a lot cheaper. 9 Do you have a housekeeper who needs keys to your home? You may ask a locksmith to key your door so that your master key works on both the doorknob and the dead bolt, but the housekeeper’s just works on the knob. By the time the housekeeper arrives, lock only the knob.

10 On a supposed locksmith emergency, try the door. In some instances, due to a terrible lapse of judgment, doors that you may think are locked are actually open. Nevertheless, you’ll still be charged for the service call by a locksmith. Morden locksmiths, however, don’t usually require minimum fees for a service call. 11 If your key won’t turn, try silicone powder or spray. The pins of a lock may get jammed up at times and 25 to 40 percent of the time, that’s the solution.

Locksmith Emergency? Wait Until You Read This  

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