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The Safest Way to Find a Locksmith Getting locked out of your car or home is already an upsetting situation. Unfortunately, some phony locksmiths will only make matters much worse. Lately, consumers are being warned against untrustworthy locksmith businesses taking advantage of unsuspecting victims they come across. It is very unfortunate that any business would exploit those who are in such a helpless position. It is recommended to find a trustworthy business through legitimate locksmith trade organizations, doing research before hiring, and filing a complaint to authorities if you feel you have been taken advantage of. You may have heard or read on the news about several locksmith businesses, all using similar methods, are considerably overcharging clients, charging them for unnecessary services and parts, using daunting tactics, and not being able to give refunds or respond to complaints. Deceiving locksmith businesses will often post ads in yellow pages or Internet listings and give out multiple false addresses and phone numbers to appear like they are a locally operating business. However, the address listed doesn’t really exist and calls made to the business are transferred to an outsourced call center. Many phony locksmiths have websites advertising their discounted ‘emergency’ services, low rates and reputable service. Clients will be quoted a reasonable price over the phone, but will

be overly up-charged on the invoice they give out once the job has been done. To find a locksmith that doesn’t rip you off, GS Locksmith offers these tips to find a qualified locksmith that you can trust: Know the name of the locksmith. Crooked locksmiths often work under many business names or aliases. They may take your call with a generic phrase like, “locksmith service” or even with just “locksmith.” If the call is answered this way, respond, “What is the registered name of your business?” Analyze their advertising. Pay close attention at the business’ advertisements. Is the specific name of the business boldly identified? Does the ad have a close resemblance with other ads but have a different name? Critique every single detail of the ad and see if the dealer operates under several names. Closely observe the vehicle. Usually, locksmiths should arrive in a marked service van or vehicle that openly states the business name. Note that some legitimate locksmiths do work out of an unmarked car or van for quick jobs. As soon as he arrives, ask for identification from the locksmith. Wandsworth locksmiths, for instance, should ask for your identification and some form of proof that you have the authority to allow the unlocking to be carried out. A qualified locksmith should also present you with their identification, commonly in the form of a business card or invoice headed with the company name or logo. Identifying information should also match the

service vehicle mark of the locksmith. Twickenham locksmiths may also show proof that they are insured. If your property becomes damaged during repair, insurance is vital in covering these losses. Get an estimate. Find a locksmith that will give you a detailed estimate of the parts and services before you authorize it. Inquire about additional charges, such as mileage fees, minimum service charges, or late night surcharges.

How to Choose a Safe Locksmith  
How to Choose a Safe Locksmith  

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