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LindemannChimneySupply provides you the best fireplace panels with years of guarantee. There are lots of discounts available in new and old fireplace panels. Visit at our site and know more about our services.

Get 25% Off on Skamol Replacement Fireplace Refractory Panels

Fall is upon us. Are you ready for the busy season? At Lindemann Chimney Supply we have bulked up our inventory in anticipation for an incredible record-breaking year for all of us. We are prepared to assist you in growing your business to new levels. One of the ways you can grow your business is to replace cracked factory-built refractory panels. We have installed Skamol Panels for years in our service company. They are quicker, lighter, and easier to install than the heavy refractory panels. For More Information Please Visit:-

Skamol Panels • Save time • Less stress • Attractive • Lightweight - 30 lbs. • Easy to Install • Easy to maneuver • Tested by Omni Labs • Available in herringbone or brick patterns • Can be cut with ordinary woodworking tools • Install in less time that heavy refractory panels

Drill This month we are offering 25% off on Skamol FactoryBuilt Fireplace Replacement Panels. They are constructed of compressed vermiculite and are lighter, easier to install and can be cut with ordinary woodworking tools. This saves on installation time and are priced less than most refractory panels on the market.If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

LINDEMANN CHIMNEY SUPPLY Our management team has over 125 years of industry experience and our sweep team is out there in the field every day - working just like you! Please partner with us and let us help you with your business endeavors.

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