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Have you purchased or rented a satellite phone and wish to know about the effective plans for sat phone? If the answer is yes, then read on. There are actually four sat phone services that offer their varied plans. In this write-up let us discuss about the four sat phone services, their advantage and disadvantage.

Thuraya Thuraya is a highly advanced geo-synchronous mobile satellite system that offers data and telephony services to the Middle East region, Northern Africa, The Mediterranean and Europe, thereby covering more than 120 countries.

Advantage of Thuraya Satellite Plan Thuraya sat phone plans offer internet connectivity and data is available at no extra charge. Disadvantage The sat plan utilizes geostationary satellites; thus there may be delay in voice communication.

Iridium The Iridium is a sat based, wireless personal communications network that offer a wide range of voice features to virtually any destination across the globe. The sat connection uses approximately 66 satellites that orbit the earth on six different planes. The signal delay for communication is minimal as the satellites are in LEO. Individual Iridium satellite can orbit the earth once in every 100 minutes.

Advantage Iridium offers reliable connection as its handsets can receive and make sat phone calls from virtually anywhere across the planet.

Inmarsat Inmarsat was the first sat mobile communication system that was conceptualized and then the idea was actually brought to reality. Originally, sat phones of this company were designed for the marine industry, but now they offer their sat phone services and plans to different industries, private organizations and even individuals. Inmarsat utilizes four geo-stationary satellites placed in different locations over the equator.

Advantage Inmarsat provides MPDS data services, real-time ISDN, fax and voice services to the users. Disadvantage The satellite is located quite far (approximately 22,000 miles). Thus, a large antenna system is required to ensure quality signal reception and transmission.

Globalstar Globalstar sat system was especially designed to fulfill the needs of extensive travelers. This sat phone system consists of 48 LEO satellites. The company offers a handset that is compact and can operate on cellular CDMA and AMPS networks as well as the Globalstar network.

Advantage The Globalstar LEO constellation is located on 700 miles from the earth. Thus, it ensures better quality, transmission and communication. With the help of the aforementioned information, compare different sat phone services, explore more about their effective sat plans and choose the best one according to your requirement and budget.

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Satellite phone services unfolding the pros and cons  

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