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Ron Eakes Attended DCCC After Studying At South Western Heights School

Ron Eakes was born in western Kansas and resided at a farm. Kansas is situated in the midwestern part of the US. 

It is also counted amongst the most productive states in United States that produces sunflower and wheat as main crops. 

This state is ranked 15th largest state in the US and the capital city of Kansas is Topeka. 

Ron attended South Western Heights School and in 1977, he graduated from this school. In 1979, he attained a degree from Dodge City Community college. 

Dodge City Community College is known as one of the most recognized colleges in Kansas. ď Ź

The college, also abbreviated as DCCC or DC3, was founded in 1935 and is also one of the oldest colleges in the region. ď Ź

The Kansas state has gained an amazing reputation in the sports world as the students participate in numerous intercollegiate sports events including baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, softball, and more. ď Ź

The college provides degree programs in a great number of academic fields such as applied sciences, arts, nursing, etc. ď Ź

The athletics team of DC3 is called Conqs or Conquistador and the college is proud of its own team of cheerleaders. ď Ź

Ron Eakes also did an extensive Dale Carnegie Course, which is a learn-by-doing course developed by Dale Breckenridge Carnegie. 

Carnegie was a well-renowned lecturer and writer, who wrote an assortment of self-help books and created highly effective self-improvement courses to enhance the personality. 

This course strengthens the skills, builds up selfconfidence, improves communication skills, and develops leadership qualities. 

This course also improves the attitude and helps in decreasing the stress. 

Ron Eakes is an active member of Lion's Club, school board and multitude of other community services and organizations. 

Some of the most non-profit organizations are American cancer Society, Church Council, Save the Children, etc. 

Whenever he gets free time, he likes to involve himself in traveling and do charity work. 

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Ron Eakes Attended DCCC After Studying At South Western Heights School