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Ron Eakes Is A Proud Owner Of Mid Plains Construction Plains KS

Ron Eakes attended Dale Carnegie Course for personal grooming and inculcating public speaking, salesmanship, and leadership skills. He established his own construction company in 1979 which is known as Mid Plains Construction Plains KS. The company is ranked as one of the most successful construction companies in Kansas. He has more than 70 employees who serve under his unquestionable guidance. Besides being the successful owner of such as reputed company, he also owns three ready mix plants and has a partnership in two huge dairies.

He is also a supportive social person and is highly involved in several local charities and community non-profit organizations. Some of these organizations and charities include American Cancer Society, Kansas peace officers, Save the Children, Children’s Miracle Network, Knights of Columbus, Special Olympics, County Economic Organization, and the Church Council. He has also contributed towards Lion's club and local school board.

Ron Eakes, the owner of Mid Plains Construction Plains KS was born in the western part of Kansas, which is also known as Sunflower State or Wheat State of the US. He lived at a farm house along with his ten other siblings. He enrolled at the South Western Heights School, Kansas for his initial education and also graduated from the same school in 1977. After this, he studied at Dodge City Community College for a degree program.

This college is a co-educational and public college headquartered in Dodge City and was founded in 1935. It is well-known as DC3 and DCCC. The students participate in numerous sports activities. The college offers associate degrees in arts, applied science, nursing, and other educational fields. The athletics team of the college is immensely popular and called as Conqs. The official mascot of the college is the Conquistador. Mid Plains Construction Plains KS has been delivering extensive construction services for the last 33 years.

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Ron Eakes Is A Proud Owner Of Mid Plains Construction Plains KS