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Ron Eakes Got Numerous Full Time Professionals At His Construction Company

Ron Eakes has a bold presence in the construction industry and his company, Mid Plains Construction Company which is headquartered at Plains, KS, is counted as one of the most advanced construction companies in the Kansas area. The organization has more than 70 full-time workers who are highly expert, and caters to the commercial, residential, and the agricultural construction needs of people in the Plains.

For providing exceptional services, he received a certificate of achievement in building construction and was also featured in the National Register of Who’s Who in executives and professionals. This company offers numerous of construction products and services that include building parking lots, handicapped ramps, xhog lot, handicapped ramps, garage floors, basement floors, etc. He owns three other ready mix concrete plants and has partnered with two large-scale dairies.

Ron Eakes started his education at the South Western Heights School, Kansas and after completing his graduation from school in 1977, he got admission in Dodge City Community College in Kansas. He completed his degree course and graduated in 1979. Immediately after receiving his graduate degree, he started his own construction company. He also joined a personality development course offered by Dale Carnegie College.

This learn-by-doing course is specially designed for helping candidates overpower their weaknesses and become more confident doing what they want to do. This course assisted Ron skip all the challenges in his new endeavor.

Ron Eakes helps a great number social organizations and charitable events. He raises funds for many nongovernment organizations and is actively involved with the American Cancer Society, Save the Children, Children’s Miracle Network, Church council, and various such organizations. He always wanted to help disabled people and this is the reason why he is actively involved with Special Olympics, one of the biggest sports organizations in the world providing sports training and athletics competitions for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

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Ron Eakes  
Ron Eakes  

Ron Eakes has a bold presence in the construction industry. Ron Eakes helps a great number social organizations and charitable events.