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Ron Eakes Owns Three Concrete Ready Mix Plants

Ron Eakes owns a construction company called Mid Plains Construction in Plains Kansas. Established in 1979, this construction firm provides various products including building Caissons and Pilings, Parking lots, Handicap ramps, and Driveways, etc. 

The company offers construction services for grain storage for agro based industry, concrete construction for schools, churches, and hospitals. 

Along with handling commercial property projects, the company also offers concrete ready mix sales, concrete installs, advanced concrete construction; and construction for commercial, residential, hog, and dairy projects. 

Apart from the construction company, Ron Eakes also owns three concrete ready mix plants. 

The ready mixed concrete is also called customized concrete products made for commercial use. 

His ready mix plants provide different concrete according to the user’s requirements and industrial standards. His plants have all the latest equipment and trucks. 

The ready mix concrete is delivered to the construction site with the help of on-transit mixers. 

Along with the construction business, Ron has a partnership in two large-scale dairies. 

Ron Eakes was born and brought up in Kansas, and spent most of his childhood at a farmhouse in Western Kansas with his 10 siblings. 

His personality and interests are greatly influenced by the culture and life in Kansas. 

He studied at the South Western Heights School in Plains and graduated from there in 1977.After completing his schooling, he enrolled in Dodge City Community College which is also known as DCCC or DC3. 

The college is recognized for its contribution to sports and academic courses in nursing, applied science, arts, and various other streams, and the athletics team of the college is popularly named Conqs. He graduated from the college in 1979 and the same year he started Mid Plains Construction Company. 

Ron Eakes is a member of many prestigious clubs and organizations such as Church Council, Lion’s club, Knights of Columbus, County economic organization, etc. 

He is also associated with various charitable organizations which include Special Olympics, Children’s Miracle Network, American Cancer Society, Kansas Peace Officers organization, and Save the Children. 

He regularly contributes to these non-profit organizations and helps them raise funds for their activities. 


Ron Eakes Owns Three Concrete Ready Mix Plants