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March-April 2009

Volume LIV, Issue 2

“The Road to Victory”, A Military Vehicle Show One of our objectives for the Orlando Scottish Rite Masonic Center is to provide a better opportunity to publicize our Fraternity and to make aware the sacrifices that our fellow citizens have endured throughout the decades. We have joined with several groups throughout Central Florida to provide a weekend filled with patriotism, historical significance and brotherly fellowship with other members of the human family. The event is called “The Road to Victory” a military vehicle display event. Together with the Orlando Scottish Rite Masonic Center and the Central Florida World War II Museum, we will be providing a seldom seen event which will play host to past and current military vehicles from some of the conflicts of our American history. This open event for all, will present several World War II battle reenactments for the guests as well as several living history encampments, American and German, to provide a real time feel of what our soldiers went through during the time of War. Weapons fire demonstrations and interaction with the re-enactors will provide the backdrop for a fun filled weekend. We will also have several members of our fraternity who have large collections of military vehicles on display, which will aid in the size of this event. Along with theses collections we have a member that will present his military uniform collections that will be on display inside our building. As you already know, the Orlando Scottish Rite has a long tradition of support to our JROTC units in the Central Florida area. Several of those JROTC outfits will be invited to demonstrate their drills and other ceremonial displays. Our Masonic youth and Child Identification programs will round out our Youth activities. Local emergency vehicles will be available for display including fire, police, and S.W.A.T. A display of restored antique fire trucks will be available as well. Other organizations will be participating such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars, The American Legion, The Vietnam War Museum, Military recruiters, Boy and Girl Scouts. We will be hosting a USO themed gathering on the evening of Saturday April 25th, 2009. It is a great opportunity to come together

and meet other like-minded individuals that share in similar concerns. It is the Scottish Rite of Orlando’s way in thanking those who participated during this event. This will be free of charge to those organizations that participate. Donations will be accepted at the door. Gates open on April 25th at 10:00 am till 6:00pm with party to follow. Sunday the 26th, 10:00 am till 1:00pm. Admission is free with a $5.00 parking fee for non participants of this event. Any additional questions can be directed to Brother Aldis Grauds either by telephone 321-239-2467 cell, or by email to

The Scottish Rite Bulletin

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From the desk of the Personal Representative Is It Time For You to Get Involved? I’ve been writing about loss of membership, quality vs. quantity, membership challenges and much more. I recently read an article that touched a little on what I will I am alluding to, the message I got from it was, “The few do the work of the many”! I’m not sure we have ever discussed just what “Get Involved Means”! The Valley of Orlando is working hard to put the Strategic Plan from the Supreme Council to work, with a few twists of our own. The problem I am finding is getting people to rise to the occasion to take ownership of a committee, program, special project or just plain work at our reunions. This reflects back on what I am trying to bring to your attention, as Masons, are we not supposed to try to improve ourselves? Are we not the Leaders of our Community? Are we not the men people in our communities look up to for guidance, leadership and counsel? If you are not that man, YOU SHOULD BE! I believe that you can be and with a little help from us, you will! In the past few years we have not been too successful in recruiting those leaders of the world, even in our community. But who’s to say we can’t turn what we have now into those men and carry Masonry out of the shadows of the Masonic Lodge Buildings and back into our community. What it takes is a little leadership training and nurturing. Your Valley leadership

would like to extend a challenge to our members! Come back to our meetings, see what changes have been implemented, we have expanded the meetings several times a year to make us a family friendly environment, not just minutes and the same old ritual opening and closing. In the past years, we have celebrated 50 years of Scottish Rite Masonry in Orlando with our Sovereign Grand Commander in attendance. We also hosted a successful Scottish Rite Foundation Fundraiser where our Guest of Honor was none other than the academy award winning actor, Ernest Borgnine, 33° Grand Cross, who is still active in filmmaking. We continue to host the Knight Commander of the Court of Honour Investiture for the Orient of Florida. This all could have not been accomplished without the assistance, help, and participation of our Scottish Rite Brethren. We are planning many more events for the Valley of Orlando for the rest of the year. It’s time to get involved! Take an active part in Scottish Rite Masonry and let’s make it happen! In sincere Brotherly Love! Zeb E Blanton, Jr., 33º Personal Representative of the S.G.I.G. Valley of Orlando

Calendar of Events - What’s Happening Around Here? March 21st -

Degree Masters and Reunion Committee Chairman Meeting - 8:00 AM.

April 18th& 19th- Spring Reunion.

March 24th -

Scottish Rite Visit to St. Johns Lodge #37.

April 24th -

March 26th -

Scottish Rite Visit to Bahia DeMolay.

March 27th -

Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal.

April 1st -

Scottish Rite Visit to Daytona Beach Lodge #270.

Stated Meeting, Service Awards & visit by the Potentate of Bahia Shrine, officers wear white coats. April 25th & 26th - Road To Victory Military Vehicle Show. April 28th -

Scottish Rite Visit to Orange Assembly #134 Rainbow

Who will be next to BRING A MASTER MASON CLASS TO SCOTTISH RITE? Who will be next? Who will be next to BRING A MASTER MASON CLASS TO SCOTTISH RITE? For some time I have been trying to get an entire class of new Master Masons to continue their Masonic careers together in Scottish Rite Masonry. So far, this has not happened. This would be a great honor and distinction not only for the Class as well as the

Lodge, the Lodge Aide, the SR Club and the Orlando Scottish Rite Masonic Center. There is ample time to pull this off for our 2009 Spring Reunion. Who will be next?

Ill. Robert Moyer, 33º General Chairman, Membership Committee


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Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida, USA, Inc. The fourth meeting of the three Scottish Rite Clubs in Brevard county was held on the 29th of January, at Brevard Lodge #113. The guest speakers we had was Mrs. Rhonda Hemphill, the director of the Language Disorder Clinic in Orlando, and Mrs. Elizabeth Queen who is the Mother of Travis Queen and she talked about all the achievements that Travis has attained in his short time while enrolled at the clinic. It is always nice to see and hear first hand from the people who are the recipients of the monies donated by our members and their families. The Foundation received over $400.00 that evening and we appreciate all of you who helped make this possible! We have two plays; (ROSE UPON THE ALTAR) and (The Noachite Knight) that are available for bookings. The Rose play only requires a lodge setting, but the Noachite play requires a large lodge or room to

facilitate all the props i.e. gallows and stumps. We only ask that these be used for fund raisers for a lodge or Masonic allied bodies, and a portion given to the Scottish Rite Foundation of Florida USA, Inc. To schedule a play or for further information please contact Ron Trinkle at 321 288 2703. Times are getting rough, but the demand for our help is increasing. Please continue your help and support to the Foundation in any way you are able. We thank you for all that you do! Fraternally, Ron Trinkle, 32째 KCCH

Here is my charitable donation to the SCOTTISH RITE FOUNDATION OF FLORIDA, INC. AMOUNT: $________________________ Telephone Number:____________________________________________________ ( )


( )


( )


( )


This is another great avenue made available to the members. You can contact the office by phone at 407-657-4550, e-mail at or mail the form to P.O. Box 5736, Winter Park, FL. 32793-5736. NAME:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ VISA CARD NUMBER:_______________________________________________________ 3-Digit Security Code:___________ EXPIRATION DATE:__________________________ SIGNATURE:__________________________________________________

Committee On Work Degree Masters & Committee Chairmen, Brethren, before we know it the Spring Reunion will be upon us. Degree Masters, if you have not already started practicing your degrees it is time to get started. Please schedule your degree practices with Ill Keith and if you need access to the Scottish Rite Masonic Center contact him or me. If you have any changes to your degree, what ever they may be, coordinate them with the appropriate committee and also clear it thru Ill Zeb, Ill Keith and/or myself. Committee Chairmen, please make every effort to accommodate the Degree Masters when ever possible. Normally whenever a change is requested it is only done to make it a smoother and more informative degree.

The Degree Masters and Committee Chairmen meeting is schedule for March the 21st, 8:00am breakfast and 9:00am meeting. If you are not able to attend please send a representative in your place All changes to the Spring Reunion Program booklet must be submitted to Ill Keith by March the 23rd. It is hope that this Spring Reunion will be a repeat of the last two Reunions. My Fraternal regards, George R. Van Pelt, 32째 KCCH Director of Work


Ernest Borgnine, 33째 Grand Cross will be at the Orlando Scottish Rite on Saturday, May 30th, 2009. Details of the visit will be announced when they are finalized.

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KCCH Court of Honor By the time you read this, the Mystery Dinner Theater will be history. And, we hope everyone will be talking about the good time they had. Ticket sales were good and Ill. Paul had another of his excellent meals for all to enjoy. If you missed this event, you missed a great time. If you were there, I hope you are looking forward to the next one and will promote it to your friends and neighbors. Thanks to all who helped to make this a success. Our Lodge visits our scheduled for March 24th at St. Johns Lodge #37, March 26th at Bahia DeMolay, and April 28th at Orange Rainbow Assembly #134. Contact a friend and come visit with us we always have a fun time on these visits. Please, come to our next meeting and remember, get involved today or it may be to late tomorrow! Steve Teal 32°, President, KCCH Club

Knights of Saint Andrews March and April bring us the Ceremony of Remembrance (March 27) and our Spring Reunion (April 18-19). I encourage all to come to the ceremony of remembrance as it allows us to look back on brothers who have passed and is a very moving ceremony. I also encourage those brothers who haven’t been to a reunion in awhile come out as we will find a way to get you involved and possibly put you to work. Also in April we are looking to have our first social (tentatively April 11) as I have a guest speaker planned who is a financial planner with Ameriprise Financial. With most of us wondering how to assess the recent economic woes, I felt this is a great time to have someone come and speak and give us advice on what to look for in our present economic situations. I am sure all of us can share some opinions and why not get one from a professional. More to follow as we get closer to our date, with time and place.

project or a good money maker send it in or come tell us about it. We are also evaluating the cost of making our own Knights of Saint Andrew Banner thus the need for fundraisers. We are working on reinstating the KSA Trumpet which will help get the word out for events each month. So look forward to it in your email in the future. As I stated previously I have a working list of brothers e-mails and phone numbers so we will try and keep everyone abreast as much as possible. Look forward to seeing you at a meeting. Should you need anything don’t hesitate to contact me by the following or 407 947-6034. Fraternally, Fraternally, Larry Williamson, Venerable Master Knights of Saint Andrews

We are looking for fundraising ideas so if you know of a good

***** IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ***** Brothers, do you have a locker? Have you paid your locker fee for 2009? We have several lockers with locks but no name attached. Please let us know if you’re using a locker and pay the fee which is only $10.00 per year.

Ceremony of Remembrance and Renewal The Orlando Scottish Rite Bodies will host the annual Ceremony of Remembrance on Friday, March 27th in the Scottish Rite Auditorium. The Ceremony of Remembrance combines the traditional Scottish Rite ceremonies of the Extinguishing and Relighting of the Lights. This ceremony is open to ALL Masons and their families, as well as non-Masons. The Ceremony signifies the “Extinguishing of the Seven Symbolic Lights,” and commemorates the freedom from bondage of the people enslaved by the evils of persecution, hatred, intolerance, tyranny and despotism. The Ceremony of “Relighting the Lights” symbolizes the restoration of the Light of God’s Love, the hope of immortality and the Triumph of Truth and Justice over the evils of malice, intolerance and ignorance. Without the benefits of restored Light, mankind would group in despair. The Ceremony Remembrance and Renewal serves as a time to remember our departed brethren.

Orlando Scottish Rite Bodies Scottish Rite Masonic Center P.O. Box 5736 Winter Park, Fl 32793-5736

Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Orlando, Florida Permit No. 3082


We’re on the web.

Scottish Rite Clubs – Valley of Orlando Central Brevard Scottish Rite Club meets 3rd Thursday each month at Brevard Lodge #113 at 7:00 p.m. Covered dish dinner. 3rd

Deltona Scottish Rite Club meets Monday each month at Landmark Lodge #383 at 7:00 p.m. Covered dish dinner. Halifax Scottish Rite Club meets 1st Monday each month at Daytona Beach Lodge #270 at 7:00 p.m. Lake Scottish Rite Club Meets 1st Wednesday each month at Mt Dora Lodge #238 at 7:00 p.m. Reservations required. Contact the President, Ill:. Jerry Elmore, 33rd 33° phone: 352 -343-4018

Osceola Scottish Rite Club meets 2nd Friday each month at St. Cloud Lodge #221 at 7:00 p.m. Spaghetti Dinner. Sanford Scottish Rite Club meets 2nd Wednesday each month at I-Hop Orlando Ave (US 17-92) south of the 417 at 6:00 p.m. Dinner meeting . South Brevard Scottish Rite Club meets 4th Thursday each month at Melbourne Lodge #143 at 6:30 p.m. Covered dish dinner. Titusville Scottish Rite Club meets 2nd Tuesday each month at Indian River Lodge #90 at 6:30 p.m. Covered dish dinner.

New Smyrna Beach Scottish Rite Club meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at the New Smyrna Beach Shrine Club 7:00 p.m. for covered dish dinner. Human progress is our cause, liberty of thought our supreme wish, freedom of conscience our mission, and the guarantee of equal rights to all people everywhere our ultimate goal. -- The Scottish Rite Creed

Orlando Scottish Rite Bulletin  

March-April 2009 edition

Orlando Scottish Rite Bulletin  

March-April 2009 edition