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ROMY B. Romy Brosseau Quebec City, Canada +1.418.265.4976 French (native); English (professional working proficiency); Spanish (limited working proficiency); Japanese (elementary proficiency)

ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS 01.2013 - 12.2014 Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

01.2012 - 12.2012 University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

09.2009 - 12.2012 Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

08.2006 - 12.2008 Sainte-Foy College, Quebec City, Canada

Master in Architecture [M. Arch.] Studios: Virtual Architecture and Digital Fabrication & Heritage Conservation and Restoration

International program - 3rd year student exchange Studios: Urban design, Digital architecture & Landscape architecture

Bachelor in architecture [B. Sc. Arch.] Studios: Institutional Building, Restoration & Housing

Pre-university diploma in Natural Sciences [DCS] As part of the Technoscience Profile

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 02.2015 - ... Atelier Guy Architectes, Quebec City, Canada

02.2015 EXMURO arts publics, Quebec City, Canada

01.2013 Muséoconseil, Quebec City, Canada

Intern 3D modeling, schematic drawings, diagrams, model making and renderings for different projects at design and competition phase

Freelance commission Public art project, 3D modeling and renderings . Client : Comission de la capitale nationale du Québec

Freelance commission Exhibition design concept, 3D modeling and schematic plans . Client : Château Dufresne, Montréal

OTHER PROFESIONNAL EXPERIENCE 2015, 2014 & 2013 Canadian Coast Guard, Quebec City, Canada

2011, 2010 & 2008 Canadian Coast Guard, Quebec City, Canada

Assistant Coordinator Plan, co-ordinate, conduct and control SAR operations at the Maritime Rescue Sub-Centre (MRSC) in Quebec City

Boat coxswain and crew member Search and Rescue operations in the Inshore Rescue Boat (IRB) Service

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE 01.2013 - 12.2014

FabLab commitee [Fabrication laboratory]

Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

. Communications and Graphic Design Coordinator . 3D Printer and Laser Cutter Operator

09.2012 - 12.2012 Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

09.2009 - 12.2012 Laval University, Quebec City, Canada

OBJET 2014 commitee [Graduates’ auction fundraising event] . Co-host for the fundraising evening auction . Sponsorship Committee Member . Competition Committee Member

Guest Critic Bachelor studios reviews . 1st, 2nd and 3rd year

EXHIBITIONS AND INSTALLATIONS 22.09 - 05.10.2014 Exhibit at Laval Univsersity School of Architecture, Québec Worshop - Futures from Nature - Laval University & ENA de Paris

05.01.2013 - 23.03.2013 Competition - Ephemeral Architecture - Hotêl de Glace de Québec

18.01.2012 - 25.02.2012 Exposition Parisian Laudry, Montréal Competition - Migrating Landscapes - Canadian pavilion for Venice Biennale

LAINESCAPE [installation] - winner collaborators: A. Hamlyn & B. Rougier

SNOWBIRD [hotel room design] - 1st place collaborators: J. Beauchamp & G. Blais-Dufour

.CA [installation] - regional finalist collaborators: J. Beauchamp, R. Dupuis, A. Hamlyn & C. Latulippe-Hébert

HONORS AND AWARDS 05.2015 Competition - Unusual Passageways - EXMURO Arts Publics

03.2015 OBJET Auction evening - Laval University

POTEMKINE [idea] - special mention collaborators: J. Beauchamp, B. Rougier & G. Turcotte

ECHO [object design - acoustic amplifier] . 1st jury prize . public prize . ’kickstarter’ prize . ’form and matter’ prize . Laval University Success Suporting Fund Scholarship collaborator: J. Beauchamp

03.2014 Competition - Fields of Knowledge - Canadian Architecture Centre [CCA]

03.2014 OBJET auction evening - Laval University

03.2014 OBJET auction evening - Laval University

03.2014 Competition - Transmutations - Canadian Centre for Architecture [CCA]

05.2011 Competition - Emblematic Addition - Laval University

03.2011 OBJET auction evening - Laval University

09.2010 Competition - Intens-cité - Laval University

11.2009 Competition - Vélo Cité - Laval University

OVO [idea] - 3e place - ex aequo collaborators: J. Beauchamp, N. Drolet & G. Blais-Dufour

GÉODE [object design - lamp] . 1st jury prize . ‘kickstarter’ prize URSULA [object design - lamp] - 3rd jury prize collaborator: A.-M. Giroux

ARCHITECTURE INSTANTANNÉE [idea]- mention du jury collaborators: J. Beauchamp, G. Blais-Dufour, F. Langelier & G. Paquette

SHLACK !! [idea] - special mention collaborators: J. Beauchamp, E. Gagné-Loranger & A. Hamlyn

KäLK [object design - lamp] - lauréat collaborator: A.-M. Giroux

CONNEXION [idea] - youth special mention collaborators: J.J. Gaudet-Rocheleau, A.Hamlyn & A. Lachance

VÉLOCITÉ [idea] - 2nd jury prize collaborators: M.-A. Dufault, A. Hamlyn & C. Latulippe-Hébert

TECHNICAL SKILLS DRAWING ET 3D MODELING AutoCAD ; Rhinocéros 3D ; Grasshopper ; SketchUp




VRay Rhino ; Artlantis Studio

Photoshop ; Illustrator ; InDesign ; Bridge

3D Print; Laser cutter ; 2 & 3 axis CNC

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