Romy Beat

Romy Beat

Vancouver, Canada

Graphic advertising, Creative Advertising, Web design, expert of the internet and hardware, work with PC and MAC, Signs, Illuminated Signs, Signboard Road, National advertising campaign - Posters of paper & Posters Bright 6x3, Itinerant advertising with trucks and patented structures for advertising campaigns and local and national, digital printing, Sports men,
Sports Manager, Manager of amusement parks for children and adults, Environmentalist, Blogger ... and now, for the last five years, ( 2007 ) Writer & Screenwriter.


Become the greatest writer of the world , translated into all the languages of the planet .

I TRY! ... I am searching ...

Person or persons who believe in me, in my work , in my writing style , my style to tell , in my style of thinking things , also for future , in my visions , in my immense creative and fantasy .
I support and sponsor within the limits of their human possibilities and intellectual .