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Inside August 2011 Issue

Welcome to August Issue.

The picture on the front page was taken at the carnival procession which had a really good turnout, and again, like the Beggars Fair we were lucky with the weather and everyone had a really good time. If you would like to see more pictures from the Carnival Andy from Lovely Pics has lots to see on his website, see pg 15 for his details. This month we have another advertiser, New Forest Garden Machinery that is on the move to larger premises from 1st August. Good Luck to Phill and his team with the move. Details Pg 4. With the children being constantly told that they should spend more time outside I have included an article which I think could be the perfect answer! Geocaching, which is a Treasure Hunt where you use the GPS on your phone to track the treasure. I cant see any child not enjoying using a phone to find the treasure. This month we have 2 new writers who are both going to provide us with information on health. The first is Dr Sarah Watton from Abbey Chiropractic Clinic who this month is giving us tips on how to avoid injury and back pain when gardening. We also have Kate Gray RGN who is going to cover a wide range of health topics starting with Menopause. I would like to thank them both for their contributions and hope you will find them very useful. Not forgetting our existing writers Ken McLeod from Mainstone vets who has provided all of us pet owners with invaluable information for over a year now and Tristan Pattison from the Romsey Rugby Club who continues to update us on the clubs activities. A big thank you to all. Enjoy the holidays.......Diane


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How to Avoid Injury and Back pain 4 Humour - Working From Home 6 Romsey Rugby Club 10 Humour - By Chris Russell 14 Fresh Looks For Summer 16 - 17 Your Health - Menopause 18 Clubs & Events 22 Geocaching - The GPS Treasure Hunt 23 Motoring - Cars to enjoy in Retirement 24 Pet Health - PETS Passport Update 32

Puzzles Childrens Puzzle Page

12 20


FREE UNDERLAY on selected carpets


CHANDLERS FORD 105 Winchester Road, SO53 2GH

TEL: 01202 887371

TEL: 023 8027 3732


HEDGE END VILLAGE 7 Upper Northam Road, SO30 4DY

Wilton Shopping Village

TEL: 01489 798801

TEL: 01722 742733

023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


Gardening - How To Avoid Injury And Back Pain by Sarah Watton BSc


ardening can be one persons greatest pleasure, or another persons biggerst chore. Either way, it is easy to become injured, or aggravate a pre-existing problem. The main cause of back pain when gardening is prolonged stretching and overuse of the ligaments in the spine. Here are a few useful tips to help you enjoy pain-free gardening.

Sensible planting - plant from a kneeling position. Use a “kneeler” seat with mat and handle/s. Choose plants for ground cover to reduce weeding, or use forest bark. periods Raised beds - are excellent for those with chronic back problems, the ideal width for a raised be is 2-3 ft, and no more than 4ft wide

Workbench height in greenhouse – the ideal height for this is 2-4 inches below the height of your elbow to prevent the strain of standing in a stooped position for too long. Try bringing your potting/pricking out up towards you by using plastic trays or boxes to achieve the recommended height. Use correct tools – use lightweight and long handled tools if possible. Don’t try and use a tool which is too heavy for you.

Mower- where possible choose an electric start mower. Start up a petrol mower by bracing your foot against the mower for balance and then pull the cord. Don’t bend too far or twist to the side when starting the mower. If you use a hover mower, don’t swing it from side to side at arms length. Instead mow forwards and backwards using your body weigh to push as you would with a conventional mower. Digging – don’t dig continuously for a long


period of time, and don’t take huge spadefuls, or use a spade which is too large. Try to keep your back hollow, with your legs spaced slightly apart. Use your core muscles for strength. Keep your back straight while lifting the soil, and avoid excess twisting.

Watering cans – carry two equally filled watering cans at a time. Don’t fill them too much. Bend your hips and your knees to pick them up. The best advise is to do a little of each activity at a time. Don’t go “gung ho” and try to do the whole job at once. Have several jobs on the go, which use different postures and actions, and do 10-15 mins of each task before moving on to the next. Don’t forget to enjoy the garden too – take a break to have a sit-down with a cup of tea and enjoy looking at your garden.


If you do develop pain or an injury, go and see Chiropractic Clinic your Chiropractor for advice or treatment. Don’t leave it to go away on it’s own – the sooner the treatment is carried out the quicker you will be back in the garden.

Abbey Chiropractic Clinic

Back & Neck Pain Sports Injuries Trapped Nerve Arthritic Pain Headache & Migraine Shoulder, Arm & Wrist Pain Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot Pain Golfer’s elbow/tennis elbow

Free of charge advisory consultation by appointment 4 Malmesbury Road, Romsey. SO51 8FT

01794 518772 Also at

City Chiropractic Clinic, 10B Queensway, Southampton, SO14 3AZ 02380 234477 Sarah Watton BSc (Chiropractic) Doctor of Chiropractic and Associates Registered with the General Chiropractic Council and Members of the British Chiropractic Association Recognised by health insurance companies.

Are on the move.... M27 Junction 2


Calmore Ind Estate

Calmore Bus Stop

Testwood Motors Testwood Pub Testwood Church





bu ry Ro

we were here


ew Forest Garden Machinery is a family owned and run business which was founded by John Shaw in the early eighties. After his sudden death in 2004 John’s son Phillip took over at the helm of the company and has maintained and nurtured the customer centric business that his father started.


Totton College

Netley Marsh

Originally opened as a one unit space in Netley Marsh the company has grown and they now employ five people from the local community. location our workshop will We They have decided offer the highest level of look forward to to move the business servicing.” welcoming our current to a larger and more and new customers at our new convenient location so Phill and his team have address from they can continue to years of experience dealing 1st August 2011 improve their service with all makes of garden and sales offering. machinery, they will advise on the best options available on the market for your Phill explained “We pride ourselves in maintaining requirements. Whether it is a top of the range sit high standards of customer care and want to offer on lawn mower, a cutting blade for your existing our customers a more comfortable environment mower, or a long overdue service to get your to select their garden machinery. At the new machine running like new again. A336



ood Ro






White Horse

316 - 318 Salisbur y Road, Totton, Hants. SO40 3ND

023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


Working from home By Ted Bruning

Larry No-Mates....


t feels like a long time since I had any colleagues. Well, it’s four-and-a-half years, to be precise; so yes, it is quite a long time since I had any colleagues. But is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have always maintained – and it’s not a particularly original thought – that the pleasure you derive from your job really derives from those you work with. Whatever you do, from the ludicrously cushy to the back-breakingly hard (but barring the wilder extremes – I’m not talking rock-breaking in Siberia here), you soon start to take it for granted. I’ve been a journalist for many years, and the work has always been interesting with a fair few perks, mainly in the form of subsidised travel and lavish dinners thrown in. Not so much now as when I was in the brewing trade press; but I still get the odd trip hither and yon and a few days in Brittany or Belgium now and again do relieve the monotony. It’s work, and that’s that. You come to take money for granted, too, whether you’re just making ends meet like me or raking in obscene piles of moolah like, say, a banker (boo hiss!). But rich or poor (or poorish, at any rate), people in my experience tend to structure their lives according to their expectations and once they’ve settled into a means-related pattern, and always assuming a modicum of security, money becomes a secondary issue. Colleagues, to me, are the one thing you can’t take for granted. Some of them you’ll hate. Some of them you’ll love. (Taking either of these to extremes, however, is not advisable!) Some of them you’ll gladly share a few bevvies and a good gossip with down the pub after work. Some of them, on the other hand – you only have to glimpse them in the office boozer and you’re heading straight for the bus stop. Of course if you have no colleagues, you have no irritants. The one with the irritating laugh. The one with the irritating cough or sneeze. The one with the irritating opinions. You have no enemies, either: Louise from marketing isn’t constantly cosying up to the boss and plotting to subjugate your department to hers. And, of course, you have no meetings. But you don’t get the good ones, either. Not


just the after-work pint buddy, but the bloke who knows all about cars and advises you authoritatively against buying a five-year-old Kia. The one who knows just how you like your coffee. The one who’s recovered from the cold you’ve just caught and can tell you exactly how long it’s likely to last and what remedy he/she found particularly efficacious. The one whose wedding you went to, and who came to yours. No, on balance colleagues are a good thing. Even the ones you loathe serve to make your day less grey. If you’ve got them, if you’re still officebound and haven’t yet experienced the glorious freedom that comes with working from home, cherish them. Forgive them their trespasses (within reason, that is). And if you don’t have them, if you’ve taken that leap into the workingfrom-home dark, join something. Whether it’s the Communist Party or the local amateur operatic society or (as in my case) the Rose & Crown Supporters’ Club, it’s a great comfort to know that when you’ve turned the computer off and had your tea, you have your ration of human contact to look forward to. Because if you don’t have colleagues, you can always have friends...

Troublesome Garage Door? n n n n

Repairs New Doors Locks Automatic Operators

Save money; repair rather than replace! We are a reliable independent family business serving the Hampshire area.

Elcombe and Son

H ome & Garden Maintenance & Improvements Carpentry Plastering Decorating Glass & Glazing Paving Fencing Garden Planting

Fully Insured

Bricklaying Re Pointing Plumbing Turfing Decking Hedge Cutting Lawn Care & Mowing

All Work Guaranteed

Fast Friendly Reliable Service No Job Too Small Estd. 1990

Please call or email for free advice & quotes

Fix Quick Garage Doors

ContaCt us for a quote or adviCe on: 513705 mob:07759 886236 email: 01264 337711 01962 715200


023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


PROPERTY BUSINESS MOVES ITS CUSTOMERS Customers Celebrate South Coast Property Management Business


edics on the Move - the Lettings and Property Management agents for South Coast professionals - has been honoured by its customers. The firm received a Gold Award, recognised for its excellent customer service as voted by professionals across the region, during the course of 2010. The prestigious ‘ESTAS’ award was given to the company in the ‘medium sized chain of lettings agents’ category. It was announced by Phil Spencer, presenter of Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location property programme at a lavish luncheon & ceremony at the Hilton Park Lane London attended by 500 of the UK’s top estate and letting agents. Phil Spencer said “The ESTAS are the most important and valuable awards in our industry. An ESTA is not an easy accolade to pick up - to win one requires a lot of hard work, over a very long period of time.” The results of the competition were determined by research carried out amongst customers who are asked a series of questions about the service they have received from their agent. Over 26,000 votes were received making it the biggest consumer survey of its kind in the property industry.

Tenants looking after your property?

Medics on the Move – also winner of the ‘Regional Letting Agents of the Year 2010’ - provides an insightful and intuitive service, matching the property with the tenant. It hosts an exclusive collection of properties, allowing the time to look after each property properly. Amongst a myriad of tasks, landlords can hand over the responsibility of selecting, interviewing , referencing and arranging tenancy agreements; transferring utility payments to the tenants; dealing with day-to-day enquiries, instructing contractors and taking care of routine maintenance. In addition to rental and property management, the company also provides an in-depth and personal relocation and home search. ‘Medics on the Move’ is a professional company working for all busy professionals. The complete service ensures that ‘finding the right home’ includes not only fantastic properties but the proximity of good schools, transport and amenities, as required. Visit or call 0844 335 6944 for further guidance or follow @MedicsOnMove on Twitter. The ESTAS are organised by Awards for Business


n theory, it’s not always that difficult to find tenants but it can be a little trickier finding nice tenants. You know - the ones that pay you on time and look after your place as if it were their own. And things can go wrong very quickly. Before you know where you are, they’ve bought a large dog, or have moved in other tenants, or have decided that house cleaning is not really part of their lifestyle… Medics on the Move is an award-winning lettings and property management business with a great reputation. We look after our landlords properly. Our service is tailored to your needs and we’ll handle all of the advertising, interview and reference tenants, ensure that the rent is paid on time and care for your property as you do. Our quality management service comes at a surprisingly affordable price. You’ll have complete peace of mind. Why not give us a call?


Contact Lynne Dadley in Romsey 0844 335 6944


Domestic Appliance Repairs

      

Same or next day Service OAP Discounts

Carpets, Leather, Rug & Curtain Cleaning Independent Family Run & Owned Business Approved by Trading Standards Free No-Obligation Quotations 10% OFF Honest & Competitive Pricing for existing Rapid Drying Times customers NO Hidden EXTRA’S - The price we quote is the price you pay!

Call: Rachael on:

023 8069 6000


£5 off repair on production of this advert

FREE Hall & Stairs

Stairs & Landing) Carpet-CareCleaning(orwhen you have your

Premier Electrics

Lounge Carpet Cleaned

Est 1972


1 Seating Area Cleaned for FREE

01794 899 810

when you have your 3 Piece Suite Cleaned

“I have been very impressed with the way that your company has dealt with me since my emergency a couple of weeks ago and I shall continue to both use and recommend your services.” Private Client - Romsey July 2011.

023 8025 2446

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Romsey Rugby Club

Clubs lorry pull at Romsey Carnival

On The Field


fter what seems like the shortest summer break ever, we’re back in to the swing of pre-season training, under the watchful eye of our fitness coach, who appears to revel in other people’s discomfort. Or maybe I’m just another year older? Romsey Colts are taking shape well ahead of next season, with Coach Dave Grosse marshalling his troops ahead of what promised to be a thoroughly interesting and challenging season for the lads. The major change over the summer was the departure of long-suffering coach Gary Banks for pastures new. We’d like to put on record our deep gratitude for all he’s done for the club over the years, as player, coach and pretty much every role in between. We wish him all the best in this next, exciting phase in his career, and look forward to welcoming him back whenever he’s passing through. We have also had our AGM, with several new names appearing on the honours board ahead of the coming season. Eric Bailey, involved with the club since 1976, replaces Bob Broomhall as president, after the latter came to the end of a superb 10-year tenure. Debbie Hill, formerly chair of the “Wasps” (the junior section), steps up to take the chair of the seniors, following on from the sterling work of Bryan Musk. Continuity on the field is maintained with Gareth Roberts voted as club captain for the third straight year.

Players Required Naturally, at this stage of every season we’re looking for more players, so come on down with


your boots to the pitch behind the Rapids on any Tuesday or Thursday night at 7pm and get involved. It really doesn’t matter if you haven’t played before, just come along and have a good time as you learn about the game.

Charity & Community By the time you read this, we will have completed all of our summer fundraising – a successful three peaks challenge in June, and then a lorry pull and Isle of Wight cycle ride for good measure. Be sure to check the website/ Romsey Advertiser for an update on how we got on, and how much money we raised for the various causes.

Get in touch - come and watch! Our second team get the season started with a home game against Basingstoke on Saturday September 17th, 3pm at Romsey Sports Centre. Come over and watch, you’re always assured of a warm, if somewhat raucous, welcome! After the match we have a BBQ, beer festival and a great local band until late in the evening Our opening First-team home match is on Saturday September 24th, against local rivals Millbrook. This match is sure to be keenly contested, so we’re following this one up with another party! We are always keen to hear from new players of any level of experience, age or fitness, plus supporters, members, volunteers, fundraisers, social butterflies and sport enthusiasts. Visit our website at or email for further details.

Romsey Advert August 2010:Riomsey Advert

Quality Carpets & Vinyls Supplied & Fitted Carpets—Vinyls—Karndean



• Home Selection Service—Wide Range • Floor Preparation Undertaken • Re-Adaptations • Free Estimates & Planning • Domestic & Contract

SALES SERVICE REPAIRS HIRE For ALL your mobility needs

Member of The Guild of Master Craftsmen

MOB: 07860 348245 Tel/Fax: 023 8026 5048

ROMSEY 01794 522 555

31 Abbey Enterprise Centre Romsey SO51 9DF


023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


Puzzle Page 2


Quick Crossword 3





8 10



12 14




1. Scrutinised (8) 2. Narrow piece (5) 4. Soapsuds (6) 5. Numerical (12) 6. Sawhorse (7) 7. Browse on internet (4) 8. Completed (12) 12. High singing voice (8) 14. Metal money (7) 16. Artillery gun (6) 18. Perfect (5) 19. Part of the eye (4)




1. Simple (4) 3. Weather conditions (8) 9. Fruit similar to a peach (7) 10. Belonging to them (5) 11. Changes for the better (12) 13. Get away (6) 15. Takes photographs (6) 17. Common features (12) 20. Get to (5) 21. Closest (7) 22. Paying money (8) 23. In addition (4)








Accountant Actor Baker Banker Butcher Chef Dentist Doctor Driver Farmer Hairdresser Jockey Locksmith Nurse Optician Pilot

Plumber Publican Sailor Soldier Teacher Valet

Find these names of occupations in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase

Answers Pg 31


Advanced Appliance Care



repair when booking on-line

Ad A

Same Day/Next Day Service


Low Cost, Fast Repair 15 Years Experience All Makes & Models Repaired Fully Guaranteed

Low 15 Y All M Fully

• • • • •

Dishwashers Fridge Freezers Cookers Tumble Dryers Integrated Specialists • OAP Discounts

01794 02380 840005 982855 01794 982855 840005 02380

• • • • •

Dis Frid Coo Tum Inte Spe • OA

02 01


clean lines Bathrooms refreshed with new grout or sealant Services include: - Bathroom / kitchen makeovers - Painting & Decorating - Wallpaper Hanging For a friendly, local service, a free quotation or advice contact Andy Pearce Make a real difference to your small 07775 670 917 room from only £40 for bath sealing.

023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


The Musical Food Chain


ll men are not created equal. Everybody knows this. But nowhere is the sting of society’s inequality felt more savagely than in the cut-throat world of rock ‘n’ roll. I think it’s pretty well-established that guitar players sit at the top of The Musical Food Chain. You only need to walk into any music shop, anywhere in the world, to be presented with stark visual evidence of the fact that being the guitarist makes you automatically Much More Important Than The Rest Of The Band. It is nothing less than cast-iron scientific fact that 92% of the space in any given music shop will be dedicated to guitars. Thousands of them, all lined up in shining rows, attended to by at least fifteen eager salesmen waiting to satisfy a guitarist’s every whim and fancy. ‘Would you like that doublenecked twelve-string guitar in a slightly paler shade of sunburst orange, sir? No problem. We have every possible permutation of this model in stock.’ Here’s a challenge for you though. Walk into your local instrument store sometime and see if you can find the keyboard section. Seriously, try it. It’s hilarious. It’s like looking for the salad bar in McDonalds. Below is a transcript of a conversation I had in one of London’s leading music stores some years back. Whilst my guitarist was upstairs indulging in a fantastically chirpy exchange with a sales clerk and merrily churning out Dire Straits riffs, I had been trying to locate the keyboard section. When I eventually found it (and after having waited long enough for service that I could actually feel algae growing on the soles of my feet), I was reluctantly approached by a very bored-looking employee, whom for convenience we shall name Dirk: CHRIS: Can I speak to your keyboard specialist? DIRK: Sorry, what? CHRIS: Is there someone here who knows about keyboards? DIRK: Not really.


By Chris Russell

CHRIS: Oh. Right. Well, I’m interested in the M-Audio Keystation. DIRK: And? CHRIS: I’ve spotted that you have one over there and was wondering if I could try it out? DIRK: No, you can’t. It’s not set up. CHRIS: That’s not a problem - I can wait while you set it up. DIRK: Oh, no. We don’t do that. CHRIS: How am I supposed to know it’s the right model for me then? DIRK: Dunno. CHRIS: But you’re a music shop. I am a music consumer. I want to try out a keyboard and then, if all goes according to plan, give you money for it and take away the goods in return. That’s basic capitalism. DIRK: Can’t you tell just by looking at it? [I look at the keyboard for a couple of seconds.] CHRIS: OK, fine. I’ll just go ahead and buy it then. DIRK: No mate, you can’t. We don’t have any left. CHRIS: But I’m looking at one right now! See how my hands touch it! DIRK: Nah, that one’s not for sale.

This went on for a little while until, presently, I battered him to death. So you see, discrimination and prejudice exist in all walks of life and, amongst the world’s many minority groups, it is perhaps keyboard players who feel this most acutely. There are myriad possible explanations for why things have turned out like this but, whichever way you look at it, keyboardists are at the bottom of The Musical Food Chain. The plankton of rock ‘n’ roll. And please do pity us because, if things go on like this, we could one day become extinct. Maybe I should contact the World Wildlife Fund. Chris plays piano in South London power-pop band The Lightyears. The Lightyears, voted the UK’s BEST POP/ROCK ACT at the Indy Awards, have played Wembley Stadium, toured across four continents, worked with Sting’s producer and starred in a T-MobileChris is currently working on his first novel, “Mockstars”. Read more of Chris’ blogs and tour diaries at .

DT i n t e r i o r s installations + property maintenance I

Installations Kitchens & Bathrooms Domestic & Commercial



No job is too big or too small for our painting and decorating services

Doors Floors Skirting Boards Architrave Decking

No Vat Charged On Labour For a professional finish and excellent service contact Dan

Mobile: 07882156975 Email: photography for all occasions

Weddings, portraits, family groups, education

We specialise in natural relaxed photography capturing the magical atmosphere within your photo’s opening offer - free photography visit for more information north baddesley 07527 327496 southampton

Your local award-winning professional florist

Please Contact Denise telephone 023 8074 1299 mobile 07771 625816 email website


wo Brick rk Blockwo

L M Building • • • •

Extensions New Build Renovations Re - Pointing

12 years Experience No Job too small

Patios Walls

For a Free Quote Contact Lee 07510 668283

“Putting your Pets First”

Professional Pet Care Services Cats/Small Pet Home Visits, Dog Walking, All Pets Cared for. Uniformed, Insured, Police Checked Staff

Contact 0845 643 0761

023 8025 2446

Romsey Directory


20 Ways To Get A Fresh Look For Summer Katherine Sorrell


Gypsy Chandelier, £69.99, Hiccup Gifts, 0845 373 1430; Appliqué Chintz Cushion, £30, John Lewis; 08456 049049; Lime Rananculus in square vase, £18; Blue Anemone in glass bowl, £16; both Grey Rose by Jane Packer at Debenhams, 08445 616161;


ant to give your home a quick, easy and inexpensive makeover for summer? Interiors expert Katherine Sorrell offers 20 inspiring solutions

1. Pop some fresh flowers in a vase. Even

2. 3.

4. 5.






casual arrangements of garden flowers in a jam jar, milk bottle or enamel jug will brighten up all but the most formal of rooms. Light a scented candle or line up a set of multicoloured tea lights. Change your cushion covers. For the most up-to-date look, choose vivid but coordinating colours, in a variety of quirky patterns. Disguise a tired sofa or a boring bed with a pretty throw. Replace dated lampshades or light fittings. So quick, easy and cheap, there’s no excuse not to. While you’re at it, check that your light bulbs are the right wattage for the room – there’s nothing worse than poorly lit rooms, or ones that are so dazzling they look like a lamp shop. Use paint to transform your home from top to bottom. Floors, walls, window frames, skirtings, shelves, free-standing furniture and even kitchen and bathroom tiles can all be refreshed and revived with a lick of paint. Flooring sets the tone for any room, and if your carpet is looking tired, you’ll be amazed at the effect a change can have. One option is to remove the carpet entirely and renovate the boards beneath. To strip away old stains or surface coatings, hire a professional sanding machine and follow the instructions carefully, before sealing, staining, liming, waxing, bleaching or painting. Adding or replacing a rug is another instant way to change the look of your floor. Think bold texture, pattern or colour.

10. In a girl’s room, suspending a corona over the bed, with some sheer curtains draped around, will go miles towards that fairytale room she’s always wanted. 11. Flower lights wrapped around the bedhead are a lovely touch, too. A boy might prefer camouflage netting or a giant map of the world on the wall behind the bed. 12. Create a fabulous display of pictures. Instead of dotting them around in an ad hoc fashion, frame them all the same and hang in orderly rows for super-duper impact. 13. Look at your light switches. If yours are of the bog-standard, white plastic type, check out the alternatives – stainless steel, nickel, chrome, brass, even ‘invisible’ acrylic, with a rocker, dolly or even neat little push button switch. The same goes for switch plates, TV aerial sockets, even shaver and electric toothbrush plates. 14. Do the same for door handles, blind and light pulls, cupboard and drawer pulls, and any other knobs or handles you can find. Substituting ordinary ones with something interesting, tactile and good-looking can make a world of difference.

15. Take down dodgy nets and preserve your privacy with stick-on plastic film instead. It’s easy to apply and much less expensive than having your windows sandblasted. Patterns range from lace to graphic spots. 16. Flouncy, fussy curtains have to go. Replace with simpler versions (no pelmets, thanks). Practically every high-street store has readymade curtains at reasonable prices. 17. New bath and basin taps will go a long way towards giving your bathroom extra pizzazz. Replacing them is a doddle for a plumber (or even a DIY dad). 18. The most ugly-duckling bathroom can be turned into a beautiful swan with the right towels. Soft, neutral colours have a timeless look, while bold patterns are of the moment. 19. The latest look for walls is to use specially designed stickers to create a graphic, funky pattern. Just peel and position for an instant new look. 20. Last but by no means least, clean your windows – it really will add a sparkle to the room.

M&S Living Room - Add colour to a living room with fresh new accessories such as cushions, rugs and curtains. All products shown, Marks & Spencer (0845 302 1234;

023 8025 2446

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Menopause - not all doom and gloom! Somewhere between the ages of 45 and 55 years, (average age 52 in the UK) women can expect to enter the menopause, the period during which levels of oestrogen decline and egg production ceases The onset of the menopause can be sudden, or it can happen over a period of years (peri-menopause) Symptoms can include night sweats, hot flushes, weight gain, osteoporosis, depression, mood swings, fatigue, dry skin, joint pain and menstrual problems. Women can expect to gain on average 2-3 kg in weight during this time, (Mauriege 2000) however, everyone can expect a decline in muscle mass and metabolism and therefore risk weight gain from age 35! Now the good news: a healthy lifestyle can really help! Participation in regular physical activity can protect against heart disease and weight gain, especially during the menopause

Pilates & Fab abs & Super Nordic Fitness Visit: 18

and afterwards. To help maintain bone mass and lean muscle tissue, incorporate weight bearing exercise, like walking, dancing and light weight training. Relaxation classes like Pilates and yoga have been shown to help reduce night sweats and hot flushes (DOH. 2004) and will also help maintain joint health, posture and flexibility. Avoid over processed, high fat foods and cook from scratch if you can. To relive anxiety, take a walk in the fresh air, meeting friends and socialising will help balance moods. Remember; most menopausal symptoms are likely to be transitory (just like puberty) and above all, enjoy the freedom that the menopause and this part of your life can bring! If you are suffering with severe problems or have any health worries, your GP is the best person to assess you and recommend an appropriate strategy.

by Kate Gray RGN

Book now 02380 731698

Sporting Competitions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Mosconi Cup Magners League Gordon Bennett Cup World Series Stanley Cup Finals Curtis Cup Copa del Rey Melbourne Cup Weber Cup Fed Cup

Choosing from the list below, can you work out which sports you would be playing if you were taking part in the competitions above? 10-Pin Bowling

Horse Racing


Ice Hockey




Rugby Union



Answers Pg 31

Quotes 1. In 1973, who famously said "I don't think there will be a woman Prime Minister in my lifetime" on the BBC TV show Val Meets The VIPs? 2. Often misquoted as "Houston, we have a problem", the quote "Houston, we've had a problem" was famously spoken on which lunar mission? 3. Who was responsible for the famous quote "Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration"? 4. In a line often misquoted as "play it again, Sam", what song is Sam famously asked to play in the film Casablanca? 5. In his acceptance speech of nomination for U.S. President, who said "Read my lips - no new taxes"? 6. In which Shakespeare play would you find the famous quote "to be or not to be, that is the question"? 7. In a famous quote, Marilyn Monroe said that all she wore to bed was what? 8. In 1998, who was Bill Clinton referring to when he said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"? 9. What famous four word quote was said on November 10th in 1871 near Lake Tanganyika in Africa? 10. In 2005, the American Film Industry listed their top 100 quotes from the history of American cinema. What eight word quote was at the top of this list? Answers Pg 31

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Answers Pg 31

Answer to riddle: It split.


Treasure Hunt For All The Family!

Saturday 20th August 2011 Registration 9.30am to 2.30pm at our market stall, Romsey Market Place ADULTS ÂŁ2.50, CHILDREN 50p, Under 5s free of charge Why not join us and see if you can crack the clues whilst also discover the hidden secrets of Romsey, and possibly win some great prizes!

Route length - approximately 90 minutes.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to Rose Road, supporting local children with complex disabilities.

To find out more prior to the event please call Neil on 02380 721205.

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Romsey Flower Arrangement Society Welcomes new members North Baddesley Village Hall 7pm 10th Aug - Garden Party 14th Sept - Chairman Evening Romsey W.I. Welcomes new members The Crosfield Hall Annexe 7.30pm 24 August - Members Evening “We’ve Got Talent” Competiton - My Creation 28 Sept -”Personal & Home Security” by Holly Dunning Hants Police. Competition - Key Wellow Flower Arrangment Society Welcomes new members Meetings held at Plaitford Village Hall at 7.30 pm Tel: Helen on 01794 323578 or Sonia on 01794 322205 August - No Meeting 26th Sept - Club Evening “Seasonal arrangements” Woodley & Crampmoor Friendship Club Woodley Village Hall, 2pm Welcomes new members 3rd Aug - Half Day Outing 17th Aug - Half Day Outing 7th Sept - Bingo 21st Sept- “A - Z of The New Forest” Slides by Mr John Coombes Braishfield Flower Arrangement Society Welcomes new members Tel: 01794 368259 / 02380 731162 Braishfield Village Hall 7.30pmMeet on the last Thursday in the Month. August - No Meeting 22nd Sept - Demonstration “Double Dutch” ( illustrated with slides) by Liz Tumer.

Test Valley Croquet Club Tel: 01794 340341 or 522115 Hunts Farm Sports Ground, Timsbury. 2pm Every Mon, Tues & Wed from April - Sept. New Members Welcome. Romsey Open Gate Stroke Club Welcomes new members The Abbey Rooms 2.15pm August - No meetings 6th Sept - Games 20th Sept - Cottage Chimes 27th Sept - Slide Show Romsey Job Club Trying to find a job? If you live around Romsey, why not drop in to our Job Club on a Wednesday morning between 9.30 and 12.30? We can’t offer you a job, but we can offer you help in finding one. You can browse for jobs on our computers , prepare your cv If you need to brush up your IT skills, we can help you with that as well. All in an informal setting, with a cup of tea or coffee. We’re at Company House, Romsey School, Greatbridge, SO51 8ZB. Ring 01794 522106 for more information Romsey Modellers, Welcomes new members Ampfield Village Hall, 3rd Wed in the month. 8pm – 10pm We are a plastic modelling club catering for all modelling genres and skill levels from beginners to well seasoned gurus. for more information please see

PLAZA THEATRE -RAODS presents Bugsy Malone By Alan Parker, Lyrics by Paul Williams Bugsy Malone is fun filled fabulous musical starring children playing grown-ups in a tongue-in cheek

spoof of the old American gangster

movies. With the wonderful charisma of the cheeky rascal Bugsy Malone,

combined with the sparkle of club entertainer Tallulah, the tender-

Blousy and Fat Sam and his loveable thugs, this is a show for all the family. Venue: Plaza Main Stage Dates: Wed 17th Aug ‘11 19:30 £6.00 Thu 18th Aug ‘11 - Fri 19th Aug ‘11 19:30 £8.00 Sat 20th Aug ‘11 17:00 £8.00 ness of new girl in town

the comedy of speakeasy boss

Oleanna By David Mamet

Dead Certain By Marcus Lloyd Out-of-work actor Michael jumps at the offer of a large fee to visit theatre-obsessed


beth and act out the play she has written.

The evening starts

out straightforwardly, but when

Elizabeth’s Michael is startled to

they begin to read script,

find disturbing similarities to his real life. Not suitable for children under 16 years. Venue: Plaza Main Stage Dates: Tue 13th Sep ‘11 19:30 £7.00 Wed 14th Sep 2011 - Sat 17th Sep ‘11 19:30 £9.00

Full Details visit Booking Office 01794 512987


Fancy a fun-filled activity all the Family can enjoy? Then give Geocaching a try. “Why don’t you switch off your TV set and go and do something less boring instead?” was the irritatingly catchy theme-tune from popular children’s television show “Why Don’t You?” Nowadays, “TV” would have to be replaced with Games-console/Laptop/Mobile phone or the latest must-have electronic gadget we can’t live without.

Geocaching The GPS Treasure Hunt B

ut there is a way to convince the whole family out of the house with an electronic device whilst enjoying a good walk or bike ride in the countryside: Geocaching. This involves tracking down hidden items, or caches, with a GPS device and recording your find. You log-on to the Internet to find the coordinates of the cache, and then use your eyes to locate its exact whereabouts – like a good old-fashioned treasure hunt. Look online and you’ll find videos of cleverly hidden caches – inside sawn-up logs in forests, stuck-up pipes by rivers and even stuffed in plastic bricks as part of the wall of a disused building. They’re usually made up of a logbook sealed in a plastic box or ammocase, along with small trinkets to keep or swap for something of similar value, and are always found outdoors. And if you’re really lucky, you might come across a “trackable” – a numbered coin or dogtag that’s moved from cache to cache. Each time it is moved, its serial number is logged on-line so it can be tracked. Bought online for a couple of pounds, some have been known to travel more than 10,000 miles over 3 continents.

Geocaching started in the US after early GPS-enthusiast Dave Ulmer planted a bucket filled with videos, books, software and a slingshot, together with a logbook and pencil, in woods near his house. After posting the coordinates online on May 3rd 2000, his package was found twice within two days after word spread rapidly among the online community. The official Geocaching website launched in September 2000 with the coordinates for 75 caches across the world listed on it. The craze soon took-off and today there are over 1.3m caches hidden in over 100 countries across the globe, with 5 million registered users. And it’s really simple to start Geocaching – just create a free membership on www.geocaching. com, type in your postcode to find caches near you, invest in a GPS device or mobile phone with GPS capability and that’s it, you’re ready. Most GPS devices take you within 6-20 feet of the object so be prepared to spend a while looking for the cache when you arrive there - this is the bit that the kids always love the best. And remember to always respect the countryside where the cache is found – don’t leave litter or damage the environment. So for a fantastic family day out that doesn’t cost a fortune, often set in stunning countryside, why don’t you give Geocaching a go? It’s certainly less boring than watching TV. Be careful of Muggles near a cache though – Muggles are non-geocachers who are sometimes near caches, such as people innocently walking their dog. Cachers try not to reveal what they’re doing to Muggles!

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Cars To Enjoy In Your Retirement By James Baggott


ou’ve worked hard, looked after the pennies and sacrificed your preferred choice of wheels for family cars. However, things are different now: the children have flown the nest, you’ve got time on your hands and more importantly more cash, so why not treat yourself to a new set of wheels? Retirement is the perfect time to take advantage of lower insurance premiums and empty roads (everyone else is at work), but the hard part is what to choose. Here we take a look at five cars to suit five different needs… The Grandparents Called Into Duty choice… Audi Q7 Our pick: 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel S Line, £47,290 A large part of enjoying retirement is the luxury of having time to lend a hand looking after your grandchildren. The thing is, little ones come with a lot of baggage, so you’ll need a car that can fit it all in. The Q7 is a great solution. Not only has it got acres of spaces, efficient diesel engine choices and a great specification, it’s also fabulous to drive. The I’ve Got A Reputation To Uphold choice… BMW 5-Series Our pick: 520d SE Touring, £31,830 The new 5 Series is a marked improvement on the out-going model. It not only looks better now the design has been toned down, but the engines are even more efficient. If you’ve spent your life in the boardroom, you’ll know how good a BMW is and there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a new one now. We’d go for the Touring (estate) version, which looks stunning and has plenty of room too. Just don’t go mad on the options list!


The I’ve Got To Have A Sportscar choice… Jaguar XKR Our pick: XKR Coupe, £77,900 You’ve worked hard for it, so why not splash the cash on something that’ll make an impression at the golf club? We’d resist the urge to buy a Porsche 911 (despite the force being strong) and instead head for a Jag dealership. The XK-R is a cracking car to look at, great to drive and sounds incredible, but above all it’s comfortable. If you really want to blow the budget, find another £6k and opt for the convertible. The Keeping An Eye On The Pennies choice… Hyundai ix35 Our pick: 1.7 CRDI Premium, £19,345 If you’re looking for a car that’s good to drive, comfortable, won’t cost the earth and has a decent warranty, then the ix35 is a great option. Hyundai has really upped its game with this soft-roader in terms of build quality and feel. It looks great and the high-level driving position gives a commanding view of the road. Just beware lead times are long so get that order in well before you want to take delivery. The Chance To Relive Your Youth choice… VW Golf GTI Our pick: GTI, £25,045 The Golf GTI has been a fixture in most of our motoring lives for decades, but we’d hazard a guess that although you always wanted one, it never really fit in with your lifestyle. Well, now’s your chance. The MK6 is the latest version and even though it’s put on a few pounds since the legendary MK1 arrived it’s still very good indeed. The 2.0-litre TSI lump serves up 207bhp, which is good for 60mph in 6.9 seconds and, as it’s built by Germans, it’ll stay the course too. By James Baggott, editor of Car Dealer Magazine (

10 years experience with autoforum > > > > > >



motor technician

small service from £47.50 (plus parts)

02380 252907 07889 019660


CLICK Web Development Website Design Development Web Hosting SEO, E-Marketing & Print Management

STARTER WEBSITES from £299 DOMAIN NAMES from £6.99 HOSTING from only £1.99 pm EMAIL MARKETING from £15 STATIONERY PACKS from £149


T : 01794 330431 M: 07752 994277 e:

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Pet Health by Ken MacLeod, BVMS MRCVS PETS passport update...


everal months ago I wrote an article about the ins and outs of obtaining a PETS passport for your cat or dog. The introduction of the scheme some 11 years ago was greeted as a great improvement over quarantine for people returning with their family pets from abroad. However, it was thought by many to be overly complicated and required considerable prior planning. That is all about to change.... Within the last few weeks, under pressure from within Europe to harmonise regulations, an announcement has been made introducing sweeping changes to the requirements for the issuing of pets’ passports. From 1st January 2012 any cat or dog in the UK which has had a vaccination against rabies at least 3 weeks previously (with the appropriate boosters) will be able to re-enter the UK from Europe and many other countries, without the need for a blood test and further 6 month delay. Furthermore , of particular note to those who have already travelled under the ‘PETS’ passport scheme, the requirement for treatment against ticks prior to return has been dropped, and the timing for tapeworm treat-


ment has been extended from 24 – 48 hours prior to return to 1 – 5 days. Whilst this means that it is still essential to visit a vet prior to re-entering the UK, the new scheme will be vastly more flexible than at present. As it is now less than 7 months until the introduction of the new regulations, for most people hoping to take their pets to Europe on holiday next summer the pressure is now off. Anyone starting the PETS passport process from now on is unlikely to require blood testing. Not only will this make the whole process a lot less complicated but also less expensive. It should however be borne in mind that whilst the ‘powers that be’ have decided to change the regulations, there has been no change to the risks of infection. Therefore it would be wise to contact your vet prior to travelling abroad to obtain advice on minimising the chances of picking up the various diseases and parasites that are more commonly found in warmer climes. Bon voyage!


Mr K.J.MacLeod, BVMS MRCVS Mainstone Veterinary Clinic, Mainstone, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 6BA Tel: 01794 513157

Every New Kitchen booked before 31st August 2011 will receive a John Lewis voucher for


(terms & conditions apply)


Windows ♦ Doors ♦ Conservatories ♦ Repairs ♦ Soffits ♦ Fascias ♦ Brickwork House Extensions ♦ Porches ♦ Guttering ♦ Decking ♦ Carpentry and Joinery


A very professional and friendly company. Work completed to a high standard, and work was done within time and budget. They kept the site tidy. Would highly recommend them and would use them again in future. Customer in Romsey


nt uara


All our work is guaranteed and all windows, doors and conservatories are covered by insurance backed independent warranty.

Call 01794 516897

or email For a free quotation

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Magazine & Leaflet Distributors Required We require reliable adult distributors to deliver leaflets and magazines in or near this area. If you have spare time, enjoy walking and would like to earn extra money, contact us now for details.

Tudor Distribution Services Ltd Tel. 01202 895936 Azura is an established business offering a complete range of beauty, holistic and relaxation treatments

Waxing Make-Up

Massage Pedicure

Spray Tanning Dermalogica Facials

Shellac Manicure Hot Stone Therapy

Weddings & Proms

Lash/Brow Treatments

Kate Kneller (IHBC & IFHT) North Baddesley 023 8073 7273

    

     

 

   

North Baddesley Gift and Table Top Sale Organisers of the annual British Red Cross Autumn Fayre are looking for local craftspeople to take a table at the Fayre. The Fayre takes place on Saturday 15th October at North Baddesley Village Hall from 10.30 am till 2.30 pm and tables cost £10 each. Now a regular event in the North Baddsley diary, last year’s event raised £651.00 for the work of the British Red Cross in Hampshire. Red Cross volunteer Wendy Knight said: “Events like this are a really important source of fundraising for the Red Cross and ensure we can continue to support vulnerable people in crisis in the local area, throughout the UK, and overseas.” To take a table please phone Wendy on 02380 730843 or email


Useful Local Information Supermarkets








Asda, C Ford

7:30am - 24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs 10pm

10am - 4pm

Co-op Stores, except Seymore Parade

6am 10pm

6am 10pm

6am 10pm

6am 10pm

6am 10pm

6am 10pm

7am 10pm

Co-op, Seymore Parade, N Badd

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

Sainsburys, Lordshill

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

7am 10pm

Tesco, Tebourba Way

8am 24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs

24 hrs -10pm

10am - 4pm

Waitrose, Romsey

8:30am - 8pm

8:30am - 8pm

8:30am 8:30am 8:30am 8:30am - 8pm - 8pm - 9pm - 8pm

ALDI Romsey 7pm

9am 7pm

9am 7pm

9am 7pm

9am 7pm

10am - 4pm

8.30am - 10am 7pm 4pm

AGE CONCERN.............................................................................. 01794 518817 BOROUGH COUNCIL (ROMSEY).................................................. 01794 527700

023 8083 3000 0845 603 5637 01795 513202 0800 1111 01794 516378 01264 356808 01794 527700 0845 988 1188 0800 111999 0845 045 4545 01794 512132 0845 050 8345 0845 4647 0300 300 2012 08000 727282 08457 484950 SAMARITANS.................................................................................. 08457 909090 ROMSEY GOOD NEIGHBOURS.................................................... 01794 522803 SOUTHAMPTON.................................................. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES & DEATHS............................................. BRITISH RED CROSS (Romsey Area Centre)............................... CHILDLINE...................................................................................... CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX........................................................ DIAL A RIDE (ROMSEY)................................................................. 29 DOG WARDEN SERVICES............................................................. FLOODLINE..................................................................................... GAS EMERGENCY......................................................................... HAMPSHIRE POLICE..................................................................... MP CAROLINE NOAKES................................................................ NHS DENTAL SERVICES............................................................... NHS DIRECT................................................................................... OUT OF HOURS DOCTORS SURGERY CONTACT No................ POWERCUT (SOUTHERN ELECTRIC)......................................... RAIL ENQUIRIES (NATIONAL).......................................................

TRIANGULATE EMAIL: PLAZA THEATRE............................................................................ 01794 523054

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Abbey Mead Surgery Romsey SO51 8EN 01794 512218 / 01794 830888 Alma Road Surgery Romsey SO51 8ED 01794 513422 Lordshill Health Centre Lordshill SO16 8HY 023 8073 8144 Nightingale Surgery Romsey SO51 7QN 01794 517878 / 01794 511513 North Baddesley Surgery Fleming Ave SO52 9EP 023 8074 3401 / 023 8074 3400

Romsey Hospital

Winchester Hill, Romsey SO51 7ZA 01794 834700 (press 6 admin/enq) Blood TestsTues & Wed 7.30am - 10.30am Sat 9am - 12 mid-day X Ray Tues,Thurs & Fri 8.30am-4.30pm Chest X Rays (booked by GP) between 10.30am - 11.45am Ultrascan - Wednesdays Let your doctor know you wish to attend Romsey hospital for your test.


Lloyds Pharmacy 123 The Hundred, Romsey Phone: 01794 522716 BootsThe Chemist Ltd 1 The Hundred, Romsey Phone: 01794 513143 Alliance Pharmacy 7-8 Market Place, Romsey Phone: 01794 513193 Lloyds Pharmacy 16-17 District Centre Lordshill Phone: 023 8073 7161 Alliance Pharmacy 7 Rownhams Road North Baddesley Phone: 023 8073 2438 British Red Cross Romsey Area Centre 01795 513202 Equipment Loan Romsey Mon - Fri 10.30 - 12.30 01795 513202 Equipment Loan North Baddesley Mon - Fri 10 - 12 noon 023 80 743405



Community Dental Clinic Winchester Hill Romsey Phone: 01794 519589 Abbey Orthodontics 82 The Hundred Romsey Phone: 01794 519589 Romsey Dental Care 1 Station Road Romsey, Phone: 01794 522222 Heatherstone Dental Practice 65 The Hundred Romsey Phone: 01794 513100 Wordsworth House Dental Practice 15 Palmerston Street Romsey Phone: 01794 512319 Rownhams Lane Dental Practice 30 Rownhams Lane North Baddesley Phone: 023 8073 3324 R M Sherwin Lordshill District Centre Lordshill Phone: 023 8073 8916 Mark Mawer Clover Dental Practice North Baddesley Phone: 023 8073 8787

Household Waste Recycling Bunny Lane,Timsbury 01794 368548

Winter (1st Oct - 31st March) 8am - 4pm Summer (1st April - 30th Sept) 8am-7pm

Libraries Romsey Library

Station Rd SO51 8DN 0845 603 5631

North Baddesley

28 Wilis Ave SO52 9EN 0845 603 5631


Lordshill District Ctr, Southampton 023 8073 2845

School Phone Numbers

Ampfield C of E Primary 01794 368219 Awbridge Primary 01794 340407 Braishfield Primary 01794 368359 Cupernham Infants 01794 514494 Cupernham Junior 01794 512702 Fairisle Infant & Nursery 023 8073 1199 Fairisle Junior 023 8073 3415 Halterworth Primary 01794 512028 North Baddesley Infant 023 8041 2412 North Baddesley Junior 023 8041 1100 Nursling Cof E Primary 023 80 73 2289 Oakwood Infants 023 8073 3337 Oakwood Junior 023 8032 0360 Romsey Primary & Nursery 01794 512362 Romsey Abbey C of E Primary (aided) 01794 512047 Rownhams St Johns Cof E Primary 023 8073 6417 Sinclair Primary & Nursery 023 8073 6663 Wellow Primary 01794 322201 Oaklands Community School & Oasis Academy Years 7 & 8 - 023 8039 3660 Years 9 -11 - 023 8077 1881 The Mountbatten School 01794 502502 The Romsey School 01794 512334

School Holidays SummerHoliday AutumnHalfTerm ChristmasHoliday SpringHalfTerm EasterHoliday SummerHalfTerm SummerHoliday

28/07/11 - 02/09/11 24/10/11 - 28/10/11. 19/12/11 - 02/01/13 13/02/12 - 17/02/12. 02/04/12 -13/04/12. 04/06/12 - 08/06/12 24/07/12 - 31/08/12

For Advertisers offering multiple property services look under Property Maintenance, otherwise see specific trade e.g. Electrician, Plumber etc. Appliance Repair: Advanced Appliance Care Premier Electrics Bathrooms: see plumbing Beauty: Azura Beauty Therapy Boilers: see plumbing Carpet Cleaning: Abbey Cleaning Elliot Carpet Care Carpet & Flooring: G.E. Nichols Wilton Carpets Computer Services: Click Web Developement Widenet Distribution Services: Tudor Distribution Double Glazing Inst/Repairs: Pennington Jones Windowmenda Electrical: NHP (ROMSEY) LTD Estate/ Letting Agents: Jonathan Rees Medics on the Move Florist: Bright Flowers Garage Services: Robinsons Vehicle Maint.

Garden Maintenance & Services: Elcombe & Son New Forest Garden Machinery

13 Health Services: A to B Mobility 9 Health / Leisure: Abbey Chiropractic Clinic Fitskool 28 Kitchens: Country Kitchens D T Interiors 17 Painting & Decorating: Clean Lines 9 D T Interiors 11 Pet Services: Applemore Kennels 3 Lead On 25 Petpals 9 Photographer: Lovely pics 28 Plumbing Services: (including bathroom installa 27 tion, Gas and Boiler services) 13 NHP (ROMSEY) LTD 11 Pegrum Home Services 32 Property Maintenance & Improvements: 8 DT Interiors 15 Elcombe & Son 25 Fix Quick Garage Doors Flat Pack People 7 L M Building 5

11 4 18 27 15 13 15 18 15 15 15 11 7 15 7 7 28 15

Sporting Competition 1. Mosconi Cup Pool 2. Magners League Rugby Union 3. Gordon Bennett Cup Ballooning 4. World Series Baseball 5. Stanley Cup Finals Ice Hockey 6. Curtis Cup Golf 7. Copa del Rey Football 8. Melbourne Cup Horse Racing 9. Weber Cup 10-Pin Bowling 10. Fed Cup Tennis Wordsearch Hidden phrase: A lake is one of God's finishing touches. Anon.

Quotes 1. Margaret Thatcher 2. Apollo 13 3. Thomas Edison 4. As Time Goes By 5. George Bush (Snr.) 6. Hamlet 7. Chanel No. 5

8. Monica Lewinsky 9. Dr Livingstone, I presume? (spoken by explorer Henry Stanley) 10. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” (from Gone With The Wind)

CHILDRENS PAGE Anagrams: Cutlery, Waiter, Kitchen, Tables, Dessert, Menu, Cake, Bread, Bottle Number Square: 1, 5 6, 8, 12, 14 3, 6, 15 12, 16, 24, 28 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 24, 36, 42 14, 21, 49


Across: 1 Easy, 3 Climates, 9 Apricot, 10 Their, 11 Improvements, 13 Escape, 15 Camera, 17 Similarities, 20 Reach, 21 Nearest, 22 Spending, 23 Also Down: 1 Examined, 2 Strip, 4 Lather, 5 Mathematical, 6 Trestle, 7 Surf, 8 Accomplished, 12 Falsetto, 14 Coinage, 16 Cannon, 18 Ideal, 19 Iris

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Publisher: Romsey Directory

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Selling or letting in Romsey?

Now with two dedicated offices serving Romsey and the villages of the Test Valley.

Sales 01794 514451 Lettings 01794 502500

Paul Darvill FNAEA DipREA Sales Manager


Kim Gray Lettings Manager

Independent Experts in Sales and Lettings

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