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ROMm issue 6


6 Nothing makes you more tolerant of a neighbours noisy party than being there. Franklin P. Jones

Editor & Creative Director Zara Duffy Contributors Ally Dunlop Aicha Robertosn Emily Kathryn Alisha van Bone Erin Pellow Mea Culpa Steph Jackson Chaliya Louise Thompson Photography Yolanda van Kimmenade Yaseera Moosa Stacey Russell

Dear readers: This turned very quickly into an issue about drinking, but that’s a party right? Zx

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Per-tim Marcus Møller Bitsch Flamingo Fling - Yolanda Kimmenade Perpetual Dreamer - Yaseera Moosa Punch Nown Swimwear Tea for Two - Stacey Russell Pants party A-Z party food


Whether you’re a nude sleeper or pyjama aficionado, ROMM recommends draping yourself in PER—TIM. Created by Bernadette Francis and Laura Albee Barton, PER—TIM features luxury loungewear and bedding proudly made in Melbourne, Australia. ‘Club Bed’, PER—TIM’s dreamy first collection, makes us never want to leave our bed. Not just limited to fashion, PER—TIM also collaborates with artists across various fields - this brand is not to be missed.

“PER—TIM stands for period and timeless, two genes which oscillate to regulate circadian rhythms in certain animals.”

Marcus Møller Bitsch The musings of a young Danish photographer travelling across the world to our sunny country.

flamingo fling photographer yolanda van kimmenade hmua and styling ally dunlop models aicha and emily photography assistant & props alisha van bone swimwear molly and polly

perpetual dreamer photographer yaseera moosa model erin

fun punch Ingredients 2 bottles Cranberry Juice 2 bottles lemonade 1 box frozen raspberries punch recipe Booze Step 1 Pour the cranberry juice and lemonade into a large punch bowl. Step 2 Smash the frozen raspberries into little pieces and add to punch. Step 3 Pour in as much alcohol as you please (preferably not goon). Step 4 Drink.

nown swimwear Inceptioned in the Coffs Harbour surf and made entirely on the Gold Coast, Nown Swimwear is in the hands of beach veterans. Providing funky, vintage-inspired ethical swimwear which they promise won’t fall off in the surf, there’s not much else to do but throw on a Nown bikini and head down to the beach!

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tea for two photographer stacy russell models steph & mea culpa hmua chaliya louise thompson stylist ally dunlop


Party of pants or a p Whichever you choose, h

Lazy Oaf x Garfield Walk Like Jeans

State of Georgia Pagan Skinny Pant

s party

party in your pants. here’s some great pants.

Romance was Born Trance Trackies

House of Cards Drop Step Pant

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romm magazine issue 6  

romm magazine issue 6 party april 2014

romm magazine issue 6  

romm magazine issue 6 party april 2014