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“When the Beast is a Female.”

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Quickstrike Asia sat down with stunning Indonesian - Dutch hypebae, Nicole Desiree.

(@ninpoi). This gorgeous Retail Manager used to run the official sneaker shop of VANS and currently she is at the helm of Men at Work, a fashionable apparel shop at the popular Amsterdam Magna Plaza. A certified hypebae, she has almost 150 pairs in her collection at one-time. Nicole’s most treasured pairs am1 clot ‘kiss of death’. She hunted for it for a long time, and by luck got it for a bargain on ebay. Her creeper collection is something that she treasures, as well. Her favourites are the original underground rockability creepers from Puma.

“Right now, I’m not as invested because I had to prioritize other things. I have around 60 pairs now and I’m still planning on selling more. My taste in sneakers has changed a lot over the years.”

With her changing priorities, she is setting her sights on more meaningful purchases that really speaks to her personality. These are an Asic Packer and the much sought-after puma suede X pigeon collab. “There’s not much on my list as I already own most of my personal grails. Asics ‘packer’ but I’ve never seen it for sale in my size to be honest! Puma suede x pigeon collab. As far as I know it hasn’t been made in women sizes. I like them because the colourways are solid and they would look nice in my collection.”

This hypebae’s delicate feminine

She emphasizes that she picks her

demeanor makes an interesting

tattoo artists very carefully, for their

contrast to the intricate tattoos that

style and work, as well as having a

are dotting on her fair skin. She had

personal connection. Although not all

her first tattoo when she was 20 years

her tattoos have specific significance.


Either she liked the artist’s work or for some reason, she likes the image.

“I’ve always wanted to be quite covered, although not fully. It makes me feel pretty. Each tattoo is a step closer to my desired self.

“I only have 3 tattoos that have meaning. My back piece is a Balinese mask, a nod to her Indonesian heritage; the tiny Zelda Triforce on my wrist because it’s the best game ever made! I plan on getting a Zelda sleeve in the future; and the initials of my mom who passed away on my other wrist.

Nicole admits that she was quite shy and insecure back then. She didn’t have the confidence to wear fashionable clothes and shoes. Her boyfriend of 6 years, who loves photography gave her the confidence to be more comfortable in front of the camera.

“I felt that it was okay to be myself. I started to wear sneakers and basically anything else that I was too shy to wear before.�

We will be seeing more of this amazing hypebae as she live the life the way she wants it, to follow her passion for arts, shoes, and business.

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