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Solidarity over missing Victor

Win 2 tickets for AQUA CLUB TERMAL

MUSEOS Hope on the horizon




ENERIFE is to use one of its most natural charms to attract more tourists and create new ventures and extra jobs.

Photo by Daniel Lopez

If you have ever looked up at the sky and marvelled at the brightness of the stars here, you will appreciate how important star-watching is for the island. Both Mount Teide and its mountains have received the Starlight certification from the Institute of Astrophysics for the Canary Islands. Teide is the first World Heritage site to be honoured with the title for protecting the natural sky and joins Granadilla de Abona which is also a Starlight location. The accolade formally recognises the starry heavens and the tourism activities based on this resource. At a press conference, director of the National Park Manuel Durbán said Teide was one of the busiest international locations, receiving up to three million visitors each year. When it comes to estimating how many more people will be attracted in the future, the sky really is the limit. The Starlight Initiative was created in 2009 and is sponsored by UNESCO and the World Tourism Organisation. Tenerife has already launched a programme called “El Teide , a volcano under the stars” and it is hoped entrepreneurs will take the opportunity to introduce astro-related events and businesses. In addition to this, it has been announced that Tenerife is to take the leading role in a new EU initiative related to sky-watching. The Cabildo, through Tourism of Tenerife, has been chosen to head the project “EUSky Route” which involves Poland, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. The European Commission is providing funding. Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso highlighted the relevance of Tenerife taking part in a project of this scope, a pioneer in Europe, as it would provide new opportunities in active leisure, as well as economic development and job creation in the tourist sector. The initiative will include the creation of star-gazing routes for all age groups and it is hoped to have these up and running within 18 months.


A hot summer ahead! T Oil start will be challenged


ORE fury has erupted after Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy indicated oil exploration is “most likely” to start in the Canary Islands between July and September. Campaigners fighting Repsol’s controversial plan say they are incensed because there are seven challenges still to be heard in the High Court and an environmental report to finally endorse. Lanzarote Cabildo was urged to declare Industr y Minister, José Manuel Soria a “persona non grata” whilst Fuerteventura’s president, Mario Cabrera promised it would be “a hot summer” if test drilling tried to proceed.

The Prime Minister is reported to have told the Canary president, Paulino Rivero that Repsol is ready to start testing from May 2014 if the final permission is given. The location is off the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and there has been a huge outcry about the potential threat to the environment and tourism. A spill, say objectors, would prove fatal to both. Spokesman for the Canary Government, Martin Marrero

accused José Manuel Soria of “disrespect” and insisted the matter had been far from solved, either from an administrative or judicial perspective. The Canary Government is still convinced the courts will call a halt to oil testing and says any speculation about a start date is a violation of the basic principles of democracy. Mario Cabrera points out that more than 10,000 people have signed a protest petition but claims the Spanish Prime Minister and Industry Minister appear to “despise” the judicial and administrative processes and seem to know what the court will rule even before its deliberations.

HE countdown is well and truly on for Primark’s continued expansion into the Canary Islands and Spain.

The latest estimated date for the opening of the long-awaited store in Santa Cruz is now this spring, having been delayed from the anticipated Christmas or early New Year. Hundreds of people have applied for jobs and the interview process is to take place this week and next among

those who have already passed the initial on-line selection procedure. Staff training will then take place in February. The Santa Cruz Development Society, part of the city council, has agreed to help the store in the recruitment process and there is a pledge to employ at least 30 per cent of applicants

who live within the municipality. The multi-national has taken 2,600 square metres of space in the Centro Comercial Meridiano over two floors which will add to the two highlysuccessful Primarks in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. These are said to be performing very well. It has more than 250 stores around Europe, including 35 in Spain and just can’t stop growing.









































Rivero meets the King



HE special needs of the Canary Islands have been stressed to the King of Spain.

In an historic meeting, Canary president Paulino Rivero was due to meet the King on January 14 th. Sr. Rivero had sent a letter requesting a face to face meeting and was delighted when the King responded. Earlier, the Canar y president had met with the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy in which he transmitted the same

message – that the Canary Islands warranted special attention and treatment to stop its people feeling isolated and disenchanted. Sr. Rivero said he wanted meetings between Spain and the Canaries to be one of mutual respect and understanding. He feels the letter sent to the King last November had “opened new doors”, left an old era behind and started a new one.




RANSPORT chiefs in Santa Cruz are confident that the capital’s tram service will begin to recover lost users in 2014.

The number of passengers year on year is still on the decline but according to the latest statistics, that rate is slowing down. When it was launched in 2007, the tram line attracted more passengers each year but for the first time in 2012, there was a decrease. This was repeated in 2013, with a loss of some 700,000 users, attributed to the economic situation. However, figures for September and October 2013 once again show an increase, according to Metropolitano de Tenerife. A further boost is likely to come next month when a fare decrease will be announced for frequent users.


Optimism as sales begin


RADERS in the Canary Islands believe this year’s sales will be better than before and are looking forward with some optimism.

Their hopes have been raised because of one of the best Christmas periods for some years, with spending between three

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Further meetings have been held with the consortium Entelo which is interested in progressing the project, seen as a vital part of the future of the town. This is the only company which has stepped forward with proposals. One problem to solve is how to attract cruise liners and following two hours of discussions, Tenerife Cabildo president Carlos Alonso said a new idea had been put forward. This would be to allow ships into Puerto de la Cruz but to collect cruise passengers in smaller boats to bring them back to shore for a visit. Further investigations are now to be made. However, a view has been expressed that this proposal is not good enough and that everything possible should be done to make sure cruise ships can get into berth as “these are the future of Puerto”.

Tram service will bounce back



PINIONS continue to be split over what format the new sports marina at Puerto de la Cruz should take.




Puerto looks at cruise ships

and eight per cent up compared to 2012. The Spanish Confederation of Commerce estimates that spending per person during the sale period will be 60 euros. The official start of the sales campaign was January 7th and the highest amount of spending is anticipated within the first two weeks.

Bedroom fire prompts alert


house in Santa Cruz had to be evacuated when a fire broke out just after dawn. The alert was raised with the 1-1-2 emergency service after smoke was spotted coming from the property in the Acorán district of the capital. Fire-fighters from Santa Cruz went to the scene and found people had already got out. They then put out the first which had started in a bedroom.







Road pledge for El Rosario The pledge was made when the Mayor, Macario Benítez Gil met with the first vice-president of Tenerife Cabildo, Aurelio Abreu and the councillor for roads, José Luis Delgado. Reconditioning and resurfacing of this stretch of the TF-24 has been a longstanding demand of residents. Work will begin this quarter

and the Mayor said he hoped this would be the case as there had been a number of complaints due to the poor condition of the asphalt. This road was used by a huge volume of traffic, he added. Sr. Delgado agreed, saying the road was also the main access to the Teide National Park from the metropolitan area.


Joint onslaught against Coastal Laws


AMPAIGNERS who feel Spain’s coastal laws are totally unfair to the Canary Islands have agreed to present a united front.

Tenerife Cabildo is teaming up with the Canary Platform for those Affected by the Coastal Law (Pcalc) to press for a special exception for threatened communities across the archipelago. This follows a meeting between Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso and lawyer and president of the Pcalc, José Luis Langa González. The joint committee will represent the interests of

owners of properties said to have been built too close to the sea-shore and to try and find solutions. The agreement was first reached last July and the committee has now been activated. Meantime, Sr. Langa González is urging all areas affected to send in the documentation required by Spain to determine where their homes/communities/villages can be legalised. From time

of receipt, the Government has 18 months to make a decision. The Platform says thousands of people are

affected directly and indirectly by the Coastal Laws and are in danger of having their homes or businesses demolished.

Photo by UME


HE road from La Esperanza to El Rosario will be resurfaced early this year with an investment of 230,000 euros.

Search called off for missing Victor


HE physical search for missing Tenerife triathlete Victor Teni, who went missing in the Teide National Park, has been called off.

The 12-day rescue operation was described as “unprecedented” amidst hopes that his physical strength and fortitude might have kept him safe. On Monday, however, it was decided to suspend the physical search which had involved around 150 people ever y day but all lines of investigation will continue in a bid to find out what has happened to him. As the Tenerife News went to press, there was still no news. At one stage during the search operation, it had to be substantially scaled down

because of snow and ice but then resumed. The decision to finally call the search off was taken by all the co-ordinating authorities who have thanked everyone involved for their efforts. Victor, who is 39, was last heard of at 11am on January 1 st. His vehicle was found parked near the mountain refuge Edmundo Herrero from where the search began. He had gone out with the intention of spending a night in the area of Ucanca. Anyone with any important information is urged to ring 1-1-2.






Developers seek backing for Mimiland Park



HE Canary Government and Tenerife Cabildo have been studying proposals for the 600 million “Mimiland Park” project envisaged for Guimar. A meeting took place last week which involved the Mayoress, Carmen Luisa Castro and representative of the company behind the project, Andrés Alonso, as well as finance councillor Javier Mederos. Discussions inclu-ded the technical and environmental requirements needed to create the huge amusement park. The Mayoress said she hoped the project, in an old barranco, would receive the backing of the Canar y Govern-ment’s committee on invest-ments and strategic projects as this was essential for progress. It is

said the park will bring 2,000 jobs and signifi-cant benefits not just for the town but the Guimar valley and island as well. Mimiland would become the largest attraction park in the Canary Islands but has hurdles to overcome, including planning permission as the site is rural land off the TF-1. The developers believe change of use will not be a problem because of the benefits the project would bring and say a precedent has been set elsewhere on Tenerife. The Mayoress said full backing was essential or the

project would be lost to Guimar and it would not cost the administrations “one single euro” as the investment was coming from private enterprise. The Hemi Group also described the meeting as vital to ensure they met all the legal, technical requirements and environmental requirements. This would allow preparation of the final draft and a submission for licences. Many local businesses have already made approaches for contracts and becoming shareholders and there is said to be backing from a multinational foreign investment fund, the name of which is not being revealed. The developers say they are confident the project is

viable and profitable and have chosen Guimar as the best place for a theme park, despite the problems about the land classification. They describe it as similar to but smaller than Disneyland Park as in the future, they would hope to include an airline and a ship. The company would start mer-chandising soon and intended to hold a formal presentation to disclose all the features of the attraction. Proposals include a viewing tower of 80 metres, which aspires to be the highest in Europe, and a 64 metre high wheel. There would be 16 more attractions, a shopping arcade and auditorium for events and performances, as well as a hotel resort.

Getting people back to work


EGUESTE has announced another new venture in its bid to help people back into work.

A training programme has started which will provide employment for 15 people over a period of nine months. The initiative, which has received a grant of nearly 160,000 euros from the Canary Employment Service, is part of “Tegueste te invita” or “Tegueste invites you”. This centres around tourism with the aim of drawing more people into the town and discovering what Tegueste has to offer. The 15 people will be employed in providing various tourism services and providing better information and facilities for visitors. The Mayor, José Manuel Molina said the town had launched seven training programmes in recent years, helping 350 young people to learn new skills and there had been a 70 per cent success rate in finding permanent jobs afterwards. He said he was proud of Tegueste’s innovation.

A level look for Los Gigantes viewpoint


ENERIFE Cabildo is to instigate a number of major tourist projects in Santiago del Teide.

President, Carlos Alonso recently met with the Mayor, Juan Gorrín to discuss the projects which have a total investment of more than 1.3 million euros. Afterwards, they moved to the viewpoint of Los Gigantes which is one of the schemes to be tackled. Remodelling of the Plaza Bouganvilla will also be undertaken as well as the second phase of the Playa de los Guíos. Sr. Alonso said the Cabildo recognised the importance of the work in tourist spaces as a fundamental tool to attracting visitors and to improve the image of the area. The work at the Los Gigantes viewpoint is to cost 446,000 euros and will level out the landscape which is currently uneven and requires the use of stairs to the mirador. There will be

landscaping and provision of a grandstand area with shade, together with a glass railing. The scheme will include excavation into the rocks to get a single dimension, thereby eliminating all stairs and connecting the viewpoint to calle La Hondura. It will therefore create an attraction without physical barriers and easy access for people with disabilities. In the plaza de la Bouganvilla, paving will be improved and the playground area reorganised amongst other improvements. The work has already started with a budget of 500,000 euros with a completion period of ten months. Phase two of improving the Guios beach has a budget of 450,000 euros and will begin in the first quarter of 2014.

Man swallows heroin Mugging for 150 capsules MAN ARRESTED


man in his 40s has been arrested at the port of Santa Cruz for trying to smuggle heroin into Tenerife.

He was found to have swallowed 75 capsules, containing 915 grams which would have provided 91,500 doses. Officials were checking passengers and their luggage on the arrival of a regular ship from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The man became very nervous and gave contradictory reasons for his trip. He was taken to hospital where the presence of foreign bodies in his system was detected.

euros cash


violent attack in Puertito de Güimar left a man with facial injuries.

The mugging happened in the early hours of the morning when a hooded man, helped by two accomplices, punched the victim in the face and stole 150 euros, a mobile phone and personal documents. The Civil Guard has since arrested a man in his 20s from Santa Cruz on suspicion of robbery with violence and intimidation.


All-inclusive is not harmful, says Ashotel


LL-INCLUSIVE hotels in Tenerife are not harming trade, the hotel employers’ association Ashotel has insisted.

The organisation is looking forward to a good winter season, between mid-October 2013 and March/April 2014. Many hotels, particularly in Santiago del Teide, Granadilla, Adeje and Arona, have experienced full occupancy whilst Puerto de la Cruz and Santa Cruz maintain a good level all year round as opposed to a seasonal boom. Ashotel says all-inclusive packages in the three and four star hotels represent about 16% but it denies this is hurting other businesses. It describes all-inclusive as a comple-

mentar y offering which introduces people into the market and says what is important is to provide these holiday-makers with quality products. Those restaurants which have undergone renovation are always full, it adds. Ashotel expects mainland tourism to be recovered this year and possibly show some improvements following the fall which began in 2009. It is not yet clear whether the Canaries will benefit from the effect of the unrest in other countries as happened in 2013.

Crisis easing for Hogar Santa Rita


HE critical economic situation faced by Hogar Santa Rita in Puerto de la Cruz is said to have improved.

Representatives of La Orotava council, including the Mayor Francisco Linares and councillor for social welfare, Belén González Rodríguez recently met with representatives of the charitable care foundation to ask about the position of the centre in the neighbouring municipality. The home, which gives invaluable assistance to the elderly community, has a total of 750 users, 84 of whom are from La Orotava. The council has pledged to give Santa Rita a grant of

44,000 euros and a delegation has promised to visit within the next few weeks. Foundation president, Roque Silva Falcón and manager Tomás Villar Estévez said the critical economic situation they were going through had been eased as the Canar y Government had helped them to settle the Social Security debt of 1.3 million euros. They also indicated they had a total of 385 workers and had not had to fire anyone but were engaged in temporary suspension procedures for 46 staff.



Hail and snow take tourists by surprise ELECTRIC STORM


NE minute sunshine, the next torrential rain, strong winds and surging waves followed by a fierce electrical storm, fog, giant hail-stones and snow.

The Tenerife weather was back in the news last week and prompted many people to ask: “What on earth is happening around the world?” The experts certainly got it right again on January 8 th when they predicted storms but even they were taken by surprise as the ferocity of the conditions with hit virtually all of the islands. Roads had to be closed, including to Mount Teide, as the heavens opened, turning to snow and sheets of ice in the higher regions. However, the unusual hail storm in the early hours of the morning of January 9 th turned other lower areas white as well, including Buzanada. In Santa Cruz, there were 33 incidents, including a flooded tunnel, ice on the roads, over-flowing drains, traffic lights out of action and accumulated mud and dirt. Residents in all parts of the Canaries were woken up in the middle of the night by the spectacular electrical storm which lasted between 5am and 9.30am. There were nearly 2,000 lightning bolts which lit up the horizon. At the same time, heavy rain turned into hail, a phenomena fishermen in Los Cristianos said they had not seen for years. In Arona, usually one of the hottest places in the south, the temperature at night dropped to just ten degrees and pavements and roads became skating rinks. The snow which fell on areas above 1,700 metres accumulated to a depth of between five and seven metres, according to measurements taken in Izaña. Expects said the extreme weather was a classic episode of an Atlantic storm which though intense, was over relatively quickly in a day and a half. They have also confirmed that December 2013 was the wettest month in the Canaries since 2009. Although the situation had improved in the south by last Friday morning, the north and higher grounds experienced further snow and hail. Anyone who anticipates taking a trip up to Mount Teide should be aware that the access road does have to be closed due to bad weather so it is better to check should the bad weather return.








Students welcome Mayor champions the cause of Bremen friends unfair mortgages


A Orotava council has stepped in to champion the case of hundreds of young people said to be suffering because of mortgage rate anomalies.


The Mayor, Francisco Linares says that as the public authority, they have a duty to speak out and to call for urgent action on socalled “Young Mortgages”. Sr. Linares said a number of these deals had a clause which did not allow the percentage rate to go down

series of exchange visits between La Orovata students and Bremen in Germany is proving a great success.

Currently, 13 German teenagers aged between 13 and 15 are in Tenerife on a week’s visit, accompanied by several teachers. The youngsters are from the centre of Gesamtschule Bremen West which has struck up a lasting friendship with IES La Orotava-Manuel González Pérez. The German visitors have been getting to know La Orotava and its most emblematic places. They have met the Mayor, Francisco Linares who gave a brief talk on the municipality’s history and encouraged them to continue in their exchange visits. Fourth-graders from IES La Orotava-Manuel González Pérez visited Bremen last September.

Man trapped in car



IREFIGHTERS had to rescue a man who was trapped in his car after an accident at el Puertito de Güímar.

Crews based in Santa Cruz, together with volunteers from Guimar, were called to the scene in the early hours of the morning. The 1-1-2 emergency centre received an alert that a person was trapped in a car which had collided with a wall on the TF612. Police and the Civil Guard also attended.


Cathedral set to re-open It’s going to be a red letter day for La Laguna on January 25th


N that day, it has been announced, the stunning Cathedral will be re-inaugurated following extensive renovations.

The Government delegate in the Canary Islands , María del Carmen Hernández Bento announced this will be performed by the Minister of Education, Sport and Culture, José Ignacio Wert. She also confirmed their commitment to the Cathedral, with 10.5 million euros having come from the Ministry.

in line with the fall in interest rates. Instead, they were pegged at a certain level and the home owner did not feel the advantage of the considerable drop in rates experienced of late. This was making the financial situation even harder for young families

and was “unfair” and “harmful”. It meant the consumer was feeling no benefit whatsoever of reduced interest rates and the banks had to act urgently to eliminate such conditions. He pointed out that the Spanish association representing users of banks had also objected to these clauses and the Supreme Court had also ruled against some banks. Others had not taken notice, however, so the Spanish

Government had to intervene. The council is also urging the Canary Government to rule against Canary banks if they impose this static interest rate condition. The Mayor said many people in La Orotava, the young and not so young, had contacted the council to ask for help. It is estimated that in the archipelago, there are around 80,000 cases involved.


Fitness zones for El Rosario


ESIDENTS of El Rosario will be encouraged to get healthy this year.

The local council has won a grant of 10,000 euros from the Canary Government to create two health circuits at La Esperanza and Tabaiba. Different fitness equipment will be installed to generally improve health out of doors. Some of it will be specifically for youngsters, other pieces for the more elderly to help their mobility, increase flexibility and toning. In La Esperanza, the equipment will be placed in plaza del Adelantado and in the La Higuera park in Tabaiba Alta. Sports councillor, Domingo Pérez Peña said the scheme aimed to encourage fitness in the open air, without time constraints.

Shocking toll of vice gang


The Spanish authorities have warned they will do everything within their power to stop the human trade of prostitution into the country


HIS follows shocking revelations of the case of eight young women who have just been released from their life of vice at the hands of a cruel gang on the mainland. These young women were coerced, mainly from China, with the promise of a better life and jobs but found themselves trapped and forced into prostitution.

It is also being reported that members of staff in consular offices in various countries may have participated by allowing the issue of false papers. Full investigations are continuing. The details were released by police in a press conference in Madrid. Eight people have so far been arrested. The young Asian girls, whose air fares were paid, were brought into Spain via Latvia, France and Austria. They were taken from Madrid-Barajas airport to houses and told they had to become prostitutes in order to pay off alleged debts of between 15,000 and 20,000 euros. Their passports were confiscated and they had to offer sexual services 24 hours a day, without any protection. They were kept under close watch and often moved from house to house. Police found abortion pills from China as well as 4,000 euros in cash and knives. They also unearthed a computer network which advertised pictures of the girls and details of a money laundering operation through which payments were demanded from the victims’ families back home in China. The authorities say they will carry out extensive research to stop such criminal networks operating in Spain and connections with China.





Get a grasp of a Royal visitors new language for Palmetum

Preserving some special memories


HE hugely-successful Palmétum project in Santa Cruz is to receive the Royal seal of approval.

The Prince and Princess of Asturias have reportedly accepted an invitation to the formal opening of the botanical garden which contains some 1,400 plant species. The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez asked the Royal couple to be the guests of honour. No date has yet been



set but it is expected to be “soon”. The fabulous gardens spread over 112 hectares and was opened last September for guided tours. Taking 30 years to create, the Palmétum is a unique project in the world and was constructed on a former waste dumping site.



OS Realejos council in association with La Laguna University is offering five language courses.

Classes in basic level of customer service in English, German or Russian begin in February, together with pre-intermediate level of English and Spanish for foreigners. They are aimed not just at students but anyone interested, including the business community, commerce or those interested in having a knowledge of a second language. The classes take place at the headquarters of the UNED of Los Realejos on the top floor of the Municipal Public Library. Each course has 30 places available. Further information available on (click on the offer Zona Norte).

Fire alert from hotel laundry


IRE-FIGHTERS were called out to deal with an incident at a luxury hotel in Playa de las Americas.

Crews from San Miguel de Abona and volunteers from Adeje went to the Hotel Villa Cortés following a 1-1-2 emergency call. Smoke alarms were sounding from the laundry room and the source was found to be an industrial ironing machine which was giving out a large amount of smoke. Upon the arrival of the fire crews, staff had controlled the situation with fire extinguishers so they dealt with the aftermath and ventilation of the premises. Police and members of the Canary Emergency Service (SUC) also attended.


RANADILLA believes it has struck up a first in its bid to preserve the heritage and history of the municipality.

Local students have helped to set up a municipal archive project which aims to collect, identify, describe and catalogue photographs and documents in digital format. Residents have contributed material and councillor for histor y, Jacob Donate González said he wanted to thank ever yone for their support. This would enable several exhibitions to be

staged during 2014. “This will improve the quality of information and pictures, involves the youth of the town and retrieves an important part of our historical memory,” he commented. Creation of this graphical record is a novelty in the Canary Islands as no other area has such a comprehensive study of its history, heritage and culture.






Cast visits Loro Parque The cast of “Les Miserables” currently touring the Canary Islands took time out from their hectic schedule to visit Loro Parque.


Speed traps annoy Guimar



RESH from the Tenerife stage, the actors and actresses were amazed by the animals at the world-famous tourist attraction in Puerto de la Cruz.

Their trip coincided with a brilliant sunny day and they chatted to fans, had their pictures taken with them and signed autographs along the way. The VIPs were particularly enchanted by the shows involving sea lions, whales and dolphins. Visiting were Ignasi Vidal, Nil Bofill, Laura Enrech, Joana Estebanell, Victor Arbeló, Daniel Angles, Chiruca Baez, Leo Aguilar, Nacho Rodriguez, Sebastian Salas, Martina Vidal and Ana Perez.



Disabled group says “fight will continue”


ENERIFE Cabildo has pledged its commitment to helping people with disabilities, both from an employment and mobility point of view.

This year, the organisation SINPROMI (the Insular Society for the Promotion of Persons with Disabilities) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. At a ceremony to celebrate this milestone, Cabildo president Carlos Alonso said the aim was to “normalise the lives of people with disabilities”. Although the project began 20 years ago, it was still very relevant and had grown and adapted to changing circumstances and the working needs of the

disabled. Sr. Alonso praised the record of placing nearly 4,000 people in employment during this period. He said eliminating barriers in the workplace was very important but overcoming society’s perception of the disabled was the first barrier. “You have to treat people with disabilities as they deserve, which is normally,” he said. Sr. Alonso said they were very grateful for the backing of businesses on Tenerife

who understood the importance during these difficult times of employing disabled people. He also announced that in 2014, the Cabildo would increase resources to SINPROMI and together with the Canar y Government through the Canary Employment Service, 65 people would be incorporated into the organisation this coming year. Councillor for social action, Cristina Valido said 167 contracts had been realised, of which 135 people had sensor y, intellectual or physical disabilities and 32 had special difficulties. In addition, more than 1,000

people had received job counselling. These figures had not been easy to obtain, given the rate of job destruction the Canaries had experienced. Chief executive officer of SINPROMI, Carmen Rosa García said the organisation’s success was down to the people who ran it. The team had worked for 20 years to remove barriers and integrate people with disabilities and that fight would continue. They had started with 20 people and now had 200, half of whom were disabled. “Our work is sometimes very hard but very rewarding,” she said.

HE Mayoress of Guimar has suggested the town is being “picked upon” because of daily radar traps.

Carmen Luisa Castro has forwarded her complaint to the Canary Government and Traffic Directorate following numerous complaints. She is asking why it is necessar y to place speed cameras each day at the two main entrances to the municipality when the areas are not accident blackspots. The Mayoress said residents living near the roundabout of San Francisco Javier (a transition point from 50kph to 40) and the route to El

Puertito were fed up with the situation. She said they were in no way questioning the work of the agents or justifying any breach of the regulations but just wanted an explanation over the siting. “Is there a risk we are unaware of?” she is asking. The council also points out that a huge amount of money has been spent on making the new access road to El Puertito safe and not a temptation for speeding.


Lighting improved at Valle San Lorenzo


RONA council has spent 71,000 euros on improving street lighting along the main road of Valle San Lorenzo. The Mayor, Francisco José Niño recently visited with Ramón García, councillor responsible for electrical installations, to see the work. In total, 57 lighting points have been dealt with and updated to produce a 50 per cent decrease in consumption. The project has also improved lighting at pedestrian crossings which the council feels will improve road safety.






Arona looks forward with optimism Boom times for Arona expects to see a turnaround in domestic tourism in 2014.


ISITOR numbers from the Spanish mainland have suffered across the Canaries in recent years but Los Cristianos and neighbouring hot-spots feel the trend will soon be reversed for the first time since 2009. Indications suggest Easter will be buoyant and represent “a turning point”, with a good summer season also

anticipated. The dip in Spanish visitors to the archipelago has always been attributed to the

economic crisis and the increasing expense of air travel. Arona’s tourism leaders say they first noticed an improvement in December as occupancy over Christmas and the New Year was very good. In fact, 2013 closed with record numbers.

The “foreign” market also performed well in the municipality, with a slight increase in UK visitors and “very significant” in the Russian and Scandinavian segments. In 2014, Arona will be unveiling its new image based on the sand, sun and sustainability.

Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz is very much “on the up”, according to new figures.


Adeje praises Crea-Tic training


The workshop school CreaTic has been deemed a great success, having been promoted by the local council through the Canary Employment Service and European Social Fund. Twenty young people aged between 16 and 24 were involved, learning about micro-information systems, networks and web programming and culminating in a new qualification. Economic councillor Emitas Moreira García said

Adeje had been a pioneer in workshops for some time and this would help young jobseekers enter the labour market. During the 18 months of the project, the students also learnt about other subjects such as the European Social Fund, occupational health and safety, environmental awareness and equal opportunities. Crea-Tic had a budget of 422,666.40 euros, of which 13 per cent was contributed by the municipality of Adeje and


PENDING by tourists in 2013 hit a record high of 185 million euros, the highest since records began and the fourth consecutive annual rise.

DEJE believes a year and a half of computer training for young people will allow many of them to get new jobs.

the remaining 87 per cent was obtained from a grant

from the Canary Employment Service.

The success is attributed to various factors, including shopping campaigns, Sunday opening, improved facilities and special events. Cruise ship passengers are also choosing to spend the day in Santa Cruz (70 per cent of all arrivals), making the capital the second most popular city after La Orotava to visit. Chief executive officer of the Development Society, Florentino Guzmán thanked all those who had given their help and support, including the

Chamber of Commerce, Cabildo, Port Authority, Canary Government and hotel employers’ association, Ashotel. He stressed there was still a lot of work to be done but added: “We are on line and the trend has changed drastically.” It is hoped the economy will feel a further boost during 2014 as a result of other plans, such as the project to open up the capital to the ocean and the Palmetum attracting more visitors.

Bettenhaus Hammerer R


Lying high... sleeping deep!


The American Art of Sleep!

OPEN: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:30 Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 C/El Toscal 7 - El Toscal - Los Realejos Tel. 922 36 24 08 - Fax. 922 36 35 07 O U R PA R T N E R S :









It’s a full house for Granadilla!


T hasn’t happened for some time but in the municipality of Granadilla over Christmas, occupancy levels hit the 100 per cent mark!

Nuria Delgado

Tourism councillor, Nuria Delgado Hernández said this applied to hotels as well as rural accommodation and was regarded as a great sign for the future. Thousands of visitors chose Granadilla to spend their holiday and the tourism office in El Médano saw around 100 callers a day, twice as many as usual. A packed Christmas programme proved a great incentive, especially the New Year’s Eve parties in El Médano which attracted more than 10,000 people. Hopes are high for a busy summer and some establishments are already booked up for this Easter. Granadilla sells itself on offering something different with the appeal of water sports, natural resources, an “enviable” historic and cultural heritage and unique features like the Red Mountain and lunar landscape, as well as hiking trails.


Historic manor preserved at last ment councillor, Benito Dévora recently visited the site to see progress. The 16 th century manor house is situated in the nature reserve of Rambla de Castro and has an interior courtyard and a small outdoor auditorium. The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez launched the restoration project some months ago because nothing had been done since earlier refurbish-

ment stalled in June 1999. In the years since, there had been significant deterioration and various acts of vandalism, as well as the attempted theft of wiring. The council runs a project called “Actúa Verde” or “Act Green” and feels this could be the ideal place to base the activities such as lectures, exhibitions, tours, guided routes and other initiatives.


Jobs’ boost for Puerto

T will be a good New Year start for 21 unemployed people in Puerto de la Cruz.

The local council has received a grant of more than 146,000 euros from the European Social Fund and Canary Employment Service. This will allow the recruitment of six administrative personnel and 15 others for a period of six months. They will be connected to the Plan of Accessibility and Use of the Centre of Business Initiatives of Puerto, located on the top floor of the municipal market.

The news was welcomed by the Mayor, Marcos Brito who asked for all efforts to help Puerto de la Cruz in these difficult times. The struggle would continue to leave them behind, he said, and he was confident they could do so. The Mayor was accompanied by the councillor for works and services, Ricardo Padrón and technicians from the Local Development Agency.


Saving bulbs, protecting the environment


A Orotava has been helping the environment by recycling fluorescent and low energy light bulbs.


N historic property which had no maintenance for 14 years is now being restored to all its former glory.

Los Realejos council is completing restoration of the “Casona de Castro” which could become the headquarters for environmental campaigns and projects.

The works have included reform and exterior painting, carpentry work, lighting and security measures. Councillor for works, Adolfo González and environ-

If left discarded, these can cause tremendous harm through contamination, including to the food chain and auqifiers. During 2013, the municipality collected and recycled 130 kilograms of fluorescent bulbs, the equivalent of saving the carbon monoxide which would have affected 4,819 trees. The local council has teamed up with the company which has the concession for the municipality’s street lighting, VVO Servicios, to encourage reuse and environmental protection. The Mayor, Francisco Linares said he was delighted with the success of the scheme so far as nearly 1,000 bulbs would not be harming the environment. Residents are being encouraged to deposit fluorescent and low energy light bulbs in the recycling centre located in the town.

Farmers’ market AT SANTA ÚRSULA TOWN HALL ESPLANADE Saturdays / 8:00 am - 14:00 pm




El Sauzal to Three Kings of Orient are...” promote natural “We They came on foot, on the back of camels, in vintage cars, by tram and conditions even by helicopter. WATER SPORTS PLAN



HE Three Kings and their entourage arrived in style in Tenerife to accept the hopes and dreams of thousands of excited children on the eve of January 6th, a very special date in the Spanish Christmas calendar.

L Rosario believes it can become a national reference point for sports such as scuba diving and apnea.

“Why not?” says the Mayor, Manuel Martínez Álvarez who believes it would be a great boost for tourism. His hopes were revealed as projects for 2014 were announced, including work to improve the coastline of Tabaiba to improve the swimming area and solve the problem of the sewerage network. The renovation of the pool is expected to cost 310,000 euros and begin this year. It is also hoped to tender for the catering services on the beach of La Nea, parking at Radazul Bajo and restoration of Las Raíces. These works

would significantly improve the infrastructure of the area and create jobs, as well as bidding for the Blue Flag beach awards. The Mayor said another initiative would be to seek marine reserve status between Radazul and Tabaiba to take advantage of the perfect conditions for scuba diving, apnea etc. In other projects, the council wants to improve paving in areas such as La Esperanza and Las Barreras, construct a playground in Llano del Moro and install bus shelters at Costanera and Tabaiba Alta.

Woman breaks leg in Masca


woman had to be air-lifted to safety after falling and breaking her leg in the Masca barranco.

The alert was raised in the mid-afternoon through the 1-1-2 emergency service which sent rescue crews to the scene, including firemen and the basic life support ambulance. The 55-year-old woman had fallen in a difficult area to access so fire crews had to stretcher her to a place where the emergency helicopter could reach her. She was taken to hospital with an injury described as a fractured lower limb of a less serious nature.

In Santa Cruz, some 150,000 people lined the streets for a colourful parade and all the seats in the Heliodoro football stadium were taken at a euro a time. As a result, a donation of 21,000 euros will be made to eleven organisations working with children. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar made their entrance on camels as an army helicopter repeatedly flew over the stadium. The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, together with the councillor for fiestas Fernando Ballesteros presented them with the magic key to the city before the party moved on to the streets. Firemen led the parade, sounding the sirens, whilst postal staff on scooters handed out sweets and letters. Various floats followed, cattle, several bands and hundreds of extras with all kinds of costumes. The Three Kings finally waved farewell to a shower of sweets and prolonged applause. In Adeje, there was snow as thousands of onlookers lined the Calle Grande to gree the Three Kings. As in recent years, they arrived by helicopter, touching down on the football field and receiving the traditional keys from the Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga so they could deliver their presents to local homes. He thanked everyone for their support, saying “our wildest dreams are possible” and welcoming the fact that there were people representing all sections of the community and nationalities. “There are people here from many sources who are working with each other to build a big heart that beats in unison on respect , tolerance and peace,”

said the Mayor. Cheerleaders, the Tenerife Tigers were present to bring a touch of music and dance whilst several cartoon characters also made an appearance. You could spot Minnie Mouse, Shrek, Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Mickey Mouse and many others. The traditional parade made its way from Calle Grande to the Plaza España where the surprise touch was provided by the artificial snow sprayed from a special car. There was music in the form of batukada and the collaboration of students and teachers from the Adeje School of Folklore. In the plaza, the Kings accepted drawings from children. This year, various security measures were put in place, including a ban on throwing sweets. Instead, soft varieties were handed out by pages and the crowd was asked not to get to close to the floats in case of an accident. In Granadilla, a grand fiesta of magic and illusion was enjoyed from mid-afternoon into the evening, with the Three Kings arriving on camels. The grand parade meandered through the town, accompanied by thousands of people and was nearly one and a half kilometres long. Buglers and drums heralded their arrival and youngsters handed over their letters, with the help of the Granadilla Correos. Councillor for fiestas, Óscar Delgado Melo said the procession and festivities were a fitting conclusion to the Christmas programme which had seen more than 35 events across the municipality. These fantastic festivities

Photo by Gerard Zenou



La Orotava

Granadilla were reflected all over Tenerife, north to south. In La Laguna, the Three Kings arrived by tram before the start of the massive parade which is one of the oldest in the Canary Islands. There were about 800 extras, along with antique cars, floats and a novelty this year in the form of four large articulated robots, four metres high. In La Orotava, about 30,000 people watched the parade in which more than 600 people participated. Los Cristianos became a place full of illusion and fantasy, culminating in the

arrival of the Wise Men at the old harbour and on to the cultural centre to collect wish letters. Thousands also congregated in Puerto de la Cruz, as they did in Los Realejos, Guia de Isora, El Sauzal and virtually every big town in Tenerife. Whilst the hopes and dreams of the children were undoubtedly to receive the gifts they longed for, their parents wished for jobs, better fortunes and a more prosperous New Year than they were leaving behind.




Tigers roar at San Live Arico Pets Animal Welfare Blas hotel Supporters (PAWS) The Live Arico Christmas Party


Photo by Gerard Zenou

N Saturday, January 4th, the Tenerife Tigers Cheer and Dance School from Callao Salvaje entertained the audience at the Hotel Sandos in San Blas, Los Abrigos. Approximately 60 children from the age of four to 17 hit the stage to perform routines from both the Dance School and the Cheerleading Teams. The fantastic performances by these children left the audience asking for more! The hotel boss was so impressed he has asked these talented children to make regular performances at the hotel! The children performed various routines including ballet classic, ballet pointe,

modern jazz, acrobatic, tap and of course cheerleading. The children of Let’s Dance have already achieved great success in various competitions held in the UK, Wales and Madrid and are due to return once again to a competition in March in the UK. Their dance studio in Callao Salvaje is full of trophies already and it’s certain they will be returning with even more to decorate the walls of the dance school.

New beginnings for Tenerife Family Church Costa del Silencio


N the Saturday before Christmas in the evening Tenerife Family church launched Messy Church which lived up to its name. There were wall to wall parents, grandparents and children who flocked to church all enjoying being messy making Christmassy things. A wide variety of Christmas crafts were available to make and all the generations had the excuse to behave like children. There was a short live puppet show, a story and then a Muppets rendition of Queen’s masterpiece Bethlehemian Rhapsody. All this was topped off with snacks and the promise that there would be another Messy church on Saturday 25th January again at 5 till 7 in the church, situated in the basement of Coral Mar, Costa del Silencio. If you have any queries please contact Pastor Bill Jeffrey on 609565528 The church held its traditional open air Carol Service entitled ‘A Gift in Season’ in Coral Mar square, but this year also did a carol service at Wyngates School, another one on a car park near to where some people cared for by the church take shelter, as they are at present homeless. Finally there was a new outdoor carol and songs performance in the Winter Gardens bowling

complex at Golf Del Sur. There were two special Christmas songs sung by Liz Cairns. Pastor Bill hosted all the services and made a very special announcement at the last one. From Sunday the 19th of Januar y Tenerife Family Church is going to have a weekly evening service at 6:00pm held in the function room next to the Rendezvous Restaurant in the Winter Gardens complex Golf del Sur. Everyone , holiday makers and residents alike are welcome to join us. If you have any queries please contact Pastor Bill Jeffrey on 609565528.

If you have any queries ring Chris on 922 738490 (answerphone always on)

....was a huge success!! Apart from having an awesome evening, we raised 1020 euros on the Top square, Golf del Sur on 28th December. Entertainment, hosted by Suzy Q, was provided by Live Arico vice president Kerry Railton, Colin Stevens, Caroline from the Emerald Lounge, Alfie B, and Micky Glamz. It was like New Year’ s Eve with not a seat to be had. As always, the business owners and staff did their bit, and Riverdance 2 was a blast, with Caroline and Stella holding key positions as the ever enthusiastic Suzy q did her best, with newcomer Michael Flatulence (Colin Stevens) providing fancy footwork, leather pants and a spectacular blonde wig for the occasion. Then it was time for the Superheroes! In full costume, Dave Slippers, Howard Owen and the one and only Sean Wren stole the show – it had to be seen to be believed!! Jackie from Ashro Autos and Wendy from Cats Welfare sold a mountain of raffle tickets in their retro gear, and many prizes were donated by Digs 4 Dogs, Claires Grooming, Revs Motors, Debbie Gilbey, Ashro Autos and Mrs Jean Blake; as well as some 40 bottles of wine collected by Slippers Bar over the past months. Can we better it at Easter? Well, it won’t be easy but we will do it, we always do. Many many thanks to all who supported the event, you made our year!!!

Don´t forget the oldies Sadly, over the past few days we have taken in several dogs of 10 years old or more, which is a crying shame. One wonders

whether a Christmas puppy has taken the place of a senior member of the family, simply cast aside with the wrapping paper. A 12 year old Yorkie came to us via the police of San Miguel who is now thankfully adopted; a 10 year old blind schitzu was abandoned in Granadilla to fend for himself and an 11 year old poodle cross found by one of our customers and her dogs in a deep ditch, infested with parasites, maggots and fur so matted she could barely walk. The latter two are being fostered but efforts to locate their ”owners” are proving fruitless. Please consider taking care of an old dog. Imagine how the above three must have felt, in family homes their whole lives only to find themselves alone and unloved. Abandoning any dog is unforgivable, but at this age it is a heartbreaking crime. We normally charge an adoption fee of 110 - 140 euros for younger healthy dogs but can be far more flexible with the over 10´s and can even offer ongoing vet care. Please contact us if you can help and would like to explore the possibility further. Thank you. Please, if you have QUALITY unwanted clothes, cds, dvds, shoes, household items or childrens clothing, call Siobhan now on 630 857626. And do come and see us, we have shops in Los Cristianos, Calle Revron near Churchills Bar, and San Eugenio opposite Hotel La Nina by Amandas bar at las Carabelas complex. Both shops open from 10 – 4 Monday to Friday, and until 2pm Saturday. Kel even opens the Los Cristianos shop on Sundays.... Come and have a browse, bag a bargain and help the animals..

News from All Saints Church ANGLICAN WORSHIP RETURNS TO SANTA CRUZ After a long period since the former Anglican Church of St George in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (now San Jorge) on Avenida de Veinticinco de Julio was sold to the Roman Catholic Church in 1990, Anglican worship is returning. From Saturday 1st February, there will be a monthly service of Holy Communion in English at 6.00 pm led by the Anglican Chaplain in the north of Tenerife, Rev. Mike Smith. Mike said, “It is encouraging to be returning to this beautiful old church. We currently only celebrate St George’s Day itself in the church, but the numbers of people, both English and Canarian seeking Anglican worship for the Santa Cruz and Las Laguna area means we are going to try to establish regular worship again.” With the permission of Bishop Bernado of La Laguna and with the help of the sisters who maintain this chapel, the monthly Holy

Communion Service on the first Saturday of the month will run for a trial period of six months.

CHRISTMAS GENEROSITY All Saints church wants to say a big thank you to both regular worshippers and the many visitors who joined in special Christmas services. All the collections taken over the period were to support local charities. In total over 1,900 euros was shared between Los Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca, the Hospital de la Inmaculada Concepcion and the Madre Mathilde orphanage.

CAR BOOT SALES BEGIN AGAIN After the Christmas break, the regular Car Boot Sales at All Saints Church begin again on Saturday 1st February at 11.30 am.

Update from Accion del Sol


S many of you welcome in the new year, our hard work and dedication begins in earnest with the arrival of eight puppies just a few days old, so it’s all hands on deck with the necessary regular feeds. Last year, Accion del Sol had more than 500 dogs brought into the refuge, all by Protection Civil; each and every dog had a different story to tell but sadly all ended up on our streets of Tenerife. Every single dog was given the best help and care with many of them finding new loving homes but sadly many still remain at the refuge all hoping that one day it will be their turn for a chance of that new home. Accion del Sol always needs towels, sheets and blankets for the dogs so if you have any to spare then please do bring them to the refuge or contact us on the number below for collection. We have many very kind, generous and loyal supporters all helping in their own special ways. One such lady is Mary who has been very busy knitting us

some gorgeous soft toys for us to sell at the refuge to raise funds for the dogs. Mary is in need of spare wool and cushions or soft padding to fill the toys with so if you have any to spare it would be very much appreciated. A very big thank you to Mary for helping the dogs at Accion del Sol and if there are any doll lovers who would like to purchase one of these lovely toys and help a dog or two, then please do come and visit the refuge. Many of the dogs at the refuge have been there for many years through no fault of their own. They would love a walk and a dip in the sea maybe, so if you do have any spare time or you would love to adopt a dog but are not able to for one reason or another then why not come down to Accion del Sol and make a

dog or two very happy. It’s a really nice area for walking next to the Parque Eolica and then down to the sea. Please call 922778630 for more information or if you would like to help out in anyway. Towels, blankets, toys, collars and leads are always needed for the dogs if you have any to spare. They would be very much appreciated by our four legged friends. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next

to ITER the Parque Eolica where the windmills are and it is open to the public Monday - Friday 3pm-6pm.








IRPORTS in the Canary Islands have reported some encouraging passenger figures, even though the percentage overall is slightly down by one per cent from 2012.

La Palma beach needs a dam RGENT action has been called for to protect one of the best beaches on La Palma.

The Mayoress of Tazacorte is seeking an urgent meeting with Spain’s Coastal department which, she says, cannot shirk its responsibilities. She says that every time there is a storm or huge waves, the beach is swamped, as well

as the road and it is costing a huge amount for the local council to put it right. Carmen Acosta says the only solution is the construction of a dam and she believes this would be easy to do as it would not have to cover a large area.


Police chase over drugs


police chase led to the arrest of a man on suspicion of drug trafficking on La Gomera.

The suspect ran away after being confronted by police but was arrested when he fell over. He was found to be in possession of 4.7 grams of marijuana, one gram of cocaine and 41 grams of hashish. The incident took place in Valle Gran Rey and the man is said to be a resident of the town.

Mixed fortunes for Canary airports A During 2013, more than 32.5 million people passed through the archipelago’s airports, a decrease of 0.9 per cent, according to information from the airports’ authority AENA. However, of this number, 21.2 million were international passengers, a figure which grew by 4.4 per cent (up 883,622) which is the greatest rise in all the records so far. Tenerife south, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote are now placed sixth, seventh and eighth respectively in the table of international passenger arrivals per year within all the Spanish airports with 7,880,683 (up 4.6 per cent), 5,977,173 (up 4.5 per cent) and 3,712,606 (up 9.4%). Regarding the rest of the Canaries, Fuerteventura had 3,303,094 international passengers, which is down 0.4 per cent, La Palma 212,081 (down 13.3 per cent) and Tenerife North 55,530 (up 16.4 per cent). Overall, for both international and domestic passengers, the airport figures were Gran Canaria with 9.7 millions (down 1.2 per cent), followed by Tenerife Sur with 8,701, 983 (up two per cent), Lanzarote with 5,334,598 (up 3.2 per cent), Fuerteventura 4,259,341 (down 3.2 per cent), Tenerife North 3,516,445 (down 5.4 per cent), La Palma 809,521 (down 16.2 per cent), El Hierro 139,154 (down 8.9 per cent) and La Gomera 24,469 (up 24.2 per cent). Moreover, for December 2013, there were 2.9 million passengers passing through the Canary airports, representing an increase of 9.2 per cent over the same period of 2012, of which two million were international traffic. Of the total of international travellers, 1.8 million were from the European Union and 220,397 from countries outside the EU.


Travel red tape to be rescinded T

HE Spanish Government is working on a plan which will cut out the red tape for Canary residents who want to take advantage of their 50 per cent travel discounts.

Tourism Minister, José Manuel Soria says a new streamlined system will be introduced soon which will help residents of the Canary Islands, the Balearics, Ceuta and Melilla. Sr. Soria said the government understood the problems people had been experiencing since the new document system was introduced in 2012. He stressed this had been necessary to combat fraud.

At the moment, residents wishing to take advantage of the 50 per cent discount have to obtain a travel certificate which is valid for six months and take along all their paperwork as proof at the ports or airports. The new system, he said, would put the burden of proof on the airlines and sea companies rather than the other way round. People would be able to get their DNI accreditation from home and not have to take it with them when travelling. Spokesman for the Canary Government, Martín Marrero has described the present system as intolerable, anachronistic, irrational and making no sense in the 21st century and he hoped it would soon be amended.

Body found in ocean


A search for a woman who went missing in Gran Canaria ended in tragedy


HE alert had been raised on January 5th following concerns that the 58-year-old woman had fallen overboard from a boat near the Sardina lighthouse.

The rescue helicopter, police, under-water divers and Civil Protection were involved in the subsequent extensive search. On the afternoon of January 7th, the rescue boat located her body on the coast of Sardina in the municipality of Gáldar.








Finance shock New airline pledges allegiance to for universities Canaries


HE Canary Government says it is not in a position to confirm future funding for projects at the archipelago’s two universities.

La Laguna (ULL) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) are seeking a commitment but the government does not envisage having sufficient resources because of the economic recession. Both universities point out they have suffered a series of cuts and will not be able to improve infrastructures. The ULL and ULPGC want to tie up a firm agreement so they can meet objectives and implement works. Director General of Universities, Carlos Guitián said this is looking “unfeasible”.



HE new airline Evelop has pledged its commitment to the Canary Islands as a holiday destination and has been welcomed as a “positive initiative”. Barceló Viajes presented the new operation during a press conference in Santa Cruz and described the Canaries as a strategic location. The airline started flights a few months ago and has bases in the airports of Tenerife and Gran Canaria

and offers tour operators a large volume of weekly flights to Norway, Finland and Sweden as well as four Spanish cities. Specifically, Evelop will operate seven national routes from the Canaries. Next to the archipelago, the airline sees the Caribbean as another

strategic location for their flights. The company has operated from last summer weekly direct flights from Madrid to Punta Cana, Cancún and Havana. Chief executive officer, Emeterio Lorente said although the initiative had just been born, the aim was to grow and increase destinations and frequencies. It was, he said, another step forward for Barceló Viajes and would allow the group to

operate its own planes, provide package tours and gain greater independence. They had a modern fleet and customer satisfaction was paramount. The venture was praised by Tenerife Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso who said they were providing jobs on and off the ground, would help improve connectivity with the mainland and also with the Nordic countries which were important to the island.

Hospital in cord Scary drives on La Gomera donation M complaints BARRIER WORK

OTORISTS who hold their breath when they drive along some of the scariest roads on La Gomera have the understanding of the Cabildo.


HE chance of saving lives through the donation of cells from the umbilical cord of newborn babies is currently being lost in the Canary Islands, it is being claimed.


A Spanish newspaper last week claimed there is only one specialist machine in the archipelago which can deal with the process and that is usually at the University Hospital of the Canaries in Santa Cruz. For the last three months, however, it has been broken so no umbilical stem cord cells can be donated. The newspaper says this situation has been confirmed by the Ministr y of Health which has promised to replace the machine this year when funds become available.


The situation has led to a number of complaints from women. Most people know about blood donations which can also be tested for potential bone marrow donors. However, it is not so widely recognised that cells from umbilical cords can also help with bone marrow transplants and can and does save lives of family members because of the unique match. There are seven such “banks” in Spain, including at the University Hospital.

Paraglider crashes into mountain

NOTHER paraglider has been injured, this time in an accident in Lanzarote.

The incident happened at La Asomada in the municipality of Tias. An emergency call to the 1-1-2 control centre reported that a paraglider had crashed into the side of a mountain. Rescue workers went to the scene and found the 51-year-

old man had suffered multiple injuries of a less serious nature. He was rescued by fire-fighters and the emergency helicopter which took him to hospital. Police and the Civil Guard were also involved in the rescue.

Bids are to be invited for the installation of 900 metres of barriers along areas affected by last year’s fires. Trees which used to line the route of the GM-2 and CV-17 were destroyed and now there is no protection for drivers in hazardous conditions of fog and rain. It is hoped to instigate the project, at a cost of 36,450 euros, as soon as possible, particularly in the most dangerous parts of the roads that run through the Garajonay National Park.



The Hotel Fuerteventura Playa Blanca could soon have a new lease of life


New role for old Economy fails island hotel to dent


LANS for its refurbishment and management, including as an hotel school, have been provisionally approved by the Cabildo. Bids will shortly be invited from all those interested in the project. The winning company will be allowed to run the hotel for 20 years to make the outlay needed for reforms worthwhile. Once a contract is signed, the successful applicant would have a year to do the work. The Cabildo will take into consideration the ideas of making the hotel into an hotel training school and upgrading it from a four-star to a five-star establishment.

The Hotel Fuerteventura Playa Blanca has 50 rooms and 103 bed and breakfast places, with a restaurant, cafeteria and swimming pool amongst its facilities. The building opened 44 years ago and was previously run as an hotel until being transferred to the Cabildo in 1999. A year ago, the authority agreed to initiate the process of outsourcing its services.


NTREPRENEURS in the Canary Islands are still determined to battle the economic crisis with new businesses.

Latest figures for business creations show the number of new enterprises is still outweighing those which dissolve. In November of 2013, 227 new companies were formed in the Canary Islands whilst 78 were lost. The 227 figure represented a decrease of 14 per cent compared with the same month of 2012 but the loss of 78 was down 4.9 per cent, according to data from the National Statistics Institute. The regions which

registered the greatest number of “births” was Cantabria (22 per cent), Aragón (21.2 per cent) and the Balearic Islands (6.7 per cent). Throughout Spain last November, 7,355 companies were created, 3.2 per cent less than the same month of 2012. These involved a total capital of 449 million euros, a decrease of 16.1 per cent. The number of companies dissolved increased by 12 per cent from a year earlier, accounting for 2,145.






Canaries seen as “ideal place” for drug-running


HE Canary Islands are seen as an ideal place along the drug-smuggling routes, according to a new report.

The archipelago is said to be well-placed as a gobetween for shipments destined for Europe, particularly from the Caribbean via the Azores, Portugal and Spain and more recently, the African route from Suda-America via the African Occidental. The security forces say drug-smuggling continues to be a major problem for the police and as vigilance increases, so does the search for new routes to bypass the controls. The report from the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction ,

belonging to the European Police Office (Europol), much of the cocaine coming into Europe from South America does so through Spain. Colombia remains the leading supplier but in recent years, Mexicans and Dominicans have gained influence in traffic and therefore these new trafficking routes, one of which at least passes through the Canaries. Europol says the archipelago has a good geographical location and is well-connected by air routes to Europe. Because of this, it is regarded as a “perfect” intermediary

station for distribution to other destinations. The drugs are often smuggled by boat in large cargo ships and then transferred to small fishing boats, dinghies and speedboats. Europol believes the prevalence of drug-running has led some countries to become more tolerant to the illegalities and the most vulnerable to the recruitment of human mules to transport cocaine and heroin. The islands are also playing a key role as a gateway for cocaine to Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela to Africa. All this, say the authorities, has been made easier because of advanced technology and the use of computers,

for instance, to instantly relay information. Studies suggest about 4.1 per cent of the European population, or about 14 million people, use cocaine on a regular basis. In 2011, the Spanish authorities seized more than 38 tons of cocaine, mostly on the sea. Increasingly so, the cocaine is hidden in other substances, such as various types of plastic, beeswax, clothing, herbs, liquid, fertiliser and upholstery. The process can be as simple as dipping clothes into a mix of cocaine and water or more complex through chemical processes. Police are also seeing a substantial increase in cocaine laboratories.


Jet2 puts faith in Lanzarote


ET2.COM is to increase the frequency of its flights to Lanzarote this summer.

The low-cost airline will go from 16 flights per week to 21 and is also looking at a new route from Edinburgh. The decision has been welcomed by tourism chiefs who are keen to consolidate the British market. Chief executive officer of, Steve Heappy made the announcement in the course of a working lunch on the island which was also attended by representatives of six British tour groups and the accommodation sector. The extra flights, representing an increase of nearly 30 per cent, begin in June but no date has been released for the Edinburgh connection. won Lanzarote’s Airline of the Year award in 2012 and operates flights to Lanzarote from Leeds, East Middland, Belfast, Blackpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle. Of all the companies using the island’s airport, it has the highest occupancy rate.

New Year calls soar


Saving lives with heart training


EART machines being placed in various public places across the Canary Islands are already proving their worth and will continue to do so in 2014.

The Canary Urgency Service (SUC) has started training members of the public so they can provide initial assistance to people in need before the arrival of the medical services. Health chiefs say such an incident happened in La Laguna just recently when a 38-year-old man suffered a cardiac arrest in a cinema and was helped by several people who received advice over the phone from the 1-1-2 centre. After the emergency team arrived, he was taken to hospital and recovered from his ordeal. The SUC, under the Ministry of Health in the Canary Islands, is stressing the importance of this early intervention and how it can and does save lives. Training sessions are to be held and the number of places with heart defibrillator machines expanded. The experts will also be going out and about in local schools with first-aid lectures.

La Palma acts over abandoned pets


A Palma says the increase in abandoned pets, particularly dogs and cats, is having an adverse effect on the island’s flora and fauna.


TAFF at the two 1-1-2 Canary emergency control centre were rushed off their feet during New Year’s Eve.

Between 9pm on December 31st and 8am on January 1st, they dealt with nearly 3,000 calls. This represented an increase of 147.6% on a normal shift. Most of the calls were to do with security (44.8 per cent) whilst 39.8 per cent were health-related issues. Seven per cent related to accidents, the most serious of which was in Lanzarote when a 44-year-old driver was badly injured in a crash.

The Cabildo has therefore entered into an agreement with the animal group, BIANPA to raise awareness about this problem and to help with greater control and rescue operations. The association will instigate various actions and campaigns during 2014, including collection of abandoned animals in the wild, sterilisation, food and eventual adoption. Cabildo president, Anselmo Pestana said BIANPA had carried out invaluable work

for some years, taking care of abandoned animals and keeping them in decent conditions until they could find a new home. A grant of nearly 15,000 euros has been given to help them with their work. BIANPA aims to defend the rights and welfare of animals, to raise public awareness on protection, as well as against fighting, abuse and neglect. Volunteers play a major part by providing temporar y homes, money, food and materials.






Seville’s haul of Hotel lighthouses An unexpected smuggled one step closer sleep-over tobacco WORKING PARTY




HE Canary Port Authority has confirmed it is giving consideration to allowing the conversion of redundant lighthouses into hotels.

Many have become defunct over the years because of the introduction of electronic signalling and of the 387 lighthouses in Spain, less than 50 remain in operation. There is only one working installation in the Canaries, that of San Cristóbal on La Gomera. The Port Authority may follow the lead of other European cities and preserve rundown and derelict lighthouses through hotel schemes. This would apparently cost about ten million euros a year but substantially less if

private investment was attracted. The Ministr y of Public Works has formed a working committee which includes representatives of the Coastal department. There are 27 lighthouses in the Canaries, 13 of which are in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Many have spectacular views and would be ideal accommodation for tourists, walkers etc. One problem to overcome could be road access and conservation of the environment around them.

PENDING a night in La Gomera might seem a lovely treat but it didn’t go down too well with around 50 travellers.

There were scenes of some disquiet on the key-side of San Sebastián when the 5pm Naviera Armas ferry to Los Cristianos was apparently overbooked. Some of those affected were tourists who said they had missed other transport links as a result as this was the last

journey back to Tenerife. The company is reported to have put the figure of those inconvenienced at 30 and said they had been provided with accommodation before returning home the next morning. Specifically, the company said it was 20 cars and 25 people.



IGARETTE smuggling from the Canary Islands into Seville reached epidemic proportions in 2013.

Airport officials intercepted more than 49,000 packets of tobacco which came from the archipelago. During the year, 114 violations were detected, involving 27 national travellers and 49 foreigners, mostly Romanian. The tobacco was of various trademarks, including America blonde and always devoid of the correct tax stamps. All were hidden in suitcases of passengers who had left the Canaries on route to Seville.


Cruising in to La Gomera La Gomera hopes to count the cost of cruise tourism in 2014

Police detect T island cocaine gang

HE island will be welcoming 77 ships with more than 85,000 cruise passengers, plus another 30,000 crew mem-




OLICE believe an organisation dedicated to drug trafficking in Fuerteventura had been operating on the island for some time.

In collaboration with the National Guard, ten people were arrested, two in Barcelona and eight in the Canary Islands. The gang used “human mules” who swallowed capsules of cocaine and it was then prepared in a labatory for distribution around Fuerteventura. Police arrested a man who was found to have 300 grams of cocaine in his body as he arrived from Barcelona. This led to the capture of the socalled head of the organisation and the seizure of 2,000 euros in cash which he was going to pay for the drugs.

Homes were later raided, including a make-shift lab with various equipment for cutting and pressing, 9,500 grams of cocaine and 80 grams of hashish. The nerve-centre was in Corralejo from where all parts of the island were reached. A property in Barcelona was also searched where more cocaine was discovered. Other items seized in the raids included 16 mobile phones, a dozen high-end watches, seven computers, eight cameras, phone cards, videos, documents and nearly 4,000 euros.

Patera tries to reach beach


HE first New Year arrival of illegal immigrants has been detected in the south of Gran Canaria.

A boat with 16 occupants was spotted off the beach of Tarajalillo in the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. The authorities were alerted by a local resident who saw their boat in the early afternoon. When intercepted, they were found to be in relatively good health despite the ordeal of their long crossing. However, two were taken to hospital for checks because they were suffering from sickness. All of the occupants were adult males, 13 of them North Africans and three of sub-Saharan origin. They were subsequently arrested for illegal entry into the Canaries and will eventually be sent back home.

“ Without doubt, cruise tourism, alongside conventional tourism, is of paramount importance for job creation and the reactivation of consumerism on the island,” said vice-president of the Cabildo, Juan Alonso Herrera Castilla. One cruise liner La Gomera hopes to welcome back is the Thomson Celebration which paid its first-ever visit in the New Year as part of its seven-day Canary and Madeira tour. The captain of the ship was welcomed at an official reception and presented with a souvenir to commemorate the milestone. “We hope this first-time visit will become a regular port of call during the Celebration’s route through the Canaries,” said the vicepresident who emphasised the unique nature of La Gomera.

La Gomera “cares about jobs”



A Gomera is probably the most caring place in Spain for job creation.

This at least is the view of Cabildo president, Casimiro Curbelo Curbelo who said they would make every effort during 2014 to instigate plans which required very little investment but provided the maximum employment. The Cabildo has earmarked a budget of two million euros which will provide work for 130 people and more schemes are to be announced over the coming weeks. The jobs will be spread across the island and money will be spent on road improvements, seen as ver y important to tourists and residents, bridge repairs, bus station refurbishments and improved viewpoints. Dams will be cleaned and drinking water improved and there will be landscaping and environmental improvements in a number of locations, including at the airport. There will also be attention to footpath networks and increased security with railings, barriers etc.

Hashish arrests at airport


WO people were arrested at Gran Canaria airport for trying to smuggle drugs into the island.

Agents assigned to the narcotics group of the National Police stopped the suspects after they arrived on a flight from the mainland. Because of their suspicious behaviour, they were arrested and were subsequently found to have swallowed capsules containing one kilo of hashish. One had swallowed ten, the other 91.





Enjoy a 4 course menu and only pay the main course A don’t miss offer at Café Biblioteca


MAGINE sitting in a restaurant in the south of Tenerife and feeling you could be in one of Europe’s leading cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris or Berlin? Add to this the feel, aroma and senses of the Orient, particularly of Persia, and you have the unique Restaurante Biblioteca in La Camella, Arona. Owner and chef, Hossain Saravi has created a wonderful establishment with a very attractive interior and pleasant atmosphere and would like to share it with you, whether you live here or are on holiday. Everyone deserves a treat and Hossain is offering customers exactly that with a four-course super welcome menu at half the normal price. All you have to do is to phone up, book and take along this article to claim your discount.

Restaurante Biblioteca pays attention to every little detail which makes it so special. There are beautiful and fresh flowers, warm wooden flooring, cosy lighting, comfortable and stylish chairs and an interior design using colours which perfectly combine. All this helps to create the perfect environment of which Hossain is ver y proud, explaining: “There is no fryer or microwave in my kitchen. I wanted to create something special, a cosmopolitan place, where you are enveloped by the spices of the Orient.” As a result, you will always find on the menu fresh herbs and spices, including cous-

cous salad with lamb fillet, which comes with seasonal vegetables fresh chives , basil , dill , mint or fresh parsley.

To welcome back many loyal customers who come to enjoy the winter in Tenerife, Hossain’s four course menu

is just 19 euros per person (ONLY on production of this article). Normally, this would cost 27 euros.

The team at Café Biblioteca will be delighted to entertain you. Reservation is requested as all the dishes are prepared fresh and the preparation of the exquisite rice requires time. Please telephone Phone: 922 72 82 70. You will find Restaurante Biblioteca by taking the Arona exit off the TF-1, follow the TF28 in the direction of Chayofa (towards La Camella), passing the petrol station on your righthand side. Restaurante Biblioteca is open every day, except Tuesday, from noon to 11pm (kitchen open until 10pm). Please also see for more informa-tion and pictures and details of the interior and the tempting full menu.

EXOTIC NEW YEAR MENU The demand for the inexpensive menu offers in recent weeks has been so big that Hossain has decided to continue the offer into the new year. The exotic new year menu offers a choices between various delicious dishes from his menu at an incredible value for money price. Here we go with the popular Iranian starters:

 “Shiraz” salad – Free of charge Baked stuffed mushrooms – Free of charge Then you have a choice between 3 different main dishes which you will pay at only 19€:

Cocktail of fresh seasonal vegetable in tomato and turmeric sauce or Hummus – curry sauce served with basmati rice or house potatoes. Lamb fillet (Tchelo Kebab) Iranian original in red wine sauce with fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes sauteed with turmeric served with basmati rice or house potatoes. Beef fillet in soy and honey suace with eggplant and plums sauteed served with basmati rice or house potatoes. Finally, round off with the house speciality of home-made Dorothea dessert. – Free of charge






The life of a millionaire How the other half lives – on board world’s biggest private yacht


T was big, beautiful and made a real impact on Los Cristianos. “The World” had arrived in the Canary Islands and caused a huge buzz of excitement amongst residents and tourists alike. “Spectacular” and “breathtaking” were the adjectives most used to describe what appeared to many to be a floating palace. At night, berthed in the harbour, it was like a sparkling jewel. “The World” is, in fact, the largest privately-owned residential yacht on earth, a unique concept and truly one-ofa-kind. It is NOT a cruise ship but a private residential co-

mmunity, a home to the residents who live on board. They are, of course, millionaires and even standing on the dock at Los Cristianos, it would be impossible for most of us as the ordinary man in the street to imagine the life-style and luxury of what it offers – and the adventures of a lifetime. “The World” is home to only 130 families, hailing primarily

PTO. CRUZ - LA PAZ: Cosy apartment in sea front position with big terrace and amazing sea and coastal views, 2 beds, 1 bath, heated pool, fully furnished. 160.000€ PTO. CRUZ – BOTANICO AREA: magnificent luxury semidetached property in privileged location with superb views. 2 beds, 2 baths, bright living room, conservatory with superb coastal views, big garage (43 sqm) with sauna and shower. Marble floors, double glazing... 340.000€ o.n.o. Ref CH0814 SANTA URSULA: Magnificent luxury villa of recent construction in top location with superb views, plot 1525 sqm, cconstr. 700 sqm, heated pool, exterior Jacuzzi, built to the highest standards with the most advanced house technique. Price and further info on request. PTO. CRUZ - BOTANICO AREA: Top floor cosy studio type apartment with magnificent views, fitted kitchen, bathroom, lock up garage incl. Only 115.000€


from the US, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Residents share a sense of adventure, freedom and exploration. Home is one of 165 bespoke private residences, ranging from studios to three bedroom homes, and it sails nonstop to the most breathtaking destinations imaginable. These luxury apartments are said to have cost between two and eight million euros each and that is without the annual fee which runs into hundreds and thousands of euros. Extraordinary experiences are the norm for these pa-

ssengers. Like dining at acclaimed Spanish Chef Ferran Adria’s three Michelin star elBulli before it closed its doors, enjoying the running of

the bulls in a private Pamplona apartment, joining The World’s chef at the Portofino market to pick up distinctive local ingredients or savouring

champagne and caviar atop an Antarctic glacier after arriving by private helicopter. Other experiences have included:

Watching Melanesia’s Pentacost land divers perform a centuries old custom of jumping from wooden platforms with vine-wrapped ankles. Sailing Canada’s Northwest Passage, a record-breaking voyage, while a mother Polar bear and her cub gaze at you from a nearby ice floe. Enjoying the Resident band “Fabulous Fossils” perform on a rocky cliff in Greenland from a small gathering of Zodiacs and kayaks floating in the sea below. Playing golf in the Antarctic snow after retracing Sir Ernest Shackleton’s historic steps.





This year, the programme has been described as “one of the most exhilarating in the ship’s history.” Residents will enjoy an extensive exploration of New Zealand and Southeast Asia, an unprecedented overland visit to North Korea from Beijing and two exceptional expeditions to Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and the Sea of Okhotsk – as well as that first-time stop to Los Cristianos and then on to Gran Canaria. The private community-atsea will also undertake a deep exploration of French Polynesia, Cook Islands, China, Japan, and South Korea, sailing 44,000 nautical miles and visiting 123 new ports. Had you been able to get on board “The World” when it was in Los Cristianos (impossible, of course, because of the

security), you would have found the most stunning facilities and decor. It has six restaurants, golf facilities with onboard putting greens and a state-of-the-art golf simulator, the only full-size tennis court at sea, swimming pools, a spa, a fitness centre, expert destination lecturers, library, cinema and more. A normal routine would be to wake for your morning swim. Or jog. Or attend a yoga class. During the day, you could indulge in a Balinese massage, sip a cup of coffee in the neighborhood cafe or head to the marina for a kayak ride on the open sea. You dine in a world-class restaurant or have an intimate meal at home. You can conduct your business in the library. It’s completely up to you. Perhaps you enjoy some fine hand-rolled tobacco

in the Cigar Club. Or fall asleep beneath a starry sky in one of the ultra-comfortable Bali beds. What the passengers felt about Tenerife and Los Cristianos is not known but many took the opportunity to move ashore in small boats and to spend the day in the tourist area of the island. They would definitely have been impressed by the weather! To celebrate the visit, the president of the Ports Authority, Pedro Rodríguez Zaragoza delivered a commemorative plaque and local wine to the captain of the ship on its decks. Tenerife hopes to see the return of “The World” in years to come and looks forward to welcoming a unique yacht which created as much excitement on dry land as it does on sea.


Photos courtesy of “The World”

The World at your finger-tips Is The World a cruise ship?

The World is not a cruise ship. It is the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. It might look like a cruise ship from the exterior but that’s where the similarity ends. This exclusive community offers the ultimate combination of luxury travel with world-class dining, custom tours and enriching cultural events. It is the embodiment of a distinctive lifestyle experience.

Is The World a timeshare?

No. Every home is fully owned by a resident(s). Together, the residents own the ship.

Who is the average resident living onboard The World?

The average age of residents is 64 with 35% under 50. Residents are very active, entrepreneurial and philanthropic, and they have a thirst for knowledge, adventure and travel.

Where are the residents from?

and destination planning. Every corner of the globe is a possibility.

What are some of the unique and thrilling experiences residents have enjoyed?

Hiking in Grenada’s Grand Etang rainforest. Riding in a sunset camel safari in Australia. Diving in St. Barts. Golfing at Scotland’s Kingsbarns. Watching the running of the bulls from a private Pamplona apartment. Kayaking among icebergs. Befriending penguins in Antarctica.

How much do apartments cost?

There are 165 apartments on The World ranging from studios to expansive three-bedroom units and a palatial penthouse that comfortably accommodates up to 12 people. Prices vary based on size, décor, location and market conditions.

Are there annual ownership costs to pay?

The resident community is comprised of 130 families who hail from 19 countries throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and South Africa.

Yes, annual ownership costs are additional and are based on the square footage of the apartments. These fees include a Resident’s share of Ship preservation, operations, crew compensation, and food and beverage onboard.

Do people live on the ship year-round?

Is The World sold out?

There are some residents who live on the ship year-round, with the majority continuing to be active in their professional lives and spending three to four months onboard. The average occupancy at one time is 150 residents so the atmosphere is quite intimate.

How is The World’s itinerary decided upon?

The World continuously circumnavigates the globe on an itinerary selected by the resident community through a voting process. Itineraries are determined approximately two years in advance by a team comprised of a resident committee, the captains and director of itinerary

The original inventory of residences was sold out in June 2006 but there are currently a select number of residences available for resale. In 2011, the Ship sold 19.

Is there a rental programme?

A Guest Stay programme is in place as a service to residents but it is not intended to drive revenue or occupancy. The “by invitation” program exists to provide potential residents with the opportunity to experience the lifestyle prior to making a purchase decision and joining the community.






Ryanne’s Corner

Exploring the traditional beauty of the Isla de la Eterna Primavera sea view spots made up for it. For anybody wanting a bit of Spanish culture and a chance to see some amazing views, then I would suggest a visit to Candelaria. Try to avoid what I did though-I got there in the afternoon and as typical


T is time again to explore Tenerife’s hidden towns but this time it is not heading up into the mountains. Instead the next step is to venture up north to discover if it is as good as the south side of the island. Located just 15km from Santa Cruz lies the lovely town of Candelaria. Here is where your eyes are really opened to the traditional Spanish way of life. The town itself has indescribable beauty and the never ending facts and information of the histor y behind the town was fascinating to find out. Walking through the town’s “High street” as such and you find it is full of different things to look at, especially souvenir shops full of miniature versions of the town’s iconic Guanches. There are also many other shops including for clothes, linen and shoes, so there is something for everyone. All at very reasonable prices. If you carry on through the street, you reach the town’s square: the ‘Plaza de la Patrona’. This I feel is one of the best spots to visit in Candelaria as there are a lot of things going on and to see. The main focus once in the square is the magnificent church. You can walk around the inside of the church, where it is just as beautiful on the inside as the out. There are many rooms to look around, including a prayer room and a candle room. In this room, if you donate 20 cents or more,

then you get the chance to light a candle. The main temple of the church is dedicated to the Virgin of Candelaria. She is celebrated as the equivalent of the Virgin Mary. Candelaria is seen as the centre of worship and it is considered that the church is the main one dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Canar y Islands. Celebrations take place on February 2nd where her ‘feast’ takes place and then again on August 15th which is the biggest as this is her patronal feast of the year. Be aware of the beggars on each entrance of the church steps, sadly a sign of the economic times we are living in. The plaza was still set up from New Year’s Eve and ready for a fiesta to celebrate the Three Kings Day. This is a big space perfect for fiesta and I have a feeling many people will have been partying the night away in style here. Outside of the church on the front of the square lie giant statues of the famous Guanches. These are worth a look at as they are fascinating and each one is different. This is also a perfect picture opportunity. Guanches are believed to

be the first known aboriginal Berber inhabitants of the Canary Islands. There is an intriguing charm about the Guanches heritage here in Tenerife. Several prehistoric burial chambers discovered in caves similar to the Aztec pyramids in South America surround Candelaria. Concealed within these caves were the mummies of the Guanches, whose burial process is extremely similar to the pharaohs in Egypt. These mummies now lie in various museums across Spain. But Canadelaria remains the spiritual home of the Guanches. Encompassing the plaza are some lovely cafes to indulge in. After deciding against playing it safe with an Italian café, instead we opted for a little tapas bar next door and by chance we fell extremely lucky. Although Candelaria is a tourist fuelled place, the prices were crazy good. Five half portions of tapas was ample between three and cost just two euros per dish. The tapas were some of the best I had tried and full of flavour. At the opposite end was a highly recommended seafood restaurant overlooking the sea, so your palate will dictate your choice. Back down the street is was time to see what the other side had to offer and again it was full of lovely views and spots. At the end of the road whilst

Spanish town ever ything closes for a siesta. So make a full day of it so you can get a chance to see the town with its full potential. This is stressfree to do as a large frontal car park with easy access making a day stay relatively simple.

sampling a lovely ice cream on this hot January day, we noticed a traditional fruit and vegetable market that is held on a Wednesday. Continuing down the other side there was a lovely little boating harbour. Looking eastwards across the ocean you could see Gran Canaria in the distance, something that is very unusual to be so clear. One of the few disappointments was that there was no real beach to go and enjoy but the many seating areas and


British TV, official statements


ERE is the official statement from the owners of the service carrying SKY and the BBC/ITV channels.

Société Européenne des Satellites Betzdorf Luxembourg 11/12/13 “As part of the ongoing fleet renewal programme, we will be transferring all the UK-only channels currently operating on ASTRA 1N across to ASTRA spot beam. This move at the 28ºEast orbital location will take place over several weeks beginning early February 2014. TV viewers outside the UK may see an impact and may not be able to receive channels from ASTRA 2E , which has a smaller coverage. The replacement fleet has been designed to meet the requirements of UK broadcasters who target their channels for distribution and hold broadcasting rights only for the UK but not for other countries.” Here also is a statement from the BBC themselves. Alix Pryde , Director, BBC Distribution “The overspill of the BBC’s services will be reduced so viewers outside the UK will find it even harder to receive them. I know that this causes unhappiness to some of you living outside the UK. However, it is entirely appropriate because the BBC domestic services are for people living in the UK only.” E-mail Paul at






The Scottish origins of the Hamilton family By Alastair Robertson One of the best known family names in Tenerife, either English or Spanish, is that of Hamilton. The Hamiltons were one British family of many who found a new life in the Canaries during the nineteenth century. From inauspicious beginnings in the administration of a shipping company, they became growers and exporters of bananas, tomatoes and potatoes. Their company was an agent of Lloyd’s Shipping Register of London and Reuter’s news agency, and, quite possibly, Hamilton & Co. was the first coal shipping company to operate in the Canary Islands.


HIS all started when one very young man, Lewis Gellie Hamilton, arrived in 1816 at the age of seventeen to work for Gilbert Stuart Bruce in Puerto de la Orotava, or Puerto de la Cruz as it is today, exporting wine and cochineal (a natural dye). Lewis definitely had the golden touch for the business expanded to the point that he joined with his former employer to set up a separate firm, the Bruce Hamilton Company. In 1839 it was nominated as agents for Lloyds, then, as Santa Cruz overtook Puerto de la Cruz as the main port of the island, the Bruce Hamilton Co. built a signal station on top of the Anaga hills to report by a system of flags the movement of ships in the area back to Santa Cruz and on to Lloyds. The station, which was no more than a crude hut, was later rebuilt as El Semaforo de Igueste. Quite late in life, at the age of 41, Lewis Hamilton married Selina Edwards on 21st October 1839 and they had seven children, five of whom survived to adulthood. It is from Lewis and his children that the Hamilton dynasty went on to make such a great impact on the life and economy of Tenerife. The rest is history, so much so that a book was written about them, ‘La Casa Hamilton, 1837-1987’, by Agustin Guimera Ravina, published in 1989. Unfortunately for those of us who don’t speak the language, it’s only available in Spanish – so far. But for me there was also the question of Lewis’s background. What sort of family did he come from? I

found that the Hamiltons were well-established merchants in the eighteenth centur y at Greenock in Scotland, which was then a bustling international port. It’s probable, but not certain without further research, that the initial wealth of the family came from Lewis’s grandfather Archibald Hamilton, who traded from Greenock to the British colonies in North America before the American Revolution, or the American War of Independence as it’s more usually known. Archibald and his wife Agnes had five sons and one daughter. Their third son, John, at least seems to have acquired his father’s business acumen. He probably joined his father’s business but he

also traded in his own right, as he did when he bought a share in Gourock Rope Works in 1786, rope being the vital sinews of sailing ships. John married twice. He had four children by his first marriage to Jean Campbell, and six by his second to Isabella Gellie. These marriages threw me at first when looking for Lewis and his influential older brother, Hugh. I didn’t know that there had been two marriages and I was puzzled that there appeared to be no older brother at all for Lewis but there were what appeared to be two John Hamiltons of Greenock producing families. I then realised that John’s first wife had died, John re-married, and that Hugh was Lewis’s much older step-brother, by fifteen years, from John’s first marriage. John was a person of some consequence, so much so that in 1802 he became one of nine original partners of the Renfrewshire Banking Co. when it was established that year. The bank’s first office was on Hamilton Street in Greenock, although John retained his own office at the head of East Quay Lane. The bank opened a branch in Glasgow in 1803 where Hugh, John’s oldest son, was appointed as agent in 1805. In 1809 the first contract for the bank expired and John and another partner retired. Sadly

John died that year at the age of only fifty-four and Hugh became head of the family. Hugh kept the name of the family business, John Hamilton & Co., merchants in Greenock, while his younger brother, William, who also had a talent for business, traded as a vintner, or wine merchant, also in Greenock. The brothers had another company in Liverpool trading under William’s name. An indication of Hugh’s status is that when the Greenock Chamber of Commerce was incorporated 1813 he was on the board of directors. All was not perfect, however, for in 1814 Hugh experienced what he described as “certain misfortunes”. He seems to have been a bit of a wheeler-dealer and he had obtained credit by using the name of John Hamilton & Co. and David Hyde & Co., another company in which he was involved, but deliberately kept his own name out of it and requested, almost begged, others not to mention his name. In 1814 this all came to light when one company went bankrupt and the matter went to court. This had a domino effect on several companies. Hugh came unstuck, he was judged to have been guilty of “improper conduct” and his personal property and that of John Hamilton & Co. were

sequestrated. However, he must have sorted his finances out fairly quickly because two years later, in 1816 at court in Edinburgh, Hugh presented a petition that he be finally discharged of all debts contracted by him either as a member of David Hyde & Co., or as an individual. However the case with the various companies lingered on in the House of Lords until 1824. In 1817 Hugh, by using his trading contacts, made arrangements for Lewis, his younger step-brother by fifteen years, to emigrate to Tenerife to make a career for himself, while Hugh continued shipping in Greenock as a merchant and wine merchant until his death in 1850. Lewis and Selina’s three sons grew up to take their places in the family business, but in order to do so, the eldest, John James, moved to London to join his cousin Archibald Sinclair Hamilton, the son of his late uncle Hugh. Although they were first cousins, Archibald was old enough to be John James’ father. In London by 1852 there were several Hamiltons who were general merchants and wine merchants. Bruce, Hamilton & Co. had an office there and Archibald Hamilton, Merchant, who was also listed under Sinclair Hamilton & Co., Merchants in Bishopsgate. This

company, incidentally, supplied Enfield rifle muskets to the Confederate government during the American civil war. Lewis died in 1872 and by the end of the nineteenth century the Hamilton family was at the height of their powers. Santa Cruz was the coaling station for steam ships going to and from Africa and South America. To fuel the ships there were three companies importing coal from Britain, of which Hamilton & Co. was by far the most important; between 1903 and 1911 it supplied more than half the coal for the port. As well as their import/ export trade, the family were instrumental in establishing a savings bank on the island, they also indulged in good works, such as founding the Children’s Hospital and the British Cemetery in Santa Cruz, and they enjoyed the social scene, co-founding Tenerife F.C., the Taoro Hotel in Puerto de La Cruz and the Real Club Nautico in Santa Cruz. The Hamilton family diversified and is still going strong today, but its Victorian presence can still be seen in the huge pumping station at La Rambla de Cuba on the north coast, the Semaforo at Igueste, in street names, the Taoro Hotel and the Real Club Nautico.


Pets World


Dogs and horses, avoiding conflict Once horses have passed you, keep your dog under close control. Do not allow your dog to enter a field of grazing horses. Stop and speak to each other. You have more in common than you think!



OME dogs have never seen a horse before and if they are scared or nervous, they may react by chasing the horse. This can cause problems for the horse, the rider, other members of the public and the dog.

FROM THE DOG’S POINT OF VIEW... If a dog has never seen a horse, it may be scared or nervous and react by investigating or chasing. A dog may get upset if a horse passes it quickly.

Why do dogs chase? Dogs are a predator y species and originate from hunting other animals; it is how they have survived and evolved into what we have today They have an instinctive behaviour pattern and aspects of it have been developed by humans so dogs could do ‘jobs’ of work Today most dogs are kept as pets but their chasing and hunting instincts are still there Some dogs will have never seen a horse before and they will react with a mixture of fear, curiosity or nervousness which may come out in defensive aggression or result in chasing

Dogs may see the horse and want to play – the horse is unlikely to understand this!

Ten ways to avoid a chase situation Socialise and try to train your dog with horses from an early age so they are not a scar y or exciting thing to come across. Ensure you have your dog under close control and have a reliable recall through training. If you do not have a sound recall, please keep your dog on a lead. If you see a horse approaching, recall and keep your dog as still as possible in a visible but safe place. If you see a rider approaching quickly, make yourself visible so they can slow to a walk before they pass you. Wear hi-viz equipment, it’s the safe thing to do generally and riders can see you and react at an earlier opportunity. Encourage your dog not to bark at a passing horse; give him food treats when you see a horse; horses mean ‘good thing happens’!

If a dog runs towards a horse in play or aggression it will run away, causing problems for the horse, the rider, other members of the public and the dog.

Why do horses run? Animals such as the horse were prey for many large carnivores, such as the common ancestor of the wolf and dog. To survive, they run from any threat of attack. This is often referred to as ‘flight’. The horse’s natural survival instinct is strong and a rider has little influence over this A bolting horse presents very real danger for other members of the public present. If the area is not enclosed, the horse may run onto a busy road and be hit by a car or other vehicle. The dog may pursue the horse onto the road and also be hit by another road user. The rider may fall off and injure themselves if the horse moves quickly sideways or kicks out. The horse may kick out at the dog; as many horses have steel shoes on their hooves, these can do some serious damage to your dog. A horse may not react any differently to an approach from a muzzled dog or even a friendly dog; they do not know they cannot be bitten.

Clicker training your pet Fun learning Clicker training is a really great way of teaching your pet new things in a positive way and making learning fun for both of you. You can clicker train any animal, including dogs, cats, horses and rabbits. It’s a positive training method based on rewarding an animal for good behaviour. Your pet learns to understand that the sound of the click means “that’s right” and that a food treat is coming. A click is more effective than your voice for two reasons. Firstly, your mood will influence how you sound and can make your voice inconsistent. Secondly, by the time you’ve praised your pet, they might have moved on to something else. A clicker gives a quick, clear and consistent signal to your pet. When animals are rewarded for the right behaviour, they’re more likely to repeat it and look for ways that they can offer that behaviour so they get a treat, making training more of a game than a chore for them – and you! TOP TIP: The click must be an absolute guarantee that your pet will immediately get a reward. So the golden rule is: every time you click, give your pet a treat, even if you clicked at the wrong time.

First things first All you need to get started is a special clicker and some food treats. You can buy clickers online and at most pet shops and they only cost a couple of pounds. Before you start using one, check to make sure your pet isn’t sound sensitive. Some animals may be frightened by the unfamiliar sound of the click. Make sure you’ve stocked up on the right kind of food treats – this is, literally, the key ingredient! For dogs the treat should be about the size of your little fingernail and ideas include cheesy treats or fresh chicken. If you’re training in a park where there are lots of distractions a really tasty treat, like ham, will help to keep them interested.

Clicker train your cat For cats, you could use bits of shredded chicken or a piece of wet food on a teaspoon and there are lots of healthy bite-sized treats on the market especially for horses, like dried apple. For rabbits, try tiny pieces of carrot. TOP TIP: During training sessions, your pet could get lots of treats so make sure you manage their overall diet so they don’t become overweight.

Getting started Find a quiet area where you and your pet can concentrate. With your pet beside you, click once and then immediately give them a treat. Don’t point the clicker at your pet or click too close to their ears. Repeat this a few times until your pet becomes alert to the sound of the click and looks to you for a treat.

Next steps Now your pet has made the association between a click and a treat you can start to teach them new skills. One of the easiest things to start with is to teach them to touch an obvious target, like a mat on the floor, a ball on a stick or your hand. As your pet approaches the target, click and treat. You don’t have to wait until they touch it because you’re shaping their behaviour and rewarding small steps towards the end goal. At this stage, let the clicker speak for itself – if you say anything it could be distracting. When your pet actually touches the target, click immediately and reward them with extra treats so they know they’ve hit the jackpot. Soon your pet will see a target and go straight to it and at this point you can start to add a word that indicates what you want your pet to do. For instance, if your pet is about to touch the target, say “touch”, wait for them to touch the target and then click and treat. Repeat this over the next few days until the cue alone prompts your pet to go and touch the target. Then you can progress to only clicking and treating the target touches that you have asked for on cue. So if your pet touches the target without you asking them to you don’t click and treat. Once your pet only touches the target when you ask them to you can start phasing out the click, which also means phasing out the treats. But it’s important that you still make sure they know they’ve done well, whether it’s telling them “good boy” or giving them a scratch, or giving them treats every now and then.

TOP TIP: Clicker training works in four basic steps:    

Get the desired behaviour Click the behaviour while it’s happening (not afterwards) Reward your pet immediately The click means the end of the exercise so allow your pet to relax and enjoy their treat before you start again





Learn a bit of Russian NEW COURSE


EARNING a new language is always a challenge so would you like to tackle a bit of Russian?

Santiago del Teide’s Agency for Employment and Local Development has organised an introductory course to Russian. It is felt the course will particularly help the unemployed of the municipality and to a lesser extent, people who already have a job locally. The course takes place between January 20th and February 5th and will be held between 10am and 2pm. It is free of charge for the unemployed and those in work will be charged ten euros. The venue is Centro Social La Vigilia II de Puerto de Santiago. Places are limited and the deadline for registration is January 18th. For more information, telephone 922-86-31-27 ext 253-256.


Wood carved into art


craftsman who can make even a simple table a work of art is exhibiting in the civic centre at Cabo Blanco.

Pedro Trujillo uses specialist tools such as the “gubia” or “gouge”, a round hollow chisel favoured by carpenters and carvers for delicate work. It’s appropriate, therefore, that this exhibition of wood is called “A golpe de gubia” or “A blow from a gouge”. Visitors are very welcome up until the end of January.


Night race to benefit needy families


ET your running shoes ready and make sure you visit the local supermarket in advance of January 25th.

On this date, Santiago del Teide’s sports department is holding the second Solidarity Night Race. There is no charge to enter but instead, you are asked to donate five kilos of non-perishable food which will be donated to the municipality’s food bank. You can enter by visiting (the deadline is January 17th but you must be at least 15 years of age before or on the day of the race and if a minor, get permission for your parents or guardian). With a 7pm start, the route remains the same as before through Puerto del Santiago, Playa la Arena and Los Gigantes, covering a total of 7.5 kilometres over the entire coastline of the municipality. The start and finish will be in the plaza La Vigilia de Puerto de Santiago. Numbers will be given out here between 5pm and 6pm and the food donations can also be delivered. There will be prizes for the top three runners in each category of each sex, ie. general, under-25, senior, veteran and local (men and women). Councillor for sports, Guillermo Évora Marrero said the event was so well-received by runners of the island and especially the municipality in 2013 that they had always intended to hold it again this year. It would be hugely beneficial for needy families and they once again hoped for good support.


Show brings flashbacks of stunning era formed in 1996. Founders Eylon Nuphar and Boaz Berman were driven by a deep love for percussion and music and gathered together gifted performers from throughout the world, each with their own special talent. Today, Mayumana has performers from more than 20 countries and has entertained


HE Teatro Guimerá in Santa Cruz will be hosting a unique show from February 12th to 16th.

“Racconto” will bring together the best of the dynamic

theatrical group known as “Mayumana” which was

millions of people around the world with its international touring cast, as well as its home theatre in Israel. Tenerife is thrilled to be welcoming the group which critics have praised as bringing “funky moves and cutting edge technology”. “Racconto”, from Italian, means “story” or “flashback”

which is appropriate as it showcases the high points of previous productions created by Mayumana. It is narrated in a humorous voice-over, especially adapted for the Spanish stage, and has led audiences to burst into standing ovations. It is full of rhythm, movement, poetry, technology and humour,

not to mention lots of amazing surprises. There are also video flashbacks to previous shows and a homage to Spain where the company debuted its first show eleven years ago. Tickets cost 35, 30 and 25 euros, with shows at various start times and are available from the theatre’s box office or on-line (see:






Routes begin to discover Tegueste GUIDED WALKS


EGUESTE is expecting a really good response to its new series of nature walks which begin on January 17th.

These guided tours are designed to introduce people to nature, as well as the wealth of cultural and heritage jewels of the municipality. The programme runs from January through to June, featuring 20 events in all on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. A new feature is the inclusion of a cycling tour through the vineyards of the town and the Anaga mountain. The first event is on Friday, January 17th and is entitled “Al pasado del viejo Tegueste a la luz de la luna” or “A journey through Tegueste by the light of the moon”. This starts at 6.30pm, takes four hours and is describe as “low” difficulty. The fee is five euros. Places are limited so if this is booked up, you can check all the other dates on the municipal website of or email Alternatively, ring 922 31 61 02. Most of the other events also cost five euros – some are eight and others are 15 euros which is great value for money if you are seeking to do something different with your time.


Stage is set for new shows


OS Realejos is expecting an influx of regional and national entertainment shows between March and December 2014.

This follows membership to a pioneering project called “Platea” or “Stalls” to which 150 municipalities in Spain belong. The idea is to encourage the world of performing arts and to bring it closer to the people. Film Sundays have already been introduced and there are many plans on the horizon. Each place has to have a dedicated area and in the case of Los Realejos, it is the Teatro Cine which meets all the requirements and was reformed and improved during 2013. Spain’s Ministr y of Culture is coordinating the initiative through the National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music and the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. Los Realejos is happy to be part of the network and hopes to welcome many leading companies this year and to increase the theatrical offerings locally. On Sundays, the Teatro Cine will be hosting family entertainment. You can keep up-to-date on

A unique insight into dog ownership


F you are a young person living in Adeje and own a dog, put your spare time to good use in 2014 and learn more about its needs, behaviour, training and socialisation. As part of its ongoing “Clean and Healthy” campaign, the local council is offering a dog training course which is much more than the traditional obedience class. The aim is to give young people in particular a real insight into dogs, not just from a practical point of view but with theory as well. The initiative will run from January 28th to April 29th, each Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm in the Youth House (La Casa de la Juventud). Registration is now open but there are a number of requirements which must be


Opera comes out of the shadows G RAN Canaria is to host the world premiere of a new opera which will showcase for the very first time the talents of young Canary


“Clara y las sombras” (“Clara and the shadows”) will take to the stage of the Teatro Pérez Galdós on May 14th and 16th following several months of auditions for local singers. These began last December and continue through to

March. The opera is part of a cultural project called ‘“InterArtes Canarias 2013-2014”, now in its third successive year, thanks to a collaboration between the Canary Government and the Auditorium and Theatrical

Foundation of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The initiative aims to give talented young people from the Canaries a chance to showcase their work in diverse fields. The Conservatory of Music of the Canary Islands is involved, together with the Canary School of Actors and the Las Palmas Polytechnic.

Representatives of all the organisations involved were present at a press conference to launch details of the exciting project. The opera centres around the Gineceo club where all sorts of characters can be found – politicians smoking cigars, pickpockets waiting to pounce, unscrupulous swindlers, prostitutes, wealthy

men and women, barmaids and transvestites. Amongst them are Clara and René who rediscover their love but things start to go wrong when Clara volunteers to take part in a magic act and disappears. Does it have a happy ending? You will have to see the opera to find out (keep up to date on – the site is available in English)

met. The dog must be registered in Adeje and you must show proof of up-to-date vaccinations. In addition, if it is on the “dangerous breed” list, you must produce all the proper ownership papers and insurance. You must also be aged 16 or over. Adeje councillor, Esther Rivero Vargas said the content was specifically tailored to the young dog owner as they spent more time with their pets in the street. With professional trainer Juan Carlos Gaspar Abreu at the helm, the practical side of the course will be from January 28th to February 20th. It will cover aspects such as canine behaviour, body language, types and characteristics of various breeds, paperwork required, rights and responsibilities of owners and training devices. There will be a visit to an animal centre in Adeje and a talk by a vet. The practical block is from February 25th to April 29th and will teach young people the fundamentals of training their dog based on the street scene and public roads. The trainer will assess each dog so that any problems can be identified and put right. The cost of the course is 60 euros which can be paid each month or at the time of registration at the Youth House.






Drama. After the loss of his entire family, Peter, a successful city trader, becomes a lighthouse keeper on a remote Scottish island. One day his isolated life is turned upside down when a little girl named Charlotte is washed ashore. Director: Mark Aldridge Starring: James Nesbitt, Natascha McElhone, Gary Lewis, Lil Woods, Tom Bennett, Philip Bird


Under Open Skies. Episode 1. Nature documentary looking at wildlife from the perspective of tiny creatures, telling the story of two young animals forced to grow up fast. In Africa’s savannah a baby elephant shrew learns how speed is the secret to survival amongst the largest animals on earth and in America a young grasshopper mouse confronts the Wild West’s deadliest creatures to stake a claim of his own.



Documentary series chronicling the work of the UK’s biggest and busiest obesity unit based at the Sunderland Royal Hospital. Today, we catch up with 31 stone Doreen Thomas on her week long assessment on the weight loss ward. At the age of 56, this is the first time she has slept away from home in 37 years but she is determined to do things her own way. Sometimes weight loss does not always go to plan as 66-year-old Jeff Allan discovered. He weighed in at 36 stone before having a gastric balloon fitted, but lost too much weight too quickly. He soon became dehydrated and had to have it removed as an emergency procedure. A similar thing happened to 29-year-old Natalie Middleton, who had her gastric band removed when her weight plummeted to eight stone and endangered her life.



25TH JANUARY 16:00 DIAGNOSIS MURDER (DRAMA) The 13 Million Dollar Man. Series 1, episode 5. Lighthearted drama series about a hospital doctor who uses his sleuthing skills to help the LAPD crack baffling cases. A dying man places a winning lottery ticket into Dr Sloan’s hands, telling him to do something good with it. Things become complicated when the victim’s widow tries to convince him that the 13 million dollars belongs to her. Director: Anson Williams Starring: Dick Van Dyke, Scott Baio, Victoria Rowell, Barry Van Dyke, Michael Tucci, Delores Hall


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:45 12:15 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 20:30 21:30 22:00 22:25 22:35 23:05 00:45 00:50


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Masterchef’s John Torode sifts through the archives and serves up a selection of mouth-watering dishes from some of the nation’s favourite television chefs. This show features recipes and ingredients linked by the letter V. Anjum Anand cooks up a vindaloo and Sophie Dahl bakes a victoria sponge. 14:45 16:30 18:00 19:00 22:30 23:15

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Animation. A criminal mastermind plots to shrink and steal the moon, but his plans are disrupted by the arrival of three orphaned girls trying to sell cookies. He decides to recruit them into his scheme, using them to distract his arch nemesis, but he soon finds his affection for the girls has grown and he must choose between being an evil genius or a doting parent. 19:00 20:30 21:45 22:45 23:00 00:45

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Clever thriller about a young woman who buys an old brownstone apartment fitted with a ‘panic room’ (a secret, stateof-the-art self-contained chamber to hide from intruders). She never thought she’d need it, until she heard the glass break downstairs. 02:15 03:00

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Observational documentary series following the high-speed law-enforcement pursuit specialists of Cumbria. In this episode, the team tackles some boozers in Barrow whose spirits are high, Duggie and Mark look into a car that has come a cropper and the cocky occupants of a Mondeo refuse to face the bald facts about their tyres. Lucky the sniffer dog is brought in to weed out some evidence and a young woman who has skidded off the road on black ice experiences delayed shock. 14:45 16:10 19:00 19:45 21:35 21:45 22:45

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Breakfast Match of the Day The Andrew Marr Show The Big Questions Sunday Politics MOTD2 Extra BBC News Weather for the Week Ahead Moving On Bargain Hunt Escape to the Country Lifeline Songs of Praise Hidden Kingdoms BBC News Regional News Weather Fake or Fortune? Countryfile Winter Special Call the Midwife The Musketeers BBC News Regional News Weather Match of the Day 2 The Revolution Will be Televised Shifty Weatherview BBC News

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Preview Film Blessed

Drama. After the loss of his entire family, Peter, a successful city trader, becomes a lighthouse keeper on a remote Scottish island. One day his isolated life is turned upside down when a little girl named Charlotte is washed ashore. 08:05 09:05 10:00 11:30 13:30 17:15

Monty Don’s French Gardens Countryfile Saturday Kitchen Best Bites The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Masters Snooker Ski Sunday

Skiing magazine show. The Swiss resort of Wengen, home of the legendary Lauberhorn, plays host to this instalment. Graham Bell and Ed Leigh present all the action from this classic men’s downhill race. Italian Christof Innerhofer took the title in an eventful race in 2013. 18:00 19:00 23:00 00:40 01:35

Flog It! Masters Snooker Film A Serious Man Countryfile Holby City


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CITV Dickinson’s Real Deal Murder, She Wrote ITV News and Weather Inside the National Trust The Crocodile Hunter Diaries Catchphrase Splash! Film Dr. No Local News and Weather ITV News and Weather Dancing on Ice All Star Family Fortunes Dancing on Ice Mr Selfridge ITV News at Ten and Weather Birds of a Feather Piers Morgan’s Life Stories River Monsters The Store The Jeremy Kyle Show USA ITV Nightscreen

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Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Sunday Brunch How I Met Your Mother The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Film Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Joe Johnston’s fantasy comedy stars Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski, who invents an electromagnetic shrinking machine. Unfortunately, it shrinks his children and their friends and they end up stranded in the backyard, where insects and lawnmowers become enormous, life-threatening menaces. As they battle to make their way indoors to get back to normal size, they befriend an ant and fly on a bee, in some of the film’s dazzling special effects. But once they are safely indoors, they end up in Wayne’s breakfast cereal. 17:45 18:40 19:00 20:00 21:00

Deal or No Deal Channel 4 News Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast Speed with Guy Martin Don’t Look Down

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Milkshake! Power Rangers Super Samurai Slugterra Highland Emergency Celebrity Big Brother Film The In-Laws

Remake of the 1979 comedy about a podiatrist who discovers that the father of his daughter’s fiance is an undercover CIA agent, and becomes embroiled in a mission to foil a French criminal. As the agent’s activities become ever more mysterious, the nervous doctor sees visions of his daughter’s perfectly planned wedding going up in smoke. 14:25 16:55 19:00 20:55 21:00 22:00 23:55 00:55

Film Something’s Gotta Give Film Sweet Home Alabama Film Legally Blonde 5 News Celebrity Big Brother Film The Lake House Extraordinary People Super Casino

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Game Changers FL72 Highlights The SUday Supplement Goals on Sunday Live SUper Sunday Live Spanish Football Football Special Premier League 100 Club Spanish Football

Live International One-Day Cricket Live European Cup Rugby Union International OneDay Cricket NFL-A Footabll Life Live NFL NFL-A Football Life


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Breakfast Wanted Down Under Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors Father Brown Perfection Escape to the Country Antiques Road Trip Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show Inside Out EastEnders Panorama New Tricks BBC News Regional News Weather Have I Got Old News for You Who Do You Think You Are? USA The Graham Norton Show Weatherview BBC News

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Preview Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Real Lives Reunited Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds Britain and the Sea Britain’s Empty Homes Click BBC News World News The Daily Politics Bowls Flog It! Eggheads Great British Railway Journeys The Great Interior Design Challenge University Challenge Winterwatch Russia on Four Wheels Newsnight Weather Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow Bowls Trust Me, I’m a Doctor This is BBC Two

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Countdown Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Australia Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Dispatches Food Unwrapped Benefits Street My Baggy Body The American Football Show Random Acts Speed with Guy Martin Hostages

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The Wright Stuff Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun 5 News Celebrity Big Brother Home and Away Neighbours NCIS Family Gathering 5 News Neighbours Home and Away Newstalk Live Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge Go Hard or Go Home Celebrity Big Brother Helix Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Campus P.D.

Officers Harris and Hartman end a house party and try to identify a woman with no ID. Officer Bauer searches a van for alcohol and camping violations. Officer Chatman finds a young man lying on the pavement and investigates a possible assault. After responding to a noise-related complaint, Officer Ferreira stops a 20-year-old woman who is drink-driving.

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Football SPecial Footb.Leag.Gold Spanish FOotball International OneDay Cricket Football Special SPanish Football The Fantasy Football Club Game Changers Soccer AM: The Best Bits FL72 Review Live MOnday Night Football Fl72 Review

International OneDay Cricket TOur Down Under Cycling NFL European Rugby Special International OneDay Cricket European Rugby Special WWE: Raw Sporting Greats Live International Netball Sporting Greats



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Breakfast Wanted Down Under Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors Father Brown Perfection Escape to the Country Antiques Road Trip Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show EastEnders Holby City Death in Paradise BBC News Regional News Weather The Naked Rambler Film 2014 Film White Mischief Weatherview BBC News

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Preview Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds Antiques Roadshow Britain’s Empty Homes HARDtalk BBC News World News The Daily Politics Bowls Flog It! Eggheads Great British Railway Journeys The Great Interior Design Challenge Winterwatch King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons House of Fools Newsnight Weather Operation Grand Canyon with Dan Snow Bowls The Midwives This is BBC Two

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Countdown Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Australia Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Location, Location, Location The Taste Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA The Undateables Random Acts Pokerstars.Com Ept Barcelona KOTV Boxing Weekly Transworld Sport Beach Volleyball

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Milkshake! The Wright Stuff World’s Worst Holiday Horrors 5 News Celebrity Big Brother Home and Away Neighbours NCIS Film At Risk 5 News Neighbours Home and Away Newstalk Live Highland Emergency Gibraltar: Britain in the Sun Celebrity Big Brother Autopsy Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Jennifer Ellison: My Post Baby Breakdown Super Casino

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Monday Night Football SPFL Round-Up FL72 Review Soccer AM: The Best Bits Monday Night Football FL72 Review Football Gold Football´s Greatest Premier league Review Live Capital One Cup Football Prem. Leag. Review

Live Big Bash Cricket Tour Down Under Cycling SPFL Round-Up Sporting Greats Tour Down Under Cycling WWE: Smackdown Live Revista De La Liga Special POker Triathlon Football Asia


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Breakfast Wanted Down Under Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News Regional News Doctors Father Brown Perfection Escape to the Country Antiques Road Trip Pointless BBC News Regional News The One Show Waterloo Road Crimewatch BBC News Regional News Weather Crimewatch Update A Question of Sport The League Cup Show Film The Color of Night Weatherview

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Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds Great Continental Railway Journeys Kangaroo Dundee See Hear BBC News The Daily Politics Lifeline Bowls Flog It! Party Political Broadcast by the Conservative Party Eggheads Great British Railway Journeys The Great Interior Design Challenge Winterwatch Winterwatch Unsprung Russia on Four Wheels Newsnight Weather King Alfred and the Anglo Saxons

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Dickinson’s Real Deal The Alan Titchmarsh Show Britain’s Best Bakery The Chase Regional News and Weather Party Political Broadcast by the Conservative Party ITV News and Weather Coronation Street The National Television Awards 2014 ITV News at Ten and Weather The Jonathan Ross Show Corfu: A Tale of Two Islands Jackpot247 Columbo

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Countdown Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Australia Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News The Restoration Man 24 Hours in A and E Children On The Frontline Benefits Street Random Acts Launched at Red Bull Studios with Sony Xperia Smartphones What Happens in Sunny Beach... Film Topaz

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Milkshake! The Wright Stuff Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 5 News Celebrity Big Brother Home and Away Neighbours NCIS Film Shadow on the Mesa 5 News Neighbours Home and Away Newstalk Live The Town the Travellers Took Over Terror in the Skies Celebrity Big Brother Hens Behaving Badly Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Pokerstars: The Big Game Super Casino

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Capital One Cup Football Revista De La Liga Football´s Greatest International Teams Capital One Cup Football Revista De La Liga Football´s Greatest Internat. Teams Footb. League Gold Football GOld Live Capital One Cup Football What´s the Story? Football GOld

Live Big Bash Cricket TOur Down Under Cycling Sporting Greats Tour Down Under Cycling WWE: Bottom Line WWE: Afterburn Live Copa Del Rey Football Pool Watersports World


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Breakfast Wanted Down Under Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News at One BBC London News Doctors Father Brown Perfection Escape to the Country Antiques Road Trip Pointless BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show EastEnders Hidden Kingdoms Silent Witness BBC News at Ten BBC London News Question Time This Week Skiing Weatherview BBC News

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Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds Tudor Monastery Farm Kangaroo Dundee HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics World Indoor Bowls Championships Flog It! Eggheads Great British Railway Journeys The Great Interior Design Challenge Restoration Home Winterwatch Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe Newsnight Russia on Four Wheels World Indoor Bowls Highlights Panorama Iceland Foods: Life in the Freezer Cabinet

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Dickinson’s Real Deal The Alan Titchmarsh Show Britain’s Best Bakery The Chase ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Tonight Emmerdale Birds of a Feather Benidorm ITV News at Ten and Weather Weight Loss Ward Strictly Kosher Jackpot247 Tonight

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Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Australia Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Supersize v Superskinny The Undateables What Happens in Sunny Beach... 24 Hours in A and E One Born Every Minute Random Acts

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Little Princess Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Police Interceptors 5 News Lunchtime Celebrity Big Brother Home and Away Neighbours NCIS Film Carnal Innocence 5 News at 5 Neighbours Home and Away Newstalk Live Winter Road Rescue World’s Worst Holiday Horrors Celebrity Big Brother Botched Up Bodies Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Super Casino

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Coppa Italia Football COpa Del Rey Football What´s the Story? Football GOld Live Dubai International Racing Carnival Ringside CApital One Cup Football Live Copa Del Rey Football Capital One CUp Football Ringiside

Live Big Bash Cricket Tour Down Under Cycling What´s the Story? Copa Del Rey Football CApital One Cup Football Ringside Sporting Greats The Rugby Club RIngside WWE: Late NightRaw


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Breakfast Wanted Down Under Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors Father Brown Perfection Escape to the Country Antiques Road Trip Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show A Question of Sport EastEnders Room 101 Silent Witness BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Graham Norton Show EastEnders Omnibus Weatherview BBC News

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Homes Under the Hammer The Sheriffs are Coming Helicopter Heroes Down Under Paul Hollywood’s Pies and Puds Sacred Wonders of Britain Question Time BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics World Indoor Bowls Championships Flog It! Eggheads Great British Railway Journeys The Great Interior Design Challenge Mastermind An Island Parish Italy Unpacked QI Newsnight A Culture Show Special World Indoor Bowls Highlights Question Time The Culture Show This is BBC Two

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News and Weather Dickinson’s Real Deal The Alan Titchmarsh Show Britain’s Best Bakery The Chase ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street The Martin Lewis Money Show Coronation Street Piers Morgan’s Life Stories ITV News at Ten and Weather The Americans Benidorm Jackpot247 Film Best in Show

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Countdown Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Australia Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Channel 4 News Come Dine with Me A Place in the Sun Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown My Big Fat Gypsy Holiday Brooklyn Nine-Nine Film Saw III Random Acts Film Thirst

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Little Princess Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Winter Road Rescue 5 News Lunchtime Celebrity Big Brother Home and Away Neighbours The Mentalist Film Murder 101: College Can be Murder 5 News at 5 Neighbours Home and Away Newstalk Live Ultimate Police Interceptors Caught on Camera Celebrity Big Brother Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Super Casino

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Ringside Coppa Italia Football Copa Del Rey Footb. Ringside Prem. Leag. World Copa Del Rey Football Football GOld Ringside Copa Del Rey Footb. Ringside Darts The Fantasy Football CLub FL72 Live

Live INternational One-Day Cricket TOur Down Under Cycling International OneDay Cricket The Rugby Club International OneDay Cricket NFL-A Football Life Live Snooker WWE: Late NightSmackdown



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Breakfast Saturday Kitchen The Good Cook Football Focus Saturday Sportsday BBC News Regional News and Weather Bargain Hunt Athletics Final Score

Jason Mohammad presents all the scores and headlines from the day’s football fixtures, which include the fourth round of the FA Cup. Non-league side Luton were the biggest giant killers at this stage last season as they knocked Norwich out of the Premier League at Carrow Road. Oldham also enjoyed a famous victory, beating seven-time winners Liverpool. 17:15 17:25 17:35 18:15 19:00 20:20 21:10 22:00 22:20 01:40

BBC News Regional News and Weather Dynamo: Magician Impossible Reflex The Voice UK The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins Casualty BBC News TBA Weatherview

06:00 08:25 11:30 12:00

TBA Tennis Great British Railway Journeys The A to Z of TV Cooking

Masterchef’s John Torode sifts through the archives and serves up a selection of mouth-watering dishes from some of the nation’s favourite television chefs. 12:45 13:45 14:30

TBA Escape to the Country World Indoor Bowls Championships

06:50 07:10 07:15 07:25 07:30 07:35 07:50 08:30 09:05 09:25 09:30 10:30 11:30 11:35 12:20 14:40 16:50 17:50 18:35 18:45

16:30 20:30 21:30 00:20 01:20

TBA Morecambe and Wise in Pieces TBA World Indoor Bowls Highlights This is BBC Two

19:00 20:30 21:45 22:45 23:00 00:00 01:00

Canimals Om Nom Stories Sooty Om Nom Stories Scrambled! Almost Naked Animals Horrid Henry Deadtime Stories Bottom Knocker Street ITV News Dinner Date Murder, She Wrote ITV News and Weather Catchphrase F.A. Cup Live Film Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang The Chase Totally You’ve Been Framed! ITV News London ITV News and Weather Splash! Take Me Out The Jonathan Ross Show ITV News and Weather FA Cup Highlights The Cube Jackpot247

06:10 07:00 08:00 09:00 09:30 10:30 11:30 12:30

The American Football Show Transworld Sport The Morning Line Everybody Loves Raymond How I Met Your Mother The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons The Taste

Only 11 cooks now remain, each hoping to prove that they can produce the best tasting food in Britain. This time the challenge is all about comfort food, with dishes ranging from ginger and black pepper rice pudding, to posh cheese on toast. To stay in the competition the contestants must make a pie fit for Michelin-starred guest chef Michael Caines. But when it’s time to blind-taste the food, the mentors have no idea who made what, and there’s a sting in the tail for one of them when one of their cooks is sent home. 13:30 16:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00

Channel 4 Racing Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Speed with Guy Martin Bigfoot Files Hostages

07:05 07:10 07:25 07:40 07:55 08:10

08:25 08:45 09:00 09:15 09:30 10:00 10:35 11:00 13:00

14:30 16:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:55 22:00 23:40 00:10

Roobarb and Custard Too Bananas in Pyjamas Make Way for Noddy City of Friends Little Princess The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Jelly Jamm LazyTown Power Rangers: Megaforce Slugterra Celebrity Big Brother Film Columbo: A Deadly State of Mind Film Columbo: A Matter of Honor Diagnosis Murder Mr and Mrs Murder CSI: Miami NCIS 5 News Weekend NCIS True Crimes: The First 72 Hours Super Casino

09:00 10:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:45 19:00 23:00 00:00

06:00 07:00 08:00 11:30 12:00 16:00 17:00 17:15 20:00


Game Changers Soccer AM Premier League 100 Club The Fantasy Football Club Live Anglo-Welsh Cup Rugby Union Live International Rugby Union Live Spanish Football Irish Football SAturday Reloaded

The Fantasy Football Club Ringside Live Big Bash Cricket Darts Live Snooker International OneDay Cricket WWE Wrestling Live Irish Football Live IRB Rugby Sevens


06:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:15 13:00 13:15 14:00 14:45 15:15 16:00 16:35 17:35 17:50 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:15 22:25 01:55 02:00

Breakfast The Andrew Marr Show The Big Questions Sunday Politics TBA BBC News Moving On Bargain Hunt Helicopter Heroes Escape to the Country Songs of Praise Hidden Kingdoms BBC News BBC London News Fake or Fortune? Countryfile Call the Midwife The Musketeers BBC News BBC London News TBA Weatherview BBC News

06:00 08:15

12:00 14:30 17:15 17:45 18:30 20:00

TBA Tennis

TBA World Indoor Bowls Championships The Olympic Journey: Inspire Ski Sunday TBA The Coffee Trail with Simon Reeve

Series presented by Evan Davis, in which budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaires willing to invest their own cash to kick start the business. 21:00 22:00 01:00

Dragons’ Den TBA This is BBC Two

06:00 Pat and Stan 06:25 Dino Dan 06:50 Canimals 07:10 Om Nom Stories 07:15 Sooty 07:25 Om Nom Stories 07:30 Scrambled! 07:35 Almost Naked Animals 07:50 Horrid Henry 08:30 Victorious 09:05 Bottom Knocker Street 09:25 ITV News 09:30 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries 10:30 Inside the National Trust 11:25 ITV News and Weather 11:30 Splash! 13:00 Film From Russia with Love 15:05 F.A. Cup Live 17:50 ITV News London 18:00 ITV News and Weather 18:15 Dancing on Ice 19:45 All Star Family Fortunes 20:30 Dancing on Ice 21:00 Mr Selfridge 22:00 ITV News and Weather 22:15 Birds of a Feather

06:10 07:00 08:00 08:30 09:00 09:30 12:30 13:00 14:00 14:30

The Hoobs Snowdonia Marathon Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Sunday Brunch How I Met Your Mother The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Film Star Trek: Insurrection

Third feature film for the ‘Next Generation’ crew as they continue their intergalactic adventures. Picard uncovers a plot to banish the population of a planet that holds the secret of eternal youth. Unable to obey Federation orders, he soon finds himself in an extremely difficult and highly dangerous situation. 16:30 17:30 17:55 19:00 03:15 04:15 04:35

Deal or No Deal Channel 4 News Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast TBA The Three Day Nanny TBA Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

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Live International One-Day Cricket Tour Down Under Cycling Live Snooker International OneDay Cricket Ashes Modern Classics Scottish Premier ship Football Tour Down Under Cycling Live Snooker International OneDay Cricket


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Documentary series looking at the life-saving work of British flying doctors in Australia 08:20 10:35 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 17:15 18:00

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Sarah Beeny gives three home sellers in Guildford the opportunity to look around each other’s houses to see what sort of competition they’re up against. They get £1000 and a week to revamp their homes before Sarah brings round a buyer. Jilly has a colourful family house, Nicky’s is a shabby-chic mid-terrace, and Sharon has an immaculately finished Victorian cottage. Will Jilly accept that fuchsia pink might not be everyone’s taste? Can Nicky change a dark cellar into a beautiful bedroom? Will Sharon create a dream kitchen-diner? And which one will buyer Emmy prefer, if any? 12:00 12:05 14:10 15:10 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 20:30 21:00

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Darren Campbell and Di Dougherty host a fun show with games and challenges to help get children involved in sport. Top names including David Beckham will make regular appearances. 18:30 19:30 20:30

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It’s countdown to the Santa Cruz Carnival

Virtually everyone with an association with Tenerife will know about the famous Santa Cruz Carnival which brings the city alive every February/March.


HIS year will be no exception and the theme of “Cartoons” will ensure all the colour and flamboyancy that people have come to expect from this massive extravaganza. What you might not realise, however, is how early the celebrations begin – the first event is on Friday, January 31st and

the programme continues right through to March 9th. So, if you are not in Tenerife for the main festivities, there is still plenty to see and do in the Carnival world. You can keep up-to-date on http://www.carn- (in Spain, carnival is spelt as carnaval) if you want to plan a visit. Meantime, here is the provisional programme for the 2014 Carnival. It includes details of the gala evening to

elect the Carnival Queen, the competitions for Carnival groups (called Murgas and Rondallas), the Carnival Coso (which is the main day) but also the additional Carnival days and smaller parades,

open-air dances with orchestras and the traditional Burning of the Sardine ceremony, a tradition involving a large cardboard sardine, accompanied by weeping widows, and its eventual cremation.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 31ST 20:30, Presentation of Candidates Castillo Negro THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6TH 19:00, First stage Murgas Kids’ Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH 19:00, Second phase of Children’s Murgas Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH 19:00, Third phase Murgas Kids’ Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH 20:30, First phase of Adult Murgas Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH 20:30, Second phase of Adult Murgas Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH 20:30, Third phase of Adult Murgas Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH 20:30, Fourth phase Murgas Adult Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH 20:30, Final Adult Murgas Contest International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15TH 20:00, Competition of Musical Groups International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH 17:30, Gala Election of Children’s Queen International Trade Fair and Congress Centre WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH 17:30, Election Gala Festival Queen and Festival of the Third Age associations International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22ND 20:00, Competition for Comparsas groups International Trade Fair and Congress Centre SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23TH 11:00, Costume Contest for Children and Adults International Trade Fair and Congress Centre 17:00, Choreography Festival International Trade Fair and Congress Centre TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH 20:30 h. Concert by lyrical music group Los Fregolinos Guimerá Theatre WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26TH 21:30, Gala Election of the Carnival Queen 2014 International Trade Fair and Congress Centre THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH 20:30, Concert of La Zarzuela del Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero Guimerá Theatre FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH 19:00, Opening Procession of the Carnival 2014 Starting from Avenida de Bélgica, Plaza de la República Dominicana, Avenida de la Asunción, Ramón y Cajal,

Galcerán, Plaza Weyler, Méndez Núñez, Pilar, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and concluding in Avenida de Francisco La Roche. Grand firework display. 20:00, Competition for floats and decorated vehicles. 22:30, Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe y La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. SATURDAY, MARCH 1ST 17:30, Entertainment from different groups Plazas del Príncipe y La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. 20:00, Competition for Carnival groups, with all of them taking part. Avenida de Francisco La Roche 20:00, Mini Parade Starting from Plaza de Weyler and passing through the streets of Castillo, San Francisco, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and concluding in Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena 22:30, Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. SUNDAY, MARCH 2ND 11:00 , Performance by Ni fú – Ni fa Plaza del Príncipe 12:00m Performance by musical group, Los Fregolinos Plaza del Príncipe From 13:00 Carnival Day 17:00, Contest for Rondallas (Carnival groups) Tenerife Auditorium Adán Martín Then the parade of Rondallas along Avenida Anaga 17:30, Spectacualar entertainment by the different Carnival groups Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. 20:00 pm . Mini parade Starting from Plaza de Weyler and then along the streets of Castillo, San Francisco, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and concluded in Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena 22:30 h. Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. MONDAY MARCH 3 17:30, Entertainment by different groups Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. 20:00, Mini parade Starting from Plaza de Weyler and along the streets of Castillo, San Francisco, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and concluded in Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena 22:30, Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral.

TUESDAY MARCH 4 11:00, Performance by Ni fú – Ni fa Plaza del Príncipe 12:00, Performance by Los Fregolinos Plaza del Príncipe 16:00, Main Carnival day, known as the Coso Avenidas de Francisco La Roche and Marítima 20:00, Dance with major orchestras Plaza de La Candelaria 9pm, Massive firework display WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5TH 21:00, Burial of the Sardine From calle Juan Pablo II, Méndez Núñez, Pilar, Villalba Hervás, La Marina and concluding in Plaza de España Grand firework exhibition and ceremonial burning of the Sardine in the Plaza de España 22:30, Dance with major orchestras Plaza de La Candelaria THURSDAY, MARCH 6TH 20:30, Rondalla Festival Guimerá Theatre FRIDAY, MARCH 7TH 21:00, La Canción de La Risa Guimerá Theatre 22:30, Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. SATURDAY, MARCH 8TH From 13:00 Carnival Day 18.00, Children’s Coso Avenidas de Francisco La Roche and Marítima, concluding Alameda del Duque de Santa Elena 21:30, Dance with major orchestras Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. SUNDAY, MARCH 9TH 10:00, Contest for old cars Plaza de la Iglesia-Calle La Noria 11:00, Performance by Ni fú – Ni fa Plaza del Príncipe 12:00, Performance by Larzuela del Círculo de Amistad XII de Enero Plaza del Príncipe 17:00, Grand finale of the Carnival 2014 17:30 , Entertainment from carnival groups Plazas del Príncipe and La Candelaria and avenida Litoral. 22:00, Dance with major orchestras Plaza de La Candelaria 21:30, Grand firework display Plaza de España






Marta promises a concert full of surprises


El Rosario proud of its culture

A concert in Puerto de la Cruz on January 31st promises to be full of musical surprises


L Rosario feels it has gone a long way during 2013 to putting itself on the cultural map.


The El Chorrillo auditorium has helped to consolidate this, having opened in mid-2012. L ast year, it attracted more than 1,500 visitors and for 2014, has many varied events planned, including classical music, folk, pop, jazz, ethnic and theatrical performances for schools and children’s activities. El Rosario is also proud of

OPULAR acoustic singer Marta Solis, who was born in Tenerife, will be performing at the Teatro Timanfaya at 10pm.

She will present songs from her latest album “Sin límites” (“Without limits”) but this original show will also inter-mingle the themes of her work with poetry and photography. This will be a contemporary perspective from a singer-songwriter who has deep roots in pop-folk which is reflected in the content of her second album. Marta says her concert, seen for the first time in La Orotava last May, will be in a format of acoustic music and “completely natural”. She will be joined on stage by Mon Cabrera, with six guitars and a dozen strings, such as Santi Bobet, whilst Juan Carlos Baeza will be on bass. Adding to the poetic element, Graciliana Montelongo of the Cave of the Winds of Icod de los Vinos will be collaborating to make this evening an intimate and

unforgettable experience. For this concert, Marta counts on the backdrop of photographs of different countries and scenes by Yolanda Girón. She says she adores the pictures for their textures and colours. After presenting “Sin límites” in La Orotava, the singer went on to give concerts in Tegueste and Santa Cruz and will finish her tour in Lanzarote on February 21st. Marta says there is a lot of artistic talent in the Canaries in all aspects but little opportunity to show what islanders can do. She believes there is a great need for opportunities to present something different and not always of the same content. Marta studied in Madrid and France before releasing her first album “Promesa” in 2002 and has performed on the regional, national and international stage. She

counts her success in the Benidorm Song Festival in 2002 as a milestone in her

career and recognition of all the hard work she was doing as a vocalist and songwriter.

New course in pattern making



HE Artistic School of Fashion and Design at Los Realejos is offering a new course.

No previous experience is needed to sign up for the classes in pattern-making to help with the manufacture of clothing. Students will learn how to create garments with greater accuracy and measurements, fabric cutting and fitting. All types of patterns will be studied, such as different types of sleeves and skirts, fitted or straight. The course is offered by Los Realejos council through its scheme which promotes the visual arts (AFAVER). It costs 35 euros a month and is taught on Wednesdays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm. For more information, contact 010 if inside the municipality or 922.35.35.93 or make direct contact with the Casa de las Artes in Los Realejos.

its Popular University courses and workshops with subjects as diverse as English and zumba to cooking and belly dancing. Libraries are also playing a major role and both Tabaiba and La Esperanza are holding reading clubs twice a month. If you would like to discover what El Rosario has to offer, visit

Fond return for Spanish singer



PANISH popsinger Luz Casal is expected to attract a full house when she appears in concert in Santa Cruz on March 29th.

Tickets have gone on sale for her return to the stage after several years of absence. Her comeback has been longawaited and she will perform new songs from her album “Kindred Spirits” in which she creates new sounds without losing the essential element of rock. The concert takes place in the Sala Sinfónica of the Auditorio de Tenerife. Tickets are available from the usual channels, including on and at the box office. They can also be purchased at Carrefour and at offices of Halcón Viajes.

A love story told on stage


love story takes to the stage of the Auditorio Teobaldo Power in La Orotava on January 16th and 17th.

“Esta tarde vi llover ”, produced by Borja Lynch, is guaranteed to evoke many sentiments in the audience. With the background of the sound of the bolero, it centres on Marta and Manuel and their happy marriage but fate assures their days together are numbered. The journey starts from the early days of their love, back in the 1950s, to late 1987. “Esta tarde vi llover” is a tribute to love in all its stages as well as to the history of bolero with unforgettable songs which marked the lives of many generations.


Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants

Maria Restaurant/Lounge Bar, Golf del Sur This lovely restaurant, just a stone’s throw from the ocean and a sea-front walk, is a great place to visit, afternoon or evenings. Because the restaurant is situated within the Nautico suites complex, some people believe it is either private, expensive or “too posh” which is certainly not the case. What you will find is excellent, affordable food and a very warm welcome from Patricia and Sarah. Maria’s Restaurant specialises in paella and meat dishes which are beautifully cooked and mouth-watering, prepared using fresh market produce. You can sit inside the lovely restaurant with its attractive tables or on its huge terrace. A stunning place for an evening meal or celebration with family or friends. In the afternoon, you can treat yourself to a drink, tea or coffee with cake, cream scones, perhaps some tapas or a real highlight, their English-style high tea. This comes on a tiered tray with triangular sandwiches, cream scones, strawberries, mini-cakes, tea or coffee and fresh orange. The price is 19 euros for two and great value for money (add four euros if you would also like a glass of cava each). Drink prices are very reasonable too - a glass of wine or a large Dorada is just two euros, for instance, or a lovely cocktail for five euros. There is a Happy Hour between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. To find Maria, follow the one-way system through Golf del Sur and watch out for the Nautico sign just after the S-bends on your right. Maria is at the far end of the Nautico building with parking available. Alternatively, it is five minutes’ walk from the bottom of San Blas square, turn right along the flat side road or sea-front.

Tressardi, Puerto de la Cruz If you want to seek out a really good Italian restaurant at an affordable price, look no further than Tressardi in Puerto de la Cruz. This well established Italian restaurant and pizzeria is managed by three partners from Sardinia and can be found in La Paz (the main tourist area of Puerto). It offers a very varied menu including traditional Italian dishes, pizza and pasta with gorgeous fillings and sauces, meat dishes, fresh fish and crunchy salads. You can accompany it with an Italian wine or cold beer whilst enjoying romantic soothing Italian music. The desserts like tiramisu and panna- cota are to die for! Depending on your choices the price averaging 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect. So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or a take away, Tressardi is the restaurant for you. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well prepared dishes for kids and grown ups.

Bistro Bolle, Costa del Silencio

Restaurant Algarrobo, Las Candidas

Bistro Bolle is one of those lovely friendly restaurants which also offers great food at affordable prices and a very special atmosphere. Owner Patrick, who comes from Belgium, is multi-lingual which is one of the reasons you will find all nationalities here and you are always greeted as a friend and made to feel very welcome in your own language. The other ingredients which make this restaurant so special are a good location with stunning views, including Mount Teide beyond, a huge sunny terrace with cover against the elements and easy parking. There is no formal menu, you simply choose from the blackboard or specials. Dishes include a fantastic spaghetti bolognaise for just seven euros, duck in orange sauce for 14 euros, salmon tagliatelle for ten euros and entrecote steak for 13 euros. The food is excellent with good-sized portions. Bolle offers a wide range of Belgian beers, including on draught. On the last Saturday of each month, there is a great buffet night with live entertainment for 25 euros per person (including half a bottle of wine, aperitif and dessert) and mid-month, Saturday live entertainment with the normal a la carte menu. As Patrick says, here you will find quality at a good price and always done with a smile. *If in a car, when you turn left into Silencio from the main Galletas road, turn right in front of the funny statues in the fountain swimming pool, then filter left along the one-way system and first left again. You will see the red awning of the bistro on the right.

This family run restaurant is situated in the well-known and much visited venue in Las Candidas (La Orotava). The current owners are brothers Toño (front of house) and Cristóbal (head chef). They have carried on the family tradition of offering top quality products at affordable prices whilst bringing the menu up to date. There is a lively atmosphere here with some really unusual dishes to taste. All the dishes are fresh using vegetables from the market. The cuisine is traditional with a modern slant without being too over elaborate. They specialise in roast lamb and suckling pig and fish lovers have a huge choice. You will find Restaurant Algarrobo in Las Candidas just off the road between El Monasterio and La Orotava. A great place for parties, communions, business meetings etc.


Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants


Electra, San Blas, Golf del Sur Some chefs just seem to draw the crowds and Paolo, now back at Electra, is one of them. He produces the most exquisite dishes as a labour of love, using an unusual combination of ingredients and always creating beautifully-looking plates. He is also a wine expert and will happily chat to you and recommend choices to go with your meals. He believes the two must perfectly complement each other. Electra is a relatively small restaurant on the first line of San Blas Square but it oozes charm and style and has a lovely interior with clever attention to the design. This also applies to the cutlery, plates and glasses which combine to present a very inviting table. There is also a small terrace outside if you want a table under the stars or to enjoy the sun. The food is always freshly cooked and diners over the last few months have enthused over dishes such as the steak (“Fantastic”), sea bream cooked in sea salt (“The best I have ever tasted”) and the tapas with a twist. “The best food I have ever eaten, amazing presentation and service. Unbelievable quality and quantity of food. Brilliant prices. Absolutely five stars!” is just one of the glowing reviews on TripAdvisor

Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes Tipsy Terrace in Los Gigantes is described as one of the friendliest places around and you will see why when you visit. This delightful venue is run with great enthusiasm by owners Sally and Sarah. They love to celebrate special occasions and dates in the calendar and have become experts in providing great entertainment and lovely decorations. It is not by chance that it has become a favourite place for many people, locals and holiday-makers alike. You will find great home cooking and dishes to suit all tastes, from breakfast through to evening meals and everything in between. Tap into their menu on and you can see all the choices for yourself, from Tipsy’s Ploughman’s and Rise and Shine sandwiches to wraps, jacket potatoes, burgers, crunchy salads, light lunches and much, much more. Tipsy Terrace also has a swimming pool, tennis, mini-golf and lovely gardens. It is easy to find as it is just by the coach and bus stops.

Tasca Casa Paco, Los Cristianos Tasca Casa Paco is a hugely popular restaurant because it offers a real taste of Spain right in the heart of Los Cristianos. It has become known as the restaurant with the singing chef because owner Paco is always singing and most evenings will take to his guitar and sing Spanish and English songs with great expertise. There are more than 30 dishes on the menu and a wine list with over 50 choices. Paco is passionate about his food and only uses fresh ingredients. You can watch him as he creates your meal with an artistic flair. He’s like a maestro conducting an orchestra. People often talk about this place for weeks after their visit because it is a unique experience over and above the excellent cuisine. It’s not surprising it is highly rated on TripAdvisor, having recently held the number two spot for Los Cristianos. It’s easy to find near the cultural centre as you walk into Cristianos town. Find the two petrol stations and it’s on the left of the one in the centre of the road.

Tapas ‘n’ Chill, Golf del Sur If you’re looking for tapas with flair and a chill-out atmosphere, this is the place to head for. A very popular restaurant, it is in the same ownership as Volare cabaret lounge next door so if you haven’t booked or arrive early, you can just pop in here for a pre-dinner drink (and go back afterwards for the entertainment!) Owner Gary is now in the kitchen and produces mouth-watering tapas dishes which are different and delicious. He has a great passion for cooking and this is reflected in creations such as “Meatballs in a slightly spicy creamy curry” or “Flakes of salmon, white and smoked fish potato cake with a chilli mint dip”. Couples usually have four to five dishes between them so they can share and get a variety of tastes. Don’t miss the house potatoes! Tapas & Chill is open seven nights a week from 6pm. If you are driving through Golf del Sur, go past the Winter Gardens bowling green on your right, take the next turning right and double back on yourself. Look out for the Apartamentos Aquamarine Golf on the left (opposite Best Buys supermarket) and there is a sloping pathway down to the sea next to it. Walk down here and Tapas & Chill is on the right.

Magnolia Restaurante

Specialists in National and International Cuisine Daily Menu All for only 13.50€ Gazpacho, Vegetable Soup or Fish and Seafood Soup Grilled Fresh Salmon or Entrecote with Garnish

Fresh Fruit Salad 1/4 Litre of House Wine


Open from 1pm to 4pm and from 7pm to 11:30pm Open 7 Days

Av. Marqués de Villanueva del Prado, s/n Puerto de la Cruz · Tel. 922 385 614

Eating Out & About



Your special fortnightly restaurant review

El Cine, the fish restaurant with iconic status

Owner, J. Carlos Magdalena


N the ever-changing world of Tenerife, it’s a rare occurrence for a restaurant to not only last for 26 years but to achieve iconic status as well.

Yet El Cine, a stone’s throw from the habour of Los Cristianos, has done just that with a formula which is deceptively simple but one which has required a tremendous amount of work and dedication. If you just happen to stumble on this bar-restaurant down a side alley near the beach, you might at first glance wonder what all the fuss is about. There is nothing grand or lavish about its “interior”. You will simply find a covered area with tables and chairs closely grouped together and a tiny bar with a small open kitchen beyond. Yet the regular sight of people queuing for a table will give you the best clue ever. How many restaurants have diners waiting to get in at virtually any hour of the day or evening and still come back time after time? Owner J. Carlos Magdalena and his team abide by a trusted formula – simplicity, cleanliness, fresh healthy products, good service, great prices and a very friendly welcome. Carlos was born on La Gomera and coming from a farming family, was “raised on the field”. Later, in Tenerife, he worked in the tourism/ hospitality industry and learnt the secrets of traditional Canary cuisine and the quality of the products of the earth. In 1987, he opened El Cine in what was the old cinema of the Los Cristianos fishing village. His adventure began with serving fresh fish, Canary potatoes and Mojo sauces and all these years later, little has changed. Throughout it all, Carlos has retained his passion for the combination of hospitality and cuisine which visitors of all nationalities obviously adore. He has built

up a great affinity with his customers and we watched as he greeted many “amigos” with hugs and hand-shakes. “I serve my food with love,” he told us. The alley-way where people queue to enjoy El Cine has been described as the most famous on the island and no-one seems to mind having to wait for a table. It might only be ten to 20 minutes – or instantaneously if you are lucky or pre-book - but it’s all part of the El Cine experience. This is very much a fish restaurant. The only meat you will find are chicken wings and there are no desserts. The menu, in various languages, has a dozen items on it. Grilled cuttle fish, grilled hake fillet, fresh sardines, the fish of the day, grilled fresh herrings, all seven euros each. Tomato and onion salad, chips or Canary potatoes for 2.50 euros a bowl. Fried octopus, nine euros. Grilled prawns, eight euros. Fried chicken wings, seven euros. Oh, and bread rolls and fabulous Mojo sauces. You don’t get fancy plates or cutlery. Your dishes don’t come with garnishes or unnecessary frivolities which you might otherwise not touch. You get what you see on the menu, served in a simple manner, piping hot and without delay. For our review lunch, we chose the grilled prawns (eight euros) and the grilled hake fillet which were delicious. My bowl of tomato and onion salad was fresh and plentiful, with special olive oil, our rolls were huge and the Canary potatoes absolutely gorgeous in sea salt. Although everything here is fast-moving (we wondered how on earth the staff cope!), you don’t feel pressurised to

A surprise at the end of a famous alley-way eat up and move on. Many parties and celebrations are held here, there are special events and often live music. You should also be aware

that there is one hour free parking at the dock for restaurant visitors. Just request a ticket and this will be stamped at El Cine.

We chose to park further away and enjoyed a walk into Los Cristianos, looking at the shops along the way. Find the harbour beach and walk right to its corner by the harbour crane. You will see a chemist and the alley-way to El Cine is down here, Calle Juan Bariajo

8 to be precise. It literally is two seconds away from the beach. You are unlikely to get lost but if you do, just ask any other local trader and they will point you in the right direction. It was great to see that Carlos is very much a handson owner. You can often find him taking orders and serving customers and he still cooks. At his finca, he grows many of the tomatoes and onions which are used at the restaurant and also creates the Mojo sauces. Of course, the fish is totally

Calle Juan Bariajo, nº 8 Los Cristianos Port Arona

Open daily From 11:00am to 23:00pm

fresh, bought that morning so when the food runs out, that is it. Generally, however, the restaurant opens at 11am every day and aims to close by 11pm. I was surprised to learn that my grilled prawns were in fact from frozen because I could still taste the sea. They are only frozen because of the location they are sourced from. For the fresh fish of the day, you might get sword-fish or tuna, for example. They are cooked on the plancha in the healthiest way possible and you feel a certain virtue for eating such nutritious food. Because of its iconic status, there always seems to be something happening at El Cine and plenty to see. You can keep up to date on and through their social network sites and there is lots of chatter and praise. Visiting here is a true experience and definitely one to put on your wine and dine list. You can ring 609 107 758 for reservations or email


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Your dining experience around our restaurants

Restaurante Magnolia, Puerto de la Cruz Restaurante Magnolia has come a long way in the last three decades, starting life as a small intimate restaurant with an outdoor terrace to the finished article we see today, with the terrace now covered and well spaced tables inside. The décor is pleasant and comfortable and makes you feel at home right away. Windows run down both sides of the restaurant allowing the light to beam in, creating a bright atmosphere even on a dull day and there are lovely views. The kitchen is open plan and creates the most wonderful Catalan and international dishes with an extensive menu of fish, shellfish, lamb, steaks, pastas. The combination of ingredients and flavours is wonderful with exquisite sauces. This venue is always busy and customers are full of praise for the Restaurante Magnolia as one of the finest places to eat on the island. The quality and service certainly stands out and the cost is very reasonable indeed. You will find Restaurante Magnolia opposite the Hotel Botánico on the main road, tucked into the side of Apartamentos Molino Blanco.


Rendezvous Restaurant/Bar and Bistro, Golf del Sur The Rendezvous in Golf del Sur offers diners a double delight. By day and in the evening, you can enjoy a full menu with great prices and big portions at the Rendezvous Bar and Bistro, overlooking the bowling green at the Winter Gardens. In the evening, you might opt for the Rendezvous Restaurant which is just above it and offers an extensive à la carte menu, fine wines and a relaxing night out to enjoy excellent cuisine at a leisurely pace. “The Rendezvous Restaurant has a lovely ambience and it’s a restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy”. The Winter Gardens is very easy to find and is on your right just as you drive into the Golf and where you can park. Just go through the main entrance and down the steps or ramps to find Rendezvous. Booking is advised at the main restaurant because it is extremely popular and it’s testament to its success that diners come back time and time again.

Matul, Tasca-Restaurante, La Orotava Opened some three months ago, Restaurante Matul is receiving glowing reviews for its value for money, fabulous dishes, excellent service and decor. “A gastronomic reference for the north” is one diner’s accolade. The restaurant prides itself on presenting creative cuisine, using fresh daily products, so you can enjoy meat dishes, fish or perhaps some tapas with friends. There is also a wide range of wines. You must also try the home-made desserts which are exquisite, with a great creative touch. All this is presented in a friendly environment with attentive owner, Victor and his team who make you feel totally at home and ensure an experience to remember at a price you can afford. Restaurante Matul is open every day, except Sunday, from 1pm to 4.30pm and 7.30pm to 11pm. This beautiful restaurant is located parallel to the motorway heading towards Santa Cruz at exit 33 to La Orotava.

The Pink Parrot, Las Galletas sea-front A great name, great British cooking and a great location. What better reasons could there be than to visit The Pink Parrot which is right on the sea-front promenade at Las Galletas? This is a beautiful flat location as you are literally a metre away from the ocean with a panoramic view. The Pink Parrot was taken over by Brenda and Mike a year ago and is a family-run café offering a traditional English menu with daily specials and all home-made dishes. Specialities include cod, chips and mushy peas (delicious!), served only on Fridays, Sunday roast, jacket potatoes and a special combo platter for two people for only 8.50 euros. There is also a gluten free menu and delicious home-made desserts. There is also wifi. Everyone who goes to Las Galletas falls in love with it and the sea-front promenade is just two minutes away from the banks, shops, post office etc. So with Pink Parrot in mind, you have extra reason to visit and can just hop on a bus if you don’t drive. It’s a great day out. The restaurant is closed on a Monday but open 9.15am to 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday 9.15am to 8pm (last fish and chip orders 7pm), Saturday 9.15am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Brenda and Mike are happy to stay open later for a private party or celebration, just ask.

Restaurant La Bohème, Puerto de la Cruz

New Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 18:00-24:00 Sundays closed

Having recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, Restaurant La Bohème can rightly claim to be one of the best and most popular restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz. Near the Plaza del Charco, you will find it on the first floor of Calle Blanco 5 and it is well worth seeking out for a really excellent meal in comfortable surroundings. The restaurant has been under the same management for 25 years and has many loyal customers of all nationalities. They have always followed the same concept of presenting high-quality dishes with friendly service. La Bohème believes in moving with the times so there are always new additions to the menu, naturally cooked with fresh ingredients daily. A firm favourite of many is the crispy roast duck with delicious red cabbage, stuffed pear and various sauces. Do ask about the festive menus as well as birthday, anniversary and jubilee parties.

H NIS E A P S ISIN THE BEST CU HOME MADE TAPAS C/Amalia Alayón No 16 EXCELLENT ATMOSPHERE LIVE MUSIC EVERY NIGHT 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife Orders Tel: 686 52 04 40 or 658 78 80 23 -

Ctra. General del Botánico 38410 Puerto de la Cruz S/C de Tenerife



Tel. 922 373 513 · Mov. 647 600 784

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Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants

Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos Restaurante Los Roques in Los Abrigos opened in 2005 and over the years has become a firm favourite of locals and travellers alike. Set on the harbour-front, the restaurant has a modern interior opening onto a terrace, giving all tables a stunning view towards the sunset over the Tenerife coastline. With only six full time staff, you get a real sense of a small passionate team. All of them love food and wine and it really shows in every aspect of the restaurant. Even though it’s finedining, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. The waiters are friendly and knowledgeable and as things quieten down, the head chef will often pop out to chat to customers as well. Reservations are essential even if they are not full. With such a small kitchen and staff, reservations are timed so that the kitchen can always produce quality dishes. Tables are only seated once a night, so you never have to give up your table by a particular time. Everything is home-made, from breadsticks when seated to biscuits with coffee. They use local ingredients wherever possible, with some imported products where a local version isn’t available. They even grow some of their own produce to supplement what’s available locally. They´re open for dinner from 7pm Tuesday to Saturday and lunches with a lighter menu 1pm-4pm Tuesday to Sunday. There is no doubt that Los Roques is a real treat and it’s definitely worth treating yourself at least once! Telephone: 922 74 94 01 Web:

Bar El Pincho, Paseo Las Vistas, Los Cristianos With so many bars and restaurants along the sea-front of the main Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos, where on earth do you head for? Why not try Bar El Pincho where you can enjoy good prices, good food, good service and a fantastic view of the ocean as you watch the world go by. Bar El Pincho is winning many fans because of the friendly staff you encounter and the really delicious Spanish tapas. Opened about two years ago, customers of all nationalities come here, including the British, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. It’s a lovely place and one of the bargains they offer is a combination of tapas for two for just 8.50 euros. You can’t go wrong with this. There is also a wide selection of main plates, such as steak, chicken and fish, all cooked with love and the best ingredients they can find. The owners really mean it when they say customer satisfaction is paramount so do ask if there is something special you would like or arranged. Every two weeks, you will find live music and do try the fantastic cocktails which they always try to improve. Try also the special dishes from the north of the island and the drinks. The aim is to make you feel at home which regular customers say is definitely the case. Please note, Bar El Pincho is closed on Sundays so the staff can spend some valuable time with their families as well. For an extra special treat, why not phone and reserve a table for when popular singer Claudio performs two Fridays a month.

Mamma Rosa, Playa de las Américas Mamma Rosa is one of the longest established restaurants in the south of Tenerife and has an extensive menu and a modern ambiance which appeals to all ages. For more than 22 years, it has offered elegance, top-class cuisine, an excellent varied wine list and, of course, the service you would expect. The restaurant is next to the Colón II apartments at the end of The Patch (near the last roundabout, with Santander Bank on the corner, and not far from the Hotel Palmeras). The cuisine is described as classical Italian and Scandinavian with Spanish and French influences, blended together and cooked in a modern style. Part of the new approach is to offer a ver y extensive fish menu. As with the meat, the restaurant tries where possible to buy local produce and support the islands’ agriculture. Likewise, the wine list allows you to choose a Canar y Island wine, together with wines from around the globe such as the mainland, Italy, France etc.


g r o . s p i h cys



r e M


HEN volunteer Lesley wrote to the Tenerife News and we subsequently published her appeal for help with the Mercy Ships, we hope it struck a chord with many of you.

Lesley is one of a band of caring people who works on board one of their hospital ships which go out to all parts of the world to provide urgent help for those in desperate need, as well as community development. This tremendous organisation has a strong link with the Canary Islands as each winter, a Mercy Ship comes into dock, usually in Santa Cruz, to prepare for its next voyage, carry out maintenance, take on board provisions and to show interested people around. The ships are truly fascinating. They are literally floating hospitals where you will find operating theatres and proper wards. One of the most touching sights are the children’s beds, each one with a little teddy on the pillow. As Lesley said in her appeal, you don’t have to be a professional to volunteer but you do need to dedicate your time and energy and be prepared for some ver y emotional situations which


Hope on the horizon Transforming lives

will tug at your heart strings. “Many people think that we only need surgeons and nurses or anaesthesiologists like my husband Harry but we also need all kinds of skills on board like computer specialists, chefs, pastr y cooks, electricians, welders, deck and engineering officers and many more!” Lesley explained. It’s such a worthy cause and

given the affinity Tenerife has with the Mercy Ships, we are very happy that we can use some of our space to try and encourage more volunteers and undoubtedly help to save a life or two. This feature is titled “Hope on the horizon” because when the Mercy Ships sail in, the patients and people they help are given a new lease of life

with compassion they never believed they would encounter. The volunteers come from all over the world and volunteer either for a short stint or long-term, depending on their individual circumstances. The dream began in 1978 when a team led by Don and Deyon Stephens began the

process of finding a suitable vessel to fulfil their dream of a hospital ship that would reach out to the world’s poorest people. On July 7th 1978, this became a reality. The first Mercy Ship, a retired ocean liner called Victoria, was purchased for £600,000. Don and Deyon began recruiting crew for the ship and raising funds to bring the

Mercy Ship into compliance with international standards. Ongoing efforts over four years resulted in the transformation of the passenger vessel into a hospital ship. With the addition of three operating theatres and a 40 bed ward, the vessel became an 11,701 tonne floating hospital, carrying a volunteer crew of 350 from all over the world. In 1982, the

g r o . s p i h cys HOPES ON THE HORIZON WITH 41


vessel sailed as the newly christened Anastasis –- the first Mercy Ship. Since then, various ships in the Mercy Ships fleet have served in more than 150 ports in developing nations around

the world, bringing lasting change to hundreds of thousands of lives. The services provided in developing nations are valued at more than £600 million, including the following:

 Performed more than 61,000 life-changing operations such as cleft lip and palate repair, cataract removal, orthopaedic procedures, facial reconstruction and obstetric fistula repair.  Treated over 539,000 patients in village clinics.  Treated over 109,000 dental patients with more than 278,000 dental procedures performed.  Trained more than 5,770 local health-care teachers who have in turn trained many others.  Trained over 29,400 local professionals in their area of expertise (e.g. surgery, anaesthesiology, midwifery, leadership).  Taught over 150,000 local people in basic health care.   Completed over 1,100 community development projects focusing on water and sanitation, education, infrastructure development and agriculture. Mercy Ships provides free surgery and medical care and partners with local communities to improve health care, offering training and advice, materials and hands-on assistance. The expert teams deal with blindess, deformities, obstetric fistula and dental treatment and have some wonderful success stories to tell.

Assan and Alusan were, for example, born blind. They lived on the doorstep of total darkness. Blinded by cataracts, the twoyear-old twins had never seen their mother or each other. Their eyes were painful to watch, rolling aimlessly in opposite directions. The boys were born in an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp outside Monrovia – Liberia’s capital city where the hospital ship was docked. Their refugee mother, Ellen, originally from Sierra Leone, fled her country’s ugly civil war in 1999, only to find herself embroiled in another – Liberia’s 14-year-old conflict.

A neighbour in the camp told Ellen about a Mercy Ship that offered free medical care and eye operations.The boys were screened and scheduled for bilateral cataract operations. A few days later surgeon Dr. Glenn Strauss removed their eye patches for the moment of truth. The boys could see. They could focus and track. They began exploring a new world on new feet – first in unsure wide circles, a half hour later in erratic, confident lines after each other, their first game of tag. Then there was Kodjo who sat alone on a bench at the medical screening. His expression was intensely


serious. The attractive young husband and father had a tumour the size of a grapefruit covering his right cheek and

This time, he made sure he got there in time. The volunteer doctors performed the surgery to remove the tumour - free of

curling behind his ear. It had been growing since he was twelve years old. The tumour was draining the joy out of his life. He loved to play several sports, especially football but the growth prevented him from playing. He even quit going to church because he felt so self-conscious. Then a radio announcement about Mercy Ships changed everything. A hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, was coming to Togo. He had heard about Mercy Ships when the ship was in Togo in 2003 but he wasn’t in Togo at that time and could not get there before the ship’s field service ended.

charge. “I can do anything now!” Kodjo declared afterwards. One of the surgeons on Mercy Ships, Lord Ian McColl is now vice-chairman of the International Board. He says: “Over the years, I have been involved in many charities but there has never been one quite like Mercy Ships, which allows me to practice my profession of surgery under ideal circumstances for people who are in desperate need and poverty.” “Not only are the employees of the charity highly motivated by their Christian faith but their expertise and the service which they provide is second to none.

Moreover, all the volunteers onboard pay for their own food and keep.” “During our holidays, my wife and I operate together on Mercy Ships in a most pleasant atmosphere with everyone in the operating theatre one hundred per cent enthusiastic, with a great sense of humour and professionalism. During our Easter holiday in The Gambia, we operated all day, eleven days in a row, apart from Easter Sunday, and it was a most exhilarating experience. Most of the patients are the outcasts of society, rejected by their families and the public.” One of the unique things about the volunteers on Mercy Ships is that they pay towards the cost of living on board by way of monthly crew fees. It’s because of these charges that Mercy Ships is able to provide medical care and development assistance at an economic cost to the organisation and free of charge to recipients. The amount isn’t huge, usually well within most people’s resources, or you can be sponsored by your company, family, organisation, church or charity. Every year, thousands of people volunteer their time with Mercy Ships on a short-term basis. Many of them return time and time again. Placements range from two weeks to one year on ships, land bases and support offices overseas. Positions available at the moment include nurses, a PE instructor, dental assistant, plumber, house-keeper, French

teacher, cook and dining room staff, just to give you some examples. To serve in a career capacity with Mercy Ships, (two years or longer) you must first successfully complete a three or five month training programme. At this time, nearly all career positions are self-funded. You live on board the ships which are fully equipped with everything you could need, including cinemas, gyms, banks, a swimming pool, post office, internet cafe and hair salons. You share cabins with others and enjoy a healthy diet of three excellent meals a day. The newest ship in the fleet is the African Mercy which comes into dock in Tenerife. It has five operating theatres, an 82-bed patient ward and accommodation for more than 450 volunteer crew members. Mercy Teams provide shortterm outreach opportunities for churches, schools and other groups of individuals Projects to date have included renovating orphanages, building and painting clinics, schools and homes, teaching community health, assisting in micro-enterprise projects and serving for a few days onboard a Mercy Ship. There are so many other ways you can help, however, including fund-raising, joining a network of speakers in the UK, helping with exhibitions, leaving a legacy, giving a donation in memory of a loved one or pledging a regular gift amount each month. There are opportunities both overseas and in the UK.

If you feel inspired, below are the full contact details. Phone: 01438 727800 Fax: 01438 721900 Email: Website: Postal Address: Mercy Ships UK The Lighthouse / 12 Meadway Court / Stevenage / SG1 2EF






Overweight and pregnant



EING very overweight, which is usually defined as having a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30, is increasingly common. Around 15-20% of pregnant women are now in this category. Your BMI is a measurement of how overweight you are and is calculated using your weight and height. Before you get pregnant you can use the BMI healthy weight calculator to work out if you are overweight. But once you’re pregnant this may not be accurate. The best way to protect your health and your baby ’s wellbeing is to lose weight before you become pregnant. By reaching a healthy weight, you increase your chances of conceiving naturally and reduce your risk of the problems associated with being overweight in pregnancy. Contact your GP for advice on how to lose weight. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a specialist weight-loss clinic. If you get pregnant before losing weight, try not to worry – good antenatal care can help minimise any risks to you and your baby.

During pregnancy If you are very overweight

and you are pregnant, don’t try to lose weight during your pregnancy as this may not be safe. Although there are risks associated with being obese during pregnancy, there is no evidence that losing weight while you’re pregnant will reduce these risks. The best way to protect your health and your baby’s health is to go to all your antenatal appointments so that the midwife, doctor and any other health professionals can keep an eye on you both. They can manage the risks that you might face due to your weight, and act to prevent – or deal with – any problems. It’s also important to eat a healthy, balanced diet and get some physical activity ever y day. You should be offered referral to a dietitian or other health professional for personalised advice on healthy eating and how to be

doesn’t have to be strenuous to be beneficial. As a general rule, you should be able to hold a conversation as you exercise when pregnant. If you become breathless as you talk, you’re probably exercising too strenuously.

Your care in pregnancy

physically active during your pregnancy. Being physically active in pregnancy will not harm your baby. Here are 8 tips for healthy eating.

Eating and exercise Eating healthily (including knowing what foods to avoid) and doing activities such as walking and swimming is good for all pregnant women. If you weren’t active before

pregnancy, it’s a good idea to consult your midwife or doctor before starting a new exercise regime when you’re pregnant. If you start an aerobic exercise programme (such as swimming, walking, running or aerobics classes), tell the instructor that you’re pregnant and begin with no more than 15 minutes of continuous exercise, three times a week. Increase this gradually to daily 30-minute sessions. Remember that exercise

What causes a coated tongue?


coated tongue is not a disease and is not usually a sign of anything serious. It’s usually only temporary.

The tongue appears white or pale yellow and coated when the surface is colonised by bacteria or fungi and dead cells become trapped between the small nodules on the tongue. You can try gently brushing it with a tongue scraper and drinking plenty of water to help it improve. However, sometimes a coated tongue can indicate an infection or more serious condition. You should see your GP for advice if you’re concerned about changes to the appearance of your tongue, your tongue hurts or your coated tongue persists for longer than two weeks. Note that in a minority of people, a coated tongue may never return to its normal colour or texture, even after treatment. Common causes of white plaques on the tongue:  Leukoplakia Leukoplakia is a common condition that results in a painless white patch in the mouth, which sometimes appears on the tongue. This white patch seems to be the result of too many cells being produced from the lining of the mouth and a protein called keratin being deposited. Leukoplakia can develop when

the tongue has been irritated and is linked with drinking too much alcohol and also with smoking. Although not usually dangerous, in a few cases leukoplakia turns cancerous, often many years or even decades after it first appears. It is important that your mouth is regularly examined by a dentist or doctor to ensure that any leukoplakia is not increasing in size or changing, or that new areas of leukoplakia are not developing. Your dentist or specialist will usually be able to tell the difference between a white tongue caused by leukoplakia and a coated tongue.  Oral lichen planus Oral lichen planus (lichen planus of the mouth) is a longterm disorder of the immune system that causes white lacy streaks and white patches in the mouth, including on the tongue. Mild cases do not usually cause any pain or discomfort, although it can cause burning sensations and discomfort in the mouth, painful red gums and sore patches in the lining of the mouth. The exact cause of oral lichen planus is unknown. It does not run in families and cannot be passed on to other people. Mild cases will not need any treatment. More severe cases can be managed with an antiseptic mouthwash plus steroid

If you become pregnant before losing weight, you’ll be tested for gestational diabetes. You may also be referred to an anaesthetist to discuss issues such as having an epidural during labour. You’re more likely to need this type of pain relief because ver y over weight women are more likely to have an instrumental delivery (ventouse or forceps or caesarean), and it can be difficult for the epidural to be given. If you’re overweight, discuss your birth options with your midwife or doctor, because there are restrictions on which women can safely deliver at home or in a birthing pool. Because obese women are more likely to need forceps,

ventouse or caesarean to give birth, it’s usually safer to opt for a hospital birth where there’s faster access to medical care and pain relief options, if needed. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has produced guidelines on weight management before, during and after pregnancy (PDF, 68kb). It is not aimed at women who have a BMI over 30, but it has useful information on achieving, and maintaining, a healthy weight.

Risks of being overweight in pregnancy Most women who are very overweight have a successful pregnancy but if you have a BMI over 30, extra problems for you include miscarriage, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and preeclampsia, blood clots, infection (urine and postcaesarean wound infections), haemorrhage after the birth, problems with breastfeeding or having a baby with an abnormally high birthweight.

COLOURED PATCHES sprays or steroid tablets dissolved in water to make a mouth rinse.  Oral thrush Oral thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth caused by a fungus. It can cause a burning sensation on the tongue as well as sore white plaques that can be scraped off (although it may sometimes appear as a red patch). You are more likely to develop oral thrush if you have recently taken antibiotics or steroid medication, use steroid inhalers to control asthma, have diabetes, have a weakened immune system or wear dentures. You should see your GP if you think you have oral thrush. If it is left untreated, the symptoms will persist and your mouth will continue to be uncomfortable. Treatment is with antifungal medicines.  Syphilis Syphilis is a bacterial infection usually caught by having sex with someone who is infected. Syphilis can cause a small painless sore or ulcer on the tongue if caught from having oral sex. This appears from 10 days to three months after exposure to the infection. Treatment is with a single dose of penicillin. If left untreated, syphilis may lead to white plaques on the tongue called syphilitic leukoplakia.





Cancer and coping with hair loss



OME cancer treatments can make your hair fall out but wigs, cold caps and other products are available to help you cope.

Hair loss from cancer treatment can affect people in different ways. Some treatments cause only partial hair loss or thinning, while others cause people to lose hair from all over their body. Different types of chemotherapy drugs have varying effects, while radiotherapy causes hair loss only in the area where treatment is focused. Your doctor can advise you about what to expect.

PLANNING FOR HAIR LOSS If you would like to wear a wig, you may find it helpful to visit a wig specialist before your cancer treatment to help match your hair colour and style. Another good tip is to get your hairdresser to style the wig on you.

CUTTING YOUR HAIR Some people are more comfortable cutting their hair very short before undergoing therapy. This means that hair loss will not seem as dramatic when it happens.

COLD CAPS DURING CHEMOTHERAPY A cold cap is a hat that is worn during some chemotherapy treatments. Its cooling effect reduces blood flow to the scalp, which also reduces the amount of chemotherapy medication that reaches this area. This helps prevent hair loss. It’s usually worn for 15 minutes before each chemotherapy treatment.

EYEBROWS, EYELASHES AND MAKEUP With some chemotherapies, people might also lose their eyebrows and eyelashes. Make-up, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner or false eyelashes can help and many cancer support groups have workshops to help patients learn how to use these techniques.

TYPES OF WIG There are two main types of wig – synthetic and real hair. Synthetic wigs are created from man-made fibres, last for six to nine months and cost between £50 and £200. Wigs made from real hair last for up to three or four years and cost between £200 and £2,000. Depending on your circumstances, the NHS might be able to help you with the expense involved.

OTHER CANCER HAIR LOSS OPTIONS Alternatives to wigs include hairpieces and fringes that work alongside headwear, such as scarves.


Diabetic? Take care of your feet


T’S especially important to look after your feet if you have diabetes. Here’s how to take care of your feet and advice on when to get professional help.

Diabetes can limit the blood supply to your feet and cause a loss of feeling. This can mean foot injuries do not heal well and the lack of feeling means you may not notice if your foot is sore or injured. If you have diabetes, you’re 15 times more likely to have a limb amputated due to gangrene. “The risk of complications can be greatly reduced if you’re able to bring your blood sugar levels under control,” says foot specialist Mike O’Neill. “Ensure that your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are also monitored and controlled with medication if needed. Smoking is also not a good idea as it has a harmful effect on the blood supply to your feet.”

Foot care tips if you have diabetes See a private or NHS podiatrist at least once a year. Ask ask your GP for a referral or find a local podiatrist. Keep your feet clean and free from infection. Wear shoes that fit well and don’t squeeze or rub. Never walk barefoot, especially in the garden or on the beach on holidays. Cut or file your toenails regularly. Get corns or hard skin treated by a podiatrist. Seek treatment from your GP or podiatrist if foot blisters or injuries do not heal quickly. Treat ulcers urgently, within 24 hours, especially if there is redness or swelling around the area, or in an area where you’ve previously been warned to seek immediate attention.

When to see a doctor See your doctor if:  You see breaks in the skin of your foot or discharge.  The skin over part or all of the foot changes colour and becomes more red, blue, pale or dark.  You notice extra swelling in your feet where there was a blister or injury.




ONJUNCTIVITIS is an inflammation (swelling and irritation) of the conjunctiva, the thin layer of tissue covering the eyeball and the inner surfaces of the eyelids. This causes the blood vessels on the eye to swell, making the eye look bloodshot red and feel gritty.

Conjunctivitis can be caused by an irritant, such as chlorine or dust, an allergy (for example, to pollen), or an infection by microbes (bacterias, viruses, chalamydiae etc.). It can also be due to other more rare conditions. Allergic conjunctivitis will usually affect both eyes and is itchy, while infectious conjunctivitis tends to affect one eye first (which becomes watery), with redness developing in the second eye a few days later. Some cases of infectious conjunctivitis occur along with a common cold. Infectious conjunctivitis will usually cause a sticky discharge from the eye and crusting around the eyelids and the eyelashes. If not adequately treated conjunctivitis may become chronic or be associated with long term complications such as chronic tearing. Treatment will depend on which type of conjunctivitis you have. That is why it is advisable that you consult your Eye Doctor for any red eye longing more than 48 hours. A painful red eye, especially if assocIated with reduced vision, sensitivity to light, severe headache and feeling sick (nausea) should prompt an emergency appointment.

Meanwhile, you can ease your symptoms by following some simple rules: Avoid touching the eye and spreading any infection to the other eye. Hold a clean, cold damp face flannel to the eye to soothe and cleanse it. Do not make-up Do not wear contact lenses. Do not share towels, flannels and pillow cases with others while you have conjunctivitis. Dr. Saffiedine Ophthalmology Playa de Las Americas





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TF1 Project As a regular visitor to Tenerife over the last decade I read your report that the Council were thinking of adding a third lane to parts of the TF1 with interest. Such a project would be very expensive in terms of engineering works and very disruptive to traffic over a period of several years - and it would not address the major problem evident at periods of heavy tarffic flow. The main problem lies in the inappropriate design of many of the motorway junctions which cannot cope with the volume of traffic wishing to access the motorway or leave it resulting in long tailbacks both on the local road network and on the narrow hard shoulders of the motorway itself. As just one example, the junction at El Guincho is a masterpiece! If longer deceleration and acceleration lanes were provided, and an additional bridge at each junction built to allow motorway and local traffic to circulate more easily, many of the bottlenecks would disappear. The apparent passion for the highways engineers to micromanage every road junction could be used positively to force left turning traffic to use the inside lane on roundabouts

and the dual bridge gyratory systems suggested above to maximum capacity. Once the system is in place the Guardia Civil could be deployed to make sure that the new \”rules of the road\” are followed. The overall cost would be far lower both financially and in the impact on the environment. Worth a look? Yours sincerely, Brian Macbeth Barnstaple, Devon UK

Safety issue on buses Dear Editor I am writing to express some concern about Titsa buses and safety issues. I am wondering if any of your readers also share my observations? Last week, I had to use the bus virtually ever y day because my car was in the repair shop. I must say it was quite an eye-opener! Could someone please tell me why Titsa insists on using those bendy buses and what advantages they have? It is double length but


there is no way there are more seats than in the ordinary size buses. In fact, I consider them dangerous. I noticed when I got on that the front seats appear to have safety belts fitted. I say “appear” because although there was a fitting device on one side, I couldn’t find the rest of it. However, the point is this. If the buses are fitted with seat-belts, then some element of risk must be assumed. In that case, why are people allowed to stand up on buses? Surely that is dangerous – if a bus stopped suddenly or was involved in an accident, then everyone would fall forwards with potential injuries. Do you get my drift? Seat-belts because they appear to be needed but no ban on standing up. It’s virtually certain that on every bendy bus, people do have to stand up because there are not enough seats. Even the ordinar y buses seem to be full to capacity and people have to stand (yet still have to pay the same price). I was also shocked to discover how high the step up is to most of the buses who perhaps don’t have the lowering mechanism or can’t be bothered to use it. This step up is high enough for the ordinary man in the street so how the elderly or people with mobility difficulties cope escapes me. Fares have just gone up I understand but rather than offering a first-class service, Titsa appears to be secondclass. Name and address supplied

Tenerife loses an illustrious son Ricardo Tavío Peña, 1946-2014


ENERIFE Cabildo has led tributes to former councillor and tourism leader, Ricardo Tavío Peña, an “illustrious son” of the island who died on January 5th, aged 67.

He has been described as a great person, friendly, hard-working and someone “who gave everything to this earth”. Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso expressed his sorrow at the death of Ricardo Tavío who received the honour of “Hijo Ilustre” on June 18 th, 2013. The ceremony recognised his personal and professional history and his special involvement in tourism, culture and sport. Sr. Alonso recalled the day he took office as president of Tenerife Cabildo on September 16 th, 2013 when he had used Ricardo Tavio’s own words of that special day of June 18 th. “Ser persona, lo demás no interesa” means “Be a person, nothing else interests him” which Sr. Alonso felt perfectly described the great man’s character and philosophy. His life was characterised by openness, by listening to others and seeking consensus. He performed all his tasks with commitment and responsibility, especially to those related to tourism in his time as a Cabildo councillor. “He was above all a great person which is ultimately the most important value in life,” said Sr. Alonso.

Ricardo Tavio, he said, had spent a lifetime defending the interests of Tenerife and he wanted to convey condolences to his family and friends on behalf of the whole island. Ricardo Tavío Peña (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, March 12th, 1946) was a member of the Cabildo from 1983-1987 and 1987-1991, representing the Association of Tenerife Independents. He occupied many positions on the Tourist Board and was always noted for his rhetoric and conciliatory approach. He was president of the South CIT between 1980 and 1988 and amongst awards he received was the CIT’s Gold Medal. In his time, he was also a talented athlete and basketball player and was involved in the world of boxing, swimming, athletics and handball. He also contributed much to the world of culture, especially with the Tenerife Association of the Friends of the Opera and participated in choirs from various societies of the island.

Second hand somke Dear Sir, Madam, As a recent visitor to Tenerife, I came looking forward to good weather, good food and good local wine. I wasn’t disappointed by any of the above. I have a small personal list of excellent atmospheric dining spots to hand over to any friends who visit. However, given the climate and the al fresco eating habits, I can only say I was continuously upset by inhaling second hand smoke. I have never had congestion problems prior to my visit but on the third day I needed to visit the pharmacy to get something to unblock my nose and throat, due to repeated inhalation of second hand smoke. I watched small children being continuously exposed to clouds of smoke and people apparently, blissfully unaware, of the toxins being ingested. I wonder would a colouring agent in the smoke, where it is made more visible to those with lungs of leather and ninja nostrils, raise a little more awareness to what I see,sense,smell, as the biggest glaring epidemic of air pollution right in front of, and up your nose ! Yours Sincerely, Padraic Hurley, Ireland





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ESTATE AGENTS Calle Flor de Pascua 33 Los Gigantes 922 862 901

Applications and paperwork to the Authorities (Residencia, NIE number, inheritances etc) Resident and Non-Resident annual tax declarations Accounting, Payroll and Management Consulting Tax advice and consulting Property purchase and investigations Translations and Interpreter service... and more!

Las Rosas - Puerto Santiago Furnished 1 bed duplex style property, two terraces, sea views, heated comm pool, bar, reception. £105,000

Las Mimosas - Los Gigantes Central furnished 1 bed apartment, large terrace, lovely sea views, community pool, use of community garden. 159.000€

Tamara - Los Gigantes Top floor well furnished 1 bed apartment, lovely sea views, terrace, community pools, central, low comm. fees. Garage also available. £120,000

Vitamar II - Puerto Santiago Quality finished 2 bed 2.5 bath furnished apartment, 2 large terraces, panoramic sea views, heated com. pool. Garage available. £275,000

Sol y Mar - Los Gigantes Top floor refurbished 1 bed apartment, south facing terrace, sea views, central, low community fees. £110,000

Sunset - Puerto Santiago Furnished 2 bed 1 bath apartment, views over the large community sun terrace and out to sea, lifts, reception. £140,000

Hablamos Español Wir sprechen Deutsch Nous parlons Français МЫ ГОВОРИМ ПО РУССКИ


PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, La Paz. 2 bedroom apartment, 65sqm + 20sqm terrace. Completly renovated and furnished. Community pool. Long term rental. Tel.: 619 257 157

SPACIOUS 2 bed furnished appartmen Playa San Juan. Long term only. Max two people..Quiet location 5 min from beach. 400 euros per month plus bills. Tel 922710675.

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, El Tope, 1 bedroom apartment with nice garden. Further information on Tel: 922 30 10 10

PLAYA AMÉRICAS studio for rent, fully furnished and equipped, central location, quiet area, close to beach. No finding fees, 430 euros per month, bills included. Call: 620 230 871 / 922 75 11 13

PLAYA AMERICAS. 2 Bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for rent, central and very quiet location, close to beach. Well furnished and equipped. Available 2nd week December. No finding fees. 750 euros, incluiding bills. Call: 620 230 871 / 922 75 11 13

PRIVATE SALE. Sunny two bed furnished appartment, 70 sq meter, in Playa San Juan 5 min from beach. 78.000 euros. Tel 673863454.



1 BEDROOM apartment. Los Cristianos, on the beach. Beautiful views, terrace, English TV. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50 PLAYA Amercias studio for rent, well furnished adn equipped excellent views to sea close to beach central location in San Eugenio, no finders fees. 450 euros, plus electricity bills. call: 922 79 21 19 or 629 130 899 LA PAZ, Tajinaste Fase III, A23, 71sqm, living room, 1 bedroom, terrace 36sqm to the south. The price 165.000 euros. Teh possibility to buy garage also. Tel: 922 37 06 56

VISTA HERMOSA IV (Los Cristianos), 2 bed, 2 bath, fully furnished, garage, see views, 78sqm + 22 terrace, selling price. 210.000 euros. Interested call: 619 980 050 LOVELY bungalow Los Realejos. Very quiet sunny seafront area, fantastic views north coast and mountains, 96sqm plus garden-terrace 85sqm, large living/dining area, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom + guest toilet, separate kitchen, totally renovated 2006 with high quality material, interesting also for investor 245.000 euros. Tel: 650 592 660






LOS CRISTIANOS, Centre. Avda. Suecia. 1 bedroom apartments, semi-atic. 70.54 sqm. Big terrace. Amazing sea views to port and bahia. 649 142 612 LOS GIGANTES, one bedroom penthouse apartment, for long let. Fully equipped, large terrace, beautiful sea, cliff and harbour views, comunity pool. Quiet location. 550 euros/monthly. Tel: 922 86 13 32 / 609 227 562

OPPORTUNITY! Playa Americas studio for rent, well furnished and equipped, 100m to beach, beautiful view, community pool, parking, neat complex, all included, water – electric, rent: 470 euros/ month, sale: 75,000euros, please call 670 458 074 QUIET AREA, 2 bedroom apartment, fully furnished, beautiful sea views, large terraces. 5 minutes from Puerto de la Cruz. Tel.: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50 APARTMENT for long term rental, 2 bedrooms, sunny terrace, partly furnished. 350 euros. Tel: 922 30 01 09 (Only speak Spanish) LOS CRISTIANOS, 1 bedroom apartment on the beach, beautifull view, all included, water-electric. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50

2 BEDROOM apartment in Romantica I, in Los Realejos, big terrace, quiet area, sea view, with furniture. Tel: 922 36 40 50 / 619 732 546

SUNNY 3 bed apartment Tabaiba Alta (5 mins German School, 10 mins Santa Cruz), 103 sq m, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, garden, large terrace with panoramic sea views, parquet floors, garage & store rooms, very small complex.. Tel. 686 798 367 / PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, El Tope, La Paz. Owner sells furnished apartment, 1 bedroom, 57sqm., terrace, private garden 35sqm., community 34 euros.Price: 87.000 euros. Tel: 644 237 230 LOS ABRIGOS. New apartment, one room and hall with balcony.Near beach. Reduced price: 69.000 euros plus garage: 7.000 euros.Tel: 607 388 080 BUNGALOW with land for sale La Florida (Arona), 2 bed, 1 bath, garage, storage room, 72sqm bungalow, 274sqm land, spectacular views, equipped kitchen, and partly furnished. Interested call 619 980 050 ONE bedroom apartment in Los Crisitanos. On the beach, nice terrace, beauti-full views, all included. 475 euros. Tel: 922 36 40 50 / 619 73 25 46

LA PAZ, Tajinaste Fase III, A23. 71sqm apartment. Living room, 1 bedroom, terrace 36sqm to the south. Price 165.000euros. The possibility to buy also the garage. Tel: 922 37 06 56


BARGAIN, Golf del Sur. One bedroom furnished apartment, large balcony, spacious complex, gardens, pools, parking. Adjoining golf course. 70.000 euros. Tel: 699 424 500 PUERTO DE LA CRUZ Botanico, owner sells furnished apartment, 1 bedroom, 57sqm terrace, private garden, community 33 euros. 99.000 euros. Tel: 644 110 860 PUERTO SANTIAGO, Santiago del Teide, sunny studio 35m2, third floor, completely fitted and furnished, in very good condition, the best see views, price: 68.000 euros. Call: 922 79 70 88 or 619 980 050 PUERTO SANTIAGO/Los Gigantes for sale, fractional ownership, spacious fully equipped 1 bedroom apartment, large private terrace, ocean views, common heated pool. Owners hold full title, occupancy early January-early March with option to sell or rent. Price: 59.900 euros. Viewing/information about this well managed property,

DOORS & WINDOWS Tenerife’s leading supplier of Aluminium systems and much more, established on the Island since 1992. We manufacture, supply & fit all types of:

Windows Security shutters Bathroom screens Privacy screens

Patio & French doors Security bars Wardrobes Gates & Fencing

Front doors Louvre shutters Cupboards Insect screens

CBAS are the number one installer of the Glass curtain system CBAS offer replacement glass & locks & parts department CBAS offer an emergency call out service CONSTRUCTION New builds Extensions Refurbishments Kitchens Roofing Bathrooms

CBAS - Poligono Industrial Las Chafiras III, C/.Caracas Nave 4, 38639 San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife T: +34 922 736 738 F: +34 922 735 123 E: Visit our showroom at the top of Amarilla Golf on the junction with the Auction house. All surveys & estimates are free of charge







Est. 1999

Est. 1999

JAC Enterprises SL




Tenerife’s leading Specialist in the Manufacture, Repair and Installation of all types of Awnings, Canopies, Interior and Exterior Blinds. Manual or Electric.



Agustin Millares 20, Armeñime, 38678 Adeje Showroom open Mon-Fri 9-5

Agustin Millares 20, Armeñime, 38678 Adeje

Showroom open Mon-Fri 9-5

Tel/Fax: 922 74 08 88 / 649 15 91 55 Tel/Fax: 922 74 08 88





Applications and paperwork to the Authorities (Residencia, NIE number, inheritances etc) Resident and Non-Resident annual tax declarations Accounting, Payroll and Management Consulting Tax advice and consulting Property purchase and investigations Translations and Interpreter service... and more!








Est. 1999

JAC Enterprises SL

Specialists in the Manufacture, Repair and Installation of all types of Industrial and Domestic Shutters, Security Grilles, Garage Doors, Electric or Manual. Remote Control Systems. Agustin Millares 20, Armeñime, 38678 Adeje Showroom open Mon-Fri 9-5

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s e m a J e n n A y B

ELCOME back to those members who have returned after the Christmas jollifications and who are no doubt pleased to escape the horrific weather conditions in the UK. We have some dates for your new diaries - on Thursday 23rd January there will be a Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk - at 3.00 p.m. in the library, followed at 4.00p.m. with afternoon tea. Tickets are 6 euros. A talk is to be given by Derek Winterbottom on Thursday 13th February. This will be a continuation of his talk on the Canary Islands which he gave last year, and which was greatly enjoyed. To be followed, as usual, by a buffet lunch, for the price of 6 euros. Don’t forget the library Annual General Meeting on Thursday 30th January at 4.00p.m..Please do leave your name with the treasurer if you wish to attend, for catering purposes, as the meeting will be followed by a buffet. Please note that the library telephone number is 922 38 30 98 Here are some of our latest additions to our shelves, including two recent publications by James Patterson (plus one) - surprise, surprise !!

LEISURE YOUR HOROSCOPE WWW.ASTROLOGY-ONLINE.COM ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) Plans to make physical improvements may lead to psychological changes, too. You will have to be careful not to fall into traps set by jealous colleagues. You have made an accurate assessment of the situation and have come up with ideas that will save money. TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21) You will expand your circle of friends if you join groups. A trip to visit relatives should be rewarding. Money problems will get worse if your partner hasn’t been playing by the rules.

GEMINI (May 22-June 21) Make sure that new mates live up to your high standards. You could find yourself having problems with coworkers and employers. Don’t turn down an invitation or a challenge that could enhance your chances of meeting someone special. CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Private Games by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

When the family gathers for her son’s thirtieth birthday, he brings with him his latest girlfriend who, to their surprise, has a nine-year-old daughter. Then, before the birthday cake has even been cut, Mia’s youngest daughter Daisy seizes the opportunity to drop a bombshell. It is an evening that marks a turning point in all their lives, when old resentments and regrets surface and the carefully ordered world Mia has created begins to unravel.

An autobiography

Soul On The Street by William Roache

The Olympic Ganes are under attack. Only Private, the world’s most exclusive detective agency, can save them. July 2012 : The Games have arrived in London and the stage is set for one of the greatest ever showcases of sporting excellence. When Sir Denton Marshall, a key member of the London Olympic organising committee, is found brutally murdered. Peter Knight, head of Private London, is called to the scene. Private are working with the organising committee on security for the Games, so Denton Marshall was a valuable client. But there is a more personal link: Denton was also the fiancé´of Knight’s mother. Knight is devastated by Denton’s murder, but it soon becomes clear that this is no isolated incident. The killer is targeting the Games itself, and the lives of everyone involved are under threat.

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The Hidden Cottage by Erica James

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Don’t be afraid to push your beliefs and attitudes. Someone you work with may be trying to make you look bad. Try not to get involved in other people’s problems.

Mia Channing appears to have an enviable life: a beautiful home, a happy marriage, a job she enjoys and three grown-up children to whom she is devoted. But appearances can be deceptive.....

William Roache has been an actor on Britain’s best-loved soap opera, ‘Coronation Street’, for over 48 years. making him the world’s longest-serving soap star. As a young actor William auditioned for a TV drama that was likely to be running for only a few weeks . Now, almost 50 years later, he is the only original cast member and the soap’s success has established him as a household name. Over the course of that time, William’s character Ken Barlow has been married four times, twice to Deirdre, and had a series of tumultuous affairs. This gripping autobiography will appeal to fans of ‘The Street’ and is an exciting insight into the spiritual influences that have shaped this much-loved actor.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Deception regarding joint finances or investments will cause upsets between family members. Short trips may be tiring but rewarding. Friends and relatives may not understand your needs.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) You must not lead someone on or show interest in them for the wrong reasons. Be discreet and don’t reveal any personal information. You may not be that popular at home but you should be able to shine at social gatherings. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) You will probably have to defend your mate. Today will be hectic. You will have to help family members sort out unfortunate difficulties.




Facts about car transfers Three cheers for Hyundai’s i30


new year visit to Tenerife was the perfect way to bring in 2014 with a clear blue sky in stark contrast to the wind and rain lashing Scotland back home.

Despite the gloomy weather as we headed towards Edinburgh Airport at the end of December, spirits were high with the thoughts of hearing the bells ringing in Golf del Sur’s ‘square’ – San Blas. Taking us on the first part of our journey was a super little Hyundai i30 three-door model – launched in the UK early in 2013. This was the latest arrival in the new generation i30 family – joining five-door hatch and estate. It wasn’t just a case of taking away two rear doors either as the three-door model looks much sportier. Design changes include a more prominent front spoiler, reshaped bumper, new-look mesh grille, a sharply-raked beltline and a sporty rear, incorporating LED taillights. Getting our luggage into the large boot – 378 litres and 1,316 litres with seats down - wasn’t a problem with its low sill Comfort for driver and front seat passenger was good in a spacious interior that offers lots of knee, head and elbow room for rear-seat passengers. Hyundai quality has improved immensely and that’s the case in all i30 models. The three door offers four trim levels – Classic, Active and, exclusive to the range, Sport and Sport Nav. Even the entry-model Classic is well equipped with standard features which include Bluetooth, steering wheel audio and phone controls, LED daytime running lights, body-coloured exterior door handles, USB and AUX connections and air conditioning. My test car was an i30 3DR Active 1.6 CRDi 110PS Blue Drive. Moving up to this trim brings 16-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, rear parking sensors and a leather steering wheel and gear knob. I found the diesel engine performed well in this model, with good mid-range acceleration going up and down the six-speed manual gearbox. It was sprightly enough with an 11.5 seconds standstill to 62mph and 115mpg top speed. Buyers wanting a faster model to match the sporty looks can opt for the 1.6 litre 120PS petrol or 1.6 CRDi 128PS versions. Benefits of the test car also included top-class economy figures of 67.3mpg urban, 78.5mpg extra urban and 74.3mpg combined. The i30 handled well and sat quietly enough on the motorway although there was a bit of wind noise. But extremely windy conditions while I had the car played a part of that. It was never as bumpy as the Ryanair aircraft as it approached Tenerife South Airport as gusting winds caused turbulence than shook the plane sideways and up and down. Everything was more than smooth after that – the highlight joining in the square’s excellent entertainment as we toasted in 2014 at JR’s after a superb meal and great service by their super staff – that includes you Simon. The week, as usual, ended all too quickly and with the now anticipated high-speed drive to the airport. I often wonder if all taxi drivers operating from the airport fancy themselves as Formula One drivers or do I just happen to end in the back seat of those who do. Back to Edinburgh, and a fair bit of turbulence again, as we approach the tarmac. Safely back in the i30, the journey home is without fuss as we drive through the expected wind and rain. This three-door Hyundai i30 is up against competitors that include VW Golf and Ford Focus but is more than capable of winning its share of the market. It’s stylish, well equipped and value-for-money with prices starting at £13,995. The test car price was £17,490. And it also comes with the five-year triple care package, which includes five years’ unlimited mileage, manufacturer-backed warranty, five years of roadside assistance and five years of annual vehicle health checks.


ANY people ask the following questions when buying or selling a car. Here we are going to dispel the myths and state the current conditions and criteria that Tráfico require. Please note that this only applies to car transfers, driving licences are slightly different.

ITV Question: In order to transfer a car out of my name must the car have an ITV? The correct answer is no BUT you will be responsible for any fines incurred until such time as the transfer is completed. Some time ago a car without an ITV COULD NOT be transferred successfully until it had a current ITV. The Permiso de circulación was not issued in the new owners name until such time as proof of current ITV was shown in Tráfico, this being by producing the Ficha Técnica showing the new ITV. Now however you may do a transfer without a current ITV and get a new Permiso de circulación in the new owner’s name, but the Permiso shows clearly that the document is not valid unless there is an ITV in date. The police are permitted to take the car away if the car has no ITV and is in circulation and fines would be incurred.

Proof of address In order to transfer a car you must legally prove to Tráfico your address. The following applies only to foreigners (extranjeros). The proof methods are: 1. A current rental contract (in Spanish) with at least three months´ duration or longer. 2. A current and in date Certificate de Empadronmiento, available from most Town Halls although not all will provide these willingly. 3. An escritura that has been registered in the Land Registry office, a photocopy simple is not acceptable unless it has been registered. The following are not acceptable:  A current bill from Unelco, Movistar etc,  A personal business card showing your full address  A document of any sort from the local town hall, hacienda or social (except a certificate of emadronmiento). If you have any questions or queries please contact me or call 922783828.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. I have a problem when selecting reverse gear on my Golf. On selecting reverse with the engine switched on, sometimes there is a slight crunching noise. The crunching noise is not there with the engine turned off and this problem does not occur in any other gear. However the gear selection is sometimes not that smooth, “lumpy” would be a good description. The car has covered 120k, but is regularly serviced. It is a 1996 1.6 MK3. I have spoken to a colleague at work and he thinks it may be the gearbox linkage cables?

A. Reverse is the only gear that doesn’t have synchromesh so it has to be motionless to engage, your problem will be with the clutch not fully disengaging. If it’s adjustable that should do it.

Q. While driving along today, the engine on our 2.0 diesel Qashqai just seem to cut out as though the fuel had been cut off and came to a standstill, all lights are showing on dash and are ok and the engine turns over on starter motor but will not start, these models are camchain and not cambelt so I wouldn’t suspect the camchain has broken, but who knows!!!

A. The Qashai’s require a fuel filter change around 30.000 kilometres or two years. The filter is never changed in a service unless requested, so check your service history, same with brake fluid, but every two years regardless of mileage. Please email your questions to






A sea of red in La Laguna


OME 3,000 runners took part in the San Silvestre 2013 through La Laguna, the final sporting event of the year in the Canary Islands. Jonay González (15:44) and Yuliana Velásquez (19:14) were the winners. For Jonay, it was a special achievement as it was his seventh win in the event and the third in a row. This was the 32nd edition of the race which was watched by around 5,000 spectators who lined the historic streets of Aguere. The route consisted of a lap of two circuits, making 5,350 metres in total. All the runners were invited to wear red tops with the logo of the local council’s sports department OAD and proceedings came to a close with the prize-giving ceremony presided over by the Mayor, Fernando Clavijo. The men’s race was particularly close with Jonay (Tenerife CajaCanarias) going head to head with Vicente Hernández and Samuel Chaves (CAPCR) who were second and third.

Yuliana (AD Marathon) was ahead of Pili Ramos (Triteide, 20:04), Sonia Prieto (Atletas 97, 20:09) and Tere Linares (Tenerife CajaCanarias, 20:18). This was her first win in the event, ahead of Ramos and Linares, two of the most decorated runners in the San Silvestre, with eight and four winners respectively. The 3,000 competitors equalled the record number of 2012. Ever yone was delighted that the rain held off though the temperature was low as always at this time of the year. For the first time in a number of years, children also had their own race. Some 130 children took part as a preamble to the main test. Category winners were María Gabriela, Natalia Brito, Víctor Ledesma, Ilenia Expósito, Juan José de la Rosa, Samira Abidra and Isaac Martín.



Brothers shine Prepare for Santa in taekwondo Cruz Extreme


ATES have been released for the 2014 Santa Cruz Extreme.

The international event which combines trail running, cycling and swimming will be held from April 11th to 13th. The challenge is organised by Santa Cruz city council through the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Foundation, the Development Society, sports department and Anaga district. It also has the collaboration of Gesport Canarias and takes place in the beautiful Anaga Rural Park.

Historic day as football school opens


WO brothers have been flying the flag for La Laguna, thanks to their success in taekwondo.

Carlos and Samuel González Correa were congratulated by the Mayor, Fernando Clavijo who encouraged them to follow their dream. In 2013, the brothers won a succession of medals at various championships, always in the category of less than 54 kilograms. Carlos became champion of Spain and Europe (under-21), Spanish clubs’ champion

(Janfú) and Spanish senior runner-up. Samuel won silver in the Spanish Open International and gold in the Spanish University Championships. When meeting the Mayor, they were accompanied by their trainer and father, Kiko González. Sr. Clavijo praised their hard work and determination as they combined their sport with their studies.

Ricardo and Siri lead the way INAUGURAL RACE

Ricardo Hernández Marrero won the first San Silvestre Realejera with a time of 14 minutes and 22 seconds


HE route went through the streets of Toscal Longuera, completing a circuit of 4.5 kilometres with 224 competitors.

Both the start and finish was in the plaza of the church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in the centre of Los Realejos. Winner Ricardo represented Club Udat Talavera whilst the first woman to cross the line was Siri Ulvestad of Club Nyladens SK with a time of 16 minutes and 31 seconds.


project which has been several years in the making finally came to fruition in Granadilla.

The Mayor, Jaime González Cejas joined other councillors, parents, friends and relatives at the launch of the new Municipal School of Football. More than 700 children and 49 teams make up this venture which has been described as the most important commitment to sport in the Canary Islands. The presentation was held on the football field at La Palmera de San Isidro, with the boys and girls involved representing the four clubs of Granadilla, San Isidro, Charco del Pino and El Médano. All categories are represented from initiation to prebenjamines, benjamines, alevines and infantiles. In addition to the Mayor, the ceremony was attended by first deputy Mayor, Esteban González González, sports councillor and school di-

rector, Marcos González Alonso and Cabildo councillor, Guillermo Meca. Words of encouragement were given to the children when the council pledged its continued commitment to sport. Both the Mayor and sports councillor said they would do everything within their power to provide the right facilities and support training and welfare. Thanks were extended to everyone, young and old, for their backing. The Mayor said the project had been many years in the planning and would guarantee the future of soccer in the municipality. Without it, some of the clubs might not have survived. He urged ever yone to make good use of it as Granadilla was a reference point for sport in the Canaries.






Fresh challenges and exciting times for F1 season


ITH the start of the Formula One season only a few weeks away, fans share the hopes and best wishes for Michael Schumacher following his horrendous ski-ing accident.

On the circuit, says the F1 official site, there is much to look forward to with fresh challenges, exciting new driver talent, revitalised team line-ups, novel engineering innovation and more. ALL NEW LINE-UPS 2014 sees a large number of drivers ditching their old team gear for a different coloured race suit and a new team mate. At Ferrari, returnee Kimi Raikkonen - the Scuderia’s last world champion - will go up against the man who has yet to win the title in red despite several years of trying, Fernando Alonso. At Lotus, it’ll be equally fascinating as Raikkonen’s seat alongside the improved Romain Grosjean has been taken by the fast but erratic Pastor Maldonado. A couple of garages along at Force India the battle for supremacy will between two drivers who each have plenty to prove after being passed over by bigger teams - Nico Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez. At Williams, Felipe Massa will measure his speed against highly-rated team mate Valtteri Bottas, whilst at Red Bull fourtime world champion Sebastian Vettel will have to see off the

challenge of another quick Australian, Daniel Ricciardo.


A NEW CROP OF TALENTED ROOKIES So far we know there’ll be at least two rookies on the starting grid in Australia in March, both of whom come with huge expectations. Not since Lewis Hamilton in 2007 have McLaren handed a rookie a race drive, but that’s exactly what they’re doing in 2014 with highly-rated youngster Kevin Magnussen. The fact that they’ve chosen the 21-year old to partner former world champion Jenson Button (rather than retain Sergio Perez) speaks volumes for what the team think of the Dane’s talents. The other rookie to keep an eye on, according to the F1 site, is Russian driver Daniil Kvyat. The 19-year-old GP3 champion was a somewhat surprising replacement for Daniel Ricciardo at Toro Rosso, but instantly impressed when he took part in FP1 in both the United States and Brazil at the tail end of 2013. Helmut Marko, the man who oversees Red Bull’s junior drivers, firmly believes Kvyat has what it takes to succeed in Formula One racing and expects him to provide team mate Jean-Eric Vergne with a firm challenge.

EXCITING ADDITIONS TO THE CALENDAR The calendar has been given some extra spice in 2014 with the addition of two races in two uniquely spectacular settings. First up, in June, Formula One racing will return to the high mountains and open pastures of Spielberg for the first Austrian Grand Prix since 2003. The circuit has been significantly renovated since then, but the characteristic elevation changes and flowing corners remain. Then, in October, the sport will branch out into new territory as Sochi’s dazzling Olympic Park backdrops the inaugural Russian Grand Prix. Not only does the circuit promise to offer something different to any other venue on the calendar, but the race comes at what could well be a crucial time in the championship - round 16 of 19. Either way, it’ll be essential viewing.

BIG CHANGES TO THE REGUL ATIONS The new season brings with it the biggest technical shake-up in years - it’s in with 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines, new energy recovery systems, and fuel limits, to mention just a few of the

DOUBLE POINTS IN ABU DHABI Whether the championship is on the line or not, there’s no doubt that added significance has been given to the final round of the 2014 title race in Abu Dhabi thanks to a new rule which will award drivers and teams double points for that Grand Prix, and that Grand Prix alone. So, the season is all geared up for an exciting start with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 16th.

Cabildo’s sports budget is “for the people”


ENERIFE Cabildo is to put more money into supporting sport on the island this year, with particular emphasis on building grassroots activities. President, Carlos Alonso has also announced the creation of the “Juegos Senior ” or “Senior Games”, intended for non-federated athletes over the age of 35. The announcements were made during a press conference called by Sr. Alonso, vice-president Cristina Valido and councillor for sport, Cristo Pérez. The insular corporation expects to nearly double its budget for the coming year to 8.9 million euros, of which 3.9 million euros will be allocated to investment in sports’ infrastructures which will result in job generation. The main actions will include construction of a new sports centre for La Guancha and Tegueste, improvements to the pools at Los Cristianos and Garachico, the motocross circuit at San Miguel and the municipal sports pavilion at Puerto de la Cruz. The Cabildo will also be investing in the field circuit at

Vilaflor, in the climbing wall and skate park in La Orotava and in the sports centres in San Juan de la Rambla, La Victoria and Arafo. In addition, there will be major improvements in the different installations in San Miguel and Los Silos and installation of physical activity modules in different municipalities in the island. Similarly, another goal for this year is the revitalisation of the insular installations, in order to help sports clubs and athletes. The Cabildo will also give aid to individual sportsmen and women, allocating a total of 180,000 euros in travel grants for official competitions off the island and a further 210,000 euros to help with young talent. These add to the agreements with island federations, among which are football and basketball with 180,000 euros and 97,000 euros respectively, represent support for the work being done with grassroots

games. In this regard, specific agreements are being maintained with Canar y wrestling, sailing, motor-racing and motor-cycling. Support for teams competing at national level amounts to 446,000 euros whilst support continues for CD Tenerife and Iberostar Tenerife, national teams of note in professional football and basketball leagues. The Cabildo will also continue its collaboration with sports events such as the Tenerife Blue Trail and other national and international events which help to project the image of Tenerife and generate economic activity on the island. Within its sports development programme, the 27 th Tenerife Cabildo Games will be celebrated which in this edition will feature 27 modalities and involve more than 12,000 boys and girls. Allegiance will be continued with all the federations and clubs in the Cabildo Cups and 30,000 euros is set aside specifically for the Traditional Games and Autonomous Sports.

New sports for swimming club

T As a novelty, the Cabildo will launch as an experiment the Juegos Senior Cabildo de Tenerife, the Tenerife Cabildo Senior Games. Other initiatives will include continued support for the Fair Play campaign and a range of

classes and courses, including water sports in Santa Cruz. Sr. Alonso said this budget was intended “for the people” and Cristina Valido said it demonstrated just how much the Cabildo valued sport and the part it played in Tenerife.

Capital helps basketball


ANTA Cruz has pledged its continued help for basketball teams.

The city council has just renewed its agreement with the Insular Federation of Basketball of Tenerife through which the sports department allows free use of facilities for clubs which practise this sport. Sports councillor, Zósimo Darias said this was an important concession for such clubs and he pledged the council would continue to support grassroots sports in all activities.

HE hugely popular Las Palmas Swimming Club has started 2014 with a new innovation.

Following formal approval, under-water activities have now been introduced, including scuba diving, under-water photography, under-water fishing, apnea and free diving. All these are regulated internationally by the World Federation for Under-water Activities (CMAS). Nicolás Tejera and Tanausú Motas will be responsible for co-ordinating the new activities, introduced to meet the demands of those who want to practice such sports at federated level. The club is also happy to promote “ecofriendly” disciplines.





Soccer youngsters show solidarity

Young sailor notches up the wins



soccer tournament held in Santa Cruz has been praised as a great show of solidarity.

Ten teams of youngsters took part in the Ofra-Costa Sur Christmas tournament which saw players and parents alike donate food for the social dining project San Vicente de Paul. More than 400 children of all ages competed for the honours, representing the clubs of Chincanayro, Reale Juventud Laguna, Sultán,

Vistabella, SD San José, Tahodio, Valleseco, Esférico, CD Laguna and Yanira. Councillor for the area and fourth deputy Mayor, Dámaso Arteaga praised the solidarity shown by the families of the footballers who took part and the College of Tenerife Referees. The winners were: Prebenjamins 6x6 (Chincanayro, runners-up Vistabella); pre-

benjamines football 7 (Reale Juventud Laguna, runners-up Esférico); benja-mines 6x6 (Chincanayro, runners-up Vistabella); benjamines 7 (champion CD Laguna, r unners-up Valleseco); alevines 6x6 ( Vistabella, runners-up Yanira); alevines 7 (Chincanayro, runners-up SD San José); infantiles 5x5 (Esférico, runners-up Valleseco); and infantiles 11 (SD San José, runners-up CD Laguna).



Cyclist Alberto charmed by dolphins



PANISH cyclist Alberto Contador took time off from his gruelling training schedule to talk to the dolphins in Gran Canaria.

In Gran Canaria to train for the Tour de France and Vuelta a España, he and colleagues from the Tinkoff Saxo Team spent a happy time at Palmitos Park. This was courtesy of the hotel chain Grupo Anfi where he was staying and one of the sponsors of the team. Alberto was shown around the park by director general, Pedro Cantero and said he

was amazed at what he saw. The whole team was also thrilled to be in Gran Canaria for two weeks of training as the facilities were truly excellent. The highlight of his visit to the Palmitos Park was in the dolphinarium where he watched the antics of the dolphins and described them as “truly amazing!”


young La Laguna sailor has ended 2013 on a high note. Silvia Morales closed

the year as absolute world

champion and under-16 champion in the Láser 4.7 class, as well as Canar y champion and champion of Spain in the under-16 and under-18 categories in the same mode. Accompanied by her coach and parents, Silvia was welcomed to a special reception hosted by the Mayor, Fernando Clavijo and councillor for sports, Aymara Calero. She was congratulated on her successes and taking the name of La Laguna to the top of the sailing world, nationally and internationally. Silvia belongs to Club Náutico de Tenerife.


Mass arrests in Walking events to suit all ages steroid raids PANISH police have been involved in a major operation connected to alleged doping in the cycling industry.

Forty people have been arrested and some 380,000 doses of performanceenhancing drugs seized in a crackdown on two gangs. The drugs were destined for gyms in Valencia and Alicante and were sold to amateur and elite athletes for cash. One of the people arrested is a general practitioner said to have sold prescriptions. There were raids of 15 pharmacies in Valencia, two

health centres and the seizure of 600 receipts. The network based in Alicante was also said to be involved in extensive drug trafficking and the collection of debts through coercion. Their methods included threats to amputate limbs or shooting. Police say the sale of illegal steroids to sports people “boomed” in 2013 and during the year, a million doses were seized.


Arona gets moving!


RONA has launched its new extensive sports programme for children.

“Arona Muevete” is aimed at youngsters from four years of age to eleven and encourages them to “get moving” through sport. Various activities will be held at school outside of normal classroom hours as

well as in municipal sports centres. Sports will include basketball, athletics, Canary wrestling, football, volleyball, dance, games, table tennis, skating and table tennis.


ALKING is a great hobby and no matter what your age or your ability, Granadilla is offering a programme for all.

Routes to enjoy include the “Almond Blossom”, the “Caminos de Vilaflor” and the “Altos del Sur”, all courtesy of the youth and citizenship department offered for the first half of 2014. The first event is the Almond Blossom to be held in two shifts – one on Saturday, January 25th and the other on February 2nd. The walk includes part of the Ruigómez and the farmland and volcanic landscapes of the high areas of Erjos and Valle Santiago. The second event is “Los

Caminos de Vilaflor” to be held on February 15th and April 5th. “Los Altos de Vilaflor” is on March 30 th while the programme comes to a close on May 17th and June 1st with Tajinaste in Blossom. All walks have a medium difficulty level and places are limited. Councillor in charge, Nacho Mendoza hopes residents will join these initiatives which are organised to provide a different type of entertainment for people to enjoy. For more information, see or call 010 or 922759959.

8 437003 217012


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