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FRIDAY 13th DECEMBER TO THURSDAY 2nd JANUARY 2014 Also distributed in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. 1.50 euros at newsagents.






Oil war goes global “GO LOCAL FOR Fury over May countdown


T’S going to be war in 2014 as the Canary Islands launches its biggest ever onslaught to stop test oil drilling jus ten kilometres off some of the best beaches. More than 50 major organisations spanning 200 countries have pledged their allegiance to a new wave of the ongoing campaign against Repsol’s controversial plan. Led by the Canary Government, protestors are calling on Spain to put an immediate halt on the plan to sink test drills off the coast of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Their anger has been heightened by the company’s announcement that operations will begin in May and more than 36,000 on-line signatures have already been collected under the banner of “Canary Islands: free us of oil!” The initiative has brought together public administrations, political forces across Spain, nongovernmental departments and leading scientific international organisations. It was formally launched in Madrid when actress Pilar Bardem helped to read out a manifesto which described the risks as “unacceptable and unnecessary”. The campaigners are also furious at Repsol’s dismissal of their concerns and say comments made by the company are tantamount to a “declaration of war”. Canary president, Paulino Rivero said the islands were

being treated as a colony and they would continue to press very strongly “legally, socially and politically” against the “unilateral decision”. Support has come from representatives of various political forces across the island and president of Lanzarote’s Cabildo, Pedro San Ginés said it showed the campaign was not a political one but a cause supported by a broad spectrum across the Canaries. Fuerteventura Cabildo agrees, as do five of the world’s most well-known environmental groups, including Ecologists in Action, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the World Wildlife Fund. They have been joined by other organisations such as the Renewable Energy Foundation, César Manrique Foundation, major unions the UGT and CCOO, scientific institutions, the Canar y fishing industry, social groups and citizens of the archipelago, the Balearics and other regions. The drilling zone envisaged is more than 600,000 hectares just 9.7 kilometres from the main beaches of Fuerteventura and 18 kilometres from the coast of Lanzarote. Campaigners say the area is at high risk from ocean earthquakes, citing one of 3.7 on the Richter scale on June

11 th which was felt in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. They believe tourism is being put in jeopardy and this is supported by 80% of the companies who send ten million holiday-makers to the Canaries from Norway, Estonia, Finland, the UK, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Spain’s Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, has been told by the objectors that oil exploration is a serious risk industry which could directly affect the archipelago’s natural resources. Just one spill, they say, could seriously endanger tourism interests and the future of the islands and even the existence of oil drilling could put people off coming here. The campaigners also claim the environmental report drawn up by Repsol includes huge gaps and says the company’s assertions that there is no risk are an insult because incidents have happened elsewhere. The manifesto says a spill could seriously affect the sea water which is widely desalinated for the islands. The campaign website of has been made available in different languages, including English, for people to sign. Paulino Rivero says there will be no let up in the campaign as the future of the Canaries are being mortgaged.



PREAD your net a bit this Christmas and go out shopping in the towns and villages of Tenerife, as well as the capital of Santa Cruz.

Put locations such as Los Cristianos, Las Galletas, Los Gigantes, La Laguna, Los Realejos, El Sauzal, Los Abrigos, Puerto de la Cruz, Guimar, San Miguel de Abona and many others on your list. Shopping this festive season has “gone local” as Tenerife Cabildo wants to give encouragement to small and medium-sized businesses

which are considered the engine of jobs. No-one really knows what the New Year will bring but hopes are high that this Christmas will be one of the better ones of recent years with a little more light at the end of the tunnel. The trade association, FAUCA is certainly expressing optimism, believing the year is

going to end with “a good time for shopping.” The “shop local” campaign was launched by the Cabildo with an investment of 30,000 euros for various initiatives and continues until January 5th. However, similar efforts will be made throughout 2014. “The idea is to offer personalised service, greater diversity of supply, create jobs and contribute to the creation of an urban environment of interest for everyone,” said financial vice-president, Efraín Medina. The campaign goes under the banner of “Comercio de Tenerife, contigo” (“Commerce in Tenerife, with you”) and has posters featuring animated characters to highlight the main messages. Visitors to the various shopping towns are also being encouraged to take a picture of their favourite store and post it on the social network sites. The author of the best photo will win a weekend break in an island hotel.

Donate blood, Third lane for TF-1 have a cola! New campaign


major campaign has been launched to encourage people in the Canary Islands to give blood.

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Government has teamed up with Coca-Cola to help the Canary Institute of Blood Donation (ICHH). Health Minister, Brígida Mendoza highlighted the solidarity of the Canaries for giving blood but said the campaign aimed was encouraging others to do the same. Coca-Cola will be offering customised bottles to blood donors and will be touring the islands up until January 4th. It will be maximising the campaign through the social network sites and promoting the website of where you can learn more.


third lane for the TF-1 in the south of Tenerife could soon be back on the agenda. The island’s Cabildo was due to have a meeting before Christmas with the Canary Government to discuss the project which was first drawn up in 2007. It is also hoped that the insular ring road between Adeje and Santiago del Teide will be operational in a year. Meantime, the Cabildo has agreed that many of the roads in Tenerife need attention and intends to embark on a series of projects, even if minor, during 2014. There will be at least 34 actions in various municipalities, including in Guaza, the Rambla de Acentejo in the Orotava valley and the access road to Teno.








































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Wishing you a Merry Christmas


HE owner, staff and contributors of the Tenerife News would like to wish all our readers and clients a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support in what has been another difficult year but there is perhaps a glimmer of light at the end of a long tunnel. We hope we can trust on your support for 2014 and that the New Year is a better time for everyone. Meantime, enjoy the Christmas and New Year festivities and the Tenerife News will be back with you after this three-week edition on January 2nd.

Cash boost for Puerto PLEDGE AGREED


HE ongoing plans to rehabilitate facilities in Puerto de la Cruz have received a 500,000 euro pledge.

Spain’s Council of Ministers has approved the signing of a cooperative agreement between the Canary Government, Tenerife Cabildo and Puerto council. This follows on from the partnership agreement of 2010 to instigate extensive improvement plans for the town because of its tourism importance.

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PTO. CRUZ - LA PAZ: Cosy apartment in sea front position with big terrace and amazing sea and coastal views, 2 beds, 1 bath, heated pool, fully furnished. 160.000€ PTO. CRUZ – BOTANICO AREA: magnificent luxury semidetached property in privileged location with superb views. 2 beds, 2 baths, bright living room, conservatory with superb coastal views, big garage (43 sqm) with sauna and shower. Marble floors, double glazing... 340.000€ o.n.o. Ref CH0814 SANTA URSULA: Magnificent luxury villa of recent construction in top location with superb views, plot 1525 sqm, cconstr. 700 sqm, heated pool, exterior Jacuzzi, built to the highest standards with the most advanced house technique. Price and further info on request. PTO. CRUZ - BOTANICO AREA: Top floor cosy studio type apartment with magnificent views, fitted kitchen, bathroom, lock up garage incl. Only 115.000€


Shock as cocaine found in bottles ALCOHOL DISCOVERY


OLICE have discovered that 430 kilos of cocaine dissolved in alcohol was destined to be sent from Argentina to Spain.

Thousands of bottles were found at the port in Buenos Aires, with a total value which would have exceeded 19 million euros. A vehicle was impounded when suspicions were aroused and found inside were 20 pallets with 5,240 boxes containing 31,440 bottles. The name of the shipping company was that of a regular exporter but this was the first time goods were destined for Spain. It was these changes which alerted Customs officials. Dogs sniffed out the presence of drugs and on closer inspection, it came to light that the bottles contained between 17 and 20% of the purest cocaine, the maximum possible, according to experts. The extraction process is carried out by evaporation. Police later carried out a number of raids and ordered the arrest of suspects who are believed to be on the run.







Five million visitors for Tenerife?

Fury over “private investment” for airports


ENERIFE is expecting to end the year with a total of around five million tourists, on a par with 2012.

Figures for October showed a growth of 0.8% and represented the third consecutive increase for the island. There were 428,280 tourists here in October and though Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso acknowledged the rises were only small, they were helping to match the figures of last year. Official figures recorded 3,300,342 overnight stays in October, an increase of 3.3% and there was also a 0.19% rise in the average length of stay at 7.71 days. Occupation reached 65.1% on average, four per cent higher than in October 2012. From January through to the end of October, it means 4,093,098 tourists visited Tenerife, only 0.5% less than in the same period of 2012. The rise was most pronounced in the five-star hotels, up 3.7%. In the first ten months of the year, the island registered 31,777,513 overnight stays, just 0.5% down on 2012. The average length of stay was 7.76 days which was on a par with the same period in 2012 while occupancy levels reached 63.7%, slightly higher at 0.9% than last year. Foreign tourism between January and October grew one per cent, with a total of 3,085,254 international tourists. The British market is still the biggest, up 0.7% to 1,330,433. The German market went down by 5.8% to 440,729 tourists. The Russian market has become the fourth biggest behind the British, German and Spanish, providing 156,020 tourists, up 33.6%. The Nordic market also went up 3.4%, Dutch up one per cent, French 3.3%, Irish 6.1% and Switzerland up 9.9%. The Belgium market was down by 1.4%, Italians down 7.2% and Austrians dropped 0.9%. As for Spanish tourism, in the ten months, there were 1,007,844 visitors from the mainland, 4.6% less than in 2012. The accumulated data shows a decline of 1.5% in those staying in the south (3,246,530 tourists) while the north continues to buck the trend of recent years and increased visitor numbers by 4.1% to 680,884.


PAIN’S leading union, the CC.OO Workers’ Commission has launched a scathing attack on the Government’s plan to invite private investment for the airports authority. Its leaders believe this will spell disaster for AENA and will do nothing to enhance the future of services for the Canary Islands. The CC.OO also believes it is the “thin edge of the wedge” and will eventually lead to full privatisation of the airport authority. “Tourism is the engine of the

islands’ economy and the airport system is instrumental in that sector so privatisation would bring disastrous consequences,” said Rafael Dorta, delegate for the CC.OO for AENA Tenerife during a press conference in Santa Cruz. Spain’s Minister of Development, Ana Pastor has

caused uproar with her announcement that the Government is prepared to accept private investment in the airport authority. She said AENA had made great strides forward, turning a major loss of 600 million euro into a 600 million euro profit by the end of 2013. Airports had seen many enhancements, including to the parking arrangements and to the duty-free shops. The AENA team, she said, had done a tremendous job but

conditions now seemed right to invite private finance. The CC.OO believes this would be a bad thing for the archipelago as “no private investor is going to be interested in keeping an unprofitable Canary airport, such as La Gomera.” According to the union, AENA employs about 1,500 workers in the Canaries, not counting flight controllers, and they are concerned about changes which might lie ahead.


Helicopter rescues paragliders The emergency services have once again helped paragliders who found themselves in trouble


N one incident, a 34-year-old man was hurt in an accident in the Montaña del Conde of Adeje.

The 1-1-2 control centre took the alert in the mid-afternoon and were told of the mishap in an area difficult to access. The man had to be rescued by helicopter before being taken to hospital. His injuries were described as of a serious nature. On the island of La Palma, a 40-year-old paraglider escaped with less serious injuries after a cliff accident in the area of Puerto Naos. He too had to be rescued by the emergency helicopter and was taken to hospital for treatment to keen and back injuries.






Wheat garden Sports centre for Mesa Mota? in centre of town O NE of La Laguna’s most visible unfinished buildings which has become a drain on the municipal budget could become a major sports facility. The local council is reported to have received a proposal from a national nonprofit organisation which has two similar facilities in other parts of the peninsula. The “Mesa Mota” building has been considered in the past for other new uses, such as a research institute, congress centre, a nursing home and even as a gift to the Red Cross. Construction started in

1999 and was completed four years later but today is showing signs of significant deterioration. Originally, it had a restaurant, residential floor and several multipurpose rooms. According to the Spanish press, the offer would be in the medium-term, with the council retaining ownership but allowing a developer the concession to develop and run sports facilities there.

Visit the Rastro this festive season



ANTA Cruz is offering visitors somewhere different and unusual to shop this Christmas.

As per tradition, the city council has given permission for the Rastro to stay open until January 5th. Fourth deputy Mayor and councillor for public services, Dámaso Arteaga said the initiative would bring a dynamic element to the capital over the festive period and an alternative for people to buy their Christmas gifts. This will be the last occasion the Rastro will pass this holiday period in its present location as after the 2014 Carnival, it leaves the Bravo Murillo area and goes to the new site of the plaza Primero de Mayo.



A Orotava has set up an unusual project which will provide residents with a “wheat garden” in the centre of the town.

The local council has given the San Isidro Brotherhood the plot of 400 square metres so that gofio can go to needy families and also materials which can be used in the Corpus Christi fiestas. The wheat will be cultivated with the traditional system which in turn protects and preserves traditional crafts. Animals rather than machinery will be used for the ploughing and it is hoped to harvest about 200 kilos of

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wheat before the Corpus and San Isidro fiestas. Seventy per cent will be turned into gofio and distributed to those in need and excess straw given to the Pinolere Cultural Association for rehabilitation and construction of barns. The Mayor, Francisco Linares said it was an interesting project which had their full support. The space will also become a living classroom to be visited by school-children.

Pilot’s pains lead to diversion


ASSENGERS on board a plane bound for Amsterdam had a shock when one of the pilots became ill.

The Transvia flight had left Banjul in the Gambia but had to make an emergency landing in the Canary Islands. According to the Twitter account of the air traffic controllers, permission was requested to land at Gando airport on Gran Canaria. The plane landed safely, without the need to declare an emergency situation. The pilot who had fallen ill was taken to hospital with severe stomach pains and was found to be suffering from appendicitis. Passengers were either put on alternative flights to the Netherlands whilst others stayed in hotels until the arrival of a new crew.

Pre-alert for Tegueste farmers


EGUESTE has sounded an alert to farmers about the threat of two pests which could devastate crops.

The local council is taking early steps to head off any major problems by distributing more than 1,100 special chemicals to control Tecia solanivora and Tuta absoluta. One of these pests is known as the Guatemalan moth which is native to Central America but came to Venezuela in the 1980s and has also been found in

Colombia. Its expansion is ver y fast which is why immediate action has to be taken to control it. The female moth lays up to 170 eggs which are difficult to see with the naked eye but penetrates the potatoes. The Tuta absoluta is also called the Potato Moth and can extensively damage tomatoes as well as other plants.

Bake a cake for solidarity


F you love baking, then you can show your solidarity in Puerto de la Cruz on December 15th.

A “Cakes and Biscuits Solidarity Market and Show” is to be held between 10am and 2pm and good support is hoped for in these difficult times for many people and in the run-up to Christmas. The invitation to take part comes from the CDO Puerto de la Cruz, which is the sports and leisure centre (Centro Deportivo y de Ocio, Puerto). The aim is to raise money for the Casa Familiar Posada Hermano Pedro (HH. Franciscanos de la Cruz Blanca del Puerto de la Cruz). You are invited to bake a

cake or some biscuits in the Christmas spirit and take them along for sale the day before on December 14th. You can take part in either section or both – for the biscuits, they must have a total weight of 500 grams. In addition to the sale of the cakes and biscuits, other items will also be sold so if you have any house-hold items in good condition, please do donate them. They should be taken to the CDO Puerto de la Cruz, c/ Hibisco, 4 – Puerto de la Cruz up to and including December 14th.

Those who might wish to set up their own stand and benefit themselves from the proceeds can make an application for a stall of two metres for five euros. They should provide their own awning or umbrella. The day will also see free chocolates, music and mulled wine to make it an occasion for everyone to enjoy. For further information, do contact and 922383784/ 615286223. The organisers would like to see as many people as possible at the market on the 15th to give bakers their support and to snap up the treats!






Aftermath of the storms: Fog help for north pilots compensation call T WATER CHAOS


T doesn’t rain very often in Tenerife but when it does, it usually pours and causes substantial chaos and damage.

Such was the case on December 2 nd when warnings by AEMET, the meteorological office, proved spot on. Although the sun returned the day next, at least in the south of the island, it will be considerably longer before some businesses and infrastructures recover from the damage caused by the storms. One such place is Guimar where the atrocious weather affected more than 40% of horticultural production. The municipality was one of the worst-hit areas of Tenerife. Although some rain is welcomed, the relentless downpour ruined crops. Many properties in Guimar were also flooded and some residents lost everything. They spoke of great torrents of water rushing through the streets and taking everything in its path. Residents also said such incidents had happened before and they fear it will happen again. The Mayor has asked Tenerife Cabildo and the Canary Government to provide compensation. A couple of days later, Cabildo president Carlos Alonso visited Guimar to see the damage caused and to speak to villagers. Work was already underway on cleaning roads but a report is to be drawn up to see what can be done long-term. Tenerife’s fire brigade took 510 emergency calls during the storms, most of which corresponded to minor incidents and did not need interventions. However, they had to attend 70 call-outs, with the full-time crews from Santa Cruz, San Miguel de Abona and La Laguna joined by

volunteers from Adeje, Guimar, Guayota and La Laguna. Guimar was one area which required the most help but also the capital, Granadilla de Abona, Adeje and La Laguna. Most of the emergencies were caused by flooding, with many roads and streets awash with mud and stones. Two people who live in a cave in Santa Cruz had to be rescued because a ravine was becoming flooded and firemen had to help a woman and child inside a car which was flooding with water near Fanabe. In Santa Cruz a few days after the downpour, part of the access road to a block of flats collapsed, leaving a gaping hole but no-one was hurt. At the height of the storm, the education authorities suspended classes and sent children home. A number of flights were cancelled or diverted and roads were closed as the rain brought down rocks and debris. In various places, sporting activities were suspended, including in Los Cristianos, for safety reasons. In La Laguna, the water company Teidagua dealt with 70 calls, most of which were caused by block drains and in Santa Cruz, there was chaos as traffic lights failed in power cuts. Public transport was also disrupted for some time. On the higher points of the island, the rain turned in to snow which covered the peak of Mount Teide. The weather brought back bad memories of the Delta storm which caused considerable damage across the islands eight years ago and there were fears that it could last for a week. However, this proved not to be the case and the official alert was downgraded the day after.

HE Spanish airports’ authority hopes a new system to be installed at Tenerife’s north airport next year will cut back on fog cancellations.

The instrument landing aid is scheduled for mid-2014 and will help pilots during low visibility, either through clouds or dense fog often encountered in the north. Other airports such as Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago del Compostela are already using the system known as ILS. Various tests were carried out before the decision was made.


Dinghy used for drugs?


HE Icod de los Vinos area of Tenerife could once again have been the location for drug smuggling.

Last week, agents with the Civil Guard found a small dinghy-type boat empty and abandoned on the beach at La Guancha. Agents with the Maritime Service were alerted and carried out thorough searches of the area but nothing was found. However, it is suspected that the boat – known as a zodiac – may have

been used to bring drugs into shore as this has become a regular practice. So far this year, more than half a dozen “narcopateras” have been intercepted, in most cases having been used to bring hashish into Tenerife from Africa. Police believe this is the most likely theory though have not ruled out poaching.

Man trapped in car


RANES and road maintenance crews had to be called in when firemen rescued a man trapped in his car.

The accident happened on the TF1 near the Guimar tunnels at about 3.30am in the morning so assistance was needed because it was so dark. Fire-fighters from Santa Cruz and volunteers from Guimar managed to release the driver who was taken to hospital.

Oil refinery “being left to die”



ORKERS at the Cepsa oil refinery in Santa Cruz claim the business is being “left to die”.

A demonstration took place last week following the announcement that there is to be a shut-down on December 17th,. This will be the second time this year the refinery has taken the decision to suspend operations and unions say they are hugely concerned about its future. In a show of protest, workers demanded the company to invest in improving facilities, reduce costs and therefore save jobs. “We are concerned that the

refinery in Santa Cruz is being left to die,” a spokesman told the Spanish press. The unions believe the business is no longer competitive and want to know if the latest suspension will mean redundancies. They have already been told that some jobs might be transferred to the mainland but point out they want to stay in Tenerife which is their home and where their families are. The General Confederation of Labour suspects that the ulterior motive is to eventually

close the refinery in Santa Cruz to make way for a marina. Cepsa, however, says this is not the intention and it will not be closing the refinery. The stoppage was due to the difficulties being experienced by the markets and things would get back to normal once it improved. When activities relating to oil stopped on July 20th, the company continued other operations there, such as logistics, process engineering and so on. Cepsa said it had warned at the time there could be another stoppage because of the same reasons.







Arrests for La Orotava expects visitor boom hotel robberies DISCOVER TENERIFE


A Orotava is expecting an influx of visitors after arranging a special promotion in the island’s four and five-star hotels.

The municipality is featured as part of a programme on “Discover Tenerife” TV which guests can enjoy in Spanish, English and German. La Orotava is being billed as “one of the places you cannot miss” on the island and the spotlight is turned on its culture, buildings, parks, museums and gastronomy. It is hoped to reach hundreds and thousands of tourists, particularly those in the south who might be encouraged to make a day trip and even return for longer periods next time. The documentary is broadcast several times a day and an increase in visitors is anticipated, together with a substantial spin-off for the local economy. The agreement was reached with the Discover Group which started in Tenerife five years ago and includes TV channels for hotels and chains. It is achieving great success not only here but in the rest of the Canary Islands, the Balearics, Andalusia, Madrid and Barcelona.


OLICE believe two men arrested for a robbery at a hotel in the south of Tenerife could be responsible for other similar crimes.

The alert was raised by a Lithuanian holiday-maker staying in Playa de las Americas after he realised their room two floors up had been burgled. Access had been gained via the balcony. Various personal effects were stolen, including a mobile phone, camera and 700 euros. A search of the area led to the arrest of two people found at Playa de las Americas bus

station who tried to hide from the police. They were found to have a mobile phone, camera, tablet device, 704 euros, English pounds and America dollars and various foreign national documents. Some of the items came from the first robbery and others from one committed earlier. Investigations are continuing.

Craft market Tenerife demands special treatment for Canaries for festive T gifts


ENERIFE Cabildo has demanded unique treatment for the Canary Islands in the application of the new Coastal Law.



ESTIVE celebrations in San Juan de la Rambla will include a craft market on December 14th and 15th.

Taking place in the Plaza Rosario Oramas, it’s a perfect chance to snap up Christmas presents, says the local council which has organised a full programme of events between now and January 5th. Visitors will also see the festive lights which went on last week and admire the threemetre high Christmas tree on the roundabout in front of the

town hall. This was decorated by students of the Occupational Centre who are very proud of their handiwork. Other events include carols, Christmas concerts, a visit from Santa in the shopping areas and the magical arrival of the Magi on January 5th. The list of events, dates and venues can be found on

President, Carlos Alonso was speaking during the opening session of a conference on the reform of the “Ley de Costas” organised by the Cabildo in collaboration with urban planners and legal experts. Sr. Alonso said the administrations of the islands should have control over coastal management. Various territories had their own peculiarities and wanted the Coastal Law to be implemented in specific ways. This was a perfectly valid argument for the Canaries since, being islands, the coast was a key element in defining

the landscape and, in the case of Tenerife, there were only three municipalities ie. Vilaflor, El Tanque and Tegueste which lacked a coastline. He also reiterated the fact that as well as being a major element in the urban development of the island, it was also an environmental and economic resource, especially in relation to tourism. Planning chief, Pino de León recalled that during amendments to the law currently in force, suggestions to solve the problems in locations such as Levante, Andalucía, Galicia and Formentera were accepted “but not in the Canaries”.

Magazine editor of coorganisers, “Revista de Derecho Urbanístico y Medio Ambiente” said the Coastal Act had stirred much controversy throughout Spain and had

created problems in implementation. The forum called by the Cabildo was therefore the ideal event for reflection and debate on its implementation.






Countdown to city´s Telemarathon

Adeje dinner shows solidarity

RGANISERS of a huge “Solidarity Telemarathon” in Santa Cruz have set themselves a massive target.

The event takes place on December 21st in the centre of the capital and the aim is to collect food for 60,000 local people and toys for 20,000 children in situations of risk. The marathon is being championed by Mírame Televisión whose director, Manuel Artiles met recently with municipal officers to discuss planning and security aspects. There will be a range of associated attractions, including a children’s play area from noon to 8pm, with workshops on storytelling, face painting and bouncy castles. Police, fire crews and Civil Protection will also be there to children can learn more about the services and see their vehicles and there will be designated areas for vehicles collecting and delivering donations. Everything donated will be distributed by the Red Cross and the Food Bank to families with limited resources in all parts of the island. Registration is now open for anyone who wants to become an authorised collection point – telephone 922 100 122 or email The solidary telemarathon takes place in and around the plaza de España.


Photos by Gerard Zenou



DEJE has once again been thanked for showing its solidarity following a fund-raising dinner in La Caleta.

The event was organised by the company “Tenerife Servicios y Ocio” and was held in the Rincón restaurant in the Centro Comercial San Sebastián. More than 60 people atten-

ded and a donation will be made to social services in Adeje to help children from disadvantaged families. Councillor for social welfare, Trujillo Bencomo praised the initiative and said


Capital aims to help disabled


ANTA Cruz has pledged to become accessiblefriendly with a wide range of initiatives.

A major plan is being drawn up between the city council and the disabled group Sinpromi. Ideas include the installation of a new batch of acoustic traffic lights in various parts of the capital. Councillor for public safety and mobility, José Alberto DíazEstébanez said it was hoped to overcome bureaucratic issues


Spate of car crime


OLICE who have arrested members of a car crime gang say they have not ruled out further action.

Three people were caught in Fuerteventura following an investigation into a spate of vehicle crime. One man would stand watch, another would be in a waiting get-away car and the third would break into cars, stealing whatever objects could be found within a few seconds. The gang, all foreign nationals, are suspected of at least 12 crimes in different tourist areas.

and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities. The group intends to champion the cause of winning a reduction in the charge for a reserved disabled parking space and to give businesses a discount on building permit fees if they improved accessibility and adapted their premises. The overall aim will be to see Santa Cruz given the accessibility symbol.

Bobbies on the beat



OLICE in La Laguna have been told to step back to the old form of surveillance by becoming “bobbies on the beat”.

Councillor for public safety, José Alberto Díaz says there are obviously times when a patrol car has to be used to respond to call-outs or emergencies. Generally, however, he believes it is better for members of the public to see the visible presence of officers

walking about the town centre. It might mean a slower response but he feels the gain is worth it. Sr. Diaz says the foot patrols are happening already in the historic old centre but also in outlying areas such as Taco and La Cuesta.

it demonstrated there were entrepreneurs in Adeje who cared about people and improving their quality of life. The charity night was compered by renowned Spanish TV journalist Fernando Ramos and included entertainment from singer Adolfo Canela and comedian Juanito Panchín.

The organisers would like to thank all those who attended and everyone who gave their help, including sponsors and those who donated raffle prizes. Even after the dinner, the company continued to receive donations which will add to the final amount raised.

Tapas route to return in 2014


AN Juan de la Rambla’s first-ever tapas route proved such a success that it will almost certainly be repeated in 2014.

The restaurants taking part estimate that during the duration of the event, they increased custom by some 60%. It also served to publicise San Juan de la Rambla as a place for more local people and holiday-makers to visit. The initiative went under the slogan of “Un pueblo para comérselo” (“A place to eat in”) and featured a wide range of unusual dishes. The people’s favourite turned out to be Restaurante

“Caramba”, situated in San José. Their tapas of egg plant gratin with goat’s cheese was judged to be full of flavour, colourful and with a mix of ingredients. Special mention was made to the hotel restaurant “Finca de San Juan” in El Mazapé for the originality and presentation of its “Piruleta” lollipop, as well as the good care and service provided by El Cantito” in Las Aguas for a wonderful fondue with anchovies and vegetables.






Appeal to public over “people trafficking”


IGILANT members of the public are being called on to help in the fight against human trafficking.

Spanish police say anyone who has any suspicions must ring the free-phone number of 900105090, available 24 hours a day, or email on Their appeal follows the shocking discover y of a network which coerced women, particularly from Nigeria, into prostitution and


kidnapped children as a way of blackmailing them. Two youngsters were found living in a tiny room, shackled to beds and in very poor health. Police believe they were drugged to keep them quiet and neighbours did not even know of their existence. Three men have been arrested, five women released

and the two children reunited with their mothers as part of the operation on the Spanish mainland. They had been told to pay between 40,000 and 45,000 euros if they wanted to see them again. Police said it was a case involving cruelty, brutality and ruthlessness by a mafia gang. The investigation began when a Nigerian woman was found wandering the streets of Vigo without papers. She told police she had arrived in Spain by

boat but was forced into prostitution. Spain has launched a major campaign against human trafficking for sexual exploitation and has so far identified around 12,000 potential victims and seized 109 million euros gained through criminal activity. Information provided by the public is said to play a major role and police want to continue to spread awareness, especially among young people.

Loro Parque leads Disabled bathing the way again LOS CRISTIANOS CONTRACT

back on the beach


Russian visitors still love Tenerife


ENERIFE must seize on the enormous growth potential of the Russian market.

So says Cabildo chief, Carlos Alonso who wants island promotions to take place not just in places like Moscow and St. Petersburg but others across the country. During September and October, the Cabildo carried out campaigns in 12 cities of Russia and Belarus and believes this will help to consolidate Tenerife’s position at the top of the market. The island leads the way in the Canaries, attracting 98% of all Russian tourists to the

archipelago. In 2012, there were 140,000 Russian visitors to Tenerife and so far this year, that number has already grown by 36%. Sr. Alonso said the island’s success was reflected by the fact that the Russian market was now the fourth biggest source. Presentations have been made to tour operators and travel agents and in locations as diverse as Yekaterinburg and Minsk.


Tegueste launches “buy local” campaign


ORO Parque at Puerto de la Cruz has struck up yet another world-first.


HE much-acclaimed service for disabled bathers is back in Los Cristianos.

Arona council has adjudicated a new contract, choosing the company Formas Nivaria to provide the service as part of its “Beaches for All” plan. It means individuals and groups of less-able people will have the assistance of qualified personnel and facilities such as crutches and bathing chairs. They will be accompanied into the sea on a daily basis, Monday to Sunday, with two different schedules: winter hours (10am to 5pm, November 30th to May 31st) and summer hours (11am to 6pm, June, July, August and September). The new service came into force on the beach of Los Cristianos with effect from November 30th.

Individuals can ask for the service on the day in question by asking the staff directly but groups should be booked 48 hours in advance by telephoning 636 672 739 or emailing The council has still to resolve the conflicts over the striking life-guards and lack of sunbeds and umbrellas on the harbour beach but says it is pleased to return to its roots with the disabled facility back in place. Los Cristianos beah has long been favoured by those suffering from illnesses and ailments for recuperation and Swedish visitors have been travelling over to Tenerife since the mid-1950s. It is one of the most visited beaches in Europe by the disabled.

More than 50 experts and researchers gathered there for the first international conference on the role of zoos in the conservation of biodiversity. The event was organised and promoted by Loro Parque, in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment and with the help of the Canar y Government. It also coincided with the tenth anniversary of the European Directive on zoos. In this sense, MEPs on the environment committee of the European Parliament were present, together with representatives of the Spanish Environment department, experts with the Canar y Government and members of the Association for Zoo and Aquarium Professionals. The delegates discussed the current laws on animal

welfare, as well as conservation work and wildlife diversity carried out by zoos. Loro Parque is the first zoo in the world to have obtained the Animal Embassy certificate and is an international leader for its quality standards and welfare, as well as its commitment to biodiversity conservation. Through its foundation, it has invested nearly 14 million dollars in nearly 100 projects in over 70 countries. An evening reception was held at the Hotel Botánico when the book “Canarias desde el mar hasta el cielo: 4 Parques Nacionales” was launched by former MEP Isidoro Sánchez and there was an exhibition of the national parks in the Canaries. On their second day, visits were organised to the Teide National Park and other tourist and scientific sites.


EGUESTE has launched a Christmas campaign which combines its traditions with moving with the times.

Huge billboards have gone up around the town with the slogan “En Tegueste: tus mejores regalos” or “In Tegueste: your best gifts”. The Mayor, José Manuel Molina said they wanted to encourage people to come and discover the town this Christmas and New Year and to sample its unique atmosphere. “We live in the era of globalisation, with its advantages and shortcomings, but in our village we have managed to survive the personality and sense of culture created over centuries” he commented.

A comprehensive programme of activities has been arranged for December and early January to promote local shopping. The streets will be filled with concerts, book presentations, environmental projects, theatre, youth and folk festivals, wine-tasting, tours and Christmas workshops. All the details are on The Mayor says that although keeping Tegueste’s traditions is a priority, it is also essential to have a thriving local economy and he hopes local people will also decide to buy local.






Puerto to tackle Police crack north airport scam addiction issues A police investigation into the organised theft of incoming goods at Tenerife’s north airport has led to 15 arrests.

The Guardia Civil says the gang targeted merchandise destined for private companies on the island, choosing items which could be easily sold on the streets. These included telephones,


UERTO de la Cruz has drawn up a new plan for the next five years to tackle addictions and alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are not the only cause for concern. Experts say young people today are increasingly hooked on new technology and spend more and more time in front of the television rather than inter-acting with their family. This is the municipality’s third plan and it is one of the few in the Canary Islands to have reached this stage. Drug-taking is not considered a major problem amongst the young in Puerto but the council feels there are still many teenagers who need

help or to be dissuaded from taking up bad habits. The latter point is considered particularly important and the plan will explain to young people how to fight off the pressures and find better ways to spend their leisure time, such as through sport and hobbies. Families, schools and communities will all be involved and there is backing from a team of experts, including La Laguna University.

computer equipment and jewellery. A task force had been investigating the scam since last April and identified seven people who were receiving the stolen goods. Several house

searches led to the arrest of five others, followed by another three. An amount of jewellery was recovered, plus mock firearms which police said were probably used in robberies, more than 100 grams of cocaine, 200 grams of hashish and cutting/ distribution tools.

Some of the detainees had been operating in the handling area of Los Rodeos airport where they would home in on suitable products. As well as being sold on the streets, they were also peddled to legitimate shops. One theft of a well-known jewellery brand amounted to 72,000 euros.

New pool Water ban was complex ready in correct, says spring? council PROJECT RESTARTS


ANTA Cruz is confident the swimming pool at Las Retamas will be up and running by the first quarter of 2014.

The city council has granted a contract for the work which will involve an investment of 877,568.66 euros. The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez said this was the next step to resolving the biggest issue affecting the area of Ofra after the original plan was abandoned. The new company, he pledged, would create a first-class centre designed for the whole family. The complex will include a multi-purpose room with a gym of more than 1,000 square metres which can also host classes. There will also be cardiovascular fitness, indoor cycling, squash, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Councillor for public services, Dámaso Arteaga said there would be competitive rates, probably 19.90 euros a month for adults for the pool and gym or 29.90 euros for an all-inclusive rate. Pre-registrations are likely from January.



ESTRICTIONS on water consumption over a large part of Puerto de la Cruz were lifted after a seven day ban.

The areas of Las Dehesas, La Vera, Las Águilas, San AntonioEsquilón, Las Arenas, San Fernando and Taoro-Malpais had been affected by the alert. The all-clear was given by Puerto council and the company Aqualia following tests and corrective measures. Residents were informed of the go-ahead to restart water consumption in various ways, including a public address system, the social network, web and blog sites. Anyone with outstanding queries is being advised to ring 902 236 023. An emergency meeting was called by the council on December 2nd to discuss the situation which had affected thousands of Puerto residents. It was agreed that proper corrective action had been taken and tests showed the water was now of a better quality. Tests continue to be carried out on a daily basis.








Old cars, new trees in La Orotava


Tree-planting was carried out in the most unusual way in La Orotava.


OR the last 15 years, the Hotel Tigaiga has organised a sight-seeing tour in antique vehicles for its guests.

The hotel, together with Tenerife Cabildo and the company Mirlo Positivo Nature, organised for the participants to plant a tree for each of the 30 cars. Environment councillor, Ana Lupe Mora said such initiatives “helped to raise awareness and encourage social participation in defence of our territory”. Enrique Talg, director of Hotel Tigaiga, said the sightseeing tour introduced guests to the attractions of the island. With the addition of the tree-planting, they hoped it showed tourists and residents of establishing a balance between tourism and the environment.

Pest control hotline


special hotline has been set up in Puerto de la Cruz so residents can report any problems with mice or rats.

A campaign started in the town at the end of November to eradicate pests following extensive work to improve the sewer system. The council said this showed the need for prevention and control measures and a dozen operators will be out and about over the next few weeks. Each year, four pest control campaigns are carried out but any resident who wishes to report a specific problem can ring 922 385 717 during office hours from 9am to 2pm. Alternatively, they can call in at the health offices at 5, Calle Luis de la Cruz.


Clean-up pledge for historic centre


Puerto bid for EC mobility award


UERTO de la Cruz is hoping efforts to promote sustainable urban mobility will be recognised with a European award.


AN Juan de la Rambla is hosting a major culture conference this month and it intends to look its best.

The 16 th edition of the Symposium of Historic Centres in the Canary Islands takes place on December 12th, 13th and 14th. The local council has been cleaning up the town, sprucing up facades, replacing greenery and pruning palm trees, putting flowers in tubs and improving street lighting. Refurbishment of the historic

house of los Pérez has also been completed so it can now be used as a tourist and cultural centre, visitor information point and permanent exhibition hall. The department of works has promised that maintenance will be ongoing after the symposium to make sure the historic centre is always looking its best for local people and visitors.

The local council has put itself forward to a competition organised by the EC which will culminate in an awards ceremony in Brussels in March 2014. The winning location will receive a three-minute promotional video, both in English and the countr y’s own language, to highlight its achievements as a champion of sustainable urban transport in Europe. One of the criteria for entry to the SEM2013-EMW Awards is that the town or city must

have taken part in European Mobility Week in September which Puerto did when it promoted a car-free day. Other activities included a wheelchair circuit with elements for sensory perception, workshops to be aware of how to help accident victims and in resuscitation, lectures and courses. Mobility councillor, Luis Miguel Rodríguez said Puerto had launched a range of initiatives and had also worked to improve taxis and bus services.

Gang turned girls into prostitutes


OLICE in Santa Cruz say they have freed four young girls who had been coerced into prostitution in properties in the capital.

The under-age victims were apparently tempted to make contact after hearing of job opportunities which turned out to be bogus. These were relayed over the internet, at night on local television stations and through posters near institutes or shelters for minors. The job offers served only as a hook and led to their induction into prostitution through trickery and deceit,

often using threats and emotional blackmail. Police said the minors were frequently taken to the homes of regular clients by car and then collected later. Their investigations have so far led to the arrest of four people, three men in their 50s and 60s and a woman in her early 20s. Two other men have been imputed on the suspicion of the alleged crime of prostitution.


Vital life-line for Visions for future seabirds




OLUNTEERS in Puerto de la Cruz have been helping young seabirds to survive.

A recovery campaign over a period of four weeks rescued 85 species of Cory’s shearwater which migrate and nest in the Canaries between February and October. The chicks often face difficulties because they are very light sensitive and get disorientated when they try to leave the nest. They can end up crashing to the ground and suffering injuries. In recent years, some have been fitted with tracking devices.

The environment department of the local council teamed up with the island’s Wildlife Recovery Centre, Loro Parque, the Costa Martiánez complex, water company Aqualia, police, the Red Cross and residents for the annual campaign. As well as collecting and releasing fallen birds back into the wild, members of the public were told about the situation in the hope that they can also help if the need arises.

Volunteers for disaster planning


HE municipality of La Orotava will have a local group of Civil Protection from early in 2014.

Deputy Mayor, Narciso Pérez said the council was making great strides forward to strengthen its safety work and was one of the few areas in the north which already had its emergency plan in place. A civil protection group would be an important element in the event of any emergency situation and would involve volunteers, including those with special skills. The legal processes for setting it up will begin by the end of the year and membership will then be invited.

San Francisco park D

ESIGNERS have come up with a host of ideas for the future San Francisco park in Puerto de la Cruz.

A competition attracted 77 proposals and was won by a project codenamed “Dunkel” submitted by Simón Francés and Judith Sastre. They win 20,000 euros and the chance to write up the project for the park which will incorporate an auditorium with capacity for between 700 and 900 people, the Eduardo Westerdahl art museum, other exhibition and multipurpose halls, plus a restaurant, cafe and shops. The entries were commen-ded by a judges led by the Mayor of Puerto, Marcos Brito who was joined by planners, architects, representatives of local groups and leaders of the Urban Consortium. All the ideas go on show this month. The “Dunkel” draft was chosen as the winner because it was functional as well as integrating well with the urban and historic environment. The jury also said the construction project was easy and economical, resulting in attractive spaces, adaptable to future changes in the programme and easy to maintain. The proposed materials were also commended, together with the use of light, and the way it would fit in with the Plaza Víctor Pérez and the church of San Francisco.






International day to stop violence against women 25th November


OZ Jeffrey attended the Battered Women’s Office on the 25th November to liaise with the Canarian authorities so that they and the English speaking SHE Europe helpline work smoothly together. Roz Jeffrey was delighted at the success resulting from the two meetings in November, concerning the help available to women in the south of Tenerife. The first meeting with tea and cakes was well attended at Tenerife Family church held in its Silencio premises at Coral Mar. Everyone enjoyed the presentation from the British Consular’s team advising on what they could and couldn’t do to help in circumstances involving sexual abuse in the

workplace, domestic violence and rape. Website Help available there at 10.30 to 12 Sundays and 7 to 9pm Wednesday. The Living Room in Veronicas Las Americas 6pm to 7.30pm Sundays. Two Tenerife Family Church members of the SHE Europe helpline gave details of the phone support they give to the community. They also mentioned the signs to look out for in friends and colleagues who might be trapped in an abusive

relationship and too frightened to ask for help. A second meeting in Los Cristianos was held in the South Tenerife Christian Fellowship church at the Apolo Centre. Roz was able to talk privately to anyone who needed to talk on a one to one basis, about these issues and she was able to support them. There are now three new SHE contacts and points of safety and help at the weekend:- Caroline 11 -12 at Callao Salvaje Community Church, Monika 10.15 to 11.15 at Anglican Church, Pueblo Canarias, and 6 to 7 at Los Gigantes church. Sandra at South Tenerife Christian Fellowship Church, Los

Cristianos Saturday and Sunday 11amto 1pm The team from the SHE helpline have fluent Spanish to ease any language difficulty a woman might encounter, in addition to the already harrowing experience of abuse. They are in contact with Social Services and the Police and will stand alongside these women and help them get their rights under the law and support them through the trauma. The confidential SHE helpline number is 690 964 145 or


UR President Norman Goodall MBE presented a “Thank you” award to Paul and Dawn Webb from the “World Famous Garden Bar” in Fañabe. At their recent Sports memorabilia auction they raised almost 2000 euros which they donated to the Lions to support the ongoing projects for helping disadvantaged children and their carers to have a holiday.



EDNESDAY Club members will be pleased to know that the beautiful blankets they knitted for babies and for the elderly were delivered to the Nuns of Arona by Norman on behalf of the members. accepted them was overwhelmed by the quality and amount that was donated, Well done to all the wonderful knitters of the

Lions Club Tenerife

Conservatives Abroad

Wednesday Club News

The Nuns have all the local contacts and they will make sure that the blankets will go to where the need is the greatest. The Sister that


EW Year supper January 9th, 2014, Restaurante Magnolia, Puerto de La Cruz, 7.00 for 7.30 p.m.

Three course meal & wine, members 16euros, guests 17euros, all welcome.

Wednesday Club, your hard work and skill will be a comfort

to a lot of people in the chilly nights that have now arrived.

Please contact Anne or Douglas Reardon-Smith on 922351135 or Joan Uttley on 922368126. Don Oliver on 922382431 or Tony Colmans on 659004210, to make your booking.

Update from Accion del Sol


O many dogs are abandoned on the island and it is very hard to find good loving homes.

Accion del Sol works so hard to try and find its many refuge dogs a better life but it’s a continuous never-ending struggle with more and more dogs being brought to the refuge. Five lucky dogs recently flew to Germany to start their new lives whilst back at the refuge, six new dogs were brought in from the streets. “Rambo”, who is a Canarian Presa, is looking for a new home with a good owner and a large garden to play in. On a very positive note, the badly-nourished Podenco that was rescued from Vilaflor is making amazing progress and has settled in well at the refuge. Please call 922778630 for more information or if you would like to help out in any way. Towels and blankets are always needed for the dogs if you have any to spare. They would be very much appreciated by our four legged friends. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the Parque Eolica where the windmills are and it is open to the public Monday - Friday 3pm-6pm if you are interested in adopting a dog or maybe just taking a dog or two for a leisurely walk.

News from All Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz


HRISTMAS is coming, the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man’s hat...” The old Christmas rhyme reminds us to enjoy Christmas, but also to remember those less fortunate than ourselves at the same time.

People will be able to do just that at All Saints Anglican Church in Puerto de la Cruz this Christmas as the offerings taken at all special Christmas services will go to help the work of charities. On Friday 20th December at 6.30 pm there is a traditional service of readings and carols with additional items from St Andrew’s School in El Sauzal, Mary Dane on the organ and an original carol from our own Mike Smith. The service will be followed by a glass of wine and a mince pie. On Christmas Eve, there will be a service of Holy Communion with Carols beginning at 11.30 pm to welcome in Christmas Day. And on Christmas Day itself there are services at 9.30 am (said and simple!) and 11.00 am (A sung Communion with more Carols). Rev Mike Smith, Chaplain at All Saints said, “We look forward to welcoming friends old and new to celebrate the gift of Christmas and to offer our own gift to those in need.”






Gran Canaria offers culture


UI Spain is to help promote the image of Gran Canaria as a cultural destination and not just sun and beaches.

Two of the leading theatres, Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and Teatro Pérez Galdós have signed an agreement with the leading tour operator which will include guided visits. These are considered to be iconic cultural venues in Las Palmas and of architectural merit as well as artistic. Chief executive of the Theatre Foundation, Luis Acosta said:

“This initiative is not just about publicising the buildings. We want to attract new members to our audiences during their stay on the island.” TUI has collaborated with the Teatro Pérez Galdós since 2009 and the agreement has now been extended to the auditorium. Those who would like to see what is on offer can find out more on / AuditorioAlfredoKraus @ AuditorioAKraus

Mountain site for sculptures?



HE creations of one of Spain’s most significant sculptors of the 20th century should be placed on top of a mountain in Gran Canaria. This way, says the citizen’s pressure group Compromiso por Gran Canaria, his works could be seen from the land, air and the sea. The organisation is backing a suggestion that a sculpture park should pay homage to Martín Chirino who was born in Las Palmas in 1925 and has exhibited throughout the world. Many of his works can be seen in and around Gran Canaria but Compromiso feels the top of Filo del Cuchillo mountain would be an ideal location and help focus attention on the Castillo de la Luz. President, Nardy Barrios also says a fence should be taken down from around the fortress so it can become a tourist attraction and used day and night as a museum of naval events and piracy and for outdoor events. He said it was a beautiful building which deserved to be visited by local people and tourists alike.


False goods seized in Gran Canaria


formal complaint from a La Liga Spanish football club has led to the seizure in Gran Canaria of counterfeit products worth more than one million euros. They included clothing and articles with false nationally and internationally-recognised logos, as well as soccer kits and

tee-shirts. Five foreign nationals were arrested on suspicion of intellectual property offences

and more than 9,000 items seized. The Civil Guard was involved in the joint operation which began last August following information that several shops in Las Palmas were selling counterfeit goods. Raids were carried out in five

premises in the municipalities of San Bartolomé de Tirajana and Mogán. Nearly 5,000 caps were impounded, plus 550 handbags and purses, 350 pairs of glasses, 390 kits of professional soccer teams, nearly 900 jumpers, 150 watches, 150 ashtrays and more than 1,500 tops with football logos. Other items included key-rings with club badges and phone cases.







Health warning after Canary study


IGH cholesterol is a major problem in the Canary Islands and needs to be urgently addressed, warn health chiefs.

The alert follows an extensive study which tested more than 17,000 people living here and revealed that 57% had cholesterol levels above the recommended norm. The Canar y Society of Cardiology says people are at serious risk of heart attacks and they need to change their diets, stop smoking and drinking too much alcohol and take more exercise. The life-style survey was carried out in Tenerife and Gran Canaria over a period of six months. The full findings will be published next year but it indicates that 59% of those tested in Tenerife had high cholesterol and 55% of those

in Gran Canaria. Some of the people were already aware of their condition and were taking medication but were still above the limit. The situation was worse in women – 56% had a figure above 200 mg/dl whilst for men it was 45%. Most of the people tested were over the age of 50 but health experts say younger men and women must take care too as there is an increased incidence of obesity amongst the young. Cardio-vascular disease remains the biggest cause of death in the islands but doctors say changing habits and diet can have a significant impact.


Campaign to save La Palma’s fortunes


LL 14 municipalities on La Palma have joined forces for a first-time initiative to boost the island’s tourism appeal.

The deal is considered a major milestone as all the councils will be dipping into their budgets to help finance various promotions. The overall aim is to fill hotels and create jobs to reduce the current level of unemployment. The agreement follows a meeting of the municipalities, chaired by the Mayor of Puntagorda, Vicente Rodríguez who stressed the need to commitment to financial support. Within the next few weeks, this will support promotional activities in certain regions of Germany and the Netherlands.


Sr. Rodríguez said it was essential to turn fortunes around, particularly the Dutch and German markets, and to turn round negative figures and a lack of profitability. Some of the hotels on the island were in a state of uncertainty because even in the summer, occupancy levels had failed to reach even 50%. All municipalities have shown a keen interest in the campaign but particularly Tazacorte (El Puerto), Los Llanos de Aridane (Puerto Naos) and Breña Baja (Los Cancajos). They share the belief that tourism can be the saviour of the island.

Cabildo backs whale and dolphin centre OIL THREAT


ANZAROTE is to spearhead a major campaign to create a new “Centre for Whales and Dolphins” for the Canary Islands.

The Cabildo believes the unique appeal of the archipelago to cetaceans can become a huge tourism industry but needs to be properly controlled. The long-term plan would see the reopening of a whales and dolphin museum which is currently closed. The initiative has been planned for some time but is spurred on by the possibility of oil drilling off the coast of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura which opponents fear could be very detrimental to sealife. An agreement was signed between Lanzarote Cabildo and the scientific organisation known as SECAC, which is the Society for the Study of Cetaceans in the Canary Islands. This was set up in 1993 and has made a significant contribution to promoting the conservation of biodiversity, sustainable development and the rational use of the marine environment. The deal will provide 30,000 euros a year but Cabildo president, Pedro San Ginés says this is just the tip of the iceberg and it is hoped to encourage economic resources from other administrations. Both he and president of SECAC, Vidal Martín Martel have warned about the impact of the oil industry on the whales and dolphins, currently rich in cetaceans with more than 30 species found here. The Cabildo has given office accommodation and hopes the new centre will become a reference point in Europe for research and projects. You can read more about SECAC on


Canary link in massive cocaine operation


NOTHER major drug-smuggling organisation has been dismantled by Spanish police.

The Civil Guard operation has led to the arrest of 43 people of various nationalities and a further 124 people imputed. The drugs were smuggled into Spain using various methods, including using people as human mules, in shipments and hidden in false compartments of vehicles. As part of the operation codenamed “Gobe”, 14 properties were searched in Alicante, Murcia, Badajoz, Madrid, Guadalajara, Toledo, Zaragoza, Valencia, Santa Cruz

de Tenerife and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in Guayaquil (Ecuador), Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Netherlands). More than 62 kilos of cocaine was seized from various shipments from South America, 32,000 euros in cash, more than 1.2 million fake US dollars and cheques to a value of 175,533 euros. Two firearms were also found, together with ammunition, false documents and drug-manufacturing equipment. Those alleged to be involved include 36 Spaniards

and 88 Colombians but also Moroccans, a Romanian, Mexican, Russian, Dutch, Brazilian and Bolivian. Police said the organisation had headquarters in Madrid which gave huge amounts of money to contacts in Colombia, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru. The extensive investigation began in October after suspicions that a large number of Colombians living in Spain were smuggling cocaine from South America. Human mules would often travel to South America to Spain to bring the drugs back,

in bags, in suitcases and hidden in their clothing. It is being reported that they had the collaboration of some staff members at Madrid airport in order to elude police checks. The gang would pay for the smuggling using counterfeit US dollars and once the drugs were in Spain, they would be prepared in batches and sent out to various parts of the country in vehicles with false compartments. The illegal income was then sent to Colombian, often using details of companies to make transfers without their knowledge.






Race decision gives island boost


WO years of planning and negotiations to bring a new mountain challenge event to La Palma has culminated in success.

The island’s Cabildo has been told that the “TransVulcania Kilómetro Vertical de La Palma” can go-ahead in 2014 and the anticipated date is May 8th. This will be a new challenge for world champions who want to take on a different route and La Palma considers it an international benchmark for the sport. The route will run from the port of Tazacorte to the Time tower and its physical characteristics will include a vertical drop of 1,000 metres over a maximum of five kilometres. This makes it a very quick test but particularly demanding from a physical and technical point of view. Only five locations have been chosen by the International Federation of Mountain Racing so La Palma Cabildo is delighted with the vote of confidence and says it will be proud to host the event. The decision has also been welcomed by Kilian Jornet, world champion ultra-trail runner, who has won several of these tests and believes it is a significant move for the island and its natural heritage.

Fire vigilance on La Gomera L


A Gomera is stepping up its fire-fighting campaign to ensure 24-hour vigilance all year round.

The common misconception is that forest blazes are more likely to break out in the summer when, in truth, there is a risk in every season. The Cabildo has decided to invest a further 120,000 euros to employ a group of five additional drivers with trucks to be constantly on duty over three shifts from January 1st to June 30th, 2014. The team will add to the existing personnel and facilities and will be based in San Sebastián. They will also serve the recreational area of Las Nieves. “Rapid detection and activation of the means for extinguishing fires is very important,” said a Cabildo spokesman.

“Drama” on Task forces to La Tejita beach tackle farm thefts EARLY ARRESTS


HE Guardia Civil has created two new task forces to combat the increasing trend of thefts from farms in the Canary Islands.

One team will be based in the municipality of Guia in Gran Canaria and the other in La Orotava, Tenerife. They will be attached to the other 55 at national level. Presenting the initiative in Las Palmas, Spain’s government delegate in the Canary Islands, María del Carmen Hernández Bento said the intention was to respond to the increase in burglaries on farms and livestock holdings which had occurred in recent years. There would be more


HE Canary Government has been testing its 1-1-2 emergency service and rescue operations.

The beach area around La Tejita in El Médano became a hub of activity to see how crews would cope with a mock plane crash. In this instance, the scenario re-enacted what would happen if a small aircraft coming into land at the south airport overshot the runway and ended up in the ocean. In this case, ten people were injured in varying degrees and a field hospital had to be set up. The emergency involved civil protection volunteers, the Red Cross, the SUC with ambulance and support vehicles, the mobile disaster unit, helicopters, health staff, police and fire crews. Back in the 1-1-2 Canary control room, telephone operators co-ordinated the efforts.

information about security and greater communication between groups. Police chief, Ricardo Arranz said the increase in this type of crime was not alarming but there had definitely been a rise. Since the beginning of November, the teams have already made arrests, including three for trying to steal from farms in the municipality of Gáldar and three others for alleged multiple robberies in El Sauzal and Tacoronte.

Canary news in brief Hashish seized


man has been arrested in Gran Canaria for having a kilo of hashish hidden in his car.

The Spaniard was stopped by police on the outskirts of Arguineguín because of the high speed at which he was travelling. The Civil Guard said he showed signs of nervousness so they searched the vehicle and found packets of hashish.

La Palma dates


A Palma’s Cabildo says it will give small and medium-sized businesses of less than 300 square metres the chance to open on fiesta days if they wish.

There will be ten in 2014 – January 5th, April 17th, November 1st, November 6th, 7th, 8th, 14th, 21st and December 28th. The sales period will be from January 7th to March th 6 and in the summer, from July 1st to August 31st.

El Hierro rescue


Norwegian sailor was air-lifted to safety after his yacht “Ghost” sprung a leak off the coast of El Hierro. The alert was raised during the early evening and the Rescue Centre (CCS) based in Tenerife mobilised the rescue helicopter. The 59-year-old skipper of the 10-metre long boat was taken to Tenerife’s south airport and suffered no ill effects.

Island optimistic


RADERS in La Palma say they are confident of better fortunes for this Christmas campaign.

They believe a slight improvement in the economy, together with cruise tourism and a programme of special events, will pay dividends between now and January 5th.







Taste of the Orient at Café Biblioteca A very special offer


MAGINE sitting in a restaurant in the south of Tenerife and feeling you could be in one of Europe’s leading cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, London, Paris or Berlin?

Add to this the feel, aroma and senses of the Orient, particularly of Persia, and you have the unique Restaurante Biblioteca in La Camella, Arona. Owner and chef, Hossain Saravini has created a wonderful establishment with a very attractive interior and pleasant atmosphere and would like to share it with you, whether you live here or are on holiday. Everyone deserves a treat Hossain is ver y proud, and Hossain is offering explaining: “There is no fryer customers exactly that with a or microwave in my kitchen. I four-course super welcome wanted to create something menu at half the normal price. special, a cosmopolitan place, All you have to do is to phone where you are enveloped by up, book and take along this the spices of the Orient.” article to claim your discount. As a result, you will always Restaurante Biblioteca pays find on the menu fresh herbs attention to every little detail and spices, including couswhich makes it so special. cous salad with lamb fillet, There are beautiful and fresh which comes with seasonal flowers, warm wooden floorvegetables fresh chives , basil ing, cosy lighting, comfortable , dill , mint or fresh parsley. and stylish chairs and an To welcome back many interior design using colours loyal customers who come to which perfectly combine. enjoy the winter in Tenerife, All this helps to create the Hossain’s four course menu is perfect environment of which

just 15 euros per person (ONLY on production of this article). Normally, this would cost 27 euros. (This offer will not be available on the 31st of December). Also delicious is the entrecote The menu consists of the in red wine sauce with Iranian best specialities of the kitchen, mushrooms and rice. including the starters of twin If you are a vegetarian, you salsa (humus and fuego) with may prefer the delicious dish Iranian bread and Shiraz salad of mushrooms stuffed with with yoghurt salsa and sesame peppercorn rice and gratinated citrus. walnuts. For the main course, you Finally, round off with the can choose between fillet of house speciality of hometurkey with the typical house made Dorothea dessert. rice (an Iranian delicacy) or The team at Café Biblioteca lamb with a salsa of cucumber will be delighted to entertain and herbs, accompanied by you. Reservation is requested the house rice.

as all the dishes are prepared fresh and the preparation of the exquisite rice requires time. Please telephone : 922 72 82 70. You will find Restaurante Biblioteca by taking the Arona exit off the TF-1, follow the TF28 in the direction of Chayofa (towards La Camella), passing the petrol station on your righthand side. Restaurante Biblioteca is

open ever y day, except Tuesday, from noon to 11pm (kitchen open until 10pm). They will be closed on the 24th but open both 25th and 26th of December. Please also see for more information and pictures and details of the interior and the tempting full menu.

Grupo Vida, the health company you can trust NEW LOS CRISTIANOS CLINIC


EALTH care is always a concern in Tenerife, especially if you are British and live here permanently, on an occasional basis or are visiting. One company you should know about is “El Grupo Vida” which can help in so many ways and speaks your language too. The opening of a new medical centre in the south of Tenerife, right in the heart of Los Cristianos and by the bus station, is another tremendous

advantage to those who want assistance. This “CENTRO MÉDICO VIDA SUR” means the group now has a network of nine medical centres in various municipalities across Tenerife, offering clients of all nationalities a second-to-none service with all the guarantees you would expect from such

an established and prestigious name. El Grupo Vida began with a small ambulatory care centre in Puerto de la Cruz 32 years ago. Its three founding partners continue today with the private medicine initiative they started then, maintaining their philosophy of trying to improve day by day and providing tourists and Canary residents alike with their renowned service. The group is characterised

by quality health care and personalised, caring treatment, with a professional team, all backed by the latest technology and diagnostic testing. Amongst all the centres, you will also find “CLÍNICA VIDA” in a prime location in the La Orotava valley. They have excellent facilities, consisting of 26 beds, three operating rooms, Intensive Care Unit, a pharmacy, clinical laboratory and garden

areas. CLÍNICA VIDA offers extensive healthcare services from prestigious professionals. Patients and professionals are provided with an important range of tests which ensure fast, early and reliable diagnosis. These include clinical analysis pathology, general X-ray, CAT Scan, ultrasound 4D, lithotripsy, densitometry, mammography and so on. The group owns its own

ambulance which allows rapid assistance at your home. This service is active every day of the year, 24 hours round the clock, giving the patient the guarantee that they can be cared for at home and/or transported so that the necessary diagnostic tests can be carried out or treatment given by whatever professional is required at their centres. In all of the centres, there is a dental clinic offering the best infrastructures and excellent professionals to provide all the services and diagnostic tests you might need for your complete dental treatment.

For English: Tel.: 922 38 23 17





DON’T PANIC Hand-made with love people should have in mind when going to buy something. It’s not all about the price, knowing if one piece has been manufactured in some factory overseas by innocent exploited children should keep us from its purchase. At Don’t Panic, you are dealing directly with the manufacturer, you can know them by name an face and what’s best, you can always reach them to fix a problem or to place a custom order.


INCE 2008, there has been a place in La Laguna that tries to do things in a different way.

Don’t Panic is more than a shop; it is a community, a space to share creations and design from local artists and designers. Everything you can buy in this place has been hand-made with care for detail by adding some love in it. Every day is different as new creations keep coming in. Being static is not an option; you can always find something new under Don’t Panic’s roof. Here you can find clothes, tshirts, exclusive dresses and bags, jeweller y and many more unique articles to make a surprising gift, or give yourself a present ;-). One of Don’t Panic’s goals is to give visibility to local art; for this, they organise art exhibitions every other month where you can look and buy creations from local artists. Since its opening, they have hosted more than 25 art exhibits; yet, it is not the only thing they do. Don’t Panic is also a brand and under this brand, they design and create by hand exclusive t-shirts with their own personal designs, all of them originals and made inside the store, at plain sight. They use environmental friendly inks and traditional hand printing methods to get t-shirts done. And that’s not all folks!! If you feel like making your own t-shirt, they offer you a personalisation service and will help you with the design

and printing process as well, always with a smile. Going further, if you want to learn printing techniques and have a fun time getting your hands dirty, you can always sign up for one of the many workshops and courses they have every now and then. As the owners claim, Don’t Panic is a true attempt to change the way people shop. For them, tracking the product all the way up to the origin is paramount and one of the many things responsible

At this moment, they hold more than 35 different brands such as UOPS, 4 Hand Factory, Pendientera, Camaleoni-K, ..., all of them with local artists behind their creation and a hand-made manufacturing process. Many of the pieces are unique and exclusive, so run for them before it’s too late! Next time in La Laguna don’t forget to swing by this amazing little shop; it will definitely surprise you!

Facebook: facebook/dontpanic.showroom Twitter: @wedontpanic Address: C/ Tabares de Cala, 15 - local 7, La Laguna Open hours: Monday to Friday: 10:30-13:30 and 17:30-20:30 Saturday: 10:30-13:30 Tel.: 922 26 52 84

Your English-speaking insurance agent in the North of Tenerife offers professional advice and service

Acting as an exclusive agent of LIBERTY SEGUROS we can offer you:

Car insurance with replacement vehicle cover. House and contents insurance with the option of insuring third party liability up to 1 Million Euros. Life insurance including international repatriation cover for expatriates. NEW - PETS INSURANCE : Covers veterinary assistance due to illness and accidents, robbery, cremation expenses, public liability, etc... For more information and your personal quotation, please contact:

Ute Maria Blank Agente Exclusivo DGSFP C046742039465L Liberty Seguros Centro Comercial La Cúpula, Local 103, 38400 Puerto de la Cruz Tel. 922 38 38 51 - Fax. 922 38 72 78 or email at






A question of probate


Ryanne’s Corner

Tis the season to be jolly

Q: My husband has just passed away. We are both residents in Tenerife. The only assets are our jointly owned property and joint bank account. He also owns a car and some stocks and shares his own name. He left a Spanish Will leaving everything to me. Do the joint assets pass automatically to me or must they pass under the Will? What happens to the other assets? As his wife, do I have to pay any inheritance tax?

A: This is a common scenario. Unfortunately, there is no automatic transfer of jointly owned assets. Your husband’s share of all assets, whether in joint and sole names, must therefore be administered under his Will (or if he left no Will, under the Intestacy Rules). In order to transfer each of the assets, you must first apply for an ‘escritura de herencia’ (Deed of Probate). This involves preparing a schedule of all assets, supported by documentary proof of ownership and valuations at the date of death. No asset may be touched until the Deed of Probate has been issued and the tax office has issued a certificate that any applicable Inheritance Tax has been paid. However, in many cases, the joint holder of a bank account mysteriously empties the account before the bank learns of the death and can freeze the asset. However, so long as the husband’s 50% share of the balance of the account at the date of death is subsequently declared for Inheritance Tax purposes, this seldom becomes an issue. Inheritance tax is payable by each beneficiary that receives a gift. Unfortunately there is no spousal exemption, so you will have some tax to pay. The tax is calculated using complicated formula based on each beneficiary ’s age, proximity of relationship to the deceased and the beneficiary’s existing personal wealth. However, the good news is that where the deceased and the beneficiary are both resident in Spain and each asset in question is located in Spain, there is a 95% tax relief available. Therefore, tax is calculated in accordance with the above formula, following which a 95% reduction is applied. Even on a fairly large estate, this typically reduces the tax payable to well below 1,000euros. Tenerife Solicitors can advise and assist you with your probate and inheritance tax requirements, both in Tenerife and in England & Wales. We can also help prepare your Spanish and English Wills. For a consultation in any probate matter or to otherwise discuss your needs, please contact Tenerife Solicitors now on 922 717845 (0871 218 0063 from the U.K.) or email us at



HERE is something quite strange about spending Christmas in Tenerife, especially if you are like me and come from the North of England.

One of the first things that come to mind is warmth. The idea that the sun is shining, the sea is right on your doorstep and you’re wearing a vest top and shorts in December is not the usual occurrence. However, even here on this island, the cold nights and rainy days have been thrust upon us in recent weeks, proving that it is that time of year again. Winter is here, even for us! The good thing about being here, however, is that once the rain has had enough, the sun will be out and back to normal. There is much to do around Tenerife throughout the whole of the year on the island but there is plenty of festive fun to be had during Christmas. You can escape the busy Christmas crowds and chaos at home and still enjoy a magical Christmas atmosphere here. This will be my first official Christmas I have spent on the island. Three years ago, I was here for the Three Kings’ Day but this time I will be here to celebrate it all. I am slightly anxious at spending my first Christmas here as I know it is going to be nothing like home. There is no suspense whether we will wake up to a white Christmas – well unless you look at Mount Teide. I am looking forward to doing something I have never got the chance to do before, sunbathe on Christmas day. If you are on holiday here, then like me grab your bikini or swimming trunks and head down to the beach and catch some rays or swim in the sea. This time of year is a great time to visit as there are lots of festivals and events going on. Traditional Canary

towns such as Santa Cruz hold their own Christmas Markets and processions throughout the month. I don’t think they will be like Manchester Christmas markets but it would be worth a look at to see what they are like. Apparently there are not any specific set dates so keep an eye open for advertisements. The British bars throughout the south of the island are decorated to their best and have a festive atmosphere and things happening on the 24th, 25th and 26th. One of the events I am looking forward to is New Year’s Eve here! Just like back home, this is a big night in Tenerife and there are lots of things going on to get involved with. Huge street parties and fiestas are held throughout many towns around the island including Los Christianos, El Medano and Los Gigantes. Here locals and tourists come together and celebrate the New Year in style. There is usually a mixture of bands and DJs held in the towns square or plaza, providing you entertainment and music throughout the night. Food, drinks and souvenirs are available from kiosks surrounding the area. But the main focus of the night’s events is the spectacular firework display held at midnight to celebrate the New Year is upon us. Then the music is turned up and it is time to party way into New Year’s Day. I have been to the fiestas that are held throughout the south of the island in summer a few times before so I know roughly what will occur. However I know that New Year’s Eve will be bigger and better so I think it will be a great way of welcoming 2014. In England when New Year’s Eve has finished, that is pretty much it until next year. Here in Tenerife, it is very different; Christmas here is more prolonged longer than in the UK. Ok so you might have to endure Christmas being advertised and present ideas being shelved from October but once Christmas Eve arrives, you have Christmas day, Boxing Day and Nye then that is it. Christmas Eve is a quieter affair here; it is usually spent with family and friends. Over recent years near to midnight younger children are given one present from Santa Claus. Then the older family members head to bars to drink and dance the night away. Tenerife’s main Christmas event does not begin until 5th January. This is known as the day of the Tres Reyes (Three Kings). The three kings are the equivalent to what Santa Claus is to UK children. Santa Claus is not a big deal here in Tenerife or the rest of Spain. Every major town hosts a King’s Day evening parade. On the evening of January 5th, the three kings arrive on camels to pay a visit and bestow gifts on the children. Then the 6th is like Christmas morning, the children gather to see if they have been good (or not) and received gifts to open from the three kings. Now that Christmas is practically here I am starting to get into the festive spirit, although with all the different religious events and occurrences it is not and will not ever be like Christmas at home I do not think. I have decorated the Christmas tree at work and now the decorations are up I feel more open to the Christmassy vibes and finally it is ‘beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. The tradition here on this island, I think makes much more sense than Santa Claus as the connotations have a much bigger meaning. Tenerife is not just about present giving and the commercial side of Christmas, it is about coming together and celebrating the end of the year and beginning of a new one, with friends and family and welcoming tourists to celebrate this festive season too.




and in the south recently, resulting in four deaths and homes slipping into the sea as a result of a storm surge and subsidence. Two people were killed by falling trees and a couple died in a gas explosion, which may have been caused by a falling tree. Transport was severely disrupted and 625,000 homes were left without power. A lorry driver died when his vehicle was blown over.

Air traffic ‘phones cause flight chaos

Pay rise for British MPs brings howls of protest

Hospital weekend care under fire

THE thorny old problem of how much politicians should be paid for their services is the subject of a considerable amount of debate in Britain at the moment because a £7,600 pay rise has been suggested for our Members of Parliament. While this is not good news politically at a time of austerity and there have been howls of protest, it has resulted in a wider debate because the rise has been proposed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, and not by the Members of Parliament themselves. There is a growing chorus of opinion that MPs are underpaid for the level of responsibility they have and the demands of their jobs, which often require a great deal of travel to and from constituencies to Westminster and the administration of two offices. The increase would boost an MP’s salary to £74,000 from 2015, about the amount a deputy headmaster would receive, yet MPs oversee such things as national defence and security, the health service and almost everything else that allows the country to function, subject to what some would see as interference from Europe. Because MPs handed the decision on salaries over to an independent body there is no way that they can actually prevent the rise, although there is likely to be a squeeze on MPs’ pensions which could help the public purse. There does seem to be agreement that the salaries received by MPs should keep pace and be fair so that politicians without an income outside Parliament do not suffer and individuals who might be able to make a worthwhile contribution are not discouraged from standing for election by the prospect of a poor salary.

THERE is a push for adequate seven-day working in Britain’s National Health Service following a report which suggests patients who have routine operations on a Friday are more likely to die than those operated on earlier in the week. Those recovering fare worse and patients are more likely to be readmitted. A lack of senior staff working on wards at weekends has been highlighted. The report suggests fewer patients are properly diagnosed because the number of scans carried out at weekends is lower and they consequently have to wait longer for adequate treatment. The report does suggest that there has been some improvement in weekend care but that much more needs to be done.

New soccer match fixing probe BRITAIN’S National Crime Agency is investigating further allegations of soccer match fixing following a story on the Sun on Sunday newspaper. It was suggested games could be rigged for cash and there were plans to fix matches at next year’s World Cup in Brazil. Football pundits have been quick to point out that these appear to be isolated cases. While many footballers were known to have a bet or two the game is generally clean. The police are working closely with the Football Association and the Gambling Commission and two men have already been charged with plotting to defraud bookmakers.

Firefighters flown to remote island FIRE fighters have to be ready for everything and a call-out in Northumberland caused them a headache when it was discovered the fire was in a cottage on an island. An RAF helicopter was called in because the causeway to the Holy Island was flooded by the tide. Nine fire fighters and a member of an ambulance crew were flown to the scene. Islanders had managed to prevent the fire spreading to nearby properties and a man who entered the property to rescue a dog was checked for smoke inhalation.

Britain hit by severe storms BRITAIN suffered severe storms along its eastern coast

Hospital weekend care under fire THERE is a push for adequate seven-day working in Britain’s National Health Service following a report which suggests patients who have routine operations on a Friday are more likely to die than those operated on earlier in the week. Those recovering fare worse and patients are more likely to be readmitted. A lack of senior staff working on wards at weekends has been highlighted. The report suggests fewer patients are properly diagnosed because the number of scans carried out at weekends is lower and they consequently have to wait longer for adequate treatment. The report does suggest that there has been some improvement in weekend care but that much more needs to be done.

THERE is nothing wrong with technological progress provided systems do not go wrong, and a case in point was the telephone system at the National Air Traffic Service centre in Hampshire. Problems with the system brought misery to thousands of airline passengers because hundreds of flights across the UK and Ireland had to be cancelled and while the problems were resolved there were knock on delays. Technicians explained that the system has more than a million lines of software and it is the biggest system of its kind in Europe. The problems occurred when operators found they could not switch from the night-time operating system over to the day system.

Gunner go five points clear ARSENAL went five points clear at the top English soccer’s Premier League when they drew 1-1 with Everton, but some of the other clubs did not do so well. Manchester United slipped again losing by the odd goal against Newcastle and Chelsea surprisingly went down 3-2 at Stoke. Liverpool still look good with Luis Suarez in fine form and new manager Tony Pulis appears to have breathed some life into Crystal Palace who managed back to back wins with a 20 victory over Cardiff. It has been a remarkable turnaround and Pulis says the Premiership new boys lack a bit of experience at this level and he needs to pull a couple of players in during the transfer window. As he has never been relegated in 21 years of management, few would doubt his ability to avoid the drop.








Classics to bring 2013 to a close




PERA Tenerife´s recent production of Verdi´s Nabucco at the Auditorium was well delivered and warmly applauded and deservedly so. Nabucco was Verdi´s third opera and his first real success, an opera of pure and gripping music. The opera is often seen as Verdi´s plea for freedom from the yoke of Austrian rule and the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves “Va, piensiero, ali dorate” (Go, thoughts, on wings of gold), for which the opera is best known, is a strong hymn to freedom. Redemption and liberation are the central themes. Add to this romance, deceit, plotting, hubris lost and piety attained. The plot follows the plight of the Hebrews as they are conquered, exiled and enslaved by the Babylonian King Nabucco (Nebuchadnezzar) concluding with their release and the death of Abigail, the vengeful daughter of Nabucco. Zaccaria, the high priest, sung by the bass Bulgarian Eugeniy Stanimirov, acquitted the role well, demonstrating a wide breadth and clear resonance, especially in the arias ¨Sperte o figh” and “Freno al timor”. Fenena, Abigail´s younger sister, is a lesser role, and she was charming and sang warmly but her voice was a little weak at times. Abigail, her sister, sung by the Italian Micaela Carosi, sang well but


her acting was not so convincing, although some of the changes in temperament were handled well. Nabucco, sung by Carmelo Caruso, gave a vigorous and commanding performance, moving confidently from conquering King, to a deranged and then helpless penitent, to a rejuvenated liberator and believer in the Hebrew God. The cast included singers from Tenerife, Badel Albelo (in the role of Abdalio), Nèstor Suárez ( as El Sumo Sacerdote) and from Gran Canaria, Judith Pezoa (as Anna). The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra acquitted itself well under the direction of Miquel Ortega, and the chorus provided good support. A commendable performance. J E Gardner

N atmospheric concert is to be held in Las Palmas to herald the imminent arrival of 2014.

The city’s Symphony Orchestra will take to the stage of the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium at 7pm on Saturday, December 28th for an end-of-year concert. The audience will hear works by Verdi, Strauss, Handel, Offenbach and Grieg among others and the greats of opera such as “The Nutcracker” and “La Traviata”. Wielding the baton will be Rafael Sánchez Araña who will be joined on stage by soprano Estefanía Perdomo, tenor Airam Hernández and cellist Juan Pablo Alemán. The concert is being held for the second consecutive year and all agreed the 2012 event was a resounding success with audience and critics alike. Tickets are available from the theatre or via, and (telephone also 902 488 488).


Your invite to Swallows art group


O you like to paint or have always thought about taking it up as a hobby, especially if you live in Tenerife for all or part of the year? Do these lovely paintings inspire you?

If so, you will be interested to learn about the Swallows art group which goes from success to success and is very popular. Enthusiasts of all standards get their paint brushes out and meet in Los Cristianos on a Thursday for some painting out of doors. “We like to go into the Tenerife countryside to try to capture some of its magic on paper and even if we do not succeed we have an enjoyable time with our friends,” they explain. For those who would rather paint indoors, the group also runs easy going workshops. For beginners, help is at hand too. If you would like to find out more, please contact Barbara on 922 715181 or Janet on 922 738924. They look forward to hearing from you.






“Imagine, create and compete!”

Tapas route spotlights on mushrooms EURO TAXIS

If you are looking for something to do, head out to this lovely town in the northeast of the island, close to Santa Cruz and La Laguna. Fourteen establishments are taking part in the first-ever Tapas Route dedicated to mushrooms and fungi (“I Ruta de la Tapa de Setas y Hongos”). Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will find the full complement of covers which cost just 2.50 euros to include a drink of wine, water, soft drink or can of beer. Monday to Thursday, there will be specific bars and restaurants taking part which will be clearly shown. One of the attractions of the initiative is that taxi drivers have agreed a flat rate of just one euro to travel the journey from bar to bar if you tell them before-hand. The tapas route, which began on November 29th, has been organised by various

La Orotava is inviting people to “imagine, create and compete!”


OR the 18th year, the municipality is running its popular Christmas competitions and the Mayor, Francisco Linares hopes for another good response.

One popular element of the festivities here in the Canary Islands are crib or “belen” scenes and there are prizes and plaques available for the best ones created by younger and older children in their homes and by businesses/churches/shops/ resident associations etc. All the entries will be inspected on December 23rd (deadline is December 20th) and all will go on show to the public between December 20th and January 8th. The second competition is for stories and although the subject matter is left wide open, special consideration will be

given to those on a Christmas theme. Deadline is December 21st and there are categories for school-children aged up to 14 and then young adults. The third contest is for Christmas cards, open to children living in the municipality and aged five to seven, eight to ten and 11 to 14. Deadline is December 21st. There is also a further competition which invites historical papers based on migration in Tenerife throughout the 20th century. Anyone who would like to take part in any of the contests can call 922 324 444 and ask for extension 319.

Curtain falls on autumn jazz


HE fourth Autumn Jazz Festival comes to a close on December 13th after another success for the Canary Islands.

David Quevedo, who comes from the archipelago, will play piano with musical colleagues Carlos Meneses on bass and José Víctor González on drums. The trio will present a varied repertoire, including Canary songs and updates on the American classics, as well as some unreleased material and arrangements by David himself. The show is at the Alfredo Kraus auditorium in Las Palmas; for tickets, ring 902 488 488 or see


tapas route with a difference can be enjoyed in El Rosario up until February 23rd, 2014. parties, including the local Association of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs and the Tenerife group dedicated to the growing and promotion of mushrooms and fungi. Diners will find one or more dishes per establishment containing these ingredients plus others of their choice. The places to head for are: “New Km5”, cafetería panadería “Km5”, cafetería “Pcam Esperanza”, bar “Don Pollo”, bar “Bonanza”, tasca “Enyesque”, bar “Los Teques”, bar “La Vista”, bar “Los Tres Faroles”, restaurante “La Alameda”, bar “Cañadas”, bar “Las Rosas”, arepera “El Zarzal” and tasca “El Chazo”. All of them are located around the main road of La Esperanza. El Rosario is a very popular haunt for people looking for mushrooms and restaurants are using them more and more as a specialist product for the municipality.

“In Process” presents a challenge


new exhibition at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes will challenge the visitor’s perception about museums, exhibits and how art is created.

“In Process” is open in Area 60 until March 16th and showcases the work of Martinka Bobrikova and Óscar de Carmen who were present at the opening ceremony. Other guests included Area 60 curator, Arístides Santana and the Cabildo’s heritage and culture chief, Cristóbal de la Rosa. “It’s a very interesting project because it plants discussion about the process of art,” he commented. The two artists look at the role of museums and art centres and how displays are received by the visitor.







Rising to the challenge at Siam Park If all those bush-tucker trials on “I’m a Celebrity” have set you up for a personal challenge, why not conquer your fears and tackle one of the hairraising rides at Siam Park. Sarah Gray did just that recently and reports on how she did it!


HE terms “terrified of water ” and “water park” don’t tend to go well together. I should know, having had a terrible fear of water from a young age. However, this was going to be tested to the limit during a trip to Siam Park.

The reason for my sacrifice was the fact I was travelling with my best friend Mary whose main passion is for the thrill and spills of adrenalinfuelled water rides. Oh gosh! What had I let myself in for? To put my mind at rest slightly, I decided to check out Siam Park’s website. This was a great decision. They have videos of each ride and what they involve. This means you know what to expect. My main fear is being underwater and I found out from the website that only one ride involved this and nearly all of the rides you were either in a float carrying two or four of you. This meant Mary was going to endure some serious handsqueezing during the day! Upon arrival at Siam Park, it was amazing how small it looked from the outside compared to the vast area inside. It takes your breath away when you enter the gates. The architecture is spectacular. It isn’t the usual water park consisting of a few plastic slides, Siam Park feels like a far-away paradise with beautiful surroundings. Of course, the main attraction for Mary was the Tower of Power, an almost vertical 28 metre drop that takes you through a transparent tube which is immersed in an aquarium. Now that is one scary ride! I’m not sure if watching people from the bottom makes you less scared or more but I knew I had to conquer this huge fear or I would always regret it. The walk up hundreds


of steps fills you with even more dread and seeing people flee back down the steps in terror after changing their mind did little for my confidence! Once at the top the view is amazing and you know there is no way back. I felt a little like I was in a bushtucker trial in “I’m a Celebrity” and there was no way I was letting my campmate down! Laying flat on your back with your arms crossed across your chest, it takes you less than five seconds to hit the splash pool at the bottom. What an experience! The feeling you get at the bottom is incredible and to this day I still can’t believe I actually went on it. It’s the question everyone is going to ask you: “Did you do the Tower of Power”? and I can say yes! That’s not all though. The other rides in the park are just as good. The feeling of being pulled down a plughole on the The Giant or the pitch black fear of the Volcano are just

incredible. I have to say the new ride Kinnaree was the scariest for me and I have never held on so hard in my life. There is something for everyone in this incredible water kingdom with the lazy

river also a wonderful experience with a rapid section for the more adventurous. There is nothing like laying back on a float in the sunshine viewing the stunning surroundings. The beach is also a must and totally outstanding. With beautiful white sand and hundreds of sun loungers round the water, you would think you were in the Caribbean. The whole park is beautiful with fantastic facilities to wonderful food choices and jaw dropping slides. I am already planning my next visit and my fear of water is definitely improving thanks to the fantastic Siam Park.


A symbol of an artist’s creativity


N exhibition of unusual artwork is on show in the Liceo de Taoro in La Orotava and will give a taste of what is to come.

If you are out and about in the town, it’s well worth popping in up until December 12 th to see the work of Canar y artist, Pedro Trujillo Arroche. He works in ver y different mediums over and above painting, including art metalanguage where objects form the constructions, usually in three dimensions. One of the most stunning is “Vehículo de Artista” which is a symbol of how the artist works in his studio, the hours which form the motor during his many hours of creation. You will also find lovely landscapes showing scenes of Tenerife, Castilla y León and Chile and works created with a little-used type of engraving which is quite different to the traditional method. Pedro Trujillo Arroche began his artistic studies at La Laguna University in 1995 and went on to gain a host of qualifications before working in Ireland. He is now back living and working in Tenerife, developing the “Metalanguage Project”. This has been grant-aided by the Mapfre Foundation and will be exhibited in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 2014.

Taste the wine in Santa Cruz “TAPAS AND CORKS”


F you want to discover the wines of Tenerife, make sure you are in Santa Cruz any time up until December 15th.

The Cabildo is spearheading a campaign called “Tapas & Corchos” (“Tapas and Corks”) which will take place along the streets of La Noria and El Clavel, located in the historic centre. The promotion is specifically designed to introduce people to the island’s wines,

especially in the run-up to Christmas. Catering establishments in these streets are offering a tapas dish and a glass of wine for three euros, to be enjoyed on tables places outside where you can watch the world go by. Councillor for agriculture,

José Joaquín Bethencourt said there was an enormous potential for growth of wines in Tenerife in Santa Cruz which was a difficult market to conquer. Consumption of local wine was just 20%, compared to 40% for the wines of La

Rioja. Staff have had the chance to visit the various bodegas on the island to learn more about the five denominations of wine. This includes their production, harvest and process of wine-making.






Canary Gospel Festival uplifts the islands


HE hugely popular Canary Gospel Festival is expected to reach more than 8,000 people across the islands this month.


An added bonus at new Palmetum


F you haven’t yet discovered the new Palmetum in Santa Cruz, don’t despair!

Due to continued demand, the city council is extending its free tours programme for another month (with effect from November 29th). They will be held on the remaining Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30pm to 7.30pm and on Sundays at 10.30am. The itinerary lasts for two hours and is designed to accommodate groups of 40 people. However, you must book in advance, either by ringing the Santa Cruz Sustainable Foundation on 922 534 477 or sending an email to The botanical garden has greenery over 12 hectares with spectacular vegetation, the result of collaborations

between numerous institutions around the world over three decades. The green space, on a hill overlooking Santa Cruz and the ocean, has several structures, including the entrance building which has a lift up the mountain, plus a ramp, an ethnographic museum and an octagon. Visitors will also notice a half-buried building which is still under construction and the whole park has waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Since the Palmetum opened on September 27th, more than 2,000 people have enjoyed the free tours as members of different groups. It will eventually open to the general public as a paying attraction.

Having kicked off with sellout events on December 5th and 6th, there are concerts, master-classes and themed workshops in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma and El Hierro until December 27th. This is the eighth edition of the festival and director, Valentín Álvarez has thanked Canary public institutions and private companies such as Binter and la Caixa amongst others for their support. At a press conference, there was particular delight for La Laguna as culture councillor, María José Castañeda revealed that concerts on December 5th and 6th at the Teatro Leal had been an early sell-out. As a result, they had extended the offer to another day, to December 18th, which demonstrated people’s appetite for spiritual music. It was the first time they had ever had to add an extra date. Director general of culture for the Canary Government, Aurelio González said the response confirmed the popularity of choral music in the archipelago. “It’s no wonder the festival is a success year after year,” he commented. It was, he added, a real pleasure to work with the festival which offered such calming music and these words were echoed by

business director for CaixaBank in La Laguna, Miguel Ángel García Martín. He said the bank was very committed to social issues but culture was a big gamble. The festival also counts on the support of Tenerife Cabildo. The December 5th and 6th concerts at the Teatro Leal were given by the Chicago Gospel Group who also performed a few days later in La Palma and in Costa Adeje. On Wednesday, December 18th, the festival returns to the Teatro Leal in La Laguna at 9pm with American Joshua Nelson, a pioneer of Hebrew-Jewish music with soul. He will perform with local groups Dan Silva, Little Big Rebel and Just Mery. Joshua has performed with all the great musicians of gospel and his song “How I Got Over” sold 1.5 million copies. He is also head of music for Oprah Winfrey. On Thursday, December 19th, he will be in La Palma where he will appear with the Coral de Mazo y Tijarafe in the church of San Blas in Tijarafe. The evening starts at 8pm and admission is free. Island-hopping again, Joshua will be at the cultural centre Asabanos de Valverde, El Hierro on December 20th, at 9pm, in a concert organised

by the Cabildo. Tickets are six euros. On December 21 st, the auditorium of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria also offers a concert with Joshua Nelson at 8pm with a double bill, courtesy of Schola Cantorum. Again, admission is free. The gospel singer, who has appeared in the festival before to much acclaim, will be giving master-classes on December 17 th and 18 th in the former convent of Santo Domingo de La Laguna at 6pm. One of the Canary’s best choirs, Shine Voices will perform on December 21st at 8.30pm in the former convent San Luis Obispo de Granadilla de Abona and will be accompanied by another choir from the municipality, the new venture Estados Unidos y América. Shine Voices will also perform a charity concert with

musicians of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra on December 22nd in the church of Añaza in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 1pm. On December 27 th , the Tenerife choir will be in the Auditorio de Guía de Isora at 8.30pm, tickets for which are three euros and can be purchased at the municipal offices of Playa San Juan and the culture department. For the fourth consecutive year, the workshops Gospeliando will be held by the Tenerife Shine Voices Gospel Association in the Liceo in La Orotava on December 14th and 15th with the American singer Latonius Earl.

The festival is produced by Xenox Producciones. More information is available on

Nine restaurants are taking part in the “Plato Estrella” competition in Santa Cruz


HIS is the second edition of the contest, promoted by the city’s Development Society in collaboration with Tourism of Tenerife.

Dishes have to feature specific ingredients this year, including sweet potato ie. the star products and can be tasted in the participating establishments up until December 19th. The restaurants include O’Sole Mío, La Esquina del Bar D’Gamonal, El Bulán, Restaurante Armando Salda-

nha, La Buena Vida and Bistró de Víctor Cruz. As part of a wider gastronomic initiative, other events have been taking place in the capital, including show cooking and on December 16 th and 17 th , there is a course on development innovative techniques in urban gardens.

N artist from La Palma has found inspiration in the ocean and turned it into “pure art”.

The dream-like work of Juan Carlos Chico has gone on show in the exhibition room of the García Sanabria park in Santa Cruz. “Sobre el agua” features 50 photographs which explore the idiosyncracies of the islands and their relationship with the sea. The exhibition has already been to Lanzarote and El Hierro and will be travelling to other parts of the archipelago. It is organised by Santa Cruz city council and is open Monday to Friday from 11am to 1pmand 6pm to 9pm and on Sundays from 11am to 2pm until December 30th. Admission is free.

Juan Carlos Chico

Star plates in Park hosts dream-like exhibition Santa Cruz A

Born in La Palma in 1962, Juan Carlos Chico became interested in photography at an early age and he is self-taught. He studied agricultural engineering at La Laguna and lives and works in Tenerife where he is a professor of training and teaches gardening. His work is described as “personal and different” and he has won many prizes for his photography which he also teaches to others.

Pets World



Happy Christmas for your dog




Watch out for the trees! “supervise” any tree or plant eating activity.


What to look for

HRISTMAS is a fun time for all the family but it can also send stress levels soaring – and not just for two-legged members.

For many dogs, their daily routine is suddenly turned upside down, with the kids on school holidays, family and friends visiting and everyone cooped up under the same roof. Research has show that the number of dog bites can increase over the festive period – a study in Australia showed the peak number of hospital admissions for bites was over the Christmas break, with New Year’s Day the highest. It can be hard to restore harmony to the home during this busy time but here is some advice to help make it a happy Christmas for your dog as well as you.

WHY DO PROBLEMS HAPPEN? Even the most gentle dog – and child – can get stressed out when things get on top of them. At Christmas, their daily routine changes and their natural environment can be turned upside down. To set the scene, here are just some things that might be different to usual: Bad weather, time off work and school and family commitments keeps everyone indoors – it can be constantly noisy, hot and stuffy. Your dog might get less exercise than usual. The day to day routine is different. Adults are preoccupied. Adults have been drinking which means they behave differently and may not supervise as much as they usually would. A combination of the factors above can lead to problems. Bored children can tease the dog and young visitors to the house, who don’t normally have much contact with animals, might not know how to behave – hugging, dressing them up, chasing them around, telling them off or grooming them. And, with the adults drinking and relaxing, there may not be the usual grown up watchful eye. Dogs might find themselves constantly surrounded by people with no chance of escape when all they want is to be left alone. With lots of people in the house they might also be fed the wrong food – or sneakily take a bite of something they shouldn’t when no one’s looking.

IDEAS TO HELP There are a few things you can do to try to diffuse any potential situations over the Christmas period: Give dogs their own space. Dogs that lead quiet lives may not appreciate suddenly having to mix with lots of visitors and they’re probably happier being put in another room for much of the visit. Make sure they’re well exercised first so they can relax and leave them with a toy, like a kong, stuffed with food. Make sure there’s at least one responsible, sober adult. Ensure that dogs get time to exercise outside and away from children. If there are visiting friendly dogs, allow them to play supervised for a while and then give your dog some quiet time alone. Get the children to think up some rules that will make the dog feel happy at Christmas.



ANY people are aware that certain holiday plants, such as mistletoe and holly, are poisonous to pets but what about the most common holiday “plant,” the Christmas tree? We worry about pets tipping the tree over or tearing open the presents, but what about those pets who choose to eat the tree? Christmas can be a scary time for pets, especially cats who can’t resist the tree and other holiday plants, many of which are poisonous. Toxicity of holiday plants varies from mild to extreme. The level of poisoning (illness) is also

related to amount of the plant ingested.

Christmas Trees Christmas trees are considered to be mildly toxic. The fir tree oils can be irritating to the mouth and stomach, causing excessive drooling or vomiting. The tree needles are not easily digested either; possibly causing GI irritation,

vomiting, gastrointestinal obstruction or puncture. Artificial trees are also dangerous when eaten. The principal things to worry about are toxin release from the artificial material and intestinal obstruction (not digestible). As noted earlier, the amount of trouble depends on how much is consumed. Many times, pets don’t consume mass quantities of tree material. The best thing is to keep your pets away from the tree when you are not home. This will allow you to be able to

If your pet has chewed on the Christmas tree or other plants, monitor for any changes of behaviour (excessive licking, salivating), appetite, activity, water consumption, vomiting and diarrhea. Holiday plants that are used as decoration and those given as gifts may pose threats to your pets, ranging from mild to severe toxicity potential. Christmas lights, on the tree and elsewhere in the home also pose a hazard to curious pets. Chewing on cords and lights will cause electric shocks and burns in the mouth. Check cords regularly for signs of chewing and general wear and tear. If you notice that your pet is reluctant to eat, drooling or showing signs of a painful mouth (i.e. not wanting to play with regular toys) be sure to rule out electrical burns in addition to dental and other diseases. Holiday ornaments also pose a risk. Ingestion of ornaments can cause gastrointestinal blockage or rupture. Depending on what materials were used to make the ornament, toxicity may result if ingested.


Get creative for your pet You don’t have to splash out to treat your pets this Christmas


ITH a bit of thought, you can make a homemade gift which cost very little.

According to a recent survey carried out by the Blue Cross animal charity in the UK, 91% of people asked said that they would buy their pets presents at Christmas. But for those who would

like to tr y their hand at making a present, why not use bric-a-brac you can find around the house?

Here are some ideas:

 Use an empty cardboard box stuffed with

used or torn wrapping paper for your pet to play with – you can hide their favourite toys inside to make it a little more exciting.  Cats love to play detective and can play around for ages searching for a treat or piece of de-boned meat inside a screwed up paper ball.  A simple piece of string can provide lots of entertainment for a cat as they run around chasing after it – perhaps attach something on the end to make it a little more exciting.  Smaller pets also love to play hide and seek, so you could have fun making tunnels and hiding places out of cardboard boxes

Your pet will always appreciate a little bit more fuss, whether it’s an extra cuddle here and there, going for an extra walk or playing their favourite game

Please remember that during this time of year, some pets may feel overwhelmed with all the celebrations, so make sure you have a safe hiding place for them should they need a quiet place to escape to.






Period drama based on the tumultuous life of the 18th-century Duchess of Devonshire, a bright, popular aristocrat who is trapped in a failed marriage and has to face personal conflicts - including living with her husband’s mistress and falling passionately in love with a young politician. Based on Amanda Foreman’s bestselling novel Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Director: Saul Dibb Starring: Keira Knightley, Ralph Fiennes, Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell, Simon McBurney

(STEREO, WIDESCREEN, SUBTITLES, DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1, AUDIO DESCRIBED, 2008, 12, 4 STAR) The story of a respected and decorated general whose career ends in disgrace when he disobeys orders and is sent to a maximum-security prison dubbed the Castle. Perceiving the injustice at work within the prison system, he rallies his fellow convicts into a rag-tag army and mounts a revolt against the autocratic warden, who runs the institution with an iron fist. Director: Rod Lurie Starring: Robert Redford, James Gandolfini, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Burton, Delroy Lindo, Paul Calderon


17TH DECEMBER 23:00 Documentary marking the 25th anniversary of the tragedy of 21 December 1988, when a Pan Am 747 jet exploded in the skies over Scotland and the remains crashed on to the small town of Lockerbie. This is the story of the worst terrorist attack on British soil as told by those who were there, and by those whose lives it tore apart. With testimony from eyewitnesses and unique archive footage, this is the definitive account of the disaster.



20TH DECEMBER 21:00 ERASER (FILM) Explosive, all-action thriller about a tough agent who guards witnesses on the federal protection programme. The agent suspects that an insider is leaking information about his latest charge - a woman with evidence of a scheme to sell off topsecret weapons. When she proves unusually difficult to protect, he realises he is also dealing with an enemy inside his own organisation. Director: Charles Russell Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, Vanessa L. Williams, James Coburn, Robert Pastorelli, James Cromwell


06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:15 13:00 13:30 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:25 22:35 23:05 23:35 01:15 01:20


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WWE: Experience Football Gold

Another chance to see the classic clash between Blackburn Rovers and Chelsea at Ewood Park from the 1998/99 season. 08:15 02:00

The Ashes The Ashes - Live



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The Hoobs Beach Volleyball Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest The Morning Line The American Football Show Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Heston’s Fantastical Christmas Channel 4 Racing Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cornwall: Walking Through History Psychopath Night Film Clear and Present Danger Stand Up for the Week Fresh Meat The Silent City

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Bananas in Pyjamas Make Way for Noddy City of Friends Little Princess The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Jelly Jamm The Mr. Men Show LazyTown Power Rangers: Megaforce Slugterra The Great Christmas Toy Giveaway Inside Hollywood World’s Scariest Weather Film Will You Merry Me Film The Christmas Heart Film Mistletoe Over Manhattan Film The Real St. Nick 5 News Weekend The Bible Film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

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Game Changers Soccer AM FL72 Live Saturday Team Talk Soccer Saturday Live SAturday Night Football SNF - GAme of the Day SNF - Match Choice FL72 Highlights SAturday Reloaded

The Ashes Live Ashes Breakfast Live The Ashes The Ashes Verdict Live European Cup Rugby Union Fight Night Live The Ashes


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Breakfast Match of the Day The Andrew Marr Show Fern Britton Meets... Wanted Down Under Helicopter Heroes Down Under MOTD2 Extra BBC News Nigel Slater’s Simple Christmas Bargain Hunt Escape to the Country Christmas Supermar ket Secrets Lifeline Songs of Praise BBC News BBC London News Countryfile Strictly Come Dancing Sports Personality of the Year 2013 BBC News BBC London News Match of the Day 2 Film Adventureland Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Film The Valley of Gwangi Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Christmas Kitchen with James Martin EastEnders Omnibus Film Around the World in 80 Days Flog It! Ski Sunday Sports Personality of the Year at 60 The Great British Sewing Bee Film The Duchess QI XL Hebburn Never Mind the Buzzcocks The Culture Show Countryfile Holby City This is BBC Two


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Sooty Horrid Henry Text Santa: Help with Hattitude Victorious Bottom Knocker Street Fort Boyard ITV News Storage Hoarders Sunday Side Up Sunday Scoop ITV News and Weather Inside the National Trust Let’s Do Christmas with Gino and Mel Love Your Garden The X Factor You’ve Been Framed! ITV News London ITV News and Weather The Chase: Celebrity Special The X Factor Results Show Through the Keyhole ITV News and Weather Film Hellboy II: The Golden Army The Store

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American Football Live

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Let’s Do Christmas with Gino and Mel ITV News and Weather Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover Dickinson’s Real Deal Show Me the Telly The Chase ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Tales From Northumberland with Robson Green Coronation Street A Night of Heroes: The Sun Military Awards ITV News and Weather Film Cliffhanger Jackpot247

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Frasier Ruth Watson Means Business! The Big Bang Theory Come Dine with Me Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Countdown Deal or No Deal Four in a Bed


The latest competition starts at The Avenue at Brockhall Village, where feisty owners Margaret Lofthouse and Janet Sutton hope their B&B is right up everyone’s street. But Liz Hall and Colin Eadie find an unwanted visitor in their toilet, and a lack of decaff tea upsets llama-loving Mary and Graham Walker. At dinner, part time dentist Kathy Lawrence causes intrigue, and Mary and Graham’s comments over breakfast the next morning rattle their hosts.


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The Hoobs The American Football Show Anglesey Sandman Triathlon Jamie’s Money Saving Meals Sunday Brunch The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Gadget Man Film Diary of a Wimpy Kid Channel 4 News Film Fred Claus Brtain’s Killer Storms Homeland Film Your Highness Alan Carr: Chatty Man

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08:20 08:40 08:55 09:10 09:15 09:30 10:00 10:15 10:50 11:15 11:25 12:25

Alan is joined by comedian Seann Walsh from Channel 4’s Stand Up for the Week, who talks about the release of his debut DVD Seann to be Wild, and Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Bubl?, who drops in for a chat and performs his latest single You Make Me Feel So Young.

14:10 15:40 17:40 19:25 21:25 21:30

City of Friends Mio Mao Little Princess The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Olly the Little White Van Jelly Jamm LazyTown The Mr Men Show Power Rangers: Super Samurai Slugterra Inside Hollywood Stop! Police Interceptors Film Battle of the Bulbs Film A Star for Christmas Film The Polar Express Film A Christmas Carol Film Ghost Rider 5 News Weekend Britain’s Favourite Christmas Songs The ABBA Years Super Casino

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Game Changers FL72 Highlights The Sunday Supplement Goals on Sunday Live SUper Sunday Live Darts Champions League Weekly Spanish Football

The Ashes Live Ashes Breakfast Live The Ashes Live European Cup Rugby Union Live NFL European Rugby Special Ashes Memories


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed Helicopter Heroes Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Perfection Escape to the Country Christmas Kitchen with James Martin Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show Fight Back Britain EastEnders Panorama Ripper Street BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather Have I Got News for You India: A Dangerous Place to be a Woman The Graham Norton Show Weatherview BBC News

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The House That £100k Built Britain’s Empty Homes Click BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics One Man and his Campervan Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam Cash in the Attic Madagascar Cagney and Lacey Are You Being Served? ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Priceless Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Eggheads Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Nigellissima University Challenge Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas The Choir: Sing While You Work Never Mind the Buzzcocks Newsnight Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve Film 2013

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Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Kirstie’s Crafty Christmas Liberty of London Fresh Meat The Inbetweeners

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Olly the Little White Van Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Mr. Men Show Mist: Sheepdog Tales Inside Hollywood Paul Merton in Europe Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Charley Boorman’s USA Adventure 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours Chinese Food in Minutes Film Christmas Wishes Film Mr Saint Nick 5 News at 5 Neighbours The Dog Rescuers Newstalk Live World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers The Gadget Show Monty Halls and the Ghost Ship of Thunder Bay Hatfields and McCoys Caught on Camera Super Casino

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Football Special FL72 Highlights Spanish Football Darts Soccer AM: The Best Bits FL72 Review Live Darts SPFL Round-Up Fl72 Review

Ashes Breakfast Live The Ashes Football Special The Ashes Ashes Modern Classics The Fantasy Football Club The Ashes Ashes Modern Classics Great Run Series The Ashes ICC Cricket Awards The Ashes



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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed Helicopter Heroes Bargain Hunt BBC News at One BBC London News Perfection Escape to the Country Christmas Kitchen with James Martin Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show EastEnders Holby City Last Tango in Halifax BBC News at Ten BBC London News The Matt Lucas Christmas Awards Film 2013 Film Body Heat Weatherview BBC News

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Helicopter Heroes The A to Z of TV Cooking Antiques Roadshow Britain’s Empty Homes HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News The Daily Politics The Super League Show Cash in the Attic Madagascar Cagney and Lacey Are You Being Served? ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Priceless Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Eggheads Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two The Great British Sewing Bee The Great British Bake Off Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve Hebburn Newsnight The Choir: Sing While You Work The Midwives

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13:30 Weather 14:00 Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover 15:00 Dickinson’s Real Deal 16:00 Show Me the Telly 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30 ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale 19:30 Film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 22:25 ITV News and Weather 23:00 The Lockerbie Bombing 00:00 The Jonathan Ross Show 01:00 Jackpot247 03:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

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According to Jim Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Ruth Watson Means Business! The Big Bang Theory Come Dine with Me Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Countdown Deal or No Deal Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Location, Location, Location Heston’s Great British Food Masters of Sex Pokerstars.Com and Monte-Carlo Casino EPT Grand Final KOTV Boxing Weekly Beach Volleyball

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Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Mr. Men Show Mist: Sheepdog Tales Inside Hollywood Paul Merton in Europe Inside Hollywood Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Stop! Police Interceptors 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours Chinese Food in Minutes Film A Star for Christmas Film Gifts for Christmas 5 News at 5 Neighbours The Dog Rescuers Newstalk Live World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers Pothole Britain: Drivers Beware! The Mentalist Castle NCIS Born to Kill? Super Casino

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FL72 Review SPFL Round-Up The Fantasy Football Club Soccer AM: The Best Bits Darts Premier League Review Revista de La Liga Sportswomen Live Capital One Cup Football Revista de La Liga

The Ashes Live Ashes Breakfast Live The Ashes FL72 Review SPFL Round - Up The Ashes FL72 Review The Ashes AShes Modern Classics Great Run Series The Ashes Live Darts Sportswomen


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed Helicopter Heroes Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Perfection Escape to the Country Christmas Kitchen with James Martin Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show The First Great Train Robbery Mrs. Brown’s Boys BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather A Question of Sport The League Cup Show Film Black Death Weatherview BBC News

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Helicopter Heroes The A to Z of TV Cooking Great Continental Railway Journeys Ronnie’s Animal Crackers See Hear BBC News The Daily Politics One Man and his Campervan Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam Cash in the Attic Madagascar Cagney and Lacey Are You Being Served? ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Priceless Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Eggheads Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two Wartime Farm Food and Drink Tudor Monastery Farm The Sarah Millican Television Programme Newsnight The Silent War See Hear

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The Treacle People According to Jim Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Ruth Watson Means Business! The Big Bang Theory Come Dine with Me Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Countdown Deal or No Deal Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners 24 Hours in A and E Gogglebox Jimmy Carr: Being Funny Man Down Film A Field in England Film Black Narcissus

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Toby’s Travelling Circus Milkshake! Show Songs Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Mr. Men Show Mist: Sheepdog Tales Inside Hollywood Paul Merton in Europe Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Secrets of the Vanishing Sphinx 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours Chinese Food in Minutes Film The Real St. Nick Film Mrs Santa Claus 5 News at 5 Neighbours The Dog Rescuers Newstalk Live World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers Collector Maniacs Britain’s Craziest Christmas Lights Film The Terminator Pokerstars: The Big Game

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Live Test Cricket Capital One Cup Football Revista de La Liga Football GOld FIFA Futbol Mundial Live Capital One Cup Football What´s the Story? Football GOld FIFA Futbol Mundial Capital One Cup Football

The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict Squash Capital One Cup Football Great Run Series Sportswomen Premier League Review Revista de La Liga Sportswomen Great Run Series Watersports World Test Cricket Live Darts V8 Supercars


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed Helicopter Heroes Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Perfection Escape to the Country Christmas Kitchen with James Martin Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show EastEnders The First Great Train Robbery Mrs. Brown’s Boys BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Royle Family This Week Skiing Weatherview BBC News

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The A to Z of TV Cooking Tudor Monastery Farm Ronnie’s Animal Crackers HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News Lifeline Film College Road Trip Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam Cash in the Attic The Truth About Lions Cagney and Lacey Are You Being Served? ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Priceless Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Eggheads Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two The Hairy Bikers’ Christmas Party Alex Polizzi’s Christmas Fix The 12 Drinks of Christmas Mock the Week Newsnight Tudor Monastery Farm Panorama

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Let’s Do Christmas with Gino and Mel ITV News and Weather Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover Dickinson’s Real Deal Show Me the Telly The Chase ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Tonight Emmerdale You’ve Been Framed! Celebrity Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ITV News at Ten and Weather Utopia Jackpot247 Tonight ITV Nightscreen

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According to Jim Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Ruth Watson Means Business! The Big Bang Theory Come Dine with Me Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Countdown Deal or No Deal Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Educating Yorkshire What Happens in Kavos... Gogglebox Karaoke Nights 24 Hours in A and E Embarrassing Bodies

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Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Mr Men Show Mist: Sheepdog Tales Inside Hollywood Paul Merton in Europe Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Stobart: Trucks, Trains and Planes 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours Film Mistletoe Over Manhattan Film The Santa Incident 5 News at 5 Neighbours The Dog Rescuers Newstalk Live World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers Stop! Police Interceptors Caught on Camera Person of Interest Excessive Compul sive Collectors Super Casino


Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Toby’s Travelling Circus Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Mr. Men Show Mist: Sheepdog Tales Inside Hollywood Paul Merton in Europe Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Pothole Britain: Drivers Beware! 5 News Lunchtime Neighbours Chinese Food in Minutes Film The Christmas Heart Film Santa, Junior. 5 News at 5 Neighbours The Dog Rescuers Newstalk Live World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers Stobart: Trucks, Trains and Planes Film Eraser Caught on Camera


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Football Gold Live Test Cricket Capital One Cup Football FIFA Futbol Mundial Premier League World World Ringside Live Darts NFL - A Football Life

Footb. League Gold Golf Sporting Greats Capital One Cup Football What´s the Story? BAdminton Footb. League Gold FIFA Futbol Mundial CApital One Cup Football Badminton Test Cricket Capital One Cup Football The Rugby Club


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Caught Red Handed Helicopter Heroes Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Perfection Escape to the Country Christmas Kitchen with James Martin Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show A Question of Sport EastEnders Citizen Khan Have I Got News for You Live at the Apollo BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Graham Norton Show The Matt Lucas Christmas Awards Film Virus Weatherview BBC News

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Helicopter Heroes Don’t Panic - The Truth About Population Africa 2013: Countdown to the Rains Animal Park BBC News BBC World News The Importance of Being Earnest Fred Dibnah’s Age of Steam Cash in the Attic The Truth About Lions Cagney and Lacey Are You Being Served? ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Priceless Antiques Roadshow Celebrity Eggheads Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two University Challenge Mastermind Kangaroo Dundee 2013: Moments in Time QI Newsnight Film Tamara Drewe A Culture Show Sp.

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Let’s Do Christmas with Gino and Mel ITV News and Weather Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover Dickinson’s Real Deal Show Me the Telly The Chase: Celebrity Special ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Text Santa ITV News and Weather Text Santa Jackpot247 Film Murder, She Wrote: The Last Free Man

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According to Jim Will and Grace Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Ruth Watson Means Business! The Big Bang Theory Come Dine with Me Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Countdown Deal or No Deal Four in a Bed Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Gordon Ramsay’s Festive Home Cooking Big Fat Gypsy Christmas Alan Carr: Chatty Man Stand Up for the Week Gogglebox Film Barney’s Version

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Live Test Cricket Ringside CAPital One Cup Football The Fantasy Football Club Live Darts Premier League Preview Football League Gold The Fantasy Football

Live Big Bash Cricket Capital One Cup Football Ringside Capital One Cup Football The Rugby Club Ringside Badminton Sporting Greats Live Swimming Football League Gold The Fantasy Football Club



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Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Nigel Slater’s Christmas Suppers Football Focus Saturday Sportsday BBC News Regional News and Weather The Olympic Journey: Inspire Equestrian: Olympia 2013 Final Score BBC News Regional News and Weather Pointless Strictly Come Dancing Atlantis Strictly Come Dancing The National Lottery Live BBC News Match of the Day The Football League Show Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Natural World Antiques Road Trip Restoration Home Alex Polizzi’s Christmas Fix The A to Z of TV Cooking Film 12 Dates of Christmas Film Confessions of a Shopaholic Are You Being Served? Christmas Crackers Flog It! Film The Young Victoria University Challenge ‘Allo, ‘Allo! Dad’s Army The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Paintings The Many Faces of... The Two Ronnies The Wrong Mans Film Wake Wood The Day I Got My Sight Back The Silent War

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Bottom Knocker Street The Munch Box ITV News The Home of Fabulous Cakes Murder, She Wrote ITV News and Weather Surprise Surprise Let’s Do Christmas with Gino and Mel The Unforgetta ble... Film The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Harry Potter: Behind the Magic ITV News London ITV News and Weather The Chase: Celebrity Special Film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Illusionists ITV News and Weather Film You, Me and Dupree Jackpot247 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

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The Morning Line The American Football Show Frasier The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Jamie’s Best Ever Christmas Channel 4 Racing Gadget Man Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Film Deck the Halls

Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito star in John Whitesell’s festive comedy. For years, Steve Finch has celebrated Christmas with co-ordinated festive family sweater-wearing, carol singing and a tasteful tree out front. His new neighbour, Buddy Hall, festoons his home with so many lights that his ambition is to be visible from outer space. As hostilities escalate, the neighbours go head to head with runaway sleighs, incontinent festive animals and a speedskating challenge, as their wives look on in despair. 21:00 22:40 00:50

Film Four Christmases Film Sanctum Stand Up for the Week

06:25 06:35 06:50 07:00 07:10 07:30 07:45 08:20 08:35 08:55 09:10 09:25 09:45 10:10 10:20 10:50

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Bubble Guppies The Mr. Men Show Chloe’s Closet Roobarb and Custard Too Bananas in Pyjamas Make Way for Noddy City of Friends Little Princess Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Jelly Jamm LazyTown Inside Hollywood The Dog Rescuers World’s Strongest Man 2013: Qualifiers Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers Film Home Alone 4 Film Mrs Miracle 2: Miracle in Manhattan Film A Cinderella Story Film Secret Santa Film A Christmas Carol 5 News Weekend The Bible Inside Hollywood Super Casino

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Premier League Preview The Fantasy Football Club Game Changers Soccer AM FL72 Live Soccer Saturday FL72 SNF - Game of the Day SNF - Match Choice FL72 Highlights

Football Gold Ringside Live Big Bash Cricket Football´s Greatest Live Scottish Premiership Football Live Swimming Live Championship Rugby Union Live Darts Swimming


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A teacher is put in charge of his primary school’s musical version of the Nativity. They are competing with a local posh school to be the best reviewed show in town, but are put under even more pressure when the teacher brags that his ex-girlfriend, who is a Hollywood producer, is coming to watch the show and thinking of turning it into a film. But he hasn’t actually spoken to his ex in years. 17:05 17:50 18:50 19:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:00

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Bill Murray stars in Richard Donner’s comedic take on the Dickens classic as Frank Cross, a misanthropic, penny-pinching TV executive whose career rests on producing a ratings-busting version of A Christmas Carol. And just before Christmas, he’s visited by the three ghosts... Featuring Carol Kane as a scene-stealing, psychopathically violent Ghost of Christmas Present. Edited for language and violence. 18:25 18:55

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Your dining experience around our restaurants Please do ring our restaurants about Christmas/New Year openings and special menus

Restaurant Algarrobo, Las Candidas

La Bodeguita de Enfrente, Santa Úrsula

This family run restaurant is situated in the well-known and much visited venue in Las Candidas (La Orotava). The current owners are brothers Toño (front of house) and Cristóbal (head chef). They have carried on the family tradition of offering top quality products at affordable prices whilst bringing the menu up to date. There is a lively atmosphere here with some really unusual dishes to taste. All the dishes are fresh using vegetables from the market. The cuisine is traditional with a modern slant without being too over elaborate. They specialise in roast lamb and suckling pig and fish lovers have a huge choice. You will find Restaurant Algarrobo in Las Candidas just off the road between El Monasterio and La Orotava. A great place for parties, communions, business meetings etc.

A great part of the fun of wining and dining in Tenerife is finding somewhere different and it’s well worth a trip out to Santa Ursula to the warm and inviting La Bodeguita de Enfrente. Set in a series of old Canary houses, this restaurant is made up of a labyrinth of interconnecting rooms leading off from the bar area in the centre. Opened in its current form by Mario in 1997, the restaurant used to be the pantry for the famous Los Corales restaurant, which sits opposite. The establishment is currently run by his sons Fabian and Mario who are constantly renovating and updating the premises whilst continuing the family name. The atmosphere is reminiscent of an English country pub with its low ceilings with wooden beams and warm décor. The food is fundamentally Canarian. They grow most of their own produce at their allotment and only use olive oil to cook with. Their ethos is a simple one, only use the best, fresh produce and cook it with thought and care. The menu is described as Picoteo, slightly more than tapas without reaching the full-blown three-course meal status. It’s delicious and affordable. You can find la Bodeguita de Enfrente in Cuesta de la Villa right opposite El Calderito de la Abuela (formerly Los Corales). It is now open on Sundays.

Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes Tipsy Terrace in Los Gigantes is described as one of the friendliest places around and you will see why when you visit. This delightful venue is run with great enthusiasm by owners Sally and Sarah. They love to celebrate special occasions and dates in the calendar and have become experts in providing great entertainment and lovely decorations. It is not by chance that it has become a favourite place for many people, locals and holiday-makers alike. You will find great home cooking and dishes to suit all tastes, from breakfast through to evening meals and everything in between. Tap into their menu on and you can see all the choices for yourself, from Tipsy’s Ploughman’s and Rise and Shine sandwiches to wraps, jacket potatoes, burgers, crunchy salads, light lunches and much, much more. Tipsy Terrace also has a swimming pool, tennis, mini-golf and lovely gardens. It is easy to find as it is just by the coach and bus stops.

Tasca Casa Paco, Los Cristianos Tasca Casa Paco is a hugely popular restaurant because it offers a real taste of Spain right in the heart of Los Cristianos. It has become known as the restaurant with the singing chef because owner Paco is always singing and most evenings will take to his guitar and sing Spanish and English songs with great expertise. There are more than 30 dishes on the menu and a wine list with over 50 choices. Paco is passionate about his food and only uses fresh ingredients. You can watch him as he creates your meal with an artistic flair. He’s like a maestro conducting an orchestra. People often talk about this place for weeks after their visit because it is a unique experience over and above the excellent cuisine. It’s not surprising it is highly rated on TripAdvisor, having recently held the number two spot for Los Cristianos. It’s easy to find near the cultural centre as you walk into Cristianos town. Find the two petrol stations and it’s on the left of the one in the centre of the road.

Electra, San Blas, Golf del Sur Some chefs just seem to draw the crowds and Paolo, now back at Electra, is one of them. He produces the most exquisite dishes as a labour of love, using an unusual combination of ingredients and always creating beautifully-looking plates. He is also a wine expert and will happily chat to you and recommend choices to go with your meals. He believes the two must perfectly complement each other. Electra is a relatively small restaurant on the first line of San Blas Square but it oozes charm and style and has a lovely interior with clever attention to the design. This also applies to the cutlery, plates and glasses which combine to present a very inviting table. There is also a small terrace outside if you want a table under the stars or to enjoy the sun. The food is always freshly cooked and diners over the last few months have enthused over dishes such as the steak (“Fantastic”), sea bream cooked in sea salt (“The best I have ever tasted”) and the tapas with a twist. “The best food I have ever eaten, amazing presentation and service. Unbelievable quality and quantity of food. Brilliant prices. Absolutely five stars!” is just one of the glowing reviews on TripAdvisor

Tapas ‘n’ Chill, Golf del Sur If you’re looking for tapas with flair and a chill-out atmosphere, this is the place to head for. A very popular restaurant, it is in the same ownership as Volare cabaret lounge next door so if you haven’t booked or arrive early, you can just pop in here for a pre-dinner drink (and go back afterwards for the entertainment!) Owner Gary is now in the kitchen and produces mouth-watering tapas dishes which are different and delicious. He has a great passion for cooking and this is reflected in creations such as “Meatballs in a slightly spicy creamy curry” or “Flakes of salmon, white and smoked fish potato cake with a chilli mint dip”. Couples usually have four to five dishes between them so they can share and get a variety of tastes. Don’t miss the house potatoes! Tapas & Chill is open seven nights a week from 6pm. If you are driving through Golf del Sur, go past the Winter Gardens bowling green on your right, take the next turning right and double back on yourself. Look out for the Apartamentos Aquamarine Golf on the left (opposite Best Buys supermarket) and there is a sloping pathway down to the sea next to it. Walk down here and Tapas & Chill is on the right.

Ctra. General del Botánico 38410 Puerto de la Cruz S/C de Tenerife



Tel. 922 373 513 · Mov. 647 600 784


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Your dining experience around our restaurants



Please do ring our restaurants about Christmas/New Year openings and special menus

Maria Restaurant/Lounge Bar, Golf del Sur This lovely restaurant, just a stone’s throw from the ocean and a sea-front walk, is a great place to visit, afternoon or evenings. Because the restaurant is situated within the Nautico suites complex, some people believe it is either private, expensive or “too posh” which is certainly not the case. What you will find is excellent, affordable food and a very warm welcome from Patricia and Sarah. Maria’s Restaurant specialises in paella and meat dishes which are beautifully cooked and mouth-watering, prepared using fresh market produce. You can sit inside the lovely restaurant with its attractive tables or on its huge terrace. A stunning place for an evening meal or celebration with family or friends. In the afternoon, you can treat yourself to a drink, tea or coffee with cake, cream scones, perhaps some tapas or a real highlight, their English-style high tea. This comes on a tiered tray with triangular sandwiches, cream scones, strawberries, mini-cakes, tea or coffee and fresh orange. The price is 19 euros for two and great value for money (add four euros if you would also like a glass of cava each). Drink prices are very reasonable too - a glass of wine or a large Dorada is just two euros, for instance, or a lovely cocktail for five euros. There is a Happy Hour between 5.30pm and 7.30pm. To find Maria, follow the one-way system through Golf del Sur and watch out for the Nautico sign just after the S-bends on your right. Maria is at the far end of the Nautico building with parking available. Alternatively, it is five minutes’ walk from the bottom of San Blas square, turn right along the flat side road or sea-front.

Tressardi, Puerto de la Cruz If you want to seek out a really good Italian restaurant at an affordable price, look no further than Tressardi in Puerto de la Cruz. This well established Italian restaurant and pizzeria is managed by three partners from Sardinia and can be found in La Paz (the main tourist area of Puerto). It offers a very varied menu including traditional Italian dishes, pizza and pasta with gorgeous fillings and sauces, meat dishes, fresh fish and crunchy salads. You can accompany it with an Italian wine or cold beer whilst enjoying romantic soothing Italian music. The desserts like tiramisu and panna- cota are to die for! Depending on your choices the price averaging 15-16 Euros per person is what you can expect. So if you want a good Italian restaurant for a family meal, a romantic dinner, a quick lunch when working or a take away, Tressardi is the restaurant for you. A friendly and homely restaurant that has quality products combining fast food and well prepared dishes for kids and grown ups.

Bistro Bolle, Costa del Silencio Bistro Bolle is one of those lovely friendly restaurants which also offers great food at affordable prices and a very special atmosphere. Owner Patrick, who comes from Belgium, is multi-lingual which is one of the reasons you will find all nationalities here and you are always greeted as a friend and made to feel very welcome in your own language. The other ingredients which make this restaurant so special are a good location with stunning views, including Mount Teide beyond, a huge sunny terrace with cover against the elements and easy parking. There is no formal menu, you simply choose from the blackboard or specials. Dishes include a fantastic spaghetti bolognaise for just seven euros, duck in orange sauce for 14 euros, salmon tagliatelle for ten euros and entrecote steak for 13 euros. The food is excellent with good-sized portions. Bolle offers a wide range of Belgian beers, including on draught. On the last Saturday of each month, there is a great buffet night with live entertainment for 25 euros per person (including half a bottle of wine, aperitif and dessert) and mid-month, Saturday live entertainment with the normal a la carte menu. As Patrick says, here you will find quality at a good price and always done with a smile. *If in a car, when you turn left into Silencio from the main Galletas road, turn right in front of the funny statues in the fountain swimming pool, then filter left along the one-way system and first left again. You will see the red awning of the bistro on the right.

TACOA Cerveceria & Restaurante, El Sauzal

Restaurant Algarrobo, Las Candidas

This brewery and restaurant is a unique place to visit and if you see their excellent website of, it will give you a taste of what to expect. All the food served here is home-made and has its roots in traditional German cuisine. The menu also features Canary and Spanish dishes with a host of appetisers, delicious salads, smoked items, home-made desserts and more. The beer is made on the premises and conforms to German purity laws that prohibits additives and preservatives. Five types are manufactured - clara, cobre, negra, trigo and fiesta and depending on the season, there are specials like the Tacoa October and in December, Tacoa-Navidad with a touch of cinnamon. The brewery is situated within the premises which is typical of such establishments. Its atmosphere is warm and relaxed, inspired by the German beer. TACOA offers its customers two terraces (with smoking zone), a recreation area for children and a room adapted for the disabled. There is also parking. TACOA also offers for groups of 4, 50% payment on the taxi ride back home to Puerto de la Cruz, La Laguna or Bajamar. The kitchen is open continuously from 12.30pm each day and all events can be organised for up to 130 people. There is also a shop and beer tastings from artesans of the island are being organised. See Facebook for announcements. Find TACOA at Carretera General del Norte, 122. El Sauzal, telephone 922 56 41 73 (email

This family run restaurant is situated in the well-known and much visited venue in Las Candidas (La Orotava). The current owners are brothers Toño (front of house) and Cristóbal (head chef). They have carried on the family tradition of offering top quality products at affordable prices whilst bringing the menu up to date. There is a lively atmosphere here with some really unusual dishes to taste. All the dishes are fresh using vegetables from the market. The cuisine is traditional with a modern slant without being too over elaborate. They specialise in roast lamb and suckling pig and fish lovers have a huge choice. You will find Restaurant Algarrobo in Las Candidas just off the road between El Monasterio and La Orotava. A great place for parties, communions, business meetings etc.

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Please do ring our restaurants about Christmas/New Year openings and special menus Restaurante Magnolia, Puerto de la Cruz Restaurante Magnolia has come a long way in the last three decades, starting life as a small intimate restaurant with an outdoor terrace to the finished article we see today, with the terrace now covered and well spaced tables inside. The décor is pleasant and comfortable and makes you feel at home right away. Windows run down both sides of the restaurant allowing the light to beam in, creating a bright atmosphere even on a dull day and there are lovely views. The kitchen is open plan and creates the most wonderful Catalan and international dishes with an extensive menu of fish, shellfish, lamb, steaks, pastas. The combination of ingredients and flavours is wonderful with exquisite sauces. This venue is always busy and customers are full of praise for the Restaurante Magnolia as one of the finest places to eat on the island. The quality and service certainly stands out and the cost is very reasonable indeed. You will find Restaurante Magnolia opposite the Hotel Botánico on the main road, tucked into the side of Apartamentos Molino Blanco.

Rendezvous Restaurant/Bar and Bistro, Golf del Sur The Rendezvous in Golf del Sur offers diners a double delight. By day and in the evening, you can enjoy a full menu with great prices and big portions at the Rendezvous Bar and Bistro, overlooking the bowling green at the Winter Gardens. In the evening, you might opt for the Rendezvous Restaurant which is just above it and offers an extensive à la carte menu, fine wines and a relaxing night out to enjoy excellent cuisine at a leisurely pace. “The Rendezvous Restaurant has a lovely ambience and it’s a restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy”. The Winter Gardens is very easy to find and is on your right just as you drive into the Golf and where you can park. Just go through the main entrance and down the steps or ramps to find Rendezvous. Booking is advised at the main restaurant because it is extremely popular and it’s testament to its success that diners come back time and time again.

Matul, Tasca-Restaurante, La Orotava Opened some three months ago, Restaurante Matul is receiving glowing reviews for its value for money, fabulous dishes, excellent service and decor. “A gastronomic reference for the north” is one diner’s accolade. The restaurant prides itself on presenting creative cuisine, using fresh daily products, so you can enjoy meat dishes, fish or perhaps some tapas with friends. There is also a wide range of wines. You must also try the home-made desserts which are exquisite, with a great creative touch. All this is presented in a friendly environment with attentive owner, Victor and his team who make you feel totally at home and ensure an experience to remember at a price you can afford. Restaurante Matul is open every day, except Sunday, from 1pm to 4.30pm and 7.30pm to 11pm. This beautiful restaurant is located parallel to the motorway heading towards Santa Cruz at exit 33 to La Orotava.

The Pink Parrot, Las Galletas sea-front A great name, great British cooking and a great location. What better reasons could there be than to visit The Pink Parrot which is right on the sea-front promenade at Las Galletas? This is a beautiful flat location as you are literally a metre away from the ocean with a panoramic view. The Pink Parrot was taken over by Brenda and Mike a year ago and is a family-run café offering a traditional English menu with daily specials and all home-made dishes. Specialities include cod, chips and mushy peas (delicious!), served only on Fridays, Sunday roast, jacket potatoes and a special combo platter for two people for only 8.50 euros. There is also a gluten free menu and delicious home-made desserts. There is also wifi. Everyone who goes to Las Galletas falls in love with it and the sea-front promenade is just two minutes away from the banks, shops, post office etc. So with Pink Parrot in mind, you have extra reason to visit and can just hop on a bus if you don’t drive. It’s a great day out. The restaurant is closed on a Monday but open 9.15am to 5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday 9.15am to 8pm (last fish and chip orders 7pm), Saturday 9.15am to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm. Brenda and Mike are happy to stay open later for a private party or celebration, just ask.

Restaurant La Bohème, Puerto de la Cruz Having recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, Restaurant La Bohème can rightly claim to be one of the best and most popular restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz. Near the Plaza del Charco, you will find it on the first floor of Calle Blanco 5 and it is well worth seeking out for a really excellent meal in comfortable surroundings. The restaurant has been under the same management for 25 years and has many loyal customers of all nationalities. They have always followed the same concept of presenting high-quality dishes with friendly service. La Bohème believes in moving with the times so there are always new additions to the menu, naturally cooked with fresh ingredients daily. A firm favourite of many is the crispy roast duck with delicious red cabbage, stuffed pear and various sauces. Do ask about the festive menus as well as birthday, anniversary and jubilee parties.

Magnolia Restaurante

Specialists in National and International Cuisine Daily Menu All for only 13.50€ Gazpacho, Vegetable Soup or Fish and Seafood Soup Grilled Fresh Salmon or Entrecote with Garnish

Fresh Fruit Salad 1/4 Litre of House Wine


Open from 1pm to 4pm and from 7pm to 11:30pm Open 7 Days

Av. Marqués de Villanueva del Prado, s/n Puerto de la Cruz · Tel. 922 385 614


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Please do ring our restaurants about Christmas/New Year openings and special menus Bar El Pincho, Paseo Las Vistas, Los Cristianos With so many bars and restaurants along the sea-front of the main Las Vistas beach in Los Cristianos, where on earth do you head for? Why not try Bar El Pincho where you can enjoy good prices, good food, good service and a fantastic view of the ocean as you watch the world go by. Bar El Pincho is winning many fans because of the friendly staff you encounter and the really delicious Spanish tapas. Opened about two years ago, customers of all nationalities come here, including the British, Spanish, German, Dutch and French. It’s a lovely place and one of the bargains they offer is a combination of tapas for two for just 8.50 euros. You can’t go wrong with this. There is also a wide selection of main plates, such as steak, chicken and fish, all cooked with love and the best ingredients they can find. The owners really mean it when they say customer satisfaction is paramount so do ask if there is something special you would like or arranged. Every two weeks, you will find live music and do try the fantastic cocktails which they always try to improve. Try also the special dishes from the north of the island and the drinks. The aim is to make you feel at home which regular customers say is definitely the case. Please note, Bar El Pincho is closed on Sundays so the staff can spend some valuable time with their families as well.

Restaurant Los Roques, Los Abrigos Restaurante Los Roques in Los Abrigos opened in 2005 and over the years has become a firm favourite of locals and travellers alike. Set on the harbour-front, the restaurant has a modern interior opening onto a terrace, giving all tables a stunning view towards the sunset over the Tenerife coastline. With only six full time staff, you get a real sense of a small passionate team. All of them love food and wine and it really shows in every aspect of the restaurant. Even though it’s finedining, the atmosphere is informal and relaxed. The waiters are friendly and knowledgeable and as things quieten down, the head chef will often pop out to chat to customers as well. Reservations are essential even if they are not full. With such a small kitchen and staff, reservations are timed so that the kitchen can always produce quality dishes. Tables are only seated once a night, so you never have to give up your table by a particular time. Everything is home-made, from breadsticks when seated to biscuits with coffee. They use local ingredients wherever possible, with some imported products where a local version isn’t available. They even grow some of their own produce to supplement what’s available locally. They´re open for dinner from 7pm Tuesday to Saturday and lunches with a lighter menu 1pm-4pm Tuesday to Sunday. There is no doubt that Los Roques is a real treat and it’s definitely worth treating yourself at least once! Telephone: 922 74 94 01 Web:

Casa Tagoro Restaurant & Gastrobar, Los Cristianos This new restaurant in the centre of Los Cristianos is being described as “a dream come true” and “amazing”. This really is somewhere very different to enjoy, offering a fantastic menu with specialities from all over the world, Spanish tapas, fresh fish, meat dishes, a four or six course tasting menu, a Thai fondu, Bavarian roast pork on a Sunday and many more gourmet delights. Yet it is more than this. The decor and atmosphere is very special. It is bright and spacious, featuring antique furniture, different areas to sit inside and out, a bar area from where you can watch the chef cooking, a large interior dining room (50 seats) and a cosy lounge corner (seats ten). The shady terrace also seats 20 and is the smoking area. Hosts Karin and Gerhard describe a visit here as a culinary journey and a chance to enjoy new tastes and a special experience in the touristic south of Tenerife. Depending on the season, there are special events and theme nights. When in Granadilla, the restaurant was recommended in the Michelin guide in 2010, 2011 and 2012. You can book the restaurant for all special occasions, in part or whole, and for a special present, you can buy a restaurant voucher. See their website on for all options (in English), including a vineyard special with catering etc. The restaurant is at calle Valle de Menendez 28, 50 metres below the little white church and behind the hotel Reveron.

Mamma Rosa, Playa de las Américas Mamma Rosa is one of the longest established restaurants in the south of Tenerife and has an extensive menu and a modern ambiance which appeals to all ages. For more than 22 years, it has offered elegance, top-class cuisine, an excellent varied wine list and, of course, the service you would expect. The restaurant is next to the Colón II apartments at the e n d o f T h e Pa t c h ( n e a r t h e l a s t r o u n d a b o u t , w i t h Santander Bank on the corner, and not far from the Hotel Palmeras). The cuisine is described as classical Italian and Scandinavian with Spanish and French influences, blended together and cooked in a modern style. Part of the new approach is to offer a ver y extensive fish menu. As with the meat, the restaurant tries where possible to buy local produce and support the islands’ agriculture. Likewise, the wine list allows you to choose a Canar y Island wine, together with wines from around the globe such as the mainland, Italy, France etc.

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Your special fortnightly restaurant review

Enjoy the friendly vibe at El Pincho The perfect pit-stop

Spectacular views from the restaurant terrace

El Pincho team


PAIN is well-known for its famous tapas dishes and specialities and Tenerife is not far behind in building up a reputation of this food innovation. This so-called “food revolution” has ventured into all corners of the world but why go anywhere else other than here on the “isla de la eterna primavera”? Although tapas is not for everyone, those searching for a typical local cuisine experience should look no further than Los Cristianos. Nestled almost on the sea front is El Pincho. It is set in idyllic surroundings and perfectly located for holidaymakers as is extremely easy to find. El Pincho is the domain of Spanish couple Jose and Nuria who receive lots of rave reviews and praise for their lovely caring nature and friendly welcome. With simple and minimalistic décor and a friendly laidback feel, this sea front location is a great pit-stop. The relaxed atmosphere allows the simplistic beauty of the food to really shine. The restaurant buzzed with energy and was comfortably full with satisfied customers, enjoying the view over the ocean on the terrace with a drink or spot of lunch. For the main course, being in a Spanish restaurant, I opted to choose from the tapas menu.

I selected a sharer for two as I was told it is probably the most popular tapas dish. It included chicken croquettes, bruschetta, chicken wings, Spanish tortilla and pimientos pardons (small green peppers). The tapas came quickly and was very well presented. At 8.50 euro for the dish, it was a bargain. Tapas is not for everyone, of course, so the a la carte menu at El Pincho offers more English infused choices such as steak and half a chicken. If you’re not into tapas but still want a Spanish dish and you have two hours before you eat, then I would highly recommend the paella. If you are around on the beach then pop in and pre order, it looks well worth the wait. There were a few desserts to choose from but I went with an original fruit salad. Although on the picture it displayed kiwi, it came with banana, melon and apple topped with ice cream. It was light and refreshing and finished off the meal nicely. Classic cocktails dominate the wide selection of drinks particularly the modernised twist on old-style dessert drinks, such as the frozen

strawberr y Daiquiri. The Strawberry Daiquiri is served with minimal fanfare – just a

Delicious dessert

Ryanne, enjoying one of their cocktails slice of kiwi to complement it. This drink can be slightly varied from place to place. The one at El Pincho was served in a welled margarita glass and

flowed perfectly. Their mix is strong too but it is certainly delicious. There are many varieties on each tapas recipe so be New Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 18:00-24:00 Sundays closed

H NIS SPA ISINE THE BEST CU HOME MADE TAPAS C/Amalia Alayón No 16 EXCELLENT ATMOSPHERE LIVE MUSIC EVERY NIGHT 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife Orders Tel: 686 52 04 40 or 658 78 80 23 -

Regular clients of El Pincho enjoying their famous Paella

prepared for some surprises along the way. The tapas was originally invented as a ‘Pincho’, a free snack for workers; as it grew in repu-tation, tapas built up to become what it is today. The friendly staff at El Pincho are brilliant and are happy to help in any way they can. Our waiter Francis was extremely willing to ensure you had everything you need. All of this adds up to more than a refuelling stop from the beach stroll. It’s informal with a friendly vibe and this restaurant is just the kind of place to be. For price, presentation and the proximity from the beach, El Pincho is an easy winner! El Pincho is easy to find as it is located a short walk from the harbour down on the main

sweeping Los Christianos beach (the beach with the water fountain). It is the first restaurant, on one of the first strips of bars you come across and just up a few steps to the entrance. Every two weeks, it is ‘party night’ when Italian singer Lunar Gonzalez comes down and puts on a show for the customers. He gets everybody up singing and dancing. Ryanne Smith.

Restaurante El Pincho Paseo Las Vistas Los Cristianos Tel.: 649 431 110


Our Festive Season


Your Xmas & New Year dining experience & Xmas Gifts

d n a l s I Our 40


Christmas in Adeje PEACE AND HARMONY


different local groups. As well as the one by the El Galeón Residents’ Association the borough’s senior citizens group unveiled their Nativity Scene on December 3rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre and there will be one in the parish of Los Olivos which will be blessed on December 13th, with the delightful living Nativity Scene happening in La Hoya on December 21st. As well as musical and cultural offerings, sport also features, with an Indoor Triathlon in the Nexsport Club El Galeón on December 21st from 10am and the Municipal Football stadium hosts the II Adeje Veterans’ Football Tournament on January 4th.



Thousands to descend on La Orotava HUB OF ACTIVITY

The full programme is available in Spanish and English in the council’s webpage,

Best ever year for Puerto? EXCITING PROGAMME


DEJE council has organised over a month of activities around Christmas, the New Year and the Feast of the Three Kings, with musical, cultural, sporting and children’s events in the very complete programme.

The cover of this year’s programme is a reflection of the borough’s multicultural identity and is part of the theme of promoting peace and harmony among the different creeds and customs that exist side by side in Adeje. Seven of the borough’s children from different cultural backgrounds give meaning to that message. In his Christmas message, Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga says: “these children are the symbol of what makes our borough so special today, a place where everyone is welcome, a meeting place open to the whole world, where different religious beliefs and customs live side by side for the benefit of all. I hope that the different celebrations we will experience during this Christmas season will be precious moments where we can share our cultures, understand each other a little bit better and help each other a little bit more.” The mayor also thanked all of the different neighbourhood and resident associations who have worked hard to develop the Christmas programme of events. “We have all worked over the months and every one of the ideas from local clubs, groups and associations have been included – and of course the programme is still subject to changes. But it is important to underline the important contribution of these local organisations, residents associations, clubs, small businesses, etc, and encourage them to continue to suggest new ideas and alternative ways of doing things”. One very popular feature is the Christmas market and there are still plenty of dates to come, ie. CC El Mirador (December 15th), Plaza César Manrique (December 13th) and Plaza Salytien (December 20th). Children will also be able to bring their Christmas letters (to Santa or the Three Kings) along as there will be special collections points. Nativity Scenes and Christmas Cribs will be on display in a number of different locations and these have been made by


T’S going to be a truly spectacular Christmas in Puerto de la Cruz.

Three departments of the local council – tourism, trade and events – are combining forces to present what they believe will be the best festive campaign in recent years. With the town now adorned with lights, the Christmas programme features 90 events in all up until January 6th. The council believes it is going to be an exciting time because the tourism boost over the last few months is putting negativity to one side and hopes for the future instead. Highlights will include a benefit concert by Anne Peters, former singer with Boney M and a toy collection for local youngsters, as well as the traditional Three Kings’ Parade. A good time is guaranteed for all and as the Mayor, Marcos Brito says: “May the peace and happiness of Christmas always reign in Puerto de la Cruz.”

Dates and events to watch out for include: Friday, December 13th. Folklore on the streets from 8pm. Saturday, December 14 th. Christmas Market, Calle La Hoya, from 1pm. Three evening concerts, including Los Sabandenos at 9pm. Sunday, December 15th. Christmas Craft Market, 11am to 6pm, Plaza de Europa. Concerts at noon and 8.30pm. Monday, December 16th. Bach concert, 10pm. Folklore in the street, 8pm. Saturday, December 21st. Full day of activities, including folklore, Christmas market from 1pm and concerts. Sunday, December 22nd. Christmas Crafts Market, 11am to 6pm, Plaza de Europa. Folklore on the streets from 8pm. Nine Lessons Concert, 8.30pm. Monday, December 23rd. Opening of NAVITECA 2013 with workshops, inflatables, leisure activities etc at Tomás de Iriarte college. 10.30am to 2pm, 4.30pm to 8pm. On most days until January 3rd. Tuesday, December 24th. Midnight Mass with the choirs of the Reyes Bartlet Association, church of Nuestra Senora de la Pena de Francia. Thursday, December 26 th. Football tournament, 4pm, Estadio El Penon. Also on December 27th, 28th and 29th. Friday, December 27th. Anne Peters concert, Swing Jazz in Christmas, 8.30pm, Plaza de Europa, 10 euros. Saturday, December 28th. Charity collection of food and toys, 9am to 7pm, Estadio El Penon. Christmas Market, Calle La Hoya, 1pm. Folklore in the street, 6pm. Concerts at 7.30pm and 10pm. Sunday December 29 th. Final of football tournament, 10.30am. Sale of cup cakes and talent show, Plaza del Charco, 10.30am. Three Kings’ Pageboy Parade, 11am from Avenida Archipelago Canario de La Vera to Plaza de Europa. 11.30am, Gala festival to collect toys for charity, Plaza de Europa. Folklore in the street in the evening and Mark Peters concert at 8.30pm. Monday, December 30 th. Second part of Mark Peters concert, 8.30pm. Tuesday, December 31st. Grand end of year fiesta with fireworks, Plaza de la Iglesia, bells ring in New Year. Sunday, January 5th. Advance alert – Three Kings Parade from 7pm. Please note, there are other events on most days and these are just a selection.


A Orotava is expecting to become one of the hubs of activity in the north of Tenerife this Christmas and New Year.

The Mayor, Francisco Linares says that despite the difficult times, every effort has been made to maintain activities at the same level with less money. He believes the festive programme is as attractive and dynamic as ever with numerous events which will bring energy and cheer to the town. Up until January 6 th, there will be more than 50 events, including theatre, gastronomy, shows, concerts, carols, workshops, crib scenes and children’s parties. Most of the programme takes place in La Orotava centre but there will be fun in all the various neighbourhoods as well. The Three Kings’ Parade is expected to attract up to 30,000 people and the “Ruta de los Belenes” (“Route of the Cribs”) is another popular feature. Most of the events are free. One location to head for is the Plaza del Ayuntamiento where the beautiful nativity scene features more than 300 pieces in lifelike sizes and covers virtually the entire square. It can be visited each day but on January 5th, the plaza becomes the site of the live nativity scene following completion of the Three Kings’ Parade. The Magi will first patients in hospital before going on to the church of San Juan Bautista to collect hundreds of letters from children. Those who wish may bring gifts of non-perishable food which will be delivered to the charity Caritas. At 8pm, they will make their way from the Estadio Los Cuartos to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Another important date is December 28th which sees the collection of toys for the Red Cross for distribution by the Three Kings. There will also be children’s activities. The event takes place between 4pm and 9pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The festive lights in La Orotava have been on since the end of November and can be seen in all their glory between 6.15pm and 10.30pm on weekdays and until midnight on fiestas. Businesses have also tried hard to make shopping as attractive as possible for all the family and there is a special crèche for children on January 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th . There will also be concessionary parking. The full Christmas programme can be downloaded on

Capital lights up for Christmas SANTA CRUZ ATTRACTIONS


ANTA Cruz is celebrating Christmas with more than 100 events aimed at all the family.

The illumination of the festive lights on November 29th kicked off a comprehensive programme which features everything from music concerts and solidarity races to markets and the Three Kings’ Parade. There is entertainment, musical concerts, sports and many surprises! The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez said all five districts of the capital would be invigorated with different activities, most of them free. Christmas, he said, would move to all corners of the city so that entire families could enjoy the festive atmosphere. Residents are being encouraged to get out and about and there is an appeal to all visitors to come and discover Santa Cruz at this very special time.


d n a l s I r Ou


One of the highlights is on December 21st in the plaza de España when Mírame Televisión will host a new Telemaratón Solidario. Throughout the day, volunteers will be on hand to collect donations of food and toys for those in need. Also greatly anticipated is the end-of-year celebrations in the plaza de La Candelaria when an orchestra and DJs will help see in 2014. The Three Kings’ Parade and welcome on January 5th will take place in the Heliodoro stadium. Last year’s event attracted 15,000 people but the aim this time is to reach the 20,000-mark. Christmas lights adorn more than 60 streets this year, with lighting points doubled without increasing the budget and over 45,000 poinsettias have been planted. On December 27th, there will be workshops in Avenida Los Príncipes for making Christmas cards and balloon twisting. The festive programme also features concerts, folk groups, children’s activities, including bouncy castle and sports, fun runs and puppet shows.

A magical time in Los Realejos ILLUSIONS FOR ALL

To check day to day events, times, etc, go to (click on agenda and then on the Navidad 2013-2014 icon).

Feel the magic in Arona LIVELY STREETS


RONA wants you to “feel the magic of Christmas” no matter where you are in the municipality.

Festive lights and decorations are adorning all the main areas, including Los Cristianos, Valle San Lorenzo, Cabo Blanco and Las Galletas. Traders will unite in a joint Christmas campaign and want to bring the streets alive with engaging activities to attract the public. To find out what is going on, do visit and click on the blue icon entitled “Navidad”. This will take you to the agenda of the specific areas of the municipality. As always, there will be a lot going on in Los Cristianos between now and January 5th, 2014. Under the title of “La Ruleta Mágica”, businesses will be rewarding loyal customers with free gifts and offers and on January 5th, in the lead up to the arrival of the Three Kings, restaurants will offer special menus. To keep the youngsters amused, there will be children’s activities such as inflatables and workshops from 4.30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays on a rolling programme in Los Cristianos, Guaza, La Camella, Guargacho, El Fraile, Las Galletas, Buzanada, Cabo Blanco, Arona centre, Parque de la Reina and Valle San Lorenzo. Other events include a modern dance concert in the cultural centre of Valle San Lorenzo at 8pm on December 14 (free admission) and a festival of folkore traditions in the Auditorio Infanta Leonor at 9pm on December 20th. There will also be a Christmas concert here on December 19th at 7pm.


OS Realejos will mark this Christmas with streets full of colour and a show of festive solidarity.

This year’s programme features more than 70 attractions, including a new edition of “Apadrina una illusion” (“Sponsor an Illusion”). The official start was on December 5th when the lights were switched on, accompanied by music and dance. This set the scene for lots of fun to come during the rest of December and in to early January. There will be theatre and musical entertainment, sports and literary events, with one of the highlights being the live nativity from 10pm on December 24th. Throughout this time and to prepare for the Three Kings’ Parade on January 5th, the municipal market hosts the “Fábrica de los Sueños” (“Factory of Dreams”). Another event especially for children is on December 30th when youngsters are invited to gather in the plaza Viera y Clavijo for their own early party to say farewell to 2013 and hello to 2014. The fun starts at 4.30pm. A magic time for Los Realejos before the Three Kings arrive is the visit by their ambassador which this year will be livened up by children’s workshops with Christmas stories. These visits start on December 26th at 5.30pm in San Benito, at 6pm at La Carrera, 6.30pm in El Jardin, 7pm at La Higuerita and 7.30pm at Toscal Longuera. On December 27th, at the same schedule of times, the locations are Las Llanadas, La Ferruja, Palo Blanco, Placeres and Realejo Alto. On December 28th, it will be the turn of Camino Nuevo, Tigaiga, Realejo Bajo, San Vicente and San Agustín. The next visits will be on January 2nd at El Horno, Las Toscas, Cruz del Peral, Tanque Arriba and Icod el Alto, followed on January 3rd starting with El Mocán and followed by La Cruz Santa, La Cartaya, La Montaña and La Zamora. Following the success of the solidarity event last year, Los Realejos council through its department of social welfare is repeating its “Adopt an Illusion” campaign. The aim is to make sure the magic of the Magi reaches all the families of the municipality and that no child is left without a toy at this time. Residents are invited to sponsor a gift for a child – further information is available on 010 if phoning from within Los Realejos on 922.34.22.28 or by emailing In addition, there will be a collection day in the municipal sports pavilion on Sunday, December 22nd at 5pm in association with the local radio station with the participation of various artists and groups in the municipality.

More festive fun


ERE are some more events for December and January to watch out for.

TENERIFE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CHRISTMAS CONCERT Every year on Christmas Night, the Tenerife Symphony performs a truly moving concert for the whole family. Not to be missed. Make a date in your diary. Admission is free. 25/12/13 (9pm) Puerto de Sta. Cruz de Tenerife

FAIRS AND ART EXHIBITIONS Exhibition “Sorolla, el color del mar.” Until 01/02/14 Monday - Sat.: 11:00-14:00 h. & 17:00- 20:00. Espacio Cultural Cajacanarias (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) 12th “Fotonoviembre” Biennial 31/10/13-02/03/14 Tea Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) / Different municipalities. Photograph Exhibition “ Vía y Flor” 16/11/13-04/01/14 Mo. –Fr.: 16:00–21:00 h. Centro Cultural de Guía de Isora. (Guía de Isora) Exhibition “Nativities” 06/12/13-12/01/14 Espacio La Casa de Piedra (Garachico) Christmas on the streets. Markets and flea markets 10/12/13-05/01/14 different municipalities. Nativity Scenes Exhibition 10/12/13-05/01/14 different municipalities. PIT (Children’s Fun Fair) 20/12/13-05/01/14 Recinto Ferial THEATRE, MUSIC & SHOWS Histor y, the Musical Tuesdays & Thursdays (21:00 h.) Magma Arte & Congresos (Costa Adeje) Canarias Folk Fest 03/10/13 – 15 /03/14 Arona 14th La Laguna, UNESCO’s World Heritage Anniversar y 26/11-12/12/13 (La Laguna) Puerto de la Cruz Bach Festival 07/12/13 -05/01/14 (Puerto de la Cruz) 35th La Laguna Choir Meeting 13/12/13 Teatro Leal (La Laguna) Admission is free 15/12/13 Convento de Santo Domingo (La Laguna) Admission is free. Ópera Tenerife final concert: Gregor y Kunde 14/12/13 (20:30 h.) Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) Los Sabandeños in concert 14/12/13 (21:30h.) C.C. Pirámides de Martiánez (Puerto de la Cruz) Christmas Traditions Festival “Navidad bajo el almácigo” 20/12/13 (21:00 h.) Auditorio Infanta Leonor (Los Cristianos. Arona) Los Miserables. The Musical 30/12/13-05/01/14 Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martín (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) OTHER CULTURAL EVENTS Santa Catalina Festivity 10/11-29/12/13 Tacoronte 7th Tapas Route 15/11-15/12/13 Granadilla de Abona Gastronomy Fair: chestnuts and sweet potato 15/11-15/12/13 Arafo Gastronomy Fair: Potatoes, baby marrow, sweet potato. 28/11-19/12/13 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Tenerife Tapas and Wines “Un acantilado de sabores” 07/12/13 (20:00 h.) Avda. Marítima de Playa la Arena (Santiago del Teide) Walk around Tegueste 14/12/13 (Tegueste) Inscription: 922 31 61 02 5th Muestra Lo Divino 19/12/13 (18:00 h.) Parroquia San Juan Bautista (Arico) Christmas Golf Tournament 21/12/13 Buenavista Golf Tigaiga Living Nativity Scene 24/12/13 (Los Realejos) Traditional Dance of the Christ Child 24/12/13 La Matanza San Silvestre urban race 31/12/13 (18:00 h.) El Toscal (Los Realejos) 31/12/13 (18:00 h.) Iglesia de la Concepción (La Laguna) New Year’s Eve Celebrations 31/12/13 Different municipalities







No energy? Try these pick-me-ups


OT sure what’s causing your fatigue? Here are some common energy zappers that may be to blame – and tips on how to overcome


Being a couch potato Sitting in one position for long periods of time can sap your energy, even if you’re watching the TV or using the computer. Your body equates the stillness with going to sleep. Solution: stretch often, get up and walk around away from your desk or sofa. Frequent breaks will keep your body alert.

Poor posture wastes energy A lot of your energy goes on keeping you upright. Bad posture – such as hunching forwards and slumping in your seat – puts your spine out of alignment. The more out of balance your spine is, the more your muscles have to work in order to compensate. Solution: whether you’re moving, sitting or standing still, try to make sure that your head is lined up over your body – not sticking out in front of it. Aim for your ears to be directly over your shoulders.

Crash dieting makes you tired While it will boost your energy to lose excess weight, going on a crash diet isn’t helpful. Very low calorie diets, especially ones that give you less than 850 calories a day, will make you feel even more tired and can damage your health in other ways. Solution: lose weight by eating healthily, cutting out junk and sugary foods and reducing your portion size. Aim to lose no more than 2lbs a week.

Cabin fever It’s all to easy to become homebound, especially if you have a young child, you work from home or you’ve been driven indoors by the cold days and long, dark nights of winter. But lack of light and fresh air is a key cause of tiredness. Solution: get out for a 10minute walk at least once during the day or when you’re most tired. Even if it’s cloudy, you’ll be exposed to more natural light than inside and you’ll feel more alert. If you

simply can’t get out the door, a few minutes in a room filled with natural light may also help.

Sugary breakfast cereals

Sugary breakfasts, such as processed cereals, pastries, muffins and toast with sugary spreads, will give you a quick surge of energy as your blood sugar peaks. But your sugar levels will slump just as quickly

a couple of hours later. The result? You crash as you run out of energy. Solution: to get a steady release of energy all morning long, eat a breakfast that’s based on unrefined starch. For example, home-made

porridge with semi-skimmed milk and a little honey, or wholemeal cereal with fruit sliced over it, or an egg with wholewheat or granary toast. Tr y to choose breakfast cereals that are wholegrain

and low in salt and sugar.

Constant worrying drains energy If you’re fretting about something all day long, your heart rate and blood pressure rise, and your muscles tighten, leading to fatigue and aches. Solution: set some time aside to concentrate on your worries. Try to think of positive solutions, then put the worries out of your mind. And schedule that dental appointment for first thing in the morning so you don’t spend all day fretting about it. Read some quick-fix tips to relieve stress.

Exercising too much Regular exercise is good for you, but working out

intensively every day may not be good for your energy levels, especially if you’re a beginner or trying to get back in shape. Solution: take a day off between strenuous bouts of exercise. But beware of leaving more than two or three days between sessions or you might fall out of the habit.

Winter days increase fatigue The shorter days of winter disrupt your sleep/waking cycle leading to fatigue. Less sunlight in winter also means your brain produces more of a hormone called melatonin, which makes you sleepy. Solution: Get outdoors into natural daylight as much as possible, do some exercise everyday and eat the right foods for energy such as plenty of fruit and veg.


Food poisoning? Some self-help tips


N most cases of food poisoning, you can relieve your symptoms at home without needing to see a doctor.

The most important thing is to make sure you don’t become dehydrated, as this will make you feel worse and slow your recovery time. Dehydration is a risk because fluid is lost through vomiting and diarrhoea. Aim to drink at least two litres (3.5 pints) of water a day, as well as 200ml (one-third of a pint) of water every time you pass diarrhoea.

Oral rehydration salts

If you are more vulnerable to the effects of dehydration (for example, if you are elderly or already have a health condition), oral rehydration salts are recommended. They are available in sachets from pharmacies. You dissolve them in water to drink and they help to replace salt, glucose and other important minerals that your body loses through dehydration. If you have a kidney condition, some types of oral rehydration salts may not be suitable for you. Ask your pharmacist or GP for advice about this. Here are some further ways to cope with your symptoms and speed up your recovery time:  Eating smaller, more frequent meals is easier than trying to eat three large meals.  Stick to easily digested foods, such as toast, crackers, bananas and rice until you begin to feel better.  Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and spicy and fatty foods because these will make you feel worse.  Rest.

When to see your GP

If you are showing signs of severe dehydration, such as sunken eyes and being unable to urinate, see your GP. They may admit you to hospital, so you can be given fluids and nutrients intravenously (through a tube placed directly into your vein). Antibiotics can be prescribed if testing shows that the source of the food poisoning was bacterial and your symptoms are severe or last longer than three to four days. Antibiotics tablets are usually used, although you may be given antibiotics injections if your symptoms are particularly severe or it is felt you would have problems keeping tablets down.






Staying sober Stay safe with your is just the contacts start ALCOHOL PROBLEMS

Contact lenses care

Millions of people wear contact lenses but many do not follow the instructions on safe use. Wearing contact lenses increases the risk of eye infections. Failing to follow the instructions raises that risk considerably. The two main types of contact lens are rigid gas-permeable and soft contact lenses. Instructions for using and caring for your lenses will vary accordingly. It’s vital to follow your eye doctor’s instructions. If you’re using contact lenses for the first time, make sure that they’re prescribed by an eye doctor.

Reusable contact lenses For lenses that are re-used, rather than worn once and discarded, the following guidance applies. After removing your contact lenses, it’s essential that you disinfect them as this prevents harmful organisms building up on the lens. Your eye doctor will advise you on the best contact lens system and care regime. This may include extra cleaning procedures, such as rubbing or rinsing.

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first step to getting better but it is often the hardest one


OU may need help if you always feel the need to have a drink, you get into trouble because of your drinking or other people warn you about how much you’re drinking. A good place to start is with your GP. Be honest with them about how much you drink. If your body has become dependent on booze, stopping drinking overnight can be life-threatening, so get advice about cutting down gradually. Your GP may refer you to a local community alcohol service. Ask about free local support groups, day-centre counselling and one-to-one counselling. You may be prescribed medication such as chlordiazepoxide, a sedative, to help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from not sleeping, agitation, anxiety, sweating and tremors, right through to vomiting, diarrhoea, halluci-

nations and seizures.

STAYING SOBER Cutting down and stopping drinking is often just the beginning and most people will need some degree of help to stay alcohol-free in the long term. Getting support – beyond family, friends or carers – is crucial to understanding and overcoming the issues that make you drink. Ask your GP or alcohol support group about one-toone counselling or group support in your area. You can attend NHS and voluntary-agency day centres for up to a year, as well as groups where ex-alcoholics help each other stay sober.

Disinfection tips To disinfect your lenses, soak them in solution in a storage case for a specific amount of time. Read carefully the notice of the product. Never re-use disinfecting solution or top it up. It must be discarded and replaced with fresh solution each time the lenses are stored. Only use the care products recommended by your practitioner and follow the instructions carefully. A dirty case is a major source of infection.

Case care tips Rinse your storage case, leave it open to dry and clean it with surgical alcohol after use each day. Replace it monthly. Clean thoroughly the storage case each week, using a clean toothbrush and contact lens solution. The cornea loses its sensitivity with contact lens wear. So even in absence of any abnormal sign, it is important to have preventive six monthly check-ups with your eye doctor.

Disposable lenses Daily disposable lenses require no cleaning or disinfection

because the lenses are worn only once and thrown away. Don’t re-use these lenses as they’re unsuitable for repeated use. Even if you wear daily disposables, it’s still important to have regular six monthly check-ups with your eye doctor.

Extended-wear lenses Extended-wear lenses are specially designed for overnight wear and can be worn continuously for up to a month before being discarded. Don’t sleep while wearing lenses unless your eye doctor advises it. He or she will also advise you on how to look after the lenses if you need to remove them temporarily. You may need more frequent check-ups if you wear this type of lens and do not hesitate to contact rapidly your eye doctor by any abnormal feeling or sign.

All types of contact lens You should always: Wash, rinse and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Have an up-to-date pair of spectacles to wear when you need to remove your lenses. Replace the lenses at the intervals specified by your eye doctor. Have regular check-ups with your eye doctor. Seek professional advice if you’re having problems with your contact lenses. Ask yourself these three important questions when wearing your lenses:  Do my eyes look good?  Do my eyes feel good?  Can I see well? If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all of these, or you have any other doubts about your contact lenses, remove them immediately and talk to your eye doctor.

REMEMBER: Never go to bed with a painful red eye. Seek advice immediately. Never bring your lenses into contact with tap water. Never wet your lenses with saliva. Never wear your lenses while you’re having a shower or going swimming (unless you use tight goggles). Dr. Saffiedine Eye doctor - Ophtalmology - Oftalmología Playa de Las Américas





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Moving with the times Dear Editor As a resident of this island for well over ten years, I despair at what I consider to be hinderance to its progress. Yes of course Tenerife is a beautiful island, particularly in the more remote areas which have not been developed. But my contention is that you cannot wrap it in mothballs. It is all very well having a perfect environment but that is not

going to put food on people’s tables or create jobs, is it? My latest despair concerns the proposal for a luxury marina near La Caleta which seems to have caused uproar locally. Why? As far as I can tell, the idea isn’t to build it in La Caleta itself which is still a pretty village despite the mass invasion of Spaniards in the summer and don’t leave it in a very good state afterwards. The marina is to be built between La Caleta and El Duque on a beach which is under-used, even though



some say it is hugely popular with families. I would dispute this. I think creating a marina there is a brilliant idea and should progress. Like the bigger business associations in Tenerife, I agree it would create trade and bring employment to the area. I would think it is in a perfect spot and I am sure there were some objections when Puerto Colon just down the road was constructed. Marinas aren’t ugly – they draw people in and they are a tourist attraction, both for boat owners and for people to walk round. The project would create extra business and I am sure the beautiful restaurants in La Caleta would welcome that. How many of them are struggling at the moment, I wonder? Those who are siding with caution in forwarding the project are taking the right approach. They say everything must be considered first and all the right environmental procedures should be taken before a final decision is made. Tenerife has already seen major setbacks in other projects which would move it forward, such as the north and south trains which I believe are also urgently needed for progress. I am not saying cause harm to the environment but surely progress and nature can work hand in hand. If not, we

would have an empty island which is living in the past. Name and address supplied Los Cristianos

‘ Seeing red over brochures’ Dear Editor I have just read the article concerning the issue of publicity brochures strewn around the streets. I agree entirely with Ashotel, a clampdown by the authorities is long overdue. These leaflets that are left all over Los Cristianos for example, often held in place by a small rock, and are a nuisance that the island could well do without. Everywhere you go you can see the remains of these leaflets lying on the pavements and in gardens, and after today’s downpour the remains of all these leaflets will be there for all to see for weeks on end, making the resort look untidy and dirty. My thoughts are that the people who leave these brochures at the roadside are actually leaving litter behind and therefore should be prosecuted. If it’s shown, as I’m sure it will, that they are being paid to leave this rubbish at the roadside, then let’s see some action

against their employer. I do understand that these companies need to advertise their services to the holidaymaker, but I’m sure that they can come up with better places to distribute the brochures, such as tourist information offices and hotel receptions, or is that too much trouble? Rather than adding to the holiday experience they are in fact spoiling the overall impression for our visitors and residents alike. Grahame Craddock

Bus service for Palm Mar? Dear Editor We have read with interest the recent correspondence about dog mess in Palm Mar and very much agree. However, whilst wishing to say “shame” on dog owners who don’t clear up after their pets, we would also like to say “well done” to the street cleaners. They work ver y hard and it isn’t a nice job to clear up dog mess week in week out. They must despair when all their hard work is ruined after just a few hours. The point of writing, however, is to ask if anyone would start up a campaign for a decent bus service in

Palm Mar. We can’t believe you can’t get out of the village on a bus at the weekend unless you walk to the big roundabout on the main road and believe me, that is not a very nice walk given there is no pavement and there is a lot of fast traffic. The last bus into Palm Mar is at 4.40pm and that is it. There are outlying villages in Tenerife, up the mountains and in the north, which have a much better service so why not Palm Mar? You can catch a bus into Las Galletas at 1.15pm and come back at 4.40pm which would seem an ideal amount of time to do your shopping. Unfortunately, you get there at about 1.35-ish and virtually all of the shops close at 2pm to 5pm! How frustrating is that? Would it be so difficult for Titsa to put on a direct bus service to and from Los Cristianos and could traders not campaign for this? There are some lovely new restaurants opening in Palm Mar and it has lovely walks across the nature reserve which tourists would love as well. If there was a better bus service, this could only be good news for local people and holiday-makers alike. What do other people think? AJC Palm Mar





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Est. 1999

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HE library committee would like to wish members and non-members alike a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2014.(I can’t believe I’m writing 2014 !). We hope that all those leaving for other climes will have a safe journey, and we look forward to seeing you next year! Please note that the library will be closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Hara’s Circle Dance will re-commence on the 8th January. Look out for details of our Pantomime which will be held in January. Back to the present - the British School is presenting another Art exhibition in the library during normal library hours, until the 9th January. All are welcome to come and see the students’ extraordinary work.

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Jag’s stunning F-Type is my car of year


T’S the time of year when we look back at events of the past 12 months and for me that includes deciding on what my best car of 2013 was.

There have been many shining newcomers launched and every manufacturer appears to be raising the bar as they battle it out for sales. Cars are performing better, fuel economy and CO2 figures are improving and designers are really earning their money. I have sampled, small, medium and large models, estates, 4x4s and convertibles – all sorts of vehicles during the past year. Some have been more fun than others, some have had luxury oozing from them – and the good news for new car buyers is that few haven’t lived up to expectation. The car market is so competitive that manufacturers cannot afford to short-sell motorists. I could have gone for the most economical, the best diesel or perhaps the top luxury model but for me the car that stood out from all the others was Jaguar’s F-Type. Okay, I might be biased as it was fellow Scot Ian Callum and his team who designed this terrific looking car. It can be described as sexy, muscular or whatever and you cannot fail to be impressed by its beauty – from whatever angle you look at Jag’s two-seater, convertible sports car. It might not have the magic of Santa’s reindeer sled as it flies across the sky boosted by its nine rp (reindeer power) – Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. But I discovered that Jag’s V6 and V8 engines – 385 and 488bhp - produced explosive power in the F-Type. Settle into the leather-trimmed sports seat in this cockpit-style interior and get ready for lift-off. There are three models to choose from - F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type V8 S, powered by Jaguar’s new 3-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine, in 335 and 385bhp, and its 5-litre V8 supercharged 488bhp unit. First up for me was the F-Type S and I loved every minute of my time with it. Push the start button and the response is immediate with a great roar coming from the engine. I selected auto in the eight-speed Quickshift transmission and gear changes were just as the name would suggest – quick. T his model raced off the blocks with its zero to 60mph time of just 4.8 seconds and there were great sounds from the twin exhausts to go with the acceleration. It also featured a switchable Active Sport Exhaust system that brought even greater sounds as the revs were pushed towards the red line. The F-Type did everything you would expect from a top sports car – and a bit more. The handling and agility were superb as it sped along some winding roads and performance was nothing less than thrilling, especially with the soft-top lowered. The steering wheel mounted paddles also allow easy manual gear changes if you want. With a limited top speed of 171mph you are never going to run out of power in this £67,520 model. But if you feel the need for even more power then there is the V8 S which will virtually rocket off the starting line to 60mph in 4.1 seconds and boasts a limited top speed of 186mph. I only sampled this model briefly but that was enough to feel the extra power under the bonnet. Driving the car with the top down was exhilarating and sampling it as a passenger was similar to a white-knuckle roller-coaster ride. The boom coming from the quad exhaust pipes – yes two at each side – was amazing and nearby pedestrians must have though t there was thunder on the way. Jaguar’s long-awaited sports car is stunning and super fun - I would happily settle for the V6 S if you are reading this Santa. Mostly, I have been a good boy over the year, and wouldn’t be greedy by asking for the £79,985priced V8 S.



Keeping your address up to date


OST people will adhere to the laws, rules and regulations of their native country, but when they live in a foreign one, such as Tenerife they seem to forget that in general the same rules apply. In the UK if you change your address you are legally obliged to advise the DVLA so why not do this here? It is important to note that the Tráfico office (Dirección General de Tráfico or DGT in short) deals with things slightly differently than the UK, but keeping your address on your driving licence and car log book (Permiso de circulación) up to date and CORRECT is very important. In the past addresses were shown on both a driving licence and the car´s Permiso de Circulación but this has changed to ensure they fall in line with the Data protection laws. When you first buy a car the address on Tráfico’s (DGT) records will be the one shown on the Tasa that was filled out. If for any reason this address was incomplete or incorrectly recorded then potentially you may have problems in the future. If for example if you incur any fines etc., as a result of speeding, which are recorded from a mobile or fixed camera, these are sent to the address shown on Tráfico’s (DGT) records. If you subsequently, or indeed if you currently hold or have a Spanish licence or foreign licence in-scripted , then the address provided for that transaction WILL SUPERSEDE any other provided. The address held on the Conductores department of Tráfico is always the one to which any official notifications are sent. If you are what is commonly known as a Swallow, or do not live here permanently, it is quite common for people to not be available to receive the letter that is sent by normal post or sometimes a sign for letter. In order to avoid this you may apply for a digital certificate and register for online correspondence so that you will receive an e- mail which should prompt you to check your online correspondence. You would then have the opportunity to identify the driver, if applicable, write an appeal or provide any documents relating to the fine. Permanent residents may also do this if they wish, and/ or check that their address is full and correct at Tráfico. In order to change your address at Tráfico, you will need to provide an up to date Certificate of Empadronamiento, along with your passport and NIE/Green Certificado de Residencia and the appropriate forms completed. Tráfico’s system does not permit them to enter long addresses so for those living in the South we usually recommended ensuring that the complex name, block number and door number are correct, and whilst a street name is required on the form, this would be omitted if there were not space, as the Post office tends to sort by Complexes rather than street names. If you have any questions or queries please contact me or call 629048529 or 922783828.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q. I have a 2006 ford focus diesel estate 1.6TDCI, the turbo is working but when you get up to 2500 to 3000 revs the turbo seams to stop working and the car goes in to limp mode. I have put the car on a scanner when it’s in limp mode and that shows up a fault code that states “boost low pressure/ under pressure”. Once I turn off the engine for a few minutes, then restart it, it runs fine again until you reach 2500 to 3000 revs and it starts again. The car has 156000 kilometres on it, and has been a good car until now.

A. The first thing I would try changing and the most probable would be the EGR, you might find that you just get away with cleaning it out. Failing that it could be a many things the actuator, turbo, etc.

Q. My 2001 Renault scenic won’t start when the engine is warm. I’ve cleaned the crank sensor but still the same. Can it still be faulty? A. The only way to correctly diagnose the fault is to have the car code read.

Please email your questions to





The Bowling Game


By Graham Cathcart

AST time, I told you about Teide Bowls Club’s first foray into the Spanish Nationals in May 2012 and how they achieved a much better result than could have been expected. I also said that as a coach, I felt that the club could do even better. I honestly felt that but the following year, even my expectations were to be eclipsed. Much to my delight.

For me personally, I had achieved what I had really wanted during the National Championships. I had received an invite to trial for the National Squad. Things were to get better and take a dramatic twist. My trial went well, not as well as I would have hoped, but nevertheless, I did enough to get my invite to join the National squad. That was quickly followed by my first “cap” against Portugal in September, which Spain won comfortably. I was happy as Larry. Then in the beginning of November, I had a phone call from the Spanish National Director, John Muldoon, asking me if I was free to play in the World Championships in Adelaide, Australia. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, one of the men in the squad had had to withdraw and the needed a substitute. I just couldn’t say no. The experience was wonderful, playing against the best in the world. My own International call up was quickly followed up by another club member, Carole McQuade, being called up to the Irish Squad. So things were going well for the club and myself personally. After my return from Oz, we held some meetings regarding the Spanish Nationals in May 2013. As a result 16 players entered the tournament, namely, Cathie Burgess, Norman Gardner, Allan Hood, Jean Hood, Robert Cathcart, Grace Cathcart, Bill Rogerson, Penny Tomlinson, Ian Tomlinson, Bob Booton, Pauline Robinson, Jackie Playford, David Playford, Derek Ward, Diane Ward and myself. Even before the tournament started on May 12th, things were looking good. We played a warm up game against Quesada Bowls Club, which featured eight current or exSpanish International players. Although we were beaten by 22 shots, we did very well against a very strong team on their home green. I have to be honest, before the tournament started in earnest, I believed we could do really well. I certainly believed the squad as a whole could do a lot better than they themselves believed they could do. You have to remember, aside from the four who had played in the Nationals the year before, and were seasoned players having played extensively in the UK, the other 12 players had only ever played in Tenerife. As a result, their confidence wasn’t very high in their own ability, purely because they had never did what they were about to do. But they were up for the challenge. I expected our club to match and maybe slightly improve on the performances and results from the previous year, get the “newcomers” a few wins under their belt, to give them confidence so that we could build upon it in 2014. For me, given the lack of experience that would have been a great result. How wrong I was! Once the dust had settled at the end of the tournament, we had a runner up in the ladies triples (J. Playford, P. Robinson & D Ward), runners up in gents pairs (N. Gardner & B. Booton), beaten semi-finalists in the gents singles (N. Gardner), beaten semi-finalist in gents rinks (G. Cathcart, R. Cathcart, A. Hood & B. Rogerson), two beaten Quarter finalists in gents singles (I. Tomlinson, B.Booton) and five teams / players who made it to the last 16 of the different disciplines. Jackie Playford, for “her leadership, encouragement of her team and sporting manner”, won the Ladies’ Player of the tournament. The players did themselves, Teide B.C. and Tenerife proud. A few of the players surprised themselves. This period was rounded off very nicely when I was lucky enough to be selected for the European Championships. Our team of four (two men and two women – Peter Bonsar, myself, Lynn Greenland and Jan Dando) did very well against Europe’s top countries winning Gold in the ladies pairs, Bronze in mixed rinks and bronze in the Team competition, just finishing behind Scotland and England. So personally, as a player, member of Teide B.C., a coach and International it has been a great year. For Teide B.C. it has been a phenomenal year. Its members have done both the club and Tenerife proud. It goes to show with a bit of dedication, a will to win and practice how much you can achieve in a relatively short space of time. Fancy trying the game? Want to see if you can achieve as much? Want to take up a new pastime? New to Tenerife but want to take up the sport again? Feel free to contact the Winter Gardens bowls reception at Golf del Sur on 922 738683.

City prepares for New Year’s Eve race



A Laguna is to end 2013 with its traditional race known as “La San Silvestre”.

The event, from 6pm on December 31st, will follow the same route as the last three editions, both starting and finishing in the Plaza de la Concepción. The layout consists of two laps. The first leaves the plaza and passes through the streets of Adelantado, Marqués de Celada, Plaza de Doctor Olivera, Herradores, Consistorio, Nava and Grimón, Viana, San Agustín and Ascanio y Nieves before reaching the

plaza again. At this point, the circuit is repeated until the Plaza del Adelantado where the runners turn left into calle Obispo Rey Redondo until the conclusion back in Plaza de la Concepción. Registration is now open and closes on December 26th at 8pm. Those interested can sign up at the sports shops Natalia, both in the metropolitan area and in the south and north of Tenerife ie. La Laguna-Plaza de la Catedral,

Candelaria-Centro Comercial Punta Larga, Granadilla-San Isidro and La Orotava-Centro Comercial El Trompo. You can also sign up on the web on The registration fee is eight euros, with a discount for the unemployed and for families on lower incomes. There is a limit of 3,000 participants and those under 18 must have written permission from their parents/guardians. All entrants will receive a commemorative tee-shirt. There are various categories and cash prizes up tenth

place in each.

Fusing fashion Arona honours with sport sporting heroes GALA AWARDS


Photo by Mediobarco

Tenerife company had an extra reason to applaud the success of world padel champion Carla Mesa.

“Adosmanos” designs outfits for the sport which are stylish, bright, modern but functional as well. The company is part of the Tenerife Fashion consortium and was delighted to see Carla in their creations when she scooped the title in Bilbao. Carla is 22 and comes from Los Realejos. She triumphed with her doubles partner, Clara Siverio. Both have been leaders in the Canary Islands since 2010 and are ranked

tenth with the International Federation. “Adosmanos” produces its padel and tennis sportswear in Tenerife with their craftsmen having a keen eye for detail and quality. It sells throughout the island and exports to many countries. The new collection can be found in stores, see tiendas/ and the website


RONA has been saluting its athletes of the year.

The 28th Sports Gala was held at the auditorium Infanta Leonor de Los Cristianos in the presence of various guests, including the Mayor Francisco Niño and Tenerife Cabildo president, Carlos Alonso. The title of best team of the year went to Club de Taekwondo Samguk, champions of the Canary Islands and eighth in the championships of Spain. Boxer and Spanish light heavy-weight champion, Adasat Rodríguez Rojas was honoured as best male athlete of the year. For her success in judo, Nazaret Martín took the title of best female athlete, having succeeded as champion of Spain and Spanish Super-cup champion. Arona Athletic Club received the first-time award for best practice in gender equality. Special mention was made of Olympic beach volleyball players, Liliana Fernández and Elsa Baquerizo who were honoured with the Arona International Sports Award.

Farmers’ market AT SANTA ÚRSULA TOWN HALL ESPLANADE Saturdays / 8:00 am - 14:00 pm







Council signs Salute to bodyboarder Jeremy Barcelona deal TENERIFE SUCCESS


ENERIFE Cabildo has congratulated Jeremy Hernández for becoming Spanish under-14 champion in bodyboarding.

The La Laguna sportsman was also a member of the Canary team which won the top prize for autonomous communities. Jeremy was received by vice-president of the Cabildo, Cristina Valido and sports councillor, Cristo Pérez who also welcomed members of his family and his coach, Samuel García. Cristina Valido said it was a source of great pride for Tenerife to have a young

athlete in the top flight of this popular sport which had many followers on the island. Cristo Pérez encouraged Jeremy to continue his endeavours with the same enthusiasm and excitement in a mode which required a lot of sacrifice and hours of practise. Jeremy won the individual national title in mid-October and with the team win as well, it rounded off a brilliant season.

The young sportsman belongs to the Club de Surf La Bajeta and is sponsored by the brand Motivación3. He also

has help and contribution from many other supporters, including Diamond bodyboards and Fitenia.

Badminton shines in El Rosario


HE municipal stadium in Los Realejos has become the home of the Barcelona School of Football in the north of Tenerife.

The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez and sports councillor, Benito Dévora recently welcomed representatives to the ground to sign the official agreement. Los Realejos is delighted to join the ranks of Club Deportivo Valeriana, repre-

senting the soccer school in the metropolitan area, and Adeje for the south. About 60 boys and girls born between 1999 and 2007 from the region enjoy sports training each Tuesday from 6pm at the Los Realejos venue.

Derby match won by Las Palmas Badminton took centre-stage during two tournaments in El Rosario and both proved an outstanding showcase for the sport


HE local badminton school played a major role, organising both the III Torneo de Categorías Inferiores and the VIII Open de Navidad El Rosario. The Badminton Club Tenzul El Rosario was ably assisted by the local council’s sports department. The first tournament for lower categories was held on the Saturday at the municipal sports hall of El Chorrillo and counted on 50 players. All agreed they stood out for their behaviour and performance both on and off the courts. It was also good to see such a large turn-out of parents and supporters to cheer the youngsters on. The category for under-9s

saw Javier García become runner-up. He belongs to the Santa Ursula school. In the female category, champion was Daniela Socas of the Granadilla school and runnerup was Marta García of El Rosario. In the Under-11s men, Yeray Mesa ( Granadilla) was awarded the win in the final against Dario Damaso (El Rosario). Both the competitors in the female final were from El Rosario with Carla Castillo champion and runner-up was Nayra Hernán-

dez. In Under-13s, Ismael Melian (Granadilla ) won the final against Efren Perez ( St. Ursula ) and two Granadilla players disputed the women’s final with success for Ainara González against colleague Marta Rodríguez. In the under-15s, Juan Antonio González (Granadilla) succeeded in a close final against Juan Antonio González (Granadilla). Granadilla once again led the way in the women’s final with Lucia Socas beating Ana Mª Mesa in a very long and hardfought match. In the under-17s, El Rosario won both places in the final where Saulo Tejeda conque-

red Oskar Bazo. In the women’s, the victor was Sofia Pomare (Granadilla) against Gisela Rojas (El Rosario). The VIII Open de Navidad El Rosario was the second competition, held on the Sunday. It was also a great success with 61 registered players and more than seven hours of competition. In the men’s doubles, winners were Álvarez/García (C.B. Santa Úrsula Badnor) and in the women’s doubles, Amador/Sintes (C.B. Universitario). Mixed doubles proved evenly matched with Pérez/ Álvarez (C.B. Tenzul El Rosario/C.B. Sta. Úrsula Badnor) proving the winners.


HE best players from the archipelago came together for the final test in the Ryder Cup Canary Pitch and Putt 2013 tournament.

Organised by the Canary Golf Federation, this last encounter of the year was won convincingly by Las Palmas, after beating Santa Cruz de Tenerife with a score of 18.5 to 5.5. The event took place at Anfi Tauro Golf in the south of Gran Canaria and added to the success of Las Palmas which also won the Ryder Club Amateur Men’s and the

Women’s Solheim Cup in October. Santa Cruz de Tenerife only achieved the Ryder Club Senior. The Pitch and Putt tournament is always hotly contested each year, Santa Cruz having won in 2012 at Los Palos in Tenerife and Las Palmas taking the honours the year before. Competiveness is always guaranteed!






Duathlon success for Puerto athlete


Shortlist for annual sports awards Los Realejos has revealed its shortlist for the annual sports awards


HE gala will be held on December 13th and will honour the top male and female athlete of the year, the best teams and the sports person who has shown the most promise. Nominations have been made to the local council by clubs and sport schools.


Puerto de la Cruz athlete has triumphed in duathlon cross at national level. second placed Alberto Sáez from Valencia and three in front of Fernando Martín in third. In addition to coming first in his category, the Puerto sportsman came fifth overall. The event was culmination of a string of successes at provincial level and fruits of a tremendous amount of preparation for the national test. There were more than 300 dual-athletes from across Spain.

Estévez. Competing for the title of best male athlete are goalie Yeray Olivero Talavera, gymnast Joel Hernández

The brave tackle Tenerife Tri Sur The Tenerife Tri Sur held on November 30th proved a real test for the brave


Water polo is back at last! T


OMPETITIVE water polo is back in Los Realejos.

Following two years of talks and negotiations, the sport can once again be played at competition level in the municipal pool. This is great news for Club Natación Reales which saw the new arrangement begin on November 30th. This affects the infants, juveniles and cadets. The Mayor, Manuel Domínguez had launched a series of talks with the various parties involved, including the Canary Swimming Federation and regional section of water polo clubs. Over the last two years, it had not been possible to play competitive water polo matches in the pool because it was said not to meet the official standards. However, these have now been met following adaptations to the goals and their height. The Mayor said this was a great boost for local players who could now play their matches locally which meant a great deal to them. Councillor for sport, Benito Dévora thanked everyone involved in achieving the deal.

the infants of Club de Gimnasia Rítmica Tazmania Realejos and the seniors of Club Tiburones de Los Realejos de Béisbol. The title of best men’s team will go to the juveniles of Club Balonmano Serigrafía Cucas Realejos, the Unión Deportiva Realejos soccer team or the senior section of the Club Natación Reales.

Photos by Gerard Zenou

Rubén Velázquez, a member of Club Ciclista Bicistar de Puerto de la Cruz, climbed to the top of the podium in his first participation in the Spanish championships. He took part in the G20-24M category, wearing number 180, and had to complete a six kilometre walk, 20km mountain bike race and then another three kilometres on foot. He did so in one hour, 14 minutes and 37 seconds. This was almost a minute ahead of

The shortlist for the best female athlete consists of Carla Mesa Salazar (padel tennis), Delioma González Hernández (tri-athlete) and athelete Rosana Abrante

Palmero and mountain bike cyclist Gabriel Yeray Vargas Hernández. The most promising athlete will be tennis player María Pérez Rodríguez, badminton player Silvia García Díaz or swimmer Lorenzo González Martín. For the best women’s team, the contenders are the infants from Club Voleibol Realejos,

HE south of the island was turned into the capital of European triathlon when 169 people rose to the challenge. All agreed there were ver y few places where the weather would allow such a test to be held at the end of November! The endurance marathon consisted of 1.9km swim, 96km bike ride and then a half marathon. The subsequent bike ride was particularly arduous but spectacular as the route took in the Teide National Park and an altitude of 2,200 metres. Finally, there was the walk between Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas which attracted a lot of attention and the tri-athletes were accom-panied on many of the segments by interested

tourists. The event received the support of Tourism of Tenerife, Promotur and Tenerife Top

Training in Costa Adeje where all participants enjoyed a meal and prize-giving ceremony the following morning.

Cupboard beds to take your breath away Transform your room Bettenhaus Hammerer, Tenerife's leading bed specialist based in Los Realejos, has always guaranteed to provide clients with a great night’s sleep. The traditional approach, of course, is a beautiful bedroom with a comfortable bed, beautiful bedding and furniture and lovely accessories. Not everyone has the same sort of space, however, which is where this established company also steps in with its design solutions. You will be absolutely amazed at how hidden wall beds can become part of your lounge, studio or guest room. In many cases, it is impossible to distinguish just where it is! Design has progressed so much in recent years that the idea of a fold-out bed on flimsy leggs or an old-fashioned contraption which creaks and squeaks when you try to put it away is long gone. Bettenhaus Hammerer can offer an extensive range of ideas, made to measure in a variety of finishes, colours and woods. The key words are “content, flexibility and functionality” as offered by Nehl, the European leader in cabinet beds which has many decades of experience. During the day, the bed disappears elegantly into its cabinet and comes in a variety of mattress widths. You can also have matching wardrobes, corner cupboards, display cabinets, bookcases, dressers and so on. The essence of Bettenhaus Hammerer is that it really does care about your health, comfort and well-being. Their premises in Los Realejos offer a huge range of products to help make your sleep more pleasant. If you haven’t bought a new bed for years, you will be totally surprised at how far modern technology and comfort has come. Beds today can adapt to at least five positions for all parts of your body, whether your neck or your feet, and come complete with remote controls which glow in the dark and can change the angle, lights or radio at the touch of a button. You can choose from orthopaedic fitness mattresses and wooden slats to create your own, unique bed. You can buy a bed in large sizes, together with the linen, or even have one specially made for you to suit your home. Their super duvets are very easy to fall in love with and why not. You and your body deserve the latest designs in a wide range of colours and smooth tones such as white, champagne, cream and many more. Bettenhaus Hammerer can also furnish your home with beds, wardrobes, sofa beds and a range of home furnishings, dining rooms, chairs etc. It operates a home delivery service and installation and very affordable options if you have an apartment which is rented out. The company also has a specialist laundry service for duvets, pillows and mattress covers. You can also find everything from flannel sheets and bathroom carpets to down quilts, duvet covers, home decorations, towels and bathrobes. There are beautiful sofa beds and relaxation chairs and even a repair service within the store. You can contact them on 922 36 24 08 and see also their excellent website on which is available in English, Spanish and German.

Bettenhaus Hammerer R


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