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Also distributed in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. 1.50 euros at newsagents.




30th Canary Music Festival 34


D-Day looms for oil exploration T

HE days leading up to September 25th could be vital to the future of the Canary Islands as the final countdown to oil exploration begins.

Depending on your stance, if Repsol’s extensive four million euros environmental report passes the final hurdle, there could be new prosperity for the islands or the threat of “an ecological disaster for years to come”. The Spanish Government opts for the first scenario but the Canary Government and it appears the vast number of organisations, councils, green groups and other bodies believe the second scenario will be true. The two sides have clashed for years in the run-up to this final stage with 45 days being given (extended because of the August holidays) for people to make their views known. In the opinion of Repsol and Spain’s Minister for Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, the chances of an oil spill reaching the coast are “absolutely remote and practically impossible”. The Canary Government is adamant that oil drilling is not wanted off the coast of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote and could ruin the islands, tourism, sea-life, our ecosystem, landscape and image. Sr. Soria, who has become the controversial figure in the whole debate, has just announced that if the 1,000page environmental report is approved as expected, Repsol will start tests in the second half of 2014. If oil or gas were detected, drilling would then start in the first six months of 2015. He says the Canary Govern-

ment has “no solid argument against the application which has been the subject of several court challenges and possibly more legal action to come. So far, however, all the appeals have been dismissed as having no foundation. The Industry Minister said the environmental report, which involved more than 100 experts, showed oil drilling could be carried out in harmony with the existing conditions and all European directives would apply. Repsol itself points out that it has carried out similar operations in tourism and fishing areas around the world. The test drilling would be between 50 kilometres and 100 kilometres off the coast of the two islands in six different locations, up to 6,800 metres deep. All six have codenames, including “Banana, “Carrot” and “Onion” and would last from 60 to 128 days. President of Fuerteventura Cabildo, Mario Cabrera has described the application as “sheer madness with potentially disastrous consequences”. There is still confusion about

how, where and when the plans can be seen by the ordinary person, with the Canary Government calling for a touring public exhibition across all seven islands and full internet availability. Views will also have to be put in writing and in triplicate, which anti-oil campaigners say is a deterrent to individuals. Full information about any exhibitions will be published on Tenerife News online at as soon as it is received. It is definitely available at the Ministry of Industry and Energy’s Subdelegation office in Plaza de la Feria, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria between 9am and 2pm (order dated July 29th with 45 days to comment). After much searching, the Tenerife News has also discovered there is a link to the report, “Estudio de Impacto Ambiental - Prospecciones Petrolíferas en Canarias, on the Fuerteventura Cabildo website of (in Spanish with instructions on how to access if you have difficulties in downloading). On Monday, Repsol also provided this link to download the report.



EBATE has opened about whether the south of Tenerife could benefit from a tourist tram and not everyone is convinced.

The idea was raised by Arona’s Mayor and has not been dismissed out of hand by the Cabildo. But Adeje’s councillor for tourism and transport, Rafael Dolado believes a tram would “drown” the taxi trade. See Viewpoint inside.










































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Air quality, Cigarettes safe or not? seized in PIONEERING OPERATION


ORE controversy has broken out over the Cepsa oil refinery in Santa Cruz.

In a new report, the Public Health Directorate has called for tougher regulations as part of the Air Quality Plan so that daily sulphur dioxide emissions are lowered even further. Experts say they are concerned about the effect of the refinery on people’s health and mortality rates through respiratory diseases. They want emissions cut by a third. However, Cepsa has hit back, saying the report is full of inaccuracies, falsehoods and ignorance and has caused unnecessary alarm because of misinformation to the public. The company says “air quality in Santa Cruz is currently the best in the history of the refinery”.


Further delay for insular ring road


ORK on completing Tenerife south’s insular ring road will be suspended until at least September pending budget discus-


The Canary Government has still to approve the financial allocation for the project which the island considers absolutely vital to its future. At least six million euros is needed but this will increase to around 20 million euros to finish off from Adeje to Guia de Isora. One of the main challenges and expenses is a viaduct which would have to

be built on the mainland and then installed on site. Construction of the section between Erques and Chio could begin in October and take about a year and eight months to finish. The update was given during a meeting with business representatives to discuss how to revitalise the south from a quality and competitiveness point of view.


Santa Cruz fights for villages


ANTA Cruz has made an official application to have threatened coastal communities saved by Spain.

The city council has submitted cases for areas such as Taganana, Almáciga, Roque de las Bodegas, Tachero and Igueste de San Andrés to certify their “urban character”. It is hoped amendments to the Coastal Act will allow these villages to stay as they are and not be demolished. The criteria included proving that the communities had water, electricity and roads and the capital is hopeful of success. See full story on our Canary news pages.

seven island raids


mass raid on outlets throughout the Canary Islands which sell cigarettes has led to a huge haul of confiscated goods.

This was the first time such an operation has been carried out in the archipelago and follows the tightening up of the tobacco laws. Before, it was not compulsory for cigarette packs to have seals but this changed in January. Tax officials and the Civil Guard teamed up for an operation which spanned all seven islands which was performed over two days in 86 establishments. Irregularities were found in 52 of them, just over 60%. In total, they seized 32,500 packets of cigarettes, 13,270 of cigars and 209 kilos of

tobacco. Many of them lacked an official stamp or contravened the strict laws on advertising the dangers on the front of the packets. Of the items confiscated, 54% had both health and fiscal irregularities, 25% had tax contraventions and 21% did not confirm to the public health advertising standards. Those responsible now face prosecution and heavy fines, possibly up to 10,000 euros for each establishment. The operation is part of the ongoing campaign by the Tax Office to clampdown on cigarette smuggling.


Lifeguard issue prompts UK warning


HE lack of a full service from lifeguards on Los Cristianos beach appears to becoming an issue abroad as well.

The 17 members of staff have not been paid for over a year and are therefore on strike, although still doing their job on a rota basis for the sake of safety. Spanish newspapers have picked up that the issue is reported on the UK Foreign Office’s site as part of general advice for tourists. The lifeguard situation falls under the same umbrella as alerts over balconing and pickpockets for those planning to travel to Tenerife.

Holiday-makers are being urged to take extra special care on the Arona beaches because of the lifeguard controversy. Tenerife’s tourism chief, Carlos Alonso has commented that although the situation is serious, it is not on a par with news about the unrest in Egypt, for example, or other major problems. He considered the alarm to be exaggerated but said it still needed to be solved as a matter of urgency by Arona Council.





WINNER OF THE 2 PREMIUM TICKETS IS: Lynn Stringer, Puerto de Santiago THE



Tree fall traps woman



woman was seriously injured are being hit in Santa Cruz by a falling tree.

The emergency services were called in to free the 23year-old victim who was trapped by the branches. The incident happened in the district of El Perú and it is understood she suffered hip, back and head injuries. An investigation is underway to find out exactly what happened. At one stage, the woman tried to crawl out from under the tree near a wall.

Carnival winner after vote suspension


ANTA Cruz has its Carnival poster for the 2014 event amid earlier controversy surrounding suspect voting over the internet.

After the public poll was suspended, a jury made the selection from the five shortlisted entries instead and chose the design of Juan Pedro Hidalgo Sabina called

“Agüitaaaa”. It will be the face of the Carnival which will be on the theme of “Cartoons”. The Carnival will begin on Friday, February 28th with the proclamation of events and

continue until March 9th with Piñata Sunday. The organising committee may now reconsider how the winning poster is chosen. Public participation is favoured but possibly through emails or the social network sites. The original voting system was suspended when a fraud was


detected through the internet involving some sort of mass vote technique through a special programme. The Carnival organisers would like to thank everyone who did cast a vote in a genuine way and regret that the deception had necessitated suspension.

Arrest in “sexting” Cocaine was destined for Canaries case MASSIVE SEA HAUL


OLICE who seized more than 500 kilos of cocaine on a sailing boat in the Atlantic say the drugs were destined for the Canary Islands.

Five arrests have been made so far but there could be more to come as the operation, involving the National Police and tax officers, is still open. The smuggling gang has been described as “highly sophisticated” and apart from the drugs, worth around 135 million euros on the open market, weapons and jewellery have been confiscated. A further three boats have been seized, together with several luxury cars, 40,000 euros in cash, gold bullion, satellite telecommunications equipment, nearly a dozen

firearms including rifles and guns and high-end vehicles. The five arrested are two Spaniards, an Irishman, an Australian woman and an American. The organisation was moving large amounts of drugs from South America, with a stop at Cape Verde where it was stored and then on to the Canaries in gradual lower amounts. The sailing boat was intercepted in international waters during the early hours of July 17th when the 500 packets of cocaine, each weighing approximately one kilo, were discovered. One of the other boats seized was berthed in Tenerife and had the guns hidden in an old juke box. Police say the cocaine could have made 8.4 million doses.



young person has been arrested by the Civil Guard in Fuerteventura for alleged coercion in a “sexting” incident.

Police say this practice is becoming quite common amongst the young who are sharing intimate images over mobile phones or pictures over the internet of people having sex. A minor has been reported

for issuing threats to a girl, claiming he would distribute nude images of her unless she had sex with him. He is likely to face charges of criminal threats, corruption of a minor and disclosure of secrets.






Centre backed by private Woman hurt in donations gas explosion EL MÉDANO BLAST


woman has been badly injured in a gas explosion in El Médano.

The accident happened last Saturday in a property in avenida de Abona at about 8am. It is understood the woman, who is in her 80s, had lit a stove to make a cup of coffee and it exploded in her face. She suffered second-degree burns to both hands, arms and her face. An investigation is under way to find out what happened and what led to the loud explosion. Fortunately, it did not affect kitchen canisters or the consequences could have been much worse. Firemen reported that the stove canister was in perfect condition and was valid until 2017. The blast caused cracks in a wall of the kitchen so the premises had to be cordoned off pending a technical inspection. Police, fire crews and an ambulance all attended the scene before the woman was taken to hospital for treatment.


Hashish seized as four boats stopped


HE Guardia Civil has thwarted attempts to smuggle hashish into Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura.

Over a period of 15 days, four separate boats were intercepted which prevented the entry of more than two tons of hash. In total, 19 people have been arrested. The operations took place between June 26th and July 11th. In the first case, police stopped a zodiac-type boat on the coast of Burrero, in the municipality of Ingenio, Gran Canaria. Six people were arrested and 1,200 kilos of hashish seized. Later, another five people were arrested and charged in connection to this incident. The second interception happened on the coast of Veneguera, also in Gran Canaria, where agents seized 810 kilos of hash, arrested the

two occupants of the boat and then the proposed recipient of the drugs. The third boat was spotted by the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard on its way to Fuerteventura. The occupants tried to throw the drugs overboard but police were still able to retrieve 30 kilos of hash and arrested the three crew members. The fourth ship was intercepted off the coast of San Bartolomé and though it could not be stopped, four people were later arrested and 150 kilos of hashish confiscated. A house was searched in Santa Lucía de Tirajana and various items seized, including six vehicles, mobile phones and documents.



N animal protection centre in Tenerife has received a welcome donation from one of the island’s big companies.

Healthcare business, Bayer has presented 400 antiparasitic collars to the island’s Cabildo so they could be given to the Animal Protection Centre “Tierra Blanca” located on a finca at Valiera (Fasnia). The centre is run by the Cabildo with private help, such as from Loro Parque and the president of SOS-Proyects, Renate Thyssen-Henne amongst others. It currently looks after some 400 abandoned dogs. Bayer representatives, Mario Montes and Zaloa Izaguirre stressed the special sensitivity of Tenerife with such animals. Tierra Blanca has a site of more than 2,600 square metres with compartments for the animals, outside patios and a veterinary clinic amongst its facilities.


Row over control of Los Cristianos port


HE Canary Government is insisting that management and control of the port in Los Cristianos should revert to them and not the Spanish Government. They say the port is the most profitable in the country and has just provided five million euros for the State. This is said to be double that of all other Canary ports. The Canary Executive is calling for an urgent transfer of power and say there are no reasons to justify it being controlled by Spain rather than locally. There is also a dispute about the Spanish Government’s intention to transfer some of the passenger transport to the future port of Fonsalia. Canary Ports point out that this infrastructure has still to be

constructed and has been affected by economic cuts. The Canary Government says it would use income from Los Cristianos port to improve its facilities and to help the completion of Fonsalia. It also points out that income is not meant for the general coffers but to improve the port. Income from the Los Cristianos port is on the increase because of expansion in the number of berths and concessions for administrative ground services. It is also hoped to provide better facilities to attract the big cruise ships.

Extra hour for nightclubs CHANGE APPROVED


HE Canary Government has announced a relaxation on the opening hours of pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Nightclubs will be allowed to open for an extra hour depending on where they are situated and if the proper application is received and approved. The amendments have been made on request of business owners who feel it will be a help in these difficult economic times. President of the British Federation of Hospitality, Leisure and Services (Fecao), José Antonio Santana welcomed the changes which he said they had helped to formulate. The extra hour for nightclubs will be for tourist areas to bring them in line with other parts of Spain.





Views sought on San Telmo project

Warning to speeding drivers La Orotava intends to crackdown on speeding drivers

CONSULTATION EXTENDED bition, officers will look at all the comments and suggestions. Despite extending the consultation period, no delay is anticipated in implementing the project as San Telmo is considered an axis point with great potential for business development, cuisine and economic activity. It is planned to substantially improve the look of the area and remove all physical barriers to the sea. The project has a budget of 1.6 million euros and a lead time of ten months.


UERTO residents are being urged to give their views on the plan for a new-look San Telmo area.

Tenerife Cabildo has extended the deadline for comments until August 19 th and is to put samples of the material on display in an office in the town. The decision was announced by vice-president, Carlos Alonso during a meeting with


HE local council hopes police will soon be equipped with radar vehicles in a bid to curb excessive speed. This is happening in various parts of the municipality and is one of the main complaints of residents. Deputy Mayor and councillor for safety, Narciso Pérez said ever yone had to be

aware that driving above the speed limit endangered everyone.


Rescue at La Caleta


HE emergency helicopter was called in after a young woman suffered a fall on the seafront at La Caleta.

residents at which other councillors were present and manager of the Consortium for Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz, Fernando Senante. Interested parties can also visit corporativa. Following the public exhi-

The alert was raised in the early evening after the incident on the beach known as “Los Hippies”. Firemen who went to the scene activated the GES helicopter which transferred the 24-year-old woman to the heliport in Adeje, from where she was taken to hospital. Her injuries were reported to be of not a serious nature.

Granadilla port “on its last hurdle” T EC FINANCING

HE Mayor of Granadilla says the controversial port project will go ahead and “no-one can stop it!”

His declaration came after the European Commission resolved on July 24th to provide 67 million euros from the Cohesion Fund to complete construction. Mayor, Jaime González Cejas said he was “pleased and overjoyed” at the decision because it was the first ladder

towards implementation of the infrastructure. He said it also dismissed the allegation from environmental groups that the EC was not interested in the project and had completely withdrawn all funds. It also showed the port was consistent with the priorities and objectives set by the

European Union. The money will cover construction and completion of the port dam and compensatory measures for the restoration of the Red Mountain Nature Reserve. The Mayor said that within the next few months, the Canary Government would report on the environmental impact of clearing the proposed site and on the materials

to be used. He described this as “the last hurdle” towards the realisation of a long-awaited project which would be of great interest to Granadilla, Tenerife and the Canaries. Granadilla, he concluded, was closer to becoming a node of communications for Tenerife and it would bring economic benefits for the town and island and employment.






“Don’t let your Embassy in insurance passport expire” alert and health card alert ESSENTIAL PACKING

If you live in Tenerife, you will know only too well that family and friends love to visit.

..Embassy advice


HE number of emergency passports issued by British Consulates in Spain rose 11% last year to a total of 6,005 – more than a fifth (22%) of the Foreign Office world total. The increase has triggered the British Embassy to warn British expats to take care of their passports, check the expiry date and renew them in good time. In May alone this year, 493 emergency passports were issued to British nationals in Spain, including 280 as a result of theft (mainly bag theft), car break-ins, burglary and pick-pocketing. Of the 213 emergency passports issued for other reasons, 14% were because full passports had expired. Expatriates should check when their passports are due to expire and make a diary note to renew them up to nine months earlier, says Will Middleton, new Consular Regional Director for Spain. “Living overseas, it can be easy to think that you don’t need your passport or to forget

to renew it. “But if you need to travel at short notice, getting an emergency passport is both costly - currently 116 euros and time-consuming, which can add further to what may already be a stressful situation. And you will still need to renew your full passport when you get back.” Many people fear that by renewing a passport before it expires they will ‘lose out’ on validity they have paid for. In fact any remaining validity on your existing passport (up to a total of nine months) will be added to the new one. Circumstances in which British expatriates can find themselves needing emergency passports vary from the death or serious illness of a loved one through to job opportunities put at risk - like the resident who was offered

an interview in Germany only to discover his passport had expired. Others have been forced to cancel holidays of a lifetime for lack of a valid passport. One customer, who had already suffered five lost or stolen passports over the years and received a warning from the Passport Service, decided to keep the latest one safe by storing it in the freezer. Unfortunately it got wet, so he had to get yet another emergency one. Applying for a new passport is simple: download the application form and guidance notes from overseas-passports, complete them at home and send them off with your photographs. A new passport generally takes a minimum of four weeks from when the application is received.


OU can play an important role in making their trip happy and safe by advising them to get a health card and travel insurance.

“If you’re having family or friends to stay this summer, they’ll be asking you what they need to bring. Item number one on their checklist should be the European Health Insurance Card - also known as an EHIC,” says a British Embassy spokesman. “This simple piece of plastic entitles the holder to all medically-necessary treatment during a temporary stay in Spain. It’s easy to get – check out - and it costs nothing. “Although most people’s trips are trouble-free, things can go wrong. An EHIC will provide peace of mind in case someone needs to see the doctor. It’ll help to ensure they don’t take home a big hospital bill should they need medical care.” Comprehensive travel insurance is the second vital item on a visitor’s packing list. It covers all the extras that an

EHIC doesn’t provide, such as repatriation in the case of medical emergency. If a visiting friend or family member is taken into hospital, an EHIC is enough to cover someone until they are well enough to travel home. If someone who is taking out travel insurance has a preexisting medical condition, then do remind them to declare it. If they don’t, the insurer may well invalidate their policy. “You won’t fool them but they may make a fool of you”, says an Embassy spokesman. Every year consular staff in Spain are asked to assist hundreds of Britons who have failed to take out travel insurance or who have invalidated their policies, and who have ended up facing huge bills when attending a private clinic or hospital. However, visitors to Spain

should be aware that they do not have to provide travel insurance as payment for medically necessary treatment in a public or state healthcare facility. They should insist that their EHIC is accepted. Anyone asked to sign a form or disclaimer in a state hospital should check that they are not forfeiting the right to be treated under an EHIC. If someone’s EHIC is refused or for other concerns about using an EHIC whilst in Spain, call the Department of Health team at the British Consulate on 902 109 356. A visitor who needs to see a doctor and doesn’t have an EHIC with them can also get a Provisional Replacement Certificate from the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle, on +44 191 218 1999. To apply for an EHIC go to For more information on EHIC entitlements, visit


Puerto could become surfing Siam, simply the best hot-spot VISITOR ACCOLADES


UERTO de la Cruz could become a new surf ing destination. Business leaders have revealed they are working on a plan to present some of the best surfing waves in Spain and even Europe. The spot is located in the coastal strip at the back of Lago Martiánez and is a project which falls under the umbrella of the Urban Consortium for Rehabilitation of Puerto de la Cruz. A preliminary study has been carried out by the Canary Surf Federation and several tests have already been completed to show the idea is

feasible. Work will be necessary to remove ledges and rocks and will complement planned improvements to the Martiánez beach which mainly includes sand replenishment. The new Puerto de la Cruz Xperience has around 90 members and sport is one of the objectives to make a visit to the town extra special.

Siam Park has received a triple accolade from visitors.


N a new survey, it was voted the best amusement park in Spain, the second best in Europe and was ranked tenth in the world.

The awards were made by TripAdvisor as part of a new section, Travellers’ Choice Attractions. They were based on the quality and quantity of views and spanned from China, Europe and India to the Middle East, South America and Australia. The recommendations were made direct by visitors. Siam Park was opened in 2008 and is part of the Loro Parque group.






TV show needs Tenerife hopefuls Have you fallen in love with Tenerife? Are you looking to relocate here permanently from Britain?

Pact made over taxi runs



HE producers of the BBC programme “Escape to the Country” are planning a new series called “Escape to the Continent” and you could be one of its stars.

The new programme will be follow a similar format but with British people who wish to find a different life-style and location. They are looking for Brits planning to move to Tenerife. Depending on the response, they will decide whether to shoot an episode or two in Tenerife. Please email the team on or visit the ‘Be on a show’ page for an application form: Alternatively, call 01494 733 550 and leave a brief message including your name, telephone number and mention your wish to move to Tenerife.

Tegueste targets road Vilaflor safety thief caught POLICE ALERT

in act


EGUESTE has cut its road accident statistics by 37% in the last two years and hopes to make further reductions.


would-be thief was caught red-handed trying to steal from tourists in Vilaflor.

The man, of Algerian nationality, was surprised by a police patrol just as he was opening a car door at the Mirador de Pino Gordo. Various documents had been left inside and personal items valued at 1,100 euros. Police are reminding tourists to always lock their doors when out sight-seeing and never leave valuables inside vehicles. If they have to, items should be locked away out of sight.

The local council has entered into an agreement with Central de Tráfico to look at improving all aspects of road safety in the municipality. The collaboration was signed by traffic chief, Ramón Guerra González and the Mayor, José Manuel Molina Hernández who said: “We live in one of the most tranquil towns of the island and this we owe, in a large part, to the efforts of the police.” The agreement will include information for drivers on potential breaches and the penalties they would face, surveillance and control campaigns, data concerning new registrations and change of ownerships, accident statistics and safety issues.


HE taxi sectors in Granadilla and San Miguel have been holding meetings to try and work out how to co-ordinate airport runs.

The Mayors of both municipalities and presidents of the two taxi associations are discussing issues such as operations, rules and shifts. The main aim is to distribute the work available to and from the south airport in a fair way for all and to provide the best image of the industry to tourists. All agreed they had to try and work together rather than in opposite directions.

House fire in Puerto


IREFIGHTERS from La Orotava were called in to deal with a house fire in Puerto de la Cruz.

The alert was raised in the early afternoon when a 1-1-2 call was made to the emergency services. Fire had broken out in the kitchen of a property in avenida Colon and a large quantity of smoke was reported. After checking no-one was inside, the firemen brought the situation under control. Flames had affected a heater and apparatus for purifying water.

Bettenhaus Hammerer R


Lying high... sleeping deep!


The American Art of Sleep!

OPEN: Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:30 Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 C/El Toscal 7 - El Toscal - Los Realejos Tel. 922 36 24 08 - Fax. 922 36 35 07 O U R PA R T N E R S :








Row over Popular site for landscape hits state of A bathing areas “know your landscape” website set up by Tenerife Cabildo has multiplied its hits six times over.


row has broken out about the state of bathing areas in San Juan de la Rambla.

Opposition councillors have described the situation as “unacceptable” and have criticised the standard of cleanliness and maintenance. Deputy spokesman for the Socialists, Cayetano Silva says the few bathing areas of the town are in “a shameful state” and blames lack of investment. The local council is being accused of not carrying out regular maintenance or cleaning, particularly in the lead-up to summer when there is always an influx of visitors. As a result, it is claimed, the image of the town is suffering.

The site of is designed to promote knowledge of the island’s heritage, particularly as an educational tool for students. In just a year and half, it has received more than 66,000 visits , rising from 1,100 in March of 2012 to 7,706 in June. “Paisaje de Tenerife: Recursos Didácticos” (“Tenerife Landscape: Learning Resources”) is available to everyone interested in learning more about the island’s spectacular landscape or wanting material for teaching purposes. There are various sections, including maps and a photo gallery and inter-active activities to test your knowledge. This coming year, the Cabildo is also to introduce a landscape workshop for schools. It is hoped this project will generally help to raise awareness about preservation of Tenerife’s natural assets and the need for improvements and conservation.


“Disgusting” state of play areas


Trio of plans on display


ANTA Cruz says it has taken another major step forward in improving three important areas of the capital.

Following consultations with various bodies and residents, plans have gone on display for the new look for Maritimo Park, El Toscal and the harbour. Comments can be made up until late-October and a special office is being opened in the city where the plans can be inspected. The Mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez said the schemes

were “fundamental to the progress of Santa Cruz “ and had been a long time in the studying stage. They would improve the quality of life for residents and help to create and safeguard jobs. The city council extended the period of consultation so that summer holidays would not cause a problem.


HESE pictures show the “disgusting and unacceptable” state of some of the children’s playgrounds in San Juan de la Rambla, according to opposition council lors.

Spokesman for children’s parks and gardens, Eulalia Toledo has called for urgent action, saying there has been unacceptable deterioration over the last seven months.

Children are being subjected to danger in districts where decent play areas are desperately needed and there is a “complete absence” of maintenance and cleaning. The Socialists say there are play areas where walls are chipped, trees are dying with roots sticking out, street and play furniture has deteriorated and planting needs urgent attention. What is needed, they say, is love and care and for the council to shoulder their responsibility.




The day of traditions Safety comes first at



ILL AGERS of Chirche in the municipality of Guia de Isora helped to turn the clocks back to the middle of the last century. The eighth edition of “El Día de las Tradiciones” or “The Day of Traditions” once again attracted a huge crowd. Visitors were able to watch demonstrations of threshing, baking bread, milking goats, water carrying, sewing and roasting maize amongst many others. Eight homes and a patio were taken over and an old shop was recreated to sell products such as honey, fruits, bread and wine. There was even a school with its


Photos by Fran Dorta pupils and teacher. The day also featured live music and a dance of yesteryear. The event was organised by the association of residents of San Felipe , with the assis-tance of Guia de Isora council.


AN Juan de la Rambla intends to step up security for the annual fiesta and romeria of San José.

The team of stewards for the 18th edition of the pilgrimage

on September 14 th is being increased to 35.

Bike riders see red in La Laguna


YCLING might be good for the environment and a great way to keep fit but it’s causing controversy in La Laguna.

A safety board has been set up consisting of local police, the Civil Guard, Canar y Police and Civil Protection. Around 7,000 people are expected to attend the festivities and the council wants to ensure everyone’s safety and that the day and evening goes off without a hitch. All regulations will be looked at, including regarding the animals, fireworks and the decorated wagons. Last year, organisers were delighted there were no incidents and want this to be the same in September. The Mayor, Tomás Mesa said San Juan de la Rambla was known for being a friendly, safe and responsible place but “you could never be too careful”.


Bike riders say the local authority and police are taking a too heavy-handed approach to controlling the increasing number of enthusiasts. They claim fines have been imposed for trivial issues, including for a person caught talking on their mobile phone whilst riding and for not wearing a helmet on a short trip to the shops. However, the allegations are being refuted as the council says there are problems which need attention, including riding on pavements, safety for pedestrians and some instances where snatch thefts have been committed by cyclists. Police also point out that if fines are being imposed, they are because of breaches of mandatory rules such as having two people on a bicycle or riding in a hazardous way to the detriment of other road users or people. They say some bike riders are going too fast. The issue has hit the social network sites, with arguments for and against being put by bike riders and pedestrians. It is hoped that eventually, La Laguna might have a dedicated route of cycle paths.







Barranco to reopen by end of year?

Cultures unite for Indian tradition RATHA YATRA


DEJE’S Barranco del Infierno is expected to reopen before the end of the year.


Photos by Daniel L. Cetrulo

The Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga has been quoted in the Spanish press as saying the council intends to take over responsibility of the currently closed beauty and walking spot from the Cabildo. No official announcement has yet been made. The barranco has been closed for four years following the death of a tourist because of a landslide and a major plan is being developed to ensure total safety of visitors. The site was hugely popular with hikers and was at one stage the second most visited natural landscape attraction in Tenerife after Mount Teide. There will be new rules and regulations, including a limit on the number of people per day (expected to be 200), a control point and guided walks to prevent individual access. A charge will be made to get in but this has not been set, according to the Mayor.

Colour and Indian tradition came to the streets of south Tenerife when the Hindu community celebrated “Ratha Yatra” in Arona.


HIS lovely “Festival of the Floats” has been held for the last four years and once again counted on the support of India-Canary friends and supporters, including the local council and various associations.

Tidy-up for Tegueste areas


The event has its roots in the annual procession in India known as Ratha-Yatra in the city of Puri in the state of Orissa. The celebration dates back many centuries and is echoed in all the major cities of the west, including Madrid, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Moscow, London, Paris and Sydney. In Ratha-Yatra, visitors witness a variety of cultural events and exhibitions, with theatre, musical and dance performances. Arona’s culture councillor, Miguel Ángel Méndez represented the council in the procession where a large number of people helped to pull with ropes a chariot carrying revered images. This then toured several streets in Playa de las Americas and was followed by music, dance and tastings of traditional Indian food.

Huge crowd enjoys Ravelo fiesta LONG TRADITION


EGUESTE has promised residents of El Portezuelo and Pedro Álvarez major improvement works to their environment.

An infrastructure plan will upgrade the two areas of the municipalities, such as attention to vegetation, walls, painting of the church plaza, new lighting, street repairs, replacement litter bins and general tidying-up. Councillor for works, Sandra Ramallo said the council was

determined that in these days of budget cuts, projects should reach all parts of the town. The tidy-up also coincides with an appeal to property owners to keep their land and gardens free from debris and dry material in a bid to avoid summer fires as temperatures soar.

HE environment and tradition came together when more than 3,000 people enjoyed a popular fiesta in El Sauzal.

About 30 decorated carts meandered through the town’s streets and there was a warm welcome from the Mayor, Mariano Pérez. All ages, from the very young to the older generation, enjoyed the “Fiesta de la Santa Cruz de Ravelo” which is one of the municipality’s most deep-rooted traditions. The procession took hours to travel along its route, ending in the church plaza during early evening with a fantastic party atmosphere for all. There’s a lot going on in El Sauzal so if you want to keep up to date, see

Farmers market AT SANTA ÚRSULA TOWN HALL EXPLANADE Saturdays / 8:00 am - 14:00 pm









October strike La Gomera call is not clear seeks direct UK f lights cut


question mark is hanging over the decision to call a General Strike in the Canary Islands in October.

Industrial action was originally planned for July but it was agreed to put if off until after the summer. Now, however, it appears that the two major unions are not necessarily in agreement about whether to go ahead or not. They fear that unless there is complete consensus, the turn-out could be low. Canary CCOO and the UGT are currently discussing the way ahead. The UGT has told the Spanish press that the decision to go ahead with the strike in October has already been taken but the CCOO has indicated it is still willing to talk with the Government. The protests would be over continuing budget cuts, employment rights, record unemployment, the diminishment of public services and fears about what will happen in the next year. Those who support a strike believe October is the right time as by then, details of the draft budget will have been announced.

La Gomera is seeking a direct flight with the UK


SLAND chiefs say this is vital to not only maintain the number of British holiday-makers but to increase them too.

At the moment, the island is connected twice a day with Tenerife’s north airport but La Gomera Cabildo considers this unsatisfactory for residents and tourists. Tourism councillor, Fernando Méndez said they were working on new connections and though there would be limitations on the aircraft which could be used, British Airways had not closed the door to the idea. The

airport on La Gomera would only be able to take a plane with 150 seats but it is believed there would be a high demand. Sr. Méndez said it was a priority to achieve better connections to the island and a request has been made to the Canary Government for a flight at least once a week to Madrid and Frankfurt. Discussions are also being held with low flight operators.

Jobless figure falls for fifth month


HERE appears to be better news on the employment scene in the Canary Islands.

Latest figures show the number of jobless in the archipelago has fallen for the fifth successive month. This is the first time this has happened since 2007. It may not be a huge drop but the decline is welcomed and is regarded as a positive sign that perhaps things are getting slightly better at last. Unemployment remains very high, however, and is still a very major problem for thousands of families. In July, the total number of people without work in the Canaries fell by 2,679 which in percentage terms is 0.9%. It means the total unemployed is 290,375, according to figures released by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. Since July of 2012, unemployment here has risen by 520 or 0.20%. By provinces, the number of jobless in Santa Cruz fell by 1.08% or 1,492 in July, bringing the total to 136,048. In the province of Las Palmas, unemployment fell by 1,187 people or 0.76% to 154,327. Nationall, registered unemployment fell in July from the previous month by 64,866 people or 1.36% which cut the total number of men and women to 4,698,814. In the Canaries, all sectors have registered a decline, including agricultural, industry, construction and services. Of the unemployed, 143,073 are men and 147,302 are women and 20,997 are under 25.



Time-share scam on Gran Canaria?

Action plan for La Palma


URTHER arrests have been made in Gran Canaria for an alleged tourist scam.

Police say a gang has been at working selling bogus time-share weeks to unsuspecting holiday-makers. It is being reported that most of those arrested are British but as yet no further details have been given.

The latest round of arrests were made last week in the town of Arguineguin, according to the National Police. On this occasion, 18 people were arrested, taking the total number so far in this operation to 76.

The arrests were made by the Organised Crime Unit who raided and searched several offices and showrooms belonging to several companies. It is alleged that products were being sold which did not exist. Those arrested have since been released pending further police enquiries.


HE Cabildo on La Palma has given its full backing to an action plan to help revitalise the island, particularly from a tourism point of view.

Leaders are particularly keen to turn the situation around with German holiday-makers and to win back lost numbers. Cabildo president, Guadalupe González Taño said they were happy to approve a blueprint which will see promotions in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as in Germany. He said the top priority had to be raising awareness of the island and to improve connectivity. Other measures will include more help for small to medium-sized enterprises, new technology and the encouragement of electric vehicles.

Canary companies to gain Cabildo backs massive loans organic farming LECTURES PLANNED

Farmers on La Palma are being encouraged to diversify into organic techniques


HE Cabildo has teamed up with the Canary Foundation International Centre for Organic Agriculture as it feels this is a way forward for the island. There will be various lectures and meetings about crops such as the avocado, dessert apple, potato and carrot between now and the end of the year. It is expected to turn the spotlight on at least 22 different products. Councillor for agriculture, César Martín highlighted the importance work being carried out by the CIAB as this allowed the sharing of information and experiences of farmers.



A Caixa and the Canary Government have teamed up to offer millions of euros worth of grants to budding entrepreneurs.

Details of the scheme were released during a press conference attended by bank representatives and Canary president, Paulino Rivero. The micro loans will be available at up to 50,000 euros each as part of a fund of 25 million euros and will help between 800 and 1,000 companies in the archipelago. The majority of the loan funding, 85%, comes from the European Regional Development Fund. The aim is to help entrepreneurs set up business and though a feasibility plan will have to be presented, the unique feature is that no guarantees will be necessary. Sr. Rivero said these loans should not be considered as an isolated event but as a continuing policy. He revealed that establishment of the fund had required more than 40 meetings and the long-term objective was to channel two billion euros from the European Fund for the years 2014 to 2020. The Canaries are being used as a pilot scheme and it is hoped to offer other help, such as loans for businesses which have been established for more than three years and a line of venture capital. The goal, said the president, was to encourage the momentum of economic activity and to “attack the problem we have in the State” and in particular Canary employment.






Two die in sewer


Baby arrives in broken-down car! EMERGENCY DELIVERY

the car so the mother could lie back and then told him how to help. At one stage, said the emergency centre, the line went completely dead but when contact was re-established, the father announced that the baby had been born and was well and thriving. The doctor then gave further

N investigation is underway after two men died when cleaning a sewer in Santa Cruz de La Palma.


Two other people who attempted to rescue them were also affected by toxic gas. One of them had to be taken to hospital but the other, a fireman, did not need treatment. The two deceased men had been working for a cleaning company and were

carrying out sanitation work at a building block in the area of El Puente. The alarm was raised when they were not heard from for two hours. The fire brigade was called in, together with the police, and a search was made using breathing apparatus.

Island “so S ideal” for the disabled

Row over bill for “working lunch”

TAFF with the 1-1-2 Canary Emergency Services are toasting the safe arrival of a baby who entered the world in unusual style.

The Canar y Emergency Medical Service received an urgent call at 10pm from a father who said his wife was about to go into labour. The trouble was he and his wife were in a car which had been heading towards the University Hospital in Santa Cruz when it broke down with a flat battery! An SUC doctor was able to talk to the man over the phone

instructions over tying of the umbilical cord and the baby was placed on the mother as per tradition. When the ambulance crew arrived, they cut the cord and verified that both mum and baby were doing well before taking them on to hospital.

and give him instructions, first asking him to check the condition of his 36-year-old wife who was expecting their second child. When he was sure she was in labour, he relayed instructions to the father in advance of the ambulance arriving at the scene. The doctor told him to recline the passenger seat in


HE Cabildo on Gran Canaria has come under fire for allegedly spending 5,868 euros on a “working lunch”.

Opposition councillors are demanding “a realistic and coherent” explanation about the bill which is dated January 14th, 2012 and coincides with a meeting with the Diocese of Spain. Nationalists say the Cabildo president has so far failed to give an answer because “he has been caught unawares”. Spokesman Fernando Bañolas claimed the expenditure was another example of wasteful policies and there was no way it could be justified for such a meal. Thousands of individuals and families were going through the worst economic crisis and paying for such a meal was “wasting money hand over foot”. The councillors say the ruling party needs to clean up its image and says citizens deserve to know the full details.



Festival of Light Island pledges on La Gomera help for women


ANZAROTE has launched a major campaign to promote the island as a fully accessible sports and leisure venue for people with disabilities. The Cabildo last week signed an agreement with the organisation, Disgrup whose president, Guillermo Egido praised Lanzarote for its unique blend of attractions, particularly its landscape and culture. There will also be a fundraising campaign to help other disabled action groups and from August 5th, a special pen went on sale at a cost of one euro. It is available in hotels

and other establishments and carries a solidarity message. The aim is to sell 25,000. The agreement will last nearly a year and a half and include the promotion of Lanzarote’s name at all Disgrup charity events. The foundation will also bring a group of 40 disabled people to the island twice a year and will help to promote sporting events for those with mobility handicaps.


A Gomera has announced dates of important festivities which will bring people to the island from all parts of the globe.

Particularly important is the maritime procession of the Fiestas Lustrales which will be on October 7th. The journey from Puntallana to the beach at San Sebastián is always an emotional occasion. San Sebastián council and the fiesta committee have been working hard for the Fiestas Lustrales 2013 which are held in October but there are several events leading up to it in September as well. The starting point is on September 20th with the opening and lighting of the fiesta decorations, followed on

the 27th and 28th with the selection of the child and adult gala queens. There will then be various activities between October 4th and 8th, including a seven-island folklore festival on October 4th and the Romeria de la Bajada and dance on October 5th. October 7th is the big day in honour of the patron saint of the island. The Cabildo hopes that by giving early notice of the event, more people will be encouraged to travel to the island especially for these traditional occasions.


HE Cabildo on La Gomera has once again pledged to do all it can to help women in need, particular those suffering from domestic violence.

It has signed an agreement to provide technical assistance, specialist care and advice, as well as legal help and counselling, together with support for a safe house and the association for women victims of domestic violence. In all, the authority will provide 101,000 euros. Various training initiatives will also be developed across the island and there will be on-line courses to address such issues as domestic violence, types of abuse, behavioural therapy techniques and social skills. The service also provides an important team of professionals in various fields such as psychology, education, social work and law in order to provide solutions and influence the right to equality. The Cabildo says women have the absolute right to be treated in the same way as men in all aspects and that those who do suffer from domestic violence should be able to live in peace and safety





Outrage at domestic violence death TRIBUTES PAID


HE classes at the Adeje Summer University came to a halt as students and teachers joined members of the council and staff in a minute’s silence in memory of Ángela, the latest victim of domestic violence in Spain. The Gran Canarian woman’s body was discovered in her home but pólice believe she may have been killed up to two weeks previously. Ángela was the second Canarian victim of domestic violence in 2013. Also present at the silent tribute was the Director of the Regional Equality Institute Elena Mañez, who said “this kind of violence against women was the most brutal manifestation of inequality that unfortunately still exists in our society.” She urged all women who were suffering at home to seek help from the authorities. The deputy minister for Public Adminstration Carmen Nieves Rodríguez said the government was “working to e-

rradicate this social scourge that is domestic violence”, adding that one of the most helpful innovations was the use of SMS messages to those women who have been victims to alert them if their former aggressor is in or out of prison, if he has changed his home address or other relevant information. Adeje Equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz reminded those in danger and suffering that the emergency number to call was 016, which could be called free of charge. Information kindly supplied by, a regularly updated blog in English which you might like to visit for Adeje news, views, events and diary dates.



Canaries will Aerial device benefit from could help 1-1-2 Egypt conflict service



OURISM figures in the Canary Islands will get off to a great start in 2014 because of the conflict in Egypt.

This is the prediction of executive vice-president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda who said 700,000 holiday-makers would choose a different location and half of these would opt for the Canaries. Sr. Zoreda said 350,000 people would come to the archipelago in the last few months of 2013 which would give a huge boost to the winter total. Exceltur, the tourism employers’ body, says this will also have a substantial effect on the economy. As far as Spain as a whole is concerned, the additional visitors are predicted to boost spending by 630 million euros more than expected but no figure has been speculated on for the Canaries. Sr. Zoreda said they expected the deviations to take place gradually rather than overnight but the effect was already being felt. The process would continue into January and February 2014 so the final quarter of 2013 and the first three months of 2014 will be good for the archipelago. Exceltur says there will be extra income for the Canaries but has warned that existing plans for the renewal of tourism spaces etc should continue. *New figures show tourism income in the archipelago grew for the third successive year in 2012 to 12,281 million euros (up 0.5%) and employed 255,121 people (one third of all jobs). This represents one third of the gross national product. The trend bucks that of Spain which has negative figures because of the economic recession.


“I’ll have a Big Mac job, please!”


HE imminent opening of the first McDonald’s on La Palma is causing quite a stir, not least among job seekers.

The international chain has revealed that 1,000 applications have been received for 30 jobs, demonstrating just how bad unemployment is. The restaurant is under construction at the marina of Santa Cruz de La Palma and is on schedule to open on

September 20th. The vacancies were posted on an island website and the response was phenomenal, with applications “raining” in. However, the franchise holder is not surprised at the response, saying La Palma was suffering

as much as elsewhere with its unemployment. All sorts of people are also trying for the jobs, from young people to graduates and older people. The better news is that McDonald’s runs an open door policy in which noone is discriminated against and it actively encourages a wide range of staff. Training will be carried out in Tenerife.


HE Canary 1-1-2 emergency service could soon have a new weapon to help in the fight against forest fires and locating missing peo-


Two students have developed a prototype of “an unmanned aerial vehicle” which would allow the transmission of pictures of real-life emergencies. Diana Rodríguez and Omayra del Pino Díaz are both students with the School of

Fifty communities “should be saved”, says Minister


HE Canary Government is urging Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment to urgently change the law to save threatened coastal communities.

Policy deputy, Mario Pérez has sent an urgent letter, listing about 50 communities affected by the controversial “Ley de Costas” which are threatened with demolition because they have been built too close to the sea. These fall within 21 municipalities in the Canaries. Spain has recently indicated that some villages could be exempt if they can prove longevity in terms of having proper roads and connection to power supplies. Meetings have been held with the communities to discuss records etc but the Canary Government has acted early on their behalf and sent in their formal applications for a rethink to meet the three month deadline set by Spain. The Canary Government has also confirmed that it is to go ahead with a constitutional complaint about the situation. There is particular concern about exemptions which would allow some communities built within 20 metres of the shoreline to remain whilst others have to be more than 100 metres. This, says the Canary Government, violates the principle of equality for all citizens and is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Repsol says “no marine life” at risk


detailed study of the ocean and sea-bed around the area where Repsol plans to sink exploratory oil wells has revealed no protective species, it is being reported. Spanish newspapers say more than 20,000 hours of scientific work costing 2.2 million euros has been carried out off the coast of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

Repsol’s conclusion is that there is no marine life present which is protected at local, regional or international level. The findings will be cont-

ained in the company ’s environmental report which will shortly go out to public consultation. It is understood the time-scale has been extended to avoid conflict with the summer holiday period. The sea-bed study took place between May 3rd and

Industrial and Civil Engineering and had assistance from radio-controlled model clubs. Their “UAV” would be capable of vertical take-off and landing. It would also incorporate infra-red so it could detect the presence of people.

June 6 th and included the expertise of biologists, marine scientists, geologists and underwater archaeologists, including six Canarians. Two ships were used, based in Las Palmas. Objectors to oil drilling have always claimed there could be a major threat to marine life and are likely to

strongly contest the findings. They say all species should be protected, regardless of official classification. It is said the survey did find sharks, crabs, hake and sponges. The existence of reefs and rocks has been dismissed. *Meantime, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura Cabildos say a

REPORT FINDINGS fire on a oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico demonstrates the risk to the Canaries from possible oil spills and pollution. Lanzarote president, Pedro San Ginés said how many warning shots had to be fired before Spain took notice and cancelled Repsol’s permission?






Gang stole Island’s internet deal to pay dividends identities to gain loans SPECIAL OFFERS


ANZAROTE is determined to put itself on the international map by cashing in on the internet revolution.

The island’s Cabildo has signed an agreement with Rumbo, one of the main on-

line tour operators in Europe, to relay special offers and promotions across the

Continent. It is hoped to draw in more Italian, French and Spanish visitors directly through the web which is regarded as a fundamental tool in today’s society. Director general of tourism management in the Canaries, Rita Hernández said: “This is a clear indication that Lanzarote is doing great things.” Chief executive officer of the Bravofly Rumbo Group, Francesco Signoretti said six out of ten European visitors who came to Spain last year booked transport, accommodation or other services through the internet. This clearly demonstrated the importance of the internet for

planning a trip. It is believed the deal will bring thousands of tourists to Lanzarote and would give the island the position it deserved when it came to European travel preferences. The partnership will run to July 2014 to raise awareness and increase overnight stays. There will be several experimental offers and promotions. Rumbo will also hold innovation workshops for entrepreneurs. More than 20 million people access the Rumbo sites for airline tickets, holiday packages, hotels, car rentals, train travel, restaurants and tourist guides. It has sites in 15 different languages.



OLICE in Gran Canaria have made a number of arrests in an ongoing investigation into identity theft.

So far, three people have been imputed but officers say more are likely. It is alleged that the trio were involved in a scam which involved stealing people’s identity and using details to apply for small loans. At least 14 people have been affected. The gang would gain personal information by stealing handbags or wallets and would then input details on websites to get cash loans of between 200 euros and 450 euros. In total, they received at least 14,000 euros. Twelve of the victims have already been identified and were all residents of the municipality of San Bartolomé de Tirajana. They had filed complaints in May. The three people arrested are of Spanish nationality.




Cruise ship boost for La Gomera

Masked raiders caught on CCTV

La Gomera needs better bus services


A Gomera is anticipating a big surge in cruise ship arrivals from next year.

Island leaders say this will bring a much-needed boost to tourism and a spin-off effect for businesses, restaurants, hotels and so on. Bigger cruise ships will be able to access the port of San Sebastián from 2014 due to an extension of the dock and new mooring facilities. One of the expected arrivals for the 2014-2015 season will be the new ship, “Mein Schiff3”

which is currently under construction. It will have 15 decks and bring in 2,500 passengers. According to surveys commissioned by the Canary Government and the port authorities, La Gomera tops the list of favourite destinations for cruise ship holiday-makers. They praised the island’s natural environment, traditional crafts and cuisine.


Launch of new Canary virtual library


HE Canary Government has finished work on creating a massive “virtual library”.

More than two million documents and 300,000 registered users are now merged through a single catalogue and a single library card. Under the name of “BICA”, the system incorporates 270 libraries, mostly municipal and state-owned but also some private collections. Before, library users could only access one at a time but with BICA, the same card applies for all of them. It can be obtained from any of the libraries within the Canary network. The site, which is available in English, also gives other services such as requesting loans or arranging reservations, consulting the library stock and making suggestions. Find out more on bibliotecavirtual/


OLICE have made arrests following a nighttime raid on a supermarket in Fuerteventura.

Two men wearing hoods burst into the shop within a commercial centre in Caleta de Fuste, Antigua and got away with 10,700 euros. Members of staff were slightly injured in the incident which was caught on security cameras. Three of the alleged robbers were arrested shortly afterwards, followed by a fourth a few days later. One of them also faces drug offences after cocaine and hashish was found in his home.


HE Mayors of various municipalities on La Gomera are calling for a better bus route network to help visitors and tourists.

Following a meeting in Agulo, they agreed to submit a plea for action to the Cabildo, saying this was not a new request but one which had fallen on deaf ears for years. Various proposals for new routes have been put forwared,

including Vallehermoso to Valle Gran Rey, a line which would run between Cruz de Tierno, La Palmita, Los Aceviños (Agulo-Hermigua) and a service which connects El Cedro with San Sebastián (Hermigua).

Water cuts put farmers in dire situation



SLAND leaders on Lanzarote say farmers are being unfairly treated and agriculture is in “a precarious position”.

They are calling for action because they believe the irrigation plan is totally insufficient and falls behind the rest of the Canary Islands. The Cabildo is urging the Canary Government to rectify the situation as a matter of urgency. Councillor for agriculture, Francisco Fabelo said Lanzarote’s irrigation plan had been cut by 40% which amounted to ten million euros. In recent years, many producers had turned to organic farming, answering calls to diversify, but they were now being penalised. The Cabildo says Lanzarote’s rainfall does not exceed 136 mm a year which means the use of surface water is very low. Unlike the other islands, the presence of groundwater was very negligible and farmers did not have access to all the water they needed to irrigate their crops. The urban network for water distribution was insufficient to meet the demands of the population and the cost of agricultural water was much higher in Lanzarote than anywhere else (1.12 euros compared to the Canary average of 0.3 to 0.7 euros).







Update from

Accion del Sol

Baha´i Summer school in Puerto


HE Baha´i summer school that took place in Puerto de la Cruz (July 17th from 21st) in Hotel Parque San Antonio gathered 250 persons (some visitors coming from Ireland, Senégal, Kosovo…) The programme included talks, children & youth activities & entertainment in the evenings. The mani theme was how can we improve the world and the “Power of colective action”. The another of the early days of the histor y of the Baha´I in Canar y Islands


CCION del Sol is delighted to hear that the municipalities of Adeje, Arona, San Miguel de Abona and Granadilla are getting together to find a solution to abandoned animals. We consider it a very proud day that the town halls are willing to address a universal problem. Hopefully, this is the start of a brighter future for our animals in Tenerife. “Our Pamper a Pooch day “ was held on Sunday with visitors able to take one of the dogs down to the beach and letting them and their own pooches cool off in the newlybuilt doggie padding pool. They could also run around the agility course or play or be groomed. There were also tours around the centre and a chance to enjoy home-made cakes and cold drinks. Marion is the manager of Accion del Sol and one of our main jobs is to find new homes for the many dogs at the refuge. This is a ver y hard job especially now with the current recession and most people like the smaller dogs which leaves lots of larger dogs needing new homes. Marion is always looking for people who travel to Germany with

Condor, Air Berlin or Tui Fly that would like to help the dogs. It doesn’t cost you anything except a little bit of your time at the airport whilst Accion del Sol staff check the dogs in, the reservation will be made and paid by the charity. You will be met by Aktion Tier staff in Germany who will then transport the dogs to their destination. If you are travelling to Germany and would like to help then please call the refuge on 922778630. Please call 922778630 for more information or if you would like to help out in any way. Towels and blankets are always needed for the dogs if you have any to spare. They would be ver y much appreciated by our four legged friends. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the Parque Eolica where the windmills are and it is open to the public Monday - Friday 36pm.

Navid Mohabbat presented his book with a prologue by two professors of the University of La Laguna Alfonso M. García Hernández (Doctor en Antropología) & Francisco Diez de Velasco (Catedrático en Antropología de las Religiones, Doctor en HIstoria, Licenciado en Antro-

pología Social y Cultural) who also gave their commentaries (personally and by video). A public talk was given by Farzad Taheri businessman and María Dolores Amador medical doctor, both from Gran Canaria. The concert by Katy Enoghli, Iranian singer living in mainland Spain was preceded by a power point in the situation of the Baha´I community of Iran (imprisonment, setting fire to houses or shops, executions,

non payment of pensions, cemeteries destroyed, humiliations of children in schools, access to universities refused to students, hundreds of homes ransacked, computers destroyed and the professors who had been dimissed from universities and had organised three classes arrested…) Ever yone enjoyed the concert, the talks and the whole summer school was great success.

News from All Saints Church Joint Songs of Praise

The congregation at All Saints Anglican Church in Puerto de la Cruz was joined recently by a group from the Anglican Church in the South of Tenerife for a joint Songs of Praise and a shared lunch. Having sung 17 different hymns and songs, it was a joy to drink a glass of wine before enjoying an excellent lunch. Such was the success of this joint venture that the two churches plan more joint activities once the new Chaplain for the south arrives later in the year. The event was hosted by Rev. Mike Smith, Chaplain at All Saints who said, “It was a really good day. The hymns were chosen by church members and we sang a really eclectic mixture. It was doubly special as the priest in the south is a friend of mine, Rev Sandy Montgomerie, who is providing cover until the new priest arrives.”

A flying visit from the new Consul

All Saints was very pleased to welcome the new Consul for Andalucía and the Canary Islands to the church recently. Charmaine Arbouin, the new Consul, was accompanied by William Middleton, the new Regional Director of Consular

Services for Southern Europe and Helen Keating, the Vice-Consul. Although Charmaine had spent a year earlier in her life in La Laguna, it was her first visit to Puerto de la Cruz and was an opportunity to visit some of the historic past of the British Community as well as discuss issues relating to the needs of the current British residents in the local area. Rev. Mike Smith was accompanied by the two Church Wardens, Nikki Smith and Ray Kirkham.

Car Boot Sales

After a two month ‘lay-off ’ preparations are already underway for the next series of Car Boot Sales at the Church in Parque Taoro. The first of the season is on Saturday 7th September at 11.30 am. There are already over 55 pitches booked. It should be a good start to the new season. Mike Smith said, “Our Car Boot sales are growing in popularity. We even had people turning up on the first Saturday of July expecting a sale! It is good to be able to welcome so many people, especially local people, as sellers and buyers as well as providing necessary income for the Church and supporting local charities.”

Live Arico Pets Animal Welfare Supporters (PAWS) ANYONE FOR NACHO ? Nacho is a young male dog of medium size, abandoned in Las Chafiras a couple of weeks ago. Despite putting his photo on social media sites, he remains unclaimed, so now needs a home. We have sterilised, microchipped and vaccinated him and he can be yours for the standard adoption fee for a male dog which is 110 euros. This just about covers what we have spent on him, and you, the new owner, get a dog who is good to go. If you can offer Nacho a home, call Sue on 629 388102 to arrange a meeting.

Live Arico PAWS / Hospivet Sur second Vaccination Campaign ....has already commenced for the whole month of August. Just look at these amazing prices. Rabies and microchip 25 euros V7 and rabies 25 euros

V7 only 20 euros Rabies only 10 euros We ran a similar campaign in June and 47 animals were chipped and vaccinated as a result. Hopefully this will be just as popular. You don’t need an appointment, just call into Hospivet Sur in Las Chafiras, just down from Solbank and ask for the Live Arico offer. Let us help you to help your pet - don’t let his vaccinations lapse.


To be found in our charity shops this month. Come and browse in Los Cristianos, Calle Reveron, near the children’s playpark, where Kel, Jackie and the lovely volunteers open between 10am and 4pm daily. Alternatively, have a look at Siobhan’s Aladins Cave in San Eugenio, near Amandas Bar and opposite Hotel La Nina. Both shops are closed Sundays. Come and see, you will be surprised at the high quality goods at knock down prices. Happy shopping.

Conservatives abroad diary of events 2013/2014 

SATURDAY AUGUST 17TH Summer Lunch, Garden Centre/Restaurant, Santa Úrsula  THURSDAY OCTOBER 24TH Welcome back Swallows, Bar Terrazo Botánico  SATURDAY DECEMBER 14TH Chritsmas Dinner Dance, Restaurante Regulo

2014 

MONDAY JANUARY 6TH New Years Supper, Restaurante Magnolia  THURSDAY MARCH 6TH A.G.M, El tope Hotel





Is the grass really greener on the other side? Enter the world’s largest expat survey for your chance to WIN £1,000 cash


ALLING all expatriates of any nationality! Have you moved overseas for a better quality of life for your family, to pursue a career opportunity or simply for a change of scenery to the place you always adored? If you have then we really want to hear from you and this is the opportunity to make sure your voice is heard. Whatever initiated your move ‘The Expat Survey ’ invites you to share your opinions on a variety of different topics. Whilst there are the usual questions requiring you to tick boxes, the research study breaks away from convention and enquires about your experience, whether or not expectations have been fulfilled, what expats miss about home and requests tips and advice

for others contemplating a move to a new continent. Your input will make a valuable contribution to understanding how those residing outside their country of origin can be supported, so that organisations and companies that specialise in servicing expatriate communities and individuals can understand their needs better. In a world of rapid change and volatile economies, with

the diversification and consolidation of businesses resulting in employment instability and mounting stress, many have chosen to move overseas in the belief that the grass is greener on the other side. For some a permanent move, for others temporary; in many cases for a life-style change, for others there has been no choice. Whether it has proven to be the best or worst decision you ever made, your feedback is essential. ‘The Expat Survey’ is the largest independent research study ever undertaken on migration and expatriate life. Led by the ex-head of research for BBC World, it does not share any information with third parties and has no links to Governments whatsoever. It is entirely independent and promoted, but not sponsored, by almost 100 publishers and reputable companies servicing expatriates around the world, such as the international accountancy firm Chantrey Vellacott DFK and the specialist expatriate insurance company Clements Worldwide. Conducted as an annual rolling programme the study comprises three surveys – ‘Migration & Lifestyle’ start date 15th July, ‘Retail & Finance’ start date 10th September and ‘Travel & Health’ start date 5th November 2013. Whilst the main thrust of each survey lasts 8 weeks, all surveys will remain live until 31st December so that a continual collection of responses takes place. Those that complete all three surveys are automatically entered into a prize draw to win £1,000, which you can opt to donate to charity if you wish. Please go to to find out more and complete the first survey which has now gone live.


Buying a property in Tenerife The advantages and disadvantages of registering in the name of a limited company Many clients looking to purchase property overseas are looking for the most tax-efficient vehicle through which to buy. Historically, clients would often consider using an offshore company through which to channel the purchase. However, changes to legislation in recent years have significantly reduced the potential advantages of purchasing through a limited company. Let us look at the pros and cons of each method of ownership.

Buying in your own name This is the most common method for clients emigrating to Tenerife or perhaps just buying a holiday home here. Most are buying primarily for personal use, though some may be planning to rent out the property for some or all of the year. Considering the budget of the average British property purchase (typically less than €200,000), Spanish companies are relatively expensive to incorporate and run. They will attract high tax rates on any earnings, plus there is a tax on any dividends paid. This will almost certainly exceed any capital-gains tax an individual owner must pay. Current rates for CGT are a flat 18% for non-residents and residents alike. Furthermore, Spanish residents selling their main home can reinvest all their gains tax-free into another principal home, whether it’s in in Spain or the UK. This is not an option for people who own via companies. Another important reason to buy privately — one that is often overlooked — is the “benefit in kind” tax you are obliged to pay to the British taxman if you own property through a company abroad. If your company owns a property, and you have the benefit of staying there, you could be hit with a tax bill running into thousands of pounds. Many Brits who have bought second homes through companies to avoid local taxes and Spanish inheritance laws do not realise this and do not declare it in their self-assessment tax returns.

Buying via an Offshore Company (eg. UK company) There are instances where it is beneficial to own property via a UK or Spanish company. For instance, if the company is already a going concern with separate business interests, a property can be added to its portfolio without necessarily incurring the wrath of the taxman in either country. Refurbishment costs and expenses associated with renting the property are directly tax deductible. The UK taxman also offers certain business reliefs against transactions involving company assets such as properties. Such an arrangement can also potentially avoid inheritance tax, particularly the punitive Spanish tax. Provided that the shareholders in the company are not resident in Spain, they can leave their shares in the company (or gift them during their lifetime) to their chosen beneficiaries under their Will, thereby enjoying the more beneficial UK Inheritance Tax rates whilst avoiding the more punitive Spanish system. However, for the most part, all of the clever reasons for using companies to buy property in Spain, such as tax efficiency and greater flexibility, are complicated and highly impractical. Firms that offer such schemes as a universal solution to inheritance tax issues are typically selling ‘snake oil’. Interestingly, on carrying out an internet search, we were unable to find a single professionally qualified lawyer or accountant offering such a scheme in this manner. Nearly every tax regime within the European Union now considers Property Holding Vehicles to be a form of tax evasion. Property Holding Vehicles are those where the owning company does not have any business interests separate from the property itself and is simply in existence for the purpose of owning, and/or perhaps renting out the property. Owning through a company can also make it difficult to sell. Many who own properties via a company would prefer to sell the entire company rather than just the property so as to avoid a massive tax bill. However, the vast majority of buyers just want a property, not shares in a company. For instance, a Spanish, French or Russian buyer is very unlikely to take the risk of acquiring a UK company just to get their hands on the property that company owns, as they will invariably be unfamiliar with UK Company law and accounting regulations. Also, companies cost money to set up and administer, so for most buyers it is just simpler, and cheaper, in every respect, to buy in their own names. Buyers can also forget about putting properties into tax haven companies and structures where the true owners or beneficiaries of the scheme are not disclosed to the Spanish taxman. To counter this, Spain imposes a punitive tax of 3% of the market value of the property every year upon such schemes. Naturally, each case requires a detailed assessment of the buyer’s personal circumstances before a final decision should be made. Tenerife Solicitors can advise buyers as to the best structure for purchasing property in each instance and ensure that the scheme is properly implemented and registered, thereby avoiding any nasty surprises in the future. To arrange a consultation, contact us on 922 717845 (0871 218 0063 from the U.K.) or email us at






By Alastair Robertson

A tour of the fortifications of Tenerife PART III


O far on our clockwise tour around the island we’ve seen the Almeyda Miltary Museum in Santa Cruz, La Casa Fuerte de Adeje and El Castillo de San Miguel in Garachico. Today we’re heading east from Garachico to El Fortin de San Fernando at San Juan de Castro near San Vicente.

Next we move on to Puerto de la Cruz, once the Port for Orotava. The town was home to four fortifications, three of which remain, and a collection of cannon. At the west end of the town is El Castillo San Felipe. A small fort was proposed here in 1588 but it was not until 1643 that the Castillo San Felipe was constructed. The fort was built to a pentagonal plan, possibly to fit the outcrop of rock on which it stood, and the first captain was appointed at the end of November 1644. In 1788 its armaments comprised fourteen cannon and three mortars. The fort was manned by two officers, two sergeants, four corporals, and forty soldiers, but in the event of war this number was increased to seven officers, seven sergeants, twelve corporals and 160 soldiers. Where they all were stationed in the small fort, goodness knows, because there was accommodation for only twelve men on the ground floor and thirty on the first floor. The Castillo de San Felipe is in excellent condition, although much altered from the original design, in fact it’s hardly El Castillo de San Felipe recognisable. When it was in military use the appearance of the fort was very different from today, there were no crenellations and it had only a single-storey gun platform facing the sea with a two-storey section at the landward side. If you look closely at the outside walls the lines of different stonework that show the alterations can just be made out. And as you cross the bridge imagine that there is sea-water beneath you, because the moat held water before 1826, but since 1843 it has always been dry. San Felipe was decommissioned in 1878 and declared inadequate for military use in 1924 when it was offered for sale. For a time it was a restaurant and now it is a venue for cultural activities. It’s worth looking inside and the custodian is a well-informed and welcoming host who speaks English.

El Fortin de San Fernando

At the other end of the town, at the Martianez beach, El Bateria de San Carlos was built near the Martianez barranco in 1770 but it was destroyed in a torrential flood one night in November 1826. The three soldiers that made up its garrison were killed in the inundation. La Plataforma de Santa Barbara del Muelle and El Bateria de San Telmo still stand on the sea front. Santa Barbara is barely distinguishable from the Plaza de Europa. It was originally commissioned as part of a fortified pier in the 18th century for the Frenchy family to protect the harbour against pirates, but the gun platform that we see today was built between 1817 and 1836. The platform is part of a wall walk that provides a good view over the harbour and, as a bonus, there is an interesting collection of 18th and 19th century cannon. Not far away along the sea-front walk is the battery of San Telmo. Here, however, attention is focused on the 18th century chapel so that the two cylindrical sentry One of the dome-topped sentry boxes peeps out from boxes and the low perimeter wall topped San Telmo gun battery with wooden palings that encloses the original gun battery are easily overlooked as military structures. Not much is known about the origins of the San Telmo battery, the first reference seems to be in 1701. I’m ashamed to say that it was only after about four or five holidays in Puerto de la Cruz that I realised San Telmo was a fortification at all. An information plaque would be helpful for the hundreds of daily visitors. Next time we’ll be moving east again, nearer to Santa Cruz but not quite there, and we’ll see one of the biggest surprises of all the fortifications in Tenerife.

To get there you can catch the 363 guagua from either Garachico or Puerto de la Cruz and get off at San Vicente (it will help if you have a map), or, if you’re starting from Puerto

de la Cruz, there’s a beautiful and dramatic coastal walk to the viewpoint of Mirador San Pedro. The ‘fortin’, or fortlet, of San Fernando is located on an estate known as ‘la Rambla de Castro’. The walk starts from a lay-by down a steep cobbled road to the house of the former owner. The house is worth a visit because it is a traditional Tenerife building in original condition, undergoing a programme of conservation works. Entry is by donation and this is always useful to know - there are toilets. A little way along the coastal path, passing a shady ravine with a spring called la Madre del Agua (the Mother of Water) is El Fortin de San Fernando. As forts go, this tiny little toy fort is quite ridiculous, like having a Chihuahua for a guard dog, but it has wonderful vistas. The half-moon shaped gun platform looks high out over the sea and it has an open shelter to the landward side. It was built, according to the date on the shelter, in 1808 (very late as island fortifications go) by Hernando de Castro for the defence of the rich farming area around. It is in a very good state of preservation, although the restoration is a bit ‘over the top’, the timber palisade is a modern addition, probably installed as a safety precaution for the cliff on the other side of the low wall. The real value of the fort was probably as a signal station, its pop-gun cannon warning any potential intruders that they would receive a hostile reception if they landed, and to warn local people to be on their guard. But it would have to be an extra tough pirate to attempt to climb the cliff from the sea and then storm the little fort. Today San Fernando is home to three small cannon and without this clue we might not know it had ever been a fortification.

101 uses for a satellite dish Get the best out of your viewing with Paul Novak


ES is a company in Luxembourg which operates a fleet of 52 satellites able to reach 99% of the world’s population. It is used by SKY and BBC/ITV along with Canal-plus in Spain. Changes coming up later this year could mean a loss of a lot of those services to us here in paradise but there still remains FREE channels to be viewed. CBS 146, 147, 148, 149, 319 and TRUE 183, 184, 321, 322 can all be watched WITH NO CARD OR PAYMENT on any satellite box. Regarding SKY NEWS. Where has it gone? An early victim of the transfer to the new satellite I am afraid but you can still get it on the GERMAN/SPANISH satellite dish at 12.604H along with news in English from BBC World. Meantime, has films and series the same as Sky but free of charge and can be picked up on a small dish on the island. All the programmes are in AMERICAN English but there are hard subtitles on the screen in Arabic . The kick-off of the 380 match Premier league package starts mid-August. Full details next time,



Bill Blevins

David S. Franks

Do you still have UK investments? BY PAUL MONTAGUE, PARTNER, BLEVINS FRANKS


HE news that the prize money from UK Premium Bonds has been cut is a useful reminder for British expatriates that they should review their investments now that they are living in Spain. Many UK nationals continue to hold the same investments they had set up while UK resident, but in most cases they are not suitable for their needs now and not tax efficient here. Your investments and tax planning should be set up according to your personal circumstances and objectives. When these change you need to review your arrangements accordingly. Moving to a new country is a major change and should prompt a complete review of your wealth management to ensure it is as effective as possible for your new life.

Premium Bonds From 1st August, Premium Bonds will pay out almost 14% less money each month, after the prize pot reduced by £7.8 million. At the same time the total number of prizes was cut by 150,000, so you have less chances of winning. The £1 million prize will still be given away each month, but the number of £100,000 payouts is reduced from five to three. Likewise there are now only six £50,000 prizes, compared to nine previously. Fewer prizes will also be distributed lower down the prize scale. The bonds are issued by the state run National Savings & Investments (NS&I), who said they had no choice but to cut the prize fund. As announced in June, interest rates on NS&I’s Income Bonds, Direct Saver and Direct ISA will also be reduced from 12th September. This is another blow for savers in the UK. Private sector interest rates have fallen over the last year as a result of the government’s Funding for Lending scheme. Many NS&I products jumped to the top of the “best buy” tables and around £1.7 billion poured into NS&I, which was not actually

good for the institution. It is currently not required to raise money for the government, and would be accused of abusing its position if its rates are too high. It has to balance the interests of savers, competitors and the government and so had to take action. The average yield on Premium Bonds is now 1.3%, but of course you cannot know when or if you are going to earn anything, or estimate what sort of return, if any, you may see on your investment. Premium Bonds are one of the most widely held investments in the UK - 22 million people have £46 billion invested in them. One key attraction is that they have always been tax free. So even if you are lucky enough to win the £1 million jackpot, you do not pay any income tax on this. On the other hand, unless you have a big win, your capital is losing spending power each year because of the effects of inflation.

consider how they are taxed here, both in terms of income and capital gains. Are they the most tax efficient way of holding your capital? It is unlikely. However there are very tax-efficient investment vehicles available to residents of Spain that can reduce taxable income, and thus income taxes. With specialist professional advice, you could enjoy favourable tax treatment on your capital investments, wealth and estate. The tax rates, scope and reliefs may change. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice.


UK investments and tax efficiency in Spain You can continue to own Premium Bonds when you move to Spain, but as soon as you become resident here they stop being tax free, and all your winnings are subject to tax. Many British expatriates also have Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and Personal Equity Plans (PEPs). The income derived from them is tax free for UK residents, but again, they are not tax efficient investments for Spanish residents. The income is fully taxable as savings income, at rates of between 21% and 27%. You are obliged to declare the earnings on your annual Spanish tax return. The local tax authorities are likely to find out about it anyway, considering the high level of exchange of information between European countries these days. You also need to look at your other UK investments, such as shares, unit trusts, OEICs and investment bonds and

To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website You may also contact our partner Paul Montague on Tel: 922 716 079 or







A tourist tram isn’t a joke

Why Arona Mayor’s suggestion should be treated seriously


HAT old saying about great oaks growing from little acorns might well be true when it comes to the gem of an idea from the Mayor of Arona. Admittedly, this council isn’t going through a brilliant time at the moment, given the fiasco of the missing sunbeds from the harbour beach in Los Cristianos and the ridiculous situation involving striking lifeguards who have not been paid for over a year. Some people might take talk about an ambitious project with a pinch of salt whilst others believe it could never be achieved. But when Francisco José Niño suggested that a tourist tram for the south of the island

would help people’s mobility, it wasn’t laughed out of court as some might have expected. Indeed, even Tenerife Cabildo says it has some merit but would need the cooperation of Adeje and, of course, plenty of money. The idea of a tourist tram has to be regarded as a sensible one. Less than a decade ago, certain people scoffed at the prospect of a tram line for Santa Cruz, yet it happened. The same is probably true of a number of other major projects, including

example, is bound to take time out to visit, for instance, Los Cristianos. Apparently not. I was very surprised recently to hear about one family who came to Tenerife for the first time and stayed in a lovely hotel in El Duque. Ten days later, they were still there, having only ventured out as far as the beach (and yes, they were on an all-inclusive). This is a terrible shame because there is so much to do and see in the south and places like Los Cristianos and Las Galletas, for instance, have a very different character to Costa Adeje and the heart of Playa de las Americas. There are many restaurants, bars, shops, night-spots, walks

and attractions to discover and if hopping on and off a tram makes it easier for people to get around, it should be considered as a priority. This in turn could only be a boost to businesses. What happens next remains to be seen, however. The anticipated train for both the south and north of Tenerife is far from on track because of the huge funding implications. Most people feel this will happen, it is more a question of when. Would a tourist train for the south fill the gap? The answer

is probably yes so why doesn’t someone, somewhere start a feasibility study and see if a route could be planned and what the financial implications would be. Tenerife seems to be pretty good at encouraging private/public partnerships so perhaps this is the way forward? Our island does need to move with the times and given that grants seem to be available from Europe for a lot of things, perhaps EU cash might be forthcoming? It’s certainly worth giving it a try!

The Spanish Inquisition and Judaism in the Canaries


N 1492, a Royal edict was issued in Spain by the “Reyes Catolicos” (Catholic Monarchs), Fernando and Isabella, expelling from Spain all Jews who failed to convert to Catholicism. Many Jews embraced their new faith (or at least made the appearance of so doing) whilst others fled Spain leaving property and possessions behind them. The “Conversos” or New Christians as they were known openly practiced their new faith in public while at the same time continued their Jewish practices in private. Many of these Conversos found their way to the Canary Islands, then only just coming under the sphere of Spanish influence, and as a result of this, an Episcopal Inquisition was set up in 1499. This investigation disclosed the existence of a secret synagogue and that a large number of secret Jews were practicing their old faith and in consequence a branch of the Inquisition of Andalusia was set up in Las

the south airport and the motorway, yet both became a reality. Why shouldn’t the south have a tourist tram network? All big cities in the world have them and they work well. It would be great to be able to hop on a tram in Costa Adeje, for instance, and hop off again in Los Cristianos. Yes, we do have Titsa buses but tourists we spoke to in the south this week said they would prefer to go by tram if possible. Somehow, it’s just more glamorous than catching a bus. It’s quicker and more comfortable and hopefully cheap as well. You may think that everyone who stays in Costa Adeje, for

Palmas in 1504. As a result of numerous “denuncias” (reports), there followed a series of “Autos-de-Fe”. These were trials at which individuals were penanced or reconciled, with one in 1507 and another three years later. Those who were sentenced to death were customarily burned at the stake (this was euphemistically known as being “relaxed” or relajado). This continued and in 1526, eight individuals were “relaxed” with two being penanced and two being reconciled. Two further “Autos” were held in 1530 and 1534 but it was not felt necessary to relax anyone on these occasions. This period of persecution seems to have eradicated crypto-Judiasm in the islands for a while. However, there was a fresh wave of Conversos who arrived from the peninsular at the beginning of the 17th century. This coincided with

the Anglo-Spanish peace achieved in 1604 and sparked a considerable increase in the wine and sugar trade in the islands, businesses which were of great interest to the “New Christians” of Lisbon, Bordeaux and Bayonne, as well as the Jews of Amsterdam. These second waves of Jewish immigrants were for the most part wealthy merchants of a higher social class, compared with the earlier settlers who had been from more humble roots. The numbers were bolstered even further by a new wave of antiSemitism which hit Portugal around this period (between 1612 and 1630 the Portuguese Inquisition held no less than 47 large “Autos de Fe”). This new wave however was more astute in disguising their true religious beliefs as they had integrated with the native community, being baptised and taking Portuguese and Spanish husbands and wives; apart from these marriages there were many “Old Christians” and free

thinkers who sought new and more open horizons who converted to Judaism. This increase in numbers prompted fresh activity from the Holy Inquisition and it was in 1625 that a fresh attack was launched against these new immigrants with the publication of a new edict of faith against Judaism. The following year, the then capital city of La Laguna was described as being “full of Jews and heretics” (the heretics being British and Dutch Protestants). The families of Fernan Pinto and Antonio Fonseca were made examples of to varying degrees ranging from being “Relaxed” to being condemned to wear the “Sabineto”. The Inquisition relied heavily on denunciations from the general public in order to start investigations of alleged heresy and, with the passing of time, this practice had lost its momentum. The islands’ populations greatly appreciated the rolls played by the Jews in re-establishing a very profitable commerce with

England and Holland and were not about to support too much heavy-handedness against them from the church. Shortly after the peace treaty of 1604, a second accord was reached with Holland in 1609 and this had the effect of greatly reducing the coffers of the Inquisition as it was no longer able to rely on income from goods and ships confiscated from those heretical nations. The inquisitors were no longer able to bring prosecutions with the same frequency as before and although they still relied on “informants”, the heretics they were attempting to persecute were not just Spanish Jews, but by this time, included members of the Cr ypto-Jewish communities of France and England as well as members of the open Jewish community of Holland, originally established by New Christians from the Iberian Peninsular. As a consequence, the number who could be tried and condemned by the tribunals of the Inquisition had

greatly reduced. The last of these proceedings was held against Gaspar de Perera, in the second half of the 17th century. By this time it was proving more and more difficult for the Inquisition to find any Jews left to prosecute and with increasing liberality in northern Europe the number of Jews in Spain and the islands greatly decreased. The local inquisition had to content itself with cases against witchcraft, religious morality and attempting to stop the flow of books onto the islands. As time passed it became the subject of public ridicule but it was not until 1813 that it was abolished. This news was greeted with great joy by all but a few short months later (in true Spanish style) it was reinstated, when Fernando VII assumed the throne. Spain had to wait a further seven years before the final abolition of the Inquisition which was finally relieved of its duties in 1820.



Lloyds bank in profit and promising bail-out refund THE big news in the City of London is the leap back into profit of Lloyds Bank and the prospect of taxpayers getting a refund following the £20 billion bail-out of the bank during the banking crisis. Shares in the bank shot up after it was announced it had made a £2.1 billion pre-tax profit to June 30. This compared with a loss in the first six months of last year. The bank has slashed costs faster than expected and there has been a substantial reduction in bad debts. Lloyds will now talk to bank regulators about a timetable to start paying dividends to shareholders for the first time since 2008 and has said it is ready for the Government to sell its 39 per cent stake. The bank has also confirmed that 631 branches will be re-branded as TSB from next month prior to flotation next year. Lloyds chief Antonio Horta-Osorio has been credited with a remarkable turnaround at the bank, but there have been substantial job losses.

Land Rover’s link to the Royal family THERE was more than a little nostalgia as the Queen visited the Jaguar Land Rover pavilion at the Coronation Festival recently. Held to celebrate British excellence in engineering, Jaguar Land Rover was proud to announce at the event that it was the only automotive manufacturer to hold all three Royal Warrants. While Jaguar showcased its latest hybrid supercar prototype, it also displayed a collection of heritage vehicles that demonstrated Jaguar Land Rover’s sixty years of service to the Royal family. Among them was a 1953 ceremonial vehicle Land Rover that accompanied Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh on a six-month Commonwealth tour soon after the Coronation. Also on display was the Jaguar the Queen Mother used from 1955 to 1973.


Police target abuse on internet sites

Ryanair pilots to slow down

AMID extensive newspaper publicity over abuse on Twitter, the Crown Prosecution Service in Britain has said that hundreds of internet “trolls” were prosecuted last year. More than 1,700 cases went to court involving abuse sent on line or by mobile ‘phone text, and a further 600 have been charged this year so far. A second man has been arrested on suspicion of sending Twitter rape and death threats to a Member of Parliament and journalist. Twitter has promised to do more to control unacceptable behaviour.

BRITISH airline Ryanair has told it pilots to fly a little slower to save fuel. If aircraft stay below 600 mph it will add two minutes to every hour of flying but slash the fuel bill by 15 per cent. The airline says fuel makes up nearly half of the airline’s costs and blames a six per cent rise in fuel costs for a decline in first quarter profits to £67-million.

Cider drinkers hit out at tax escalator A NEW campaign was launched to get a better deal for cider drinkers at the Bristol Cider Festival over the weekend, where it was announced that almost a quarter of the price you pay for the drink goes to the taxman. They are calling on the Chancellor to abolish the Cider Duty Escalator, which increases the cost of cider every year above the rate of inflation, amid concerns over job losses at cider makers. A petition has been raised and it will be presented to the Chancellor George Osborne. The campaign has the support of the number of MPs, including Ian Lidell-Grainger, chairman of the All-party Parliamentary Cider Group.

Mick Jagger in swimming trunks SIR Mick Jagger is having a little trouble forgetting he is 70 it would seem. His girlfriend L’Wren Scott has posted on the internet a picture of him in bathing trunks during the Stones’ first US tour in 1964. She says he still looks as fetching in his swim wear. Sir Mick reputedly trains up to six days a week to maintain his 28inch waist and can cover 12 miles on stage during a typical show.

Violinist to get her Stradivarius back A VIOLINIST with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has had her £1.2-million Stradivarius violin recovered. It had originally been stolen by thieves at Euston Station in London in 2010. The violin was discovered by the police intact, with some very minor damage but in its original case. They know who stole it, but not who handled it. Min-Jin Kym, 32, who made her debut with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra at the age of 13, had received a six-figure settlement from an insurance company and she has indicated that she wants to buy the violin back from the insurers.

Police cannot recover caravan A COUPLE who had their caravan stolen by travellers have been told by the police that the travellers now living in it cannot be removed because it would breach their human rights. The police said they had no lawful powers to get it back and the only option open to the couple was costly civil proceedings against the family now living in it. Michael Curry and his partner Kathleen McClelland had spent £30,000 on the caravan and had fitted it with a wide screen television. Mr Curry, 53, was diagnosed with diabetes and had to give up his job as a long distance lorry driver. The couple are still making payments on the caravan.






Don’t let your dream home get swept away by Spanish Inheritance Tax

If you own a property in Spain, then you need to read this article…


OST owners are not aware that their beneficiaries and their estate may have to pay Inheritance Tax both in their country of domicile and in Spain. Spanish law dictates that the beneficiary of your estate must pay tax on the amount that they inherit.

The level of tax payable is not a fixed rate and is determined by the relationship to the deceased, their residency status and their existing wealth in Spain. In addition the estate of the

deceased could be liable to pay Inheritance Tax in their countr y of domicile. For example if the deceased was UK domiciled and had worldwide assets in excess of £325,000 then the Estate

could also be liable for Inheritance Tax at 40% payable in the UK.

What are the options to minimise the liability? Unfortunately, it is common practice for lawyers and tax advisers who are not conversant with both jurisdictions to advise based on their own, often insuffi-cient, knowledge. We have known of cases in the past where property owners in Spain have been advised to prepare a Spanish Will to avoid the tax. But as the tax is paid by the person inhe-riting the asset, the existence of a Will does nothing to minimise this. There are also times when the existence of a separate Will in Spain complicates matters and increases legal costs. It is key, then, that all British owners of Spanish property have a UK Will dealing with their worldwide assets, thereby making another Will elsewhere unnecessary. Another misconception is that by simply taking out a mortgage on the property it will reduce the tax liability on death. It is true that the value of the asset will be reduced by the amount outstanding on the mortgage however, the Banks often insist that life policies are taken out which pay off the mortgage on death and the beneficiaries are back to inheriting the whole of the unencumbered property. Even if there is not a life policy then there is a substantial debt outstanding which will have to be paid before the property can be transferred.

Finally the most dangerous option that is put forward is to transfer the property to your children or beneficiaries now. The Spanish tax is payable not only on the inheritance of a property but also the gifting of a property so the tax would be paid sooner rather than later. Also once the property is in the names of your beneficiaries then you have to be able to trust that they will not dispose or charge your asset and leave you homeless. Issues of insolvency, divorce and your beneficiar y pre-deceasing you can also add complications to what appeared to be a simple transaction.

The Solution Quite simply you invest your Spanish property into your own UK Company of which you will be the Director and shareholder and have total control. Contrary to popular belief there would be no 7-10% Property Transfer Tax payable on this transaction. Our method enables you to utilise Spanish legislation to conveniently own and maintain your home within a corporate structure in the most tax efficient way. Unlike an offshore Company which creates an additional 3% tax burden each year, the UK is not classed as offshore and in line with EU treaties cannot charge UK Companies the 3% tax. All Clients who use our services to purchase or invest a property into a UK limited company are covered by Title Deed Insurance which affords cover for 20 years and a maximum of 360,000 euros compensation including Demolition Order, Fraud and Compulsory Purchase plus many more areas.

If you would be interested in receiving a free Spanish Inheritance tax Illustration and the opportunity to discuss how this method of ownership could benefit your personal circumstances please visit Alternatively contact one of our advisers on +44 (0)1260 299700 (UK) or 0034 965 830 991 (Spain). We aim to provide a friendly and professional service for our Clients with a unique ability to cover their affairs in both jurisdictions with a comprehensive approach.


Give yourself a special treat




23 23


Everyone loves a treat some time and if you like to discover new places, attractions and restaurants, our special offers page will be a double bonus. In these difficult economic times, we do hope you will take advantage of our money-off vouchers. You will see that the places featured here are offering percentages off admission prices or off your bills. Please do present your voucher when you arrive to make sure that conditions are met. Perhaps you would like to cut them out and put them in your purse or wallet so you don’t forget them when out and about. We feel this is a great way to discover new things and achieve some savings off your bill. Have a brilliant time!






“I Love Skateboard” August fun in Puerto de la Cruz


KATEBOARDING fans might like to head for Santa Cruz between now and August 18th.

The second edition of the popular festival “I Love Skateboard” is featuring a host of activities, including displays, trade fairs, video premieres, competitions, a series of indoor skate ramp sessions and initiation workshops. Organisers say some may regard skateboarding as just a simple mode of transport or sport but for many enthusiasts, it represents freedom, expression, creativity and a different way of life. The festival is taking place at the Centro de Arte La Recova which is housed in a former market in Plaza Isla de la Madera (telephone 922 29 06 62).



HE July fiestas may be over but August is still a fun month in Puerto de la Cruz.

The council’s culture department has announced a series of events which include exhibitions, outdoor cinema, reading workshops, a book launch and musical entertainment. The remaining programme is as follows: Tuesday, August 13th from 6pm to 8pm. An event aimed at young people to be held in the reading corner of the Youth House (La Casa de Juventud). “Lo esencial es invisible a los ojos”, a creative workshop and lecture around the book “El Principito” (“The Little Prince”). Organised by the Youth Council of Puerto de la Cruz council.

  

Pop in to art exhibition


ISITORS are being invited to look round an art exhibition in El Médano.

   

Students of the municipal school of painting are celebrating the end of their year with a show in the old school. Their teacher is artist, Nélida Hilario Pasabán. The exhibition was inaugurated by Granadilla council’s department of culture, Óscar Delgado Melo. There are around 80 paintings, charcoal drawings and sculptures which can be seen until August 25th, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 10pm.

Tuesday, August 18th from 6pm to 8pm, also in the Youth House, the event as above is repeated. Wednesday, August 21st, at 10pm in the Plaza de Europa. Open air cinema with the film “La vida de Pi” (“The Life of Pi”). Thursday, August 22nd, 10pm in the Plaza de Europa, open air cinema with the film “Las aventuras de Tadeo Jones” (“The adventures of Tadeo Jones”). Friday, August 23rd, 10pm in the Plaza de Europa, open air cinema with “Intocable” (“Untouchable”) Saturday, August 24th, from 9pm to 11pm in Calle Mequinez at its junction with calle Pérez Zamora. Musical performance of GREEN COHETE. Saturday, August 24th at 8.30pm, in El Castillo cultural space, presentation of the book “Trascendencia. Versos para la nueva era” by Blanca N. Pérez. Tuesday, August 27th, from 6pm to 8pm, repeat of the reading creative workshops as on August 13th and 18th.

Special event, Thursday, August 22nd in Sala Timanfaya. Screening of the film “Los Mares Petrificados”, a film directed by Miguel G. Morales and based on an idea of Miguel G. Morales and Leoncio González. A production by DXT producciones S.L. Original music and musical adaptation of poems of Pedro Guerra. The film recounts the final years of Tenerife poet, Domingo López Torres who died prematurely in 1937 at the age of 29, his involvement in the avant-garde magazine Gaceta de Arte, his close friendship with Oscar Domínguez, his role in the second Tenerife Surrealist exhibition in 1935 and the writing of his poems “Lo imprevisto” whilst in prison, a literary jewel almost unkown in the islands. Admission is free but there is limited capacity. Organised by the Canary Government with the collaboration of Radio Televisión Canaria, Binter Canarias. Cabildos from the islands and local councils. Organisers say the August programme could be subject to change.

“The ultimate painting” continues Los Miserables its tour on Canary



touring exhibition which has been travelling around the islands is calling in to La Palma and finally La Gomera.

The show of contemporary art has already been in La Laguna, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and El Hierro. “Última pintura en las colecciones del DA2 y la Fundación Coca-Cola” features the work of 27 artists but their work is not just on traditional canvas. Video

creations are also included, together with paintings on photographic paper as well as serigraphs. Organisers believe the exhibition offers people the chance to appreciate contemporary art in a new way. The La Palma exhibition can be seen until September 7th in the Palacio Salazar in the


capital and then moves on to La Gomera from September


13th to October 12th in the last stage of its journey.

Fun night at Faro Poems, Chill Art



Photo by Gerard Zenou


HE Faro Chill Art lounge bar at Puerto Colon continues to hold a wide selection of special events.

In an event organised by Anna Dozmorova, 20-year-old Anastasia Permykova was elected Miss Russia of Tenerife 2013. Dasha Sokolova, aged 17, became Miss El Faro 2013 whilst 16-year-old Maria Melnik was voted Miss Congeniality.

pictures, videos and more


new exhibition at the Tenerife “Espacio de las Artes” in Santa Cruz includes works being shown to the public for the first time.

“La isla ilesa” or “The island unharmed” brings together exhibits from various collections, including Santander and Tenerife Cabildo itself. Culture and heritage chief, Cristóbal de la Rosa said the aim was to show the work of more than 20 renowned artists in various modes, such as


painting, photography, sculpture and video. Many of the artists were based in the Canaries in the late 1990s and have enjoyed broad public recognition. There are also a number of unpublished poems in the exhibition which can be seen until November 3rd.

ORE than a musical, a legend.” That’s how an ambitious stage version of “Les Miserables” is being billed as dates for the Canary Islands begin to sell like hot-cakes.

Set in 19th century revolutionary France, it tells a story of courage, broken dreams, love, passion, sacrifice and redemption as ex-convict Valijean is pursued by ruthless policeman Javert. The musical has spent nearly 30 years in the limelight and continues to make history. Now, it is back on the Spanish stage after being seen by over 65 million people, translated into 22 languages and performed in more than 42 countries. The production has already triumphed in Madrid and has renewed staging, including projected drawings of Victor Hugo. Stage Entertainment considers this touring production their most ambitious to date. The show will be presented at a host of venues, including Sevilla, Valencia, Bilbao, Valladolid, Zaragoza and Murcia. It will be in Santa Cruz from December 30th to January 5th and Las Palmas, Gran Canaria from January 10th to February 2nd. Further information is available on http:// through which tickets can also be purchased.



9TH25TH AUGUST APRIL 20:30 14:15



11TH AUGUST 16:55


The celebrity cooking competition continues with the second quarter-final, as the battle for a place in the final eight reaches its climax. The remaining contestants must cook a faultless two-course meal, judged not only by John and Gregg but also by two past Celebrity MasterChef champions in the shape of former England rugby captain Phil Vickery, who won in 2011, and reigning champion Emma Kennedy. They are also joined by 2010 finalist Christine Hamilton; all three know exactly what standards to expect. With their last chances to impress their way to the next round, emotions in the kitchen are running high and the pressure proves too much for some contestants. The celebrity guest judges deliver some frank and cutting responses to some dishes, but others fare much better in the firing line. Only the best can go through to the final eight and become a step closer to winning the title of Celebrity MasterChef 2013. For those who don’t make the grade, the journey ends here.

16TH AUGUST 13:15


Retelling of the legend of Camelot. Dissatisfied with King Arthur’s rule of peace and freedom, Malagant, an erstwhile ally, turns against the Round Table and establishes a hostile domain. But he goes too far when he kidnaps Guinevere and imprisons her. When Lancelot comes to her aid, Guinevere finds her feelings torn between the spirited swordsman and King Arthur. Director: Jerry Zucker Starring: Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, Ben Cross, Liam Cunningham, Christopher Villiers


14TH AUGUST 08:30

Morning show with a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip. British actor Will Poulter talks about starring opposite Jennifer Aniston in new film We’re the Millers.



Documentary series about Ireland’s veterinary clinics. A cat named Oscar needs surgery for a painful blocked bladder. Andrea Hayes is out on the road with ISPCA officers, whose caseload includes neglected dogs and a trapped swan. Vet Pete Wedderburn treats two rats named Sooty and Sweep.


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Breakfast Heir H unters Homes Under the Hammer Helicopter Heroes Fake Britain Bargain Hunt BBC News at One BBC London News Doctors Only Fools and Horses Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show Celebrity MasterChef Who Do You Think You Are? BBC News at Ten BBC London News The Call Centre The League Cup Show Weatherview BBC News

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Sup. Leag. Backchat Football Asia Capital One CUp Football Premiership Years Football´s Greatest Football Gold Capital One Cup Football NFL Capital One Cup Football Boot ´n´All Football Gold Live Elite LEague Speedway


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The Ashes Friends Life T20 Cricket The Ashes Friends Life T20 Cricket The Ashes Friends Life T20 Cricket The Ashes Friends Life T20 Cricket Ashes Memories



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Ashes Memories Friends Life T20 Cricket The Ashes Good Morning Sports Fans The Ashes Live Sky Sports News at Seven The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict The Ashes


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Athletics Saturday Kitchen Best Bites BBC News Regional News Weather Athletics BBC News Regional News Weather That Puppet Game Show I Love My Country The National Lottery

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More realistic medical drama with love, life and emergency operations from the Bristol based A and E.

15:30 16:30

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CITV ITV News Dinner Date Saturday Cookbook Murder, She Wrote Saturday Farm Countrywise

Paul Heiney presents a series with memorable scenes drawn from the best of the ITV regions. Paul explores Britain’s coast and country, and meets the people that make it special. 12:35 12:40 13:45 15:30 17:30 17:45 18:00 19:00

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The Treacle People The Hoobs VW Racing Cup

Highlights from the Volkswagen Racing Cup 2013. The massed ranks of the well-supported Volkswagen Racing Cup visit the iconic Spa Francorchamps circuit deep in the Belgian Ardennes Forest. 07:10 07:40 08:10 09:10 10:10 11:10 12:10 12:45 13:45 16:10 18:40 19:00 20:00

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In Cameron Crowe’s re-make of Open Your Eyes, Cruise plays a playboy who finds true love with Sofia Serrano but vengeful exgirlfriend Julie Gianni lures him into a suicidal car ride which only he survives, disfigured. Nursed back to health, strange events force him to question his existence in this brilliant, moody thriller. 02:15 03:10

Phil Spencer: Secret Agent Secret Eaters


Power Rangers Samurai Slugterra Highland Emergency Big Brother BB BOTS: Rylan’s Supersized Celebrity Sunday The Hotel Inspector Returns Film An American Tail 2: Fievel Goes West Film Tinker Bell Film Open Season 2 5 News Cricket Once Upon a Time Big Brother Film Shoot ‘Em Up

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Fast-paced, over-the-top action adventure. When a pregnant woman runs past his bus stop chased by a gunmen, Smith goes to her rescue and helps to deliver her baby, but is unable to prevent the gang from killing the mother. With the gangleader still bent on pursuing the newborn, Smith links up with an old flame able to breastfeed the baby and the three of them go on the run. The body count mounts deliciously as Smith tries to protect the child and find out why it is being targeted.

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Film The Detonator

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Football´s Greatest Premeirship Years Football League The Sunday Supplement Goals On Sunday Live Scottish Premiership Football Live Super League Live Football League Live USPGA Championship Golf Ladies Euroepan Tour Golf

The Ashes The Ashes Verdict Cricket Writers on TV The Ashes - Live Sky Sports News at Seven The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One BBC London News Doctors Only Fools and Horses Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show Fake Britain EastEnders Fight Back Britain Death in Paradise BBC News at Ten BBC London News Have I Got a Bit More News for You Live at the Apollo Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Athletics Click BBC News BBC World News Film The Importance of Being Earnest

Classic comic drama based on Oscar Wilde’s play about two wealthy bachelors who each pretend to be the dashing but wholly imaginary Ernest when courting two young ladies, but come unstuck when the girls fall for the charms of the fictitious male. 13:30 14:15 14:45 15:30 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20 00:20 01:20

The Weakest Link Mastermind A to Z of TV Gardening Athletics Wild Cameramen at Work University Challenge Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well Horizon QI Newsnight Make Me a German Natural World This is BBC Two

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Tipping Point ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Food Facts and Fiction: Tonight Where Does Our Food Come From? Coronation Street Long Lost Family ITV News at Ten and Weather Benidorm Monk Jackpot247 The Jeremy Kyle Show ITV Nightscreen

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The Hoobs Hugh’s 3 Good Things According to Jim Will and Grace Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory Undercover Boss USA Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun Kirstie’s Vintage Gems Film Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Dispatches Food Unwrapped Benefits Britain 1949 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell Random Acts Coming Up How to Get a Council House Dates Misfits

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The Mr. Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Mio Mao Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Nurses 5 News Lunchtime Big Brother Animal A and E Neighbours CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Film A Time to Remember 5 News at 5 Neighbours Animal A and E Newstalk Live Cricket The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt Big Brother My Cyberstalking Hell: Liz McClarnon Big Brother’s Bit on the Side The Walking Dead Super Casino

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USPGA Championship Golf Premiership Years USPGA Championship Golf Football League Scottish Premiership Footb. USPGA Championship Golf Football League USPGA Championship Golf FL72 Review Monday Night Football

The Ashes The Ashes Verdict Good MOrning Sports Fans The Ashes - LIve Sky Sports News at Seven The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict



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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors Only Fools and Horses Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show EastEnders Holby City New Tricks BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather Football’s Suicide Secret Litter Wars Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Athletics HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News Film The Long and the Short and the Tall The Super League Show Mastermind

John Humphrys poses the questions in the classic quiz, as four of the UK’s cleverest brains take a seat in the black chair. Specialist subjects: the NBA finals 1985-2005; the Napoleanic wars 1796-1815; the life and work of Nevil Shute; and the life and work of Woody Allen. 15:00 15:30 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20 00:20 01:20

Animal Park Athletics Wild Cameramen at Work Count Arthur Strong The Cruise: A Life at Sea India’s Supersize Kids Family Tree Newsnight Horizon The Iraq War This is BBC Two

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Tipping Point ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Food Facts and Fiction: Tonight What’s in Our Food? Love Your Garden On the Run ITV News at Ten and Weather Piers Morgan’s Life Stories In Plain Sight Jackpot247 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

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Hugh’s 3 Good Things According to Jim Will and Grace IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory Undercover Boss USA Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not Film Carry on Cabby Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free You’re Killing My Son: The Mum Who Went on the Run Rude Tube Random Acts The Dealership Pokerstars.Com Caribbean Adventure

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Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Mio Mao Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff The Hotel Inspector Returns 5 News Lunchtime Big Brother Animal A and E Neighbours NCIS Film Murder Among Friends 5 News at 5 Neighbours Animal A and E Newstalk Live Cricket Born to Kill? CSI: NY Big Brother Big Brother’s Bit on the Side CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Super Casino

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Good Morning Sports Fans FL72 Review Monday Night Football Football Gold Football League Gold Scottish Football Round-Up FL72 Review Football´s Greatest Masters Tennis Live MAsters Tennis Premiership Years

The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict Goodf Morning Sports The Ashes - LIve The Ashes Sky Sports News at The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict The Ashes The Ashes - Verdict


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors Only Fools and Horses Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show Rip Off Food Celebrity MasterChef Who Do You Think You Are? BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather The Call Centre Film A Lot like Love Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Athletics Rick Stein’s India The Chef’s Protege BBC News BBC World News Coast Film Wuthering Heights The Weakest Link Mastermind A to Z of TV Gardening A Taste of My Life Journeys Into the Ring of Fire Antiques Roadshow Athletics Moscow: The Cold War Olympics Dig WW2 with Dan Snow Restoration Home Queen Victoria’s Children The Culture Show at Edinburgh: Leonardo da Vinci The Anatomist Newsnight Dara O’Briain’s Science Club Australia with Simon Reeve This is BBC Two

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Tipping Point ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale International Football ITV News and Weather International Football Highlights The Dales Jackpot247 Film Escape to Victory

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According to Jim Will and Grace IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory Undercover Boss USA Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun Kirstie’s Handmade Treasures Film When Eight Bells Toll Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News How Not to Get Old 24 Hours in A and E The Last Leg I’m Spazticus 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Random Acts Shameless USA Film Stop-Loss Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

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Little Princess Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr. Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Mio Mao Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Cowboy Traders 5 News Lunchtime Big Brother Animal A and E Neighbours NCIS Film Class 5 News at 5 Neighbours Animal A and E Newstalk Live Emergency Bikers Nurses Big Brother Love/Hate Big Brother’s Bit on the Side 2013 National Heads-Up Poker Championships Super Casino

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Football Asia Football´s Greatest Football Gold SUper League Backchat Football Asia Prem. League Years Football Gold Football´s Greatest Football Gold Footb. League Gold FIFA Futbol Mundial Boots ´n´All Football Gold Footb. League Gold Live Internat. Footb.

The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict Ashes Fever Live Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket Ashes Fever The Ashes


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors Only Fools and Horses Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show EastEnders Celebrity MasterChef Paul O’Grady’s Working Britain BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather Who Do You Think You Are? Film Proof Holiday Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Athletics The Chef’s Protege HARDtalk BBC News BBC World News Film Rampage

Drama. Big-game trapper Harry Stanton is unwillingly teamed with hunter Otto Abbot in a quest to capture a rare Malaysian big cat. Joining their expedition is aging Otto’s beautiful young companion Anna - a further cause of friction between the two men. 13:35 14:20 14:50 15:35 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20 00:20 01:20

The Weakest Link Mastermind A to Z of TV Gardening Athletics Dig WW2 with Dan Snow Dara O’Briain’s Science Club The Men Who Made Us Thin Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience Newsnight The Men Who Made Us Fat Broken by Battle This is BBC Two

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Tipping Point ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Food Facts and Fiction: Tonight The Health Traps Emmerdale Coronation Street My Dwarf Family ITV News at Ten and Weather The Secret Life of Dogs Murder, She Wrote Jackpot247 Food Facts and Fiction: Tonight The Health Traps ITV Nightscreen

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Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Tipping Point ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street Food Facts and Fiction: Tonight The Great British Diet Coronation Street Doc Martin ITV News at Ten and Weather Film DOA: Dead or Alive Jackpot247 Columbo

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The Hoobs Hugh’s 3 Good Things According to Jim Will and Grace IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory Undercover Boss USA Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun Film Donovan’s Reef Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News The Dealership How to Get a Council House Crazy About One Direction Random Acts 24 Hours in A and E Ramsay’s Hotel Hell Why Don’t You Speak English?

07:20 07:35 07:45 08:00 08:15 08:35 08:50 09:00 09:15 11:10 12:10 12:15 13:15 13:45 14:15 15:10 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00

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The Mr. Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff World’s Busiest Train Station 5 News Lunchtime Big Brother Animal A and E Neighbours CSI: Miami Film On Hostile Ground 5 News at 5 Neighbours Animal A and E Newstalk Live Police Interceptors Why Did Oscar Pistorius Kill Our Daughter? The Hotel Inspector Returns Big Brother Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Super Casino

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Good Morning Sports Fans What´s the Story? Premier League Years FL72 Preview Premier League World Super League Superstars Live SUper League The Fantasy Cup Golf Live Solheim Cup Golf FL72 Preview

The Ashes Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket The Ashes Ashes Fever Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket The Ashes Ashes Fever Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket Live Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket The Ashes Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket


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Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Regional News and Weather Doctors Wanted Down Under Perfection Escape to the Country Flog It! Pointless BBC News at Six Regional News and Weather The One Show Nigel Slater’s Dish of the Day EastEnders Celebrity MasterChef Big School Mrs. Brown’s Boys BBC News at Ten Regional News and Weather Would I Lie to You? Pramface Film Adulthood Weatherview BBC News

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This is BBC Two Athletics Saints and Scroungers Hebrides: Islands on the Edge BBC News BBC World News Film Wonder Man

Boisterous nightclub entertainer Buzzy Bellew is witness to a murder committed by gangster Ten Grand Jackson. One night, two of Jackson’s thugs kill Buzzy and dump his body in the lake at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Buzzy comes back as a ghost and summons his bookworm twin, Edwin Dingle, to Prospect Park so that he can help the police nail Jackson. 13:35 14:20 14:50 15:35 19:00 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:05

The Weakest Link Mastermind A to Z of TV Gardening Athletics Dragons’ Den Mastermind Gardeners’ World The Burrowers The Trip Newsnight Film Telstar: The Joe Meek Story

06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00

20:30 21:00 22:00 22:35 00:10 03:00

07:10 07:35 08:00 09:00 09:35 10:05 11:00 12:00 12:05 13:10 15:10 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:55 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:05 00:10 00:15 02:15

The Hoobs Hugh’s 3 Good Things According to Jim Will and Grace IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond The Big Bang Theory Undercover Boss USA Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun Film Please Sir! Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Four Rooms 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Lee Mack Live Rude Tube Random Acts Film Mr. Nice New Girl

07:10 07:20 07:35 07:45 08:00 08:15 08:35 08:50 09:00 09:15 11:10 12:10 12:15 13:15 13:45 14:15 15:15 17:00 17:30 18:00 18:30 19:00

20:00 21:00 22:30 23:30 00:00

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom The Mr Men Show Thomas and Friends Noddy in Toyland Fifi and the Flowertots Peppa Pig Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt 5 News Lunchtime Big Brother Animal A and E Neighbours The Mentalist Film Wandering Eye 5 News at 5 Neighbours Animal A and E Newstalk Live Building the International Space Station Pistorius Trial: The Key Questions Big Brother Big Brother’s Bit on the Side Big Brother Super Casino

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06:00 07:00 08:00 10:00 11:00 12:30 13:30 22:00 00:00

Good Morning Spors Fans FL72 Preview Premier League Years Solheim Cup Golf Live SOlheim Cup Golf Super League Premier League Preview Premier League Years

The Ashes Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket The Ashes Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket The Ashes Yorkshire Bank 40 Cricket Live International One-Day Cricket The Ashes International OneDay Cricket



06:00 10:00 11:30 12:00 12:10 12:15 13:00 17:25 17:35 17:45 18:35 19:15 20:00 20:50

Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food BBC News BBC London News Football Focus Athletics BBC News BBC London News Pointless That Puppet Game Show I Love My Country The National Lottery Casualty

More realistic medical drama with love, life and emergency operations from the Bristol based A and E. 21:40 22:10 22:30 23:50 00:50 00:55

TBA BBC News Match of the Day The Football League Show Weatherview BBC News

06:00 07:05 10:25

This is BBC Two TBA Reel History of Britain

Melvyn Bragg, accompanied by a vintage mobile cinema, travels across the country, to show incredible footage preserved by the British Film Institute and other national and regional film archives, to tell the history of modern Britain. 10:55 11:45 12:15 13:30 14:30 15:30 16:30 17:30 18:00 19:00 19:40 20:10 21:10 22:10 22:55 02:25

The Private Life of Plants University Challenge Athletics TBA Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure Wild China Final Score TBA Flog It! Proms Extra 2013 Dad’s Army TBA Top of the Lake I XL TBA This is BBC Two

06:25 06:50 07:10 07:20 07:35

08:00 08:25 08:30 09:25 10:20 11:20 12:20 12:35 12:40 13:40 15:30 17:30 17:45 18:00 19:00

21:40 22:40 22:55 01:20

Poppy Cat Canimals Bookaboo Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Gravity Falls ITV News Dinner Date Saturday Cookbook Murder, She Wrote Saturday Farm Countrywise ITV News and Weather All Star Mr and Mrs Film Smokey and the Bandit II Midsomer Murders Regional News and Weather ITV News and Weather You’ve Been Framed! Film Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Americans ITV News and Weather Film State of Play Jackpot247


IPC Swimm.World Championsh. 2013

Ned Boulting introduces highlights from the IPC Swimming World Championships in Montreal, Canada. British women take centre stage today. Hannah Russell and Stephanie Millward both won silver medals in their long-distance freestyle events at the 2012 Paralympics and will aim to go one better this time. Stephanie Slater set a European record in the butterfly to qualify for her first major championships. New Zealand Paralympic legend Sophie Pascoe will be the one to beat in the 100m butterfly. It’s one of three events in which she claimed gold in London last year. Rachael Latham conducts the post-race interviews, while Giles Long analyses the action. 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 12:30 13:30 16:10 16:40 18:45 19:10

The Morning Line Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Factual Channel 4 Racing TBA Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News TBA

06:25 06:35 06:50 07:05 07:10 07:25 07:40 07:55 08:10

08:25 08:45 09:00 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:35 11:00 11:30 13:00 18:55 19:00 22:00 23:00 00:00

Bubble Guppies The Mr Men Show Chloe’s Closet Roobarb and Custard Too Bananas in Pyjamas Noddy in Toyland City of Friends Little Princess The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm Power Rangers: Megaforce Slugterra Meerkat Manor Big Brother TBA 5 News Weekend NCIS Big Brother Big Brother’s Bit on the Psych Super Casino

06:00 06:30 08:30 09:00 10:00 12:00 14:30 15:00 17:00 20:00 23:30

06:00 07:00 08:00 08:30 09:30 10:30 17:30 18:30 22:30


FIFA Futbol Mundial Premier League Years Premier League Preview Game Changers Soccer AM FL72 Live Saturday Night Football-Team Talk Soccer Saturday Live SAturday Night TBA FL72 Highlights

The Ashes International OneDay Cricket Ashes Memories The Ashes International OneDay Cricket Live Friends Life T20 Cricket Ashes Memories Live Friends Life T20 Cricket The Ashes


06:00 07:40 09:00 10:00

Breakfast Match of the Day BBC News Sunday Morning Live

Topical debate show that viewers can be a part of, covering the big religious, moral and ethical issues of the day with a mix of religious leaders, commentators and opinion formers. 11:00 12:05 12:10 12:45 16:30 17:00 17:35 18:35 18:50 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:15 22:25 23:25 00:05 01:50 01:55

TBA BBC News Bargain Hunt Athletics Escape to the Country Songs of Praise TBA BBC News Regional News and Weather Countryfile Antiques Roadshow The White Queen BBC News Regional News and Weather Match of the Day 2 That Puppet Game Show TBA BBC News Weatherview

06:00 08:00 09:00 09:30 10:00 11:30 12:00 14:00 16:30 17:30 18:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30 01:20 02:15

TBA Around the World in 80 Gardens Gardeners’ World Beechgrove Garden Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well EastEnders Omnibus TBA Flog It! A Horizon Special MotoGP Dragons’ Den The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip Blackadder the Third TBA Countryfile Holby City

Popular hospital drama centering on the busy working and social lives of the doctors, nurses and patients in the frantic wards of Holby City General Hospital. 03:15

This is BBC Two

06:25 06:50 07:10 07:20 07:35

08:00 08:25 08:30 09:25 10:20 11:20 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 16:30 18:30 18:45 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:15 23:15 00:15

Poppy Cat Canimals Bookaboo Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Sonny with a Chance ITV News Country House Sunday The Jeremy Kyle Show USA Murder, She Wrote ITV News and Weather Ade in Britain Murder, She Wrote Love Your Garden A Touch of Frost Film The Queen Regional News and Weather ITV News and Weather Tipping Point Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower Law and Order: UK ITV News and Weather Perspectives Murder, She Wrote The Store

06:10 06:35 07:00 07:55 08:25 09:30 12:30 13:00 13:30 17:00 18:40 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:05

The Hoobs Ironman IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Sunday Brunch The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons TBA Film Aliens in the Attic Channel 4 News TBA The Mill Southcliffe Film The Women

Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and Annette Bening head an all-female cast in this comedy drama, a remake of George Cukor’s 1939 satire, from writer-director Diane English. Mary Haines thinks she has it all - a happy marriage, a lovely daughter, a top clothes designer job at her father’s firm and a solid circle of very good friends. But then she hears through the grapevine that her husband is having an affair with a perfume saleswoman and, with that one thread unpicked, her entire world begins to unravel. 00:20


06:50 07:05 07:10 07:25 07:40 07:55 08:10

08:25 08:45 09:00 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:35 11:00 11:10 12:10

13:10 14:10 19:55 20:00 21:00 22:00 01:55

Chloe’s Closet Roobarb and Custard Too Bananas in Pyjamas Noddy in Toyland City of Friends Little Princess The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm Power Rangers: Samurai Slugterra TBA Big Brother BB BOTS: Rylan’s Supersized Celebrity Sunday The Hotel Inspector Returns TBA 5 News Weekend Once Upon a Time Big Brother TBA Super Casino

06:00 06:30 09:30 10:00 11:00 13:00 19:00 02:30

07:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 18:00

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New book on old “Cruzarte” in Puerto Youth House tram of Tenerife BUDDING TALENTS


UERTO de la Cruz is turning the spotlight on the artistic talents of young people.

An exhibition in “La Casa de la Juventud” or “Youth House” brings together the winners of the last five editions of “Cruzarte”. Their creations include painting, poetry, short stories, photography, short films and video art. The main contributors are Susana Rivero Melián, Roberto

Rodríguez Álvarez, Joaquín Artime Padilla, Sergio Oliva Hernández and Victoria Yanes Valido. Youth councillor, Damián García said it was a unique opportunity to see the work of several young artists who had started their careers in Puerto. The exhibition remains open until August 30th and can be visited Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 9pm. Admission is free.


Young talent at Factory of Art


F you thought the tram in Santa Cruz was an innovation of the modern era, you would be wrong.

Its history dating back to 1900 has been traced in a new book entitled “El antiguo tranvía de Tenerife” by Rafael Cedrés. Whilst explaining how the project began all those years ago, he also pays tribute to the current president of Tenerife Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior for being the key figure in the revival of the capital’s trams in 2007. Sr. Melchior was delighted to present the book at a special reception when copies were sold and the proceeds donated to the charity, Caritas. This work by Rafael Cedrés is a comprehensive review of the tram which arrived in 1900 and its 56-year history during which it played a big part in every day life. The author said the tram was

put into operation to meet a social need of the time and the book includes all aspects of the initiative from the business point of view to the technical and social side. He had to gather a mass of information from during research in various parts of the countr y, including from Congress and the Senate but also in places like Las Palmas, A Coruña and Bilbao. The author tells how the tram survived two world wars, a civil war and the great depression of the 30s. Sr. Melchior recalled that the old tram route was Santa Cruz to Tacoronte, the axis of cultural, economic and social development of the island as electricity had arrived there.

Flying start for new club


HE new club, Saborea Tenerife, was officially launched at a reception on July 11th.


IFTY young people gathered at Adeje’s Factoria del Arte Música to turn back the clocks to the age of golden music.


Guests included the Mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga who enjoyed the reminiscences back to the 50s and 60s with the men’s vocal group “The


Riveters”. The quintet was formed in 2011 and performed their first concert at the disco “4ever” in Santa Cruz. Since then, they

A Summer Festival of peace

HE lovely Butterfly Garden and retreat in the north of Tenerife, “Jardin Mariposa” is holding a Summer Festival to celebrate peace.

Owner and founder, Petra Klein has extended an open invitation to all interested to attend on August 10th or 11th. It is, she says, “our contribution to personal peace and peace in the world”. The two day programme will include various activities, such as dance therapy, self-massage, a salsa workshop, music and dance, guided tours, yoga, tangotherapy, aromatherapy and celebratory lunches. All musicians on the island are invited to participate and contribute. Accommodation is a possibility. For further details, see

have performed all over the island with street performances which fits in with their musical style. The evening also featured dance student, Richard Martín Mascherin from Tijoco Bajo. This talented 20-year-old is studying contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Professional Dance in Madrid. His performance in the Factory of Art and Music generated many cheers.

Richard praised the concept of the art and music factory as he felt they raised awareness and also gave people the chance to realise that they too might want to follow either as a profession. He said it took a lot of self sacrifice, time, concentration and dedication. You can learn more on 922 781 808/

More than 50 companies are members already and are ready and waiting to give tourists and local people alike a taste of the island from a gastronomic point of view. Vice-president of Tenerife Cabildo, Carlos Alonso encouraged entrepreneurs to join, describing Saborea Tenerife as a very attractive product for tourism. Councillor for agriculture, fisheries and food, José Joaquín Bethencourt said this was a clear example of private/public cooperation which would strengthen the quality of Tenerife’s attractions. “We have much to offer that is different,” he said. The event was attended by representatives of production, food, leisure, tourism, gastronomy and logistic companies who pledged to work together. You can keep up to date with the club on the web and via Facebook.


Your chance to enjoy a bite Don’t forget the second “Route of the Montadito” Santa Ursula between August 2nd and August 25th


HE montadito is a unique tapa-sized bread roll or sometimes a slice topped with one of many variations and is truly delicious.

For this event, each montadito will be just two euros, with a glass of wine or beer included. These are the restaurants taking part: Bar Rte. Pizzería “El Paraíso”; Bar Atlantis; Bar Cafetería Niros; Tasca Taller Don Diego Álvarez; Cafetería Noemí; Café Bar Santi; Bodegón Los Chamos; Bar Cafetería Los Parrales; Taberna El Remango; Bar Cafetería La Milagrosa; Bodegón Nuevo Paso; Auditorio Bar Café; Bar Cafetería Mc Lolo´s; Tasca El Parralito; Tasca El Rincón de Tula; Rte. No Sólo Café y Vinos; Bodeguita de Enfrente; El Calderito de la abuela; Bodegón Puente de la Reina; Tasca La Catuja; Cafetería July; Cervecería Pedrito; Garden Café Rosenblatt y Pacheco; Bar Cafetería La Estación; Aleluya del Paladar; Ágora Café Bar; Tasca Restaurante El Valle; Bar Cafetería Km 30; Zumería El Gánigo Comelón; Restaurante El Tinglado; Tasca de Tines; La Tasca de Fran and el Bodegón “El Buchito”.







Countdown to the 30 Canary Music Festival



Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

The 2014 Canary Islands’ Music Festival is once again attracting international interest.


Pedro Halffter

Michal Nesterowicz

Chiara Skerath

HIS edition in January and February is extra special as it is the 30th anniversary and the presence of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has prompted at least 80 tour operators to offer holiday packages. There will be concerts on all seven islands, as well as La Graciosa which is adjacent to Lanzarote, and nearly 30 artists, varying from soloists to ensembles, will be taking part. The Festival prides itself on putting different periods of history of music in the spotlight, from Baroque to the performance of those works commissioned by the Canary Islands Music Festival in the present. Promoting culture is also a key aim, as well as conveying the concepts of classical music to the young. For this reason, many of the concerts are aimed at the new generation with important works performed in a less rigid way. For this reason, there will be the fourth Festival for the Young. Organisers also want to introduce people to the delights of the Canary Islands and to show a visit here can be more than simply enjoying the sun, sand and sea. “ Our winter is an eternal spring for the the rest of the world,” they say. Tourists fly into the archipelago especially for the occasion and hotels feel the benefit. A visit to La Graciosa is probably the first-time most people see this charming little island which has only 500 inhabitants. The main venues are the

Auditorio Alfredo Kraus and Teatro Guiniguada in Gran Canaria, in Tenerife, the Auditorio de Tenerife Adán Martin and TeatroGuimerá and in Lazarote, the Teatreo Insular de Lanzarote. Despite the special significance of the 30 th anniversary, the 2014 Canary Islands’ Music Festival could not escape cuts, with its budget having been slashed to 1.3 million euros, rather than three million. Nevertheless, there is an assurance that this will not affect the quality of musicians. Far from it as securing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra has been a long-held ambition and it will be their first visit to Spain since 2000. The CSO is consistently hailed as one of today’s leading orchestras and performances are much in demand at home and in the most prestigious music capitals of the world. Other artists will include the Swiss soprano Chiara Skerath, acclaimed trumpeter David Blackadder, Polish conductor Michal Nesterowicz, the Orchetra of the Age of Enlightenment, Lancaster-born singer, Julia Doyle, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria, international opera arist, Owen Willets and and the chamber orchestra, Cappella Istropolitana.

Discover more about the artists, venues and programme (including in English) on 30festivaldecanarias/es/programacion/index.html

Catch an open-air film this summer


ALMY summer nights have arrived in Tenerife so what better time to enjoy some openair cinema?

You can do just that during August, courtesy of the local council which is putting on a number of films free of charge. They will be shown either on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday but all start at 9.30pm. “Cine Verano 2013” is always hugely popular and takes something a bit different out to various places in Arona, including Valle San Lorenzo and Los Cristianos centre.

The remaining programme is: Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones, Urbanización Virgen del Carmen, Guargacho, Tuesday, August 13th. La Vida de Pi, Plaza de la Iglesia, Los Cristianos, Wednesday, August 14th. Brave, Plaza de la Iglesia, El Fraile, Tuesday, August 20th. The Amazing Spiderman, Plaza de la Iglesia, Buzanada, Wednesday, August 21st. Hotel Transylvania, Plaza de la Iglesia, La Camella, Tuesday, August 27th. Madagascar 3, Plaza de la Paz, Arona centre, Wednesday, August 28th. Campanilla, Plaza Guaza, Tuesday, September 3rd. La Saga Crepúsculo: Amanecer 2ª parte, Rambla Las Galletas, Wednesday, September 4th. Rompe Ralph,Plaza exterior del Centro Cultural ,Cho, Thursday, September 5th. If planning a trip, you are advised to double check details on

Breakfast between the vineyards


RE you looking for a rather different way to spend a Sunday?

Tenerife’s fascinating wine museum, La Casa del Vino, is organising a new edition of its popular activity “Desayuno entre viñedos” or “Breakfast between the vineyards”. This will take place on Sunday, August 11th and will combine a tour of the facilities at El Sauzal with food and wine tastings. The event has been organised by the museum, Tenerife Cabildo and Pastelería Díaz and starts at 10.30am. First, there will be a guided tour of the wine museum and guests will learn about wine growing and agrobiodiversity. The group will then move on to the vineyards of the estate where an expert wine grower will explain the processes involved and talk about the various grape varieties, as well as different aspects which might affect the wine. During the tour, several stops will be made to enjoy various tastings and culinary demonstrations, including lollipops with a flavour of vino tinto and marmalade made with onions and red wine. All the dishes will have been made with Tenerife wines. Those interested in participating in this activity, which is priced at 15 euros, can book their place by calling 922 572535 or send an email to

Eating Out & About



Your dining experience around our restaurants

Cabana Bambou, Playa de las Américas

Tasca Casa Paco, Los Cristianos

Cabana Bambou in Playa de las Americas is a restaurant you really need to visit, whether you live here or are on holiday. It offers the diner a different experience from the norm, courtesy of Fanfan, who is French, and Nick from Hungary. Fanfan creates the most gorgeous food and we can highly recommend the exquisite and unusual tapas. Do try the offer of six tapas dishes with a nice mixed salad and as much bread as you can eat for two people at just 25 euros. Fanfan’s fruit cakes and tarts are also to die for. Tapas and other smaller snacks are available at any time but if you would like to order what you want a day in advance, whether chateaubriand, fillet steak, couscous or a sea-food platter, just ring 697 865 871. Cabana Bambou is near the Safari Centre. It is underneath the reception of Royal Gardens (ie. lower floor) opposite the side road of the Mediterranean Palace. There is live Spanish and South American-style music each evening from 7pm (closed Tuesdays). Sit inside or out and party bookings welcome.

Tasca Casa Paco is a hugely popular restaurant because it offers a real taste of Spain right in the heart of Los Cristianos. It has become known as the restaurant with the singing chef because owner Paco is always singing and most evenings will take to his guitar and sing Spanish and English songs with great expertise. There are more than 30 dishes on the menu and a wine list with over 50 choices. Paco is passionate about his food and only uses fresh ingredients. You can watch him as he creates your meal with an artistic flair. He’s like a maestro conducting an orchestra. People often talk about this place for weeks after their visit because it is a unique experience over and above the excellent cuisine. It’s not surprising it is highly rated on TripAdvisor, having recently held the number two spot for Los Cristianos. It’s easy to find near the cultural centre as you walk into Cristianos town. Find the two petrol stations and it’s on the left of the one in the centre of the road.

Geordie Pride, NOW Potter Inn Puerto Colón Exciting things are happening at the pub/restaurant previously known as the Geordie Pride at Puerto Colón. Although under the same ownership of Mark and Kerry, they are changing the name to Potter Inn to reflect where they are from ie. the potteries. They are also delighted to become the home for the Tenerife Potters (Stoke City’s official supporters’ club on the island). So, if you are from the Stoke area, you will have a special affinity straight away. As always, of course, everyone is guaranteed a very warm welcome, regardless of where you come from or which team you support. Mark and Kerry pride themselves on giving customers good value for money, both on drinks and food. Every weekday from 3.30pm to 7.30pm is Happy Hour when all spirits and mixers are buy one, get one free! They are also offering a special evening menu in the week – two courses for 5.95 euros or three courses for 7.45 euros, available 5.30pm to 9pm Monday to Friday. The best way to the pub is down the steps at the taxi rank at Puerto Colon and then turn left. The frontage looks small but inside is deceptively spacious, with a terrace at the front and at the back overlooking the habour. The extensive menu also has breakfasts, snacks, lunches, burgers, sandwiches and salads.

Tipsy Terrace, Los Gigantes Tipsy Terrace in Los Gigantes is described as one of the friendliest places around and you will see why when you visit. This delightful venue is run with great enthusiasm by owners Sally and Sarah. They love to celebrate special occasions and dates in the calendar and have become experts in providing great entertainment and lovely decorations. It is not by chance that it has become a favourite place for many people, locals and holiday-makers alike. You will find great home cooking and dishes to suit all tastes, from breakfast through to evening meals and everything in between. Tap into their menu on and you can see all the choices for yourself, from Tipsy’s Ploughman’s and Rise and Shine sandwiches to wraps, jacket potatoes, burgers, crunchy salads, light lunches and much, much more. Tipsy Terrace also has a swimming pool, tennis, mini-golf and lovely gardens. It is easy to find as it is just by the coach and bus stops.

NEW Regency Restaurant, Los Gigantes The main restaurant of the Royal Sun Resort is situated on a spectacular terrace and has unique qualities: great views, impeccable cuisine and first class service. Panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the island of La Gomera can be seen from any point in the restaurant through a transparent wall that separates the inside dining area from the open space terrace. The interior is decorated in a restrained classical style and does not distract attention from the main attraction: the delicacies created by the famous Canarian chef, Carlos Gamonal. Chef Carlos presents a modern interpretation of European culinary traditions using only the freshest local produce and gourmet ingredients. Through the transparent walls of the open kitchen, guests can watch the master at work to learn the secrets of his culinary arts. “Regency” restaurant is perfect for special occasions, anniversaries, birthdays, and romantic or family dinners. In a relaxed atmosphere with attentive service by the excellent staff, everyone will feel pampered. This restaurant can be found in Calle Geranio, 16, Los Gigantes. For reservations please ring: 922-862-802



terrace · easy parking · kitchen open all day OPEN FROM 9AM TO 11PM, CLOSED ON TUESDAY Playa San Juan, on the church square. Tel. 650 609 791.


Eating Out & About


Your dining experience around our restaurants


Creativo – Gourmet Bistro Restaurant Café Playa de San Juan Creativo San Juan is a quality bistro restaurant-café bar located on the church square in the centre of this charming traditional fishing village. Offering a relaxed and informal environment, it is run by husband and wife team Klaus (Danish) and Eva (Canary). Creativo gained its name from Klaus’s ambition to deliver fabulous creative dishes to excite the taste buds whilst at the same time being attractively priced. He combines his many years of experience as a chef in starred restaurants in Denmark with his own innovative flair for turning locally sourced fresh ingredients into something very special and completely different. During the day, why not try a simple delicious lunch of Danish open sandwiches and tapas or perhaps come in the evening for something more exotic like roast lamb or cider pork. Choose from a simple one course to a three or four course menu with wine for a fine dining experience. Alternatively just enjoy sitting on the square and having a drink with friends. If you come on a Wednesday, you can see the local market in the square and stop in for a coffee break or lunch. Children and dogs are also catered for. A delightful, honest and refreshing venue catering for all. For reservations call 650-609-791.


Matul, Tasca-Restaurante, La Orotava

Opened some three months ago, Restaurante Matul is receiving glowing reviews for its value for money, fabulous dishes, excellent service and decor. “A gastronomic reference for the north” is one diner’s accolade. The restaurant prides itself on presenting creative cuisine, using fresh daily products, so you can enjoy meat dishes, fish or perhaps some tapas with friends. There is also a wide range of wines. You must also try the home-made desserts which are exquisite, with a great creative touch. All this is presented in a friendly environment with attentive owner, Victor and his team who make you feel totally at home and ensure an experience to remember at a price you can afford. Restaurante Matul is open every day, except Sunday, from 1pm to 4.30pm and 7.30pm to 11pm. This beautiful restaurant is located parallel to the motorway heading towards Santa Cruz at exit 33 to La Orotava.

Restaurante Reina, Cuesta de la Villa - Santa Úrsula Cuesta de la Villa is the last stop before getting to Puerto de la Cruz on the motorway or the first one leaving there towards Santa Cruz. It´s a great little place to stop off for a coffee on the terrace, a snack or a meal and is a typical Canary eating house which everyone should sample. On average a three course lunch/ dinner will set you back about 12 euros with wine so the food is excellent value. Restaurante Reina only opened its doors on the 1st December 2012, so it’s brand new – neat, clean and gleaming but with a very warm welcome and lovely atmosphere. The food here is described as “innovative Canary cuisine with an international flavour”. The menu boasts an excellent variety of dishes which are based on the traditional but with a twist. Meat, chicken, fish and seafood all feature in the starters and main courses. However, they specialise in rice dishes which come in various guises but you can also opt for the traditional paella. Even the snacks have flair. There is a good selection of wines, including local names, all of which will make you want to return time and time again.

Mamma Rosa, Playa de las Américas Mamma Rosa is one of the longest established res-taurants in the south of Tenerife and has an extensive menu and a modern ambiance which appeals to all ages. For more than 22 years, it has offered elegance, top-class cuisine, an excellent varied wine list and, of course, the service you would expect. The restaurant is next to the Colón II apartments at the end of The Patch (near the last roundabout, with Santander Bank on the corner, and not far from the Hotel Palmeras). The cuisine is described as classical Italian and Scandinavian with Spanish and French influences, blended together and cooked in a modern style. Part of the new approach is to offer a ver y extensive fish menu. As with the meat, the restaurant tries where possible to buy local produce and support the islands’ agriculture. Likewise, the wine list allows you to choose a Canar y Island wine, together with wines from around the globe such as the mainland, Italy, France etc. New Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 18:00-24:00 Sundays closed

H NIS SPA ISINE THE BEST CU HOME MADE TAPAS C/Amalia Alayón No 16 EXCELLENT ATMOSPHERE LIVE MUSIC EVERY NIGHT 38650 Los Cristianos, Tenerife Orders Tel: 686 52 04 40 or 658 78 80 23 -

NEW Mesón El Drago, Tegueste Distinguished chef, Carlos Gamonal is passionate about food and he and his team aim to give the diner an experience to remember. Restaurant Mesón el Drago looks beautiful but it is still affordable to all as you can tailor your choices to fit your budget. Carlos is a pioneer of modernist cuisine, using only the freshest of products grown in the region and cleverly combining ingredients to produce a unique taste. Customers particularly love his Canary dishes such as squid with vinaigrette spheres and Canary stew of the seven islands but the restaurant also offers an international menu and dishes of the day (the fish dishes are particularly recommended at this time). All are artistically presented on white plates and there are platters to share for lunch or in the evening. The wine cellar is very extensive, including wines from the region and the desserts are simply exquisite. This is a lovely location for special celebrations, parties, weddings etc or just to eat an exiting meal. It is only open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays. For reservations please contact on 922 543 001. It is in Tegueste, in Calle Marqués de Celada nº2.

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Your special fortnightly restaurant review

Tasca Casa Paco, a place to sing about Los Cristianos gem Great things often come in small packages and this is certainly true of Tasca Casa Paco in the heart of Los Cristianos.

Tuna with boiled Mojo sauce and Gofio cakes Atún al mojo hervido con tortas de gofio

Ingredients: For the tuna:


A clean tuna steak cut into 3x3 cubic squares Olive oil Red Mojo sauce Bay leaf Sea salt Stir-fried onions turned into caramelised onions Fresh thyme Oregano or fresh Marjoram Fish broth Canarian potatoes

T’S certainly one of our favourites because this is a restaurant different from the norm and one you must visit for an authentic taste of Spain.

Tasca Casa Paco is also very accessible, once you realise where it is! You might well have walked past it several times without realising, especially as it is currently only open in the evenings. Finding it is easy. If you are walking towards the main shopping streets of the town centre, you will find two petrol stations about a minute away from the cultural centre. One is on your right, the other on your left in somewhat of a central island. Tasca Casa Paco is on the left of this, with a small frontage for a few street tables and chairs and then a cosy little interior, nothing grand, pretentious or elaborate, simply serving great food and providing a rather special atmosphere. What you must realise when you go to Tasca Casa Paco is that it is meant to be an experience. You shouldn’t just pop in for a quick drink and a bite to eat. Make sure you leave a couple of hours because you need to sit for a while, enjoy what is going on around you, perhaps talk to owner Paco who will happily explain the dishes and make recommendations and would be delighted to cook you something very special if you ask. Better still, you might even be lucky to see Paco take a break from cooking to pick up

his guitar and sing Spanish and English songs. If it is later in the evening, you might even want to join in. He is very good and does a mean Beatles but can do flamenco just as well. There is live music every night regardless. Tasca Casa Paco does have a menu but you can also look at and choose from the cabinet where tapas dishes are displayed or the raw ingredients. Go in with a smile on your face and you will leave with one as well. Remember, this is the traditional way of life so nothing is hurried. The staff particularly love it when regulars come in and there are many nationalities. Some have been known to eat here every night during their holiday. Without fail, diners are enchanted with the food because Paco loves to cook and create. One favourite is the ham and cheese but the meatballs are delicious. Other mouth-watering options include the Canary black pudding, chicken in garlic, spinach with scrambled eggs, the squid and flambé bananas. We really love their paella washed down with

For the Gofio cakes

sangria. When you order your tapas, ask to have it delivered in stages because that way, you can really enjoy each dish to full advantage and can keep on ordering until you are full. The average price is around five euros but the main plates cost more, of course. There are plenty of options for vegetarians. One delighted visitor on TripAdvisor wrote: “If you want genuine well-cooked Spanish food and a great atmosphere with good service, then this is the place for you. Paco is wonderfully entertaining and works hard to make your evening enjoyable. It’s not a large place and it’s not in the best location but it’s worth seeking out.” Others say they doubt if you can get better food anywhere else in Los Cristianos, which is a glowing accolade in itself. It’s certainly true that you might never have tasted tapas quite like this.

8 cooked potatoes 100gr of bacon 50 grms of dried figs A few spoons of raisins Gofio 1 small onion 1 garlic clove 1 sprig of parsley Some butter Olive oil

Method for the tuna: Tasca Casa Paco is open 6pm to midnight Monday to Saturday (closed on a Sunday) and it is always best to book a table to avoid disappointment or a wait. Telephone 658 78 80 23/686 52 04 40 or email Party bookings are also very welcome and if you would like to order special dishes in advance, Paco or a member of his team or family would be pleased to hear from you.

If you want your restaurant to be part of this guide please contact our offices on 922 30 49 87 or e-mail :

Put a pot with water to boil, add bay leaf and sea salt. When it starts to boil, put the tuna into the pot for one minute until the pieces turn white. Take out and keep to one side. On another side put into a pot the Mojo Rojo broth which you make by adding the caramelised onions, a spoon of Mojo and a little bit of the fish broth. Then add the tuna and leave to cook slowly.

Method for the Gofio cakes:

Squash the boiled potatoes and cut the other ingredients into small pieces. Mix it all up with a few spoons of Gofio and add salt and pepper to taste. Shape as if hamburgers and put them in a frying pan to warm them up. They are then ready to serve together with the tuna.


Eating Out & About


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El Rincón de Cafetería Nivaria, La Laguna La Laguna is such a beautiful place to enjoy whether you live here permanently or are on holiday. If you are planning a visit, it’s nice to have some idea of where to eat so can we recommend El Rincón de Cafeteria Nivaria. Sometimes, the best food is found in the most unlikely places and this “corner café” is definitely one of them. This family business was established in 1956 in the north of the island. El Rincón de Cafeteria Nivaria opened its doors in the centre of La Laguna just a few metres from the municipal police station and the town hall so it’s easy to find. You will find this small but cozy little restaurant at 22 Calle Consistorio and you can be assured of a warm welcome from owner José Mario. Here you will find a fantastic array of delicious homemade tapas (such as tortilla, octopus, meatballs, meatloaf) plus bocadillos with various fillings like meat, ham, chicken and a good variety of desserts.


Bodeguita Algarrobo, Puerto de la Cruz Across the street from the Botánico Hotel is the small but chic “Bodegita Algarrobo”. A family-run business with a long history of restaurateurs, the restaurant was opened by Cristobal and Antonio whose parents founded the Algarrobo in La Orotava more than three decades ago, so it has a fine pedigree. The cuisine served here is local Canary food with some surprisingly original features and the most exquisite flavours. Piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms and prawns, hake mounted on a tower of perfectly cooked, seasonally fresh veg, Canary “wrinkled” potatoes with a twist, lamb estofado, an inside-out pie without the pastry, fig biscuit with chocolate sauce, pork steak with caramelised onions open sandwiches, stuffed leak with cheese and belly of pork fritters, piquillo peppers stuffed with mushrooms and prawns. These are just some of the dishes which have enchanted diners of all nationalities throughout the day and night. Some British tourists eat here four times during a week’s holiday! Plan a visit and you will see why for yourself.

Restaurant Algarrobo, Las Candidas This family run restaurant is situated in the well-known and much visited venue in Las Candidas (La Orotava). The current owners are brothers Toño (front of house) and Cristóbal (head chef). They have carried on the family tradition of offering top quality products at affordable prices whilst bringing the menu up to date. There is a lively atmosphere here with some really unusual dishes to taste. All the dishes are fresh using vegetables from the market. The cuisine is traditional with a modern slant without being too over elaborate. They specialise in roast lamb and suckling pig and fish lovers have a huge choice. You will find Restaurant Algarrobo in Las Candidas just off the road between El Monasterio and La Orotava. A great place for parties, communions, business meetings etc.

Tapas ‘n’ Chill, Golf del Sur

Jack’s Bar, El Duque/La Caleta If you are out and about around the beautiful El Duque beach area, where do you pop in for something to eat or drink? Why not try Jack’s Bar which is just off the sea-front on the way to La Caleta? You can walk to it along the beach (just at the end of El Duque beach, there are some stairs on the right which take you up an incline to the bar on the right). Jack’s Bar is run by Leonard and Christine from Newcastle and offers good British cooking and drinks at affordable prices, all live sporting events, karaoke on request (so if you want to sing, just ask!), a quiz on a Tuesday and Thursday and cabaret with Martin Yorke on a Saturday evening with songs from the 60s to the 90s. The menu includes breakfast all day, snacks and baked potatoes, main meals, children’s favourites and desserts. One tip. Try Christine’s home-made steak pie or cheese and onion quiche which she makes on the premises. They are delicious and very popular. You can sit inside or outside on the small sunny terrace. On Sundays, they serve a really good traditional Sunday lunch. Jack’s Bar is only small but as the saying goes, good things come in little packages and you will be guaranteed a very big welcome.

If you’re looking for tapas with flair and a chill-out atmosphere, this is the place to head for. A very popular restaurant, it is in the same ownership as Volare cabaret lounge next door so if you haven’t booked or arrive early, you can just pop in here for a pre-dinner drink (and go back afterwards for the entertainment!) Owner Gary is now in the kitchen and produces mouth-watering tapas dishes which are different and delicious. He has a great passion for cooking and this is reflected in creations such as “Meatballs in a slightly spicy creamy curry” or “Flakes of salmon, white and smoked fish potato cake with a chilli mint dip”. Couples usually have four to five dishes between them so they can share and get a variety of tastes. Don’t miss the house potatoes! Tapas & Chill is open seven nights a week from 6pm. If you are driving through Golf del Sur, go past the Winter Gardens bowling green on your right, take the next turning right and double back on yourself. Look out for the Apartamentos Aquamarine Golf on the left (opposite Best Buys supermarket) and there is a sloping pathway down to the sea next to it. Walk down here and Tapas & Chill is on the right.

Rendezvous Restaurant/Bar and Bistro, Golf del Sur The Rendezvous in Golf del Sur offers diners a double delight. By day and in the evening, you can enjoy a full menu with great prices and big portions at the Rendezvous Bar and Bistro, overlooking the bowling green at the Winter Gardens. In the evening, you might opt for the Rendezvous Restaurant which is just above it and offers an extensive à la carte menu, fine wines and a relaxing night out to enjoy excellent cuisine at a leisurely pace. “The Rendezvous Restaurant has a lovely ambience and it’s a restaurant where you can sit back and enjoy”. The Winter Gardens is very easy to find and is on your right just as you drive into the Golf and where you can park. Just go through the main entrance and down the steps or ramps to find Rendezvous. Booking is advised at the main restaurant because it is extremely popular and it’s testament to its success that diners come back time and time again.

Pets World


Upside down means a happy parrot!


pots, heaters), practices (cooking with Teflon coated cookware, burning incense or candles, smoking), plants, furniture (paint and varnish) and rooms (sinks with water/ toilets) can provide possible fatal hazards to your bird. Parrots love to play with toys. Parrots require different types of toys such as non printed paper and cardboard to shred, ropes to swing off and chew, ropes/cloth to preen, mirrors to ‘kill’, foot toys to manipulate and keep feet and toes healthy and mind challenging toys to stimulate the mind. Toys should be either chew resistant such as acrylic toys or good quality rubber such as kongs. Wooden clothes pegs with the metal spring removed make wonderful foot and shredding toys. Chain or metal should be stainless steel. Parrots love dismantling nuts and bolts. Your parrot’s main resting perch should be just right for the circumference of your parrot’s foot. Not too wide so the foot is splayed and not too narrow so that the toes meet and overlap. Ideal perches are of natural wood and have

irregular surfaces. Dowel perches should be removed from the cage and replaced by parrot friendly ones. Perches can be made from jute rope twisted from one side of the cage to the other. Fresh branches make wonderful perches. Perches to be avoided are those with sanded covers or rough cement perches as they do not reduce nail growth and can cause injury. Your bird will enjoy being showered with a plant mister aimed in the air over the bird so that the water mists on top of him. Birds like to get thoroughly wet. Remember the more your parrot exercises his beak and nails with toys and wooden perches, the less trimming he will require. Training will enhance the bond you have with your bird, allow you to control him even if fully flighted and gives you opportunity to teach him many fun and challenging beha-viours. Many books have been written on clicker training parrots. This is indeed the easiest and most successful way of training your parrot.


NIMAL behaviour experts don’t just deal with cats and dogs, they are just as concerned with other pets as well, including parrots.

Giving your parrot the largest cage you can afford, is one of the top ten pieces of advice from the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors. Your bird’s cage should, at a minimum, allowing him to stretch his wings in both directions, to climb and to play. A happy parrot is an active tumbling, swinging, hanging upside down one! Horizontal space is as important as vertical space. Give a place to hide near, or at the top of the cage. A cloth covering a corner or a suspended cardboard box provides a safe place. Even better are edible branches and leaves woven through the cage bars on top. Foraging behaviour is important to your bird. He requires a good quality pellet type food but also fruits, vegetables and treats such as nuts. Parrots adore chilli peppers. For smaller parrots, cut rounds off and string them to make an edible toy. Parrots love to climb and


Choosing the right groomer


AVING your hair cut is undoubtedly a treat and with a little bit of extra care and thought, your pet should feel the same way.

When it comes to grooming time, it’s important that you leave your pet in the care of a responsible and reputable adult who will meet all of your pet’s needs. When choosing make sure that you speak to your vet as they may be able to recommend a reputable groomer. Also ask friends and family for recommendations about establishments that they have used. Visit places and speak to people. Meet the groomer before employing them. You need to be confident that they will care for your dog properly and that he/she gets on well with them. The grooming visit should be a positive experience for your pet so be confident that the people employed will meet his/her physical and behavioural needs when left with them. For example, do they use reward-based training methods (praise or suitable treats) if required, to make the experience positive for the dog. Are the facilities clean and secure? It is important that the facilities are suitable for your pet and that he/she will not be at risk while being at the groomers. It should be a place where you are comfortable leaving your pet. Do they ask for proof of vaccination before using their services? This is important to stop the spread of contagious diseases between dogs. How many staff do they have per animal? It is important that there are enough people to look after the needs of the animals in their care. A groomer that runs on an appointment-only basis may also indicate that each dog is given the correct amount of time so that the job is done properly. Working in this way also means that fewer dogs will be groomed at any one time so the dog does not have to be groomed surrounded by other dogs he/ she doesn’t know. If your dog has any special requirements, e.g. sensitive skin, then ensure that you are happy that the groomer will discuss these needs with you and cater for them. Your dog may also be of


play. They require time outside their cage to remain sufficiently active and healthy. Flying is a natural behaviour and one that your parrot can perform safely in a suitably supervised room. Suitable suspended ropes allow your bird to perform those acrobatics such as open winged twirls, which they cannot perform in their cages. Before you decide to wing trim, please consider these points. Wing trimmed birds will feel more vulnerable especially when they are on a low surface or on the ground. Wing trimming only one wing will cause the bird to fly badly and contribute to possible accidents. Wing trimming both wings may cause your bird to feather pluck. Birds who cannot fly, cannot perform their most natural, fundamental, behaviour. The rooms where they can be allowed flight must be carefully assessed for dangers. Many household appliances (cookers, boiling

a general nervous disposition or perhaps doesn’t like particular parts of his/her body touched (e.g. paws). A good groomer will also be able to show you how to groom correctly at home using the right techniques and the right tools. This will ensure that you are able to carry on their good practice between visits.


Stopping your dog barking


HERE are many reasons why a dog may bark. For example, during play, as a greeting or for attention.

However, prolonged periods of barking may be because your dog is unhappy, so it is important to identify why this is. If your dog barks a lot when left alone, it may be having difficulty coping by itself. It is important to seek advice from a vet who may suggest referral to a clinical animal behaviourist. They can help you teach your dog that it is okay to be left alone.

Things you can do to try to stop your dog barking: Some dogs just don’t want their owner to go out. So get the dog used to the idea that you’re away for different periods of time at different times of the day. Don’t make a fuss of the dog when you leave it.

Try putting the dog on its own in another room occasionally - at first for a few minutes, then gradually increasing the time it is left alone. Do not return to the dog until it’s quiet for a short while. Praise it when you return. Some dogs will bark because they want to join in with whatever is going on outside. So try leaving your dog where it cannot see outside, such as a room at the back of the house if there’s noise out at the front. Some dogs will settle if they can hear a human voice, so try leaving a radio or television on at low volume. Try not to leave the dog for long periods - the RSPCA recommends that a dog is not left for more than four hours at a time. If it is unavoidable, try to arrange for someone you can trust with the dog to visit it whilst you’re out. Perhaps they could take it for a walk or let it out in the garden for a while. If you do have to leave your dog and aren’t returning until after dark, then make sure you leave a light on in the house.

e l y St



Photo by Iombi Garcia

Photo by Andrea Fernandez Garcia


Photo by Airam Alvarez


VTL Tenerife

Flying the flag for fashion How “Tenerife Moda” is bucking the trend


ENERIFE is full of surprises and not just from the scenic point of view. There are so many success stories on the island and “Tenerife Moda” or “Tenerife Fashion” is one of them. development. In Tenerife, this success has not come by accident. Tenerife Moda has worked incredibly hard to put itself in the international spotlight and designers travel the globe, from Paris to Moscow, to take part in exhibitions and shows. The consortium is also involved in a wide range of projects, from fashion photography competitions to fashion workshops. There are also some incredible stories behind the companies which include bridal wear, shoes, children’s clothing, designer gowns, women’s and men’s fashion, beachwear and jewellery. In this Style special, we take a look at six of the companies within Tenerife Moda to perhaps inspire you to support the island’s fashion industry or at least to realise how fashion here is flying the flag. For more details on all the members, do see


F your man is still wearing boring underwear, it’s time for him to spruce up his act!


Holiday-makers may not realise just how much impact the island’s fashion industry is having throughout the world. In fact, even local people who have lived here for years will be amazed at the success of this consortium which falls under the umbrella of Tenerife Cabildo. The publicity machine for “Tenerife Moda” is excellent and there are always headlines about international shows or individual success stories. Yet it is only when you learn more about this island fashion brand that you realise the tremendous amount of talent and innovation behind the 33 companies and 37 brands where creativity, colour and new ideas abound. Many of the industries in Spain are going through very difficult times but it seems fashion is bucking the trend. It is considered one of the most important assets in such areas as innovation and international

The brand VTL Tenerife, with the famous face of footballer Víctor Añino Vitolo at the helm, epitomises urban chic with designs aimed at “the young, athletic, free, global adventurer” and those who aspire high. These new concept designs are functional but smart, using rich mixed textures and colours and with a hint of the vintage look brought into the 21st century. There is meticulous attention to detail, with buttons, back pockets, embroidery, screen printing, even hints of silver glitter. There are stripes and flowers, geometric designs and spots, hearts and black and whites, all with the distinctive VTL logo. VTL underwear is designed to fit like a second skin and to be invisible under clothes, although they look so good, it’s a shame to hide them. Fortunately, the collection also includes swim, gym and sports fashion wear and accessories such as belts, bags and sandals. Discover more on

e l y St




Pictures courtesy of designers and Tenerife Moda

Magdala SL


ESIGNER Magdala Machado creates the most stunning jewellery and accessories aimed at medium to high boutiques, multi-brand stores and shops.

Born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Magdala studied Art and Design at the Polytechnic of London, later specialising in Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute of Milan. After finishing her studies in Italy, she returned to Tenerife and opened a costume studio for “prét á porter” and party dresses. Years later, she travelled to Egypt and was involved in freelance work to design uniforms for five-star hotels, casinos etc. It was Magdala’s experience in the land of the Pharoahs which inspired her to channel her creativity in the complex and fascinating world of accessories and jewellery. Her collections are daring and colourful, with pronounced Eastern and Mediterranean influences but with European style. Everything is made by hand, incorporating semi-precious stones, mother-of-pearl, metals, shells and Swarovski crystal to achieve originality and harmony in each of her pieces.

Marco & Maria SL


LAMOUR is very much the key word for this company formed in Puerto de la Cruz in 1990 which has since taken the fashion world by

By Lu Tenerife Sur SL



Tenerife designers Marcos Marrero and Maria Díaz have achieved incredible success with their collections of prêt a porter, special occasion wear, bridal outfits and evening gowns. Their designs are very feminine and luxurious and take you back to an era of the 1920s and 30s when glamour was the norm, such as the golden days of the big screen. Lace, satins, jewels, tuil, fabrics which fall and flow gracefully, originality, re-invented classics and sheer class are their hallmarks. M & M prides itself on innovation and style and has proved an outstanding success in the Arab countries and the United States with an enviable export record. It has also proved a great success in Europe and has dressed beauty contestants in international competitions. See

IKE most good things, By Lu was born of a dream and became a reality. From entering the fashion world in 2001, the company has achieved a national and international impact through a network of more than 600 outlets. It now has a presence in Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Tunisia and Greece.

Its owner and designer is Laura Barrado who produces an amazing and unique collection each season, drawing on her own inspiration and experience. The colours always convey emotion, passion and freshness. Her designs respect the female form but without sacrificing comfort and convenience for today’s modern woman. Fabris are unique, often bold, with careful details in the prints, embroidery and jewellery. Outfits are smart and sexy, for leisure, for work, for cocktails or for night. Take a red dress with a huge lion’s face, a white sweater with a red rose and red edging, an elegant little black cocktail dress, all-in-one shorts with lace trims, a striking jade top with ethnic touches. Her collections mix styles and eras for women of all ages, all sizes and all personalities. Her philosophy? “A bold dream into a colorful world where anything is possible and everyone can be themselves. Where joy, femininity and style define the identity of our brand.” See more and shop on line at

Oh Soleil!


HOCKING pinks, vibrant orange, polka dots and stripes, frilly trims, matching bikinis and tops.

It’s not just mummy who wants to look hot by the sea. Today’s little ones are just as fashion-conscious and Oh Soleil! fits the bill for the beach, the pool or for party-time. Key words are cool and creativity.



HE footwear produced by Pisaverde are incredible but so is every step along the path of their creation.

Very much a “green” company started in La Laguna, every pair of shoes make a statement ie. to combat abuse, intolerance, power and irrational laws. Pisaverde was born out of years of research in how to make exclusive footwear with a defined style but totally environmentally friendly. Only recycled materials are used and it requires precision craftsmanship to make the finished articles fit like your second skin. The styles are unique so every customer feels special. The designers say each pair of shoes has its own personality and they become collectors’ items, a contemporary design in your own choice of art. Available to buy over the internet as well as in their own shops, the ladies’ shoe range has been complemented by handbags and for the first time, shoes for men “to break the mould”. As well as protecting the environment, Pisaverde prides itself on maintaining traditional craftsmanship and using wonderful colour combinations whilst bringing techniques into the present. The company also works closely with the arts. This is an incredible success story after years of hard work and you can find out more on

Under the umbrella of Textile Meran SL, Oh Soleil! was formed in 2000 and is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of swimwear for the young, together with accessories. The designs are incredible and come in all colours, making summer extra special for boys and girls from babies up to teens. The look is completed with snazzy sun hats, bows for the hair, slip-on shoes, cover up shirts and floaty tops, little sun dresses and shorts. As the little ones grow up, colour, print and materials are just as important and those who dare can be extra-stylist with their necklines, cut-outs, plunging backs, micro bikinis, halter necks, side ties, block colours, prints, flowers and stripes. Oh Soleil! prides itself on quality at reasonable prices “along with the love that we put into the whole process of creating and manufacturing”. It has distribution points in Spain and other countries, such as Italy, Germany, Mexico and Japan and through big department stores, such as El Corte Ingles. See








Glue ear, common in children Tips to fight the menopause G LUE ear is a common childhood condition in which the middle ear becomes filled with fluid. The medical term is otitis media with effusion.


HE menopause can make you feel as if you’re not in control of your own body but there are ways to ease the symptoms.

KEEP COOL Hot flushes and night sweats are the most common symptoms of the menopause. They are caused by a malfunction in the body’s normal methods of temperature control. They can occur even before your periods have stopped but are most common in the first year after the last period. To ease hot flushes and night sweats:  Wear lighter clothing.  Keep your bedroom cool at night.  Do more exercise.  Try to reduce your stress levels.  Avoid potential triggers, such as spicy food, caffeine, smoking and alcohol.  Try to relax. Psychological symptoms can include feeling down, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, tiredness and lack of energy. However, this time in a woman’s life can also be stressful due to parents’ ageing and loss of independence, death of parents or relatives, divorce or ‘empty nest syndrome’ when children leave home. Therefore, it can be difficult to tell if your psychological symptoms are a direct result of the menopause. To help improve your mood, get plenty of rest, regular exercise and relaxation exercises such as yoga.

SLEEP WELL Restful sleep will help you cope with night sweats and other menopausal symptoms. Improve your sleep by avoiding exercise within two hours of bedtime and going to bed at the same time every night.

GET SOME EXERCISE There’s evidence that women who are more active tend to suffer less from the symptoms of the menopause. Exercise is important not only for the relief of short-term symptoms but also to protect your body from heart disease and osteoporosis. Exercise will help keep your bones and the muscles that support them strong. It will also increase your flexibility and mobility, which will in turn improve your balance. The benefits of exercise in preventing bone loss and fractures are well known. It is thought that the best kind of activities are aerobic, sustained and regular. Brisk walking about three times a week is a cheap, easy and great way to start exercising.

STOP SMOKING Women who smoke have an earlier menopause than nonsmokers, have worse flushes and often don’t respond as well to tablet forms of HRT. It’s never too late to stop smoking.

It is estimated that one-in-five children around the age of two will be affected by glue ear at any given time. It is more common during winter. The main symptom of glue ear is some hearing loss in one or both ears. This usually feels similar to what you experience when you put your fingers in your ears. Signs that your child may be having problems hearing include struggling to keep up with conversations, becoming aggravated because they are trying harder to hear and regularly turning up the volume on the TV.

Treatment Most cases of glue ear don’t require treatment as the condition will go away by itself; usually within three months. Treatment is normally only recommended when symptoms last longer than three months and the hearing loss is thought to be significant enough to interfere with a child’s language and speech development. In these circumstances, glue ear can usually be treated using minor surgery, which involves placing small tubes, known as grommets, in the ear. Grommets can help drain fluid out of the middle ear.

What causes glue ear? The middle ear is directly behind the eardrum. It is made

up of three tiny lever-like bones that carry sound vibrations from the eardrum to the inner ear. With glue ear, the build-up of fluid prevents the three tiny bones in the ear from moving freely, which means they can’t pass sound vibrations to the inner ear, affecting hearing. Exactly what causes the build-up of fluid is unclear, though more than half of all cases develop after a previous ear infection. Growing up in a household where adults smoke also increases the risk of children developing glue ear. Glue ear is not caused by getting water in the ear after swimming and showering or due to a build-up of ear wax.


The fright of sleep paralysis


LEEP paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak when you are waking up or, less commonly, falling asleep.

Although you are awake, your body is briefly paralysed, after which you can move and speak as normal. The paralysis can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Sleep paralysis does not cause you any harm but being unable to move can be very frightening. Some people experience it once or twice in their life, while others a few times a month or more regularly.

WHAT CAUSES SLEEP PARALYSIS? It is normal for your muscles to be paralysed at certain times when you are asleep. Sleep paralysis occurs when the mechanism that causes your muscles to relax during sleep temporarily persists after you have woken up. It can sometimes be a symptom of narcolepsy. This is a relatively rare sleep disorder that causes a person to fall asleep suddenly and unexpectedly, disrupting their normal sleep pattern. Other things that increase your risk of sleep paralysis include sleep deprivation, irregular sleeping patterns and age (it is more common in teenagers and young adults).

GETTING HELP If you have sleep paralysis, your GP may be able to suggest ways you can improve your sleep. If your symptoms are linked to another sleep-related condition, such as narcolepsy, your GP may be refer you to a sleep disorder specialist.

TREATING SLEEP PARALYSIS The symptoms of sleep paralysis can often be improved by altering your sleep habits and sleeping environment. Sleep paralysis often affects people who are sleep deprived, so ensuring you get enough sleep may reduce the number of episodes you have. Most adults need six to eight hours of sleep each night. Going to bed at roughly the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning may also help. If your sleep paralysis is particularly severe, see your GP. They may refer you to a specialist, such as a neurologist. A short course of antidepressant medication, such as clomipramine, may be prescribed to treat severe sleep paralysis.

Swimming Club Natación Martiánez

Since 1942: A lifetime teaching people to swim - Specialised and qualified monitors - Great variety of activities: swimming, water polo, rescue, synchronized swimming, aqua gym...

Mornings: 09:00 - 13:00 - Evenings: 16:00 - 20:00

Join us!

Tfno: 922 380 382

Paseo Luis Lavaggi, Nº 10. Puerto de la Cruz. Tenerife





Avoiding the sun trap


OR many young people, lying in the sun is the ultimate relaxation. But too much sun can give you wrinkles, sunburn and put you at risk of skin cancer. Dr Julie Sharp of Cancer Research answers seven important questions about the effect of sun on young skin and the importance of sunscreen.

1. How long can sunburn last? Days. You can get sunburnt in just ten minutes even in the UK. If you overdo it at a festival or on holiday, skin can be red, painful and peeling for a week or more. Sunburn also damages your skin for life and doubles your risk of skin cancer. 2. What suncream should I use? Use factor 15 plus with UVA and UVB protection and apply regularly (every two to three hours). Use more after swimming. The paler your skin is, the greater care you need to take. If you’re blonde, a redhead, have fair skin or lots of moles or freckles, you have a higher risk of skin cancer and need to take extra care. 3. I’m black. Is sun exposure still dangerous? Yes. Black skin can burn too – it just takes more heat to do it. Although very dark black skin has a natural SPF, we still advise using an SPF of 15; although skin cancer is less common in black people, it tends to be more aggressive. Take particular care of the soles of your feet and palms of your hands, as they’re


AVING head lice, also called nits, doesn’t mean you’re dirty. Children are most commonly affected but anyone with hair can catch them. Head lice are tiny insects that live in human hair. They’re very small (about the size of a sesame seed) and are browny-grey in colour. They have six legs, each with a claw on the end. They use these to cling on to hair and they survive by biting the

scalp and feeding on blood. This often causes itching but not always. The female head lice lay eggs in sacs which stick to individual hairs. A baby head louse then hatches seven to ten days later. If your child has head lice,


more prone to skin cancer. 4. Sun makes me feel good. What’s so bad about it anyway? When you are young, the worst thing about it might seem like sunburn and strap marks but give it a few years and you could have wrinkles, moles, freckles, brown patches and, sometimes, skin cancer. Every year, 2,000 people die from malignant melanoma,and skin cancer is the second most common cancer in 20 to 39-year-olds. 5. Is sunbathing really worse when you’re a teenager? Yes, younger skin is more easily damaged than older skin and you can’t undo the damage. Once you’ve been sunburnt your skin will age prematurely. 6. I’m still not persuaded. Anything else to put me off? The most common kind of skin cancer is rarely fatal. But it can be seriously disfiguring. If skin cancer is found on the face it has to be cut out and may even need plastic surgery. There is a risk of permanent scarring or part of your nose may have to be cut away. 7. Are sunbeds safer? No. Getting a tan on a sunbed will increase your risk of getting skin cancer and make you look old. It is now illegal for under 18s to use sunbeds.

Zap those head lice! you might be able to spot the remains of the tiny white egg in their hair. This is called a ‘nit’. Some people also use the word ‘nit’ to mean ‘head louse’. Ten to fourteen days later, the baby head louse is ready to have babies of its own. Head lice crawl from head to head when you’re close to someone who has them. Children are particularly at risk, because they’re often in close contact with other children at school. However, head lice can’t fly or jump and it’s very rare to get head lice from a pillow or a towel as they can’t survive away from a human head for very long.

HOW TO SPOT HEAD LICE Head lice can be difficult to detect, even when you closely inspect your child’s head. The most common places for head lice to lurk are in the hair behind the ears and at the nape of the neck.


NITTY PROBLEM If you still can’t spot any lice, comb the child’s hair with a special ‘nit comb’. These are available from most chemists. It’s easier to spot head lice as they fall out if you comb the hair over a piece of white paper. If head lice are present, you need to treat your child. You should only treat your child if you find live head lice, which confirms a live infestation. Don’t treat ‘just in case’. Head lice are tough. They can’t be killed by washing with normal shampoo or normal combing. Because they reproduce so quickly, you’ve got to kill them before they spread. If your child has head lice, check everyone in the family. You’ll need to treat everyone affected to get rid of them. You can treat head lice by wet-combing hair with a special comb, or by using medicated lotions or sprays available over the counter at pharmacies.

Spotting the signs of impetigo


MPETIGO is a highly contagious skin infection which causes sores and blisters. It’s very common and affects mainly children.

There are two types of impetigo:  Bullous impetigo, which causes large, painless, fluidfilled blisters.  Non-bullous impetigo, which is more contagious than bullous impetigo and causes sores that quickly rupture (burst) to leave a yellow-brown crust. Impetigo that affects otherwise healthy skin is referred to as primary impetigo. If the infection is the result of another underlying skin condition, such as atopic eczema, it’s referred to as secondary impetigo.

Should I see my GP? Speak to your GP if you or your child has symptoms of impetigo. Impetigo is not usually serious but it can sometimes be confused with other skin conditions such as cellulitis, contact dermatitis and insect bites. Your GP may want to rule these out.

Treating impetigo Impetigo usually gets better on its own, without the need for treatment, within two to three weeks. However, antibiotic creams are usually recommended because the infection spreads easily. Most people are no longer contagious after 48 hours of treatment or once their sores have dried and healed. To minimise the risk of impetigo spreading, it’s also advisable to avoid touching the sores, wash your hands regularly, not share flannels, sheets or towels and keep children off nursery, playgroup or school until their sores have dried up.

Who is affected Impetigo usually affects children. This is due to environments, such as schools and nurseries, where the infection can easily be spread. Impetigo can also affect adults, especially when people are living in a confined environment, such as an army barracks. Non-bullous impetigo is the most common type of impetigo, accounting for more than 70% of cases.

Complications Complications of impetigo tend to be rare. However, sometimes the infection can spread to the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis) or to a deeper layer of skin (cellulitis).







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Clunk-click your dogs Dear Editor I know a lot has been written in your paper about people’s driving habits, including those who insist on talking on mobile phones and police clamping down on moped riders who wear flip-flops. What I would like to ask is: What about dogs? I know you are supposed to safely secure your dog in the

back of your car with a safety harness but how many people actually do this and why are they allowed to get away with flouting the law? Don’t they realise they are putting themselves and their pets at risk, as well as other road users? The other day, I saw a woman driving through our town with her medium-sized dog sat on her lap and with its head out of the window. How she managed to drive and see out amazes me. I suppose she thought she

was only going on a short journey so it would not matter. Other times I have seen big dogs bouncing back and forth on the back seat and even jumping into the front. Many dogs also sit on the passenger seats with their heads right out of the windows to get some air. Heaven knows what would happen if they went past a wall too close or a lamp-post. I wouldn’t want to see people fined heavily for this. Surely common-sense should prevail instead. Simply clunk click your dog every trip. Name and address supplied

Problem with Titsa bus Dear Editor Have any of your readers also had trouble with Titsa buses? I am elderly and was quite shocked the other day when I caught a bus from Las Galletas to Los Cristianos. The bus stopped by the roadside where there is no pavement and there was just one step up to get into the bus but that was at least a foot off the floor. I just about managed to get in with the help of another gentleman but if someone had impaired mobility, it would have been impossible. As far as I could see, the bus didn’t have the facility to

lower the step or it might have been on the second part of the bus. Anyway, regardless of this, all the buses should be able to lower their step as even an able-bodied person could slip and fall. Was my experience a one off? R Palmer, Los Cristianos

Los Gigantes decline Dear Editor, My wife and myself and two friends have recently spent weekends away in Puerto de la Cruz and Golf del Sur. Whilst in Puerto de la Cruz we were ver y impressed with the refurbished thoroughfares, it was an absolute pleasure to browse the sea front,Harbour and shops without having to overstep dodgy pavements dog mess and other hurdles. The shops are well looked after and inviting and consequently the streets were busy. Fast forward to our weekend on Golf del Sur, where we visited Los Abrigos and what wonderful surprise, again the pavements were in top class condition as were the steps to the harbour and water front. Our walk along the front was relaxing and inspiring.

How very different to the place we have called home for the past 28 years.Los Gigantes with its broken pavements,broken steps in the plaza,closed down businesses allowed to fall into disrepair and the sad decline of a once BEAUTIFUL PARADISE which should now be called paradise lost. This once wonderful jewel in Tenerifes Crown needs a facelift to bring it up to the standards of other parts of the island. Why is the money not being spent on this village? What are our taxes being spent on? Are we the only people who would love to see Los Gigantes returned to its past glory when it was THE place to live? We hope so and hope the local council take note. We will definitely take note when it comes to voting time. Arthur & Gill Lewis and Friends. ( Los Gigantes )

Response received on behalf of the Town Hall to “Los Gigantes decline” Due to the current economic situation, which is being experienced by many munic-

ipalities, the municipal cleaning service does not have enough staff to meet the basic needs of the municipality. On this situation, we would like to report that this corporation has no responsibility, and it is the fulfilment of a law proposed by the state government, according to which it is not possible to hire new staff. With respect to new works, we plan, in the short term the following actions: In Los Gigantes, regeneration of the square of the Bouganvilla and construction of Mirador del Roque, between Honduras, and Isla Cangrejo. In Playa la Arena, regeneration of the waterfront with repairs to the balustrades and gardens. We have also in recent months implemented improvements to the different beaches in the municipality, in advance of the summer season, and for which two of them have won the European Blue Flag awarad. We have also carried out maintenance to gardens throughout the municipality. Both the mayor and the councilor for tourism are aware of the issues raised by our residents and tourists, and we will try to the best of our ability to fulfil our mission. Tourism Councillor Vanessa Sánchez León, Santiago del Teide



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LOS CRISTIANOS, 1 bedroom apartment on the beach, beautifull view, all included, water-electric. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50

PLAYA Amercias studio for rent, well furnished adn equipped excellent views to sea close to beach central location in San Eugenio, no finders fees. 450 euros, plus electricity bills. call: 922 79 21 19 or 629 130 899

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, chalet , 3 bedrooms, garden. Near Parque Taoro. Tel: 670 371 562 1 BEDROOM apartment. Los Cristianos, on the beach. Beautiful views, terrace, English TV. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50 LA PAZ, Tajinaste Fase III, A23, 71sqm, living room, 1 bedroom, terrace 36sqm to the south. The price 165.000 euros. Teh possibility to buy garage also. Tel: 922 37 06 56 COTTAGE RENTAL. Candelaria. Beautiful 1 or 2 bedroom coutnry cottage, large terrace facing the ocean, communal pool, on a finca int he mountains just 1km from Candelaria. Not suitable for children or pets. Chris 670 609 359 APARTMENT for long term rental, 2 bedrooms, sunny terrace, partly furnished. 350 euros. Tel: 922 30 01 09 (Only speak Spanish)

AMERICAS/ CRISTIANOS!! lovely apartments for rent. Available days, weeks.Tel: 607 146 677

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, El Tope, 1 bedroom apartment with nice garden. Further information on Tel: 922 30 10 10 PUERTO CRUZ: two bedroom furnished apartment. Garage, garden, shared pool. Quiet select complex. 495 euros month. Tel: 922 20 53 50 / 699 424 501 SUNNY two bedroom bungalow. Small garden, community pool next to Hotel La Siesta, comfortably furnished. Close to beach. 780.00 euros p.m. Tel:(0034) 699 424 501 LOS GIGANTES, one bedroom penthouse apartment, for long let. Fully equipped, large terrace, beautiful sea, cliff and harbour views, comunity pool. Quiet location. 550 euros/monthly. Tel: 922 86 13 32 / 609 227 562

SUNNY 3 bed apartment Tabaiba Alta (5 mins German School, 10 mins Santa Cruz), 103 sq m, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, garden, large terrace with panoramic sea views, parquet floors, garage & store rooms, very small complex.. Tel. 686 798 367 / OPPORTUNITY! Playa Americas studio for rent, well furnished and equipped, 100m to beach, beautiful view, community pool, parking, neat complex, all included, water – electric, rent: 470 euros/ month, sale: 75,000euros, please call 670 458 074


ESTATE AGENTS Calle Flor de Pascua 33 Los Gigantes 922 862 901

Tamara - Los Gigantes Furnished 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, 2 terraces, wonderful sea & cliff views, 2 comm. pools. Low comm. fees. £159,950

Vitacura - Puerto Santiago Spacious 2 bed, 2.5 bath duplex apartment, 2 terraces, sea views to south & west, heated comm. pool. Garage & store available. £265,000

Balcon de Los Gigantes Puerto Santiago Selection of 2 bed, 2 bath apartments, large terraces, sea, cliff, comm. pool views, lifts, parking spaces.

From €105.000

House - Nr Los Gigantes Secluded spacious detached 4 bed, 3 bath house, office, utility storerooms, pool & terraces, gardens, car port.


Medusa - Los Gigantes Attractive 3 bed, 2 bath furnished apartment, 2 large terraces, wonderful sea/cliff views, quiet desirable area.


Villa - Playa de la Arena Modern detached 3 bed, 3.5 bath villa, plus 1 bed guest apartment, air con., heated pool, sea views, garage. £795,000

Hablamos Español Wir sprechen Deutsch Nous parlons Français МЫ ГОВОРИМ ПО РУССКИ



VISTA HERMOSA IV (Los Cristianos), 2 bed, 2 bath, fully furnished, garage, see views, 78sqm + 22 terrace, selling price. 210.000 euros. Interested call: 619 980 050

LOVELY bungalow Los Realejos. Very quiet sunny seafront area, fantastic views north coast and mountains, 96sqm plus garden-terrace 85sqm, large living/dining area, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom + guest toilet, separate kitchen, totally renovated 2006 with high quality material, interesting also for investor 245.000 euros. Tel: 650 592 660





LOS ABRIGOS. New apartment, one room and hall with balcony.Near beach. Reduced price: 69.000 euros plus garage: 7.000 euros.Tel: 607 388 080 BUNGALOW with land for sale La Florida (Arona), 2 bed, 1 bath, garage, storage room, 72sqm bungalow, 274sqm land, spectacular views, equipped kitchen, and partly furnished. Interested call 619 980 050


ONE bedroom apartment in Los Crisitanos. On the beach, nice terrace, beauti-full views, all included. 475 euros. Tel: 922 36 40 50 / 619 73 25 46 LA PAZ, Tajinaste Fase III, A23. 71sqm apartment. Living room, 1 bedroom, terrace 36sqm to the south. Price 165.000euros. The possibility to buy also the garage. Tel: 922 37 06 56 BARGAIN, Golf del Sur. One bedroom furnished apartment, large balcony, spacious complex, gardens, pools, parking. Adjoining golf course. 70.000 euros. Tel: 699 424 500 PUERTO DE LA CRUZ Botanico, owner sells furnished apartment, 1 bedroom, 57sqm terrace, private garden, community 33 euros. 99.000 euros. Tel: 644 110 860 PUERTO SANTIAGO, Santiago del Teide, sunny studio 35m2, third floor, completely fitted and furnished, in very good condition, the best see views, price: 68.000 euros. Call: 922 79 70 88 or 619 980 050 PUERTO SANTIAGO/Los Gigantes for sale, fractional ownership, spacious fully equipped 1 bedroom apartment, large private terrace, ocean views, common heated pool. Owners hold full title, occupancy early January-early March with option to sell or rent. Price: 59.900 euros. Viewing/information about this well managed property,

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CBAS are the number one installer of the Glass curtain system CBAS offer replacement glass & locks & parts department CBAS offer an emergency call out service CONSTRUCTION New builds Extensions Refurbishments Kitchens Roofing Bathrooms

CBAS - Poligono Industrial Las Chafiras III, C/.Caracas Nave 4, 38639 San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife T: +34 922 736 738 F: +34 922 735 123 E: Visit our showroom at the top of Amarilla Golf on the junction with the Auction house. All surveys & estimates are free of charge







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Agustin Millares 20, Armeñime, 38678 Adeje

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ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)

OLLOWING the success of our recently held Quiz, another is to arranged by popular request! This will take place in the not too distant future, so watch this space , and/or the library notice board. And now for something completely different! The popular Tricia Court is to host a "Play Your Cards Right" event in the library gardens during the afternoon of Saturday 28th September. This will be followed by afternoon tea. The price? 6 , yes 6 euros. There will be an optional bar service available. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Our popular 'talks' will resume in September, and will be followed as usual by a buffet lunch. Details will be given later.

Silent Boy by Torey Hayden A boy, trapped in silence, rescued by an extraordinary teacher's patience and devotion.... When Torey Hayden first met fifteen-year-old Kevin, he was barricaded under a table.Desperately afraid of the world around him, he hadn't spoken a word in eight years. He was considered hopeless and incurable, but Hayden refused to believe it, though she realised it might well take a miracle to break through the walls he had built around himself. But she never gave up on this tragic 'lost case'. For a trapped and frightened boy desperately needed her help - and she knew in her heart she could not rest easy until she had rescued him from the darkness.

The Greatcoat by Helen Dunmore

It is the winter of 1952, and Isabel Carey is struggling to adjust to the realities of married life in Yorkshire. Isolated and lonely, she is also intensely cold. And her husband, a doctor, is rarely home. And then one night she discovers an old RAF greatcoat in the back of a cupboard. She puts it on her bed for warmth - and is startled by a knock at her window.

Outside is a young man. A pilot. And he wants to come in...........

Vengeance by John Banville

secret. A promising photographer who now panders to celebrity-obsessed rich kids. A detective who can't let go of a cold case...

Letter From A Stranger by Barbara Taylor Bradford

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With its quattro all-wheel drive, this cabriolet clung to the tarmac during some fast, exhilarating driving on some lovely winding, country roads. The roof takes up just 60 litres of the 380-litre boot and split rear seat backs with through-load facility brings flexible loading space. The interior is five-star

AUDI raises roof with super RS 5 Cabriolet


RITAIN is one of the top markets in Europe for convertibles which does seem a bit strange when you consider the UK climate. But it’s been a boom summer so far for motorists who love their open-air driving. Classic models have come rolling out from under cover and some new shining soft-top models have been turning heads. I was lucky enough to get a chance to sample a stunning newcomer – and enjoy the experience with the top up and down. Audi’s RS 5 Cabriolet ticks all the boxes for an open-top sports car with its looks, quality

and performance. The Misano Red test car was a real head-turner and a super model to enjoy some fast, exciting driving in. This is Audi’s most powerful RS convertible to date with its V8 4.2 FSI 444bhp engine

quality with its Luna Silver fine Nappa leather. It features RS 5 detail enhancements, including a new flat-bottomed RS threespoke steering wheel, along with the new generation Coupe’s equipment upgrade, which brings Bluetooth, cruise control, satellite navigation and

Audi Music Interface iPod connection to a lengthy standard equipment list. The RS5 Cabriolet isn’t cheap at £67,500 with options on the test model, which included £1,250 20-inch 5arm rotar-design alloys, delivery charges and £840 road tax, hiking the price up to a whopping £77,755.

Spanish Driving Licences and Medicals



ANY people who have lived here for a number of years are very loathe to exchange their UK or other foreign licence as they are scared of what the medical exam (if required) in-

There is no need to be concerned as this is normally a fairly straightforward test carried out by qualified staff, usually doctors looking for extra income, in centres known as Centro de Reconocimiento Medicos. There are many of these about but the vast majority do not speak English so it may pay to take a translator or a friend/person who speaks Spanish to help you if you’re Spanish is poor or you do not speak any.

rocketing it from standstill to 62mph in just 4.9 seconds. It is electronically limited to a top speed of 155mph which can be raised to 174mph at an extra cost. Audi also says the RS5

Cabrio is capable of achieving almost 26mpg on the combined cycle but I doubt it very much if any drivers will get anything near this. The engine roars into life when you push the start

button but that’s nothing like the sound you get when you hit the open road. The power comes through an excellent seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission or you can shift up and down using the steering wheel paddles. I was more than happy driving in auto mode most of the time with the throaty rasps coming from the twin exhausts as you gather speed. Push your foot a little bit harder on the accelerator pedal and you can make passengers almost jump the first time they hear the lovely boom – the power is immense and instant. Unlike some smaller cabriolets, the RS 5 offers adequate rear seating for two adults and my passengers were quite comfortable during a journey with the roof closed. Press a button and the lightweight acoustic hood opens in just 15 seconds and if conditions change it can be closed, in 17 seconds, at speeds of up to 31mph.

The first thing that normally happens is that a receptionist will take all your details, confirm you address, date of birth etc. You will be asked what categories of licence you wish to be tested for, most people are happy with just a car licence, but if you require more categories then the test is more expensive and more complex. You will then be sent to a member of staff who will test your reactions. This is done on a machine with two hand controls and a monitor. You will be asked to study the dots/circles and to try and keep them within the lines (like a road) .The dots move in all sorts of directions and the lines move too. Whilst this sounds very complex it’s really quite simple and the worst part is when you first exit the lines and hear a loud sound. The purpose of this is to assess your reactions to rectify for example your car when swerving to avoid an accident or some object and to see how quick you react. Most people hear many of these loud sounds and wrongly (in most cases) assume that they have failed at the first hurdle! Not necessarily so. You will then be sent to a doctor who will ask various questions regarding your medical history and about any medication you are taking, along with asking about any operations you may have had. You will then do a short eyesight test, similar to those done by an optician but not in such great depth. You will also be asked whether you drink alcohol and if the answer is yes to confirm how often and how much and whether this is beer, wine or spirits or a combination of any or all of these. You will then have a photograph taken digitally which is what is used on the medical certificate you will be given and of course on the one that the centre sends electronically to Tráfico. Prices for tests vary slightly from one centre to another but as a general rule of thumb you should expect to pay anything between 45 to 55 euros for a car licence test. If you require any further information on this or any other car related matters please contact me or 629048529.







Major coup as Karate Cup announced


Duo’s fearless approach wins success

Praise for Formal opening swimmer Lorenzo


PORT continues to be a “true tourism ambassador” for the municipality of Los Realejos.

This was the accolade given as details were released of a major event to take place at the town’s municipal sports pavilion in October. The “Copa de España Internacional de Karate” will bring together athletes from 15 autonomous communities and 12 countries. It will be held on October 26th and 27th. Mayor of Los Realejos, Manuel Domínguez stressed the importance of this event which, he said, would be a tourism axis for the municipality. The town would once again become the Canary capital of sport with an appeal which would be international. President of the Spanish Federation of Karate, Antonio Moreno said the influence of this biennial tournament was beyond doubt and Tenerife Cabildo sports councillor, María del Cristo Pérez agreed, saying: “Sport and tourism should always go hand in hand on this island.” The karate international will bring in between 400 and 500 people, making arrangements for the infrastructure and logistics a matter of urgency.


of ‘M³’ centre

Los Realejos is celebrating another sporting success


HE Mayor, Manuel Domínguez and sports councillor, Benito Dévora were delighted to invite Lorenzo González Martín to a special reception. A member of the Realejos Swimming Club, Lorenzo became the Canary champion in the juvenile category of the 100m butterfly race. The young athlete was accompanied by his family and president and coach,


UNDREDS of people attended the official inauguration of the new ‘M³’ sports centre in El Médano.

The complex, which has involved an investment of 1.9 million euros, is already being used by various groups and for a wide range of activities, including pilates, yoga, gymnastics, aerobics and dance. It is also a venue for exhibitions, meetings and various conferences. The Mayor of Granadilla, Jaime González Cejas said he hoped the sports centre would help to put the municipality on the map and revitalise the area. Among those present at the inauguration was martial arts expert and master in Wing Tzun, Emin Boztepe from Los Angeles who had led a seminar in the centre earlier in the week.

Orlando de Ara and Delioma González. The municipal leaders congratulated him on his success and wished him well for the future, saying that if he emulated such achievements, then even better.

WO beach volleyball champions from Puerto de la Cruz have been praised for their fortitude and fearless approach to their sport.

Sergio del Pino and Carlos Javier were welcomed to a reception by the Mayor, Marcos Brito and councillors for sport and security, Juan Carlos Marrero and Luis Miguel Rodríguez. The players are sponsored by Servitaxi so they were accompanied by company president, Javier González. The pair became Canary champions after an incredible win on the beach of Las Alcaravaneras in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. They defeated competitors from all corners of the archipelago and

conquered adversity, including injury. Sergio and Carlos explained they were now concentrating on the second regional test and hoped to make the jump to the national circuit to be held in Palma de Mallorca. The Mayor congratulated the winners and encouraged them to continue to achieve their goals both personally and in sport as they were a “shining example” of what young people could do. The athletes thanked Puerto for its support and Servitaxi for its sponsorship.

Soccer pundits in Qatar season


ICHARD Keys and Andy Gray, who left Sky Sports after a sexist remark about a female assistant referee, are to resurrect their TV careers in Qatar.

The pair are to base themselves in Doha this coming season to present a range of football programmes for the English language channel of Middle East TV giants Al Jazeera. This follows Al Jazeera, whose football content includes Champions League, FA Cup and the major European Leagues, closing down their London operation and moving all the production to their global headquarters in Qatar. Keys and Gray, whose contract for their daily show on talkSPORT expired at the end of May, will continue working for the radio station once a week from Qatar. They will present a weekly programme on Fridays previewing the weekend’s football. Their Qatar portfolio is also likely to include the Premier League, on which their acclaimed partnership was forged during two decades at Sky. The Middle East rights for the Premier League are with agency MP & Silva who are expected following protracted negotiations to eventually sell them on to Al Jazeera.





Surfing the waves at El Médano


L Médano is currently hosting the World Windsurfing Championships which has brought together the very best in this exciting sport.

The tournament began on August 3rd and continues to August 9 on the central beach of El Cabezo. Many of the competitors arrived early to practise, Aiming for success are the likes of local windsurfers, Alex Mussolini, Adam Lewis and Dany Bruch and from all parts of the world, the Venezuelan Ricardo Campello, Marcilio Brown from Brazil, Darío Ojeda from Gran Canaria and Martin Ten Hoeve from Holland, among others. The event is organised by the DB Windsurfing Club with sponsorship from Granadilla council, Tourism of Tenerife, the Canary Government, Tenerife Ports, Ashotel, Hotel Arenas del Mar and Windsurfing El Cabezo. This is the third time Granadilla has hosted a tournament of this nature and the Mayor, Jaime González Cejas said they could not fail to give it their unqualified support. The council would continue to pursue similar initiatives which in turn would contribute to the economic recovery of commerce and tourism. th


Blue Trail opens up horizons for disabled



HE popular Tenerife Blue Trail will open up new horizons for the 2013 edition.

Last year, five athletes with limited mobility took part in the Adapted Trail and Tenerife Cabildo, as organisers, say they have learnt from their experiences. It means that in October, important changes have been made to the event which has categories for all competitors of all standards, professionals and amateurs. The main trail, known as the Utratrail, is considered a major challenge because of its 101.6km route over all sorts of terrain. The Adapted Trail will go along the coastline of Puerto de la Cruz and will involve less able-bodied athletes using hand-bikes ie. tricycle-like vehicles which can be powered with the arms only. The finishing point this year is the Martiánez beach in Puerto so a huge crowd is expected to cheer everyone on. For the Adapted Trail on October 19th, the categories are H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5. It will have a length of 3.95 kilometres, starting and finishing in Puerto. Competitors will have a maximum time of one hour in which to finish. Through this special event, it is hoped to open up the challenge to more disabled people and therefore the total number of athletes overall. The Adapted Trail will start at the Hotel Turquesa and go three times round the circuit, including Avenida Francisco Afonso Carrillo and Castillo de San Felipe. The last kilometre of the race is through the busiest part of Puerto via Plaza de Europa, the Town Hall and San Telmo. About 70% of the journey is over asphalt, the rest on earth. Apart from the Adapted Trail and the Bluetrail, there is the 51km Trail and the 23km Mediatrail, all on October 19th with different starting points ie. Los Cristianos but all finishing at Puerto. Whether you want to be a spectator or a competitor in any of the tests, further information is available on the excellent comprehensive website of in various languages, including English.

Stick fighters in Spanish success Stick-fighters and martial arts’ experts have been congratulated on national successes by Tenerife Cabildo CABILDO PRAISE


RESIDENT, Ricardo Melchior and councillor for sport, Cristo Pérez hosted a reception in Santa Cruz to honour great performances in the Spanish Martial Arts Championships held in Barcelona.

The event was also attended by Carlos Barrera who is

president of the Canar y Federation of Lucha del Garrote, the old Canary art of stick fighting. The championships brought together more than 1,000 participants from all over the countr y, including from Britain, Liechtenstein and France. The Lucha del Garrote team won three golds, a silver and two third places whilst members of the martial arts club, Club Mugendo Tenerife, who were part of the Canar y delegation, also achieved numerous successes.





Race lights up stunning route

Taekwondo fury over lack of courses NIGHT TRAIL SUCCESS



HE coast of Granadilla was lit up with hundreds of little lights as runners illuminated the courses of the second Night Trail known as “Ruta Volcanes del Litoral”. The winners were José Francisco Padrón and Ana Hernández (30 km), Jonay Prieto and Ángela González (15 km) and in the five kilometre race, Dionisio Guillén and Melisa Noe. In this categor y, second places

went to Felix Ramón and Ana Jorge, with Manuel Miguel de la Rosa and Jacqueline Mora in third. Hundreds of people were unable to take part in the challenge because of the legal limit on the number of entries

OLLOWERS of taekwondo on Tenerife say this sport on the island is being discriminated against.

which demonstrates its huge popularity. In the 30km race, second place went to Glendor Rodríguez and Violeta Meneses and in third, were Sebastián Rodríguez and Ana Bella. Second place in the 15km

Water polo shines again THIRD TOURNAMENT


ENERIFE is delighted to host all sorts of sports and beach water polo is one of them.

Playa San Juan was the delightful setting for the third International Tournament

of Beach Water Polo of the island of Tenerife 2013. There were 12 teams and more than

300 people went along during the three day tournament to cheer them on. This competition, a pioneer in the Canary Islands, saw the team led by David Rivas of Acuasport Tenerife slam the champions of last year, the mighty Boat Team. Sports councillor for Guia de Isora, José Rivero presented the medals. There was also special praise for Pro Almejorras, the only team made up entirely of women who were urged to keep on fighting and promoting women’s water polo in the Canaries. It is hoped the tournament will return to Playa San Juan next year as despite economic difficulties for the organsisers, they have ever y faith in a competition of such high calibre.

challenge went to Leandro González and Evelia Candelaria García, with third place being achieved by Fréderic Jolly and Keyla Saavedra. The event had been hugely anticipated, being one of the athletic highlights of the year in the south of Tenerife. The entire route from El Médano was lit up under the moonlight with the runners’ torches and proved a spectacular sight. All the runners also agreed that the countryside was stunning.

They say it has not had a qualification course for eight years and Gran Canaria hosts the only official sports’ technician course. It is claimed taekwondo players are therefore at a severe disadvantage over their counterparts and are unable to compete on an equal footing. The discrimination has been laid at the Canary Federation and urgent action is being called for. The allegations have been made by the Club de Taekwondo Ciro Noda La Laguna which has accused the Federation of negativity and wants an explanation for “the absence of courses” when Gran Canaria has had them for 30 years. The club says Tenerife shines with national and international taekwondo stars yet they are suffering from unfair treatment which restricts the advancement and promotion of the sport and hence its future. Having to go to Gran Canaria for the course involves great expense at a time when people did not have the money. The club, based in Tacoronte, says this ongoing situation is creating a lot of tension, unrest and worr y and is “incomprehensible”.

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