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SPORT DIALOGUE NATALY: Hi Romina, how are you today? ROMINA: Hi Nataly NATALY: How are you today? ROMINA: Tired, spinning class was very exhausting today. Why haven’t you come to spinning classes during this month? NATALY: I haven’t come because I have been attending zumba class. You are in very good shape, how many calories do you burn off in each spinning class? ROMINA: Ah jaja! Thank you! NATALY: But, how many calories do you burn off in each spinning class? ROMINA: Mmm… I don’t know exactly, but I am completely sure that I have bucked up since joining the gym. NATALY: Mmm… that is good, but I have been working out, very hard every single day, but; I have not cut my weight down. ROMINA: Maybe you should practice spinning. NATALY: aahh, perhaps. ROMINA: Did you enjoy your zumba class? NATALY: aaah, yes but today there was an accident. ROMINA: What happened? NATALY: Do you know Lorena? ROMINA: Mmm … I don’t think so. NATALY: The girl that used to wear pleated skirts? ROMINA: Aah … yes, what about her? NATALY: Today we were having a lot of fun dancing when Laure knocked her out. ROMINA: Oh my god! Is she ok? NATALY: Now she is o.k. but first she was unconscious about few minutes and then she came round. ROMINA:

She was lucky. Changing the subject, yesterday I read a pamphlet

which said that a marathon will be taking place in Parque Ecuador tomorrow. Would you like to join in the marathon?


NATALY: I don’t think so because I use to drop out races and I give up easily. ROMINA: Ok, don’t worry ... I will go with my boyfriend. Excuse me I need to sit down. NATALY: Romina why are you limping? ROMINA: I don’t know, I have a terrible pain in my leg maybe because I didn’t cool down after exercise. NATALY: That’s too bad! Because you must warm up to get your muscles ready and at the end of it you need to cool down. ROMINA: I already knew that, but I completely forgot it. NATALY: Mmm, that is too bad. Oh! It’s too late. I’m in a hurry. I have language classes in ten more minute, and you know that she is very punctual. ROMINA: Yes, so see you then. NATALY: Ok bye.


Sport dialogue